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Selected 4 SCHMUCK 2016 : Marjorie Schick

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 Marjorie Schick

Congrats to all the artists who made the SCHMUCK 2016 list, on show at the Handwerksmesse  during #munichjewelleryweek  24/02–1/03/2016


« In the jewellery world Marjorie Schick is a complete original. Over forty years she has built up an impressive oeuvre. Her colourful wood or papier-maché constructions make a powerful visual statement when worn as wearable objects. «   (Book: « Sculpture to Wear. The Jewelry of Marjorie Schick »)

« I often construct forms of a scale which puts the work into the category of body sculpture rather than jewelry. »

« My work has been about exploring the boundaries of jewelry and sculpture since my first year in graduate school, though I did not quite understand it as that. Then, as I left school to begin my professional career, I found my direction in the work of sculptor David Smith: what would it be like to put your head or an arm through one of his works? That was 1966. I have been trying to achieve that fusion, to be both jeweler and sculptor (and something of a painter as well) ever since. I am as excited about this adventure today as I was more than forty years ago. » (CharonKransenArts)

« My work is a sculptural statement which is complete when off the figure yet is constructed and exists because of the human body. I am intrigued by the idea that the human body is capable of carrying large objects, both physically and visually; therefore, I
often construct forms of a scale which puts the work into the category of body sculpture rather than jewelry.
There are five major aspects to my work: the constructed three-dimensional form, the color relationships, the definition of space, the combination of patterns, and the scale of the objects in relationship to the human figure. My goal is to create a sense of visual tension among the formal elements of each object, such as from line to plane, from color to value, from one directional
force to another, or from the rhythms in the structure to the rhythms in the colors. Each object is studied and worked in totality, no part being any less important than any other.
I refer to the linear constructions I did in the 1980′s as three -dimensional drawings to wear and to the newer more organic works as sculptural paintings to wear. I hope that as objects they seem to be « alive » with aesthetic presence. The motivation for the work is never to fit into any trend but rather the work is done out of a passion for creating, for trying to do something significant » (Pittsburg State Univ.)

 The Jewelry of Marjorie Schick Marjorie Schick

Marjorie Schick - Blue Collar  Marjorie Schick Blue collar

 Marjorie Schick  Marjorie Schick  painted papier mache « Spring Green » Necklace 1993.

  Marjorie Schick   Marjorie Schick



La B.O. n’est pas à la fête avec la création contemporaine …..

difficile en effet de trouver quelque chose d’innovant ……….. Voir par exemple « The Earring show » à la Velvet da Vinci Gallery : de TRES belles choses, mais tout est, je dirais, « classique » : un pendant depuis une oreille percée ……..


Voici quelques « découvertes » sortant des sentiers battus ……

jolie découverte, à JOYA 2010 :

Aila Jubany, - Escola Superior de Disseny i Art Llotja (Barcelona) 2010Aila Jubany, de la Escola Superior de Disseny i Art Llotja (Barcelona),
presenta su proyecto: « Sirk », piezas grandes pero ligeras, que crean un movimiento sútil envuelto de puntos de luz y color.

Karol Pichler -'Teatro Mundi' (expo "Un vrai Bijou" 2007 )Karol Pichler -’Teatro Mundi’ (expo « Un vrai Bijou » 2007 )

Catherine (Clark) Gilbertson (UK) - Earpiece #1, 2003Catherine (Clark) Gilbertson (UK) – Earpiece #1, 2003 fine silver  Photo: Jim Wildeman

« My musical study and performance has paralleled my concentration in visual art throughout my life. This interest has prompted an investigation into the dialogue that exists between the sound that is perceived in one’s Imagination and the sound that one hears in reality. As our sense of hearing allows us to interact with external sound, I am pursuing a three dimensional exploration of the ear through chasing and repousse’ in precious metal. »

Carol Pedroso - Ear Piece  (Contemporary Jewelry Show at 'A CASA' in Brazil, 2011)Carol Pedroso – Ear Piece  (Contemporary Jewelry Show at ‘A CASA’ in Brazil, 2011)

 Manon van KouswijkManon van Kouswijk – Earrings

Juliana Miyasaka - (Projeto NOVAJOIA: Novembro 2010)Juliana Miyasaka(Projeto NOVAJOIA: Novembro 2010)

Cheryl Eve Acosta - Ear Brooch - 2007 Cheryl Eve Acosta - Ear Brooch – 2007 – Sterling Silver

Cheryl Eve Acosta -Noise Canceling Earrings - 2008- Earplug, sterling silverCheryl Eve Acosta -Noise Canceling Earrings - 2008- Earplug, sterling silver
Cheryl Eve Acosta -Noise Canceling Earrings - 2008- Earplug, sterling silver

'Aka Jewellery'(Ausra Bankauskaite & Mante Maskoliunaite, from Lithuania)'Aka Jewellery'(Ausra Bankauskaite & Mante Maskoliunaite, from Lithuania)

Aka Jewellery(Ausra Bankauskaite & Mante Maskoliunaite, from Lithuania)
- silver neckless and earring with white and black amber that connect with magnets in various waysfrom the « white crow » collection.

