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EXPO ‘(Lost) Paradise’ – Alliages, Lille (FR) – 10 Dec.2016 –21 Janv.2017

an exhibition of contemporary jewellery & ceramics proposed by Alliages from Dec. 10th 2016 to Jan. 21st 2017.

Artificial, inanimate, painful, lost … Where is your paradise ?

The opening of the exhibition will be held on Friday Dec. 9th, 2019 at 6 PM

Alliages - (Lost) paradise - dec 2016:


Showing works of   Ana Garcia MoyaAnke HuybenCaterina ZancaChing-Ting YangClaudia Steiner Xenia Deimezi – Eero Hintsanen — Eleanor Symms — Emmanuelle Durand — Fabienne Christyn — Gabriela Secarea — Hebe ArgentieriHeidemarie HerbHelmi Lindblom Isabelle BusnelIzabella Petrut Juan Riusech Kristin Beeler — Lucy Morrow — Ludmilla Buga — Mabel PenaMar SanchezMargarita AlonsoMartina Dempf Michelle Kraemer — Nadine Smith — Nanna MellandNicole SchusterPhilip Sajet Rodrigo AcostaRosa BorredáSébastien CarréSelma LealSergio e Stefano Spivach – Sònia Serrano — Victoria IoannidouViktoria Münzker Wiebke Pandikow – Ying Chen.


(Lost) Paradise, with Ying Chen(Lost) Paradise, with Ying Chen
« As a jewellery artist, I believe my work is the bridge connecting myself with the outside world, which shows my thoughts, inner feeling and philosophy. What reflect on me from outside? How do I reply to it? I address my answers by making the questions tangible and personal. Fortress Besieged is one of my projects. The whole project is about my thought and feeling of the renovation in my city. “Shikumen”, the typical kind of buildings in Shanghai which I used to live, has been replaced by high-rises. I can not help but doubt, whether the demolition of Shikumen is necessary. Shikumen is like a paradise of all the memories from dwellers who have spent most of their time in Shikumen. However, their opinion was neglected. My work shows my inner struggle and sadness in the journey of finding the right answer. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Selma Leal  (Lost) Paradise, with Selma Leal 
« The piece ‘Danger… woodworm!’ it is part of the exhibition ‘Life in the Urban Paradise’ , which was born from a previous collection, ‘Cities’. Nowadays, urban parks and public gardens are a safe haven. They are green areas where we can relax and recover the energy we nees for life. This piece is a subtle critique our society, because I think the man is the woodworm of the planet. Love the planet is to love ourselves. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Victoria Ioannidou (Lost) Paradise, with Victoria Ioannidou.
« Ominus, Pesimistic,Disapointing, contradicting,negative messages deprive the oxygene from our little but important beings.. However there is a small spark of hope far away that fills our dull lifes with color and light. My own paradise is my concern to strengthen the spark ,prevent and restrain the evil.. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Viktoria Münzker(Lost) Paradise, with Viktoria Münzker
« Breathless attention fills two parts of a complex called life. Tenderness and violence, love and hate, harmony and conflict, birth and death, heaven and hell. The emotional side of my work is based on my personal experiences. Suggestions for the creation of Paradise were my emotional forces, experiences and mental images. Paradise – Garden of Eden from that we were expelled forever, and what we must now create alone. This term, in old Sumerian « Adina » – Garden means a place that seemed to be fruitful… Did we lost it? This land is real, it is an another dimension in this world, the real paradise can’t be lost. It is inside of us. If we believe that we are a part of it, there will always be a place that we call paradise. Jewellery is my art to show the world my own inner self, the inner world where I feel safe and beautiful. It’s the inner paradise that survives only with our power. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Caterina Zanca(Lost) Paradise, with Caterina Zanca
« My paradise is a small space rediscovered in the middle of a chaotic reality, tended to the geometric and formal. A non-enclosed space, but yet communicative with new points of view from different perspectives. Apparently aseptic but a generator of light, ideas, energy, thus of a new life! Il mio paradiso è un piccolo spazio ritrovato fra una caotica realtà, teso alla pulizia geometrica e formale. Uno spazio non chiuso, ma comunicativo di nuovi punti di vista, di diverse prospettive. Apparentemente asettico ma generatore di luce, idee, energia, dunque di nuova vita! »
(Lost) Paradise, with Sergio Stefano Spivach(Lost) Paradise, with Sergio Stefano Spivach
« The Archangel into pieces / THE BODY, THE HEART, THE WING The falling Archangel, crashing into pieces, is the metaphor of man who is walking on a road paved of self-destruction. Falling on lost paradise, The Archangel crashes into pieces: his heart moves from the body in order to survive – aware that his own wing will lead himself safe. On the contrary, the body will wear down gradually. The stone we have used for creating the three parts of The Archangel testifies, with its color and its porosities, the consequences of its own closeness with the human being. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Nanna Melland(Lost) Paradise, with Nanna MellandLost Paradises. In 1977 Bob Marley sang; “Exodus, movement of Jah people!” His words could not fit better for the situation of refugees today. Masses of people in a seemingly endless flow, leaving their home country in search of a better future somewhere else. Paradise lost. Paradise search. I chose to work with the suitcase as an object of our time. A time of flux, of movement, of wanted and unwanted journeys. It can be disturbingly absent or disturbingly present. For the exhibition Lost Paradises, I present a serie of rings called Suitcaserings. Cast in bronze in the lost wax technique, coloured afterwards. You need strength to wear and balance these heavy skin coloured Suitcaserings on your hand, A strong grip to get by in this world of suffering. Of Lost Paradises. »

Sebastien Carré - Lost Paradise(Lost) Paradise, with Sébastien Carré
« Just imagine… Living in a world in which we would not have destroyed our relationship to nature. In which, the society, the moral, the value or our belief would not have put us in a virtual cell. A world of difference, of similarity, of ambiguity but after all isn’t it what is making a more interesting world. Vegetation, Animal, and Mineral are all combined in objects reminiscent of organic forms, the shape of the central figure in all form of shamanism around the world, the Tree that connects us all together. Mixing materials in order to create a symbolic life in an object by using interactive mediums allows me to wake up a body which tends to be more insensitive due to an over-communicativity of society. Let’s hope for a world with more shamanism, more bound between all living forms. Let’s Cherish the diversity in our small world, being together is already a treasure. »

