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EXPO ‘Endless Closeness’ – Putti Art Gallery, Rīga (Latvia/Lettonie) – 8 Dec.2014-14 Fevr. 2015

Endless Closeness

Art Gallery PUTTI Endless Closeness(brooch Rallou Katsari)

This show represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new period, offering a moment to reflect and look back to the past. In this exhibition maybe the viewer will be able to identify one piece that represents this metaphor for him

A contemporary jewellery exhibition “Endless closeness” will take place in Art Gallery PUTTI from December 8, 2014 until February 14, 2015. Different Latvian and international jewellery artists will present their works, expressing their winter feeling.

Endless Closeness. - Putti Art Gallery , Riga (Latvia)  - 08 Dec 2014  -  14 Feb 2015


Artist list :  Andris LaudersGuntis Lauders Liisa HashimotoHeng LeeIsabelle BusnelJulia Maria KunnapRallou KatsariRéka LörinczGigi Mariani — Māris Auniņš — Māris Šustiņš — Nikolai BalabinValdis Brože

Nikolai Balabin Brooch: Fallen Gold silver, patina, leaf gold - Endless Closeness.Nikolai Balabin Brooch: Fallen Gold silver, patina, leaf gold

Gigi MarianiGigi Mariani - ring Parallel Worlds, 2014 – Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patina – Photo by: Paolo Terzi

Rallou Katsari.Rallou Katsari. ring Eavesdrop, 2014 – Silver, rhodium plated, gold plated

Valdis Brože Pin: Untitled Silver 925 oxidized, Gold 750, Opal - Endless Closeness.Valdis Brože Pin: Untitled Silver 925 oxidized, Gold 750, Opal


Putti Art Gallery
16 Mārstaļu iela
1050 – Rīga
Telephone: +371 67214229
Fax: +371 67214230



EXPO ‘Amber in Contemporary Art Jewellery ‘ – Putti Art Gallery, Riga (Latvia/Lettonie) – 23 Mai-2 Aout 2014

Amber in Contemporary Art Jewellery -

Putti Art Gallery (Rīga, Latvia)

Amber - Riga - Putti gal.

Amber in Contemporary Art Jewellery -  Putti Art Gallery (Rīga, Latvia) 23-May-2014 -
Nikolai Balabin (brooch ?)

The core idea of the exhibition is to demonstrate the possible range of application of amber in the contemporary art jewellery created by professional jewellers.  This area of interest is largely based on the specific materiality of amber – and its historical significance. The choice of exhibition organizers to choose „Amber Road” as the thematic background is not accidental; it played a significant role between 1st and 5th centuries AD as an exchange route of goods between the Baltic Sea region and Roman Empire. The route started in the eastern coastal area of the Baltic Sea, which at that time was inhabited by the Prussians and Curonians. It continued down the Visla up to the city of Karnunta (currently in Hungary) and further to the coast of the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine peninsula, providing Rome with the precious and exclusive material. Many Roman coins and antiquities found in the graveyards in the Baltic countries is perceived as the evidence of this trade route together with testimonies in the writings of Roman Empire era. Thus not only will Latvian and Italian jewellers participate in the exhibition but also artists from countries that Amber Road passed through (Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, and Hungary). This exhibition will not only link the Amber Road geographically, but also historically by connecting the ancient times with the present, the past with the future and demonstrating the spectacular miracle of amber jewellery creation.

The stage of the exhibition is set by an internationally renowned fashion designer brand “MAREUNROL’S”. The fashion designers – Mārīte Mastiņa and Rolands Pēterkops created their first joint collection in 2002 while still being students at Riga Applied Art College. Since then, they have participated and received awards in various international fashion and arts festivals, including the International Fashion and Photography Festival in Hyeres (France). ( and )

Exhibition catalogue is designed by Kirils Kirasirovs and the text authors are Una Meistere and Daiga Rudzāte. The catalogue is issued by the arts and culture portal “Arterritory” (

The catalogue publishing is supported by “Rīga 2014″.

