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#MunichJewelleryWeek2017 – EXPO (9) – ‘Off The Shelf’ / Central Saint Martins – Vitsoe, Munich (DE) – 4-14 Mars 2017

(9) Off The Shelf

work by staff and students of Central Saint Martins, BA Jewellery Design course.

9  Off the Shelf

Off the Shelf is an exhibition of work by staff and students of Central Saint Martins, BA Jewellery Design course. For a second year running, the designers are delighted to be returning to show at Vitsœ in Munich. The exhibition follows on from a series of projects where staff and students have displayed their work together in a celebration of the diverse and lively approach to contemporary jewellery and objects.
BA Jewellery Design approaches the subject of jewellery as a conversation between body and object, with originality and innovation at its heart. Based in the centre of London, we enjoy superb links with industry and encourage our students to engage with the wider social contexts of their work while developing their own creative practices and a diverse set of technical skills.
with :  Anna Tuhus — Ariel Yi-Chen Tsai — Carola Solcia — Caroline Broadhead — Chloe Valorso — Coline Assade — Elena Bonanomi — Emily Grimble — Erica Heng — Florance Tebbutt — Giles Last — Jasleen Kaur –  Jing Jiang — Katy Hackney — Kigen Kamijima — Lin CheungLucie DavisLucie GledhillMaria Militsi — Marlene McKibbin — Max Warren — Melanie Georgacopoulos — Michelle Lung — Miho Ishizuka — Naomi Filmer –  Sam Rodway-Smith — Scott Armstrong — Scott WilsonSilvia Weidenbach –  Stacey Huang — Veronika Fabian — Yayun Fang — Yichen Dong

9 - Off the shelf - Central St Martins -  Lucie Gledhill, rope necklace cut out- 'rope is patient' - a 4 meter rope chain made from 2 kilos sterling silverLucie Gledhill, rope necklace cut out – ‘rope is patient’ – a 4 meter rope chain made from 2 kilos sterling silver

Lin Cheung (Central St Martins - 2017) - delayed Reactions – Confused 2017  Brooch, Carved Lapis Lazuli, gold: Lin Cheung   – delayed Reactions – Confused 2017  Brooch, Carved Lapis Lazuli, gold

9 - Off the shelf - Central St Martins - Melanie Georgacopoulos, Necklace:  Melanie Georgacopoulos, Necklace

9 - Off the shelf - Central St Martins -   Veronika Fabian, Leather Chains: Veronika Fabian, Leather Chains

9 - Off the shelf - Central St Martins - Elena Bonanom, Binary Finery 1: Elena Bonanomi, Binary Finery 1

Marlene Mckibbin -  'adoorable'Marlene Mckibbin -  ‘adoorable’

9 - Off the shelf - Central St Martins -  Lucie Davis, Enamelled Price Pins: Lucie Davis, Enamelled Price Pins

9 - Off the shelf - Central St Martins - Stacey Huang, Buy one get one free: Stacey Huang, Buy one get one free

9 - Off the shelf - Central St Martins -   Yayun Fang, Mary's Veil: Yayun Fang, Mary’s Veil

9 - Off the shelf - Central St Martins -  Veronika Fabian, Jewellery is my best friend:  Veronika Fabian, Jewellery is my best friend

Chloé ValorsoChloé Valorso

9 - Off the shelf - Central St Martins -   Chloe Valorso, Eyes: Chloe Valorso, Eyes

Naomi Filmer - objectNaomi Filmer – object

Caroline Broadhead - "Dropped Necklace"Caroline Broadhead  « Dropped Necklace »

9 - Off the shelf - Central St Martins -  Maria Militsi, Equestrian: Maria Militsi, Equestrian

Türkenstraße 36
80799 Munich
Mon- Fri 10:00–19:00, Sat 10:00–18:00, Sun 11:00–19:00






During SCHMUCK 2016 : EXPO ‘SHELF LIFE’ – Vitsoe, Munich (DE) – 20 Fevr.–1er Mars 2016


Work by 33 makers, staff and students of Central Saint Martins

Opening event 26.02  – 17.00 – 20.00

25.02.2016:  Talk by Lin Cheung and Naomi Filmer,   from 16.00 – 17.00h
27.02.2016: Exhibitors Tour, 11.00-12.00