Rosa Borredá -  Lost paradise(Lost) Paradise, with Rosa Borredá
« LOST CIVILIZATIONS Accumulation of different objects left over the centuries that are worn, eroded by time. Ancient architectures with traces of gold leaf and polychromy. Lush vegetation but withered at the same time. Paradise and decay, everything has a place in the lost and imaginary paradises. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Claudia Steiner(Lost) Paradise, with Claudia Steiner
« The earth as the ideal for a happy and content existence, with indescribable natural beauty. Is this still true? This is not the case anywhere in the world. It is precisely our time that makes us doubt whether or not this is indeed true. Everyone has their own ideas of paradise and can explore it in a variety of ways. Sometimes with the look at hidden details sometimes viewed at large. The contrasts of geometric lines and round forms, the uneven surface, reflect the contrasting variety of our earth. The way to the personal paradise in life is different and sometimes requires detours, means unevenness in the life cycle – one up and down – in order to somehow have found his personal ideal of a happy and content life. Not everything is at first sight recognizable as such, some « paradise » requires a longer confrontation with it and will only be discovered in small. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Rodrigo Acosta(Lost) Paradise, with Rodrigo Acosta
« Deconstruct to build again. Giving a new shape to the existent object. Building your space, your place, your habitat, your paradise. Find back your lost paradise. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Xenia Deimezi(Lost) Paradise, with Xenia Deimezi
“The youth love, Pure and unconditional, almost dreamy, full of emotions and passion but also temporary. Now kept as a memory, idealized and distant. My beautiful secret (lost) paradise.”

(Lost) Paradise, with Michelle Kraemer(Lost) Paradise, with Michelle Kraemer
« Up and above in a far away land exploring an unreachable world dreaming of landscapes and possibilities… unreachable but with imagination so close yet so far that’s where I want to go… to be among these ethereal, ephemeral entities to touch them, to make them mine to materialize them into my own imagined reality »

(Lost) Paradise, with Philip Sajet(Lost) Paradise, with Philip Sajet
« paradise is nothing other than time passing sense that we realize that as time passes »

(Lost) Paradise, with Heidemarie Herb(Lost) Paradise, with Heidemarie Herb
« Since some years I’m working on the collection « time ». Keys are like magic tools, they open and close doors,diaries, treasures….they preserve secrets, memories and thoughts. You can meet positive or negative feelings…once again this opposites are attractions in my work. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Fabienne Christyn(Lost) Paradise, with Fabienne Christyn
« I’ll go sleep in the white paradise Where the nights are so long that we forget the time All alone with the wind As in my childhood dreams I will go running in the white paradise Far from the looks of hatred And fighting blood Find whales Talking to silverfish Like, like, like before M.Berger »

(Lost) Paradise, with Nadine Smith(Lost) Paradise, with Nadine Smith
« I live in Wellington and work part time as an artist and nurse. Caring for others has developed my fundamentally humanist philosophy. Fueled by this and the fragility of life, pieces often reference the relationship we have with the developing technological world and how this creates possibilities for enhancement or re-creation of our environment, our lives, even ourselves. Being an avid recycler with magpie tendencies and an active imagination lends itself to a diverse range of work. Medical and other recycled paraphernalia when used out of context can create a tension between the familiar and the unknown. The works aim to intrigue, inviting the audience to reflect and make connections from their own life experiences. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Eleanor Symms(Lost) Paradise, with Eleanor Symms
« Demolition Neckpiece This piece is made using found electrical components gathered at the beach beside Cockenzie coal-fired power station, along the coast from my home. The power station, which dominated the coastline since the 1960s, was demolished in 2015. It was the cause of much pollution, changing the nature of the coastline, creating miles of new land with infill of the spoil it generated and leaving huge ‘lagoons’ of fly ash, some of which are now reserves for birds and wildlife. The power station destroyed a wild, natural coastal habitat, but nature is slowly reclaiming the site. In using found plastic components from the site, which have been sea and weather-worn in combination with silver and opals, I aim to question notions of preciousness and disposability. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Mar Sanchez 2016(Lost) Paradise, with Mar Sanchez
« Return to origin. We yearn for happiness, seek peace, love. And, generally, we seek outside ourselves. I suspect none of this depends on external circumstances. My heart tells me that the lost paradise is inside me, waiting to be found. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Wiebke Pandikow(Lost) Paradise, with Wiebke Pandikow
« Without the ubiquitous plastic our civilization could hardly have become what it is today, but at the same time it is a burden on the environment with far-reaching consequences. Especially plastic bags are an obvious symbol for mindless consumerism and a throw-away society. This makes them so interesting for me to work with, to create from them, with the help of a clothes iron and a soldering iron, textures and structures that recall forms of the natural world which we have set ourselves apart from. Hand-formed leaves form lush necklaces, but they can only ever be pale images of the real thing. We feel safe with plastics, at home and comfortable in our modern paradise of artificiality. But it is the natural world around us which is the real paradise, in danger of becoming a paradise lost. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Mabel Pena(Lost) Paradise, with Mabel Pena
« My natural paradise, my oasis, flows the meandering waters of the Parana River Delta. I find no better place to muse about life and to relax than when I am rowing my boat in this maze of water and rainforest. Every concern or fear seems to vanish while I row my way through this cluster of islands. Nature in all its glory to admire: golden water, green trees and vines and colorful birds. This brooch illustrates the landscape of this Delta, its colors and textures, and the feelings it arises in me. »

(Lost) Paradise, with Isabelle Busnel   (Lost) Paradise, with Isabelle Busnel
« Black jewellery is often associated with mourning jewellery. This collection is inspired by Victorian jewellery and relates to any loss in life, or in Paradise… »

(Lost) Paradise, with Helmi Lindblom(Lost) Paradise, with Helmi Lindblom
« Fruitfully Yours, extinction With this work I focus on today’s paradox: simultaneous population growth and entering the sixth mass extinction. Jewelry from Extinction are silent in comparison to their colorful opposites (Fertility) like extinction is silent in comparison to birth. With color contrast from black balloons I want to put forth the feel of fading away. « 


111, Bd. Victor Hugo
F-59000 LILLE
Horaires : Mo/Fri : 10-13h & 14-17h – Sa : 10-12h & 12h30-16h30





EXPO ‘The After Joya Effect III’ (during AJW) – Popeye loves Olive gallery, Athens (GR) – 29 Juin-23 Juill. 2016



Exposición colectiva The After Joya Effect III que tendrá lugar en Popeye loves Olive – Art Space en la ciudad de Atenas, dentro del marco ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK 2016 …..

Opening: Friday 1st July 2016 @ 20.00
Curated by: Erato Kouloubi

After Joya Effect III: (Rodrigo Acosta necklace)

After its great success, we are happily heading to the third edition of « The after Joya Effect” Exhibition. More than 50 Greek and International Artists had shown their work in our gallery, taking part in 7 Solo and 2 Group Exhibitions!!
Popeye loves Olive – Art Space, sited in the historical center of Athens, aims to the interaction and the transformation of individuality to collaboration, diversity to unification and exchange to sharing.
This year, 33 selected artists from 16 different countries, are called to participate in the project, with the work shown in Joya Barcelona, Jewelry Art Fair, the previous year.
During the event, once again, the public, will vote for their favorite artist, who will be invited for a Solo exhibition at Popeye loves Olive – Art Space.

