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During SCHMUCK 2016 : EXPO ‘INVISIBLE WALL’ – 3stations, Munich (DE) – 24-28 Fevr. 2016

INVISIBLE WALL  at  3stations


Opening: Wednesday 24th February 6 pm

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The project Invisible Wall is created by a group of artists from different countries. Each artist tells their own Invisible-story, sharing the invisible-space of their own experiences and pushing the boundaries of the limitation of thought; creating a remarkable free territory, with no border, no division and no rules.


Deborah Rudolph |
Jing He |
Jo Pond |
Lisa Kröber |
Patrícia Domingues |
Panjapol Kulpapangkorn |

« The ‘Wall of Thought’ protects each of us from our fears: Fears which may come from influences, stories, events in our lives.
These fears are the building blocks of the invisible wall in our minds.« 

Invisible Wall.  ©  Lisa Kröber Necklace: Broken walls, 2015 Silver, corian: Lisa Kröber Necklace: Broken walls, 2015 Silver, corian
Lisa´s Diploma « Der Worte letzte Orte »: –  Lisa Kroeber Jewellery  Lisa Kroeber

Invisible Wall - -  Lisa Kroeber: Lisa Kroeber

Deborah Rudolph • Necklace • Rose granite, silver and string • 2015Deborah Rudolph (Diploma 2010) • Necklace • Rose granite, silver and string • 2015
 Deborah´s Diploma: – avec Deborah Rudolph Gemstone- and Jewelrydesign et Deborah Rudolph

 Panjapol Kulpapangkorn Brooch: WP 03, 2016 Whipha`s object, wood,  plastic:  Panjapol Kulpapangkorn Brooch: WP 03, 2016 Whipha`s object, wood,  plastic

 Jo Pond - stories-are-where-memories-go-when:  Jo Pond-  stories are where memories go when – « temptation »  & « captured moment » brooches – repurposed steel, silver, 201& 2016

 Jo Pond Brooch: Temptation, 2015 Reparposed steel, silver, cotton, bead  .:  Jo Pond Brooch: Temptation, 2015 Reparposed steel, silver, cotton, bead

 Patrícia Domingues Brooch: Geographic& Imagination, 2015 Necuron, steel: Patrícia Domingues Brooch: Geographic& Imagination, 2015 Necuron, steel
 Patrícia´s MA: – avec Patricia Correia Domingues Jewellery et Patricia Domingues,

 Deborah Rudolph Necklace: Granit, 2015 Granit, string, silver:  Deborah Rudolph Necklace: Granit, 2015 Granit, string, silver


Welserstraße 29,
81373 München Deutschland
Contact Information: Deborah Rudolph
tel +49 172 7555035
Wed 15:00 – 19:00, Thu 10:00 – 20:00, Fri, Sat 10:00 – 18:00, Sun 10:00 – 14:00




EXPO ‘ LOVE IS ____’ – PIN sstudio, Kaohsiung City (Taiwan) – 28 Nov.2015-3 janv.2016

28 novembre2015 – 3 janvier 2016 at PIN sstudio  :

LOVE IS ____

28 novembre2015 - 3 janvier 2016 PIN sstudio   LOVE IS ____

with :  Bettina SpecknerFelieke van der LeestJanny Huang YokotaJiye YunKatja PrinsMari IshikawaMia KwonPanjapol Kulpapangkorn –  Peter HoogeboomTanel Veenre

PIN sstudio 

C8-6, Kaohsiung
No.2-2, Dayi St., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan
+886 972 341 109


EXPO ‘Anew Negotiation’ – Bilk Gallery, Manuka ACT (AU) – 27 Mars-24 Avril 2015

Bilk Gallery  & ATTA Gallery :

Anew negotiation – Thai Contemporary Jewellers

opening 6:00pm 27 March at Bilk Gallery.

Bilk Gallery is excited to invite an exhibition of work by eight contemporary Thai artists, curated by Bow Wasinondh for ATTA Gallery, Thailand’s foremost art jewellery gallery. We cannot wait to show you the work of these promising emerging and established contemporary Thai art jewellers in the upcoming exhibition Anew Negotiation: Thai contemporary wearable art. Exhibition curated by Bow Wasinondh.