« #4 on the #mjw16 #munichjewelleryweek MAP / Shelf Life shows work by 33 makers, staff and students of Central Saint Martins, BA Jewellery Design course.… »:

Shelf Life shows work by 33 makers, staff and students of Central Saint Martins, BA Jewellery Design course, showing for the first time at Vitsœ in Munich, this is the second project where staff and students display work as equals in a celebration of the diverse and lively approach to contemporary jewellery and objects. Within the breadth of possibilities, the common thread of the course is using materials and objects imaginatively and expressively in response to observations, emotions and situations.

with :   Elena Bonanomi — Caroline Broadhead — Season Cheng — Lin Cheung — Olivia Cosh Hall — Lucie Davies — Naomi FilmerMelanie Georgacopoulos — Rosie Greener — Emily Grimble — Katy Hackney — Lily Harte — Stacey Huang — Jieun Kim — Giles Last — Fan Sze Li — Holly Matthewson — Marlene McKibbin – Maria Militsi Akiko Shinzato — Ella Stern — Esna Su — Yuxi Sun — Florance Tebbutt — Anna Tuhus — Juliette van de Kerchove — Misha Venter — Max Warren — Silvia Weidenbach — Scott Wilson — Jennifer Wong — Scarlett Zhang — Hau-Wen Chien — Juliette van der Kerchove

The concept of Shelf Life is apt for this exhibition, in that it is located within the shelves of the Vitsœ showroom, using the relationship between the shelf space and the works placed on them to reflect on issues of temporality and endurance.
To shelve means to put something aside, to discard, to remove from everyday use. In contrast, we use shelves to display, as a way to draw attention to and highlight things of importance. What do we keep on our shelves? How long do we keep them there? How does the shelf life affect the thing produced? What is life like to live on the shelf? What is life beyond the shelf? Are just some of the questions we can ask.
Some of the work displayed has been made in response to projects, some self-motivated, and some in response to the idea of shelves.

The basis we work to is that jewellery is a microcosm through which to explore and express responses to the world. The course values an open-minded approach, experimentation and risk-taking, along with the more traditional skills. And we encourage jewellery design to be explored, questioned and tested out in a number of guises and contexts, with skill and imagination.
Having the chance to show work from novice and veteran practitioners, from either end of a career path, is a valuable one. It demonstrates a continuity of the subject; how ideas are taken up, reworked, tussled with and how new ideas take hold. Shelf Life gives us the opportunity to celebrate the work of staff and students and which reflects some of our diversity and achievements. / Caroline Broadhead, Course Leader of BA Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins

We are often amazed and charmed by the many different ways individuals and organisations wish to use Vitsœ’s shelves. But then this versatility is not surprising, as the 606 Universal Shelving System was designed to be discreet and to allow the content to speak.
The vibrancy of thinking and experimentation explored by the staff and students of Central Saint Martins, BA Jewellery Design course is both energising and brave. It feels natural for Vitsœ to support, both in the physical and literal sense, as this body of work challenges our thinking of how we use our shelves./ Jennie Moncur, Creative Director at Vitsœ

ShelfLife - Fan Sze LiFan Sze Li attachment

Central Saint Martins Graduation Show 2015 -  Fan Sze Fiona Li Attachments Combining hardware-store grit and playful eccentricity, Fiona’s work departs from the notion of decorative jewellery for women and instead explores masculine objects of function and practicality. Using braces and snap hooks, her pieces echo masculine construction tools and attire, fashioned in contrasting materials such as dusty pink suede and flashy gold metal. This transforms the concept of unfashionably dull hard labou: Fan Sze Li

‘Shelf Life’: BA Jewellery Design to Exhibit in Munich - Misha VENTER: Misha Venter

Akiko Shinzato Piece: Wearing Make Up, 2015 Leather, Swarovski crystals Photo by: Barney McCann Model: Alice Hurel - SHELF LIFE exhibition  -  Central Saint Martins. New Graduates 2015: Akiko Shinzato Piece: Wearing Make Up, 2015 Leather, Swarovski crystals

Esna Su - Central St. Martins: Esna Su

Lily Harte - SHELF LIFE: Lily Harte

 Melanie Georgacopoulos (or Melanie Georgacopolis  ?????): Melanie Georgacopoulos


Türkenstraße 36
80799 -  Munich

Mon-Fri 10.00 – 19.00, Sat 10.00-18.00, Sun 11:00-19:00
tel +44 20 7514 7006
+44 20 7428