Participating Artists:  Rodrigo Acosta (Ar) — Jordi Aparicio (Sp) — Mihai Basoiu (Ro)
Isabelle Busnel (Fr) — Alina Carp (Ro) — Sébastien Carré (Fr) — Jamie Chung (S.Kr) — Florence Croisier (Fr) — Marie-Eve Castonguay (Ca) — Aggelika Diplari (Gr) –  Gili Doliner (Il) — Katerina Glyka (Gr) — Steffi Götze (De) — Akis Goumas (Gr) — Dora Haralambaki (Gr) — Amira Jalet (Costa Rica) — Christine Jalio (Fi) — Erato Kouloubi (Gr) — Michelle Kraemer (Lx) — Mia Kwon (S.Kr) — Boky Lee  (S.Kr) –  Nina Lima (Br) — Gigi Mariani (It) — Jose Marin (Sp) –  Viktoria Münzker  (At) — Yannick Mur (Fr) — Liana Pattihis (UK) — Inbar Shahak (Il) — Niki Stylianou  (Gr) — Katja Toporski  (De) — Zeta Tsermou  (Gr) — Artemis Valsamaki  (Gr) — Yiota Vogli   (Gr)
Artemis Valsamaki - "Ηypnagogia" Brooch Copper, silver, acrylicsArtemis Valsamaki - « Ηypnagogia » Brooch Copper, silver, acrylics
Sébastien Carré "CONSIENCE – From the Darkness Comes the Light" Ring (2 or 3 fingers) Nylon, rubber, silk & cotton thread, agate, tiger eyes, red tiger eyes, coral beads, bohemian glass beads, beads.Sébastien Carré « CONSCIENCE – From the Darkness Comes the Light » Ring (2 or 3 fingers) Nylon, rubber, silk & cotton thread, agate, tiger eyes, red tiger eyes, coral beads, bohemian glass beads, beads
Marie Eve Castonguay Secret Brooch Sterling silver, steel, paper, pigments, resinMarie Eve Castonguay Secret Brooch Sterling silver, steel, paper, pigments, resin
Jordi Aparicio (Spain) Anîma 101 Necklace Wire Silver 930/000 (0,08mm), Hematite, Electroplated pure silver, electrolaqued ceramicJordi Aparicio - Anîma 101 Necklace Wire Silver 930/000 (0,08mm), Hematite, Electroplated pure silver, electrolaqued ceramic

 Rodrigo Acosta (Argentina) Desformas Pendant Forma No3 Fabric, Brass, Silver

 Rodrigo Acosta – Desformas – Pendant -Forma No3 -Fabric, Brass, Silver

Florence Croisier (France) "Ramifications" or "Virginia Creeper" 3 ranks, model n°3 Necklace Titanium and goldFlorence Croisier  « Ramifications » or « Virginia Creeper » 3 ranks, model n°3 Necklace Titanium and gold
Alina Carp (Romania) Ocean Drops Leather, plastic tubes, resin, pigment, silver closureAlina Carp - Ocean Drops Leather, plastic tubes, resin, pigment, silver closure
Isabelle Busnel (France) Stomacher Brooch Silicone, flat beads, magnetsIsabelle Busnel - Stomacher – Brooch – Silicone, flat beads, magnets
Mihai Bashou - "The Midas touch" Brooch Copper, gold, woodMihai Bashou - « The Midas touch » Brooch Copper, gold, wood
 Jamie Chung (South Korea) Two drops Pendant Brass - The After Joya Effect III  Jamie Chung (South Korea) Two drops Pendant Brass

Popeye loves olive
Limpona 5, Plateia Agias Eirinis,
10560 Athènes
opening hours: Tues.-Sat. 12.00-20.00, Sun-Mon. closed



During SCHMUCK 2016 : EXPO ‘A TRIBUTE TO MANFRED BISCHOFF’ – 3stations, Munich (DE) – 24-28 Fevr. 2016

A TRIBUTE TO MANFRED BISCHOFF   – 43 Students Pay Homage
43 of his former students from 22 countries who will each show a piece at the exhibition, dedicated to Manfred’s golden “Fingerpuppets” by creating their own little version of Manfred, the real golden boy.

Opening 24.02.2016 18:00

« About the exhibition :  A former student, Isabel Dammermann, took it upon herself to make a special event for the teacher Manfred Bischoff who inspired so many. At the same time, she has managed to create a very interesting exhibition that is on display during the Munich Jewellery week 2016. »

tribute to manfred Bischoff

43 Students Pay Homage :  Dina Abargil — Noriko Akao — Silvie AltschulerRinaldo AlvarezKatharina AsamEunjae BaekSuzanne Beautyman — Silje Bergsvik — Catalina BrenesDaniela BoieriShannon CarneyMarianne Casmose DenningMonica Cecchi – Yu- Chun Chen — Sungho Cho — Claudia Costa — Isabel DammermannElisa DevalCoco DunmireKatie GruberJoanne HuangSayaka ItoAnastasia KandarakiKarin KatoRallou KatsariMichelle KraemerAra KuoSiri O. KvalfossMaru LopezMartina MühlfellnerMalaika Najem — Naoka Nakamura — Angela O’KeefeSelen ÖzusNaama Reich Jimena RiosMarzia RossiAlessia SemeraroYoko ShimizuYuki Sumiya Rudee TancharoenFlora VagiAnne Wiedau

Jewellery artists from 22 countries all over the world come together in a memorial exhibition for Manfred Bischoff who passed away a year ago. At some point or other, they have all been taught by Manfred at Alchimia, contemporary jewellery school in Florence, and have each submitted one piece to the exhibition that honours a great teacher.
German born Manfred Bischoff lived in Tuscany in a house that was in itself a piece of exquisite art. Its magical interior made a natural and perfect framework for his work that has been called by many names: sensual, poetic, lyrical, great, intimate, strong, beautiful, satirical and always surprising. He worked in 22K gold, as pure as he could manage and still maintain a rigidity in the metal that allowed him to execute his ideas in delicate and well crafted pieces, often accompanied with subtle pink coral and drawings.
His dedication to the language of jewellery and his visions were most likely one of the reasons that the Alchimia school managed to become known and respected internationally in a relatively short time span.

