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EXPO ‘Més que esclops i tulipes / Meer dan klompen en tulpen’ – Gal. CONTEXT, Barcelona (ES) – 18 Fevr.-31 Mars 2016

CONTEXT Nova exposició- new exhibition at Context Galeria


Més que esclops i tulipes / Meer dan klompen en tulpen

Joieria Contemporània Holandesa
Show curated by Luis Acosta, textile designer and jewelry paper.

inauguració -opening 18/02/16, 19,30 h.

    Context Galeria -

 Creativity that  twenty jewelry designers Netherlands manifested in « More than clogs and tulips » exhibition being sometimes serious, sometimes playful.
Each piece reveals the diversity of shapes and materials chosen. In some cases it has evolved to manifest as sculpture to be carried, worn and enhance the beauty of those who wear.


 Participants:  Ina HascherMichela MazzeoKarin KortenhorstBirgit LakenLinda EzermanGemma FrowijnMaja HoutmanMiriam VerbeekCharlotte MolenaarArianne Van der GaagIris WeyerSylvia Blickman Eva Van Kempen Margo NelissenDieuwke RaatsMachteld Van Joolingen –  Jacquelien SluisFrancisca HennemanJeanet Metselaar –  Marjo Van den Bekerom

 Charlotte Molenaar -Necklace "Tulip Mania" - felted wool whith silk fibers -  500,00€: Charlotte Molenaar -Necklace « Tulip Mania » – felted wool whith silk fibers

  Jeanet Metselaar - Bracelet "Blue" - imitation leather -   Unique piece -   135,00€: Jeanet Metselaar - Bracelet « Blue » – imitation leather

Linda Ezerman -  Necklace "Shrimps"- silver, blackened, pigments, silicone, glasbeads - -195,00€: Linda Ezerman -  Necklace « Shrimps » (detail) – silver, blackened, pigments, silicone, glas beads

Francisca Henneman - Necklace "Silicante" - silicone - 195,00€: Francisca Henneman - Necklace « Silicante » – silicone

Ina Hascher - Bracelet "Geometric 2" -   Geometric beadwork bracelet   - 360,00€: Ina Hascher - Bracelet « Geometric 2″ -   Geometric beadwork bracelet

Maja Houtman - Brooch "Black Ton" - silver, onyx beads - 450,00€: Maja Houtman – Brooch « Black Ton » – silver, onyx beads

Margo Nelissen - Necklace "Calebashes" - gold 18, silver, yellow diamands -  1200,00€: Margo Nelissen – Necklace « Calebashes » – gold 18, silver, yellow diamands

Machteld Van Joolingen - Brooch "Dreams" - steel, silver, veneer, paint - 1300,00€: Machteld Van Joolingen – Brooch « Dreams » – steel, silver, veneer, paint

 Sylvia Blickman -  Brooch "Crosspollination"- anodised aluminium, silver - 475,00€: Sylvia Blickman -  Brooch « Crosspollination »- anodised aluminium, silver

Karin Kortenhorst - Necklace "Always new 1" - metal wire, teflon tape-wrap -  980,00€: Karin Kortenhorst - Necklace « Always new 1″ – metal wire, teflon tape-wrap

and ….. PSSSST !! …… ALL can be shopped online at CONTEXT Gallery, here !!!


CONTEXT Galeria 
c. Viñolas, 8-10
Sant Cugat del Vallès (BCN)
Tel  935 893 806




EXPO ‘A dark spark of light’ – Alliages, Lille (FR) – 11 Dec.2015 – 30 Janv. 2016

