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Cominelli awards 2014 – Fondazione Cominelli (IT) – 30 Aout-5 Oct. 2014

AGC associazione gioiello contemporaneo. - Cominelli awards 2014
Photo de AGC associazione gioiello contemporaneo.
With the fifth edition of the Fondazione Cominelli Award for Contemporary Jewellery 2014, there will also be the exhibition of the works of the Permanent Collection of Contemporary Jewellery; each edition will enrich the Collection with new works, some by the competition participants and others by artists selected by the Gallerist Rita Marcangelo.


Fondazione Cominelli
Palazzo Cominelli
- Cisano di San Felice del Benaco



EXPO ‘FERROUS’ – Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco (US) – 1er Mars-14 Avril 2013

FERROUS | Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery | San Francisco -

March 1 – April 14, 2013

FERROUS | Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery | San Francisco - 	    FERROUS  March 1 - April 14, 2013(David Choi bracelet)

Jewelry in a New Iron Age by 60 International Artists

Velvet da Vinci San Francisco exhibition
March 1 – April 14, 2013
Artists’ reception Friday, March 1, 2013 from 6 to 8 p.m.

FERROUS, an exhibition of jewelry using iron, steel, and steel alloys. Although the use of iron dates back more than two thousand years, this humble material is more commonly used for agriculture and industrial purposes than adornment. A significant exception is the Berlin Iron Jewelry of the early 19th century. The Prussian Royal family funded the uprising against Napoleon by encouraging wealthy citizens to exchange their precious gold and silver for intricately fabricated iron jewelry
.Intricacy is just one aspect the 60 artists of FERROUS explore with this versatile material. Known for its strength and lightness, the steel and iron jewelry of FERROUS is both rusty and shiny, sheet and wire, bejeweled and modest. The exhibition will take place simultaneously at Velvet da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco and as a virtual exhibition at crafthaus online. In May FERROUS will travel to 18Karat Gallery in Toronto, Canada as part of The Society of North American Goldsmith’s annual conference.
Participating artists:
Nanz Aalund, USA –  Anne Achenbach, Germany –  Dauvit Alexander, Scotland –  Talya Baharal, USA –  Michael Berger, Germany –  Lisa Bjorke, Sweden –  Aaron Bray, USA –  Elizabeth Callinicos, UK –  Melissa Cameron, USA/Australia –  David Choi, USA –  Kat Cole, USA –  Dialogue Collective, UK –  Andy Cooperman, USA –  Donna D’Aquino, USA –  Jaclyn Davidson, USA –  Ann Catrin Evans, Wales –  Maureen Faye-Chauhan, Australia –  Fekete Réka, NL –  Mirla Fernandes, Brazil –  Peg Fetter, USA –  Rebekah Frank, USA –  Motoko Furuhashi, USA –  Susie Ganch, USA –  Elliot Gaskin, USA –  Janna Gregonis, USA –  Dana Hakim, Israel –  Masako Hamaguchi, UK –  Tom Hill, USA/UK –  Heejin Hwang, USA –  Rob Jackson, USA –  Mary Frisbee Johnson, USA –  Lisa Juen Sinnott, USA –  Satomi Kawai, USA –  Maya Kini, USA –  Amy Klainer, USA –  Jenny Laidlaw, UK –  Lorena Lazard, Mexico –  Roxy Lentz, USA –  Timothy Information Limited, UK –  Kasja Lindberg, Sweden –  Tara Locklear, USA –  Sarah Loertscher, USA –  Drew Markou, UK –  Judy McCaig, Spain/Scotland –  Lindy McSwan, Australia –  Chris Nelson, USA –  Iker Ortiz, Mexico –  Claudio Pino, Canada –  Jo Pond, UK –  Suzanne Pugh, USA –  Meghan Patrice Riley, USA –  Mackenzie Sala, USA –  Natasha Seedorf, USA –  Sondra Sherman, USA –  Marjorie Simon, USA –  Melissa Stiles, USA –  Barbara Stutman, Canada –  Tore Svensson, Sweden –  Sarah West, USA –  Katie Wright, UK
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Donna D’Aquino : Red/Black Necklace
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery,  Helen Shirk: Neckpiece
Dauvit Alexander Post-Apocalyptic Cocktal Rings
Alexander Dauvit : Three Post-Apocalyptic Cocktail Rings
David Choi BroochDavid Choi Brooch
Maureen Faye-Chauhan Octahedral BroochMaureen Faye-Chauhan: Stainless steel Octahedral brooch
Sarah West Coney Island/RCA Brooch #%Sarah West – Coney Island/RCA Brooch
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Susie Ganch : Pendant
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery,
Mirla Fernandes Eu sou a medida II/Fe (I am the measure/Fe) Necklace
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Drew Markou Rust and Space Brooch #1
Tara Locklear Faux Real KJ Lane Replica EarringsTara Locklear – Faux Real KJ Lane Replica Earrings
Marjorie Simon First Thoughts on Miami Foliage NeckpieceMarjorie Simon First Thoughts on Miami Foliage Neckpiece
Sondra Sherman Study Valeriana BroochSondra Sherman Study Valeriana Brooch
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery,
Barbara Stutman Boutonniere #11
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery,
Jennifer Laidlaw No use in crying over spilt milk Necklace (detail)
Lindy McSwan Day 7 NYC v2.1 and v1.2 BroochesLindy McSwan Day 7 NYC v2.1 and v1.2 Brooches
Dana Hakim My Four Guardian Angels Brooch
Dana Hakim My Four Guardian Angels Brooch
Meghan Patrice Riley Interstitial II NecklaceMeghan Patrice Riley Interstitial II Necklace
Kat Cole 405 Summit Catalog of Belongings Neckpiece
Kat Cole 405 Summit Catalog of Belongings Neckpiece
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Kat Cole The Land Below – Winter Neckpiece
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery,
Sarah Loertscher Structure Neckpiece #13
Amy Klainer Safety Chain NecklaceAmy Klainer Safety Chain Necklace
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery,
Suzanne Pugh Brooch
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Roxy Lentz Neckpiece
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery,
 Lisa Bjorke Frigg Brooch
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Reka Fekete Juggling Brooch
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery,  Lisa Juen I Make You Look Successful Brooch/Neckpiece
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery,  Claudio Pino INOX Reverie Ring
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Michael Berger Kinetic Ring
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Motoko Furuhashi – Sentiment Brooch
All images from FERROUS at Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, Timothy Information Limited -  Gone Brooch


