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EXPO ‘Telling Tales’ – Art House gallery, Mevasseret Zion (Israel) – 31 Janv.- 28 Fevr. 2014

« Telling Tales« , curated by Jennifer Navva Milliken & Yael Friedman -

Narratives in Contemprary Metal and Jewelry Art

The exhibition presents new works by 22 artists who work primarily in metals, silversmithing, or conceptual art jewelry. Participating artists responded to a curatorial call for artistic interpretations of the stories and fables that have shaped and influenced them. What happens when artists translate the world’s oldest tales into works of art ? The exhibition explores the role of fairy tales, legends, myths, and fables in shaping cultural mores and values, and the influence these time-honored narratives — ranging from the fantastical to the pedagogical to the sternly moralistic — have had on our contemporary existence.
exhibition "Telling Tales", curated by Jennifer Navva Milliken & Yael Friedman - 31 January 2014 in Mevaseret Zion, Yasmin st. 123 Israel. 22 artists are participating : Dina Abargil, Michal Oren, Yakov Bloch, Adar Goldferb, Anat Golan, Ohada Hay-gordon, Naama Haneman, Yasmin Vinograd, Edda Vardimon Gudnason, Daniel Zelig, Hadas Levin, Noa Liran, Sigal Meshorer, Noa Nadir, Shir Pins, Maayan Agmon, Lia Kirel, Dania Chelminsky, Merav Rahat, Kobi Roth, Yaron Shmerkin and Vered Babai

What happens when artists translate the world’s oldest tales into works of art? The exhibition explores the role of fairy tales, legends, myths, and fables in shaping cultural mores and values, and the influence these time-honored narratives — ranging from the fantastical to the pedagogical to the sternly moralistic — have made on our contemporary existence.

22 artists are participating :  Dina AbargilMichal Oren – Yakov Bloch — Adar Goldferb — Anat Golan –  Ohada Hay-gordon — Naama Haneman — Yasmin Vinograd — Edda Vardimon Gudnason — Daniel Zelig — Hadas Levin — Noa Liran — Sigal Meshorer — Noa Nadir — Shir Pins — Maayan Agmon-Kehati — Lia Kirel — Dania Chelminsky — Merav Rahat — Kobi Roth — Yaron Shmerkin – Vered Babai


Noa Liran's "Hansel and Gretl" .................Noa Liran‘s « Hansel and Gretl » is a solution to the design problem faced by Grimm’s infamous brother-sister team. Answering the curatorial call for interactions with non-precious materials, the artist meticulously wrapped popcorn with foil chocolate wrappers, protecting the make-shift trail markers from the hungry birds of the forest. As the pieces accumulated, Liran strung them together, continuing right up until the opening of the exhibition. Her work, as much about the tale it serves as it is about processes of inspiration and creation, illustrates parallels between storytelling and art-making

 Noa Liran Noa Liran « Hansel and Gretl »

anat golan White Steed 1  Anat Golan – « Off with Her Head, » from this series of 3 wearable medallions -
In her work for « Telling Tales, » Anat Golan investigated the tropes of the hero and the heroine in legends and fairy tales and found the gap between archetypal standards of character (particularly in female prototypes) and reality to be unsettlingly divergent. Identifying 2 heroines and a villainess based on their particular virtues and flaws, she created medals of honor for each; the resulting composite personality offers a more authentic portrait of an idiosyncratic contemporary heroine, who — like fairy-tale heroes — has overcome obstacles, suffered loss, and survived to tell the tale.
Daniel Zelig "Hansel & Gretel"  (exhibition "Telling Tales")Daniel Zelig « Hansel & Gretel »
Hadas Levin, "The Tin Man" (exhibition "Telling Tales")Hadas Levin, « The Tin Man »
Edda Vardimon Gudnason - For the Telling Tales exhibition -  illustration of The Red Shoes by H. C. Andersen
Edda Vardimon Gudnason, « The Red Shoes, » from the series « Hans Christian Andersen: Fairy Tales »
Copper, enamel (overglaze), Danish cotton string (photo: Nir Friedman)
Dania Chelminsky "EGG Ring" Eggshells, epoxy, gold leaf (photo: Dania Chelminsky)Dania Chelminsky « EGG Ring » Eggshells, epoxy, gold leaf (photo: Dania Chelminsky)

Art.Mevasseret gallery
Zion, Yasmin st. 123 Israel.
tel 052-6808606


EXPO ‘Through Sources’ – Camões Instituto da Língua e Cooperação, Lisbon (PT) – 2 Mai-7 Juin 2013

Lisboa: Exposição “Por entre as fontes” (through sources), joalharia israelita contemporânea

As a member of the « Inyanim Group » Dana Seachuga (MA stud) will show some of her work at the exhibition « Through Sources » • Camões Instituto da Língua e Cooperação, Lisbon • 2 May – 7 June • Opening: 2 May, 6 pm.

As a member of the "Inyanim Group" Dana Seachuga (MA stud) will show some of her work at the exhibition "Through Sources" • Camões Instituto da Língua e Cooperação, Lisbon • 2 May - 7 June • Opening: 2 May, 6 pm.

about the « Inyanim Group »:
« The Inyanim Group operates in the fields of jewelry-making and jewelry design. Its aim is to create a platform of creative opportunity and legitimacy for the individuals within the group and within a wider social context.
Inyanim was formed by graduates of the two leading Israeli art and designschools, Bezalel and Shenkar which, while championing different, often opposing views regarding design and art, have much in common. The Inyanim Group seeks to influence the public discourse surrounding the role of design in society through the unique and underrepresented field of jewelry design.
The eleven members of the group meet regularly for a process of thinking, listening and creating – like rehearsals before a performance. In ongoing exhibitions, the group then displays its latest “harvest” of works, thus opening a window onto their creative process. »

Vered Babai –  Shirly Bar-AmotzRory HooperAviv KinnelGregory LarinTehila Levi-HyndmanMichal OrenKobi RothDana SeachugaDeganit Stern-Schocken Edda Vardimon-Gudnason

Gregory Larin 'hearts'Gregory Larin ‘hearts’ 

Gregory Larin 'hearts' (detail)Gregory Larin ‘hearts’ (detail of a neckpiece) Photo by Yoav Reinshtein

Dana Seachuga - série “Hunting for Vera”,Dana Seachuga – série “Hunting for Vera”

