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SIERAAD 2014 – International Jewellery Art Fair – Amsterdam (NL) – 6-9 Nov. 2014

SIERAAD  6-9 nov 2014 – Amsterdam

List of participants 2014

sieraad 2014



La liste des participants commence somptueusement !!! : « Erato Kouloubi, ALCHIMIA Jewellery school in Florence, Alina Carp, Andrea Coderch Valor ……. Catalina Brenes, Catalina Gibert,  …. Wu Ching-Chih, David Choi ……….. Dora Haralambaki, Edith Bellod, ……… Gabrielle Desmarais, George Giannoutsos, etc etc etc pour ne citer que mes préférés ……… la Royal Academy of Fine Arts d’Anvers … (voir la liste (lien ci-dessus)

ceramic jewellery Dora Haralambaki.ceramic jewellery Dora Haralambaki - at stand 84

George GiannoutsosGeorge Giannoutsos at stand 1

 Erato Kouloubi  -  Deconstructing the Faith Ring / Sterling Silver www.eratojewellery.comErato Kouloubi  -  Deconstructing the Faith Ring / Sterling Silver  at stand 1

Niki Stylianou presents " Vessels and Matter II: Metaphors on Courtship, Intimacy and Domesticy" Necklace - Hand cut rubber, silk thread, watercolorNiki Stylianou –  » Vessels and Matter II: Metaphors on Courtship, Intimacy and Domesticy » Necklace – Hand cut rubber, silk thread, watercolor – at stand 1

Maria Tsimpiskaki, Corruption collection, brooch, 2014Maria Tsimpiskaki, Corruption collection, brooch, 2014  at stand 1

SO, stand 1 is a « GREEK » stand, with : Maria Tsimpiskaki - Niki Stylianou Erato Kouloubi   & George Giannoutsos

Catalina Gibert | Serra_2014 NecklaceCatalina Gibert - Serra_2014 Necklace – at stand 41B

Andrea Coderch Valor - 2011. Silver, wood (bois de violet), silk.Andrea Coderch Valor - 2011. Silver, wood (bois de violet), silk.  – at stand 41A

Liisa Hashimoto -  5set Red Seed Ring - at SIERAAD 2014Liisa Hashimoto (HINGE Dept.) -  5set Red Seed Ring – at stand 48

Cécile Bertrand - SIERAAD 2014Cecile Bertrand – broche « GUN » – at stand 74
stand 74 avec la « dream team » : Cécile BertrandSylvie Jousset & Isabelle Carpentier

Sylvie Jousset -  "catch me cactus" bracelet - Argent, maillechort, vrais cactus et plantes grassesSylvie Jousset -  « catch me cactus » bracelet – Argent, maillechort, vrais cactus & plantes grasses - at stand 74

Nevin Arig brooch-simple5 - at SIERAAD 2014Nevin Arig – brooch simple5 – at stand 71

SIERAAD 2014 International Jewellery Art Fair | Gabrielle DesmaraisGabrielle Desmarais at stand 75,
sharing with Isabelle Busnel, Edith Bellod and  Eun Mi Kwon


they made a collective necklace !

sieraad 2014 - collective necklace - Isabelle Busnel sharing a stand with Mia Kwon, Gabrielle Desmarais and Edith Bellod and this is our collective necklace Isabelle Busnel sharing a stand with Mia Kwon, Gabrielle Desmarais and Edith Bellod and this is our collective necklace

Eun Mi Kwon - spring on skin #07 - 2014 porcelaine Eun Mi Kwon (Mia Kwon jewellery) – spring on skin #07 – 2014 – porcelaine  at stand 75

SIERAAD 2014  International Jewellery Art Fair | Isabelle BusnelIsabelle Busnel - neckpiece – at stand 75

Edith Bellod Necklace  Kaléidoscope Necklace Bouton 3 rows - at SIERAAD 2014Edith Bellod – at stand 75

CHING CHIH WU - SIERAAD 2014Wu ching-chih- at stand 18

 Judith Bloedjes - ring precious triplet 2014 - porcelaineJudith Bloedjes – ring precious triplet 2014 – porcelaine


SIERAAD 14 -  Catalina BrenesCatalina Brenes  at stand 64

Alina Carp - broochAlina Carp – brooch – at stand 25Lauren Markley - SIERAAD 2014Lauren Markley -at stand 44

SIERAAD -  Raewyn Walsh (- NTJ)Raewyn Walsh Vessel pendant, 2012 NZ, silver, epoxy, silk thread

Eily O'Connell at SIERAAD 2014Eily O’Connell-  at stand 31

Han-Chieh Chuang - red brick brooch serie - silver, copper, enamel, steel wireHan-Chieh Chuang – red brick brooch serie – silver, copper, enamel, steel wire – at stand 38