ATTA Gallery & Bilk Gallery "Anew Negotiation "  (Noon Passama brooch Portrait # 3)

Exhibiting artists include:  Apinya Boonprakob — Vinit Koosolmanomai — Panjapol KulpapangkornTithi KutchamuchTaweesak MolsawatNoon PassamaRudee TancharoenAtinuj (Atty) Tantivit.

Vinit Koosolmanomai - Rough Gems.  - Anew Negotiation Vinit Koosolmanomai - Rough Gems

Vinit Koosolmanomai - Rough Gems 2013Vinit Koosolmanomai – Rough Gems 2013

  Panjapol Kulpapangkorn Brooches: 7 days a week with Assoc Prof. Wipha, 2014 Resin, gold plated copper Panjapol Kulpapangkorn Brooches: 7 days a week with Assoc Prof. Wipha, 2014 Resin, gold plated copper

 Tithi Kutchamuch Brooches: Model-With-Work, 2015 Tithi Kutchamuch Brooches: Model-With-Work, 2015

  Noon Passama portrait n°21Noon Passama brooch portrait n°21

 Taweesak Molsawat - 011 - 2014Taweesak Molsawat - 011 – 2014


Bilk Gallery
12 Palmerston Lane,
Manuka ACT 2603, Australie
Tel +61 2 6162 2761


During SCHMUCK 2015 : EXPO ‘SENSEability’ – Studio Gabi Green, Munich (DE) – 12-15 mars 2015


Inauguration jeudi 12 mars  à 10:00 – 12:00



SENSEability is the title of an exhibition that will explore and highlight the unique visual language of individual art jewellers.

14 jewellers will present their work :  Drew MarkouElin FlognmanHelena Johansson Lindell –  Josefine Rønsholt Smith — Kirsty PearsonLaura Rose — Lena Lindahl — Libby Ward — Lore LangendriesOlivia Monti ArduiniPanjapol KulpapangkornRia LinsRachel Darbourne — Victoria Pearce

Viki PearceViki Pearce

Lore LangendriesLore Langendries

Libby WardLibby Ward

Josefine Ronsholt SmithJosefine Ronsholt Smith

 Helena Johansson LindellHelena Johansson Lindell

Drew MarkouDrew Markou

Ria LinsRia Lins

Lena LindahlLena Lindahl

Elin FlognmanElin Flognman

Rachel DarbourneRachel Darbourne

Panjapol KulpapangkornPanjapol Kulpapangkorn

Olivia Monti ArduiniOlivia Monti Arduini

Laura RoseLaura Rose

Kirsty PearsonKirsty Pearson



Studio Gabi Green
Gollierstrasse 17,
80339 Munich – Germany
Tel. +44 7931 226806
Do. 10-20 h, Fr. 10-18 h, Sa./So. 9.30-18 h


EXPO ‘From Chaos to Comprehension’ – ATTA Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand‎) – 21 Aout-27 Sept. 2014

 « From Chaos to Comprehension » curated by Nanna Grønborg 7 contemporary Jewellery artists, all graduated from the MA ‘Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products’ at Birmingham City University, UK between 2010 and 2013

From Chaos to Comprehension


Participating Artists:  Panjapol Kulpapangkorn (Thailand) –  Nanna Grønborg (Denmark/Germany) — Fliss Quick (England) — Hannah Fewtrell- Bolton (England)  — Natalie Smith (England) — Farrah Al-Dujaili (England) — Xiao Liu (China)

Farrah Al-DujailiFarrah Al- Dujaili (England)
Farrah Al- Dujaili’s design methodology is equal measures of intuitive play and measured control. Often tempted by the suggestion of new forms held within a piece, she imposed restraint to stay with the form of the Venus flytrap but plays with its endless compositional possibilities. Each component is individually soldered ensuring no one piece is the same to uphold the idiosyncratic aesthetic of her work. By using one single form multiple times she attempts to reveal the machinations of her mind at work as pieces germinate into different compositions.

