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COUP de COEUR ! Michaela BINDER : une femme de poi…l !

Bijoux de feutre ou bijoux en fourrure, ou « le poil » domestiqué :-)

COUP de COEUR !   Michaela BINDER : une femme de poi...l ! dans Allemagne (DE) ringu_rosenstamm
bagues argent et feutre

In 1997 Michaela Binder presented a variable jewelry system with a collection crafted from silver and exchangeable colored felt elements. While gemstones provide the color in other designer’s creations, these pieces are lit up by brightly colored felt: soft and supple, saucy and easily exchangeable. In another collection of hers, fluffy mink on rings or silver bangles makes for an unusual visual and haptic experience. All her works are dominated by minimalist shapes such as squares, rectangles and circles made of brushed silver, recently also complemented by floral elements. Michaela Binder, who also creates impressive metal vessels, loves to overcome traditional notions associated with jewelry. Samples of her oeuvre can be admired in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, among others. (ArtAurea)


1963 Born in Stuttgart, Germany
1984–1988 Hanau State Academy
1992–1997 Studied metal design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hildesheim
1997 Founded the “Tagebau” atelier and gallery collective in Berlin in collaboration with various designers
2004 Founded her own atelier and gallery in Berlin’s Gipsstrasse

Doppelring_mit_Perle dans COUP DE COEUR
bagues argent et feutre

Bluemchenkette_13x18 dans feutre / felt
collier – argent et feutre 

DSC08688 dans Michaela BINDER (DE)
collier – argent et feutre  

F_Nerzring_mit_Perle_goldpl dans organics
bague fourrure & perle – Nerz ring mit Perle – goldplated

F_Ringe_Silber_Nerz dans www ARTAUREA
bague fourrure & argent -Ringe – Silber, Nerz

bracelets- Nerz armreifen – innen-aussen



FELT FELT FELT… jewelry – upcoming book ’500 Felt Objects’

« Trumpet sound ! Some time ago, the call for entries went out for 500 Felt Objects, a book slated for fall 2011 release*. After seeing Fashioning Felt, the terrific show she curated, I enlisted Susan Brown of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum to serve as the juror for this book. We’ve been reviewing the images to include in the book, and I’ve come across some really exciting jewelry made with this extraordinary material!
Now, please don’t think the decisions have been made for the book–we’ve still got a loooong way to go before selections are finalized. Just wanted to share the fascinating things some talented artists from around the globe are making. » (Larkcrafts)

* parution prévue pour l’automne 2011

FELT FELT FELT... jewelry - upcoming book '500 Felt Objects' dans Amy KLAINER (US) Maria-Eife-300x231
Maria EIFE, a resident of the City of Brotherly Love, necklace

Justyna-Truchanowska-226x300 dans Anat GELBARD (IL)
Justyna Truchanowska (Dublin) – necklace

Eun-Yeong-Jeong1-190x300 dans Anna HINKES (US)Jennifer-Moss-230x300 dans Anna WALES (UK)
Eun Yeong Jeong-  ring           –                Jennifer Moss (of Kalamazoo)

Chien-Ching-Liao-213x300 dans BOOKS / BIBLIO
Chien-Ching Liao (Taiwan) – this piece incorporates felt so airy that light filters through

EucalyptusOctopus' Garden
Lynda Watson (US) neckpieces : Eucalyptus’ & ‘Octopus Garden’

Kristen-Mitsu-Shiga-272x300 dans Brigit DAAMEN (NL)
Kristin Mitsu Shiga

Maricha Genovese  « Under Pressure » Necklace: needle felted wool, thread, sterling silver

7460584_orig dans Cath DEARSLEY (NZ)
Maricha GENOVESE (US) – ‘Felted Balls’ Neckpiece – needle felted and dyed wool 

Jens-A.-Clausen4-300x164 dans Catherine SVENSSON (SE)Jens-A.-Clausen23-300x199 dans Celio BRAGA (BR)
Jens A. Larsen (Norway) - necklace




Wool Necklace Set - by "C'est la Chine"Wool Necklace Set - by "C'est la Chine"

Wool Necklace Set – by « C’est la Chine«  (from JIA SUO Collection)(to shop on Etsy)