EXPO ‘Sex,Drugs & Rock’n'Roll’ – Werkschau, Kempten (DE) – 28 Sept.-12 Oct. 2012

Sex, Drugs & Rock´n´Roll  Vices or Lifestyle?
internationale Wanderausstellung zeitgenössischen Schmucks
28.09. – 12.10.2012
Inaugurazione 28.09.2012 ore 19.00

sex drugs .... - werkschau - 28-09/12-10 2012

The perceptions of Dante Alighieri, who described the seven deadly sins and seven virtues in his Divine Comedy, are the starting point of the competition and exhibition project entitled Sex, Drugs & Rock ’n’ Roll…Vices or Lifestyle?
Dante Alighieri (1265—1321), the great Italian poet of the late Middle Ages, referred to lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride as deadly sins. We wanted to find out what jewelry artists think about vices and lifestyle in our day and age and asked them to illustrate, using their medium, the ideas associated in the past with sin and vice. Since the 1960s, the notion of sin, which was often associated with youth protests and women’s emancipation, has under gone major changes. Today, people in all modern societies are much less prone to regard sexuality in principle as a sin. Even the approach to drugs is much more differentiated, although we know that the use of and dealing with hard drugs are a worldwide problem. And it is also evident that even work, sports, TV and many other things can turn into “drugs” — not to mention alcohol, this socially acceptable drug which, as of late, is again being used excessively, especially by youths. In the light of the crises of the 21st century, the seven deadly sins and seven virtues described by Dante Alighieri have gained a new relevance. However, in addition to the “traditional” seven deadly sins, there are a number of entirely new vices and tres passes that play an important role in everyday life in the year 2012. Destruction of the environment, excessive arms build up in view of permanent hunger crises, or genetic engineering can be regarded as sins of our time and are topics that dominate both the media and the public discourse today.
On the one hand, the Sex, Drugs & Rock ’n’ Roll….. Vices or Lifestyle? competition puts contemporary jewelry in the lime light. All over the world, this highly traditional medium is being used by more or less academically trained designers in a largely liberal artistic fashion. Any material is allowed, and an almost unlimited spectrum of ideas can be expressed in these body related creations. What unites the protagonists of modern jewelry is the idea that their medium is neither supposed to serve merely as a fashionable accessory nor as a means of representation. Artistically designed jewelry is above all a carrier of ideas. On the other hand, the theme of the competition is particularly interesting for jewelry creators because jewelry has been regarded from a moral aspect since the time of the Enlightenment. Expensive jewels — which only the very rich can afford — still evoke envy and resentment, provoke crime and are associated with vice. Especially in this respect, contemporary jewelry is considered a counter-concept. It is intended for imaginative wearers who appreciate inventive creativity and individuality. We would like to thank all the participants for their contributions and our jurors, Barbara Schmidt and Giovanni Corvaja, for their expert selection.
Heidemarie Herb und Luigi Mariani


