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EXPO ‘Més que esclops i tulipes / Meer dan klompen en tulpen’ – Gal. CONTEXT, Barcelona (ES) – 18 Fevr.-31 Mars 2016

CONTEXT Nova exposició- new exhibition at Context Galeria


Més que esclops i tulipes / Meer dan klompen en tulpen

Joieria Contemporània Holandesa
Show curated by Luis Acosta, textile designer and jewelry paper.

inauguració -opening 18/02/16, 19,30 h.

    Context Galeria -

 Creativity that  twenty jewelry designers Netherlands manifested in « More than clogs and tulips » exhibition being sometimes serious, sometimes playful.
Each piece reveals the diversity of shapes and materials chosen. In some cases it has evolved to manifest as sculpture to be carried, worn and enhance the beauty of those who wear.


 Participants:  Ina HascherMichela MazzeoKarin KortenhorstBirgit LakenLinda EzermanGemma FrowijnMaja HoutmanMiriam VerbeekCharlotte MolenaarArianne Van der GaagIris WeyerSylvia Blickman Eva Van Kempen Margo NelissenDieuwke RaatsMachteld Van Joolingen –  Jacquelien SluisFrancisca HennemanJeanet Metselaar –  Marjo Van den Bekerom

 Charlotte Molenaar -Necklace "Tulip Mania" - felted wool whith silk fibers -  500,00€: Charlotte Molenaar -Necklace « Tulip Mania » – felted wool whith silk fibers

  Jeanet Metselaar - Bracelet "Blue" - imitation leather -   Unique piece -   135,00€: Jeanet Metselaar - Bracelet « Blue » – imitation leather

Linda Ezerman -  Necklace "Shrimps"- silver, blackened, pigments, silicone, glasbeads - -195,00€: Linda Ezerman -  Necklace « Shrimps » (detail) – silver, blackened, pigments, silicone, glas beads

Francisca Henneman - Necklace "Silicante" - silicone - 195,00€: Francisca Henneman - Necklace « Silicante » – silicone

Ina Hascher - Bracelet "Geometric 2" -   Geometric beadwork bracelet   - 360,00€: Ina Hascher - Bracelet « Geometric 2″ -   Geometric beadwork bracelet

Maja Houtman - Brooch "Black Ton" - silver, onyx beads - 450,00€: Maja Houtman – Brooch « Black Ton » – silver, onyx beads

Margo Nelissen - Necklace "Calebashes" - gold 18, silver, yellow diamands -  1200,00€: Margo Nelissen – Necklace « Calebashes » – gold 18, silver, yellow diamands

Machteld Van Joolingen - Brooch "Dreams" - steel, silver, veneer, paint - 1300,00€: Machteld Van Joolingen – Brooch « Dreams » – steel, silver, veneer, paint

 Sylvia Blickman -  Brooch "Crosspollination"- anodised aluminium, silver - 475,00€: Sylvia Blickman -  Brooch « Crosspollination »- anodised aluminium, silver

Karin Kortenhorst - Necklace "Always new 1" - metal wire, teflon tape-wrap -  980,00€: Karin Kortenhorst - Necklace « Always new 1″ – metal wire, teflon tape-wrap

and ….. PSSSST !! …… ALL can be shopped online at CONTEXT Gallery, here !!!


CONTEXT Galeria 
c. Viñolas, 8-10
Sant Cugat del Vallès (BCN)
Tel  935 893 806




EXPO ‘Meer dan klompen en tulpen…/ Más que zuecos y tulipanes…’ – Galería Lalabeyou, Madrid (ES) – 17 Sept.-18 Oct. 2015

Meer dan klompen en tulpen… / Más que zuecos y tulipanes… 

Nederlandse sieradenontwerpers – diseñadores de Joyas holandeses – Dutch jewelry designers

Inauguracion jueves 17 de septiembre a las 21h


20 diseñadores de Joyas holandeses se presentarán en Madrid. Aquí un adelanto de lo que se podrá ver.
20 Dutch jewelry designers will be presented in Madrid.  Here’s a preview of what will you can expect.
Comisario – Curator : Luis Acosta