Natalie SmithNatalie Smith (England)
My work explores the ideas of growth, transformation and disintegration. I create pieces by combining permanent and temporary materials such as paint, metal and sugar.
I find inspiration in surrealist science fiction, which is rich in atmosphere and imagery. Many of the books describe apocalyptic landscapes and alternate worlds that are on the brink of geographical catastrophes. In these dramatic dreamscapes there are no utopias, emphasis is placed on mental explorations and evocative journeys of the isolated humans.
This collection focuses on the term ‘Wear and Tear’, which can be used to describe damage, depreciation or loss.

From Chaos to Comprehension - Nanna GronborgNanna Grønborg (Denmark/Germany)

My jewellery is a body related tool used to comment on problems arising from the collision of the man-made and the conditions of nature. This collision, in combination with the ongoing fusion of cultures fascinates me and it affects my work as my own life is a cultural combination. I use theoretical tools like semiotics and the science of perception to reflect on these topics with a touch of irony. The contradictions between the rational and the intuitive, between what we see and what we make of it feed my jewellery universe. My investigation into the interrelationships between objects and the imagination is an ongoing process. My way of working is to draw on diverse methods, which help me to be aware of every decision including those which deliberately allow for chance. I strive to reach a subtle, sometimes minimalist aesthetic in my work, leaving it to the beholder to decode its message. It should irritate as much as it stimulates reflection. A few words on the new pieces from the 2014 series called Midas’ Musa: In ancient Greek mythology King Midas got his wish fulfilled that all he touched may turn into gold. Musa is the Latin botanical name for banana. I imposed the restriction on myself to stay with one form and fuse it with one intellectual idea to make my point and raise some questions about habit and routine. This series is literally Food for thought.

From Chaos to Comprehension - Xiao LiuXiao Liu (China) The Rice Stone is intended to represent this original spiritual force, which is rough and dynamic; the work is researched through and visually related to ritualistic forms of the prehistoric age. Rice and dust are used as the main materials in my work, which are common and usually unattractive. The working process transforms the ephemeral substance into precious and durable rough stone and I use laborious stone-cutting techniques to shape and polish the stones to bring out their crystalline structures ordered in repetitive formations. The concept is presented through a series of speculative practice which including jewellery, installation, photography, text and performance

From Chaos to Comprehension - Fliss QuickFliss Quick (England) Fliss Quick’s jewellery can be viewed as anecdotal evidence; pieces which allude to an earlier event. She works as a narrator conjuring protagonists and their consequent environments or scenarios to build a vocabulary of making to evoke stories. This process allows her to present social comment in a removed and playful manner. Where she presents pieces as pseudo-factual objects, blurring the distinction between fact and fiction, she looks to raise questions about and essentially subvert, social norms and assumptions. « Office Folk » explores what happens when the spirit of ‘folk’ interrupts the usual expectations of an office environment. A bored office worker, who lingers in the stock cupboard, finds alternative uses for the tools and stationery he discovers: Employing makeshift methods he mis-appropriates and adapts common place objects to create escritoires (desk companions) to tickle, cheer and now with the departmental shuffle, flirt with his new colleague.

Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton  Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton (England)
Fascinated by the fashion world Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton draws on its design terminology to create her Jewellery. Strongly influenced by street fashion and it’s capability to create an individual appearance, her collections are defined by the urge to make a statement and cause a reaction. Hannah’s new work explores the ideas of individuality and fashion through contemporary textiles and illustration. The fast life of a fashion style is contradicted by the direct use of a traditional tool – the stitching frame – which again highlights the contemporary aspects of the graphics chosen.
The essence of her work can be explored by the simple pleasure of seeing.

Panjapol Kulpapangkorn "Pai" (Thailand)Panjapol Kulpapangkorn « Pai » (Thailand)
“Everybody has their own jewellery, But not everyone realises that they have already worn it.”
Panjapol Kulpapangkorn recorded and collected memories from places visited by using film, sound, diary, photographs and found objects. All these things have a strong emotional and physical relationship in his work. The precious memory is very personal and individual. He defines it as a piece of jewellery that is still a part of him and with him all the time and as such it is worn, not on the body but in the mind:
“7 days a week with assoc. Prof. Wipha” is a part of the “Jewellery is at my feet, the show is yours” project. The project focuses on Wipha Kulpapangkorn’s memories (my lovely mom) who suffer from a Frontotemporal Dementia (this form of FTD affects social skills, emotions, personal conduct and self-awareness). After returning to Bangkok In 2013 I started this project by spending a month doing a documentary film on my mom (Suspended in Green exhibition). This project is still continuously developed for my own research on ways to find directions of communication.”