Inauguration 11 décembre a  18h
 a muestra “A dark spark of light”,
Juan RIUSECH & Thereza PEDROSA, curators of this exhibition, present A DARK SPARK OF LIGHT, where opposites attract and are connected by an invisible thread. There is no light without shadow, good without evil, no happiness without pain. “A dark spark of light” is an invitation to reflect on the beauty of life, in all contradictory and opposing forms in which it manifests itself.
A Dark Spark of Light, en exhibition of contemporary jewellery & ceramics showed simultaneously in ALLIAGES & in Beautiful People Live Art blog from Dec. 12th 2015 to Jan. 30th 2016.
The opening of the exhibition will be held on Friday Dec. 11th, 2015 at 6 PM at ALLIAGES gallery.
Artists selected :   Akis GoumasAlina CarpAna Garcia MoyaAngela CiobanuAurelia Yeomans Caterina Zanca — Ching-Ting Yang — Clara del PapaClaudia Steiner — Emmanuelle Durand — Erato KouloubiFabienne ChrystinFranziska HöhneGigi MarianiGili DolinerHebe ArgentieriIsabelle Busnel Izabella PetrutJanny Huang Yokota Jina SeoKatja ToporskiMabel PenaMar SanchezMargarita Alonso Margo NelissenMaria-Rosa Franzin — Noelia Macchi — Rodrigo AcostaRosa Borredá — Roxana Casale — Saerom KongSébastien CarréSofia Björkman — Valérie Ceulemans — Victoria IoannidouViktoria MünzkerXenia Deimezi
Sofia BjörkmanSofia Björkman
Sebastien Carré "rancoeur"Sebastien Carré « rancoeur »
Maria-Rosa Franzin - broochMaria-Rosa Franzin – brooch
Rodrigo Acosta - "Hacer de Ropa" - brocheRodrigo Acosta - « Hacer de Ropa » – broche
Gigi Mariani Gigi Mariani ring 2015
Akis Goumas brooch Akis Goumas brooch
Alina CarpAlina Carp
Rosa Borredá   Rosa Borreda
 Angela Ciobanu - earring Angela Ciobanu – earring
Xenia DeimeziXenia Deimezi
 Aurelia Yeomans (AU)Aurelia Yeomans
Mar SanchezMar Sanchez
Viktoria Münzker Viktoria Münzker
111, Bd. Victor Hugo
F-59000 LILLE
Horaires : Lundi-Vendredi : 10h – 17h / Samedi : 10h-16h



EXPO ‘Meer dan klompen en tulpen…/ Más que zuecos y tulipanes…’ – Galería Lalabeyou, Madrid (ES) – 17 Sept.-18 Oct. 2015

Meer dan klompen en tulpen… / Más que zuecos y tulipanes… 

Nederlandse sieradenontwerpers – diseñadores de Joyas holandeses – Dutch jewelry designers

Inauguracion jueves 17 de septiembre a las 21h


20 diseñadores de Joyas holandeses se presentarán en Madrid. Aquí un adelanto de lo que se podrá ver.
20 Dutch jewelry designers will be presented in Madrid.  Here’s a preview of what will you can expect.
Comisario – Curator : Luis Acosta

EXPO 'Meer dan klompen en tulpen.../ Más que zuecos y tulipanes...' - Galería Lalabeyou, Madrid (ES) - 17 Sept.-18 Oct. 2015 dans Birgit LAKEN (NL)

with :   Arianne van der Gaag – Birgit LakenCharlotte Molenaar – Dieuwke Raats – Eva Van Kempen – Francisca Henneman – Gemma Frowijn – Ina Hascher – Iris Weyer – Jacquelien Sluis – Jeanet Metselaar – Karin KortenhorstLinda EzermanMachteld van Joolingen - Maja HoutmanMargo Nelissen – Marjo van den Bekerom- Michela Mazzeo Timmer Privato – Miriam Verbeek – Sylvia Blickman

Linda EzermanLinda Ezerman

Karin KortenhorstKarin Kortenhorst

Charlotte MolenaarCharlotte Molenaar

Margo NelissenMargo Nelissen

Miriam VerbeekMiriam Verbeek

Birgit Laken Birgit Laken

Machteld van JoolingenMachteld van Joolingen

Ina HascherIna Hascher

Francisca HennemanFrancisca Henneman

Jeanet MetselaarJeanet Metselaar

Marja HoutmanMarja Houtman



Galería Lalabeyou
joyería contemporánea
Laura González Sanz
Travesía de Belén 2 – Local 1
28004 Madrid
0034 653300154





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