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EXPO-SALON-FAIR ‘AUTOR 9′ – Sala Dalles, Bucarest (Roumanie) – 20-21 Avril 2013

AUTOR 9 -  bijuterie contemporana – bianual

AUTOR 9 – jewellery Fair – Bucharest, Romania – 20-21 Avril 2013 – Sala Dalles (City Centre)

With 70 designers and, from abroad, Clarisse Bruynbroeck (Belgia), Neva Balnikova (Bulgaria), Kalina Chankova (Bulgaria)

Spring brings along a nouvelle vague of contemporary jewellery designers at AUTOR 9. During the weekend of the 20th and 21st April, the new entry designers are joining our faithful friends from previous editions at Sala Dalles. This spring edition forwards the new collection of the year 2013, created by contemporary jewellery authors.

AUTOR 9 -  bijuterie contemporana  [Kalina Chankova is a Bulgarian jeweller who created this daring and colourful necklace. She is delighted by playful combinations of materials, used out of their context and likes provoking people to wear experimental jewellery, instead of more classic ones.](necklace by Kalina Chankova (Bulgaria)

Clarisse Bruynbroeck represents Belgium at Autor 9.  Clarisse Bruynbroeck (necklace) represents Belgium at Autor 9. In the statement of her collection, she confessed that her original language is jewellery, as it represents the perfect tool of expressing her emotions. What is more, the materials she works with can change during wearing, so the jewel and the body can make a story of their own.

Neva Balnikova Neva Balnikova is from Bulgaria as well and likes telling stories through her jewellery, usually being inspired by her surrounding cultural space. She uses objects from everyday life or strange human beliefs as a support for her jewellery, experimenting with different materials, searching the best way of domesticating them into body adornments.

Exposants/exhibitors :  Ana Wagner, Andra Lupu, Anamaria Dobraş, Alexandru Lupu, Anca Pandrea, Alina Carp, Andreea Bololoi, Alis Lalu, Andreia G Popescu, Alliage, BashoU, Romana Țopescu, Carla Szabo, Raluca Buzura, Ovidiu Sbancu, FashionMachine, Alina Simion, Ioana Enache, Moogu, MyPrecious Buzztard, Cornelia Brustureanu, Atelier Pezzidisogni, Prochaine, Ostra Berdo, Odette Lupu,  Noha Nicolescu, Mihaela Zvîncă, Maria, Maria Filipescu, Mihaela Ivana, Mădălina Stoica, LivingenBermudas, Lidia Puică, Liana Sălăgean, Lady Magpie, Karakter, Iuliana Asoltanei, Isabela Groza, Irina Raichici, Sergiu Alin Ioana, Horaţiu Weiker, Grigore Mitrea, Doru Dumitrescu, Cristina Barsony, Expression by Alexandra Ungurelu.
În premieră la această ediție AUTOR vor participa și trei designeri din străinătate: Clarisse Bruynbroeck (Belgia), Neva Balnikova (Bulgaria), Kalina Chankova (Bulgaria).

Inel inspirat de ciuperca Clathrus red al designerului Alina Carp. Materiale folosite: argint, rasina si pigment. De vazut, pipait si achizitionat la Autor 9Inel inspirat de ciuperca Clathrus red al designerului Alina Carp (ring by Alina Carp). Materiale folosite: argint, rasina si pigment

AUTOR 9 - Cornelia Brustureanu  "Frozen Garden", Cornelia Brustureanu presents us the collection « Frozen Garden », which has its concept based on the image of a garden waiting for a sun beam to help it reborn after the long winter. For instance, the ring below is waiting for spring to take off the leather jacket which brought him shelter du ring wintertime.

Cristina Barsony Cristina Barsony presents us her first necklace from the collection Memories. The material she uses is paperporcelain, which has cellulose as its compound, which makes the jewellery more viable and wearable, no matter what the conditions are. Afterwards, all the elements are manually moulded out of the porcelain paste, resulting in this piece that reminds us of corals.