Artists :
Sabine Amtsberg — Michael BergerLuisa Bruni — Cristina Dias — Susanne ElstnerMaria Rosa FranzinNicoletta FrigerioFrancesca GabrielliFabiana GadanoMarta HrycAnnamaria Iodice — Hadas Levin — Rikke Lunnemann — Alessandro PetrolatiClaudio RanfagniZoe RobertsonNora RochelMaurizio StagniClaudia Steiner — Barbara Von TaeuffenbachKaren Vanmol — Angelo Verga

Michael Berger  Ring: Knuckle bandit  925 silver, partial black coated, stainless steelMichael Berger  Ring: Knuckle bandit  925 silver, partial black coated, stainless steel

Fabiana Gadano - Necklace: Elegant dependence  925 silver, beadsFabiana Gadano  Necklace: Elegant dependence  925 silver, beads

Francesca Gabrielli  Brooch: Social Vices 2012  Silver  7 x 7 cm  Front view. All brooches together. 1Francesca Gabrielli  Brooch: Social Vices 2012  Silver  7 x 7 cm  Front view. All brooches together. 3

Francesca Gabrielli  Brooch: Social Vices 2012  Silver  7 x 7 cm  Front view.  All brooches together.

Francesca Gabrielli  Brooch: Social Vices 2012  Silver  7 x 7 cm  Back side viewFrancesca Gabrielli  Brooch: Social Vices 2012  Silver  7 x 7 cm  Back side view

Luisa Bruni - "OBLOMOV (o dell’accidia)" 1Luisa Bruni -   OBLOMOV (o dell’accidia) (final ring)

"OBLOMOV (o dell’accidia)" - Luisa  Bruni (exhibition "sex drugs n' rock'n'roll"Luisa Bruni – OBLOMOV (o dell’accidia) – bronzo, perla, zirconi, smalto, resina, colore acrilico, nilon, talco -  L’anello vuole ricordare una lavorazione quasi imperiale dell’oggetto, con decorazioni e smalti che ci riportano alla Russia degli Zar, ma, per essere il ritratto di Oblomov, ricoperta da una ragnatela così fitta e polverosa da celare qualunque bellezza vi sia all’interno.

werkschau. simone winkler

Memmingerstraße 16
87439 – Kempten
Telephone: 0049(0)831-5209430



JOYA 2012 Barcelona – 11-12-13 Oct. 2012

 JOYA Barcelona 2012


Pour vous mettre l’eau à la bouche en avant-première, de TRES TRES belles sélections !!

Yannick Mur necklace -   at JOYA 2012 in BarcelonaYannick Mur (France)

Solveig Linke -     will be at JOYA 2012 BarcelonaSolveig Linke

Sabine Muller  - at JOYA 2012 BarcelonaSabine Muller

Jee Hye Kwon - will be at JOYA 2012 BarcelonaJee Hye Kwon
Seul-Gi KwonSeulGi Kwon
JOYA Barcelona 2012 - 'PERSIAN CALLIGRAPHY' Necklace; copper and brass MOHSEN AMINI (Iran, 1981) His collection is inspired in Persian calligraphy: "I don’t intent to create the past. The notion of 'human' in contrast with tradition and modernity is my concern. With my fascination for the power of the word, I analyze the appearance of the words and create an abstract, personal aesthetic form. Mohsen Amini (Iran) – ‘PERSIAN CALLIGRAPHY’ Necklace; copper and brass
Dorit Schubert - so delicate work !   JOYA Semana de la Joyería Contemporánea de Barcelona   -  (La Basilica Gallery) -Dorit Schubert (presentée par la Basilica Gallery)
La Basilica Gallery qui présentera également, entre autres, Ineke Otte, Hee Joo Kim , Yeehyung Chung, Walter Chen, Seul Gi KwonMalgosia Kalinska, Karolina Bik, Jacek Byczewski, ……
Malgosia Kalinska ringMalgosia Kalinska
Liana Pattihis, Elizabete Ludviks et Florence Croisier, qui risquent de nous retenir dans leurs rets, enchainées …. de bonheur !
Florence Croisier ( at JOYA 2012 in Barcelona)Florence Croisier
Joya Barcelona 2012 - Guest Artist - Liana PattihisLiana Pattihis
Niki StylianouNiki Stylianou qui nous vient de Grèce
Daniela Boieri et Marzia Rossi qui nous viennent d’Alchimia Gallery ….. avec aussi leur dernière « fournée » d’élèves, toujours aussi talentueux : Catalina Gibert (et ses citrons !), Hana Choi, Lavinia Rossetti, Lena Grabher, Sam Hamilton, Carla Movia, Valentina Caprini etc ….
Daniela Boieri -  at JOYA 2012 at BarcelonaDaniela Boieri
Marzia Rossi Brooch: Spinosa 2011  German silver, tourmaline.  See more of Marzia's work on her site:

