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EXPO ‘(Lost) Paradise’ – Alliages, Lille (FR) – 10 Dec.2016 –21 Janv.2017

an exhibition of contemporary jewellery & ceramics proposed by Alliages from Dec. 10th 2016 to Jan. 21st 2017.

Artificial, inanimate, painful, lost … Where is your paradise ?

The opening of the exhibition will be held on Friday Dec. 9th, 2019 at 6 PM

Alliages - (Lost) paradise - dec 2016:


Showing works of   Ana Garcia MoyaAnke HuybenCaterina ZancaChing-Ting YangClaudia Steiner Xenia Deimezi – Eero Hintsanen — Eleanor Symms — Emmanuelle Durand — Fabienne Christyn — Gabriela Secarea — Hebe ArgentieriHeidemarie HerbHelmi Lindblom Isabelle BusnelIzabella Petrut Juan Riusech Kristin Beeler — Lucy Morrow — Ludmilla Buga — Mabel PenaMar SanchezMargarita AlonsoMartina Dempf Michelle Kraemer — Nadine Smith — Nanna MellandNicole SchusterPhilip Sajet Rodrigo AcostaRosa BorredáSébastien CarréSelma LealSergio e Stefano Spivach – Sònia Serrano — Victoria IoannidouViktoria Münzker Wiebke Pandikow – Ying Chen.


(Lost) Paradise, with Ying Chen(Lost) Paradise, with Ying Chen
« As a jewellery artist, I believe my work is the bridge connecting myself with the outside world, which shows my thoughts, inner feeling and philosophy. What reflect on me from outside? How do I reply to it? I address my answers by making the questions tangible and personal. Fortress Besieged is one of my projects. The whole project is about my thought and feeling of the renovation in my city. “Shikumen”, the typical kind of buildings in Shanghai which I used to live, has been replaced by high-rises. I can not help but doubt, whether the demolition of Shikumen is necessary. Shikumen is like a paradise of all the memories from dwellers who have spent most of their time in Shikumen. However, their opinion was neglected. My work shows my inner struggle and sadness in the journey of finding the right answer. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Selma Leal  (Lost) Paradise, with Selma Leal 
« The piece ‘Danger… woodworm!’ it is part of the exhibition ‘Life in the Urban Paradise’ , which was born from a previous collection, ‘Cities’. Nowadays, urban parks and public gardens are a safe haven. They are green areas where we can relax and recover the energy we nees for life. This piece is a subtle critique our society, because I think the man is the woodworm of the planet. Love the planet is to love ourselves. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Victoria Ioannidou (Lost) Paradise, with Victoria Ioannidou.
« Ominus, Pesimistic,Disapointing, contradicting,negative messages deprive the oxygene from our little but important beings.. However there is a small spark of hope far away that fills our dull lifes with color and light. My own paradise is my concern to strengthen the spark ,prevent and restrain the evil.. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Viktoria Münzker(Lost) Paradise, with Viktoria Münzker
« Breathless attention fills two parts of a complex called life. Tenderness and violence, love and hate, harmony and conflict, birth and death, heaven and hell. The emotional side of my work is based on my personal experiences. Suggestions for the creation of Paradise were my emotional forces, experiences and mental images. Paradise – Garden of Eden from that we were expelled forever, and what we must now create alone. This term, in old Sumerian « Adina » – Garden means a place that seemed to be fruitful… Did we lost it? This land is real, it is an another dimension in this world, the real paradise can’t be lost. It is inside of us. If we believe that we are a part of it, there will always be a place that we call paradise. Jewellery is my art to show the world my own inner self, the inner world where I feel safe and beautiful. It’s the inner paradise that survives only with our power. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Caterina Zanca(Lost) Paradise, with Caterina Zanca
« My paradise is a small space rediscovered in the middle of a chaotic reality, tended to the geometric and formal. A non-enclosed space, but yet communicative with new points of view from different perspectives. Apparently aseptic but a generator of light, ideas, energy, thus of a new life! Il mio paradiso è un piccolo spazio ritrovato fra una caotica realtà, teso alla pulizia geometrica e formale. Uno spazio non chiuso, ma comunicativo di nuovi punti di vista, di diverse prospettive. Apparentemente asettico ma generatore di luce, idee, energia, dunque di nuova vita! »
(Lost) Paradise, with Sergio Stefano Spivach(Lost) Paradise, with Sergio Stefano Spivach
« The Archangel into pieces / THE BODY, THE HEART, THE WING The falling Archangel, crashing into pieces, is the metaphor of man who is walking on a road paved of self-destruction. Falling on lost paradise, The Archangel crashes into pieces: his heart moves from the body in order to survive – aware that his own wing will lead himself safe. On the contrary, the body will wear down gradually. The stone we have used for creating the three parts of The Archangel testifies, with its color and its porosities, the consequences of its own closeness with the human being. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Nanna Melland(Lost) Paradise, with Nanna MellandLost Paradises. In 1977 Bob Marley sang; “Exodus, movement of Jah people!” His words could not fit better for the situation of refugees today. Masses of people in a seemingly endless flow, leaving their home country in search of a better future somewhere else. Paradise lost. Paradise search. I chose to work with the suitcase as an object of our time. A time of flux, of movement, of wanted and unwanted journeys. It can be disturbingly absent or disturbingly present. For the exhibition Lost Paradises, I present a serie of rings called Suitcaserings. Cast in bronze in the lost wax technique, coloured afterwards. You need strength to wear and balance these heavy skin coloured Suitcaserings on your hand, A strong grip to get by in this world of suffering. Of Lost Paradises. »