Atta Gallery
OP Garden, Unit 1109, Charoenkrung 36, Bangrak,
Bangkok, Thailand 10500
tel +66 2 238 6422
Facebook page


EXPO ‘From Chaos to Comprehension’ – Danish Arts and Crafts Association, Copenhagen (DK) – 7-30 Juin 2013

The exhibition From Chaos to Comprehension  shows the work of 7 contemporary Jewellery artists from Denmark/Germany, Thailand, the UK, China and Taiwan. All graduated from the MA ‘Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products’ at Birmingham City University, UK in 2011 and 2012. And all experienced the turbulent, but rewarding process, of studying for an MA; which led them from a state of chaos to comprehending their work, its’ prerequisites and processes.

From Chaos to Comprehension opens on Friday June 7th 2013 in the exhibition room of the Danish Arts and Crafts Association in Bredgade 66 in Copenhagen and runs till June 30th.


The jewellers are:  Panjapol KulpapangkornNanna GrønborgFliss Quick Hannah Fewtrell-BoltonEmily Bullock — Xiaohan-Ren — I-Ting Ho.

Curating the exhibition in Copenhagen, Nanna Grnborg formed this collective of fellow artists to exhibit the individual results of their studies. The work shown is the outcome of an ongoing struggle in which chaotic situations in the working process are followed by comprehension, which in turn fosters new questions. All of the artists share the belief that study was an important step and a base for future work. What connects them, is a striving for good solutions to their individual concepts.
The concepts and work are as different as their makers, and they reflect various perspectives on Jewellery in the context of society and personal experience:
Panjapol Kulpapangkorns work is a result of recorded and collected memories sent to him from participants around the world, including film, sound, photographs and found objects. His work evolves around memory as a very personal and individual experience, which we also wear in the mind.
Nanna Gronborg is influenced by the fusion of cultures and the contradictions between the rational and the intuitive. Her work balances this with subtle irony, while relying on theoretical tools like semiotics and the science of perception to reflect on it.   
Fliss Quick works as a narrator conjuring protagonists and their consequent environments or scenarios to build a vocabulary of making to evoke stories.
Hannah Fewtrell- Bolton is very excited by fashion: The way it enables the wearer to express their personality and style every day without ever having to speak a single word fascinates her. She is interested in making a statement and causing a reaction.
Xiaohan-Rens collection is about capturing the vestiges of memory and creating artefacts that allude to moments in time. His sketchbooks are the inspiration behind the jewellery.
Emily Bullock is initially inspired by a location; a country, a city, a house. The jewellery she creates transforms aspects of these locations into 3D representations. Each composition is abstract and personal to how she has interpreted the setting and scenery.
I-Ting Ho focuses on human skin in her work. Skin Secret, the title of her project, is about the ԓid and the ԓego. She researches the use of products and other ways to beautify the skin in order to create a differently perceived identity.
Thereafter From Chaos to Comprehension travels from its first opening at Officinet in Copenhagen to Gallery ATTA in Bangkok, Thailand from August 14th to September 28th 2014.

Emily Bullock  Brooch  Mixed mediaEmily Bullock  Brooch  Mixed media

Nanna Grønborg - brooch - 2012 -  brooch, porcelain, silver, steel, 65 x 70 x 45 mm, photo: Nanna GrønborgNanna Grønborg  – brooch – 2012 -  porcelain, silver, steel

panjapol kulp - 40 - documentary jewellery  from Birmingham,UK to Bangkok, Thailand.  “ Every step has its own story ”Panjapol Kulp – 40 – documentary jewellery  from Birmingham,UK to Bangkok, Thailand.  “ Every step has its own story ”

Hannah  Fewtrell-Bolton  Brooch: MADE ME, Jewellery Is At My Feet, The Show Is Yours 02  Mixed mediaHannah  Fewtrell-Bolton  Brooch: MADE ME, Jewellery Is At My Feet, The Show Is Yours 02  Mixed media