EXPO ‘A Jewel Made in Greece’ – Athens « Technopolis » (GREECE) – 7-15 Fevr. 2015

opening of A Jewel Made in Greece 2015 this Saturday 7 febr. 2015 at 19.00

  A Jewel Made in Greece this Saturday 7 febr. 2015 at 19.00


with : Myrto Anastasopoulou — Dolly Boucoyannis — Sarina Beza — Eleni Daskalaki — Marilina Deligiannopoulou — Lina Fanouraki Melanie Georgacopoulos — Katerina Ioannidis, Spiros Kanakis — Maria Kaprili — Tina Karageorgi — Voula Karampatzaki — Rallou Katsari – Stavroula Kaziale — Apostolos Kleitsiotis — Vally Kontidis — Maria Ontogiorgaki — Fotini Kostouli — Ileana Makri — Maria MilitsiLiana Pattihis — Michael Pelamidis — Daphne Petridi — Maria Petzetakis — Marilou Prokopiou — Mary Samoli — Polina Sapouna-Ellis — Theodoros Savopoulos — Yannis Sergakis — Christina Soubli — Daphne Valente — Liana Vourakis — Marios Voutsinas — Maximos Zachariadis — Maya Zoulovits

Liana PattihisLiana Pattihis necklace

 Melanie Georgacopoulos.Melanie Georgacopoulos

Fanourakis ringFanourakis ring

By Fotini KostouliBy Fotini Kostouli

 Theodoros Savopoulos - Bamboo EarringsTheodoros Savopoulos - Bamboo Earrings – with green turmalines, yellow turmalines, tsavorites, peridot, brown briolette diamonds, diamonds and rubies. 18k white gold. Fully articulated. Time of production 60 days.

Ralou Rallou Katsari  2014 ring - Anneau unique plaqué en argent sterling et rhodium plaque Rallou Katsari  2014 ring – Anneau unique plaqué en argent sterling et rhodium plaque

By Valente Daphne!By Daphne Valente

Athens  »Technopolis », » Building New Fournoi », 100 Piraeus str. , Gazi
Date: 8-February 15, 2015
Opening hours: daily from 12.00-20.00
Information: Tel.: +30  210 3475 518


EXPO ‘FINDING – Central St Martins BA Jewellery design’ – The Foundling Museum, London (UK) – 14 Nov. 2014 – 30 Janv. 2015

  FINDING CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS BA JEWELLERY DESIGN Finding is a project by eight students and three members of staff of the BA Jewellery Design course at Central Saint Martins with the aim of explore the archives and the museum’s collections of the Foundling Hospital. With this starting point each artist developed a piece that represents the opposite feelings that the collection awoke
with : Caroline Broadhead, Lin Cheung, Fiona Chong, Gabriella Garnham, Rosie Greener, Haya Luttfullah, Maria Militsi, Wizal Xinyn Wang, Harriet Williams, Pnyuan Yang, Scarlett Zhang
The history of the Foundling Hospital is rich and engaging. It is of especial interest to those eager to explore the power of objects to denote an emotional connection. The main aim of this project was to use the collection to initiate creative responses and through this exhibition to contribute to a growing awareness of the Museum’s significance. Eight students and three members of staff of the BA Jewellery Design course at Central Saint Martins have explored the archives and the museum’s collections to develop ideas for a piece of jewellery. Another aim of this extra curricula project was to have a chance for students and staff to work together as equals. In addition, the project included two ‘Tokens of Identity’ workshops, conceived by the jewellery students and delivered to schoolchildren from Maria Fidelis School and Haverstock School, which allowed them the opportunity to impart their findings and enthusiasms to younger learners.
There are many narratives about the Foundling Hospital’s history that are compelling, strong themes of abandonment, regimented living, the lack of intimacy and affection, loss of identity and systems of renaming. The central part of the museum’s collection are the tokens that were left as a lasting, but largely undisclosed, connection of a parent to a child and these are eloquent mementos of their separation. These range from buttons, coins, keys, snippets of ribbon and textiles and even bits of jewellery, all of which could have served to unite a parent and a child long after babyhood. With such a wealth of stories it is impossible not to compare present day attitudes and circumstances to these histories and our discussions have included changes in attitude towards children then and now and how different countries take care of their abandoned children.
Jewellers have a strong awareness of the ability of small, closely held objects to convey the value of a relationship, a locket containing a portrait or lock of hair, a piece that has been gifted or handed down are classic examples. Each participant has produced a piece that expresses both the positive and the negative feelings the collection elicits – of abandonment and belonging, uniformity and individuality, the loss of identity and the chance for a new life. 
 Fiona Chong Neckpiece: Revalued, 2014 Brass, copper, aluminium, nylon  .Fiona Chong Neckpiece: Revalued, 2014 Brass, copper, aluminium, nylon
Inspired by the foundling tokens, I focused on the way marks can express loss and act as distinctive identifiers. I embossed scrap pieces of metal, collected from our school’s jewellery workshop, with quotes from the Foundling Voices interviews with former pupils and made each into an individual piece of jewellery.
 Gabriella Garnham Piece: Who Are We?, 2014 Engraved, Silver plated brass . Gabriella Garnham Piece: Who Are We?, 2014 Engraved, Silver plated brass In the eighteenth century foundlings were unable to discover their real identity. As technology has developed, I imagined how this might change in the future; a child might receive their DNA markers at birth, represented by a unique sequence of Emojicons, which would then be traceable.