Sebastien Carré - Lost Paradise(Lost) Paradise, with Sébastien Carré
« Just imagine… Living in a world in which we would not have destroyed our relationship to nature. In which, the society, the moral, the value or our belief would not have put us in a virtual cell. A world of difference, of similarity, of ambiguity but after all isn’t it what is making a more interesting world. Vegetation, Animal, and Mineral are all combined in objects reminiscent of organic forms, the shape of the central figure in all form of shamanism around the world, the Tree that connects us all together. Mixing materials in order to create a symbolic life in an object by using interactive mediums allows me to wake up a body which tends to be more insensitive due to an over-communicativity of society. Let’s hope for a world with more shamanism, more bound between all living forms. Let’s Cherish the diversity in our small world, being together is already a treasure. »

Rosa Borredá -  Lost paradise(Lost) Paradise, with Rosa Borredá
« LOST CIVILIZATIONS Accumulation of different objects left over the centuries that are worn, eroded by time. Ancient architectures with traces of gold leaf and polychromy. Lush vegetation but withered at the same time. Paradise and decay, everything has a place in the lost and imaginary paradises. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Claudia Steiner(Lost) Paradise, with Claudia Steiner
« The earth as the ideal for a happy and content existence, with indescribable natural beauty. Is this still true? This is not the case anywhere in the world. It is precisely our time that makes us doubt whether or not this is indeed true. Everyone has their own ideas of paradise and can explore it in a variety of ways. Sometimes with the look at hidden details sometimes viewed at large. The contrasts of geometric lines and round forms, the uneven surface, reflect the contrasting variety of our earth. The way to the personal paradise in life is different and sometimes requires detours, means unevenness in the life cycle – one up and down – in order to somehow have found his personal ideal of a happy and content life. Not everything is at first sight recognizable as such, some « paradise » requires a longer confrontation with it and will only be discovered in small. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Rodrigo Acosta(Lost) Paradise, with Rodrigo Acosta
« Deconstruct to build again. Giving a new shape to the existent object. Building your space, your place, your habitat, your paradise. Find back your lost paradise. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Xenia Deimezi(Lost) Paradise, with Xenia Deimezi
“The youth love, Pure and unconditional, almost dreamy, full of emotions and passion but also temporary. Now kept as a memory, idealized and distant. My beautiful secret (lost) paradise.”

(Lost) Paradise, with Michelle Kraemer(Lost) Paradise, with Michelle Kraemer
« Up and above in a far away land exploring an unreachable world dreaming of landscapes and possibilities… unreachable but with imagination so close yet so far that’s where I want to go… to be among these ethereal, ephemeral entities to touch them, to make them mine to materialize them into my own imagined reality »

(Lost) Paradise, with Philip Sajet(Lost) Paradise, with Philip Sajet
« paradise is nothing other than time passing sense that we realize that as time passes »

(Lost) Paradise, with Heidemarie Herb(Lost) Paradise, with Heidemarie Herb
« Since some years I’m working on the collection « time ». Keys are like magic tools, they open and close doors,diaries, treasures….they preserve secrets, memories and thoughts. You can meet positive or negative feelings…once again this opposites are attractions in my work. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Fabienne Christyn(Lost) Paradise, with Fabienne Christyn
« I’ll go sleep in the white paradise Where the nights are so long that we forget the time All alone with the wind As in my childhood dreams I will go running in the white paradise Far from the looks of hatred And fighting blood Find whales Talking to silverfish Like, like, like before M.Berger »

