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EXPO ’3×2=Schmuck’ – Galerie Mangold, Leipzig (Germany) – 13 Sept.-13 Nov. 2010

Artists: Nikolay Sardamov, Dimitar Delchev, Zwetelina Alexieva

They represent three generations and exhibit often together: the three jewellery makers from Sofia show works, inspired by classical techniques like a jour, forging, welding, in precious metals, and on the other hand exploring the decorative qualities of other materials like rubber and plastic.
Dimitar Delchev (Bulgarie) - ‘Layer 20′

EXPO '3x2=Schmuck' - Galerie Mangold, Leipzig (Germany) - 13 Sept.-13 Nov. 2010 dans Allemagne (DE) delchev_07
Dimitar Delchev
Zwetelina Alexieva- red brooch, plastic, silver

IMG_2010_01_23_0335 dans Dimitar DELCHEV (BG)
Zwetelina Alexieva- necklace « comma », silver, hematite

sard_01 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Nikolay Sardamov
Nikolay Sardamov – soft construction


Galerie Mangold
Thomaskirchhof 17
04109 – Leipzig


Grassimesse 2010 – Leipzig (DE) – 29-31 Oct 2010


The GRASSIMESSE is organized by the GRASSI museum of Applied Art (Leipzig) and takes place in the reconstructed Grassimuseum, an important building of the Art Decó period. Three exhibition rooms with a total of 1200 sqm provide space for 85 exhibitors.

End of application: 9 april 2010

Grassimesse Leipzig

The GRASSIMESSE is an international forum and a fair for applied art and product design from all fields. It stands in the tradition of the historical GRASSIMESSE, founded in 1920 and famous as “Meeting Place of Modernity.” Since the reestablishment in 1997, the fair has been held once each year on the last weekend of October.

The GRASSIMESSE forum and sales exhibition in equal measure, reflects the world of ideas and the variety of contemporary creative design, promotes developments and sharpens the awareness for design quality. Unique products, limited editions and sample industrial products of jewellery, ceramics, glass, textile, clothing, furniture, metal, leather, toys etc. display a fascinating variety of creative design which allures to see and buy as well. This selection and international orientation enables to gain a comprehensive overview of recent innovations and trends, as well as timeless modern design.

Subject and concern of the GRASSIMESSE is the selection and promotion of quality. Therefore a jury of experts decides on the selection of the exhibitors and will award the four prizes on the occasion of the GRASSIMESSE.

A catalogue of the GRASSIMESSE will be released, it will be feature one example of every exhibitor.


Exhibitors 2010: 

Cornelia Ahnert – Barbara Amstutz – Alexandra Bahlmann - Nicole Bauer – Maria Cristina Bellucci - Reinhard Berkes – Chakobag – Claudia Christl - Vera Marie von Claer – Sandra Davilio – Babette von Dohnany – Marianne Eggimann – Beate Eismann – Mieke Everaet - Jan Exnar – Nora Fiege – Miki Gamzou – Ragna Gutschow – Barbara Hast - Hebach & Kloess - Susan Heise –  Mirjam Hiller - Annina Homuth - Margit Jäschke – Matthias Kaiser - Kristiina Karinen –  Ulla und Martin Kaufmann – Kamaldeep Kaur - Keskusta – Young-I Kim –  Michaela Kirchner – Ulrike Kleine-Behnke – Uta Kolozcek - Unk Kraus – Annedore Krebs – Christof Lungwitz – Xenia Lassak - Sonngard Marcks – André von Martens – Frank Meurer – Andreas Möller – Thanh-Truc Nguyen - Jutta Nordheim – Anja Pfefferkorn Retextil – Salon Elfi - Nikolay Sardamov – Sebastian Scheid - Martin Schlotz – Beatrix Schmah – Manfred Schmid – C.G.G. Schönfeld – Markus Schürmeyer – Lucia Schwalenberg – Hiawatha Seiffert – Senger Tierpuppen – Angela Simone – Silke Spitzer – Katja Stelz – Stefan Strube – Suzusan – The way of wood (Clemens Gerstenberger) – Silke Trekel – Peter Wagensonner – Angela Wandelt – Christiane Wilhelm – Jasmin Winter – Susanne Wolbers – Arek Wolski