EXPO 'Meer dan klompen en tulpen.../ Más que zuecos y tulipanes...' - Galería Lalabeyou, Madrid (ES) - 17 Sept.-18 Oct. 2015 dans Birgit LAKEN (NL)

with :   Arianne van der Gaag – Birgit LakenCharlotte Molenaar – Dieuwke Raats – Eva Van Kempen – Francisca Henneman – Gemma Frowijn – Ina Hascher – Iris Weyer – Jacquelien Sluis – Jeanet Metselaar – Karin KortenhorstLinda EzermanMachteld van Joolingen - Maja HoutmanMargo Nelissen – Marjo van den Bekerom- Michela Mazzeo Timmer Privato – Miriam Verbeek – Sylvia Blickman

Linda EzermanLinda Ezerman

Karin KortenhorstKarin Kortenhorst

Charlotte MolenaarCharlotte Molenaar

Margo NelissenMargo Nelissen

Miriam VerbeekMiriam Verbeek

Birgit Laken Birgit Laken

Machteld van JoolingenMachteld van Joolingen

Ina HascherIna Hascher

Francisca HennemanFrancisca Henneman

Jeanet MetselaarJeanet Metselaar

Marja HoutmanMarja Houtman



Galería Lalabeyou
joyería contemporánea
Laura González Sanz
Travesía de Belén 2 – Local 1
28004 Madrid
0034 653300154





Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER – 30 Avril-30 June 2013

Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER  -  May / June 2013  Venue: Gallery of Art in Legnica

This year in the Legnica International Jewellery Competition REVOLT participated 319 artists from 43 countries. They sended 625 pieces. International jury (Galit Gaon (IL), Jiro Kamata (JP/DE), Hans Stofer (CH/GB), Sławomir Fijałkowski and Aneta Lis-Marcinkiewicz (PL)), which sessed in the days 4-5 of April, qualified to the exhibition part of pieces and chosed laureates. Names of the winners we will know on the vernissage, 18th of May 2013  in the Gallery of Art in Legnica, Poland.

Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER - may-june 2013


It is better not to turn on the television today. We are being attacked by images of economic crises, stock market crashes, falling ratings, budget deficits, cost cutting programs and increasing unemployment from everywhere. As a reaction to the overwhelming impression of a lack of opportunities there are emerging movements such as « Occupy … », helplessly protesting against banksters, corporations and governments. Doesn’t speaking in such circumstances about jewellery – the subject invariably associated with the demonstration of wealth and selfish hedonism – seem socially unacceptable and even ethically suspect? After all, the burning  of ATMs and the broken glass of jeweller’s shops have become part of the frustration of all the Indignados.
But there is also another aspect of the design and use of jewellery – which – like no other product of the imagination – can be an effective message, manifesting the point of view of the user – a voice of protest, being anti-or pro-, attitudes of rebellion, rebellion and guerrilla warfare. Can a standard set of slogans written out on banners, T-shirts and slap tags be complemented with another more sophisticated message? Are jewellery designers able to demonstrate their own opinion and join the discussion concerning non-aesthetic issues? Is the tradition of exclusive gold jewellery going to be our irreversible remorse? And will the chorus « Diamonds are a girl’s best friend » always sound  as infantile as the recent testimony before the European Court of Justice in The Hague of the famous model Naomi Campbell, who at one time accepted an embarrassing gift from the dictator of Liberia, tried for war crimes, so evocatively reconstructed in the movie « Blood Diamond » with Leo DiCaprio as a ruthless mercenary?
EXPO - Revolt (competition) - Legnica SILVER festival 2013

