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EXPO ‘Amber in Contemporary Art Jewellery ‘ – Putti Art Gallery, Riga (Latvia/Lettonie) – 23 Mai-2 Aout 2014

Amber in Contemporary Art Jewellery -

Putti Art Gallery (Rīga, Latvia)

Amber - Riga - Putti gal.

Amber in Contemporary Art Jewellery -  Putti Art Gallery (Rīga, Latvia) 23-May-2014 -
Nikolai Balabin (brooch ?)

The core idea of the exhibition is to demonstrate the possible range of application of amber in the contemporary art jewellery created by professional jewellers.  This area of interest is largely based on the specific materiality of amber – and its historical significance. The choice of exhibition organizers to choose „Amber Road” as the thematic background is not accidental; it played a significant role between 1st and 5th centuries AD as an exchange route of goods between the Baltic Sea region and Roman Empire. The route started in the eastern coastal area of the Baltic Sea, which at that time was inhabited by the Prussians and Curonians. It continued down the Visla up to the city of Karnunta (currently in Hungary) and further to the coast of the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine peninsula, providing Rome with the precious and exclusive material. Many Roman coins and antiquities found in the graveyards in the Baltic countries is perceived as the evidence of this trade route together with testimonies in the writings of Roman Empire era. Thus not only will Latvian and Italian jewellers participate in the exhibition but also artists from countries that Amber Road passed through (Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, and Hungary). This exhibition will not only link the Amber Road geographically, but also historically by connecting the ancient times with the present, the past with the future and demonstrating the spectacular miracle of amber jewellery creation.

The stage of the exhibition is set by an internationally renowned fashion designer brand “MAREUNROL’S”. The fashion designers – Mārīte Mastiņa and Rolands Pēterkops created their first joint collection in 2002 while still being students at Riga Applied Art College. Since then, they have participated and received awards in various international fashion and arts festivals, including the International Fashion and Photography Festival in Hyeres (France). ( and )

Exhibition catalogue is designed by Kirils Kirasirovs and the text authors are Una Meistere and Daiga Rudzāte. The catalogue is issued by the arts and culture portal “Arterritory” (

The catalogue publishing is supported by “Rīga 2014″.

Twenty artists take part in the exhibition: Andris Lauders (Latvia), Claudia Steiner (Austria), Eva Tesarik (Austria), Eve Margus-Villems (Estonia), Fanni Vékony (Hungary), Gigi Mariani (Italy), Guntis Lauders (Latvia), Heidemarie Herb (Italy), Helfried Kodré (Austria), Jānis Vilks (Latvia), Jurgita Erminaitė-Šimkuvienė (Lithuania), Maria Cristina Bellucci (Italy), Māris Auniņš (Latvia), Māris Šustiņš (Latvia), Nataša Grandovec (Slovenia), Nikolai Balabin (Russia), Pawel Kaczynski (Poland), Sara Gackowska (Poland), Valdis Brože (Latvia) and Viktoria Münzker (Austria).

Gigi Mariani, Brooch, 2013Gigi MarianiBrooch: Alone in my Thoughts, 2013Silver, 18kt yellow gold, Amber, Niello, patina12,5 X 6,5 X 1,6 Photo: Paolo Terzi
gigi mariani - will remain a sign...- ring- silver, 18kt yellow gold,Amber, niello,patinaGigi Mariani - « will remain a sign… »  ring- silver, 18kt yellow gold,Amber, niello,patina
Heidemarie Herb, Brooch, 2013
Heidemarie HerbBrooch: Untitled, 2013925 Silver, raw amber, steel, pigment4 x 5,5 x 1,5 cm -Photo: Silvana Tili
Andris Lauders, Ring, 2013
Andris LaudersRing: Seal’s Dream, 2013Amber, Mammoth bone, 925 Silver, 750 Gold7,5 x 5 cmPhoto: Normunds Brasliņš
Fanni Vékony, Brooch, 2013
Fanni VékonyBrooch: Names of Amber II, 2013Plastic coated paper, copper, silver and Matrix boardPhoto: Mária Pecsics
claudia steiner, ring -highlighted distance- amber
Claudia SteinerRing: Highlighted Distance, 2013Copper, 925 Silver oxidized, Resin, Baltic Amber7 x 5 cmPhoto: Claudia Steiner
Helfried Kodre  - ring - amberHelfried Kodre  Ring: Vienna, 2013Amber, silver, gold, copper1,9 x 2 x 3,8 cm
Victoria Munzker - white electron - brooch with amberVictoria Munzker – white electron – brooch 
Eva Tesarik - brooch with amber
Eva Tesarik - brooch
Valdis BrozeValdis Brože – pendant (« The big one, the talkative one », 2013 -Carved amber, Silver 925, enamel
140 x 50 x 30 cm)  & ring (?)
Maria Cristina Bellucci, Necklace, 2013Maria Cristina Bellucci, Schon 2, necklace, 2013 – Silver, marble, amber, coloured pencils, rubber, epoxy resin
88 cm –
Photo: Giulia Lupi
Putti Art Gallery
16 Mārstaļu iela
1050 – Rīga
Telephone: +371 67214229
Fax: +371 67214230


Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER – Amberif Design Award – 30 Avril-30 June 2013

Amberif Design Award 2013

Exhibition presents pieces selected to the 17th International Competition for Jewellery Project with Amber organized by the International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones Amberif. Its aim is promotion of a creative thinking and innovative solutions in jewellery design with amber. This year’s topic was: Simply a ring.

International jury composed of:
Caroline Broadhead – chairwoman, lecturer of jewellery design at the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, London, Great Britain
Christophe Burger – jewellery designer, Colmar, France
Katarzyna Rzehak –Institute of Industrial Design, Warsaw, Poland
Agnieszka Jacobson – Cielecka - journalist, art critic and curator of design, Poland
Gisbert Stach – jewellery designer, Graefelfing, Germany

assessed 152 works submitted by 110 artists from 17 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Great Britain and Italy

and awarded the following prizes:

GRAND PRIX sponsored by the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk – 10.000 PLN  :
Bożena Czarnecka

Bożena Czarnecka - amberif-design-award-2013 - Grand Prize - amber inclused into ... caramel ! the ring can also be eaten .......Bożena Czarnecka -  Grand Prize – amber inclosed into … caramel ! the ring can also be eaten …….

* AMBER PRIZE  sponsored by the International Amber Association – 1 kg of amber  :
Angelina Stoykova

Angelina Stoykova - amberif design award 2013Angelina Stoykova

* SILVER PRIZE – 1 kg of silver: Bogdan Dowlaszewicz

Amberif Design Award 2013 -  Bogdan DowlaszewiczBogdan Dowlaszewicz


The Jury selected 21 works by the following artists for publication in the AMBERIF 2013 Fair catalogue and for display at the exhibition:
Bożena Czarnecka, Grand Prix, Honourable Mention — Bogdan Dowlaszewicz, Silver Award — Maren Giloy — Paweł Kaczyński — Lidia Karpacz –  Miron Kutarba, Honourable Mention –  Katarzyna Luter –  Adam Łyszkowski –  Marek Mrowinski –  Karolina Navus-Wysocka –  Olga Oblezina — Alain Roggeman — Marta Rudnicka, Honourable Mention — Wojciech Rygało — Svetlana Shagarova — Angelina Stoykova, Amber Prize — Andrzej Szadkowski — Jasper Vanderberghe

Amberif Design Award 2013 - Marta Rudnicka  ring / honorable mention :)Marta Rudnicka  ring

AMBERIF DESIGN AWARD 2013 /14)  Rings made by Jasper Vanderberghe from Belgium.  Publication in catalogue Amberif 2013, ADA 2013, Gdańsk, Poland.   photo: MTG SA.Rings made by Jasper Vanderberghe from Belgium AMBERIF DESIGN AWARD 2013 /9)  Ring made by Karolina Navus-Wysocka from Poland.  Publication in catalogue, ADA 2013, Gdańsk, Poland.   photo: MTG SA.
Ring made by Karolina Navus-Wysocka from Poland

AMBERIF DESIGN AWARD 2013 /3)  Ring made by Marek Mrowiński from Poland.  Publication in catalogue, ADA 2013, Gdańsk, PolandRing made by Marek Mrowiński from Poland

AMBERIF DESIGN AWARD 2013 /7)  Ring made by Angelina Stoykova from Bulgaria.  Publication in catalogue, ADA 2013, Gdańsk, Poland.Ring made by Angelina Stoykova from Bulgaria

Alain Roggeman - -amberif-design-award-2013Alain Roggeman

Katarzyna Luter - amberif-design-award-2013Katarzyna Luter

Legnica Cultural Centre,
Knights Academy,
Chojnowska 2
Open: 30th April – 30th June, Tue – Fri: 11.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m., Sat: 10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m


….. et plonger dans le grand BLEU !