Freie Universität Bozen, Fakultät Design
Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, Produktdesign
Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle Burg Giebichenstein Fachbereiche Kunst/Schmuck – Möbeldesign – Malerei/Glas – Buch
Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim Fakultät Gestaltung/Metallgestaltung
Hochschule Wismar, Fachbereich Schmuck
Alchimia Goldschmiedeschule Florenz

Laureats 2009 :  Carmen Hauser — Claudia Küster — Mirjam Hiller — Gertrud Menzel

Grassimesse 2010 - Leipzig (DE) - 29-31 Oct 2010 dans ALCHIMIA (IT) hauser_01hiller_01 dans Allemagne (DE)menzel_07 dans Arek WOLSKI (PL)
Carmen Hauser , bracelet  –   Mirjam Hiller, brooch „Ovalhaufen orange“ — Gertrud Menzel, pendant

 Participants 2009 :

Vera-Marie von Claer  – Coco Dunmire –  Beate Eismann – Ursula Gnädinger Bettina Götsch Birgit Hagmann – Carmen Hauser –  Anke Hennig Juliane Herden Mirjam Hiller –  Ulrike IsenseeMargit Jäschke –  Ulla und Martin KaufmannMichaela Kirchner – Unk KrausClaudia Küster – Rebecca Maeder – Gertrud Menzel – Alessandra PizziniAlke Reeh Nikolay Sardamov Isabell SchauppAnn Schmalwasser Dorit SchubertSabine SteinhäuslerKlaus TitzeSilke Trekel Lilli Veers Angela Wandelt Gabriele Wiegand Annette ZeyMartina ZwölferAlchimia Jewellery School Hochschule Burg Giebichenstein Hochschule HildesheimHochschule Pforzheim


GRASSI Museum of Applied Art
Johannisplatz 5-11, 04103 Leipzig, Germany
Phone 0049-(0)341-2229100,

Fax. 0049-(0)341-2229200



EXPO ‘Spring’ gallery Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode (BE) – 21 mars-9 mai 2010

« SPRING*«  is an exhibition with sparkling, new work of upcoming talents.
Small objects and experiments with new techniques, with unknown materials, holding a world of imagination. A glimpse of poetry and fairytales.

exposants :  Catalina BRENES – Isabel DAMMERMANN – Elinor DE SPOELBERCH – Daniela FIESELER – Anna FROHN -  Bettina GÖTSCH – Birgit HAGMANN – Isabelle HERTZEISEN – Leonore JOCK – Ting-Chun Ara KUO – Momoko KUMAI – Thanh-Truc NGUYEN – Nikolay SARDAMOV – Isabell SCHAUPP -  Munsun SCHUMACHER – Angelina TSVETKOVA – Misun WON

EXPO 'Spring' gallery Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode (BE) - 21 mars-9 mai 2010 dans Ara KUO (Taiwan) Isabell-Schaupp
Isabell Schaupp (DE) – brooch, silver, coral

Ting-Chun-Ara-Kuo dans Belgique (BE)
Ting-Chun Ara KUO (Taiwan) - Ring „brush“, pearls gold

Birgit-Hagmann dans Bettina GOTSCH (DE)
Birgit Hagmann (DE) – necklace – silver

« This work is based on drawing. Using the wire, the drawing is transformed into a three-dimensional space. Crystalline-organic structures come to life and become jewellery. » (Birgit Hagmann (Germany))

EXPO 'Spring' -gal Spphie Lachaert  -Leonor JockEXPO 'Spring' -gal Spphie Lachaert  - Bettina Götsch
Leonore Jock       –       Bettina Götsch