Fliss Quick   NecklaceFliss Quick  Necklace  « wish I’d joined the foreign legion », 2011

Xiaohan Ren - brooch Piece One 2011, wood, pen (found)  ca 130 x 40 mm - United Kingdom, Birmingham Institute of Art and DesignXiaohan Ren – brooch Piece One 2011, wood, pen (found) 

I TING HO - Skin Secret - Brooch I 2012 -  Metal/ Rubber Photo by I-TingI TING HO – Skin Secret – Brooch I 2012 -  Metal/ Rubber Photo by I-Ting


The Danish Arts and Crafts Association
Bredgade 66
1260 – Copenhagen



EXPO ‘PREZIOSA Young 2013′ – Museo Marino Marini, Florence (Italy) – 20 Juin-21 Juill. 2013

20 of JUne-21st of July 2013, Museo Marino Marini, Firenze :

PREZIOSA 2013 includes two side events at the main exhibition (« Un Certain Regard »), offering visitors additional opportunities for reflection on contemporary jewellery :
- Wearable!
Photo exhibition of worn contemporary jewellery.
The exhibition of jewellery is complemented by a photographic project of the show itself.
The need to show how these jewels can be worn in everyday life, how they interact with the people and with the surrounding space, has led to a specific concept, project, which has been developed using the skill and sensitivity of the particular photographer Eva Sauer.
Twelve jewels, which will be shown in the exhibition, will be chosen, worn and set in particular places of the city of Florence.
The twelve pictures will be displayed in the Museo Marino Marino inside PREZIOSA exhibition, and will also be present in the places where the photos were taken, so as to establish a mutual connection between the exhibition space and the town.
The work of the 8 emerging artists selected based on their personal research in contemporary jewellery, will be the “Young” section of PREZIOSA 2013.
Karin Roy AnderssonWan Hee ChoRob Elford Benedikt FischerPanjapol Kulpapangkorn Chiara ScarpittiAntje StolzLauren Vanessa Tickle are the young artists selected between the 220 participants to the worldwide contest.
We also decided to give a special mention to:
Mari Ebbitt — Alice McLean — Sofie Boons — Katharina MochMärta Mattsson — Marisa Desii — Mina Kang

 Benedikt Fischer  Brooch: Equus Equus 2011  Plastic, remanium  14,9 x 13,6 x 4,3 cmBenedikt Fischer  Brooch: Equus Equus 2011  Plastic, remanium  14,9 x 13,6 x 4,3 cm

Antje Stolz Necklace: Askew II 2012 Slate veneer, enamel paint, silk thread, lead

Antje Stolz  Necklace: Askew II 2012  Slate veneer, enamel paint, silk thread, lead  

Lauren Vanessa Tickle 300$ Necklace, US Currency, Silver, Latex, and Monofilament, 2011 Lauren Vanessa Tickle 300$ Necklace, US Currency, Silver, Latex, and Monofilament, 2011
 Karin Roy Andersson

Karin Roy Andersson  Necklace: A Constant Grinding 2012 Galia melon seeds, textile, brass

Chiara Scarpitti  Collier: FLY'S BIRD 2012  Oxidate silver, pure silk/digital prints, steel/chemical  24 x 20 x 7 cmChiara Scarpitti  Collier: FLY’S BIRD 2012  Oxidate silver, pure silk/digital prints, steel/chemical
Wan Hee Cho - Walking Slow in the Fast World    Body Ornament, 2012    Korean mulberry paper, Thread    H305mm X W420mm X D90mmWan Hee Cho – Walking Slow in the Fast World    Body Ornament, 2012    Korean mulberry paper, Thread   

Marino Marini Contemporary Art Museum
Piazza San Pancrazio
50123 – Florence
Telephone: +39 055 219432website:



EXPO ‘(Not) An Englishman in Bangkok: Y-UK’ – ATTA Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand) – 28 Mars-28 Avril 2013

« (Not) An Englishman in Bangkok: Y-UK »