Classé dans : Akiko BAN (JP),Aldo MONDINO (IT),Alexis KOSTUK (CA),Aline BERDICHEVSKY (MX),Andi GUT (CH),Andrea JANOSIK (SK),Annamaria ZANELLA (IT),Anne GOLDFARB (FR),Anthony TAMMARO (US),Anya KIVARKIS (US),Arthur HASH (US),Babette EGERLAND (DE),Barbara PAGANIN (IT),Benedikt FISCHER (AT),Birgit SKOLIMOWSKI (EE),Blanche TILDEN (AU),Camilla TEGLIO (IT),Carola BAUER (DE),Carolina GIMENO (Chili),Catherine JACQUET (FR),Celio BRAGA (BR),Christian ASTUGUEVIEILLE (FR),Christophe MARGUIER (FR),Coco DUNMIRE (US),COUP DE COEUR,David BIELANDER (CH/DE),Denise Julia REYTAN (DE),Donald FRIEDLICH (US),Dora HARALAMBAKI (GR),Eleanor BOLTON (UK),Emiko OYE (US),Enrica PRAZZOLI (IT),Estela Saez VILANOVA (ES),Farah BANDOOKWALA (UK),Farrah AL-DUJAILI (UK),Floor MOMMERSTEEG (NL),Flora VAGI (HU),Gemma DRAPER (ES),Gesine HACKENBERG (NL),Giampaolo BABETTO (IT),GIIA (IT),Gijs BAKKER (NL),Giorgio VIGNA (IT),Graziano VISINTIN (IT),Gulnur OZDAGLAR (TR),Hana KARIM (Sl),Hanna LILJENBERG (SE),Hannah FEWTRELL-BOLTON (UK),Hanneke PAUMEN (NL),Helen BRITTON (AU),Helena LEHTINEN (FI),Helfried KODRE (AT),Jacqueline RYAN (UK),Jean-Francois PERENA (FR),Jean-Pierre DUSSAILLANT (FR),Jessica CALDERWOOD (US),Jillian MOORE (US),Joanna GOLLBERG (US),Julia deVILLE (AU),Karin KATO (JP),Kate BAUMAN (US),Kath INGLIS (AU),Katie SCHUTTE (US),Liana PATTIHIS (CY/UK),Lisa JUEN (CN),Lucia MASSEI (IT),Luis ACOSTA (RA),Maria Rosa FRANZIN (IT),Marijke de GOEY (NL),Marta MATTSSON (SE),Melissa TOLAR (US),Mia MALJOJOKI (FI),Mikiko MINEWAKI (JP),Mirjam HILLER (DE),Mirla FERNANDES (BR),Nel LINSSEN (NL),Nora FOK (UK),Paolo SCURA (IT),Patricia LEMAIRE (FR),Pawel KACZYNSKI (PL),Peter HOOGEBOOM (NL),Pilar GARRIGOSA (ES),Rallou KATSARI (GR),Ralph BAKKER (NL),Sam Tho DUONG (VN),Sara BORGEGARD (SE),Sari LIIMATTA (FI),Sayumi YOKOUCHI (JP),Shannon CARNEY (US),Silvia WALZ (DE),Stacey BENTLEY (UK),Stefano POLETTI (IT),Sue GREGOR (UK),Susanne ELSTNER (DE),Susie GANCH (US),Tabea REULECKE (DE),Tanel VEENRE (EE),Tobias ALM (SE),Ute EITZENHOFER (DE),Viktoria MUNZKER (SK/AT),Yoko SHIMIZU (JP),Yurij BYLKOV (RU) — bijoucontemporain @ 15:15