List of artists qualified to the exhibition :
 Agata Bartos (PL) — Nicole Beck (DE) — Claudia Betancourt & Ricardo Pulgar (Chile) — Krzysztof Borkowski (PL) — Andrzej Boss (PL) — Vernon Bowden (NZ) — Laura Bradshaw-Heap (Irl) – Bartosz Chmielewski (PL) — Sungho Cho (S. KR) — Jeongsun Choi (S. KR) — Teresa Dantas (PT) — Katharina Dettar (DE/ES) — Sara Gackowska (PL) – Tamara Grüner (DE) — Mieczysław Gryza (PL) — Nils Hint (EE) — Susanne Holzinger (DE) — Maja Houtman (NL) — Marta Hryc (PL) — Joanna Hryniewicz (PL) — Dorry Hsu (Taiwan/CA) — Mari Ishikawa (JP) — Timothy Information Limited (GB) — Luijt Janjaap (NL) — Lee Jeong Hwa (S. KR) — Christina Karababa (GR) — Renata Korpas-Sutowicz (PL) — Dominik Kotwicki (PL) — Solveiga Krivičiene & Alfredas Krivičius (Lithuania) — Marzena Krupa (PL) — Claudia Küster (DE) — Lena Lindahl (SE) — Ria Lins (BE) — Susanne Matsché (AT) — Marek Mrowiński (PL) — Marek Nałęcz-Nieniewski (PL) — Michalina Owczarek (PL) — Andrzej Pacak (PL) — Fiona Parkinson (GB) — Krzysztof Piotrowski (PL) — Sari Räthel (DE) — Mandy Rasch (DE) — Berta Riera Ruiz (ES) — Isabell Schaupp (DE) — Kveto slava Flora Sekanova (Slovakia/ NZ — Katarína Siposová Węgry (HU) — Ludmila Šikolová (Czech Republic) — Grzegorz Radosław Ślączka (PL) — Terajima Takayoshi (JP) — Bartosz Ulatowski (PL)



About festival

For more than thirty years, the Gallery of Art in Legnica has specialised in promoting contemporary jewellery and artistic objects made mainly of silver. We have been organising individual and group exhibitions of Polish and international artists, publishing exhibition catalogues, organising conferences and symposia, as well as fashion and jewellery shows, competitions and fairs. The most important event we organize is Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER. Every year we present individual and collective exhibitions as part of the festival, including:
LEGNICA INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY COMPETITION The competition dates back to 1979 and every year it has a different topic. The competition is open and addressed to all artists, whose task is to present their work on a given topic – every year a different one – including an original artistic idea and representing a high level of artistry and technical skills. What is favoured is the concept, value and meaning of an artistic expression. Works entered for the competition are assessed by an international jury, on which over fifty outstanding goldsmithing artists and theoreticians have sat so far. What is characteristic of the competition is the fact that the winners of the first three prizes receive – according to a long-standing tradition – silver pellets and cash prizes.
The submitted works are qualified by an international jury. Over the years, we have invited a number of distinguished artists to seat on the jury, including: G. Babetto, G. Bakker, O. Boekhoudt,  S. Bronger, R. Puig Cuyás, P. Derrez, G. Dobler, A. Gut, F. Falk, M.R. Franzin, M.J. van den Hout,  E. Knobel, O. Kűnzli, T. Noten, V.K. Novák, R. Peters, M. Petry, K. Pontoppidan, G. Pucsala, A. Ratnikowa, P. Sajet, B. Schobinger, P. Skubic, Z. Songqing, W. Tasso-Mattar,  T. Smeets, D. Watkins, M. Vilhena, A. Zanella and from Poland – M. Dubiel, M. Gradowski, I. Huml, S. Fijałkowski, G. Jabłoński, J. Sokólski, A. Szadkowski, T. Zaremski, A. Wolski.
ABOUT THE ARTISTS is a cycle of retrospective presentations of distinguished personalities in jewellery art from Poland and abroad, including: J. Byczewski (PL), S. Fijałkowski (PL), P. Kaczyński (PL), N. Cherry (GB), H. O’Connor (USA), E. Knobel (IL), V.K. Novák (CZ), F. Peters (AU), M. Petry (GB), Rose & Gisbert Stach (D), L. Šikolová (CZ), W. Tasso-Mattar (D).  Soon: R. Puig Cuyás (E), H. Hedman (S), P. Sequeira (P).
SILVER SCHOOLS is a cycle presenting the artistic oeuvre of jewellery art schools from Europe, their professors, graduates and students. So far there have been presentations of schools from Barcelona, Birmingham, Bratislava, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Florence, Hanau, Idar-Oberstein, Lappeenranta, Łódź, Matosinhos, Munich, Oslo, Padua, Pforzheim, Prague, Stockholm, Tallinn and Vilnius. Continuing the cycle in the subsequent years, we are going to show one after the other all European silver schools. A total of 22 schools has been presented so far. The cycle will be continued with the intention to show all of them.
DEBUTS is a cycle presenting pieces of young Polish artists, who just start their activity in the field of design and art. Our plan is to invite novices from abroad.
THE BOUNDARIES OF GLOBAL ART is a cycle of science sessions devoted to the newest art, goldsmithery and design.