Silvia Beccaria - at stand 100Silvia Beccaria - gorgiera Splendor – 2011 -  at stand 100

Jeehyun ChungJeehyun Chung

papallona - Karolina Bik -  'graphium' ring - peridot, argent oxydéKarolina Bik -  ‘graphium’ ring – peridot, argent oxydé

Linda Ezerman - Necklace with a storyLinda Ezerman - Necklace with a story

Linda Ezerman - Sea Seed Brooches - SIERAAD 2014Linda Ezerman - new work ! – Sea Seed Brooches – Balsawood, pigment(powder), laquer and stamen -
SIERAAD 2014 at stand 53

SIERAAD 2014 --Jillian-MooreJillian Moore – at stand 33

maria diana, bracciale perle, 2013  (porcelain, stoneware, gold) ph federica cioccoloniMaria Diana, bracciale perle, 2013  (porcelain, stoneware, gold) – at stand 67

Mariko Sumioka -Mariko Sumioka

Merav O. Roth JewelryMerav O. Roth Jewelry

YUNG HUEII CHAO (TAIWAN), Bracelets (2010)  Nilckel silver I   Window Series  8 X 10 X 3 cm (each)   Selected Artist ,Talente 2011Yung Huei, Chao (Taiwan). « Windows Series ». Nickel silver Bracelets (2010) 

stand of Royal Academy of Fine Arts d’Anvers, with Vincent Verstrepen, Elitsa Macheva, Annika Wirken, Elya Tettelin, Josefine Mass, Mara Gabriela Grigoriu :

Annika Wirken -  ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS ANTWERP - Annika Wirken

  Vincent Vestrepen - ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS ANTWERP   Vincent Vestrepen

Josefine Mass - ANTWERPJosefine Mass

stand of Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, (stand 101), with :
Daria Borovkova (Russia), Amani Boudargham (Lebanon), Francesco Coda (Italy), Elena Gil (Costa Rica), Sana Khalil (Lebanon),  Daniela Malev (Germany), Lilian Mattuschka (Austria), Carla Movia (Italy), Federica Sala (Italy), Maria Ignacia Walker (Cile)

Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School - with here Federica Sala neckpieceFederica Sala neckpiece

María Ignacia WalkerMaría Ignacia Walker

Klonneplein 1,
1014DD Amsterdam
tel +31 20 586 0710










EXPO ‘Color is more’ – iii-Gallery, Bruxelles (BE) – 1er Juill.-1er Sept. 2012


With the help of the creations of 16 artists/designers iii-gallery will be turned into an explosion of color

Color is moreavec :
Suzanne Esser — Falabrac — Pia Wustenberg — Misun Won — Thanh Truc Nguyen — Sabine Muller — Christiane Grinat — Dorit SchubertJimin KimYu PingJulia ReymannSofia SchaffsteinClaudia RinnebergAna HagopianMei Lee

EXPO 'Color is more' - iii-Gallery, Bruxelles (BE) - 1er Juill.-1er Sept. 2012 dans Ana HAGOPIAN (ES) 01-0Yu-Ping Lin - from Kaleido collection

Mei Lee -  "rosée" - 2 fingers ringMei Lee -  « rosée » – 2 fingers ring

Sofia Schaffstein -  Acrylglas, Furnierholz, Silber    schaffstein-schmuckdesign.deSofia Schaffstein -  Acrylglas, Furnierholz, Silber


Rue Sainte Anne 40
Brussels, Belgium 1000
tel 00 32 2 512 30 12
Closed until mercredi 12:00 – 18:00


EXPO ‘MISUN WON: Jogakbo and the Fractal geometry’ – 15 Mars-5 Mai 2012

Classé dans : Belgique (BE),Exposition/Exhibition,GALERIES,Misun WON (S.Kr) — bijoucontemporain @ 22:17

Jogakbo and the Fractal geometry BY MISUN WON


In the first Misun Won’s solo exhibition ‘Jogakbo and the Fractal geometry’, she wants to associate the beauty of playful rhythmical structure with her jewelleries. The latest collections reflect her inspiration from the geometrical composition of Korean patchworks ‘Jogakbo’. As the composition of Jogakbo is based on nature, she employed the fractal geometry in order to analyse the complex compositions of Jogakbo. Her in-depth study in the Fractal geometry and Jogakbo helped her to create dynamic structures for her latest collection. Her meditative making process is an act of pray for the wearers as the act of imbuing auspicious qualities with her jewelleries parallels the wish of ancient Korean housewives, who made Jogakbo for their family members.
After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2008 with a master degree, she worked at the College as an artist in residence and a visiting lecturer. She won a gold award for Fashion Production Jewellery in Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Award in 2008. She has been exhibiting her jewellery in UK, Europe, and USA. Now she is working in her cozy studio at Coburg House Art Studios & Gallery in Leith, Edinburgh.
Misun Won