 Lin Cheung Piece: Pinpoint, 2014 Giclée print Lin Cheung Piece: Pinpoint, 2014 Giclée print Secure but easily undone, the pins that held the textile tokens in the billet books, inspired me to have one tattooed on my body – a permanent attachment that cannot be undone

 Puyuan Yang Piece: X, 2014 Found rubber ball Puyuan Yang Piece: X, 2014 Found rubber ball I thought the cross that substituted a signature on one of the registry documents summed up the lack of clear identity of a foundling and marked the estrangement from their past. I found objects in the street and reworked them into crosses, this one from a rubber ball.

 Scarlett Zhang Necklace: Nothing to Hold on to, 2014 Gold Plated Brass, leather.Scarlett Zhang Necklace: Nothing to Hold on to, 2014 Gold Plated Brass, leather Each foundling left the Foundling Hospital with a small suitcase with few possessions. These were the start of a new life, which may have been difficult without the emotional strength to manage this. To reference this, the suitcase and its handle are separate on my necklace.


40 Brunswick Square
WC1N 1AZ -  London

Admission £7.50 (Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00-17:00, Sunday: 11:00-17:00, Mondays: Closed)

Catalogue edited by Lin Cheung and introduction by Caroline Broadhead.

  catalogue edited by Lin Cheung and introduction by Caroline Broadhead.


EXPO ‘SYMBOLS’ – Industrial Gas Museum, Athens (GR) – 31 Mai-9 Juin 2014

“Jewellery Art Workers” (J.A.W), the Association of Greek jewellery designers, is happy to announce the Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition S Y M B O L S, from May 31 to June 9, at the Old Retorts of the Industrial Gas Museum, at Technopolis – City of Athens.

Opening: Saturday, May 31st, at 20.00

42 Artists – Distinguished Designers participate in a dialogue around contemporary symbolism taking the form of pieces of jewellery, with the use of various materials and mediums.


These pieces of jewellery resist the ravages of time and arrive in the future as fragments carrying coded information – symbols of our times.
The past is reinterpreted, the present is recorded and the messages are carried to the future, using Inspiration as their guide and Art as their vehicle!
Art Video and Performances will be also presented and jewellery workshops and guided tours will take place during the exhibition hours.

Curator: Anna Chassanakou

Participating Artists: Kalliopi Arnaoutaki — Artemis Valsamaki — Stavros Vlachos — Melanie Georgacopoulos — Vasilis Giampouras — Akis Goumas – Aphrodite Goula — Stella Deligianni — Tania Drakidou — Artemis Zafrana — Thomas Thomidis — Victoria Ioannidou — Iosif Iosifidis — Anastasia KandarakiChristina Karakalpaki –  Apostolos Klitsiotis — Paraskevi Kokolaki — Vally Kontidis — Marialena Leondaraki — Katerina Malami — Lefteris Margaritis — Mary Margoni-Yannis Mandilakis — Katerina Meliopoulou — Maria Militsi – Sarina Beza — Fotini Nikolaidou — Sofia Papalexiou — Liana Pattihis — Barbara Perrakis — Aspasia Polyzou — Vaggelis Polyzos — Antria Prasinou — Eleftheria Stamati — Iosif Stavroulakis — Niki StylianouMaria Tsimpiskaki — Otsis (Vasilios Tsoutsoplidis) — Dora Haralambaki — Maria Chatzaleksi-Errikos Andreopoulos — Maria Psarianou — COSMOCHAOS Maria Apostolopoulou-Nikos Karakostas — D-OLIUM Sofia Bachlava-Vassilis Stamoulis