Dana Seachuga (MA stud.) • Brooch “Wing 250212” • From the series "Hunting for Vera" • 2012 • Glass shards, mother of pearl, silver, steelDana Seachuga – Brooch “Wing 250212” • From the series « Hunting for Vera » • 2012 • Glass shards, mother of pearl, silver, steel

Deganit Stern-Schocken  Necklace 2012  Silver, stainless steel, polystyreneDeganit Stern-Schocken  Necklace 2012  Silver, stainless steel, polystyrene

Shirly Bar-Amotz -  Brooch: From the series “Happy Days” 2012  Sterling silver, brass, Teflon plating, rhodium plating, zircon gems, epoxy resin  5.5 x 6x 3.2 cmShirly Bar-Amotz -  Brooch: From the series “Happy Days” 2012  Sterling silver, brass, Teflon plating, rhodium plating, zircon gems, epoxy resin

Edda Vardimon-Gudnason - 'copropalia' ringsEdda Vardimon-Gudnason – ‘copropalia’ rings

Edda Vardimon-Gudnason - 'copropalia' ringsEdda Vardimon-Gudnason – ‘copropalia’ rings … coprolite is fossils of animals dung ….

Vered Babai - 'circuits'Vered Babai – ‘circuits’

michal orenMichal Oren cube : brooch : 2010 / silver, paint and stainless steel

Rory Hooper 'boxes & cases'Rory Hooper ‘boxes & cases’


Camões – Instituto da Língua e Cooperação
Avenida da Liberdade, 270
Lisboa 1250-149
tel +351 213109100 /32/37/75/


Schmuck 2013 – EXPO ‘TRANSIT’ – Galerie für Angewandte Kunst München (DE) – 1er Mars-13 Avril 2013

see EXPO ‘TRANSIT’ – The Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau (DE) – 14 Juin-12 Aout 2012

Transit – Zeitgenössischer Schmuck aus Israel

Von 1. März bis 13. April 2013 in der Galerie für Angewandte Kunst München. -  Eröffnung: 28. Februar 2013, 18.30-20:30 Uhr

during SCHMUCK : Transit - Zeitgenössischer Schmuck aus Israel    Dauer der Ausstellung: 1. März bis 13. April 2013    Die Ausstellung gibt einen Einblick in den aktuellen Stand des  zeitgenössischen Schmucks in Israel.

Die Ausstellung gibt einen Einblick in den aktuellen Stand des zeitgenössischen Schmucks in Israel. Sie zeigt Qualitäten und besondere Eigenheiten israelischer Schmuckkünstler und die Unterschiede zur mitteleuropäischen Schmuckszene.

Anat Aboucaya Grozovski Brosche, „land(e)scapes“, 2011 Silber, gefundenes Metall, Messing, laminierte Landkarte, Streichhölzer Foto: Etienne Boisrond (during SCHMUCK exhibition "TRANSIT" (Transit – Zeitgenössischer Schmuck aus Israel  Von 1. März bis 13. April 2013 in der Galerie für Angewandte Kunst München. Pacellistraße 6-8 80333 München 089 2901470, Eröffnung: 28. Februar 2013, 18.30-20:30 Uhr) Anat Aboucaya Grozovski Brosche, „land(e)scapes“, 2011 Silber, gefundenes Metall, Messing, laminierte Landkarte, Streichhölzer Foto: Etienne Boisrond

Die Ausstellung „Transit“ gibt einen Einblick in den aktuellen Stand des zeitgenössischen Schmucks in Israel. Nach den Stationen im Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim, im Deutschen Goldschmiedehaus Hanau und in der Stiftung Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein, zeigt der Bayerische Kunstgewerbe-Verein die von Jürgen Eickhoff (Galerie Spektrum, München) kuratierte Ausstellung in seiner Galerie für Angewandte Kunst.

Vered Kaminski Halsschmuck, 2010, Alpaka, Bronze Foto: Vered Kaminski (expo TRANSIT) Vered Kaminski Halsschmuck, 2010, Alpaka, Bronze Foto: Vered Kaminski

Was unterscheidet israelische Schmuckkünstler von ihren deutschen Kollegen? Es sind die Lebensumstände, sagt Iris Fishof, jüdische Kunsthistorikerin und Autorin des Katalogs. „Die politische Situation in der Region spiegelt sich in zahlreichen Werken wider. Manche Künstler machen ein klares Statement und äußern lautstarken Protest, während andere mit leiseren Tönen an die Sache herangehen. Der brisante Fragenkomplex Kriege, Terror, Ungerechtigkeit drückt sich auf unterschiedliche Weise aus. Einige Künstler setzen sich mit dem Leid auseinander und zeigen Mitgefühl mit den Opfern. Andere offenbaren Trauma und Angst. Nicht in allen Arbeiten jedoch sind unmittelbare Spuren der politischen Situation ablesbar. Die Wahl von Medium und Verfahren steht bei einigen Arbeiten der Ausstellung im Vordergrund. Die Werkstoffe sind einfach und schlicht. Diese Anspruchslosigkeit des Materials verbindet sich oft mit einer Ästhetik, die der Tradition der Schmuckgestaltung nicht entspricht. Sie bewegt sich zwischen minimalistischer Einfachheit einerseits und Vulgärem und Trashigem am anderen Ende der Skala“.

Den wichtigsten Beweggrund der Künstler fasst Kurator Jürgen Eickhoff zusammen: „Der politische Einfluss in der Aussage des Schmucks ist bedeutend höher als bei uns. Hier sind vor allem zwei Dingen auffällig: Zum einen ist die politische Situation ein deutliches und direktes Thema für viele Künstler, auch im
Schmuckbereich. Diese „Politisierung“ der Thematik im Schmuck ist in Israel deutlich stärker ausgeprägt als hierzulande. Das zweite ist das Phänomen, dass es eine kontinuierliche Entwicklung gibt, die von vielen getragen wird, die oft nur über wenige Jahre beim Schmuck bleiben und dann zum Design oder zur freien Kunst wechseln. Also eine Beständigkeit der Entwicklung, die nicht unbedingt an immer dieselben Künstler gekoppelt ist.“