Marzia Rossi brooch

"Joyas de espuma" Catalina Gibert Nadal, Brooches, 2012Catalina Gibert « Joyas de espuma » , Brooches, 2012
Carla Movia - Alchimia - at JOYA 2012Carla Movia
PURUS' COLLECTION  VALENTINA CAPRINI (Italy)Valentina Caprini – « Roxene » – Necklace -   2000 Meters of Red Thread, Pills  2012
Hana Choi - Alchimia - at JOYA 2012Hana Choi
Sam Hamilton (Alchimia) - 'Swimming in Praise' necklace - resin, acrylic pigment, silver, nylon cord - 2012Sam Hamilton  – ‘Swimming in Praise’ necklace – resin, acrylic pigment, silver, nylon cord – 2012
au « rayon » « géométrique & structuré », beaucoup de très belles propositions :
Iro Kaskani - the space in betweenIro Kaskani
Stephanie Bates   - at JOYA 2012 Barcelona Stephanie Bates
'TRESB'    Anillo, plata y cera perdida    JIMENA BELLO (Alemania, 1973)Jimena Bello
Ruth Laird
Ruth Laird   (Scotland)
et puis de « l’organique », pour que tous les goûts soient contentés …
Hee Joo Kim - at JOYA 2012 Barcelona, presented by La Basílica GaleríaHee Joo Kim (detail) (presentée par la Basilica Gallery)
Viktoria Münzker - (Yellow and blue broch, 2012) at JOYA 2013 ????? hope so !!Viktoria Munzker Yellow and blue broch, 2012
NEW !! présence de l’AGC, Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo, qui présentera entre autres : Angelo LomuscioChiara ScarpittiElisabetta DupreGigi MarianiGraziano Barzetti — le Gruppo A4 (Maria Cristina Fabbri, Pino Lena & Gerhard Franken) — Maura BiamontiLuisa Bruni –  Heidemarie HerbStefano Rossi ………..
Gigi Mariani - JOYA Semana de la Joyería Contemporánea de Barcelona  - AGC Italia -ring « Alone » by Gigi Mariani
Heidemarie Herb - will be at JOYA 2012 BarcelonaHeidemarie Herb  Rings: Collerction herb’s garden 2012  Organic fragment, resin, ag
JOYA 2012 Barcelona - 11-12-13 Oct. 2012 dans AGC Italia galleries-rossi
Stefano Rossi shibuichi brooch
et ceci n’est qu’un avant-goût très partiel et non impartial !! :-)
Catalogue JOYA 2012 - 128 pages
Catalogue JOYA 2012 – 128 pages


EXPO ‘TREASURE’ – London (UK) – 14-17 Juin 2012

TREASURE - London’s visionary jewellery show 14–17 June 2012

EXPO 'TREASURE' - London (UK) - 14-17 Juin 2012 dans Christiane WICHERT (DE) treasure-logo-2-300x203

« Treasure 2012, London’s visionary jewellery show, is the best place to purchase the most beautiful, exciting and vibrant contemporary jewellery anywhere in the UK »


Some of the jewellers exhibited :

Jeehyun Chung, a recent graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, makes oriental and contemporary style jewellery inspired by blending moments from travels across Europe with traditional Korean art and crafts
Atelier Michael BergerMichael Berger – kinetic rings
« By extending the body with jewellery you can design your identity and express your personality. This fundamental relation between body and jewellery was source of inspiration for my « BodyJewellery – JewelleryBody » collection . In some designs I focused on the appearance of the material, in others I gave priority to how the jewellery is made or how to wear it. »
« Referencing the disruption of nature’s order through my work, I create new life forms that appear as direct replications of recognizable organic matter yet they are not quite as they seem.
Having accumulated an assortment of natural forms and materials based on their intrinsic characters, the process of casting helps me to amalgamate these ever evolving hybrids, deceptively leading to mistaken identity. By acting as the divine creator, I am mimicking the power we have to alter nature’s path, which ultimately leads to chaos and the sinister presence lurking throughout the work.« 
« Since I can remember I have been a bit of a magpie, hoarding incessantly anything miniature or eclectic that has caught my eye. Born and brought up in Northern Ireland, with parents involved in the Antique business it was moving to Edinburgh in the late eighties to attend Edinburgh College of Art that I became an avid collector of ephemera. As my time at Art College progressed it became clear that the things I was collecting were becoming the inspiration for my work and this is when I started to use these actual found objects in my work. Straight after graduation I set up my business and have exhibited internationally ever since. My work has been featured widely in press and publications, is represented in many public and private collections and in 2007 I was shortlisted for the prestigious ‘Jerwood Applied Arts Prize – Jewellery’.« 