THANKS to  Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria page/selection on Pinterest, about blue jewellery !!!! it was the departure for this ….. blue OCEAN !! :-) or, to be more in the « intellectual » actuality, « 99 shades of … BLUE » !! ;-)
Giorgio Vigna – gorgoglio – vetro
Arthur Hash  Blue Wave (cast polyurethane)
Donald FRIEDLICH  (gal. Loupe)brooch ‘Translucence’ series – glass, 18k & 14k gold, diamond
Gésine Hackenberg- Table Glass: Dutch/Finnish Still Life, Brooch
Gésine Hackenberg Double Glass Still life BroochFinnish table glass (vintage by Itala); cut and ground
Giampaolo Babetto – Brosche
Graziano Visintinbroche – or, argent, niellage – 2009 

   Graziano VISINTIN broche 2
Graziano VisintinBrooch, 2006 – 18k gold, enamel, gold leaf  (The David Collection)

Lisa JUEN - don't dream it wear it - blue brooch or necklace
Lisa JUEN – ‘don’t dream it wear it’ – blue brooch or necklace- Lasercut Stainless Steel, CZ, LED, LED Screen, Plastic, Cable, Light Switch, Battery

Maria Rosa Franzin Maria Rosa Franzin brooch

Pilar Garrigosa   broochPilar Garrigosa brooch
Julia deVille (AU) – ‘Mechanical Wing’
brooch, Kingfisher Wing, silver
Luis Acosta – paper bracelet
Märta Mattsson
Rallou Katsari - ‘whispering loud’ ring

..... et plonger dans le grand BLEU ! dans Akiko BAN (JP) Reconstruction-8-300x225Reconstruction-1-300x225 dans Aldo MONDINO (IT)

Aline Berdichevsky – brooches “Reconstructio »
Benedikt Fischer – brooches
Christian Astuguevieille – Bracelet éponge bleue (La Piscine, Roubaix – don de l’artiste en 1995)
Stefano Poletti- Collier en éponge naturelle teintée et perle recouverte de feuille d’or monté sur fil d’or

The Scottish Gallery Nel Linssen - blue bangleNel Linssen – blue bangle – paper

ute_eitzenhoefer dans Alexis KOSTUK (CA)
Ute Eitzenhöfer – brooch – Mixed media (labradorite)
Eleanor Bolton – blue(s) necklaces
Tabea Reuleake – ring
Birgit Skolimowski (EE)
Estela Saez Good by(e) nest.” serie  2008- ‘SEPIA’ – silver/wool/fabrics/paint
Carolina Gimeno- portable objects

Phacella Congesta from Portable Objects 2010
Carolina Gimeno-‘Phacella Congesta’ from Portable Objects 2010 – brooch

Zurciendo cuerpos sobre el mapa 2009
Carolina Gimeno- ‘Zurciendo cuerpos sobre el mapa’ 2009 – Brooch – Copper, Vitreus Enamel, wood, silver , steel
Carolina Gimeno (Chili) – série “dibujando en el espacio”

Flora Vagi – curious wish – brooch Flora Vagi – curious wish – brooch
Susie Ganch – blue dust enamel brooch

Flora Vagi  azur reverse necklace  ebony, silk, cord enamel,18 ct gold - 2005 Flora Vagi -azur reverse necklace – ebony, silk, cord enamel,18 ct gold – 2005
Stacey Bentley brooch – enamel

Blanche Tilden - Compress necklace
Blanche Tilden – “Compress” necklace - glass
Christophe Marguier – ‘esperance de vie de l’homme’ necklace- plastic, silver, steel
Gulnur OZDAGLAR – PET jewelry
Gulnur OZDAGLAR – PET jewelry necklace
Catherine Jacquet – collier cascade – plastiques

Barbara Paganin - broche 'fiore di luce'
Barbara PAGANIN (IT) broche ‘fiore di luce’ – verre  (Galerie SLAVIK)

GIIA - blue wave
GIIA (IT) “blue wave” felt neckpiece

"Mimesi n2"  Collana: legno, carta giapponese, argento, colore Camilla Teglio – « Mimesi n2″  Collana : legno, carta giapponese, argento, colore
 Lucia Massei - pendant ‘Comunque e sempre’ 18kt yellow gold, silver, iron, ruby, black spinels 2009
 Lucia Massei -  bague « la bella adormentata »

Mirla Fernandes - "Herança" necklace - latex, paint, porcelain
Mirla Fernandes- Herança necklace- latex,paint, porcelain – 2006