"(Not) An Englishman in Bangkok: Y-UK" -   Artists: Apawan Kultawanich, Bunvara Wannapin, Chayawat Ungrungseesopon, Jittrakarn Bunterngpiboon, Kuntee Sirikrai, Panjapol Kulpapangkorn, Siripim Apinuntakulchai.  -  ATTA Gallery (Bangkok, Thailand)  28-Mar-2013 - 28-Apr-2013    website:  mail:
The Exhibition “(Not) an Englishman in BKK: Y-UK” presents woks of young Thai jewellery artists/designers who received their post graduate Jewellery Design degrees from various prominent institutes in the United Kingdom. 
Living and studying abroad pose a unique experience for us Thai students as we are constantly pulled by two forces. One force comes from new experiences in foreign land, along with its new and exciting culture. Another force comes from old habits from our Mother Land and its culture and traditions that are so familiar to us. The two forces constantly shake us and make us think more about what’s going on around us and how to form our ways of communication.
Participating artists/designers have created pieces of jewellery based on their personal thoughts, interests and experiences. 
The branching out of thoughts of these designers who have stepped out of traditional boundary into another reflects new movement in the contemporary jewellery scene in Thailand. It makes us look back and re-examine possibility and boundary of jewellery…and that maybe there is no boundary at all… 
Dr. Apinya Boonprakob
Dr. Supavee Sirin-K-Raporn
Bangkok, 2013

Artists: Apawan Kultawanich — Bunvara Wannapin —  Chayawat Ungrungseesopon — Jittrakarn Bunterngpiboon — Kuntee Sirikrai – Panjapol Kulpapangkorn — Siripim Apinuntakulchai.

Apawan Kultawanich  Body piece: Translucent 2012  Plastic straws, silver, siliconeApawan Kultawanich  Body piece: Translucent 2012  Plastic straws, silver, silicone

Chayawat Ungrungseesopon  Bracelet: Contrast  Britannia silver, niello, Perspex Chayawat Ungrungseesopon  Bracelet: Contrast  Britannia silver, niello, Perspex

Kuntee Sirikrai  Necklace: Zero-G 2012  Rubber, steel, pealsKuntee Sirikrai  Necklace: Zero-G 2012  Rubber, steel, pearls

Panjapol Kulpapangkorn  Piece: Little Red Riding Hood with Her Car: Jewellery Is At My Feet 2013  Mixed-media of Lenia Zolia’s memoriesPanjapol Kulpapangkorn  Piece: Little Red Riding Hood with Her Car: Jewellery Is At My Feet 2013  Mixed-media of Lenia Zolia’s memories



Atta Gallery
O.P. Garden, Unit 1109, 4,6 Charoenkrung Soi 36
10500, Charoenkrung Road, Bangrak – Bangkok
Telephone: + 662 238 6422


Schmuck 2013 – TALENTE 2013 – competition/awards

Talente 2013 Competition Munich Germany jewelry award

Klimt02: Talente 2013 Competition Munich Germany jewelry award

Young artist working in the applied arts and technology will have the opportunity to show their work in the international competition TALENTE 2013 in Munich, Germany, during the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades from 6th – 12th March 2013.
In an area of 600 m², the works will be shown to a wide audience, with an international jury selecting the winners of the TALENTE prize. An illustrated catalogue will be published.
The aim of TALENTE is to promote young people with a particular manual talent and to show an interested audience the enormous potential which lies in the new generation in crafts and trades. The works will be the outcome of formal or technical considerations and experiments, showing something new and exceptional.
Participants are chosen from any section of crafts and technology. They will have made the artefact by their own hands. Age limit is set at 33 in the domains of crafts, and at 35 in the domain of technology.


Selected artist for Schmuck/Jewellery :

Anna Ameling, Germany – Penka Arabova, Bulgaria/Germany – Andrea Coderch, Spain –  Adela Fejtkova, Czek Republic – Alexander Friedrich, Germany – Emi Fukuda, Japan/Germany – Tatjana Giorgadse, Georgian Republic/Germany – Eva Girbes, Spain – Jennifer Gray, Great Britian – Anna-Karin Haag, Sweden – Levan Jishkariani, Georgian Republic/Germany – Lydia Jones, /Great Britain – Sunyoung Kim, South Korea – Yong Joo Kim, South Korea/USA – Panjapol Kulpapangkorn, Thailand –  Yujin Lee, South Korea – Weronika Marek, Poland/Norway – Florian Milker, Germany – Marta Roca Solé, Spain – Yeseul Seo, South Korea – Hedvig Glomsrød Sommerfeldt, Norway – Shih-Dea Tseng, Taiwan – Nelly Van Oost, France – Laurence Verdier, France – Yan Zhang, China