Welche Sprache spricht zeitgenössischer Schmuck aus Israel?
„Die Werkstoffe, die die Schmuckmacher verwenden, sind verhältnismäßig schlicht“, resümiert Iris Fishof. „Sie reichen von Silber über recyceltes Papier zu Holz. Gold findet sich kaum. Steine sind rar. Außer Silber kommen ein paar Metalle zur Verwendung, desgleichen Glasperlen, textile und synthetische Materialien und Fundstücke. Diese Schlichtheit der Werkstoffe ist in der israelischen Kunst anerkannt und bekannt als „Want of Matter“.
In vielen Stücken der Ausstellung spürt man die Freude am Experimentieren mit neuen Techniken.
Deutlich zu beobachten ist eine Rückkehr zum Handwerklichen. Sogar industrielle Materialien wie Aluminiumnetz werden mit handwerklichen Verfahren fachgerecht verarbeitet. Die Farbgebung ist im Großen und Ganzen eher gedämpft. Einfarbigkeit, vor allem Grau und ein paar Brauntöne, herrschen vor. Die Farben sind möglicherweise eine Antwort auf die Landschaft
Israels, die zeitweise trocken und karg ist. Leuchtende Farben finden sich, wenn überhaupt, vor allem in Arbeiten mit Email, Epoxitharz und Fundstücken. Die Rückkehr zum Ornamentalen, ein globaler Trend, ist auch im zeitgenössischen Schmuck aus Israel zu beobachten. Blumen und Unkräuter, eine Arabeske, Tiere und sogar ein als politisches Abzeichen getragener Panzer – das sind alles Ornamente. Die Schmuckstücke vermitteln eine neue Ästhetik. Sie haben keinen Glamour und sind nicht verführerisch im herkömmlichen Sinne.
Aber einige strahlen eine poetische Schönheit oder Aura aus, während der Reiz von anderen in ihrem rohen und scheinbar unfertigen Aussehen liegt.“

In der Ausstellung werden Arbeiten gezeigt von:

Shirly Bar-Amotz  — Attai Chen  — Maya Dekel  — Anat Aboucaya Grozovski  — Edda Vardimon Gudnason  – Dana Hakim  — Rory HooperVered Kaminski Gregory Larin — Einat Leader  — Tehila Levi Hyndman — Ido Noy  — Michal Oren  — Galya Rosenfeld — Kobi Roth — Michal Bar-On Shaish — Deganit Stern Schocken  — Ella Wolf

"Transit – Zeitgenössischer Schmuck aus Israel" (work by Deganit Stern Schocken -  Neckpiece: Heaven on Earth 2008  Tank run over drinks cans, gems) Deganit Stern Schocken -  Neckpiece: Heaven on Earth 2008  Tank run over drinks cans, gems

Michal Bar-On Shaish Brosche, „Wire to Net“, 2011 Silber à jour Email Foto: Leoniod Padrul (EXPO "TRANSIT") Michal Bar-On Shaish Brosche, „Wire to Net“, 2011 Silber à jour Email Foto: Leoniod Padrul

Attai Chen Brosche, 2010 Papier, Farbe, Holzkohle, Leim, Messing, Edelstahl Foto: Mirei Takeuchi (expo "TRANSIT") Attai Chen Brosche, 2010 Papier, Farbe, Holzkohle, Leim, Messing, Edelstahl Foto: Mirei Takeuchi


Galerie für Angewandte Kunst – Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein e.V.
Pacellistraße 6-8,
80333 München,
T. 089 290147-0,
Mo bis Sa 10 bis 18 Uhr


EXPO ‘TRANSIT’ – The Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau (DE) – 14 Juin-12 Aout 2012

 TRANSIT – Contemporary Jewelry from Israel

  Transit - (catalog)

Artists: Anat Aboucaya Grozovski — Ella Wolf — Attai Chen Shirly Bar-Amotz — Ido Noy — Rory Hooper — Maya Dekel — Michal OrenGregory LarinEdda Vardimon GudnasonDeganit Stern SchockenDana Hakim — Einat Leader — Galya Rosenfeld — Tehila Levi HyndmanKobi Roth — Michal Bar-On Shaish — Vered Kaminski

  Shirly Bar-Amotz  Brooch: Weed (wild plant) 2011  Silver and copper, Synthetic pearls, Epoxy, Epoxy chips  5,1 x 5,3 x 3,8 cmShirly Bar-Amotz  Brooch: Weed (wild plant) 2011  Silver and copper, Synthetic pearls, Epoxy, Epoxy chips 

Deganit Stern Schocken -  Neckpiece: Heaven on Earth 2008  Tank run over drinks cans, gemsDeganit Stern Schocken -  Neckpiece: Heaven on Earth 2008  Tank run over drinks cans, gems

Vered Kaminsky  Earrings: Soap Bubbles 2011  Silver, stainless steelVered Kaminsky  Earrings: Soap Bubbles 2011  Silver, stainless steel

Tehila Levi Hyndman (IL)  Tiara: Barbarian 2011  BrassTehila Levi Hyndman – Tiara: Barbarian 2011  Brass

Dana Hakim  Pin: # 17 2011  Iron net, rubber gloves, paint, tape, reflectors  Photo: Yosef BercovichDana Hakim  Pin: # 17 2011  Iron net, rubber gloves, paint, tape, reflectors  Photo: Yosef Bercovich




The Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus
Altstädter Markt 6
63450 – Hanau
Telephone: +49 (0) 6181 2565-56
Fax: +49 (0) 6181 2565-54



Transit - (catalo)

Contemporary Jewellery from Israel -  Munich: Galerie Spektrum, 2012 – 176 pages

The exhibition gives insight into the actual state of contemporary jewellery in Israel. It shows the qualities and particular characteristics of Israeli jewellery artists as well as the differences with respect to the jewellery scene in Central Europe.


EXPO ‘I am an Other’ – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv (IL) – 10 Juin-20 Nov. 2012

« I am an Other »

The sixth exhibit of Israeli jewelry deals with the perception of « the other self, » or the alter ego. Fifty-three artists participating in the exhibit set out on an inner journey, the process resulting in diverse expressions: virtuosic jewelry-makers who are usually meticulous in their work chose to free themselves of the constraints and make room for expression ; some used organic materials; some turned to figurative creation, thus giving the human form an expression of « the other self, » while other artists chose the abstract to convey biographical moments. Some preferred the multitude so as not to focus the idea of « the other self » on a single item, while others preferred simplification and catharsis. It appears that the majority of Israeli jewelry-makers do not wear the jewelry they create, and some wear no jewelry at all. For this exhibit they created jewelry for themselves.

