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Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2012 – 16-27 Mai 2012

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2012Wed May 16 — Sun May 27

 Art is spirituality in drag” is a quote from the American artist Jennifer Yane. Although I see few parallels between her artistic work and Ädellab, the quote fits the degree projects of the nine graduating students perfectly.
Their chosen themes vary: Illusions, Identity, Raw Beauty or The Meaning of the Handmade – just to mention a few. These might seem typical subjects for contemporary jewellery or corpus investigations, but there is nothing stereotypical about the final work of the graduates at Ädellab. What they produce is anchored in an authentic discourse with the subjects and this includes theoretical underpinning of the theme. It also includes answering the question of what relevance their work can have in our culture, since the making of artistic work is not about thinking something up, it is in fact the opposite – it is about creating awareness of the given.
The given in this case is nothing less than the world in which we live, and it is up to each individual artist to define their subject of interest within the endless possibilities.
Within an educational framework, however, each graduating artist needs to adjust to the rather fake reality of an examination. The task is to fulfil learning outcomes, to follow deadlines and simultaneously be able to create a body of work from which they can launch their careers.
For an observer of the artistic work created the task is much more beautiful: it is to engage with the nine individual perceptions of the world. And even if the stories told do not reveal themselves immediately, you can always enjoy the drag!« 
Karen Pontoppidan, Professor of Jewellery and Corpus Art


UntitledBrice Garrett« [In]flux »

« We live in a current state of flux. Among the transitions come new unfamiliar spaces. It’s the position of being in-between the familiar and the foreign, amid the habitual and the uncertain. Familiarizing and acclimating in this state is a process stimulated by perception. Among this state of flux, can jewellery contribute to this process of making one feel at home?  » Brice Garrett

ma_jc_mia_larsson_04Mia Larsson – « Moving Matter »

  »There is no such thing as either man or nature now only a process that produces the one within the other and couples the machines together.”* (*Giles Deleuze and Felix Guattari)
“Things, non humans, nature having equal significance as us, humans. They should also be an active part of mediating meaning and connections. Therefore we need to mobilize nature from the background.”*  (*Bruno Latour)
My work is a material study out from theories that share views on material and nature where materials are described as active, intelligent and interdisciplinary; part of the same continuum as us. This indicates a kind of material related ecology.
Jewellery could express believes, connects people and could be used as protection with talismanic powers.
I have chosen to work with nacre from the shell of the blue mussels and oysters. Relating it to jewellery is my way of investing and expressing the material. »  Mia Larsson

Hair Brooch (Photo: Christian Gloor)Monika Strasser – Hair Brooch (Photo: Christian Gloor)

  »On Beauty » : « People hunting for beauty often forget the beauty of life. Beauty often generates pressure in society.
The objects refer visually to the process of beautification and to its daily rituals. These objects make a statement about and make one aware of the beauty craze. They also refer to natural beauty and the changes caused by the passing of time. » Monika Strasser


Mikael Årsjö : « The Illusion that Jewellery Offers Us » : voir article COUP de COEUR : Mikael Årsjö, « The Illusion that Jewellery Offers Us »


Performing ShellYoung Geum Cho – Performing Shell

Young Geum Cho : « Performing Shell » : voir article COUP de COEUR : Young Geum Cho « Performing Shell »

Lina Pihl - Identity (Necklace) Bioresin, iron powder, acrystal, steel, cotton fabric.

Lina PihlIdentity (Necklace) Bioresin, iron powder, acrystal, steel, cotton fabric.

Lina Pihl : « Identity Construction »    (voir article)



Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
LM Ericssons väg 14,
126 37 Hägersten, Sweden

COUP de COEUR : Mikael Årsjö, « The Illusion that Jewellery Offers Us »

Mikael Årsjö, « The Illusion that Jewellery Offers Us »

« In the process of beginning my Master’s project, I looked at historical case studies and examples of jewellery from different time periods. Finding that the aspect of illusion has been ever present in jewellery, and still is, I wanted to highlight the correlation between material choice and illusion in jewellery. By predominantly using the material aluminum and referencing the historical technique of chainmailling, I have made a series of jewellery that aims to highlight the desire we have to protect ourselves.
I believe that although the reason for wearing protective jewellery today differs from the historical past, our appreciation of the thought of wearing something that truly offers protection, remains.
My work aims to show jewellery which gives an illusion that if worn, it could truly offer protection.  »

(Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2012)

ma_jc_mikael_arsjo_14Mikael Årsjö
Mikael ÅrsjöMikael Årsjöma_jc_mikael_arsjo_03

Mikael Årsjö

COUP de COEUR : Mikael Årsjö, Mikael Årsjö

ma_jc_mikael_arsjo_10Mikael Årsjö


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