  Manfred BischoffManfred Bischoff by Manfred Bischoff

Daniela Boieri, "Wind beneath my wings" - "A tribute to Manfred Bischoff" –  photo OHMYBLUE: Daniela Boieri, « Wind beneath my wings » – « A tribute to Manfred Bischoff » –  photo OHMYBLUE

 Catalina Brenes Orfebre, "My sheep and I say hi" - "A tribute to Manfred Bischoff" – photo OHMYBLUE: Catalina Brenes , « My sheep and I say hi » – « A tribute to Manfred Bischoff » – photo OHMYBLUE

Katie Gruber - "A tribute to Manfred Bischoff" –  - photo OHMYBLUE: Katie Gruber - « A tribute to Manfred Bischoff » – photo OHMYBLUE

Rudee Tancharoen, "In the memory of Manfred Bischoff"/ A tribute to Manfred Bischoff (photo OHMYBLUE): Rudee Tancharoen, « In the memory of Manfred Bischoff »/ A tribute to Manfred Bischoff (photo OHMYBLUE)

Noriko Akao, "M..." - "A tribute to Manfred Bischoff" –  photo OHMYBLUE: Noriko Akao, « M… » – « A tribute to Manfred Bischoff » –  photo OHMYBLUE

 collier Ara Kuo !!!!!!!!!! 'A tribute to Manfred Bischoff'  (photo Alliages):  collier Ara Kuo !!!!!!!!!! ‘A tribute to Manfred Bischoff’  (photo Alliages)

The teacher
« As a student at Alchimia, you never really met Manfred until the third year. He was a giant figure who arrived to the narrow street in Florence on Tuesdays. He spent time with the older students, watched the world from behind his sunglasses when he leaned onto the wall at coffee breaks, and then he vanished again.
It was not until you were there yourself – in your final year – that you met the myth and began to appreciate his capacity to engage in your work and to show you how you might develop it. He was a surprisingly selfless teacher, and during critiques in the small classroom he managed to create a space for you and him to engage in a dialogue about your work that was stripped of second agendas and based solely on how he could help you to become a better artist.
It is only later, you come to understand how exceptionally truthful and helpful he tried to be in order to make you grow as a person and as an artist. »



Welserstrasse 15,
81373 Munich
Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 – 18:00, Sun 10:00 – 14:00



JOYA 2015 – Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair – 8–9-10 October 2015

 JOYA Barcelona 2015

the selected artists

JOYA: Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2015  (7th Edition)  – at Arts Santa Monica 8th–10th October, 2015.

Curated by
Paulo Ribeiro, Anthony Chevallier, Pilar Vélez, Chantal Prod´Hom, Susan Cummins, Piotr Rybazcek and Gigi Mariani.
This year the jury has choosen 47 artists based on the originality and innovation of the presented works, the use of new techniques and experimentation with new materials.

JOYA: Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2015.  - JOYA 2015 (7th Edition) Arts Santa Monica 8th October – 10th October, 2015.(Gigi Mariani necklace)

 Selected artist:

Aggelika DiplariAkis GoumasAlina CarpAlja NeunerAmira JaletAnna Krol — Anna Pavlova — Artemis ValsamakiBokyeong Lee — Carolyn Barker — Cedric ChevalleyChristine JalioCristina ZaniDora HarambalakiErato KouloubiEsme ParsonsEva TesarikFlorence CroisierGigi MarianiGili DolinerInbar ShahakIrene Palomar Isabelle BusnelJeemin Jamie Chung Jordi AparicioJose MarínKaterina GlykaKatja Toporski Ksenia VokhmentsevaLiana PattihisMarie Eve CastonguayMia KwonMichelle KraemerMihai Basoiu (« Bashou ») — Nicolas EstradaNiki Stylianou — Nina Lima — Omri Goren — Ruriko Ito — Sébastian Carré Senay AkinSteffi GotzeStenia Scarselli — Tami Eshed — Viktoria Munzker — Xing Zhou — Yafit Ben MeshulamYana TankovskaYannick Mur Yiota Vogli Zeta Tsermou.

Beside this, we have the honor to present the winners of different international events related with art jewellery :
Marie Eve Castonguay – Winner Autor Award 2015
Gigi Marini – Winner JOYA Award 2014
Akis Goumas – Winner Gioiello in Fermento Torre Fornello Award 2015
Sebastian Carré – Winner Gioiello in Fermento Torre Fornello Award 2015
Anna Krol – Winner La Basílica Award 2014.

  Marie-Eve Castonguay -  Close up brooch from Coming and Going collection -    #kineticjewellery #lasercutting #pigments  Marie-Eve Castonguay - « Coming and Going » – Brooch – Sterling silver, mild steel, wood, resin, pigmentsFlorence Croisier  - Necklace: Ramifications, 2015 Titanium brown and gold: Florence Croisier – Necklace Ramifications, 2015 – Titanium brown and gold

Gigi Mariani Brooch: A different view, 2015 Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello patina 7,6 x 0,5 x 8,5 cm Photo by: Paolo Terzi: Gigi Mariani – Brooch A different view, 2015 – silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, and patina

Akis Goumas - « …spirits of a Symposion, remnants of red wine … » Necklace – Silver, copper, PVC, steel, mixed techniques, threads and pigments: Akis Goumas - « …spirits of a Symposion, remnants of red wine … » Necklace – Silver, copper, PVC, steel, mixed techniques, threads and pigments

Alina Carp - “Legends" Romania , 1967 Brooch - Silver, Steel mesh, Rice papier, Resin, Pigment, Brass mesh, 24 k Gold foil: Alina Carp – “Legends »  Brooch – Silver, Steel mesh, Rice papier, Resin, Pigment, Brass mesh, 24 k Gold foil

 Sébastien Carré - “Oh My God..." France, 1989 Necklace - Wool, leather, silk, cotton, Red tiger eyes /tiger eyes/Aventurine, beadsSébastien Carré - “Oh My God… » – Necklace – Wool, leather, silk, cotton, Red tiger eyes /tiger eyes/Aventurine, beadsNikiStylianou “Vessels and Matter III: Thoughts are Concrete“ Greece, 1968. Necklace - Hand cut rubber, silk thread, oxidized silver NikiStylianou “Vessels and Matter III: Thoughts are Concrete“ -. Necklace – Hand cut rubber, silk thread, oxidized silver

Anna Krol "Childhood 89" - Ring - SilverAnna Krol « Childhood 89″ – Ring – Silver

 Ksenia Vokhmentseva Necklace: The Orchid, 2015 Wire

Ksenia Vokhmentseva Necklace: The Orchid, 2015 Wire

Christine Jalio (Finland, 1978) - “Past, Loss, Future” . Brooch - silk clay and silverChristine Jalio   – “Past, Loss, Future” . Brooch – silk clay and silver

Liana Pattihis - Necklace - Silver, silver trace chain, enamel joya 2015Liana Pattihis – Necklace – Silver, silver trace chain, enamel

Alja Neuner - porcelainAlja Neuner – porcelain

Aggelika Diplari (Greece, 1960).Necklace: Untitled, 2015 wood, Silver, Argentium silver, Pigments, AcrylicsAggelika Diplari – Necklace: Untitled, 2015 wood, Silver, Argentium silver, Pigments, Acrylics

Erato Kouloubi  - Ring - Tar, bronze, pigmentErato Kouloubi  – Ring – Tar, bronze, pigment