(Lost) Paradise, with Nadine Smith(Lost) Paradise, with Nadine Smith
« I live in Wellington and work part time as an artist and nurse. Caring for others has developed my fundamentally humanist philosophy. Fueled by this and the fragility of life, pieces often reference the relationship we have with the developing technological world and how this creates possibilities for enhancement or re-creation of our environment, our lives, even ourselves. Being an avid recycler with magpie tendencies and an active imagination lends itself to a diverse range of work. Medical and other recycled paraphernalia when used out of context can create a tension between the familiar and the unknown. The works aim to intrigue, inviting the audience to reflect and make connections from their own life experiences. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Eleanor Symms(Lost) Paradise, with Eleanor Symms
« Demolition Neckpiece This piece is made using found electrical components gathered at the beach beside Cockenzie coal-fired power station, along the coast from my home. The power station, which dominated the coastline since the 1960s, was demolished in 2015. It was the cause of much pollution, changing the nature of the coastline, creating miles of new land with infill of the spoil it generated and leaving huge ‘lagoons’ of fly ash, some of which are now reserves for birds and wildlife. The power station destroyed a wild, natural coastal habitat, but nature is slowly reclaiming the site. In using found plastic components from the site, which have been sea and weather-worn in combination with silver and opals, I aim to question notions of preciousness and disposability. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Mar Sanchez 2016(Lost) Paradise, with Mar Sanchez
« Return to origin. We yearn for happiness, seek peace, love. And, generally, we seek outside ourselves. I suspect none of this depends on external circumstances. My heart tells me that the lost paradise is inside me, waiting to be found. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Wiebke Pandikow(Lost) Paradise, with Wiebke Pandikow
« Without the ubiquitous plastic our civilization could hardly have become what it is today, but at the same time it is a burden on the environment with far-reaching consequences. Especially plastic bags are an obvious symbol for mindless consumerism and a throw-away society. This makes them so interesting for me to work with, to create from them, with the help of a clothes iron and a soldering iron, textures and structures that recall forms of the natural world which we have set ourselves apart from. Hand-formed leaves form lush necklaces, but they can only ever be pale images of the real thing. We feel safe with plastics, at home and comfortable in our modern paradise of artificiality. But it is the natural world around us which is the real paradise, in danger of becoming a paradise lost. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Mabel Pena(Lost) Paradise, with Mabel Pena
« My natural paradise, my oasis, flows the meandering waters of the Parana River Delta. I find no better place to muse about life and to relax than when I am rowing my boat in this maze of water and rainforest. Every concern or fear seems to vanish while I row my way through this cluster of islands. Nature in all its glory to admire: golden water, green trees and vines and colorful birds. This brooch illustrates the landscape of this Delta, its colors and textures, and the feelings it arises in me. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Isabelle Busnel   (Lost) Paradise, with Isabelle Busnel
« Black jewellery is often associated with mourning jewellery. This collection is inspired by Victorian jewellery and relates to any loss in life, or in Paradise… »

(Lost) Paradise, with Helmi Lindblom(Lost) Paradise, with Helmi Lindblom
« Fruitfully Yours, extinction With this work I focus on today’s paradox: simultaneous population growth and entering the sixth mass extinction. Jewelry from Extinction are silent in comparison to their colorful opposites (Fertility) like extinction is silent in comparison to birth. With color contrast from black balloons I want to put forth the feel of fading away. « 


111, Bd. Victor Hugo
F-59000 LILLE
Horaires : Mo/Fri : 10-13h & 14-17h – Sa : 10-12h & 12h30-16h30






OFF JOYA 2016 – EXPO ‘Acción (Re)Acción’ – Restaurant La Monroe/Filmoteca de Catalunya, Barcelona (ES) – 30 Sept.-2 Oct. 2016

OFF JOYA 2016 – « ACCIÓ (RE) ACCIÓ » (Acción (Re)Acción)

Restaurant La Monroe, Barcelona/Edifici de la Filmoteca de Catalunya

Opening: 29 September, 19.00h


OFF JOYA 2016 - "ACCIÓ (RE) ACCIÓ" Restaurant La Monroe  , Barcelona

avec Jordi Aparicio Mar SanchezRosa GomisBàrbara Arnau –  Béatrice Bizot — Mireia CalafLourdes Freixa

  Singularitat by Lourdes Freixa: « Singularitat » by Lourdes Freixa
Bàrbara Arnau -  Collection: YES, WHY NOT? The pieces shouldn’t fit, but they do. They shouldn’t be together, but they are. Like life, this work is a contradiction. Piece: RING YES, SURE! Silver 925, Samba wood, coating (coffee powder, white glue, latex and rutile titanium dioxide pigment) and synthetic paint. Author: Bàrbara Arnau Photography: Eric Parey Year: 2016 --------------- Colección: SÍ, POR QUÉ NO?: Bàrbara Arnau-Collection: YES, WHY NOT?
Bàrbara Arnau -  Collection: YES, WHY NOT? The pieces shouldn’t fit, but they do. They shouldn’t be together, but they are. Like life, this work is a contradiction. Piece: RING YES, SURE! Silver 925, Samba wood, coating (coffee powder, white glue, latex and rutile titanium dioxide pigment) and synthetic paint. Author: Bàrbara Arnau Photography: Eric Parey Year: 2016 -Colección: SÍ, POR QUÉ NO?
Jordi Aparicio  Jordi Aparicio
ROSA GOMIS - juin 2016 -   Work in progress (copper)Rosa Gomis – juin 2016 -   Work in progress (copper)