The Gallery of Art in Legnica
Pl. Katedralny 1
59-220 Legnica, Poland
tel. +48 76 86 20 910, fax. +48 76 85 65 126


EXPO ‘Just Rings’ – Galerie Violaine Ulmer, Toulouse (FR) – 5 Juin-5 Juill. 2012


217 bagues – 41 artistes – 10 pays

La bague : objet intemporel

La bague existe depuis la nuit des temps : témoignage d’une époque et d’une certaine façon d’être au monde, c’est le bijou le plus prisé.
Pièces uniques ou de très petites séries, les 217 bagues sélectionnées pour « Just rings, #1 » sont fabriquées à l’unité par les artistes-artisans-designers eux-mêmes. De factures diverses, constituées de différentes matières (argent massif, résine, céramique, caoutchouc, acier, fer…), les 217 bagues exposées témoignent toutes d’une grande qualité de réalisation.

Les artistes :

Marianne Anselin (France) – Jean-Philippe Barriere (France) – Anne Becker (Allemagne) – Sadie Blythin (Angleterre) – Elena Lara Bonanomi (Italie) – Sara Bran (France) – Isabelle Carpentier (Belgique) – Pauline Ciocca (France) – Marine Dagorne (France) – Anastasia Dedonaki (Grèce) – Suzanne Esser (Pays-Bas) – Anna Fatovich (Grèce) – Deborah Forest (Angleterre) – Marie-Pierre Ginestet (France) – Andréas Grau (France) – Dora Haralambaki (Grece) – Heidemarie Herb (Allemagne) – Peter Hoogeboom (Pays-Bas) – Maja Houtman (Pays-Bas) – Aline Kokinopoulos (France) – Iris Kuhn (France) – Birgit Laken (Pays Bas) – Thierry Latt (France) – Krista Lehari (Estonie) – Eleni Malliotaki (Grèce) – Luigi Mariani (Italie) – Jade Mellor (Angleterre) – Sabrina Meyns (Irlande) – Fanny Morlon (France) – Chloé Noyon (Belgique) – Laurence Opperman (France) – Stéphane Pedonesi (Italie) – Marie Philis (France) – Andrea Pineros (France) – Camilla Pistolesi (Italie) – Karin Roy Andersson (Suède) – Yvonne Savelkoul (Pays-Bas) – Sanna Svedestedt (Suède) – Ingeborg Vandamme (Pays-Bas) – Claire Wolfstirn (France) – Yasmin Yahya (France)

 Amazing ring by Gigi Mariani. Stunning work from ItalyLuigi Mariani
Dora Haralambaki - Ring  Mixed mediaDora Haralambaki

Heidemarie Herb - collection herb's garden - organic fragment, resin, Ag, 2012Heidemarie Herb – Rings: Collerction herb’s garden 2012 – Organic fragment, 925 ag

Pinned ImagePeter Hoogeboom rings ‘Tears’ ring/container – ceramic, cork – different sizes & colors – serie ‘Earthen adornments’ 2011
Andrea Pineros - "destins croises" - silver, coton, nylon wireAndrea Piñeros  Rings « destins croisés » – silver, coton, nylon wire

 Sanna Svedestedt  Ring: Raw 2012  Cuir Bouilli leather  Sanna Svedestedt  Ring: Raw 2012  Cuir Bouilli leather

Claire Wolfstirn. Consider breaking up the solid metal in some way. 2 lines of wire running around perimeter with drilled holes/pierced in the center.Claire Wolfstirn

Laurence Oppermann - Bague Mine d'or. En forme de demi-sphère, en argent forgé et martelé, dorée à la feuille d'or à l'intérieur de la coque. Années 2000Laurence Oppermann – Bague « Mine d’or ». En forme de demi-sphère, en argent forgé et martelé, dorée à la feuille d’or à l’intérieur de la coque Marianne Anselin - bagues feuilles - 2010 - fer rouillé et argentMarianne Anselin – bagues feuilles – 2010 – fer rouillé et argent
paper flower jewelry by sabrina meynsSabrina Meyns – paper & silver flower ringJade MellorJade Mellor
Ring by French jewelry artist Violaine Ulmer - collectionsViolaine Ulmer
 Maja Houtman


la Galerie Violaine Ulmer
33, rue Bouquière
31000 Toulouse
téléphone :
e-mail :
facebook :


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