32_annie2_v2 dans Chien-Ching LIAO (Taiwan)Anna Hinkes -Wood and Felt Bracelets – 2010

felted flowers neckpiece adornement blue - by Kate Ramsey on Etsy - 39€Kate Ramsey – felted flowers neckpiece adornement blue – (you can buy it on Etsy at « FeltFieltroFilc« )

bracelets 'dans mon corbillon' - blue serie felted bangles by "Dans mon Corbillon" at  "A little Market" by ‘dans mon corbillon‘ (Nadine Raymond) – blue serie felted bangles by « Dans mon Corbillon » (to shop at  « A little Market« )

163103_178795955493803_112397672133632_427652_1185885_n dans Colleen BARAN (CA)Hanan Kedmi (design graduate of Shenkar college, tel aviv) has created a series of jewelry made from heat sink devices that are attached to computer parts which tend to get overheated

149776_1631320190249_1453953476_1640836_6767013_n dans COUP DE COEURDora Haralambaki : « my participation to the <> »

mr+mouse dans Cynthia TOOPS (US)
Cath Dearsley (NZ) – felt mouse pendant & jewelry

« Inspired by my furry friend Mr Nibbles, these pieces are made by needle felting wool into objects and jewellery, referencing my attraction to toy animals and childrens book illustration.
Metalwork embellishes the pieces to create the attachments for wearing on the body.  Additionally I created a series of holders for these pieces to sit on, hang or interact with, adding to their playfulness and fun. » (Cath Dearsley)

 dans Dana BLOOM (IL)
Sophie Taylor-Brockie (NZ)- necklace- Amethyst, Felt, Embroidery Cotton, Curtain Weight (on kit & caboodle)

Cèlio Braga gives form to his relections through hand-made felt, silk, cotton fabric and glass beads…

Anat%20Gelbard dans Danielle GORI-MONTANELLI (IT)
Anat Gelbard (IL) has developed her jewellery through an exhaustive exploration of felt making techniques and created beautiful understated organic pieces.

Thea Clark (US) – necklace - felted wool oxdized silver, and citrine

Class photo
Cynthia Toops, felt bracelet

vacide erda zimic
Vacide Erda Zimic (Perou)

amy klainer Amy Klainer (US) -Laser cut 100% wool industrial felt, earth magnets

Hisano Takei - 'linked' 2006Hisano Takai
Hisano Takei (JP) – ‘linked’ 2006 - feutre/felt chain
Hisano Takei - felt neckpiece

GIIA graphic coll
GIIA (Italy) felt neckpieces (to SHOP on Etsy)

Brigit Daamen (NL) felt ringpinky- Brigit Daamen
Brigit DAAMEN (NL) felt ring & necklace – she was recently featured in the exhibition “Fashioning Felt”, at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Brigit felts plastic costume jewelry with merino wool and transforms them into precious edgy neck pieces.

 Karin WAGNER - collier fleurs PKarin Wagner -'bolitas' P
Karin Wagner (CH) bien sûr ! (collier ‘fleurs’ et collier ‘bolitas’)
Anna Wales (UK)‘Blooming Boa’ Necklace, oxidized silver and red felt

felt-5 dans Dora HARALAMBAKI (GR)spi-7 dans Ellen WEISKE (US)
Meiri ISHIDA (JP) layered felt jewelry
« inner voices » Brooch, 2005 felt, silver ‘spiral city’ Necklace, 2006 – felt,plastic glass,silver Necklace in Blue Wool
Catherine Svensson (SE) « OlliesWoollies » – Woolly Bobble Punk Bracelet  & leaf necklace in blue
(to SHOP on Etsy)

hanneke-paumen-3 dans
 Hanneke Paumen (NL) – felt discs necklaces

hanneke-paumen-1 dans Eun YEONG JEONG (US)
Hanneke Paumen (NL) -  felt Collar

FREE SHIPPING Brown-Blue Multi Strand Felt NecklaceManic Organic (Felt Necklace or/and Bracelet)

Zorica Djukic (‘3FUN’ shop on Etsy) – Brown-Blue Multi Strand Felt Necklace – ‘Manic Organic’ (Felt Necklace or/and Bracelet)

FeltjewelryColleen Baran (CA) Felt Rings

Daily Recycled Rings - Colleen Baran Makes a Ring a Day - knot felt ringColleen Baran – Daily Recycled Rings (Ring a Day) – knot felt ring

Sabrina Bottura - Anello ‘Explosion’ – argento, feltro lavorato a manoSabrina Bottura (IT) -  Anello/ring  ‘Explosion’ – argento, feltro lavorato a mano

Marchi Wierson (to shop on Etsy at « Marchi made it »!)

 dans feutre / felt
Marchi WiersonBig Blob Bracelet – wool felted blobs, shaped & sewn together with inner cotton liner & cuff
WOW ! more to discover on her « kit&caboodle » page

gcm_purple_felt dans Gail CROSMAN MOORE (US)gcm_pointy dans GIIA (IT)
Gail Crosman Moore (US)

A Day in the Life..... dans Hanan KEDMI (IL)

Lily Yung -  felt ‘boa’ (‘Die cut‘ serie)

 dans Hanneke PAUMEN (NL)photo
 Janine Berben (NL) – felt Rings with coral beads — ‘Coral’ set
HAVE A LOOK at her « new work » on Flickr !!!!