« …Colour has always been a significant feature of her jewellery. By introducing the translucent qualities of silicone with bright pigments, alongside the shifting reflective surfaces of precious metal and plastics, she conveys the qualities of underwater life forms. »

Lili DesignLili Design (Lili Giacobino) detail of a necklace
« No chemicals are used in the creation of Bioplastic jewellery, which means it will not last forever »
Lili DesignLili Design (Lili Giacobino)  necklace
RenushRenush -Contempory hand made, moulded leather jewellery
« Renush is the creation of designer and maker Renáta Koch, a graduate in Footwear and Accessories from Cordwainers College at the London College of Fashion. Taking her inspiration from the contours of the human body and the characteristics of materials used, Renáta uses traditional techniques to create thoroughly modern and highly original pieces »
« I was first inspired by a tutor to pursue a career in jewellery design. I loved to make small sculptures and turn them into playful wearable objects. From the moment I was introduced to enamelling at Edinburgh College of Art I immediately loved its instantaneous effects. I find the enamelling process fascinating from applying the enamel to metal to firing it in a kiln. The most satisfying part for me is when the layers of rich colour are rubbed back to reveal patterns and textures underneath. My love for the city is the inspiration behind my work. I initially paint my ideas onto enamel panels and then translate these drawings into tactile, sculptural forms that play with line,texture and colour. My recent collection consists of earrings, pendants and brooches made from oxidised silver, iron and enamel. I oxidise the silver to create an industrial feel which compliments the bold colours that feature throughout my jewellery designs.« 
« Veiled jewellery reflects my assumption that although certainty is often required in modern society, ambiguous expression has been the most distinctive characteristic found in Japanese values and religious beliefs« 



Somerset House – Ethical Pavillion
London WC2R 1LA



JOYA Barcelona 2011 (ES) – 15-16-17 Sept 2011


JOYA–Barcelona Contemporary Jewellery Week is a fair for local and international contemporary jewellers organized by Le Département and curated by Leo Caballero and Amador Bertomeu (Klimt02), Petra Marín (Grupo Duplex), Gemma Draper (contemporary jeweller) and Paulo Ribeiro and Anthony Chevallier (Le Département). The fair aims to become a meeting point for artists, galleries, buyers and other professionals working in the field of design jewellery.

JOYA Barcelona 2011 (ES) - 15-16-17 Sept 2011 dans ALCHIMIA (IT) 249157_205068489528956_114937468542059_507480_6886315_n


Artistas invitados :

Andrea Coderch (España, 1986)Anna Puig (España, 1979)Cilmara de Oliveira (Brasil, 1955)Claire Lavendhomme (Congo, 1959) Florence Croisier (Francia, 1965) Iñaki Salom (España, 1964) Iro Kaskani (Chipre, 1966)Isabel Dammermann (Alemania, 1985)Laura Munteanu (Rumania, 1981) Liana Pattihis (Reino Unido, 1961) Marco Ricci (Italia, 1972)Marijke de Goey (Holanda, 1947)Marlene Beyer (Alemania, 1983)Michal Lerman (Israel, 1977)Miriam Arentz (Alemania)Misun Won (Corea del Sur, 1979)Nevin Arig (Turquía, 1961)Nicolás Hernández (Chile, 1971)Niki Stylianou (Grecia, 1968) Nina Friesleben (Alemania, 1979)Paco Rivas (España, 1974)Petr Dvorak (Austria, 1954)Rebecca Richard (Francia, 1974)Toril Bonsaksen (Noruega, 1973)Violaine Ulmer (Francia, 1964)Yannick Mur (Francia, 1963)
Florence Croisier
Iro Kaskani
Isabel Dammermann
Liana Pattihis
Nevin Arig
Laura Munteanu
Misun Won
Niki Stylianou
Toril Bonsaksen
Violaine Ulmer - bijoux en porcelaine
Rebecca Richard
Miriam Arentz


