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EXPO ’10 girls 10 colors’ – Salerno gallery, Glebe (Australia) – 19 Oct.-5 Nov. 2011

Tenmoregirls exhibition 2011, ‘10 girls. 10 colours.‘ opens on the 18th of Oct. Salerno Gallery. check check check tenmoregirls’ fabulous works from the 18th to the 5th of Nov.

« 10 girls. 10 colours » is a vibrant exploration of the subjective implications of ten randomly assigned colours. Each girl was assigned a color which she explores in her art – for example, Danielle Butters works with the color purple where she explores the history of the color and its relevance as a symbol of power, Tenille Evans explores the colour yellow…

Each artist randomly selected a different colour to make pieces for this exhibition and 10 colours with each artist are;

a mi kim : brown
andrea iglesias : green
bernadette trainor : orange
carol faulkner : white
danielle butters : purple
jo piper : black
majella beck : red
nikki majajas : pink
radka passianova : blue
tenille evans : yellow


the « Tenmoregirls » 2011 are : A Mi Kim – Andrea Iglesias Bernadette TrainorCarol FaulknerDanielle Butters –  Joanne (Jo) PiperMajella Beck –  Nikki Majajas –  Radka Passianová Tenille Evans

Since 2008, Tenmoregirls have been coming together annually to orchestrate concept-based exhibitions of modern wearables that inspire Sydney art and design communities and thrill the public. The collective consists of ten female designers and makers who met while studying at the Design Centre Enmore and who are committed to exhibiting every year to promote and nurture the medium in their local community and beyond.
Characterised by unusual applications of materials, the challenge of traditional jewellery forms and high quality technical experimentation, tenmoregirls shows have a reputation for exemplifying the high standard of emerging contemporary jewellery in Sydney. This latest project, 10 girls.10 colours. will be their most successful show yet.

All graduates of the Jewellery and Object Design and Manufacture department of the Design Centre Enmore, the girls are based in Sydney, but come from diverse and international backgrounds.
A Mi Kim house series, pendant, 925 silver, ebony, silk cord
Danielle Butters – Feels-Like-Home
Danielle Butters  ‘Where there’s smoke…’ Brooch, Blackened steel – 2010
Nikki Majajas - Jangle Bangle: Brass and gilding metal
Carol Faulkner
Majella Beck  (red )
 Nikki Majajas  (pink)
Carol Faulkner (white)
Radka Passianová – « snowflakes » made for « Girls Around The World » exhibition by Tenmoregirls
 Tenille Evans (yellow)
Andrea Iglesias (green)
Jo Piper  (black)



Salerno Gallery
70 Glebe Point Road,
Glebe, NSW 2037 Australia
tel +61 296600899
Tue-Fri:10-5:30, Sat:10-3, Sun&Mon by appointment.


TOUT est bon dans le COCHON !!

A « porky pig » selection …… ;-)

Growth series - by Sung-Yeoul Lee - Copper mesh, Cast plastic, Pig intestine, Gold leaf Sung-Yeoul Lee – brooch: Growth series 2010 – Cast plastic, sterling silver, copper mesh, gold leaf, pig intestine

Sung-Yeoul Lee, Artist, Growth series, necklace, 2010, cast plastic, sterling silver, copper mesh, gold leaf, pig intestine, 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 3" Sung-Yeoul Lee – Necklace ‘Growth series’ 2010 – Cast plastic, sterling silver, copper mesh, gold leaf, pig intestine
Marta Mattsson’s brooches- sofa ny highlights part two: märta mattsson’s skins
at SOFA NY was jewelry artist Märta Mattsson, represented by Sienna Gallery.
while it might look like paper, the reality is that each piece is made of skin – goat skin, calf skin and reindeer skin. Repulsion quickly mixed with fascination (dailyartmuse)
Märta MattssonSkin flowers Brooches -  Goatskin, walnut wood, silver

TOUT est bon dans le COCHON !! dans Akiko KURIHARA (JP) img7130
Catarina Hällzon – beautiful necklace- Here comes the surprise: it’s the intestines of a pig, tightened around silver


Catarina Hällzon- Necklace 2006 – Material: Intestinal tract from a pig, silver  -detail

Catarina HällzonBrooch 2006 Material: Intestinal tract from a pig, silver, thread Hash – 2005 Dried Pig’s ear bracelet

intestines_crea-tiff_bijoux_ dans ALCHIMIA (IT)
Tiffany Rowe- “Made with fresh sheep intestines !”  (bon, c’est pas du cochon, mais on va pas chipoter !!)

All Maria Phillips images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery, All Maria Phillips images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Maria Phillips (USA) – “Portrait” Brooches – gut (boyaux) (Velvet da Vinci exhibition)

Stephanie Hensle – MEAT serie Hensle brooch(es) Hensle brooch

Andrea Coderch Valor, necklace 2010Andrea Coderch Valor – necklace – 2010- Silver, plastic, white pearls, black pearls

Andrea Coderch Valor - ring - 2011 - silver, pearls, resin Andrea Coderch Valor – ring – 2011 – silver, pearls, resin
Ted-Noten- Evening Butterfly ring – 2010

David Bielander – brooch

Nikki Majajas   Pigs and Pearls Nikki Majajas, from the « tenmoregirls » group (Australia)

Jimena RiosJimena Rios


Jaanika Pajuste  Two in One  Necklace in porcelain, pearls, silver, thread and magnets. Shown with optional 'Sweets' magnets Jaanika Pajuste  Two in One  Necklace in porcelain, pearls, silver, thread and magnets. Shown with optional ‘Sweets’ magnets

Akiko Kurihara - necklace "thank you for the meat" 2010 - silver, acrylic resin, colour Akiko Kurihara – necklace « thank you for the meat » 2010 – silver, acrylic resin, colour (Marzee Gallery)

and the last two from ALCHIMIA :

« Alchimiajewellery school presents ‘Tastes just like chicken….’ the Quaternitas exhibition 2011, curated by Ruudt Peters.
Michelle Kraemer and Maru Lopez present the final results after a yearlong development under the guidance of their tutor and curator. The work of both started with an exploration of gender, identity, sex, skin, touch, within the borders generated around those concepts by the individual and society.
The artists have worked in a close dialogue and with corresponding materials like fabric, latex, nylon and foam, but the resulting jewellery pieces show clearly their difference in cultural identity and personal interest.
Set up in the beautiful entrance hall of Alchimia, the exhibition is articulated in two installations referring to the display of ‘organic material’ , one related to commerce (the butcher) the other to curiosity and science (the natural history museum).« 

michelle kraemer - "have you got the guts?" / necklace / wood, stockings, latex, embroidery thread Michelle Kraemer: ‘have you got the guts?’ latex, nylon thights, balsa wood, embroiderie thread

maru lopez Maru Lopez: ‘pass me the salt’, Fabric, acrylic paint, thread, plastic filling , iron, and shibuichi


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