  Yana Tankovska Brooch: Blick, 2015 porcelain, fiber top: Yana Tankovska (Yana Tankovska & Evgeniya Tsancova) Brooch: Blick serie, 2015 – porcelain ,textiles- cotton-knitted cotton rope

Gili Doliner -  Wish tank Oxidized 925 silverGili Doliner ♡ Wish Tank + tiny treasures ♡

Gili Doliner -  Wish tank (& tiny treasures) Oxidized 925 silver

Mirage — BOKY LEE (bokyeong.lee) -  Double clasps bangle  Gold and silver plated brass   77 x 106 x 70 mm  Photography: Sylvain DeleuBOKY LEE (Bokyeong Lee) -  Mirage —Double clasps bangle  Gold and silver plated brass  77x106x70 mm – Photo  Sylvain Deleu

Sébastien Carré Ring: Several scales of grape, 2015 Awarded at: Gioielli In ...Fermento 2015Sébastien Carré Ring: Several scales of grape, 2015 Awarded at: Gioielli In …Fermento 2015

 (Jeemin) Jamie Chung Brooch: Two drops, 2015 Brass (Jeemin) Jamie Chung Brooch: Two drops, 2015 Brass

  Jordi Aparicio Brooch: Anima, 2015 Silver 930/000, gold and platinoJordi Aparicio Brooch: Anima, 2015 Silver 930/000, gold and platino

Nicolas Estrada Brooch, Kap Arkona, 2014 Silver, quartz, wood, electric componentsNicolas Estrada Brooch, Kap Arkona, 2014 Silver, quartz, wood, electric components

 Katerina Glyka - “Weapons” Greece, 1963 Necklace - Bronze, concrete, glass, wire, rope  Katerina Glyka - “Weapons” Greece, 1963 Necklace – Bronze, concrete, glass, wire, rope

Yannick Mur “SIGNES” - Brooch - Gold and silver threadYannick Mur “SIGNES” – Brooch – Gold and silver thread

Yafit Ben Meshulam “Cocoon” (Israel) - Necklace - Plaster 3D, silver, goldYafit Ben Meshulam “Cocoon” (Israel) – Necklace – Plaster 3D, silver, gold

Cedric Chevalley - “Blownishere” (Switzerland) - Necklace - SIlver and enamelCedric Chevalley – “Blownishere” (CH) – Necklace – SIlver and enamel

Stenia Scarselli “Per piano solo” - Brooch - Ebony, silverStenia Scarselli “Per piano solo” – Brooch – Ebony, silver

CAROLYN BARKER -AU - Oregon brooch   (Sterling silver, shibuichi, shakudo)   . $725: Carolyn Barker – AU – Oregon brooch   (Sterling silver, shibuichi, shakudo)

Viktoria Münzker “Frangibilis" - Necklace - Porcelain, Liquid Porcelain, pearls, precious stones Viktoria Münzker “Frangibilis » – Necklace – Porcelain, Liquid Porcelain, pearls, precious

Xing Zhou “Oh Wow collection” (China) Necklace - Silver, CrystalXing Zhou “Oh Wow collection” (China) Necklace – Silver, Crystal



Santa Monica Arts Centre
La Rambla 7
08001 -  Barcelona
Phone: + 34 931 42 26 17




EXPO ‘Alchimia: an Anthology’ – SAC Exhibition Gallery, Boston (USA) – 1er Mai-11 Juill. 2015

Alchimia: an Anthology

Reception: Thursday, May 21, 2015 6-8pm

An exhibition that features the work of Alchemists, teachers and students, former and current, to render visible how skill and creativity pass from one generation to the next, from master to apprentice, giving shape to concept and material

Alchimia contemporary Jewellery school in Firenze Lucia (Lucia Massei, « Hotel Centenario » bracelet, iron, silver, gold, pigments and mixed media, 2014)

Alchimia: an Anthology features work of current and former faculty of the world-renowned jewelry program at the Alchimia School in Florence, Italy, complemented by a juried selection of pieces by alumni and final semester students. The exhibition highlights technical skill and creativity, and shows a breadth materials and processes realized to form masterful pieces. The exhibition gives visitors an opportunity to support student work and see the way faculty inspires new generations of makers.

The exhibition coincides with the annual Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) conference, which will be held in Boston during May 20-23, 2015.

#AlchimiaAnAnthology A #contemporaryjewellery exhibition (Anja Eichler  “Collier”)

Works by the following faculty will be shown: Orsetta Andreotti — Giampaolo BabettoPeter Bauhuis — Paolo Bernardoni — Manfred BischoffDaniela BoieriDoris Maninger – Giovanni Martinelli — Lucia Massei Ruudt Peters (Keynote Speaker at SNAG Conference) – Marzia Rossi Manuel Vilhena.

The works of the students have been selected by the Society of Arts and Crafts a non profit organization that has been advocating for artists and craftsmen since 1897. Among them Anja Eichler — Sungho Cho — Anna Drexel — Catalina Gibert — Gabi Veit — Isabel Dammermann — Michelle Kraemer — Monica Cecchi – Enrica Prazzoli — Maru López — Andrea Coderch  Doris ManingerDoris Maninger

Marzia Rossi Necklace: Untitled 2006 Acrylic glass, gold, lapislazuli, shibuishi Marzia Rossi Necklace: Untitled 2006 Acrylic glass, gold, lapislazuli, shibuishi

Lucia Massei braceletLucia Massei - « Hotel Centenario » bracelet, iron, silver, gold, pigments and mixed media, 2014- photo : Federico Cavicchioli

Anja Eichler  “Collier,” 2015 - Hardened quail eggs, brass with 18kt gold leaf, 18kt tubes and spheres, gold plated steel wire 65 cm in lengthAnja Eichler  “Collier” 2015 – Hardened quail eggs, brass with 18kt gold leaf, 18kt tubes and spheres, gold plated steel wire 65 cm in length

Sungho Cho “Faces,” 2013 - 24 kt gold Keum Boo, silver, garnet, plastic, found objects 9 x 6 x 4 cmSungho Cho “Faces,” 2013 – 24 kt gold Keum Boo, silver, garnet, plastic, found objects 9x6x4 cm

Isabel Dammermann "Roog,” 2013 - Jade and silver 12 x 9 x .5 cmIsabel Dammermann « Roog,” 2013 – Jade and silver 12 x 9 x .5 cm

Cata Gibert - ‎llimona‬ brooch‬  Catalina Gibert - ‎llimona‬ brooch‬ 

Gabi Veit “Rosengarten,” 2013 - Oxidized silver, garnet 4 x 3 x 2 cmGabi Veit “Rosengarten,” 2013 – Oxidized silver, garnet 4 x 3 x 2 cm

Anna Drexel  “Untitled,” 2013 - Cement and silver 21 x 21 x 2 cmAnna Drexel  “Untitled,” 2013 – Cement and silver 21 x 21 x 2 cm

Michelle Kraemer -  necklace "starry night" Michelle Kraemer -  necklace « starry night »

Michelle Kraemer - necklace "starry night" (BACK)Michelle Kraemer - necklace « starry night » (BACK)

Enrica Prazzoli "sign language" brooch  Enrica Prazzoli « sign language » brooch 

Andrea Coderch and María Eugenia López  Andrea Coderch and María Eugenia López (Maru lopez)

Daria Borovkova- ALCHIMIADaria Borovkova



SAC Exhibition Gallery
on the second floor, above the SAC Retail Gallery:
175 Newbury Street,

Boston, MA 02116 – USA


EXPO ‘RULE THE WORLD’ – Friends of Carlotta, Zurich (CH) – 19 Juin-5 Sept. 2014

RULE THE WORLD, a juried exhibition at Friends of Carlotta in Zurich, Switzerland, curated by Bruna Hauert.