Lydia Jones Necklace: Bottle Lids Porcelain, plastic lids, linen thread, slip casting (talente 2013)Lydia Jones Necklace: Bottle Lids Porcelain, plastic lids, linen thread, slip casting

Yan Zhang, CN (talente 2013)Yan Zhang, CN

Andrea Coderch (from Alchimia) brooches -(Talente 2013)Andrea Coderch (from Alchimia) brooches « Querida Yun » Gold, silver, Japanese fabric, cotton 3 x 3 x 1 cm each

Weronika Marek -  My work will be part of Talente exhibition 2013 (6th-12th of March) in Munich,Weronika Marek

Penka Arabova  Brooch: Haven  Agate, silver, poxipol, drilled, cut, soldered, glued  8 x 11 x 3 cm       (Talente 2013)Penka Arabova  Brooch: Haven  Agate, silver, poxipol, drilled, cut, soldered, glued  8 x 11 x 3 cm
Yong Joo Kim  Bracelets: In light of Space  Hook and loop fasteners, thread (talente 2013)Yong Joo Kim  Bracelets: In light of Space  Hook and loop fasteners, thread
Nelly van OostNelly van Oost



« The selection had been very hard: we had 225 applicants, and mostly of them with excellent works…. The responsible for this selection was Dr Maria Cristina Bergesio, curator of PREZIOSA, which has selected the winners for the 2013’s edition, as follow :  Panjapol KulpapangkornRob ElfordBenedikt FischerKarin Roy AnderssonWan Hee ChoChiara ScarpittiAntje StolzLauren Vanessa Tickle
Our compliments! We also decided to give a special mention to: Mari EbbittAlice McLeanSofie BoonsKatharina MochMärta MattssonMarisa DesiiMina Kang
We invite the non-selected people to try again next year!! Selected artists (winners) will receive a message with the instruction regarding the material to send for the preview at Inhorgenta fair (Inhorgenta 2013, Munchen, Germany, February 22 to 25. ), and for the exhibition in Florence.  PY2013 will also be hosted at Legnica Silver Festival ( Legnica (Poland), on the occasion of the Silver Festival (May-June 2013). ). »

The exhibition will take place in Firenze, from 21st of June to 20th of July, 2013, In the Marino Marini Museum for contemporary arts.

Preziosa. Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition -   Antje Stolz Jewellery.Antje Stolz -  Necklace: Askew II 2012 – Slate veneer, enamel paint, silk thread, lead

Preziosa. Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition  - Chiara Scarpitti  Collier: FLY'S BIRD 2012  Oxidate silver, pure silk/digital prints, steel/chemicalChiara Scarpitti -  Collier: FLY’S BIRD 2012 – Oxidate silver, pure silk/digital prints, steel/chemical

Preziosa. Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition  avec Benedikt Fischer.Benedikt Fischer – Brooch: Equus Equus 2011 – Plastic, remaniumPreziosa. Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition  avec Karin Roy Andersson.Karin Roy Andersson – Brooch: A Constant Grinding 2012 – Apple seeds, titanium, aluminium steel, silver

Preziosa. Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition  Avec Lauren Vanessa Tickle.Lauren Vanessa Tickle -  Necklace: $300.00 US Dollars (Currency Converted) 2011 – US Currency, Silver, Latex, Monofilament

Panjapol Kulpapangkorn - Preziosa. Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition - Panjapol Kulpapangkorn -  Pieces: Jewellery Is At MY Feet, The Show Is Yours 2012 - Mixed medias, Paper boxesPanjapol Kulpapangkorn – The Memory Kits (Community project) -   Jewellery Is At MY Feet, The Show Is Yours 2012 – Mixed medias, Paper boxes
Via dei Serragli, 104 – 50124 Firenze (Italy)
+39 055 22 80 131