Pinned ImageMisun Won – yellow Jogakbo brooch- oxidised sterling silver, yellow enamel paint
Pinned ImageMisun Won - Red round wrapping pendant – silver, silk cord 2010
Jogakbo and the Fractal geometry BY MISUN WONMisun WonPendant: Red silk & pearl – Sterling silver, silk, pearl 

Misun Won - Blue Jogakbo brooch  silver, enamel paint  2011Misun Won – Blue Jogakbo brooch  silver, enamel paint  2011

Misun Won orange layered broochMisun Won orange layered brooch
Beyond Fashion Gallery
Pourbusstraat 7 ,
2000 ANTWERP-SOUTH, Belgium


EXPO ‘The empty appearance of solid matter’ – Dterra, Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelona)(SP) – 16 Mars-31 Mai 2012

joies d’autor i escultura en vidre
16 març – 31 maig 2012

EXPO 'The empty appearance of solid matter' - Dterra, Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelona)(SP) - 16 Mars-31 Mai 2012 dans Ana HEIMANN (CH) 69_eflyerexpo_v3
This is the first exhibition of the thematic series “ The structure of matter” proposed by dterra.
In this exhibition dterra presents jewels by:
Oscar Abba, Ángela Bermúdez, Eugènia Besora, Roberta Ferreira, Ana Heimann, Olga Hernández, Yumi Kato, Mauricio Lavayén, Hiroko Miyamoto, Xavier Monclús, Carme Ortiz, Esperanza Pascual, Eduardo Tarín, Marta Torrent, Tomoko Umemoto, Misun Wong.
We presents too, a selection of glass sculpures of the artist Pilar Aldana.
69_a-bermudez dans Angela BERMUDEZ (ES)
Ángela Bermúdez  »Contigo & disancia » fermall/brooch
69_yumi-kato dans BARCELONA
Yumi Kato  »Collar I » collar
69_mlavayenc-estructura-y-materia-en-nuevo-ciclo-broche dans Carme ORTIZ (ES)
Mauricio Lavayén  »Estructura-materia »" fermal/brooch
69_misun-wong dans Edu TARIN (ES)
Misun Wong  »Three layered » fermall/brooch
69_oabba-modulo-1 dans Espagne (ES)
Oscar Abba  »Módulo I » fermall/brooch
Pinned ImageEduardo Tarín – Brooch: Palingenesia. Serie 2. Sujeto C – 2011 – Oxidezed brass, steel
Av. Josep Anselm Clavé, 9
08172 – Sant Cugat del Valles  (near Barcelona)
Telephone: + 34 936747807


JOYA Barcelona 2011 (ES) – 15-16-17 Sept 2011


JOYA–Barcelona Contemporary Jewellery Week is a fair for local and international contemporary jewellers organized by Le Département and curated by Leo Caballero and Amador Bertomeu (Klimt02), Petra Marín (Grupo Duplex), Gemma Draper (contemporary jeweller) and Paulo Ribeiro and Anthony Chevallier (Le Département). The fair aims to become a meeting point for artists, galleries, buyers and other professionals working in the field of design jewellery.

JOYA Barcelona 2011 (ES) - 15-16-17 Sept 2011 dans ALCHIMIA (IT) 249157_205068489528956_114937468542059_507480_6886315_n


Artistas invitados :

Andrea Coderch (España, 1986)Anna Puig (España, 1979)Cilmara de Oliveira (Brasil, 1955)Claire Lavendhomme (Congo, 1959) Florence Croisier (Francia, 1965) Iñaki Salom (España, 1964) Iro Kaskani (Chipre, 1966)Isabel Dammermann (Alemania, 1985)Laura Munteanu (Rumania, 1981) Liana Pattihis (Reino Unido, 1961) Marco Ricci (Italia, 1972)Marijke de Goey (Holanda, 1947)Marlene Beyer (Alemania, 1983)Michal Lerman (Israel, 1977)Miriam Arentz (Alemania)Misun Won (Corea del Sur, 1979)Nevin Arig (Turquía, 1961)Nicolás Hernández (Chile, 1971)Niki Stylianou (Grecia, 1968) Nina Friesleben (Alemania, 1979)Paco Rivas (España, 1974)Petr Dvorak (Austria, 1954)Rebecca Richard (Francia, 1974)Toril Bonsaksen (Noruega, 1973)Violaine Ulmer (Francia, 1964)Yannick Mur (Francia, 1963)
Florence Croisier
Iro Kaskani
Isabel Dammermann
Liana Pattihis
Nevin Arig
Laura Munteanu
Misun Won
Niki Stylianou
Toril Bonsaksen
Violaine Ulmer - bijoux en porcelaine
Rebecca Richard
Miriam Arentz