Reka Lorincz - Ear ring - Monolit jewellery 2007Reka Lorincz - Ear ring – Monolit jewellery 2007 – plastic

Mi-Mi Moscow - - Ear-rings “EYE OF EAR” 2004Mi-Mi Moscow- Ear-rings “EYE OF EAR” 2004 From series: “FULL SOUND”

Solveiga and Alfredas Krivičiai (Lithuanie) "Hair of the silence"Solveiga and Alfredas Krivičiai (Lithuanie) "Hair of the silence"
Solveiga and Alfredas Krivičiai (Lithuanie) « Hair of the silence »

Shinji Nakaba  “wearable sculpture”Shinji Nakaba  “wearable sculpture”

Elke MunkertElke Munkert

Leonor Hipolito - "Ear Plugs" Earrings  Leonor Hipolito – « Ear Plugs » Earrings - 2006 Leonor Hipólito / Tools for the subconscious / Auricular com ligação à boca / Prata, polyester, epoxy, borracha

Leonor Hipolito - ‘Object for Dreams !’ EarringsLeonor Hipolito - ‘Object for Dreams !’ Earrings
Marjorie Schick “Spiral Earring for Spira Galaxy”Marjorie Schick « Spiral Earring for Spira Galaxy »
Vincent Pontillo -  'For Saraswati' - Vincent Pontillo -  ‘For Saraswati’ – Sterling Silver, 23 Karat Gold Leaf. Forged, Fabricated

Gerd RothmannGerd Rothmann



Gioielli di carta – Paper Jewelry – Bijoux de PAPIER

Milano : Gioielli di carta - Progetti di 60 designer – EXPO Milan sept-oct 2009

Organised by Alba Cappellieri, professor of jewellery design at the “Politecnico” of Milan and by Bianca Cappello, jewellery historian, Paper Jewellery: poor jewellery is an exhibition that represents the most complete exhibition dedicated to paper jewellery: 60 designers from all over the world – from Australia to Austria, from Italy to Finland, England, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Poland – in an unmissable journey through distant cultures under the sign of only one protagonist: paper. Folded, embroidered, plaited, sewn, sponged, pleated, punched, recycled, glued, water-painted, paper takes on unimaginable decorations and shapes: rarefied like Nobuko Murakami’s origami, elegant like Daniele Papuli and Janna Syvanoja’s pleats or the Dutch Nel Linssen’s ruffs, blooming like Sandra di Giacinto’s geometries or materic like Ritsuko Ogura’s textures, joyous like Ana Hagopian’s flowers, the collages by Feroci Design or Andrzej Szadkowski’s spectra, conceptual like the Fritz Maierhofer compositions.

Paper jewellery imposes a reflection on preciousness, no longer entrusted, as with traditional jewellery, to metals and gems but rather to the project that represents the main theme of this exhibition. The vulnerability of paper is suitably pliable to design reflections that are usually far from the world of jewellery like sustainability, ecology, territorial valorisation. Free from exchange values codified by the market paper jewellery explores languages and themes covering many disciplines: ornaments, colours, shapes, surfaces, textures, by transferring influences and aesthetics not only from fashion but also from design. And so, with this aim in mind we have included the works of 5 designers, designers that usually have to measure themselves with internal decoration and lighting, who have produced their paper jewellery especially for this exhibition. They are Deep Design, Giulio Iacchetti, Marco Ferreri, Miriam Mirri, Marco Romanelli with Marta Laudani and Paolo Ulian.

Daniele Papuli
Daniele Papuli - necklace ‘Estesa’ , 2007

Triennale Design Museum presenta Gioielli di carta a cura di Alba Cappellieri e Bianca Cappello, la piu’ completa rassegna dedicata al gioiello di carta attraverso i progetti di sessanta designer provenienti da tutto il mondo .

Gioielli di carta - Paper Jewelry - Bijoux de PAPIER  dans ADOR (IT) gioielli-di-carta-foto07Fabrizio Tridenti
Caren Hartley  ring    –    Fabrizio Tridenti- anello/ring 2009 -cardboard, paper, resin, pvc

Piegata, ricamata, intrecciata, cucita, spugnata, plissettata, fustellata, riciclata, incollata, acquerellata, la carta assume decori e forme insospettabili : rarefatte come gli origami di Nobuko Murakami, eleganti come i plisse’ di Janna Syvanoja e di Daniele Papuli o le gorgiere dell’olandese Nel Linssen, fiorite come le geometrie di Sandra di Giacinto o materiche come le texture di Ritsuko Ogura, gioiose come i fiori di Ana Hagopian, i collage di Feroci Design o gli spettri del polacco Andrzej Szadkowski, concettuali come le composizioni di Fritz Maierhofer.