Israeli Jewelry - Shenkar

« The selection of an abstract concept for this exhibition – Alter Ego (the Self as Other) — generated an extensive and riveting dialogue with participating artists. The process that resulted engendered layered and varied works that reflect the multi-faceted nature of this concept.  The underlying premise the artists were invited to consider was the notion that the ornamental artifact — an intimate object placed directly on the body — can represent parts of the Self, including its inverse or hidden elements.  The ornament also draws the gaze of others; the visual cues it offers subtly influence other forms of communication.
The roots of the term alter ego come from ancient Greek philosophy.  When Zeno of Cittium, founder of the Stoic school of Greek Philosophy, was asked, “what is a friend?” he responded: “allos ego,” that is, alter ego.  In a similar vein, Aristotle suggested that a friend should be treated like a second self.  Over time, the word ego came to mean “I” in Latin.  In the modern era, Sigmund Freud extended the word’s meaning when he defined it as a central element of the psyche.  The alter ego has been seen by psychology mainly as the inversion of the way the Self normally presents itself publicly.  But the notion remains vague and elusive.
The alter ego has many cultural expressions: in pop and rock music, where artists embody fictional figures through which they can present new and experimental musical content; in the world of Comics, where an everyday person turns into a superhero; in literature that deals with two sets of personalities within a single person, and more.  Philosophers discussed the alter ego in the context of reciprocal relations, and as part of the effort to understand the Self.  As it turns out, scientists have found that a “mirror neuron network” in the brain allows us to experience the Other’s gestures as though they were our own, so that observing others is an inseparable element of self-understanding.
After they were introduced to the varied cultural manifestations of the alter ego, the jewelry makers were invited to design a jewel that would reflect their own alter ego.  Some artists chose to shed the rigid discipline that characterizes their virtuoso work, and allowed chance to influence the artifact, suggesting an alter ego that is out of control; others chose a figurative image of a face or person meant to convey a miniaturized Self, or created prostheses and additions to the face, embodying aspects of the self that go unexpressed in daily life; several chose animals to convey the complex relation with the Other – an ally or a distant and threatening figure.  Others chose images suggesting motion, such as boats representing sailing from the exterior inwardly and vice versa.  Some artists worked with abstract forms generated from a clear, personal context, forms that permitted a different self to momentarily show through; others worked with round shapes that express the Yin Yang principle and with it the notion that we must harmonize the contradictory elements of the self.  Finally, several artists related to the written word or a writing implement as a way to represent either the Self or the alter ego.
It seems that the exhibition highlights the fact that jewel-craft – a realm of intricate detail – spans a great deal of conceptual space.  Jewelers contract entire worlds into physical artifacts measured in centimeters, but the variety of responses engendered in the vast arena surrounding a single idea is near infinite. » Nirith Nelson,  Curator

The participating artists are:  Merav Oster-RothMichal OrenBianca Eshel GershuniEla BauerVered Babai — Jakob Bloch — Shirly Bar-Amotz — Naama Bergman — Tal Gur — Lena Dubinsky — Nirit DekelEdda Vardimon Gudnason — Noga Hadad — Dana HakimAttai ChenDoron TaubenfeldMicha Yehieli – Shachar Cohen — Tehila Levi Hyndman — Hadas Levin — Gregory Larin — Leonie Philpot — Einat Primo — Gad Charny — Yaacov Kaufman — Ilan Korren — Vered KaminskiEsther Knobel — Doron Rabina — Reddish (Naama Steinbock & Idan Friedman) — Galya Rosenfeld — Kobi Roth — Ifia Rousak — Sivan ShoshanDeganit Stern Schocken

Merav OsterGraduated 2010Graduate WorkMerav Oster-Roth

Esther Knobel, Medals (EXPO Tel-Aviv )Esther Knobel,  Medals

Dana Hakim, My Four Guardian Angles (from the Blue Series) (EXPO Tel-Aviv)Dana Hakim, My Four Guardian Angles (from the Blue Series)

Vered Kaminski, untitled (EXPO Tel-Aviv)Vered Kaminski, untitled

Merav Oster Rot,  20% shipwreck (EXPO Tel-Aviv)Merav Oster Rot,  20% shipwreck

Tehila Levi Hindman - Subala (EXPO Tel-Aviv)Tehila Levi Hindman – Subala
Shirly Bar-Amotz, Wheat (EXPO Tel-Aviv)Shirly Bar-Amotz, Wheat

Bianca Eshel-Gershuni | ביאנקה אשל-גרשוני  Bianca Eshel-Gershuni – Earring, ca. 1980 – Shell, aluminum foil, feathers, metal, glass beads
Deganit Stern Schocken | דגנית שטרן שוקןDeganit Stern Schocken – Body piece, 1993 – Nickel silver, stainless steel, silver, paper, shell

  Gregory Larin | PhantomGregory Larin – Phantom

Attai chenAttai Chen

Google Erath Brooch by Kobi Roth    "Kobi Roth creates small landscapes, in a series of loose stains and figurative images. The foundation of his works allows an equal role in the manipulation of solder and raw materials used in traditional jewelry: gold, silver, precious stones, enamel, etc."Kobi RothGoogle Earth Brooch 

EINATPRIMOEinat Primo chains

wood_ring by Vered Babai - Jewellery from Tel AvivVered Babai  – wood ring

Angel Pendant by Edda Vardimon-Gudnason   (IL)  -   "Edda Vardimon-Gudnason works reflect the quest for equilibrium between contradictions: The incidental vs. the intentional; the emotional vs. the rational; enigma and ambivalence vs. a statement. Personal symbols, brought forth through a reductive process toward an abstraction that resemble the inspirational sources of nature."Edda Vardimon-Gudnason  – Angel Pendant

EXPO 'I am an Other' - Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv (IL) - 10 Juin-20 Nov. 2012 dans Attai CHEN (IL)Michal Orenon the contrary (from the series “thinking about places”) : 2009 / oxidized silver

dekel_large2 dans Bianca ESHEL GERSHUNI (IL)

Nirit Dekel

Sivan Shoshan (IL) (Bezalel school)Sivan Shoshan

Micha Yehieli (IL)  http://www.michayehieli.comMicha Yehieli

Doron Taubenfeld (IL) - recycling collectionDoron Taubenfeld  – recycling collection ring



2 Haim Levanon St., Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69975

book_womanstales dans BOOKS / BIBLIO
Women’s Tales FOUR LEADING ISRAELI JEWELERS – The first comprehensive study of Israeli contemporary jewelry by focusing on careers of four of its leading women jewelers: Bianca Eshel-Gershuni, Vered Kaminski, Esther Knobel, and Deganit Stern Schocken. Text: Davira Taragin, AlexWard Helen W. Drutt English 128 pages, 80 color plates 2006, English


EXPO ‘Transit’ – Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim (DE) – 15 mars-3 Juin 2012