Victoria Ioannidou "Seed Pods-Seeds" (detail)  expo SYMBOLSVictoria Ioannidou « Seed Pods-Seeds » (detail)  for SYMBOLS

 Paraskevi Kokolaki for "SYMBOLS"Paraskevi Kokolaki for « SYMBOLS »

lianapattihis in her studio #workinprogress #jewellery #enamel leaves #LianaPattihis #artjewellery #necklace master-at-workLiana Pattihis in her studio – work in progress with enamel … in progress & yet so beautiful !



Technopolis – City of Athens
Industrial Gas Museum
100, Pireos str., Gazi, Athens.
+30 210 3475518, +30 210 3453548
Visiting hours: Daily, 12.00 – 22.00

Contact: Τ. +30 6944687296,,
FB: J.A.W. Jewellery Art Workers


EXPO ‘Alchemists: New concepts in jewellery’ – New Brewery Arts, Cirencester (UK) – 14 Janv-27 Fevr. 2011

 Alchemists: New concepts in jewellery

Jewellers are not defined by traditional materials and today’s makers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what jewellery can be.
Be it big and bold or pale and subtle, the innovative world of studio jewellery will delight and challenge in equal measure often making us re examine our pre conceptions of what jewellery means.
ALCHEMISTS, the latest jewellery exhibition to be curated at New Brewery Arts, sets out to investigate and present the work of contemporary jewellers who take precious or unexpected materials and transform them into unusual and desirable jewellery.
The notion of using precious and non-precious materials within jewellery is hardly new, but this show seeks to highlight the breadth of approaches and range of materials used by today’s makers when exploring the adornment of the body.
New Brewery Arts is proud to present the work of over 25 artists. Internationally renowned and award winning contemporary jewellers will be exhibiting alongside the fresh talent of new makers just stepping out in their careers.

Jane Adam, Jivan Astfalck, Karen Bartlett, Sally Collins, Jack Cunningham, Anna Gordon, Maria Hanson, Yoko Izawa, Tanvi Kant, Hannah Louise Lamb, Bridie Lander, Alison Macleod, Lindsey Mann, Toni Mayner, Maria Militsi, John Moore, Grainne Morton, Louise Parry, Kathryn Partington, Betty Pepper, Lina Peterson, Jo Pond, Mah Rana, Katherine Richmond, Zoe Robertson, Ruth Tomlinson, Jessica Turrell.

Jivan Astfalck
Jivan Astfalck – ‘Vanitas’
Lina Peterson

Jack Cunningham
Jack Cunningham

Sally Collins' brooch
Sally Collins - brooch
Grainne Morton Ruth
Lindsey Manncombines brightly printed sheet aluminium & other non-precious materials (found objects)

< />Scribble Series</em><br />brooches, silver, copper, vitreous enamel, 2009  » width= »284″ height= »348″ /><br />
<font size=Jessica Turrell- Scribble Series – brooches, silver, copper, vitreous enamel, 2009 : brooch - given a kite
Jo Pond- brooch – given a kite (cocoon serie)



EXPO 'Alchemists: New concepts in jewellery' - New Brewery Arts, Cirencester (UK) - 14 Janv-27 Fevr. 2011 dans Alison MAcLEOD (UK) Maria-Militsi---Inner-Voice
Maria Militsi

Karen Bartlett - Ring-Copper, silver,CZ,gold plate,powder coat



New Brewery Arts
Brewery Court, Cricklade St
GL7 1JH – Cirencester
United Kingdom
Telephone: 01285 65718


Coloured Aluminium Jewellery: design & make – Lindsey Mann -
Published by A& C Black Publishers Ltd, London – 128 pp


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