Mar Sanchez - retorno al pasado | 2016 - Broche. Madera, resina, cobre esmaltado y acero.Mar Sanchez  retorno al pasado | 2016 – Broche. Madera, resina, cobre esmaltado y acero.
Veo la vida como una sucesión de acciones y re-acciones. A cada acción le suceden muchas posibles re-acciones, y de cada reacción depende la siguiente acción. Estímulo-respuesta, causa-efecto… Este es el aprendizaje. Muchos posibles caminos, muchas posibles ramificaciones y muchas posibles vidas por vivir.
« Back to the source » | 2016 – I see life as a series of actions and re-actions. Each action is followed by many possible re-actions, and of each reaction depends the next action. Stimulus-response, cause and effect… This is learning. Many possible ways, branches and many possible lives to live.



Restaurant La Monroe / Edifici de la Filmoteca de Catalunya

Plaça de Salvador Seguí 1-9, Barcelona

tel 34 935 67 10 70

Tuesday to Saturday, 12.00h to 01.00h Sunday, 12.00h to 01.00h



EXPO ‘A dark spark of light’ – Alliages, Lille (FR) – 11 Dec.2015 – 30 Janv. 2016

Inauguration 11 décembre a  18h
 a muestra “A dark spark of light”,
Juan RIUSECH & Thereza PEDROSA, curators of this exhibition, present A DARK SPARK OF LIGHT, where opposites attract and are connected by an invisible thread. There is no light without shadow, good without evil, no happiness without pain. “A dark spark of light” is an invitation to reflect on the beauty of life, in all contradictory and opposing forms in which it manifests itself.
A Dark Spark of Light, en exhibition of contemporary jewellery & ceramics showed simultaneously in ALLIAGES & in Beautiful People Live Art blog from Dec. 12th 2015 to Jan. 30th 2016.
The opening of the exhibition will be held on Friday Dec. 11th, 2015 at 6 PM at ALLIAGES gallery.
Artists selected :   Akis GoumasAlina CarpAna Garcia MoyaAngela CiobanuAurelia Yeomans Caterina Zanca — Ching-Ting Yang — Clara del PapaClaudia Steiner — Emmanuelle Durand — Erato KouloubiFabienne ChrystinFranziska HöhneGigi MarianiGili DolinerHebe ArgentieriIsabelle Busnel Izabella PetrutJanny Huang Yokota Jina SeoKatja ToporskiMabel PenaMar SanchezMargarita Alonso Margo NelissenMaria-Rosa Franzin — Noelia Macchi — Rodrigo AcostaRosa Borredá — Roxana Casale — Saerom KongSébastien CarréSofia Björkman — Valérie Ceulemans — Victoria IoannidouViktoria MünzkerXenia Deimezi
Sofia BjörkmanSofia Björkman
Sebastien Carré "rancoeur"Sebastien Carré « rancoeur »
Maria-Rosa Franzin - broochMaria-Rosa Franzin – brooch
Rodrigo Acosta - "Hacer de Ropa" - brocheRodrigo Acosta - « Hacer de Ropa » – broche
Gigi Mariani Gigi Mariani ring 2015
Akis Goumas brooch Akis Goumas brooch
Alina CarpAlina Carp
Rosa Borredá   Rosa Borreda
 Angela Ciobanu - earring Angela Ciobanu – earring
Xenia DeimeziXenia Deimezi
 Aurelia Yeomans (AU)Aurelia Yeomans
Mar SanchezMar Sanchez
Viktoria Münzker Viktoria Münzker
111, Bd. Victor Hugo
F-59000 LILLE
Horaires : Lundi-Vendredi : 10h – 17h / Samedi : 10h-16h



EXPO during JOYA Barcelona OFF 2015 : ‘La Monroe i La Robadora’ – 5-10 Oct. 2015

exhibition being part of « OFF JOYA » 2015

La Monroe i La Robadora   – Restaurant La Monroe y Restaurant La Robadora – Barcelona, Spain – (near La Massana)

Opening: 7 October at 22:30h

Aquesta edició de Joya, estrenyem llaços entre joiers catalans i portuguesos. No us perdeu aquesta interessant exposició que trobareu repartida en dos espais, ben propers! Una alternativa per descansar una mica del ritme frenètic de la setmana de la joieria, i acompanyar la visita d’una copeta de vi (per exemple)!