Twenty artists take part in the exhibition: Andris Lauders (Latvia), Claudia Steiner (Austria), Eva Tesarik (Austria), Eve Margus-Villems (Estonia), Fanni Vékony (Hungary), Gigi Mariani (Italy), Guntis Lauders (Latvia), Heidemarie Herb (Italy), Helfried Kodré (Austria), Jānis Vilks (Latvia), Jurgita Erminaitė-Šimkuvienė (Lithuania), Maria Cristina Bellucci (Italy), Māris Auniņš (Latvia), Māris Šustiņš (Latvia), Nataša Grandovec (Slovenia), Nikolai Balabin (Russia), Pawel Kaczynski (Poland), Sara Gackowska (Poland), Valdis Brože (Latvia) and Viktoria Münzker (Austria).

Gigi Mariani, Brooch, 2013Gigi MarianiBrooch: Alone in my Thoughts, 2013Silver, 18kt yellow gold, Amber, Niello, patina12,5 X 6,5 X 1,6 Photo: Paolo Terzi
gigi mariani - will remain a sign...- ring- silver, 18kt yellow gold,Amber, niello,patinaGigi Mariani - « will remain a sign… »  ring- silver, 18kt yellow gold,Amber, niello,patina
Heidemarie Herb, Brooch, 2013
Heidemarie HerbBrooch: Untitled, 2013925 Silver, raw amber, steel, pigment4 x 5,5 x 1,5 cm -Photo: Silvana Tili
Andris Lauders, Ring, 2013
Andris LaudersRing: Seal’s Dream, 2013Amber, Mammoth bone, 925 Silver, 750 Gold7,5 x 5 cmPhoto: Normunds Brasliņš
Fanni Vékony, Brooch, 2013
Fanni VékonyBrooch: Names of Amber II, 2013Plastic coated paper, copper, silver and Matrix boardPhoto: Mária Pecsics
claudia steiner, ring -highlighted distance- amber
Claudia SteinerRing: Highlighted Distance, 2013Copper, 925 Silver oxidized, Resin, Baltic Amber7 x 5 cmPhoto: Claudia Steiner
Helfried Kodre  - ring - amberHelfried Kodre  Ring: Vienna, 2013Amber, silver, gold, copper1,9 x 2 x 3,8 cm
Victoria Munzker - white electron - brooch with amberVictoria Munzker – white electron – brooch 
Eva Tesarik - brooch with amber
Eva Tesarik - brooch
Valdis BrozeValdis Brože – pendant (« The big one, the talkative one », 2013 -Carved amber, Silver 925, enamel
140 x 50 x 30 cm)  & ring (?)
Maria Cristina Bellucci, Necklace, 2013Maria Cristina Bellucci, Schon 2, necklace, 2013 – Silver, marble, amber, coloured pencils, rubber, epoxy resin
88 cm –
Photo: Giulia Lupi
Putti Art Gallery
16 Mārstaļu iela
1050 – Rīga
Telephone: +371 67214229
Fax: +371 67214230


Cominelli Foundation Award 2011 – 10 Sept.-9 Oct. 2011

 Fondazione Cominelli -

Premio per il gioiello contemporaneo Fondazione Cominelli


With the second edition of the Fondazione Cominelli Award for Contemporary Jewellery 2011 there will also be the inauguration of the Permanent Collection of Contemporary Jewellery; each edition will enrich the Collection with new works, some by the competition participants and others by artists selected for this year 2011 by the historian and jewellery critic, Bianca Cappello. The permanent Collection will become an important document of the Fondazione Cominelli, an occasion for a visit by jewellery lovers and those of the trade.


