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EXPO ‘Via Hong Kong’ – AME Gallery, Hong Kong (CN) – 16-27 Sept. 2014

Via Hong Kong

AME Gallery

(this exhibition, in Hong-Kong on 16-27 sept. 2014, will held in JOYA 2014 Barcelona on 9-11 Oct. 2014)

Anna Cheng said, “We curate ‘Via Hong Kong’ to showcase the great works of Hong Kong’s local artists. Since it is Ame Gallery’s third anniversary, we also want to take this opportunity to unite the contemporary jewellery community in Hong Kong, which includes some dedicated artists, educators and supporters. We believe through working together, we can create a healthy environment for this art form to blossom in this city. By bringing the exhibition to JOYA, we hope to encourage more artistic and cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and the world.”

Via Hong-Kong


Artists: Mary Lee HuKee Ho YuenCicy ChingTricia TangBella MungCathy Wang — Chan Po Fung — Cherry ChanCissy Chan — Gloria Ng — Hugo Yeung — Pilz Au-Yeung — Pinky Wong — Rosette Chan — Victor Wong

Cicy Ching Sze-Yin - The Fragility of City Living Jewellery Cicy Ching Sze-Yin - The Fragility of City Living Jewellery  2012 Sterling Silver, Porcelain

Cissy Chan, Bracelet, 2014Cissy Chan, Bracelet, 2014

Bella Mung, Necklace, 2013Bella Mung, pearl Necklace, 2013 (Central Saint Martins BA Jewellery Degree Show ) 

Tricia Tang, Neckpiece, 2012Tricia Tang, Neckpiece, 2012

Kee Ho Yuen, Ring, 2013Kee Ho Yuen, Ring, 2013

Gloria Ng, Piece, 2008Gloria Ng, earPiece, 2008  Wear it Inside, Brass

Mary  Lee Hu, Brooch, 2009Mary  Lee Hu, Brooch, 2009 – 18K & 22K gold


AME Gallery
12/F Tin On Shing Commercial Building
41-43 – Graham St, Central
Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 3564 8066


JOYA Barcelona 2014 – welcome to CHINA artists !

JOYA Barcelona 2014 –  Art Jewellery Fair, October 9, 10 and 11, 2014

JOYA Barcelona 2014 –

Among all the upcoming events during JOYA 2014, one most important on my opinion : the massive venue of CHINESE artists with the presence of AME Gallery (Hong Kong)
AME Gallery presents Bella MungAME Gallery presents Bella Mung
Bella Mung is a Hong Kong born designer has a passion for the clothing and jewellery who recently (2013) graduate in Central Saint Martins with first class honours in BA Jewellery Design Course. And she is the winner of the ‘BEST USE OF PEARLS’ award by WINTERSON Luxury Pearl Jewellery, London. Bella is currently developing on her new collection which is related to her final year collection with different tone and materials to communicate the similar ideas. Bella believes that bridging the lines between clothing and jewellery is very important, as clothing and jewellery is always connecting to each other. (Notjustalabel)
Cissy ChanCissy Chan
(HKBU (Academy of Visual Arts ) AWARDS Graduation Show 2014 (Hong Kong))

Kee Ho YuenKee Ho Yuen
Kee-ho Yuen received a B.A. from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1983 and an M.F.A. in Metalsmithing and Jewelry from The University of Iowa (UI), US in 1989. He is currently a Professor and the Head of the UI Jewelry and Metal Arts program.
Kee-ho looks at his work as an evolving collage of both the philosophy and the sensibility of the East and West. His work is an aesthetic investigation as well as a quest to whimsically comment on human emotions and interactions. Kee-ho employs an eclectic use of contemporary and traditional technologies and materials, ranging from advanced 3-D computer modeling to traditional fabrications and enameling.

Tricia TangTricia Tang
While born and bred in Hong Kong, Tricia Tang Tsz Chong has spent 5 years in Australia. Her jewellery practice reflects the intimate relationship, individual identities and cultural permutations that have resulted from her experience of different culture. The objects she makes blend past (her occurrence) with present (contemporary materials) to produce distinctive narrations. Without a limitation on materials, Tang enjoys testing and finding the most appropriate materials for each of her concept and work. Tang believes a piece of jewellery can be no difference than a contemporary art piece, jewellery is an object without limitation and with a strong notion of statement within.

Cherry ChanCherry Chan
Chan Po FongChan Po Fong
Rosette ChanRosette Chan
Cicy ChingCicy Ching
Gloria NgGloria Ng
Hugo YeungHugo Yeung

Mary Lee HuMary Lee Hu
Mary Lee Hu (born 1943 in Lakewood, Ohio) is an American artist, goldsmith, and college level educator known for using textile techniques to create intricate woven wire jewelry.
Hu first became fascinated with metalwork during high school introductory courses. She later explored more work with metals during a summer camp. She went on to attend the University of Miami, Ohio for two years and then went to Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan to complete her undergraduate degree. During her undergraduate education Hu developed her skills and continued to work with small scale metalwork and jewelry. In 1966 while earning her graduate degree in Metalsmithing from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, Hu studied under renowned metalsmith L. Brent Kington. It was during this time that Hu started to work with fiber inspired techniques after taking a fiber arts course. This led to the development of her signature style of wire wrapped jewelry. Since the late 1960s Hu has developed new techniques in coiling, wrapping, weaving, knitting, and twining wire. Her work consists mostly woven wire earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, and neckpieces that emulate natural forms, movements and symmetry.
After completing her MFA, Hu traveled to various places and took up different teaching positions until she joined the metal arts program in the University of Washington School of Art in 1980. She retired from the University as professor emeritus in 2006.
Hu is a member and past-president of the Society of North American Goldsmiths. In 1996 Hu was inducted into the American Craft Council College of Fellows. Hu has received three National Endowment of the Arts Craftsman Fellowships. Her work is in major collections such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Renwick Gallery, the American Crafts Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. Hu is the winner of the 2008 Irving and Yvonne Twining Humber Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement.