Exposició coordinada per Rosa Gomis.


Artist list   Jordi Aparicio — Bárbara Arnau — Mireia Calaf Gabriela CoelhoCatalina Gibert — Rosa Gomis — Mar SanchezCarlos SilvaTelma Simoes — Joana Taurino — Violeta Zenobia Torres



Restaurant La Monroe – Plaça Salvador Segui 1 – 08001 – Barcelona
Restaurant La Robadora – Robadors 18 – 08001 – Barcelona
phones : +34 934 419 461
+34 932 529 639


EXPO during JOYA Barcelona OFF 2015 : ‘BIGORNIA’ – Color Triciclo, Barcelona (ES) – 9 Oct.-9 Nov. 2015

exhibition being part of « OFF JOYA » 2015

BIGORNIA –   at « Color Triciclo »

Opening: 9 October at 20 h.

Revers : la nueva colección de @Bigornia Joieria Contemporánia : « En este nuevo proyecto han querido centrar su atención en el reverso de los objetos, en la parte que queda oculta, invisible, y que tan a menudo es olvidada. Cada uno de los miembros del colectivo nos descubrirá su « reverso artístico » a través de sus creaciones. »

BIGORNIA - EXPO 9oct-9nov 2015 - at "Color Triciclo"

Artist list   Imma BatallaMireia Bonastre –  Mireia CalafToni MartiAnabel Ortega–  Mar Sánchez

"Manilles" by Toni Martí « Manilles » by Toni Martí

"Cadenes" by Mireia Calaf « Cadenes » by Mireia Calaf

"Contorns" by Imma Batalla« Contorns » by Imma Batalla

"Dimensions paral·leles" by Mar Sanchez« Dimensions paral·leles » by Mar Sanchez

"Esvaint-se" by Laura Juanós« Esvaint-se » by Laura Juanós

"Defugint la infància" by Mireia Bonastre Bové« Defugint la infància » by Mireia Bonastre Bové


« Color Triciclo » 
Carrer Portal Nou 16
08003 Barcelona
tel 0034 to Saturday, 11 h. to 21 h


EXPO ‘DISPERSIÓ’ – ARAM espai de joies, Palma de Mallorca(ES) – 26 Juin-25 Juill. 2015

DISPERSIÓ  Col.lectiu Bigòrnia

 Inauguració 26 Juny a les 20.00h

ARAM espai de joies  – Palma

molt contents de celebrar el tercer aniversari de la Galeria ARAM espai de joies !

DISPERSIÓ  Col.lectiu Bigòrnia  (broche Mireia Bonastre)

Col.lectiu Bigòrnia Imma BatallaMirea BonastreMirea CalafLaura JuanósToni Martí Mar Sanchéz

Mireia Calaf  Mireia Calaf 

Laura Juanós  - brochesLaura Juanós – broches

Mar SanchezMar Sanchez

Mireia Bonastre - Nova col·lecció "defugint a la infància"Mireia Bonastre – Nova col·lecció « defugint a la infància »

 Imma Batalla, "Pins Contorns", 2015Imma Batalla, « Pins Contorns », 2015


ARAM espai de joies
C/ Carme nº1 -
07003 Palma de Mallorca, Balears, Spain
tel  971572348




EXPO ‘DISPERSIÓ’ – Galería CONTEXT, Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)(ES) – 23 Mai-19 Juin 2015

CONTEXT presenta: « DISPERSIÓ » exposició de joieria contemporània.

Inauguració dissabte 23 de maig a les 19 h.

23 Mai-19 juin 2015 - "Dispersio" - collectif Bigornia - galeria Context

 Bigòrnia Joieria Contemporània:  Imma BatallaMireia BonastreMireia Calaf Laura Juanós Toni Martí -- Mar Sánchez.

 Mireia Calaf - fermall “Cadenes II”, 2015, plataMireia Calaf - fermall / broche “Cadenes II”, 2015, plata

  Mar Sánchez - Penjoll Hiperactividad 5A plata oxidada Mar Sánchez – Penjoll « Hiperactividad 5A » plata oxidada

"Contours" by Imma Batalla - brooches    Imma Batalla -  brooches « Contorns », 2015, Llautó, plata, esmalt acrílic, foam, llenç tenyit a mà

  Laura Juanós - fermall Esvaint-se 02-02, 2015  alpaca oxidadaLaura Juanós – fermall/broche « Esvaint-se 02-02″, 2015  alpaca oxidada