Artite invité : Michael Berger


GALERIES présentes :
KLIMT02 Gallery
La Basílica Gallery
DTerra Gallery
1X1 Collective
ECOLES présentes :
SOdAPforzheim – Germany
Escola Arsenal – Barcelona - Eva Ortín
Escola d´Art del Treball - Barcelona - Anna Salas - Liliana Ruiz
Escola Llotja – Barcelona - Laia Castellà
Escola d´art y disseny de Tarragona - Gloria Giménez




FAD – Plaça dels Àngels, 5-6,
08001 Barcelona‎ -ESPAÑA
934 437 520‎
Ver mapa de localización


EXPO ‘Collect Collections’ – Lesley Craze Gallery, London (UK) – 10 Juin-2 Juill. 2011

To celebrate London Jewellery Week, Lesley Craze Gallery will showcase new collections by 12 of the world’s foremost jewellery and metalwork artists. The selected artists work in materials such as wood, metal, Nylon, paper and precious metals and utilize techniques as diverse as hand crochet to 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping. By presenting this exceptional diversity, this exhibition seeks to explore the varied practices in cutting edge contemporary jewellery practice today. These collections were previewed at COLLECT, the leading international fair for contemporary objects held in May at the Saatchi Gallery.

EXPO 'Collect Collections' - Lesley Craze Gallery, London (UK) - 10 Juin-2 Juill. 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition 252540_1687494919557_1603214584_1271052_3154172_n
(Necklace by Emmeline Hastings)


Michael Becker (Germany) — 
Michael Berger (Germany) — 
Vladimir Bohm (UK) — 
Simone Brewster (UK) — 
Helen Carnac (UK) — 

Angela Cork (UK) — 
Nora Fok (UK) — 
Emmeline Hastings (UK) — 
Jo Hayes-Ward (UK) — 
Wendy Ramshaw CBE RDI (UK) — 

Michihiro Sato (Japan) — 
Maud Traon (France)
Jo Hayes-Ward – rings- Structural , architectural, geometrical…
left : Grey Checkerboard Diamond Ring, 2010 – 18ct white gold with one black and two grey checkerboard rose-cut diamonds
Michihiro Sato -brooch – Paper
Michihiro Sato -brooches – Paper

Maud Traon - ring ‘Water Mellon’ – Mixed media

Maud Traon - rings - ‘Stones & Co’ series





Lesley Craze Gallery
3 – 35a Clerkenwell Green
EC1R 0DU – London
United Kingdom
Telephone: 020 7608 0393
Fax: 020 7251 5655


‘ORIGIN’ London Craft Fair – 23-29 sept. 2010

Origin : The London Craft Fair

Origin is an annual showcase of original contemporary craft, bringing together 220 of the most innovative UK and international makers for 1 week. It offers a rare chance to buy directly from the makers and meet them face to face.

Origin will now take place in September during the annual London Design Festival (LDF).
Origin 2010 will relocate from Somerset House to the newly refurbished Old Spitalfields Market from the 23rd-29th September 2010. This exciting new venue in the heart of creative London and the new timing of Origin as a major presence during the London Design Festival will inject new life and a renewed sense of excitement into this highly respected, established event.


une TRES TRES belle liste d’exposants !

Ai KawauchiAi Kawauchi (JP)organic pieces of jewellery – stand P02
« Handmade silk accessories created by using a unique technique to produce organic pieces of jewellery. It is made from traditional silk from the town of Kiryu, Japan and natural red and black beans that are used to give the shape, form and colour to these botanical inspired feminine pieces.« 

Alison Macleod Jewellery Re-Found Brooch #2 2010Alison Macleod (UK) -  Re-Found Brooch #2 , 2010 - stand P13

 Blooming Boa NecklaceAnna Wales - blooming boa necklace stand F27
« My jewellery is designed to create a powerful visual impact along with an enticing tactility. It focuses on the combination of felt and silver, or of oxidized silver with polished precious metals arranged to form stark contrasts or subtle transformations throughout a singular piece.« 

'ORIGIN' London Craft Fair - 23-29 sept. 2010 dans Ai KAWAUCHI (JP) bj31
Bea Jareño (ES) – neckpiece- oxidised silver, sponge red dyed coral - stand A11

 1 dans Alison MAcLEOD (UK)Claire McAlister- 12 diamonds brooch-  stand K31
« In my distinctive design language I make jewellery using a unique combination of silver and dramatically coloured wood veneers. I make individual rectangular links which are assembled into complex structures of intricate geometry. The pieces, although bold and complex, are light weight and easy to wear.« 