Peter  Hoogeboom - chainmail porcelain necklacesPeter  Hoogeboom – chainmail porcelain necklaces
Liana Pattihis  - Blue Circle Brooch 2007 – Silver, copper, enamel stainless steel – Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s Painting ‘Blue Circle’
Liana Pattihis - Brooch: Blue Istos 02 2010 -silver Light Trace Chain, Copper, Enamel, St. Steel
Viktoria Münzker- Kollektion PARADISO
Mirjam Hiller - Catopsia – brooch – stainless steel powdercoating, titanium

Sari Liimatta "The Costume I", necklace, 2006glass beads, fresh water pearls, metal, plastic toySari Liimatta « The Costume I », necklace, 2006 glass beads, fresh water pearls, metal, plastic toy
Mia Maljojoki - 2010 (Photo: Mirei Takeuchi)
Sara Borgegård  2009 necklace, wood, paint, iron, cotton
Sara Borgegård necklace
Yuri Bylkov - ring- metal, paper, acrylic – 2009
Alexis Kostuk“high gear” brooch- copper, which I used a patina on to darken, pearls & gem beads, sterling silver ball chain, resin, and flocking.

I gioielli di Denise Julia Reytan
Denise Julia Reytan

Momentaufnahme_9 par DENISE JULIA REYTAN
Denise Julia Reytan- Snapshots”

Dora Haralambaki - earthenweare clay rings with colour glazes Dora Haralambaki - ceramic ring
Edith Bellod - collier en porcelaine de limoges : “kaléidoscope”
Annamaria Zanella – brooch
Andi Gut - ring

Orden%20saabujale-01 dans Aline BERDICHEVSKY (MX)
Tanel Veenre“Orden for the one who is arriving”

Helfried Kodré - brooch

102210 dans Andi GUT (CH)Helfried Kodré, Bague
Helfried Kodré - ring, silver, lapislazuli – ring, gold, silver, turquoise, bronze, 2007
Aldo Mondino, BIC – cristallo di rocca, lapislazzuli e tappo in oro smaltato blu, esemplare unico – 2008
Aldo Mondino, BIC necklace
Paweł Kaczyński
Paweł Kaczyński – Silver and Steel Water Bracelet

 dans Andrea JANOSIK (SK)
Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton - restriction 3 – conceptual textile
Jean-Pierre Dussaillant- Bague “Cactus”
Anya Kivarkis – copper, silver, enamel brooch
Emiko Oye – duchess2_ Necklace from My First Royal Jewels Jewellery Collection. Repurposed LEGO necklace inspired by Cartier’s diamond, emerald and platinum necklace, and Harry Winston’s pendant, 1960. emiko-o 2008.

Enrica Prazzoli, necklace, 2011 (Alchimia school)Enrica Prazzoli – Ives Klein (Alchimia – 2011)

Enrica Prazzoli (from Alchimia) blue Klein collection rings 

Floor Mommersteeg, Pebble-necklace, nylon Floor MommersteegPebble-necklace, nylon
Floor Mommersteegbroche

Hana Karim Ceramic Jewelry Hana Karim  Ceramic Jewelry

Helen Britton broochHelen Britton – brooch 

Quinault3_640 dans Annamaria ZANELLA (IT)
Hanna Liljenberg -  Quinault 3, halssmycke järn, oljefärg, lintråd, silver

babetteblauerballon dans Anne GOLDFARB (FR)
Babette Egerland- ring “Ballonschmuck” 925 Ag rhodiniert

FARAH BANDOOKWALA -blue hair brooch Bandookwala (UK) – blue hair brooch
Mikiko Minewaki-
‘toy-camera’ necklace

Katie Schutte - cluster necklace - crocheted silver wireKatie Schutte – Cluster necklace – crocheted, electroformed, and powdercoated found wire, cubic zirconia

Shannon Carney ring
Kath Inglis  “Blue Pollinator” Brooch

AKIKO BAN / Collar 2010Akiko Ban- collar – 2010  (from Alchimia)

Jillian Moore -  brooch-pendant ‘Cucurbits’ 2008 Fiberglass, resin, copper, paint, felt

Joanna Gollberg - prong series blue broochJoanna Gollberg - prong series blue brooch
Sayumi Yokouchi - ‘Layered’ Brooch in plastic, silk thread, and stainless steel.
Karin Kato – ‘QU4DRO’ Brooch in sand, resin, and silver

b99bajoagua dans Anthony TAMMARO (US)
Silvia WalzUnder water brooch-  Series: Burbujas   – silver, copper, resine, enamel, glas – 2010