 Pilz Au-Yeung Pilz Au-Yeung
JOYA 2014 :
October 09_10_11th_ 2014
at Centre d’Art Santa Monica, Ramblas 7, Barcelona, Spain
tel +34 934 59 24 06



EXPO ‘Knitted, Knotted, Twisted & Twined’ – Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA (USA) – 7 Fevr.-17 Juin 2012

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Mary Lee HU (US),MUSEE,USA — bijoucontemporain @ 1:43

Knitted, Knotted, Twisted & Twined: The Jewelry of Mary Lee Hu

February 7 – June 17, 2012

« You’ve heard it said, « All that glitters is not gold. » Well, in this exquisite exhibition at Bellevue Arts Museum, the glitter certainly is gold. Gold and silver jewelry worked so dramatically and precisely that the sparkle astounds, delights and amazes. » — Nancy Worssam, The Seattle Times

Over the past 40 years, Mary Lee Hu has affirmed her distinctive voice in the world of jewelry with her elegant, voluptuous creations. Using wire the way hand weavers use thread, Hu has blazed a trail as both artist and innovator, exploring the nexus between metalsmithing and textile techniques. Keen to metal’s ability to bend and manipulate light within a textured surface, Hu’s work is a testament to her sophisticated eye for weightless and rhythmic lines, translated into body adornment. Featuring more than 90 exquisite earrings, rings, brooches and neckpieces drawn from public and private collections internationally, this retrospective traces Hu’s evolution from her experimental designs of the 1960s to today’s creations full of light and movement.

Join the artist for a rare, two-day, wire working workshop on May 12 & 13.


EXPO 'Knitted, Knotted, Twisted & Twined' - Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA (USA) -  7 Fevr.-17 Juin 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition Bracelet_62Mary Lee Hu - Bracelet #62, 2002 – 18K and 22K gold -  Collection of Museum of Arts & Design, New York. – Photo: Doug Yaple
Bracelet_17 dans Mary Lee HU (US)Mary Lee Hu – Bracelet #17, 1982 – Fine and sterling silver with 14K gold - Photo: Doug Yaple
Form_3 dans MUSEEMary Lee Hu – Form #3, 1977 – Fine and sterling silver, with lacquered copper - Photo: Doug Yaple
510 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004


Mary Lee Hu … Using metal the way clothiers use thread – de l’OR, pour une fois …..

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Mary Lee HU (US),techniques textiles,USA — bijoucontemporain @ 1:05

Mary Lee Hu uses twined structures in 18- and 22-karat gold to create extraordinary pieces of jewelry which are impeccably crafted. She has developed a double twining technique for her exquisite earrings, rings, brooches and neckpieces. Her elegant work explores intricate patterns and surface texture. She weaves with 18k and 22k gold wires, using multiple warps and wefts. » (Arline Fisch, Textile Techniques in Metal)

Habituellement, l’or et moi ça fait deux ….  mais là ! c’est au-delà du matériau ! devant cette technique époustouflante et qui pourtant à l’air … de couler de source, chapeau bas !

Et, encore une fois, j’aimerais TOUCHER ! est-ce que c’est souple ? doux ? mouvant ? rigide ?….

Hu was introduced to jewelry and metalsmithing in high school. She was also exposed to small scale metalworking during a summer camp program. She was immediately attracted to the scale of the work, the processes and the image of herself wearing what she made. She went to University of Miami, Ohio for two years and then went to Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield, Michigan to complete her undergraduate degree. Hu learned various metals techniques. What was so unique about this experience is that at that time the student body was composed of mostly graduate students. Hu went on to graduate school at University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale. Her work consisted mostly of jewelry and small scale objects. Hu’s designs were based on natural forms, movements and symmetry. During her graduate education, Brent Kington (her professor) encouraged her to seek for and develop her style. Kington’s commitment to metalworking was inspiring to Hu. He became a very strong role model for her and her classmates. Kington, at the time, did not have his own separate studio and worked in the main studio with his students. Hu worked directly across from her professor. During her second year of graduate school Hu started to investigate weaving and knotting techniques with wire. She wanted to emulate the lines in her sketches in her metalwork. Hu quickly noticed that the twined wire recreated this effect.
One advantage to working in this manner is ease of portability of tools and supplies. This aspect suited Hu’s lifestyle during that period of her life, since she was frequently traveling. Upon her return to the United States, Hu entered numerous competitions to build up an exhibition record.
Hu also became involved with the Society of North American Goldsmiths. She served as president and was also a contributing member to the development of the organization. Hu is also involved with the American Craft Council and the World Crafts Council. She currently is a professor at University of Washington, Seattle. Hu has exhibited extensively nationall and internationally. 


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