 Mireia Bonastre - Fermall Defugint a la infància 1, 2015 fusta, llautó, plataMireia Bonastre – Fermall /broche « Defugint a la infància 1″, 2015 fusta, llautó, plata

 Toni Martí - Objecte/manilla/ penjoll, Manilles- víctima, 2015 ferro forjat, plata microfussióToni Martí - Objecte/manilla/ penjoll, Manilles- víctima, 2015 ferro forjat, plata microfussió


C/Viñolas, 10
08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès (BCN) Spain
T 0034 935 893 806


EXPO ‘Empreintes’ – Alliages, Lille (FR) – 1er Avril-30 Juill. 2015

Empreinte : trace laissé par une personne. 40 artistes issus du monde du bijou contemporain, de la céramique et du verre laissent leur empreinte à ALLIAGES. Ils nous dévoilent leurs rêves et nous laissent voir leur monde imaginaire.

Impression : trace left by a person. 40 artists from the world of contemporary jewelery, ceramics and glass to leave their mark at ALLIAGES. They reveal to us their dreams and show us their imaginary world.
Impressions, the permanent exhibition at Alliages, renewed continously.

Opening next Friday April 24th, 18:30 / Vernissage vendredi 24 avril à 18h30

Alliages - EMPREINTES avril 2015(collier Jee Hye Kwon)

The Permanent 2015, showing works of Aiko FujitaAlice ClarkeAna-Belén MonteroAna Garcia MoyaAngela BermudezAngela Ciobanu Anja Eichler  Anke Huyben  Barbara Uderzo Beate Pfefferkorn Inou Beru –  Burcu Sulek Cata Gibert Chun-Tai Chen Clara DelPapa Claudia SteinerDemitra Ryan-ThomloudisDora HaralambakiElin FlognmanFabienne ChristynFederica Sala Francine SchloethGeorge GiannoutsosGigi MarianiHelena Johansson LindellInbar ShahakIsabelle Busnel  –  Ismini PachiIzabella PetrutJee Hye KwonJessica AndersenJose MarinJuan Riusech  Kaori KuriharaKaren VanmolKonstantinos Konstantopoulos Leslie Shershow  Lluís Comín Lucilla Giovanninetti Mar Sanchez Margarita Alonso Maria Rosa Franzin  Maria Solórzano  Maria Tsimpiskaki Minna Karhu   Niki Stylianou Nicole Schuster  Nicole Taubinger  Patricia Gallucci Paula Isola  Peter Hoogeboom Sabine Pagliarulo  Sangji Yun Sébastien Carré Şenay Akın Silvia Beccaria Sophie Giet  Steffi Götze  Teresa F Faris –  Tracy NicholsValérie Ceulemans Valentina Gallo & Camilla Gallo –  Vasia Pachi  Wu Ching-Chih Ye-jee Lee –  Yu Ping Lin –  Zeta Tsermou

 Permanent 2015 - Highlighting Demitra Ryan-Thomloudis, Sangji Yun & Chun-Tai ChenPermanent 2015 – April Highlighting  Demitra Ryan-Thomloudis, Sangji Yun & Chun-Tai Chen

Permanent 2015 - March Highlighting Lluís Comín, Gigi Mariani, Angela Ciobanu & Maria-Rosa FranzinPermanent 2015 – March Highlighting : Lluís Comín, Gigi Mariani, Angela Ciobanu & Maria-Rosa Franzin
Permanent 2015 - Highlighting Maria Tsimpiskaki, Angela Bermudez, Zeta Tsermou & Minna KarhuPermanent 2015 – Highlighting Maria Tsimpiskaki, Angela Bermudez, Zeta Tsermou & Minna Karhu
 Aiko Fujita Necklace: Dans une suite, 2014 Wool, gold wire 40 x 45 x 15 cm.Aiko Fujita Necklace: Dans une suite, 2014 Wool, gold wire 40 x 45 x 15 cm.
 Sébastien Carré Ring: Inflammation, 2015 Jasper, Cornelian, beads, silk, cotton, elastic thread 8 x 3 x 3 cm.Sébastien Carré Ring: Inflammation, 2015 Jasper, Cornelian, beads, silk, cotton, elastic thread 8x3x3cm.
  Angela Ciobanu Ring: Forget-Me-Not, 2014 Silver, 24k gold foil, recycled silk paper, saw blades 6 x 6 x 7 cm Photo by: Angela Ciobanu From series: Forget-Me-NotAngela Ciobanu Ring: Forget-Me-Not, 2014 Silver, 24k gold foil, recycled silk paper, saw blades 6 x 6 x 7 cm Photo by: Angela Ciobanu From series: Forget-Me-Not
  Teresa Faris Necklace: Collaboration with a Bird lV, #4, 2015 925 silver, wood altered by a bird, 18K gold 10.2 x 11.5 x 1.3 cm, 51.2 cm chain   .Teresa Faris Necklace: Collaboration with a Bird lV, #4, 2015 925 silver, wood altered by a bird, 18K gold 10.2 x 11.5 x 1.3 cm, 51.2 cm chain