Danielle+Gori-Montanelli dans Anke HENNIG (DE)Danielle Gori-Montanelli (IT) – « licorice » felt necklace -  stand P41

Jacqueline Cullen: hand carved broochJacqueline Cullen (UK) – Whitby JET jewelry  (brooch) -  stand P09


Repetition Flower bracelet, Jeehyun Chung, oxidised silver wire, Korean silk, metallic and invisible thread (photo: Kwang Choon Park)Jeehyun Chung (Korea) Repetition Flower bracelet, oxidised silver wire –  stand P03
« My interest in contemporary art jewellery led me to explore the aesthetic value of using non-traditional materials and resources from as varied fields as fashion, textiles when making my work. I mainly use precious metals (gold and silver) with flexible materials such as Korean silk and self-dyed elastic threads.« 

 Plume necklace

Jenny Llewellyn (UK) silicone jewelry -  stand C03
« I take inspiration from the luminous colours, shapes and movement of creatures from the deep sea to create vibrant, playful pieces that move with the wearer and glow in the dark. Colour is a significant visual feature in my jewellery. By introducing the translucent qualities of silicone with bright pigments, I combine these with the shifting reflective surfaces of precious metals to convey the qualities of underwater life forms« 


Anke Hennig - 'Hybrid' necklace  Cotton, rayon, monofilament and silverAnke Hennig (DE) - ’Hybrid’ necklace  Cotton, rayon, monofilament and silver-  stand G19
« The underlying idea of my work is restricted to clear forms and the principle of sequences. Simple, flat braids are wound around and over themselves, to form a spiral and provide an unusual aesthetic in the third dimension. These pieces of jewellery have both appearance and a surface, making it hard to imagine their origin – a new interpretation of an ancient technique.« 

Karen BartlettKaren Bartlett (UK)-  stand K09
« Bespoke sculptural jewellery concerned with how the dynamics and perceptions of materials alter when used in an unfamiliar context, or as a visual metaphor for an underlying thought or theme through the use and juxtaposition of ‘precious’ and ‘non precious’ material including metals, gemstones & silicon rubber.« 

Kathryn PartingtonKathryn Partington -  stand K09
« One-off pieces of wearable decorative jewellery. Surface pattern and ornamentation is explored by utilising a diverse range of materials, including silks, bone china, silver and metals creating pieces that are extremely unique within the arena of contemporary jewellery, craft and fashion.« 

 Kiwon Wang, Newspaper 'Statement' Necklace in NY Times newspaper, sterling silver, pearl, and steel cable. 35.8 x 1.5 x 1.5"Kiwon WANG (Korea) Newspaper ‘Statement’ Necklace in NY Times newspaper, sterling silver, pearl, and steel cable. –  stand B35
« My work is based on ‘East meets West‘. Everyday material meets precious by using traditional and contemporary techniques.« 

Nature of Fragility – Thistle Ring No.1' (5 x 5 cm) by Laura Bennett; Photo: Chris Darmanin, 2008Laura Bennett (UK) Nature of Fragility – Thistle Ring No.1 –  stand P05

« Hand made jewellery, composed from natural found objects/materials – combined with precious metals. The collections are inspired by natural organic forms and constructed elegantly and sympathetically. The designs emulate the fragility of human emotions, inviting the individual to embark on a journey of self-discovery through memories and keepsakes« 

Lee Myungjoo 'Roll'Lee Myungjoo (Korea) -  stand K07

« ‘Roll’ and ‘Bend’ are themes and techniques that I use on my simple formed jewellery pieces. To give vitality I use painting effect on silver with Keumboo (Korean overlay technique) and gold leaf. I want my jewellery to be a small sculpture on your body. »

PhotobucketNuntaka Nopkhun-  stand F43
« Jewellery defined by its sensorial, tactile and visual qualities that aims to be sensually pleasing to the touch, but at the same time gently disturbing in context and form.« 

series--4 dans Anna WALES (UK)
Stacey Bentley (UK)- textured enamel serie  –  stand K15
« I aim to explore the new possibilities and ideas that industrial liquid enamel can bring to contemporary jewellery. Urban scenery inspires my designs. By exploring unusual line and structure, texture and muted colour, I aim to generate an idea of spontaneity that reflects alternative notions of the unappreciated urban landscape« 