EXPO 'Spring' -gal Spphie Lachaert  - Elinor de ... - collier cuirEXPO 'Spring' -gal Spphie Lachaert  -Momoko Kumai
Elinor de Spoelbergh (BE) collier cuir  –  Momoko Kumai (Japan)- paper necklace

« I use tactile material to create jewellery that evokes a spectrum of memories and address inner landscapes in my mind. I fold, twist and roll paper using my hands, at times unconsciously. The uneven layers of texture emerge from light and shadow, conveying emotions of permanence to impermanence that reflect the ephemeral breath of nature with its fragility. » Momoko Kumai (Japan)

EXPO 'Spring' -gal Spphie Lachaert  - Isabell Dammermann 1Isabell SCHAUPP- Brooch Month-brooch 30 2010
Isabell Dammermann  –    Isabell SCHAUPP- Brooch

Isabelle-Hertzeisen dans Birgit HAGMANN (DE)
Isabelle Hertzeisen (CH) – Necklace rubber, silver

« Structures, accumulations, duality and tension between the different materials.« (Isabelle Hertzeisen (CH) )

Nikolay-Sardamov dans Elinor de SPOELBERCH (BE)
Nicolay Sardamov. Brooch, “The secret of the garden“, gold.

Thanh-Truc-Nguyen dans Exposition/Exhibition
Thanh-Truc Nguyen -  Brooch, silver, textiles.
« Following a fascination, personal impressions and emotions, and translate them into tangible forms. For me it is important not to merely copy already existing forms, but instead to portray my own perceptions as they are through my eyes.
While working with textiles I create new possibilities within my working process. Qualities like elasticity and translucence begin to emerge and play an important role in my work. Voluptuous shapes come to life through colour and filling, whose soft curves remind me of cherry-blossoms. The material hold an innumerable number of small pearls tightly together like a warm embrace. The forms and the sensibility of the material evoke emotions in the viewer and give the pieces sensuality and a sense of life. In the same way that one would handle a cherryblossom, the pieces should be handled delicately as the fragile objects they are« ( Thanh-Truc Nguyen (Germany))



Gallery Sofie Lachaert
st. jozefstraat 30
B-9140 Tielrode(Belgium)
T +32 3 711 19 63
closed on 2,3,4 april


EXPO ‘BI-CYCLE’ – Nikolay Sardamov – Galerie V&V, Vienne (AT) – 1 Mars-30 Avril 2010

Bi-Re-Cycle/jewellery by  Nikolay Sardamov (Sofia, Bulgarie)

« This body of work goes back to mobility in today’s world. In this line of thoughts the choice of material is logical : bicycle tyre. Pieces of the black tyre are slipped over a skeleton-like silver construction and create unisex neckpieces with a futuristic air. Recycling is the second component of the works. It plays an important role in the future intelligent society as well as in jewellery design. And last but not least there is the basic shape of the circle that has always represented important imagery in jewellery. »

Nikolay Sardamov - Bi-Re-Cycle - jewellery
Nikolay Sardamov – Bi-Re-Cycle – jewellery  -bicycle tire

The “Bi-Re-Cycle” formula:
1. Bicycle
Main importance idea in the collection is the mobility of today’s life. Direct connection is to find in the material of the jewellery: bicycle tyres. The futuristic uni-sex pieces are constructed with silver « skeletons »and « over-dressed » with black rubber.
2. Recycle
The future of « smart »society : recycling is the second stop in the collection. You can easily find it in the materials, used by the jewellery.
3. Cycle
A round or circle form, the symbol of the cycle is used in the jewellery as a main construct.Nikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklaceNikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklaceNikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklace4Nikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklace

Nikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklaces

Nikolay Sardamov : BI-RE- CYCLE
Galerie V&V Vitrine
Bauernmarkt 19
1010 – Wien
Tel : +43/1/5356334
Fax : +43/1/810212140

so ……. roulez jeunesse !!!!!! ;-)


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