111, Bd. Victor Hugo
F-59000 LILLE
Horaires : Lundi-Vendredi : 10h – 17h / Samedi : 10h-16h



EXPO ‘Parallel Worlds’ – Alliages, Lille (FR) – 13 Déc. 2014- 17 Janv. 2015

Les Mondes Parallèles
Opening of the exhibition next Friday Dec. 12th, 2014 at 18h PM.
New display with The Parallel Worlds, the new ALLIAGES exhibition showing
the works (for jewelry) of :
Les Mondes Parallèles


The Parallel Worlds, dream or reality, where beauty is everywhere, where wonders begin or end.
Angela Ciobanu - "Piece for the heart" (broche) Angela Ciobanu - « Piece for the heart » (broche) silver, fine gold, recycled silk paper, fretsaw blades
Keum boo technique
Rodrigo Acosta - Rito Cardíaco (broche)
Rodrigo Acosta – Rito Cardíaco (broche) 
Isabelle Busnel, brooch – white silicone rubber with magnetsIsabelle Busnel, brooch – white silicone rubber with magnets
Viktoria MunzkerViktoria Munzker Necklace: Corialias, 2014 – Porcelain, glass, Silver, granules, old plastic pearls
20 x 20 x 3 cm

Mar Sanchez - broche oct 2014Mar Sanchez - broche oct 2014
Sebastien CarréSebastien CarréCollier, bois, fibres, perles,2014 – Necklace, wood, fibers, beads – photo Lee Makkam
Sébastien Carré - Organique, Collier, 2014 Organic, Necklace  bois, fibres, perles, wood, fibers, beadsSébastien Carré - Organique, Collier, 2014   bois, fibres, perles, porté
Alina Carp - brooch 2014Alina Carp – brooch 2014
Ana Carolina EscobarAna Carolina Escobar - Ring: Memoria-Historia, 2014 – silicon, Blown glass, Gold Plated Brass
Carina Chistaz-Shoshtary Brooch: Stained 6 Graffiti, silver, stainless steel Graffiti paint taken from a Graffiti wall, divided in fine layers, form hollowly built, form made strong with layer of bioresin inside --  The Parallel Worlds.Carina Chistaz-Shoshtary Brooch: Stained 6 Graffiti, silver, stainless steel Graffiti paint taken from a Graffiti wall, divided in fine layers, form hollowly built, form made strong with layer of bioresin inside
Sangji YUN - broochSangji YUN – brooch
Karen VanmolKaren Vanmol necklace: Cultivate – wood, laminate, plastic vintage, beads, brass, spray paint, silver  Cutting, soldering, gluing, spray , painting
Cai Xuan WuCai Xuan WuBrooch: Under the sea – Acrilic, Plastic – Hand knitting, colour dyening.
Nicole Schuster  Brooch Nicole Schuster  Brooch
Ingeborg VandammeIngeborg Vandamme Necklace: Tear catcher, 2014 – silver, paper, pigment
Aiko Fujita - (AFEDAP - diplomes 2014)Aiko Fujita – (AFEDAP – diplomes 2014)
Karin Roy Andersson Brooch: Catching Big Fish, 2013 Recycled plastics; icecream boxes, fast food containers, textile, steel - The Parallel Worlds.Karin Roy Andersson  - Brooch: Catching Big Fish, 2013 Recycled plastics; icecream boxes, fast food containers, textile, steel
Konstantinos KonstantopoulosKonstantinos Konstantopoulos
Liisa Hashimoto.Liisa Hashimoto Pin: Silver chair shadow – silver
Maria Tsimpiskaki, Corruption collection,ring, 2014Maria Tsimpiskaki, Ring: Corrosion-Corruption: The Negative of Dreams, 2014 – Sterling Silver, gold plated, pvc, patina – Traditional metal working techniques, hand forming for PVC.
George Giannoutsos brooch 2014George Giannoutsos
Gigi Mariani - bangle 2014Gigi Mariani – Bracelet: Moments « And the clouds were running », 2014 – Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patina
Akis Goumas (& sa femme pour le textile)Akis Goumas & Georgia Gremouti (for the textile part)
Teresa FarisTeresa Faris Necklace: Collaboration with a bird III, 2014 – silver, wood altered by a bird
Peter Hoogeboom, Necklace, "red lantern" 2014Peter Hoogeboom, Necklace, « red lantern » 2014 – Taiwanese porcelain, silver
  José Marin   José Marin
111, Bd. Victor Hugo
F-59000 LILLE
Horaires : Lundi-Vendredi : 10h – 17h / Samedi : 10h-16h


INTRAMURS 2014 – EXPO ‘Fabrikando’ – Fabrika12, Valencia (ES) – 7-16 Nov. 2014

Exposición dentro del marco de el movimiento artístico INTRAMURS 2014 de carácter multidisciplinar.