Red Loopy Collar by Danielle Gori-Montanelli
Danielle Gori-Montanelli (IT) – large ‘red loopy collar’ felt necklace

Licorice Brooch by Danielle Gori-Montanelli
Danielle Gori-Montanelli (IT) – felt  ‘licorice’ brooch (j’adore !) (to SHOP here ! :-) )

slide0Ellen Weiske (US) – multi-layered use of color in this necklace

DSC08688 dans Hisano TAKEI (JP)
Michaela Binder (DE) 


some nice FELT shops on Etsy :




Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Fashioning felt exhibition



519ETACsa2L._SS500_ dans Janine BERBEN (NL)

Felt Fashion: Couture Projects from Garments to Accessories  - Jenne Giles – Quarry Books (oct 2010) – 128pp

pinkrose2web dans Jenne GILES (US)
rose scarve (!!) from ‘harlequinfeltworks‘ on Etsy ! (Jenne GILES)


Nos amis les bêtes : bijoux …. au poil !

J’en vois un, de bijou. J’aime, je mémorise (visuellement). Puis au cours de mes moult navigations, un deuxième. Puis trois. Et là, tilt!, la connexion se fait : l’ensemble est là, présent, obstiné, il faut qu’il soit « mis à jour » ….. et voilà une série « au poil » ! ;-)

J’avais peur que « Brigitte » et ses amis ne se manifestent…., mais, au contraire, une amie m’a dit « ah! enfin ! on sait quoi faire avec les poils qui trainent partout ! » bon, toutous zé matous, tenez vous bien !

Katrina Kosturko - Lady ring  - Puff Ring, 2009Katrina Kosturko - Moose Relic, 2007
Katrina Kosturko  – Lady ring – Sterling Silver, Dog Fur
Katrina Kosturko  – « Moose relic » – Sterling Silver, Dog Fur -Fabricated, hydraulically pressed, riveted, etched

Jason EBERL- Cast Silver + Fox Squirrel HairWendy EMERY- 'Vicarious experience' - Sterling, Cat Whiskers (moustaches de chat !!)
Jason Eberl - Cast Silver + Fox Squirrel Hair (poils d’écureuil)
Wendy Emery – ‘Vicarious experience’ – Sterling, Cat Whiskers (moustaches de chat !!)

Stephanie Ellis- 'Triccotillobracelet'- Sterling silver, glass, deer hair
Stephanie Ellis - ‘Triccotillo bracelet’- Sterling silver, glass, deer hair

Constanze Schreiber - brooch ‘Marie’  – Fur, silver, lead, steel
Constanze Schreiber - necklace ‘Elisabeth’ 2005 – Fur, silver, lead

Nos amis les bêtes : bijoux .... au poil ! dans Aaron SAULT (US) Imagen+7

Jacomijn van der Donk - necklace – brush (en poils de … ?), leather
Susanne Wolbers – broche – fourrure

Patricia Lemaire - 'Caresses' -poils de loup
Patricia Lemaire - collier ‘Caresses’ - corde, laiton, poils de loup
Aaron Sault rings with fox, squirrel, man’s hair & St. Bernard (dog) fur

Mari Isopahkala Finnish designer , using reindeer FUR
Mari Isopahkala (Finnish) – reindeer FURrings

Sipora AguiaSipora Aguia- bague en vison- « Entre les poils il a des fleurs qui sortent, en argent, c’est mon jardin d’hiver ! faite quand j’avais froid ! »

Sipora Aguia - vison (fur) ring - LOVE it !!!!Sipora Aguia

Michaela Binder (DE) - warm-up bangle – silver, salmon-colored mink.

Tina Rath (US) - Antler/Mineral brooches, mule deer antler, sterling silver, mink

Après ça, on est rhabillé pour l’hiver ! …. quoi ? on est au printemps ?! ah bon ……


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