Welcome to our world of lived-out deficiencies and psychopaths!

What are the adornments of dictators, despots, and the plain delusional ? What do they need in order to let their real personalities shine through ? What tools do tyrants have to show that they are in charge ?

Rule the World

Despoten sind – bei aller Einfalt – ein sehr facettenreiches Trüppchen. Sie wollen nicht nur geliebt werden. Nein, sie wollen ehrlich und echt geliebt werden. Notfalls mit Gewalt.
Doch: Womit schmücken sich DiktatorInnen, Grössenwahnsinnige, Möchtegerns und Trauminöds? Womit präsentieren sie sich, damit ihre wahre Persönlichkeit im richtigen Licht erstrahlt? Womit zeigen GrosskotzInnen, TyrannInnen und zu Höherem Berufene, dass die Macht mit ihnen ist? Besitzt der Mächtige Objekte der Macht weil er mächtig ist? Oder ist er mächtig, weil er Objekte von magischer Macht besitzt?
Und: Was gönnt der Despot sich selbst in einer launigen Minute? Welcher Schmuck feiert mit ihm in der Stunde seines Triumphes? Womit verwöhnt er seine Untertanen, damit sie sich ihm leichter unter tun? Und wie kann ich ihm huldigen, damit er meine wahre Liebe und somit seinen wahren Wert erkennt?
Diese und andere Fragen zum Thema RULE THE WORLD beherrschen das Thema der nächsten jurierten Schmuckausstellung bei Friends of Carlotta.
Willkommen in der Welt der gelebten Defizite und der Psychopathen in Bestform!
Ich freue mich auf die Pracht der Macht und darauf, Sie an der Vernissage vom 19. Juni 2014 ab 17h begrüssen zu dürfen. Oder an jedem anderen Tag während der Ausstellung. Herzlich  Bruna Hauert

Despite their simple-mindedness, despots are a very diverse little group. All they want is
to be loved. Or rather, they want honest and real love. By force, if need be.
However, what do dictators, megalomaniacs, wannabes and the delusioned adorn themselves with? What do they use to cast their personalities in a positive light? What do fat cats, tyrants and those destined for greater things use to demonstrate that the force is with them? Do the powerful own objects of power because they are powerful? Or are they powerful because they own objects with magic powers?
What’s more: What do despots treat themselves to when they’re in a foul mood? Which pieces of jewellery are there to share the hours of victory with them? What do they spoil their subjects with in order to make them more eager to subdue themselves? And how must I worship these despots so that they recognise my pure love and therefore their true value?
These and other questions on how to RULE THE WORLD will be the dictating subject of the
next juried jewellery exhibition at Friends of Carlotta.

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD -  Joo Hyung ParkJoo Hyung Park
- Annette Altenburger (DE) — Jessica Andersen (USA) — Christine Annau (DE) — Miriam Arentz & Annika Schindler (DE) — Ela Bauer (NL) — Nicole Beck (DE) — Stefan Behnke & Miriam Gradl (DE) — Brigitte Berndt (DE) — Marlene Beyer (DE) — Wolfram Beyer (DE) — Laura Bradshaw-Heap (UK) — Rachael Colley (UK) — Jennifer Crupi (USA) — Martina Czunczeleit (DE) — Laura Deakin (DE) — Saskia Derksen (DE) — Saskia Detering (DE) — Sam Tho Duong (DE) — Beate Eismann (DE) — Tanja Emmert (DE) — Ricarda Enderweit (DE) — Katja Fischer (CH) — Su Foster, Patsy Kay Kolesar & Simone Richmond (CA) — Katja Fox (DE) — Andrea Fretz (CH) — Yael Friedman (IL) — Helen Friesacher-Borst (DE) — Claudia Frisch (DE) — Masako Fukuda (JP) — Sam Gassman (USA) — Friederike Glück (DE) — Miriam Gonnissen (DE) — Nicole Grandics (USA) — Bénédicte Gross (CH) — Tamara Grüner (DE) — Christian Guthmann (DE) — Bruna Hauert (CH) – Stephanie Hensle (DE) — Jasmin Hess (CH) — Tomoko Hori (UK) — Mara Induni (CH) — Bettina Jakob (CH) — Florence Jaquet (CH) — Léonie Jeanrenaud (CH) — Edda Andrée Jessel (DE) — Leonore Jock (DE) — Udo Jung (DE) — Masumi Kataoka (USA) — Verena Klette (DE) — Luitgard Korte (DE) — Michelle Kraemer (AT) –  Unk Kraus (DE) — Martina Lang (DE) — Gregory Larin (IL) — Tracy Lee Black (USA) — Alisa Letsius (RU) — Reka Lorincz (HU) — Inés Mantel (CH) — Gigi Mariani (IT) — Laura Martínez (ES) — Susanne Matsché (DE) — Esther Mattille (CH) — Jennifer Merchant (USA) — Katharina Moch (DE) — Jillian Moore (USA) — Julika Müller (DE) — Viktoria Münzker (AT) — Nick Mullins (USA) — Elisabeth Mundwiler (CH) — Deanna Ooley (USA) — Ossi Oswald (DE) — Joo Hyung Park (KT) — Nadine Pawusch (DE) — Lina Peetz (DE) — Izabella Petrut (AT) — Annika Pettersson (SE) — Carmen Pfanner (AT) — Yvonne Raab (DE) — Daniel Ramos (DE) — Sarah Reinhard (CH) — Begoña Rentero (ES) — Claudia Römer (DE) — Sabine Roth (DE) — Vicky Saragouda (UK) — Nils Schmalenbach (DE) — Naoko Iyoda Schneeberger (CH) — Verena Schreppel (DE) — Nicole Schuster (DE) — Anna Silberstein (DE) — Eva Sörensen (DE) — Katrin Spranger (UK) — Johanna Stäss (DE) — Simone Strauss (DE) — Rebecca Strzelec (USA) — Eva Tesarik (AT) — Myung Urso (USA) — Viveka Valentin (DE) — Otto Van Winkle Peterstein (IE) — Barbara Vogl (DE) — Maria Volokhova (DE) — Andrea Wagner (NL) — Heike Walk (DE) — Heike Wanner (AT) — Caro Weiss (DE) — Klaus Weisser (CH) — Angelika Wolpert (DE) — Grandpa Wooley (DE) — Diana Zeiler (DE)