Tania Clarke Hall -Red slash gold leather necklaceTania Clarke Hall  (UK) – ‘ Red Slash Gold’ leather necklace-  stand F25
« Award winning jeweller, Tania Clarke Hall works in leather, her ‘perfect creative playmate’. Having studied chemistry and jewellery, Tania designs innovative pieces inspired by the elegant solutions offered by simple geometry and a love of experimentation. Her versatile jewellery is bold and graphic, yet tactile and very wearable. »


Necklace by Yoko IzawaYoko Izawa (JP) stand L01
« ‘Veiled’ jewellery combines skilful and unique creative compositions, compelling colour palettes and original techniques using elastic fine knitting combined with other materials. The designs are characterized by tactile, organic and harmonious qualities« 

Kinetic Ring RK015-3BRs' (3 x 3.5 x 1 cm) by Michael Berger; Photo: Michael Berger, 2008Michael Berger (DE) Kinetic rings stand A17

DISASTER – 38 kinetic rings from MICHAEL BERGER stolen at Barcelona

Classé dans : BARCELONA,Michael BERGER (DE) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:03


 « After JOYA, my complete kinetic ring collection has been stolen in a street picpocket attack in Barcelona – I’m really scared what happend with me there. My London show ORIGIN starting Thursday will be a very clean presentation – with almost nothing to show there…
So – if anybody in Barcelona or somewhere else will see or hear something about my kinetic rings (38 pieces !) dont wait a second to inform me. »

Michael BERGER



RK DG-10

one of the rings stolen

M. Berger - rings
rings exhibited at JOYA, and now stolen

Estos 38 anillos han sido ROBADOS a Barcelona el sabado 18 de septiembre. Si alguien oye hablar de algo, gracias por decirselo a Michael Berger

Michael Berger - stolen rings at Joya 2



JOYA Barcelona 2010 – 16-17-18 sept 2010

JOYA – Semana de la Joyeria Contemporanea de Barcelona (Esp.) / Barcelona Contemporary Jewellery week

EXPO Joya 2010

JOYA Barcelona 2010  - 16-17-18 sept 2010 dans Andrea PINEROS (FR) showroom :
Michael Berger (Alemania, 1966)
Florence Croisier (Francia, 1965)
Marijke de Goey (Holanda, 1947)
Cilmara de Oliveira (Brasil, 1955)
Petr Dvorak (Austria, 1954)
Sara Engberg (Suecia, 1969)
Maki Kawawa (Japón, 1986)
Claudia Lassner (Alemania, 1982)
Yannick Mur (Francia, 1963)
Taisuke Nakada (Japón, 1983)
Liana Pattihis (Reino Unido, 1961)
Andrea Piñeros (Francia, 1972)

62842_1580243154893_1500099122_1437443_2695647_n dans BARCELONA
Petr DVORAK – collier ‘Europe’  – 27 perles de verre (les 27 états européens) avec inclusions de grenats

62842_1580243194894_1500099122_1437444_3104273_n dans Cilmara de OLIVEIRA (Brasil)
Yannick MUR – pendentif OH! – un délicat et minutieux travail de broderie d’argent et au fil d’or 18 carat

61283_1580241194844_1500099122_1437433_2616933_n dans Claudia LASSNER (DE)
Cilmara de OLIVEIRA – motifs de dentelle imprimée sur argent oxydé

61283_1580241354848_1500099122_1437437_950621_n dans Espagne (ES)
Maki KAWAWA (JP) – textil jewelry


(Plus les bijoux des créateurs présentés par les galeries DTerra, La Basilica et Klimt02)

62842_1580242954888_1500099122_1437438_3080082_n dans EVENEMENT / Type of EVENT
Nora ROCHEL – bagues (à galerie La Basilica)

JOYA’s goal is to promote national and international artists through distribution and
communication; supporting contemporary jewellery design and helping its growth in a hardly
exploited market. Moreover, JOYA is a platform for artists’ interaction, sharing of experiences, and discussion of their common issues – the place for exchange among artists, press, distributors and audience.
JOYA offers the designers a comfortable space and pleasant environment to make contacts and exhibit their pieces. Since the subject of the event changes each edition, the artists are supplied by basic and flexible furniture (table, chairs and lighting) that can easily be adopted according their own needs.

The registration is free and all entries must be submitted from February 15th, 2010 to May 30th, 2010. No entries out of deadline will be accepted.


Convent dels Àngels (FAD),
Av. Diagonal 313, 3B
08009  Barcelona (Spain)
Tel. +34 93 459 2406
Mobile (+34) 619 83 70 69
Paulo Ribeiro
Anthony Chevallier

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Video JOYA 2009