AUTOR is an open and active platform for contemporary jewelry designers in Romania. The main event is the biannual Fair for Contemporary Jewelry AUTOR.
Mission :

AUTOR is the initiator of a concept never before seen in Romania: an innovative event which strives to promote contemporary talents within the jewelry design arena by creating a meaningful environment and maintaining a demanding selection process which only allows the best established and up-and-coming designers to be endorsed.

Description :

Based in Bucharest and having reached it’s 5th year of existence, AUTOR contemporary jewelry fair is the largest such event in Romania and, on account of its popularity, it is steadily expanding from year to year.

AUTOR is a direct sales event meant to popularize talented designers for the buying public, the fashion and art crowd and all contemporary jewelry aficionados.


EXPO ‘The RING’ – TESTA gallery, Sofia (BG) – 12-27 Mai 2012

THE RING - jewellery exhibition

TESTA gallery’s exhibition will present rings by 16 jewelers, each of whom will show three to six pieces.

The Ring - Sofia (BG)

Participants: Angelina Tsvetkova — Antoaneta Petrova — Atanas Konstantinov — Bogdana Topreva — Vanya Dimitrova — Viktor Pavlov — Dimitar DeltchevDora HaralambakiEvgeniya TsankovaEmanuela Deyanova — Kalina Tchankova — Neva BalnikovaNikolay SardamovSabrina Hauser — Teodor Lultchev — Zwetelina Aleksieva

The exhibition wil open on May 12th, Saturday, at TESTA gallery, 8 Shishman St, from 12 pm to 6 pm, and will run through May 27th.

Simply an adornment, vanity, or an object to wear with a specific message, the ring has the potential to say a lot of things. Inspired by different aspects of life and the world around us, it can show attitude and require attitude, express position, surprise and stimulate both the mind and the feelings. Used as a symbol of power, social status, or religion, in contemporary times the ring is to a greater extent an expression of one’s own identity. Regardless of whether it is made of silver, gold, platinum and precious stones or alternative materials used in unpredictable ways, the ring is eager to say: “I love you, I am beautiful, I am rich, I hate you, I come from Ireland or Austria, I have enough, I am taken, I am funny, I am scared, I am important, I can’t help you. I am.”

 EXPO 'The RING' - TESTA gallery, Sofia (BG) - 12-27 Mai 2012 dans Bogdana TOPREVA (BG) THE-RINGEmanuela Deyanova – ring « shaving » – synthetic hair, paint, felt, silver

Emanuela DeyanovaEmanuela Deyanova – ring »5 ways to paint in red » – paint, felt, aluminium, silver, synthetic hair

Neva Balnikova

 Neva Balnikova ‘Ugly’ – polymer clay, silver electroforming, amethyst

Sabrina Hauser, ring "Palma"Sabrina Hauser, ring « Bali » – silver, oxidised

Evgeniya Tsankova - "tied" - aluminium, cottonEvgeniya Tsankova – « tied » – aluminium, cotton
Evgeniya Tsankova, "Tied"  Materials: aluminium, cottonEvgeniya Tsankova, « Tied »  – aluminium, cotton
Vanya Dimitrova – Ring « Colourful captured memories » – Coat powdered copper, textile, rubber
Bogdana ToprevaBogdana Topreva – « nature » – silver, moss
Bogdana Topreva - "nature" - silver, mossBogdana Topreva – « nature » – silver, moss
Dimitar DeltchevDimitar Deltchev - aluminium, balloon
Teodor LultchevTeodor Lultchev – « Communication » - sterling silver, steel
Dora HaralambakiDora Haralambaki - « my country my sea » – glazed porcelain

  Nikolai Sardamov ringsNikolai Sardamov rings

Victor PavlovVictor Pavlov



TESTA gallery
8 Ulitsa Tsar Shishman
Sofia, Bulgaria 1000
tel 00 359 88 764 8973



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