Sarah Kate Burgess - Do it yourself rings
Sarah Kate Burgessdo-it-yourself rings

Il gioiello di carta impone una riflessione sulla preziosità, non piu’ affidata, come nel gioiello tradizionale, ai metalli e alle gemme bensi’ al progetto che rappresenta il filo conduttore della mostra.

Ana Hagopian
Ana  Hagopian (ES)

La vulnerabilità della carta si presta a riflessioni progettuali solitamente distanti dal mondo del gioiello come la sostenibilità, l’ecologia, la valorizzazione territoriale.
Libero dal valore di scambio codificato dal mercato il gioiello di carta esplora linguaggi e temi trasversali a molte discipline: l’ornamento, il colore, la forma, la superficie, le texture.

gioielli-di-carta-foto03 dans Ana HAGOPIAN (ES)Maria Stella Ivana Riggi
Riccardo Dalisi                                    -       Maria Stella Ivana Riggi

A questo scopo sono stati inclusi i lavori di sei designer, che solitamente si confrontano con l’arredo e la luce, che hanno realizzato i loro gioielli di carta appositamente per la mostra : Matteo Bazzicalupo e Raffaella Mangiarotti [deepdesign], Marco Ferreri, Miriam Mirri, Marco Romanelli con Marta Laudani, Paolo Ulian.

01.jpgAngela Simone
Angela Simone - Neckpiece: Scapigliata 2009- Black cardboard, raffia
Janna Syvanoja (FI)

Opere di : Luis Acosta, Atelier VM, Sarah Kate Burgess, Ela Cindoruk, Riccardo Dalisi, Matteo Bazzicalupo e Raffaella Mangiarotti [deepdesign], Sandra Di Giacinto, Claudia Diehl, Sabina Feroci, Marco Ferreri, Anna Fornari, Maria Rosa Franzin, Noemi Gera, Lisa Grassivaro, Joanne Grimonprez, Ana Hagopian, Andrea Halmschlager, Caren Hartley, Lydia Hirte, Meiri Ishida, Mari Ishikawa, Nathalie Jean, Hu Jun, Nel Linssen, Angelo Lomuscio, Fritz Maierhofer, Beatrix Mapalagama, Miriam Mirri, Nobuko Murakami, Devran Mursaloglu, Kazumi Nagano, Kaoru Nakano, Ritzuko Ogura, Takehide Ozaki, Daniele Papuli, Shari Pierce, Wendy Ramshaw+David Watkins, Erica Spitzer Rasmussen, Ivana Riggi, Romanelli e Laudani, Marjorie Schick, Angela Simone, Peter Skubic, Maurizio Stagni, Deganit Stern Shocken, Janna Syvanoja, Andrei Szadkowsky, Fabrizio Tridenti, Barbara Uderzo, Paolo Ulian, Marion Van Cruchten, Manon Van Kouswijk, Giorgio Vigna, Paper to Pearls, Kiwon Wang, Fiona Wright, Annamaria Zanella, Ina Zeller Bleil e gli studenti del Politecnico di Milano, Accademia di Brera, Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze.
Nathalie Jean

gioiellidicarta1 dans Andrzej SZADKOWSKI (PL)gioiellidicarta2 dans Angela SIMONE (IT)gioiellidicarta3 dans Angelo LOMUSCIO (IT)

Ela Cindoruk                           –     Nel Linssen  necklace, 2007       —      Lydia Hirte

Sandra Di Giacinto
Sandra Di Giacinto Necklace: Star rossa/grigia 2008 – Paper

gioiellidicarta dans Annamaria ZANELLA (IT)gioielli-di-carta-foto08 dans Barbara UDERZO (IT)
Noémi Gera                    –  Matteo Bazzicalupo e Raffaella Mangiarotti [deepdesign]
ring from Noemi Gera‘s paperjewellery collection (to shop at this address : !)
Giovanna Gariboldi - Necklace: Filigrana 2009 Paper,-collana.jpg
Myungshin Ko (Accademia di Brera)- Necklace: Struttura – 2009 – Black cardboard
Kaoru Nakano
Kazumi Nagano
Kiwon Wang
Ritzuko OGURA
Manon Van Kouswijk
Luis Acosta



Triennale Design Museum – Triennale di Milano
viale Alemagna 6
Milano (Italy)
Inaugurazione 15 settembre 2009