EXPO virtuelle / virtual exhibition here

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_  Jennifer CRUPI power gestureJennifer CRUPI power gesture

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Luitgard Korte - ringLuitgard Korte - ring

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Gregory Larin  'Nice to meat you'Gregory Larin  ‘Nice to meat you’ necklace – brass, textile, polymer

Andrea Wagner "Rule the World" Friends of CarlottaAndrea Wagner

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_Florence JaQUETFlorence Jaquet

Jasmin Hess jewels Jasmin Hess brooches « Love is what you PUT IN my heart » Brosche Holz, Textil, Garn, Silber

Tamara GrünerTamara Grüner

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_ - FOC - Brigitte BerndtBrigitte Berndt – « man Eater »

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD- Tanja EmmertTanja Emmert

Jillian Moore - at Friends of carlottaJillian Moore   « PHASELOS »
The obscenely over sized piece did not hang like a pendant. It framed her face and seemed to cradle her body. It required a formal posture and bearing that teased out an air of decorum she was not always prone to pulling off. A hybridization of legume, embryo, and organ, the piece could not be more ripe. It‘s glossy surface, and speckled edges felt less like a thing made than a thing born. To the starving masses it was a promise of fertility, but to her enemies it was a reminder that she might gut them at amoment‘s notice

 Johanna Stäß  Johanna Stäß

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_ Yael FriedmanYael Friedman

 EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Gigi MarianiGigi Mariani
« I wanted to think of a jewel that affirm strength and power. in which the tyrant will exhibit their achievements represented by balls enclosed between cubes, like columns that recall the force of power.
A potential rosary made to be shown to confirm the ego and emphasize his power.
Object to show, but that becomes amulet and creates safety to the wearer »

Nick MullinsNick Mullins

Bruna HauertBruna Hauert

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Bruna HauertBruna Hauert

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Izabella Petrut Izabella Petrut
« Jewelry to live every deficiency to the fullest extent. I choose to use a female and a male despot, creating two characters and two scenarios. They both compete for power, adoration, attention and they use the same weapons: the Penis, a symbol of power and dominance. My characters have a lot of insecurities for which they have to overcompensate with decoration and dubious behavior. The Penis becomes a symbol of desire and the despots see it as the object of their desire. The Penis becomes a cult object. Queen of all queens carries around a small wooden Penis pendant as a symbol of her dominance over men. It looks modest, unimportant and not too cared for. It is a trophy.
King of all kings carries around a wooden Penis to show he is the biggest, strongest and most precious of all. The piece is carved out of balsa wood and carefully finished. The piece is really easily imprinted if one doesn’t handle it with care, just like the King’s ego. The way it is worn, as a brooch on the shoulder, is disturbing for the wearer as well as for the viewer. »

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD -Katharina MochKatharina Moch

Sam Tho Duong for "Rule the World", Friends of Carlotta, ZürichSam Tho Duong neckpiece

Jennifer Merchant, "Rule the World" Friends of CarlottaJennifer Merchant

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_ - Begoña RenteroBegoña Rentero


Friends of Carlotta Bruna Hauert,
Neumarkt 22
8001 Zurich
Tel +41 44 261 87 07


EXPO ‘Frisch vom Himmel’ – STOSSimHIMMEL, Vienna (AT) – 5 Juin- 2014

Frisch vom Himmel,  new exhibition opening June 5th, 4 pm, at STOSSimHIMMEL, Vienna

 inauguration : 5 juin 16h

Come by and see the works of : Michelle KraemerEva Tesarik — Kamilla Wrobl — Martin LeitnerViktoria Münzker –  Heike WannerTatiana Warenichova Caroline Ertl Izabella Petrut
Viktoria Munzker - detailViktoria Munzker - detail
Viktoria Munzker - Elysia, Brosche, 2013, Alginat, Fischschuppen, Perle, Gold, Silber, Granat, Glas, Alpaka, LackViktoria Munzker - Elysia, Brosche, 2013, Alginat, Fischschuppen, Perle, Gold, Silber, Granat, Glas, Alpaka, Lack
Photo : Michelle Kraemer Jewellery Formen...Material...Transformationen... Material ist Inspiration und Herausforderung zugleich. Oft lässt die Designerin ihre Händen entscheiden was es sein will und manchmal verlangt eine bestimmte Idee nach einem bestimmten Material. Sie werden so stark transformiert, bis sie ihr wahres, unmittelbares Gesicht zeigen, bis sie Schmuck werden.Michelle Kraemer Jewellery
Michelle Kraemer creates her jewelry by directly feeling and playing with the materials. They’re her inspiration and her challenge, and she continues to transform them until they become a piece of jewelry. Meet her in Munch tomorrow: Kraemer   CumulusNimbus
Eva Tesarik - Herz - broochEva Tesarik Erz brooch
Caroline Ertl earringsCaroline Ertl earrings

Izabella Petrut - innocent - work in progress 2014Izabella Petrut – innocent – work in progress 2014

Atelier StossImHimmel

Stoss im Himmel 3/3a
A-1010 Wien
Tel.: 0043 (0)650 2003279
mail:mail@stossimhimmel.netMo-Fr: 10:00 – 18.00
Sa: 12:00 – 18:00


EXPO ‘VIENNA 4′ – ponyhof artclub, Munich (DE) – 12-14 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Four jewellery Artists from based in Vienna present theit new works @SCHMUCKtage 2014 in Munich.

Michelle KraemerViktoria Münzker - Claudia SteinerEva Tesarik

Vernissage 12.03.2014 – 17.00 – 20.00

Vienna4 - Viktoria Münzker Schmucksachen.