TRANSIT – zeitgenössischer Schmuck aus Israel 
15. März bis 3. Juni 2012
Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim

EXPO 'Transit' - Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim (DE) - 15 mars-3 Juin 2012 dans Allemagne (DE) 120316_NL_transit01

Die Ausstellung gibt einen Einblick in die Besonderheiten im israelischen Schmuckschaffen und die Unterschiedlichkeit zur mitteleuropäischen Schmuckszene. Es ist das erste Mal, dass eine solche Überblicksschau in Deutschland gezeigt wird. Dabei fällt auf, dass die politische Situation auch im Schmuckbereich ein vorrangiges Thema für viele Künstler ist. « Diese ‘Politisierung’ der Kunst ist in Israel deutlich stärker ausgeprägt als hierzulande », erläutert Kurator Jürgen Eickhoff. Bereits seit den frühen 1970er Jahren ist eine kontinuierliche Entwicklung zu beobachten, bei der jedoch die Protagonisten häufig wechseln: Es gibt kaum israelische Künstlerpersönlichkeiten im Schmuck, die über Jahrzehnte ihrem Ausdrucksmittel treu bleiben. Viele beschäftigen sich nur wenige Jahre mit Schmuck und wechseln dann in andere Disziplinen des künstlerischen Schaffens.

Die längjährige Tradition des zeitgenössischen Schmucks dokumentieren die drei Künstlerinnen der Lehrergeneration Bianca Eshel Gershuni, Vered Kaminski und Deganit Stern-Schocken. Ihr Schaffen ist weiterhin aktuell und hat einen wesentlichen Einfluss auf die junge Generation. Deren Auffassung von Schmuck und die Vielfalt der Positionen werden durch Arbeiten von 15 Absolventen deutlich. Insgesamt sind rund 200 Objekte von 18 Teilnehmern zu sehen. Kuratiert wird die Schau von Jürgen Eickhoff, der seit 1981 die Galerie Spektrum in München führt.


Contemporary jewelry from Israel – 18 artists from the young generation :
Shirly Bar-Amotz — Attai Chen — Maya Dekel — Anat Aboucaya Grozovski — Edda Vardimon Gudnason — Dana HakimRory HooperVered KaminskiGregory Larin — Einat Leader — Tehila Levi — Ido Noy — Michal Oren — Galya Rosenfeld — Kobi Roth — Michal Bar-On Shaish — Deganit Stern Schocken — Ella Wolf

Brosche_RoryHooper_2011_FotoRoryHooper_kl dans Attai CHEN (IL)Rory Hooper – Brosche « Antenna #2″ Eisen, Silber  2011 Foto Rory Hooper

120316_NL_transit02 dans Dana HAKIM (IL)Attai Chen – Brosche, Papier, Farbe, Holzkohle, Leim, Messing, Edelstahl,  2010, Foto Mirei Takeuchi

Halsschmuck Kunststoff, Silber Deganit Stern Schocken 2010 Deganit Stern Schocken – Halsschmuck « Figure of Speech: The Head » Edelstahl, Polystyren, Silber, Gold, Zirkone 2010 Foto Ilit Azoulay

Sechs Broschen Silber, Stahl Vered Kaminski 2010Vered Kaminski – Sechs Broschen Silber, Stahl 2010

Halsschmuck_EddaGudnason_2011_FotoKobiRoth_kl dans Deganit STERN SCHOCKEN (IL)Edda Vardimon-Gudnason – Halsschmuck « Orange Stranger » Silber, Email, Kupfer  2011 Foto Kobi Roth

Anat Aboucaya Grozovski brooch 'Land(e)scapes' 2011 (EXPO Israel)Anat Aboucaya Grozovski brooch ‘Land(e)scapes’ 2011

Edda Vardimon-Gudnason - Stem+vase brooches 2009 - oxidized copper, 14k gold (EXPO Israel )Edda Vardimon-Gudnason – Stem+vase brooches 2009 – oxidized copper, 14k gold

Dana Hakim pendent 'my four guardian angels' 2011 (EXPO Israel)

Dana Hakim pendent ‘my four guardian angels’ 2011

Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim
Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim
Jahnstraße 42,
D-75173 Pforzheim




umschlag%20transitk dans Exposition/Exhibition

deutsch-englischer Katalog mit dem Titel « TRANSIT – zeitgenössischer Schmuck aus Israel/Contemporary Jewellery from Israel », der 176 Seiten mit 136 Abbildungen und einen Beitrag von Iris Fishof umfasst und für 18 € im Museumsshop erhältlich ist.


B-SIDE Festival – 2nd Edition – Amsterdam – 3-6 Nov. 2011

B-side DownTown Art Jewellery Festival:
An energetic, self-created festival for jewellery artists. It brings together a series of jewellery exhibitions and performances on different locations throughout the city of Amsterdam.
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B-side DownTownArtJewellery Festival is an energetic, self-created festival for jewellery artists. The 2nd edition takes place from the 3rd until the 6th of November 2011 and brings together a series of jewellery exhibitions and performances in the city of Amsterdam. This event is initiated by min-association; Maaike Ebbinge – Iris Tsante – Noémie Doge,

who graduated from Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2007 and 2008.
B-side gives artists the opportunity to explore new ways of showing their jewellery to the world. Each artist is encouraged to take responsibility for his of her own part in a bigger chain or route.
B-side emphasises the festive side of a festival and celebrate the art of jewellery. The aim of the festival is to show different ways of presenting and thinking about art jewellery through exhibitions and performances. It allows exploration of spaces that aren’t usually used for exhibition purposes, for example parks, ateliers, bicycles, empty buildings, a living room, a café or the back of a car.
B-side happens simultaneously with other inspiring jewellery events in Amsterdam.
B-side shows designs that go very much beyond mass-produced jewellery. It shows an artistic way of presenting and dealing with jewellery. The value of this jewellery is not defined by precious metals, but by their visual force and strong concept.
There are many jewellery artists working in Amsterdam. Three of the four most renowned Dutch jewellery galleries are based here, and the jewellery department of the Rietveld Academy is well-k

nown for its active students and teachers. We are very happy to be able to celebrate Amsterdam’s special connection to jewellery with this special platform for art jewellery.
B-side, another side of jewellery.
B-side DownTownArtJewellery Festival is organised by: (Maaike Ebbinge, Iris Tsante & Noémie Doge)

We are proud to announce the following artists who participate to the second edition:

Fanny AgnierFrancisca BauzaAline BerdichevskyDinie BesemsLisa BjörkePatxi CalvoNoémie CastilloTrinidad ContrerasBea CorreaMarie DebrinayVanessa de GruijterMorgane De KlerkNoemie DogePatricia  DominguesFlorie DupontMaaike EbbingePia FarrugiaJantje FleischhutAurore De GeerGerrit Rietveld AcademyCarolina GimenoAntje GodglückFien de GraafCécile GuenatDana HakimIsabelle HertzeisenRory HooperJeannette JansenHanna JorisDalia JuradoJelle KampenKatharina KatarosAviv Kinel Oya KozaciogluMuriel LangGregory LarinMuriel LaurentChristiaan LebensDorothée LoustalotTehila LeviJorge ManillaEmanuel ManoloCarolina Martinez LinaresCristina Martí MatóMärta MattssonAude MedoriAndrea NabholzGitte NygaardMichal OrenChristina Pauls Galatée PestreGaston RoisAlicia RosseletKobi RothNina SajetLucy SarneelDana SeachugaConstanze SchreiberNolia ShaktiSteinbeisserDeganit Stern SchockenLuisa SchwarzPatricia ThomazoVivi TouloumidiIris TsanteNelly Van OostAriëtte van Osnabrugge & Jack Van OsnabruggeEdda Vardimon GudnasonLaurence VerdierJulia WalterCaro WeissLucie ZampovaArnaud Zill
Bea Correa   D.I.Y GOD Charm Chain (buy now)


Christiaan Lebens & Fien de Graaf, Artist in Residence Galerie Marzee :
Christiaan LebensBroche Ode to Imperfection, 2010 Materiaal: polyurethaan, zilver, parels

Christiaan Lebens and Fien de Graaf worked with the same subjects for some time.  Both fascinated by the dominant ideals surrounding beauty and the layers we create around the physical self. They decided to bring their work together.


Maaike Ebbinge, Iris Tsante & Noémie Doge (

Where the heart is

”Strong wind in the face, the sea roaring loudly, lots of curious materials hidden in the sand, my thoughts explore the freedom of space. This is where the heart is, this is where my jewellery pieces are born.” M.E.

“I like working intensively with materials. When the materials start “speaking” and taking their own way, that is where their heart is.” I.T.

“I search for hidden stories by dismantling forgotten relics; I reinvent them picking up the pieces; I’m a treasure hunter, ferreting where their heart is. ” N.D.

————————————- collection of Jeff Grundy earrings resembles a collection of coral branches 

lelletje : All our earrings are designed by well-known Avant-Garde designers  .A pair of earrings is never an adornment in itself. They are inspired by bright ideas which gives birth to a range of creations. (you can find the earrings from Dinie Besems)

Patricia Thomazo- broche - plexiglas, silver


expo « What’s Yours? » par A⁶ collectiveA⁶ = Noémie Castillo, Aurore De Geer, Cécile Guenat, Alicia Rosselet, Luisa Schwarz, Arnaud Zill
For the B-Side Festival, the Collective A⁶ offers you an entry into the world of creation, allowing you to compose, decompose, recompose… Through a specially designed booklet of illustrations, assemble your own unique combination that could become real…
3.-6. November 2011
Lauriergracht 160 – AMSTERDAM


We are Isabelle Hertzeisen & Dorothée Loustalot, two young jewelry designers from Switzerland. On the occasion of the B-side festival, we are going to collaborate with the candyshop Pappabubble. In the “Underwater-designed” shop window, you will discover our jewelry pieces as well as other special stuff!
Papabubble, Caramels Artesans, Haarlemmerdijk 70
Open Friday: 13:00-18:00, Saturday: 10:00-17:00, 
Sunday: Window exhibition


Galatée Pestre, Laurence Verdier and Aude Medori : et que sonne le GLA !
OBA Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (4th floor),
Oosterdokskade 143 
Open all days: 10:00-10:00   -  artists presence: 11:00-15:00
Bracelets bulle de Galatée Pestre – Bagues cadavre exquis de Laurence Verdier – Bague menu d’Aude Medori

Jewellery from Words
The girls from GLA love to play with words, having each their own process in jewellery making, which in their hands, becomes both profound and funny. Galatée Pestre tells the importance of jewellery with signs, while Laurence Verdier explores sensuality, and  Aude Medori shows  commitment to adornment.


Julia Walter & Antje Godglück

Studio Babel, Derde Kostverlorenkade 35
Open Thursday: 13:00 – 18:00, Friday – Sunday: 13:00 – 19:00

B-SIDE Festival - 2nd Edition - Amsterdam - 3-6 Nov. 2011 dans A6 collective (CH)(Antje Godglück necklace – Julia Walter brooch)

News from Nowhere
We met by coincidence, we drifted apart, we found each other again. Now we are here! Meet us in Julia’s atelier and have a look at what we create in moments of love, happiness, confusion and madness.


Nolia Shakti & Lucie Zampova

19 Pieter Jacobszstraat
Open Thursday-Friday 13:00-19:00,  Saturday 11.00 – 18.00, Sunday 12.00-18.00
Nolia Shakti - ‘Odessa’ – Necklace, 2011 – Nespresso Capsules, gold
Same same but different
The collection of Nolia Shakti focuses on modern society values. The collection “Throw away Gold” is made out of Nespresso capsules and gold.

Lucie Zampova will present, for the first time, her collection of jewellery inspired by her trip to Hong Kong, the striking differences between the modern and old fashioned way of life in this metropolis


MIN-Association presented B-side Festival in Head-Geneva
Min-association is happy to invite you to the lecture of B-side DownTownArtJewellery festival in Jewellery Design and Accessories Department in Geneva on monday 20th. of June 2011 at James-Fazy.
HEAD-Geneva University of Art and Design
Bd. James-Fazy 15, 1201 Geneva
Muzenplein 2
open thursday-sunday 14:00-20:00
 Headquarters: HYM concept store Magna Plaza Shoppingcenter- 2nd floor Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 182
Amsterdam, Netherlands
You can find information of the different exhibitions on
Free maps are available at B-side’s headquarters:
HYM concept store




EXPO ‘I Care A Lot – Opening’ – Gallery Platina, Stockholm (Sweden) – 2 Sept.-2 Oct. 2010

A Portable Discussion about current issues in the Middle East.
42 juried jewellery artists from 22 countries showing work on the conflict