« Fabrikando »

Itinerario joyero en INTRAMURS 2014 : Cuatro exposiciones de joyería de vanguardia, inauguradas consecutivamente el 7 de noviembre en Valencia, marcaron el itinerario joyero en esta primera jornada de Intramurs. exposiciones abiertas hasta el 16 de noviembre :
*EK Gallery. C. Paz, 21.
*Taller de Pepe March. C. Mare Vella 19.
*Orfebres Peris Roca. C. Bolsería, 31.
*Fabrika12. C. Marqués de Caro



Artistas:  Jordi Aparicio — Natalia Araya (Hollow) – Rosa Borredá (Novilunium, estratos… ) — Mireia Calaf Beatriz Díaz Ceballo (El mundo en que vivimos) — Paloma García –  Laura Guillot (Reconstrucción) Sue Ibars (A través del silencio) — Tina Leon (Mi Eva Interior) — Miryam MorenoAna PalomaresEsperanza Pascual Carlos Pastor — Amparo de Ramón — Angeles Roca – Lucia Saez — Arantxa SainzMar Sanchez – Julia Sanchez Fernandez — Isabel Segovia — Beatriz Tagliaferri

Rosa Borreda   INTRAMURS-1  Novilunium, Estratos de mi memoria – 2014 Rosa Borreda – Novilunium, Estratos de mi memoria – 2014 -
« Mi trabajo nace de una pasión desmedida por el coleccionismo. Recopilar sistemáticamente objetos y curiosidades, donde seleccionar, almacenar y transformar se convierte en una verdadera obsesión hasta venerarlos como piezas únicas. Todos los objetos tuvieron un dueño y una historia antes de ser empleados o transformados por mí. Pasión por todo lo antiguo.  Elevar a otra categoría los objetos encontrados y perpetuarlos en el tiempo, fusionando conocimientos y experimentando con los materiales »

Rosa Borreda   INTRAMURS   Novilunium, Estratos de mi memoria – 2014Rosa Borreda – Novilunium, Estratos de mi memoria – 2014

Mireia Calaf - detalleMireia Calaf – detalle SENTIMENTS VISCERALS. 2014. – Collar

Mireia Calaf  -  SENTIMENTS VISCERALS. 2014. - Collar: Plata, vísceras, silicona, hilo y esmalte frío. Necklace: Brass, guts, silicone, thread, cold enamel.Mireia Calaf  -  SENTIMENTS VISCERALS. 2014. – Collar: Plata, vísceras, silicona, hilo y esmalte frío. Necklace: Brass, guts, silicone, thread, cold enamel.

Beatriz Diaz-Ceballo - collar-mu--ecas-bajaBeatriz Diaz-Ceballo - collar-mu–ecas-baja
« Pequeñas piezas de joyería donde trabajo con el concepto de la mujer actual, centrándome en los distintos roles que asumimos, o dejamos de asumir; así como los distintos premios que en apariencia conlleva seguir estos roles. »

Ana PalomaresAna Palomares

Natalia Araya - Time does not pass, it continues.Natalia Araya – Time does not pass, it continues.

Laura Guillot Suay - Reconstruccion-env--s-copia Laura Guillot Suay – Reconstruccion-env–s-copia (Premio José Arquero 2014) – « 
Bajo el concepto de lo no apreciado, lo desechado, se conserva la forma natural que adopta al quebrarse un corte transversal de madera de mobila.  Se recupera y se reconstruye haciendo un paralelismo entre la estructura interna de la madera y la estructura metálica que la abraza y la refuerza. »Tina León   Mi eva interior IIITina León    Mi eva interior III –
« Proyecto basado en la artista Eva Hesse, inspirada por su obra y sus diarios con los que me siento identificada, su manera de experimentar con el material me atrae, y su entusiasmo ante el comportamiento de éste me resulta muy familiar, yo siento esa misma emoción cuando experimento, y dejo que el azar intervenga en el proceso.  El resultado tres piezas en látex, raíces que se entrelazan que surgen de mi interior. »

Tina León  Fabrika12Tina León

Sue Ibars - A través del silencioSue Ibars - A través del silencio

Arantxa SainzArantxa Sainz

Mar SanchezMar Sanchez



Fabrika 12

Calle del Marqués de Caro, 12,
46003 Valencia