  »Four jewelry artists from Austria, Luxemburg and Slovakia, each of whom lives and works primarily in Vienna, present their new creations at Schmucktage 2014 in Munich. Michelle Kraemer creates her jewelry by directly feeling and playing with the materials. They’re simultaneously her inspiration and her challenge, and she continues to transform the materials until the result is a piece of jewelry. Viktoria Münzker is inspired by nature: for example, by the movements of water, which is constantly drawn to and fro, seemingly weightless, and never motionless. The open field of the imagination from which her jewelry results also reveals the feelings and emotions of its maker. Claudia Steiner’s pieces describe the various facets of the personality and the changes it undergoes. Her jewelry guides its beholder’s gaze toward what has been concealed, while the forms embody a sleekly simple aesthetic and the colors refer to the essentials. Eva Tesarik is influenced by the “chambers of marvels” of the Renaissance. She combines amber (“the gold of the north”) and various other materials to create contemporary “chambers of marvels.” » (artaurea)
Vienna 4
Viktoria Münzker, Necklace Marina Morosa, 2013, mixed media.Viktoria Münzker, Necklace Marina Morosa, 2013, mixed media.
Viktoria Munzker - Corialias - 2014

Viktoria Münzker- Corialias serie : « frangibilis » – 2014 - Porzellan, Glas, Silber, Metallgranulat, Alte Kunststoffperlen

Viktoria Münzker- Corialias serie : "frangibilis" - 2014Viktoria Münzker- Corialias serie : « frangibilis » – detail – 2014 - Porzellan, Metallgranulat, Stoffband
Claudia Steiner, Necklace Alter ego#06, 2013, oxidized 925 silver
Claudia Steiner, Necklace Alter ego#06, 2013, oxidized 925 silver
Michelle Kraemer, Necklace Cumulus Nimbus, 2013, Balsawood, silver.Michelle Kraemer, Necklace Cumulus Nimbus, 2013, Balsawood, silver.
Eva Tesarik, Brooch Auf leisen Pfoten…, 2013, silver, amber, colored jasper.Eva Tesarik, Brooch Auf leisen Pfoten…, 2013, silver, amber, colored jasper.
Pestalozzistraße 14
 80469 München
Tel. +43 699 11180455
Do 11-20, Fr 11-18 Uhr


Premio Fondazione Cominelli per el gioiello contemporaneo – Palazzo Cominelli, Cisano di San Felice (IT) – 31 Aout-6 Oct. 2013

Premio Fondazione Cominelli per el gioiello contemporaneo

L’evento, in programma dal 31 agosto al 6 ottobre 2013, vedrà l’esposizione di gioielli realizzati da importanti autori e designer provenienti da tutto il mondo. Il concorso è promosso dalla Fondazione Cominelli di Cisano di San Felice e da AGC Associazione Italiana del Gioiello Contemporaneo.

Una sezione della mostra sarà dedicata alle opere realizzate dagli allievi del Dipartimento di Oreficeria dell’Università Statale di Belle Arti e della Musica di Tokyo con lo scopo di presentare e mettere a confronto i differenti percorsi formativi e i molteplici orientamenti del design internazionale.

Premio Fondazione Cominelli per el gioiello contemporaneo: with Danni Schwaag (Diploma 2008) • 31 August - 6 October • Palazzo Cominelli, Cisano di San Felice: – avec Danni Schwaag Schmuck.
In the context of the exhibition dedicated to contemporary international jewellery at Palazzo Cominelli in San Felice del Benaco, a conference dedicated to the Japanese goldsmith ‘art will be in the Sala dei Provveditori of Salò. The speakers Ichiro Iino and Yutaka Nagai – a famous Jewellery artist, a member of the Association of Japanese contemporary jewellery JJDA – will describe the ancient Japanese art of casting techniques, and the new trends in jewellery design of the Rising Sun.
The JJDA, founded in 1964 by Koji Iwakura, Yasuhiko Hishida and Yasuki Hiramatsu, has as its main objective the international exchange of ideas and projects between East and West.
As every year Palazzo Cominelli, devotes a section of the exhibition to a prestigious design school. This year you can admire the works created by the students of the Department of goldsmith of the University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo, led by the Professor Ichiro Iino.
The Department of goldsmiths of the ‘University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo was founded in 1887 and over the years have followed the innovations of technique and taste, has never forgotten the ancient traditions of Japanese jewellery and sculptures, among which stand out: embossing and chasing, metal casting, pottery and Urushi art (lacquering).
Lecture about Japanese goldsmith’s art  speakers Prof. Ichiro Iino and Yutaka Nagai
Sunday, September 1st , 2013 11:00 am
Sala dei Provveditori – Palazzo Municipale – Via Lungolago Zanardelli,16
Free admission  – Information: phone +39 338.60.60.153
Autori selezionati per il premio 2013:   Anna FornariAnnie SibertAntje StolzBabette Von DohnanyiBeate Eismann — Chiara Zanetti — Claude SchmitzDanni Schwaag — Eiko Nakahara — Elida KemelmannElisabetta Duprè — Emma Francesconi — Eunmi Kwon (Mia Kwon)Farrah Al Dujaili — Francesca Di Ciaula — Francesca GabrielliGigi MarianiGiulia SavinoHeidemarie HerbIsabell SchauppJessica TurrellJie SunJoohee HanJoo Hyung ParkJudy McCaigKaren VanmolKirsten Haydon — Lena Lindahl — Makoto HiedaMarianne SchliwinskiMichelle KraemerNahoko FujimotoNikki Couppee — Seo Jeong Wo — Shu Lin WuSilke TrekelSimona Materi Sooyeon KimSumiko HattoriSungho ChoSuzanne BeautymannTakako KomiyaViktoria MunzkerWan Hee ChoYoko TakiraiYu HirashiYuki Sumiya

 Premio Fondazione Cominelli per el gioiello contemporaneo - Palazzo Cominelli, Cisano di San Felice (IT) - 31 Aout-6 Oct. 2013   dans AGC Italia ELISABETTA-DUPRE-anello-argento-oro--365x478ELISABETTA DUPRE’ anello, argento, oro

DANIA-KELMINSKY-_anelli_legnoottone-650x433 dans Anna FORNARI (IT)DANIA CHELMINSKY  anelli – legno,ottone

BERNHARD-STIMPFL-ABELE-STIMPFEL-Orange-Explosion-spilla-argento-puroossidazione-polystereneelettroformatura-520x650 dans Annie SIBERT (FR)BERNHARD STIMPFL-ABELE – Orange Explosion – spilla – argento puro,ossidazione polysterene,elettroformatura

 JIE SUN - Happiness - spilla - legno, acciaio, argento, pittura-FNMJIE SUN – Happiness – spilla – legno, acciaio, argento, pittura-FNM




Palazzo Cominelli,
via Padre F. Santabona, 9
25010 Cisano di San Felice del Benaco (BS)
tel +39 338.60.60.153



Schmuck 2013 – EXPO ‘Made in Vienna’ – Galerie GestalterBund, Munich (DE) – 7-9 Mars 2013

Made in Vienna

An eclectic group of six viennese based jewellery artists – claudia steiner, eva tesarik, viktoria münzker, michelle kraemer, katie gruber and katharina schmid – present their most recent works at GalerieGestalterbund in Munich.

during SCHMUCK : Michelle Kraemer / Jewellery

Artists:  Katie Gruber, Michelle Kraemer, Viktoria Münzker, Katharina Schmid, Claudia Steiner, Eva Tesarik




Galerie GestalterBund
Holzstraße 22
80469 – Munich
Telephone: +43 699 11180455