Artite invité : Michael Berger


GALERIES présentes :
KLIMT02 Gallery
La Basílica Gallery
DTerra Gallery
1X1 Collective
ECOLES présentes :
SOdAPforzheim – Germany
Escola Arsenal – Barcelona - Eva Ortín
Escola d´Art del Treball - Barcelona - Anna Salas - Liliana Ruiz
Escola Llotja – Barcelona - Laia Castellà
Escola d´art y disseny de Tarragona - Gloria Giménez




FAD – Plaça dels Àngels, 5-6,
08001 Barcelona‎ -ESPAÑA
934 437 520‎
Ver mapa de localización


SIERAAD Art Fair 2010 – Amsterdam – 4-7 Nov. 2010

Sieraad : International jewelry art fair  in Amsterdam. The fair will include the 50 best entries for the international design contest New Traditional Jewellery and the presentation of « Inspirations »

SIERAAD Art Fair 2010 - Amsterdam - 4-7 Nov. 2010:

This year the theme of SIERAAD Art Fair as well as of the New Traditional Jewellery design contest is TRUE COLOURS. A brilliant concept, for it calls for new artistic exploration on the part of designers and a search for their own creative roots.

In the meantime 200 jewellery artists have registered to show their work at SIERAAD, which is the largest number of participants since the beginning of the fair. From November 4 through 7 they will show the wide range of their creativity to the public in the Gasholder on the Westergasterrein in Amsterdam. The fair will include the 50 best entries for the international design contest New Traditional Jewellery.


Participants 2010

Alexa – Maria Klahr
Amanda Caines
Anat Sapir Glass Jewellery Design
Anke AMO Akerboom
Atelier Bloedjes
Atelier Hanneke Paumen
Atelier Luz
Atelier Myrthe
Atelier: Akelei
Atelier: Kunst in Zilver
Atelier: MB
Aurifex Goldschmiede
Babette von Dohnany
Camara Gallery
Cees Post
Christiane Köhne
Creative Jewellers on show
Daniele Geargeoura
Danielle Vroemen
Do Collection
Dominique Trinephi
Dorit Schubert
Edelsmederij Orzini
Edelsmid Annelies Schroder
Eelco Veenman
Eva Baum
Eva Schreuder
Fabienne Vuilleumier
Fachhochschule Trier
Fairytale jewellery
H.H. Huang
HAL 1 Design
Hanneke Wels-Davelaar
Hartog en Henneman
Hester Zagt
Ines de Booij
Irish Talents
Isabell Schaupp
Jacomijn van der Donk
Jantine Kroeze
John Artistizabal C.
Josef Koppmann
Julia Funk
Julia Miltenberger Schmuckdesign
Kircher Schmuck
L* sieraden
Label 17.01 accessories
Lady Indira
Leen Heyne
Liuba Jewels
Loet Gescher
M10 Sieraden en Ontwerp
Malu Berbers
Marc Lange
Marian Sturkenboom
Mayza Joao Design
Miguel Gomez Romero
Mirjam Jakubowski en Rene Vlasblom
Misun Won
Nele Content
Nirit Dekel
Nora Rochel
Patricia Thomazo
Paulien Schipper
Peggy Bannenberg
Petra Eberz
Renate Pukis en Tobias Ueberschaer
Robine Ehrenburg
Sabine Müller
Sabine Scheubele
Saimaan AMK | Saimaa University of Applied Sciences
Sally Collins
Sarah Herriot Design
Sarah Kobak Edelsmid
Sarit Assaf
Serena Kyung-Hyun Park
Sieraad in Perspectief
Simone Brewster
Stephanie Hensle
Tamara Grüner
Tove Rygg
Ulrike Poelk
Uta Knoop Schmuckdesign
Ute Decker Sculptural jewellery
Ute van der Plaats
van Jansen
Yoriko Mitsuhashi
Zehava Hashai-Spellman
Zita Jansen edelsmid

 UTA KNOOP -DE ‘ Tas: Uta Knoop 2. Uta Knoop -  necklace

SIERAAD Art Fair 2010 - Amsterdam - 4-7 Nov. 2010 dans Amanda CAINES (UK) Pulverization-22
Arata Fuchi (at Creative Jewellers on show)- Ring – silver : silver powder : oxidized silver powder : fine gold : fine silver

Mirjam Dreher Schmuckdesign: Mirjam Dreher and Penkaar Abova at/from Fachhochschule Trier

Uli RappUli Rapp - new creations for SIERAAD

Fabienne Vuilleumier - broche 'Villa Dutoit 3': Fabienne Vuilleumierbroche « Villa Dutoit »