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AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair – AUTOR 12 – Casa Universitarilor, Bucarest (Romania) – 1-2 Nov. 2014

It’s official! AUTOR 12 – the autumn edition will take place in Casa Universitarilor (str. Dionisie Lupu, nr. 46), București . The best designers, the most spectacular jewelry and lots of fun and surprises. And don’t forget about the AUTOR Awards.

AUTOR connects you through contemporary jewelry. Stay connected, join & share the event!

  AUTOR 12 -


 Irina Moise - PINKMOSS  Irina Moise / PINKMOSS  « I like change, I always did. I think it represents this period of my life and I think I’m doing it consciously. »

 Viktor Pavlov Viktor Pavlov – “Fascinated by the qualities and the symbolical meaning of the gems I asked myself: why could not be created pieces of jewels having these characteristics but without using the real material of precious stones?”
Jewellery designer Viktor Pavlov, graduated in the “Metal” Department of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, often uses recycled materials with the aim is to reflect the problem of eco-fashion and to raise awareness toward the overuse of non-degradable materials.

Elena RistovskaElena Ristovska – « I had one thing on my mind while I was creating this collection, to create a new planet. This planet is a place where, just for a brief moment you can hear your own voice, you can feel balanced rhythm of your heartbeat. »

 Velislava Urieva BozhinovaVelislava Urieva Bozhinova « With my work I want to represent the relationship between human and nature. Nature as an inspiration for the organic shapes of my works and the ready mades created by the human are the main keywords for my concept. »

 Raluca Buzura Raluca Buzura – “Being structured as an organized person, I wanted this time to go beyond and push my feelings to an irregular type of construction. It was more like an experiment over me, how much can you detach from a habit, a pattern that you got used to?”

AND « our » dear AAC jewellers (Alchimia Alumni Collective), will be present too, among others, with Akiko Ban, Anastasia Kandaraki, Andrea Coderch, Catalina Gibert, Chiara Cavallo, María Constanza Ochoa, Elisa Deval, Francesco Coda, Karin Kato, María Ignacia Walker, Melissa Arias, Rudee Tancharoen, Yuki Sumiya & Poly Nikolopoulou :

Andrea Coderch Valor - "Hana" necklace silver | wood | silkAndrea Coderch Valor - « Hana » necklace silver – wood – silk

Catalina Gibert L’mon necklace - linen canvas,  acrylic paintCatalina Gibert L’mon necklace – linen canvas,  acrylic paint

 María Constanza Ochoa - Climbing necklace -brassMaría Constanza Ochoa – Climbing necklace -brass

 francesco Coda - brooch - carbon, silver, steel, magnet, iron, paraloid b72Francesco Coda – brooch – carbon, silver, steel, magnet, iron, paraloid b72

María Ignacia Walker - Vuelo - necklace textile, plasticMaría Ignacia Walker – Vuelo – necklace textile, plastic

Rudee Tancharoen - neck and chest piece - steel wire, 18k goldRudee Tancharoen - neck and chest piece – steel wire, 18k gold

 Yuki Sumiya - Perfect house #5 brooch silver, shibuichi, 10K goldYuki Sumiya - Perfect house #5 brooch silver, shibuichi, 10K gold

Poly Nikolopoulou - "Gialiskari" brooch silver , feltPoly Nikolopoulou – « Gialiskari » brooch silver , felt



Casa Universitarilor
str. Dionisie Lupu, nr. 46





Alchimia Graduation show 2014 – « TOUCH » – Florence (Italy) – 19-26 Juin 2014

Alchimia Graduation show 2014

Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School proudly presents Touch, Graduation Show 2014.