 Why jewelry?
« Jewelry is an intimate art medium within the private and the public space which offers a personal relationship and an encounter between the wearer ,the viewer audience and the actual jewelry. It is an invitation to start a conversation and it can make a meeting possible. The body is a portable show case and the wearer chooses what and how to exhibit on him/her. Jewelry express the wearer character and sense of humor, it acts as an extension to the wearer personality, indicating his/her group of belonging, it is asking questions or claiming its opinion about the reality in which we live in, about our society, our surrounding and ourselves« 

The project aim is to raise discussion about current issues in the Middle East through an international art exhibition in which jewellery is the chosen media.
42 pieces of artists from 22 countries were selected independently by five international jury members – experts in their fields of studies and practice: Dr. Otto von Busch (Sweden) – Fashion Activist, Love Jonsson (Sweden) – Craft Critic, Prof’ Vered Kaminski (Israel) – Jewellery Artist, Shari Pierce (USA, Germany) – Jewellery Artist, Dr. Nada Shabout (USA,Qatar) – Art Historian

Cause We Care.
The region’s history and present are seeded with continuous violent national, ethnic and other conflicts. In many aspects the Middle East is considered to be one of the most sensitive and unstable regions in the world; strategically, economically, politically, culturally and religiously. It is located in the center of the international politics agenda. Its historical role, its huge reserves of crud oil and its significance for the three largest monotheist religions are usually taken as reasons for the world’s ardent interest in the region. But the attitude towards the Middle East has pasted the point of a keen interest in world affairs. By now it seems clear that the Middle East is perceived, especially by consumers of Western media, as the place where world dramas converge, or – more accurately – collide. It is almost the opposite of the Bermuda Triangle: everything that happens there pops up on our radars.
What is the Middle East? What is the source of our attraction to it? Is it just that it happens to be the most eventful place on earth? What is the nature of our commitment to effecting the future of the region? Do we really care about what goes on there? Do we really care about what goes on anywhere that is elsewhere? Do we care about the Middle East in a way similar to the way we care about how people look at us? Do we care about it the way we care about what people see in us?

Artists : Adam Grinovich, Ana Morais Caldas, Anna Williams, Vivi Touloumidi, Annette Dam, Barbara Deriemaeker, Beatrice Brovia, Burcu Buyukunal, Caitlin Wood, Chloé Durand, Claire Baloge, Dalya Israeli, Deganit Stern Schocken, Einat Leader, Ela Bauer, Ella Wolf, Filomena Praça , Frida Åberg, Gular Mustafa, Hannah Joris, Iacov Azubel, Ingrid Römmich & Veronika Schmid, Jan Turzo, Katja Prins, Kristina Lugonja, Loukia Richards, Malaika Najem, Marieke Van Diepen, Melanie Georgacopoulos, Michal Oren, Michelutti Flavia Eleonora, Midori Ikeda, Miri Admoni, Noga Hadad, Nuria Briones Perez, Sally Von Bargen, Mervat Hakroosh & Rotem Lewinsohn, Tamara Navama, Teresa Milheiro, Ulla Ahola, Machteld Van Joolingen, Vered Babai,

EXPO 'I Care A Lot - Opening' - Gallery Platina, Stockholm (Sweden) - 2 Sept.-2 Oct. 2010 dans Adam GRINOVICH (SE) Jan_TurzoRotem_Mervat dans Annette DAM (DK)
 Jan Turzo - ‘Division’ – Slovakia – 2009
Rotem Lewinsohn & Mervat Hakroosh -  Forbidden Love – Israel, 2010 

Sally_Von_Bargen dans Barbara DERIEMAEKER (BE)Vered dans Beatrice BROVIA (IT)
Sally Von Bargen – Elegy USA, 2008
Vered Babai - Pinched Rings – Israel, 2010
Claire Baloge (FR) -  Camel dung, gold leaf, silk (collier en crottes de chameau … j’adore !!)

« I have chosen to use camel dung, because  it’s shape and color. Although the use of camel dung in jewelry may provoke it also links: in those (not so) far-away countries, many people are still using these animals, and their excrement, in daily life, while some others, a few miles away , are smoking the cigars of the oil business. I have chosen to use gold because gold is the referential measurement on which the whole world economy is founded. It remains a major symbol for jewelry, almost everywhere around the world. While camels are traditionally emblems of the noble class, in the nomad society, a clear mark of wealth and importance. It seems to be two different temporalities, which are still sharing the same space, coexisting in the same territories. »

Machteld dans Burcu BUYUKUNAL (TR)
Machteld Van Joolingen – The Line

Gallery Platina
Odengatan 68,
Stockholm, Sweden
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COUP de … ROUGE at « I Care a Lot » EXPO online

 « I Care a Lot »  online exhibition

EXPO i care a lot

 icarealot is happy to announce about the opening of the exhibition at Platina Gallery, Stockholm : September 2nd, 2010.

More Great news! November 6th 2010 : Our third opening at Gallery Articula, Lisbon, Portugal ;)


COUP de ... ROUGE  at thumb445 dans Annette DAM (DK)
Ela Bauer (NL) ‘An’necklace -black & red thread

« This is a huge heart which actually is a huge knot. That is the key feeling in this work; a huge,  screaming (maybe bleeding..), knot- heart. The knot is such a paradoxical form; it consists of “one”, but through an action (of knotting) it becomes “two”, with a heart between them. At the same time it is the ground of endless processes which in themselves are not complex, but all together they create an unsolvable, knotted reality. An un-followable mass of actions and reactions. There is no wrong or right, just a complex, painful situation. » (Ela Bauer)

thumb478 dans Barbara DERIEMAEKER (BE) thumb477 dans Beatrice BROVIA (IT)
Katja Prins (NL)-’Bound by Blood’ Necklace – 2007 – wooden beads, cotton

 » This necklace brings together and mixes various prayer-necklaces, which only differ in detail. Prayerbeads are being used in several religions and they all have their own systematical design. The beads stands for the different prayers and by following the beads you can’t loose track and count while you are praying. The Roman-Catholic church has the ‘rosary”, the Islam has the “tespi”,  Buddhism (Nichiren) has the “juzu”and Tibetan Buddhism has the “mala”. Nowadays we are living in a time of globalization. Worldwide people are connecting more and more, not only economically, but also politically and culturally. Borders are fading and people travel and migrate more than ever. Out of that comes integration of different cultures and religions. Partly because of the not always so very successful integration-policy of many countries, extremism in certain religions also flourishes, conflicts arise. With this/my interpretation of the prayer-necklace I want to bring together all  prayer-necklace and make 1 out of it all.  A contemporary blood red prayer necklace. In my opinion the religions don’t differ so much from one another, they differ mostly in details. That’s what I want to show with this necklace. By bringing together all the prayerbeads, symbolically I want to bring together the different religions and with that the people. The title “Bound by Blood” stands for the idea that on the inside we are all the same. It also refers to the many wars (and with that the shedding of a lot of blood) that have been fought in the name of religion » (Katja Prins (NL))

thumb555 dans Burcu BUYUKUNAL (TR)thumb423 dans Chloe DURAND (FR)
Burcu Buyukunal (TR) -’Terrifying Beauty’ head piece – brass, cubic zirconia – Turkey, 2009