The list of candidates selected by Mrs Graziella Folchini Grassetto:

Farrah Al-DujailiRinaldo AlvarezNikolai BalabinSuzanne BeautymanAdrean BloomardFrederic Braham — Donna Brennan — Ximena Briceno — Sungho ChoBeate EismannCristina FilipeChristine GrafAdam GrinovichNatasa Grandovec — Elisa Gulminelli — Catarina HallzonDana HakimPeter HoogeboomMarta HrycMeiri Ishida — Sirya Knaapi — Jimin Kim — Helfried KodreAgnes Larsson — Hadas Levin — Rita MarcangeloMi Mi MoscowMargherita De Martino Norante — Daniela Osterreider — Barbara PaganinRuudt PetersEmanuela Deyanova RamjuliIsabel Schaupp — Francine Schloeth — Sanna SvedestedtGiovanni SicuroKatrin Spranger Gisbert Stach — Maurizio StagniBernhard Stimpfl AbeleSilke TrekelFabrizio Tridenti Maria Trinidad Contreras — Barbara UderzoFelieke Van Der Leest Tanel VeenreLuzia VoigtAndrea WagnerKaori JuzuPetra Zimmermann.
Katrin Spranger- Skeleton of a necklace – Crude oil and its products, silver – 2011



1st prize for the contemporary jewellery competition Fondazione Cominelli 2011 has been awarded to Petra Zimmermann :
Petra Zimmermann: brooch,polymethyl methacrylate,crushed pearls, rhinestones, laquer, steel wire, gold leaf,blackened silver – 2010 


 The 2nd prize has been awarded to Dana Hakim

Cominelli Foundation Award 2011 - 10 Sept.-9 Oct. 2011 dans Adam GRINOVICH (SE) DANA%20HAKIM
Dana Hakim: brooch, iron nets, rubber glove, plastic, reflective lights threads – 2011


and three special mentions  to:


Jimin Kim (Korea): brooch, korean paper, latex, copper ,paint – 2010 

Barbara Paganin (Italy): brooch, methacrylate, oxidize Silver 2011 

Trinidad Contreras (Argentina): brooch, blue porcelain, ready made object, silver, gold leaf – 2011 





Palazzo Cominelli
Via Padre Santabona 9
25010 Cisano di San Felice del Benaco (Brescia)



le CORAIL, ça vous signe un bijou …..

La petite branche/touche de corail a le vent en poupe, visiblement, dans le monde du bijou contemporain ….

Pour son côté « précieux » ? son côté « nature » ? son petit côté « vintage », désuet ?? Bettina Speckner-brooch- ferrotype, silver, coral, snail, photo in enamelBettina Speckner-brooch 2007- Ferrotype, Silver, Coral, Maple
Bettina Speckner – brooch  2004 – ferrotype, silver, coral, snail, photo in enamel
Bettina Speckner – brooch 2007 – Ferrotype, Silver, Coral, Maple
Nikolai Balabin-tree of passion-brooch2008-silver, patina, coralnikolai-balabin4 Tree of passions, brooch, 2007, silver, patina, coral, print on paper,
Nikolai Balabin (Russie)- Tree of passion-brooch 2008-silver, patina, coral
Nikolai Balabin - Tree of passions, brooch, 2007, silver, patina, coral, print on paperRamon Puig Cuyàs-  1140-7 in sensibusRamon Puig Cuyàs.Brooch, 2010. Labyrinthus. Silver, nickel silver, plastic, paper, resin, acrylic painting
Ramon Puig Cuyàs (ES) -   » in sensibus«  brooch
Ramon Puig Cuyàs  – Brooch, 2010 « Labyrinthus » Silver, nickel silver, plastic, paper, resin, acrylic painting

Ramon Puig Cuyàs- nº 1311, brooche, 2010. 'Scène de jardin'Rinaldo Alvarez - brooch 'Forced to be a tree when it's a bike 2008 silver coral
Ramon Puig Cuyàs- brooch, 2010. ‘Scène de jardin’, Silver, nickel silver, plastic, paper, resin, acrylic painting
Rinaldo Alvarez (ES)- brooch ‘Forced to be a tree when it’s a bike 2008 silver coral

Jack Cunningham - EXPO PARADIGMA
Jack Cunningham - (EXPO « PARADIGMA »)


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