BOOK/Catalogue expo :

Gioielli di carta-Paper jewellery- CatEXPO (Milan,2009)-Mondadori Electa

Paper Jewellery/Gioielli di carta – Electa – 2009 -
111 pp + pochette de 6 bijoux de papier prédécoupés
pour les amoureux du bijou en papier : à  AVOIR !


voir aussi :

* ADOR (Associazione Designers Orafi )


* paperfine : bijoux de papier


Tenez vous bien !!! ….. ou le règne de la « fraise »

Colliers ou « ornements de cou » qui contraignent le corps à une posture particulière, l’obligent à se redresser, à « porter beau », entre ornement (gorgerins, « fraises » et collerettes) et appendice médical (minerves…) …


Et quand on a une soudaine envie de « fraise », il s’avère que la récolte est …. débordante de variétés !

FRAISES- Silvia Beccaria (IT) gorgieraSilvia Beccaria (IT) gorgiere

« Gorgiere — Già in uso nel Cinquecento, fu nel secolo successivo che il colletto alla spagnola o gorgiera crebbe di volume assumendo nel costume dell’epoca un ruolo caratterizzante. Realizzate in candida tela inamidata e impreziosite da trine, le lattughe – è questo il nome che fu loro dato in Italia – costituivano un complemento capace di mettere in straordinario risalto la bellezza e l’espressività di un volto. E’ proprio l’eleganza e la bizzarria di questi antichi accessori d’abbigliamento che sembra riecheggiare nelle creazioni di Silvia Beccaria. »

FRAISES- Marjorie Schick 1988Marjorie Schick – 1988

FRAISES- Louise Nippierd - eternally_yours 2003Louise Nippierd - « Eternally yours » 2003

Malou (NL)Malou Paul  (NL)

Louise Nippierd - fallen fowl - 1998  Louise Nippierd - ‘Fallen Fowl’ 1998Hisano TakeiHisano TAKEI (JP) – Felt neckpiece

Christine BOSSLER "Distance" neckpiece   Christine BOSSLER « Distance » neckpiece

Patricia Lemaire- Volutes CollierPatricia LEMAIRE ‘Volutes’

Patricia Lemaire -'la douceur amère'- parure de cou (argent et chardons)Patricia LEMAIRE – ‘la douceur amère’- parure de cou (argent et chardons)

Patricia LEMAIRE - collier 'Les-Piments'Patricia LEMAIRELes Piments’

Catherine Clark Gilbertson (US) - Akanthos -fine silverCatherine Clark Gilbertson – « Akanthos » silver neckpiece

BY WANGA -juill 2006 P  By Wanga « corset de cou » en cuir
Christine BOSSLER - 'RESTRAIN' stainless steel & garnetsChristine BOSSLER – ‘RESTRAIN’ stainless steel & garnets

FRAISES- Galerie Caractère (atelier)- ventouses, pvc,  argent, acier inoxatelier Galerie Caractère (CH)/Gema Barrera – ventouses, pvc,  argent, acier inox Arthur HashArthur Hash

ELA CINDORUK - necklace, made from polyurathane, rosette wall moulding, Ela Cindoruk – necklace – polyurethane, rosette wall moulding, very light- acrylic wall paint, magnetic closure…

Florence Lehmann, 'Naissance Bien Tournée' NecklaceFlorence Lehmann collier « naissance bien tournée »

Zoe Robinson flocked neckpieceZoe Robinson flocked neckpiece

Catarina Hällzon - the body's relation to jewelryCatarina Hällzon (SE)- the body’s relation to jewelry     (…. c’est ce qui s’appelle « avoir les boules »….;-) )

Michelle Sotolongo - Pod Necklace - EXPO 'Paper or Plastic'Michelle Sotolongo – Pod Necklace – (EXPO ‘Paper or Plastic’ )

kapow wow textile neckpieceFRAISES- Karen Monny- celosia - collerette 2001FRAISES- Katherine Wardropper
Kapow Wow ( Mia Morikawa) – textile neckpiece
Karen Monny- ‘celosia’ – collerette  soie 2001
Katherine Wardropper

'LES BIJOUX DE SOPHIE' (Sophie Levy) - collierReina Mia Brill 'Succulence III' - Velvet Da Vinci Gallery - the necklace show
‘Les Bijoux de Sophie’ (Sophie Levy) (FR) – collier
Reina Mia Brill  – ‘Succulence III’ 

MI-MI MOSCOW- Mila Kalnitskaya -  necklace 'Easy money' 1997 from series 'one day's jewellery'MI-MI MOSCOW- Mila Kalnitskaya -  necklace ‘Easy money’ 1997 from series ‘one day’s jewellery’

FRAISES- Jesse MathesJesse Mathes




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