« My work is driven by conventions and societal norms relating to the body prevalent in history both past and present. Plastic surgery, alternative medicine, and ways of predicting the future are belief  systems whose underpinnings I am uncertain of. I use my work to illustrate my inability to reconcile the purposes, needs, and motives of these systems and the people who subscribe to them. As a fairly recent development in mass culture, plastic surgery is a system that suggests attaining beauty popularized by the media. ‘Terrifying Beauty’ focuses on the trends of cosmetic surgery, which  oftentimes impose the conception of Western Beauty, to question conventions of beauty and  challenge the function of jewelry as adornment. I created four pieces distorting the face in an unlikely way, contrasting and contradicting the purpose of traditional jewelry. I want my work to surprise and challenge people to inspire questioning. Suggesting something extreme, unusual, and irrational is one strategy to achieve this. I hope the viewer will immediately ask if they would or would not wear such pieces. I wanted to use gold first but it was expensive for me. So, I used brass that looks like gold in the photos. Then I noticed that material hierarchy was another convention. Thus, using brass supported my idea. My forms simply followed the function of each piece.« (Burcu Buyukunal)

thumb467 dans Claire BALOGE (FR)thumb466 dans Deganit STERN SCHOCKEN (IL)
Iacov Azubel (Argentina) – ‘Maim’ ring – 2009 – Gold filled Silver – Plexiglas – Mobile Water -Air Bubble

« The water in the subject being treated, andcolor global warming » (Iacov Azubel (Argentina))

thumb548 dans Ela BAUER (NL)thumb547 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Vivi Touloumidi (GR) – ‘wet’ necklace -  150 laminated tissues , black ink , tape, nylon

thumb527 dans Filomena PRACA (PT)thumb528 dans Flavia MICHELUTTI (IT)
Tamara Navama (Israel), 2010 -Bracelet -Aluminum, Copper, Epoxy – engraved, photo etching

thumb520 dans Gular MUSTAFA (Iraq)thumb519 dans Iacov AZUBEL (RA)
Sally Von Bargen (USA) – ‘Elegy’ Necklace – Brass, paper, digital photos

« ‘Elegy’ honors the individual men and women who left homes … travelled to Iraq for war and died there. It is about the pain of loss and lies, etched with the words, « lies brought this lament – this elegy of truth – these lost treasures.
Elegy is a monumental neck-piece consisting of over 4200 digital portraits. Each portrait shows one American man or woman who lost life in Iraq during the Bush presidency. Using public  records for the names and photos of the fallen, if no portrait was available a silhouette was used to represent the lost life. Each Elegy portrait is printed on acid-free paper, which was chosen for its workability. The prints were mounted on an intermediate paper layer and sandwiched back-to-back to form a simple 1.5cm x 3cm link.  The links were connected by brass rings and formed into 70 strands which terminate at brass disk. The disc is etched with the words, “lies brought this lament – this elegy of truth -these lost treasures. » (Sally Von Bargen)



online exhibition : Adam GrinovichAna Morais CaldasAnna WilliamsAnnette Dam – Barbara DeriemaekerBeatrice BroviaBurcu Buyukunal–  Caitlin WoodChloé DurandClaire BalogeDalya IsraeliDeganit Stern SchockenEinat LeaderEla Bauer – Ella Wolf Filomena Praça– Frida ÅbergGular MustafaHannah JorisIacov Azubel– Ingrid Römmich & Veronika SchmidtJan TurzoKatja Prinskristina LugonjaLoukia Richards– Malaika Najem Marieke Van DiepenMelanie GeorgacopoulosMichal OrenFlavia Michelutti — Eleonora Midori — Ikeda Miri AdmoniNoga HadadNuria Briones PerezSally Von BargenMervat Hakroosh & Rotem LewinsohnTamara NavamaTeresa Milheiro– Ulla AholaMachteld Van Joolingen Vered BabaiVivi Touloumidi


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EXPO ‘No Problem (?)’ Nine Israeli Jewelers – Gallery Loupe, USA – 9 Fev-14 Mar 2010

« No Problem (?) » addresses the tension that exists between the monumental problems of the State of Israel and the « flippant » jargon of everyday speech that often seems to belie these problems.
This exhibition brings together the outstanding talent of contemporary studio jewelers from two renowned Art Schools — Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan.

« NO PROBLEM (?) » is curated by Deganit Stern Schocken – a leading force in the field of Contemporary Art Jewelry and one of Israel’s most important studio jewelers.

Participating Artists :
Shirly Bar-Amotz, Rory Hooper, Aviv Kinel, Gregory Larin, Tehila Levi, Michal Oren, Dana Seachuga, Deganit Stern Schocken, Edda Vardimon.

Dana SEACHUGA (IL)'hollow cries' brooch- 2009 - ivory, deer horn,pearls,silver, nail polishDeganit STERN SCHOCKEN (IL)'figure of speech - the eye' neckpiece- 2009Michal OREN (IL) 'a place to hide' bracelet- 2009 - oxidised silverTehila LEVI (IL) 'ventricular fibrillation- for my baci' neckpiece- 2009 - silver, alpacaAviv Kinel (IL) street hearts ring 2009 - silver, pvc
Dana SEACHUGA (IL)’hollow cries’ brooch- 2009 – ivory, deer horn,pearls,silver, nail polish
Deganit STERN SCHOCKEN (IL)’figure of speech – the eye’ neckpiece- 2009 -stainless steel, polystyrene,silver, gold, zircon
Michal OREN (IL) ‘a place to hide’ bracelet- 2009 – oxidised silver
Tehila LEVI (IL) ‘ventricular fibrillation- for my baci’ neckpiece- 2009 – silver, alpaca
Aviv Kinel (IL) street hearts ring 2009 – silver, pvc*
Gallery Loupe
50 Church Street
Montclair, NJ 07042 (USA)
Tel : 973 744 0061
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Tuesday – Friday 11-6
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