Official Opening with cocktail and DJ set Thursday, June 19, 6pm.
The exhibition will remain open until Thursday, June 26, from 6 pm to 9 pm.
An art jewellery exhibition that is the culmination of this year’s graduate students.
TOUCH - graduation show ALCHIMIA 2014 - 19-26 june 2014
For this occasion, twelve students have based their development on personal experiences. Individual matters discuss universal subjects; in correlation to the body as a form of function and space. As a result, each body of work materializes these personalities. Hands spoke in replacement of words. While unspoken, the act of making became the way of realization. Touch is an invitation to feel. The students will be present during the whole duration of the show to talk about their work.
Curated by: Doris Maniger, Lucia Massei, Ruudt Peters.
Students:  Melissa AriasDaria BorovkovaAmani Bou Dargham Francesco CodaElena Gil Sana KhalilDaniela MalevLilian MattuschkaCarla Movia –  Federica Sala Maria Ignacia Walker.

broches en metal oxidado de Maria Ignacia Walker para Alchimia (Firenze)Maria Ignacia Walker broches en metal oxidado  
 Lilian Mattuschka - it was a tree - ring - grape wood, silkLilian Mattuschka - it was a tree – ring – grape wood, silk
if i was a tree i would be a grape, i choose the grape wood because of his adjectives, fragile, cave and jaded because of this attributes i chose to leave the wood as it is and, by nitting, i made a structure that holds it.

HUGE ROUND ALUMINIUM NECKLACE BY sANA KHALILSana Khalil - huge round aluminium neckpiece
Federica Sala -  (Alchimia - end 2013) - pendant - cedar wood, cotton threads - naked wood serie -

Federica Sala -  pendant – cedar wood, cotton threads – naked wood serie -

Amani Bou Dargham: brooch, iron, paperAmani Bou Dargham: brooch, iron, paper
DARIA BOROVKOVA - RU (Alchimia 2012-13) - "Has Anyone Seen My Phone?"Daria Borovkova - (RU) – « Has Anyone Seen My Phone? »
Francesco Coda (Alchimia 2014) necklaceFrancesco Coda – necklace
Carla Movia Selfportrait necklace 2013 iron, rope Photo: Federico CavicchioliCarla Movia Selfportrait necklace 2013 iron, rope Photo: Federico Cavicchioli
elena gil  (Alchimia 2012-13)Elena Gil
Daniela Malev.Daniela Malev
Alchimia school
Piazza Piattellina 3/r
50124 Florence, Italy
tel +39 055 223218


EXPO ‘ECCOCI’ – Blue Chair Café, Victoria (Australia) – 22 Nov-1st Dec 2013

ECCOCI (« Here we are !! ») :   An exhibition featuring students from Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy.  12 Jewellers, from 9 different countries, showing a distinct range of jewellery all available for sale. Opening night – Friday 22nd November 7pm

ECCOCI - at Blue Chair  - 22 Nov-1st Dec 2013

12 Jewellers, from 9 different countries :   Amani Bou DarghamCarla Movia — Daria Borovkova — Elena GilFederica SalaFrancesco Coda — Kyla Murrihy (Curator) — Lilian MattuschkaLucy Clark — María Ignacia Walker — Melissa AriasSana Khalil

  Amani Bou Dargham (Alchimia 2012-13)Amani Bou Dargham – wood rings

EXPO ECCOCI - Amani Bou Dargham (Alchimia)
Amani Bou Dargham
Lilian Mattuschka anelli 2013
Federica Sala (Alchimia 2013)
Federica Sala  Frogs. Ring. 2012. Plastic Balloon, Lattex, Silver, Emerald.
EXPO ECCOCI - Federica Sala (Alchimia)

Federica SalaElena Gil, 2013  Flamboyant, Brooch. Sterling silver, plexiglass, steel and resin-dipped cotton buds.

Elena Gil, 2013  Flamboyant, Brooch. Sterling silver, plexiglass, steel and resin-dipped cotton buds.

Maria Ignacia Walker (Alchimia) ECCOCI exhibition
Maria Ignacia Walker





Blue ChairCafe
611 Nepean Hwy, Carrum,
Victoria, Australia 3197 (just outside of Melbourne !)


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