All images from ¡Genial!  New Jewelry from Spain at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Silvia Walz La visionaria (Geometria Series) Brooch

Tobias Alm – Summer series – Necklace. Cotton, wood, paint. Picture from Tobias Alm - Summer series 2009 Necklace. Cotton, wood, paint

Jessica Calderwood, Portrait of an Eye Brooch/Pendant, Enamel on copper, sterling, stainless steel
Jessica Calderwood -Portrait of an Eye’ Brooch/Pendant – Enamel on copper, sterling, stainless steel

blue-white-ruins-ring_Gal700px dans Anya KIVARKIS (US)
Gésine Hackenberg  – ‘blue white ruins’ ring

Carola Bauer necklace – Silver, enamel

Jacqueline Ryan 18kt gold and vitreous enamel brooch

Jean-François PEREÑA - bracelet -cuir, lapis-lazuli, plexiglas (bleu), argentJean-François PEREÑA - MON bracelet ! PETIT
Jean-François PEREÑA -  bracelet -cuir, lapis-lazuli, nacre, plexiglas (bleu), argent

Patricia Lemaire – Aspara la Bleue 1- 1999 défilé Lapidus

Anne Goldfarb OUT OF AFRICA - 2011 Collier Soie, Argent, Fil d’aluminiumAnne Goldfarb – OUT OF AFRICA – Collier Soie, Argent, Fil d’aluminium – Afedap 2011

Andrea Janosik- Blue Brooch - sIlver and suede - 2007

00360-0-10-1-blue-amdder-cuff dans Arthur HASH (US)
Sue GREGOR – cuff,foto1,118&c=390x390
Gijs Bakker- Bracelet « Porsche bracelet » stéréolithographie, polyuréthane -, 2000
David Bielander – Enzian Brooch – titanium
Sam Tho Duong

0501_Hanneke_Paumen_Tule_Blauw dans Babette EGERLAND (DE)Hanneke Paumen (NL) – Tulle blauw Collar (detail)- felt

kate bauman Kate Bauman  - barnacle no.9 (ring) – enamel, copper, sterling silver
Anthony Tammaro – « neck object » – Gypsum/Epoxy/Silicone*O9Hi3lxisakPgZBUId-p9pV0nc3mA6a3nZT836RickOMkqUzEjWHCd5mhH1UkXM5Bs1JHUN3*UJMTIdeAPCfl2tzTVas0M/brooch3royalblue2.jpg?width=605&height=600
Farah Bandookwala (UK) Parasite series: magnetic brooches – Rapid prototyped nylon, stainless steel, dye, rare earth magnets. Collection of brooches with interchangable magnetic backs
Melissa TOLAR  - Enamel, hand-cast gems, and pearl jewelry

Mirla Fernandes

Mirla Fernandes ring

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Ralph Bakker “the Fly” – earrings
Yoko Shimizu – necklace – resin, pigment, silver

Yoko Shimizu  (from Alchimia school), necklace from the « transformation » series – 2010
Celio Braga, Brazil (Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery exhibition)
Marta Mattsson- The Human Touch – Cricket brooch

Susanne Elstner, brosche Susanne Elstner, brosche

image16 dans Barbara PAGANIN (IT)
Farrah Al-DujailiNecklace – Copper, enamel paint, watercolour pencil, thread2010
Carolina Gimeno (Chile) resinas – bracelet
Shannon Carney – medium collar resin necklace
Helena Lehtinen- Gardens Collection, Blue brooch, 2011 Wood, thread, beads DE GOEY – 1999 – Pièce unique. BAGUE « Curly » en or or et titane à patine bleue Hiller  brooch Draper, Barcelona- brooch Fok  ring Scura - ring 


EXPO ‘Conceptual jewellery’ – Gallery Putti, Riga (Latvia) – 23 Sept.-22 oct. 2011

 ’Conceptual jewellery’Gallery Putti, Riga (Latvia)

Felieke van der Leest –  Gigi Mariani (Luigi Mariani) (Italy) –  Fabrizio Tridenti (Italy) –  Emmanuel Lacoste (France) –  Doris Betz (Germany) –  Eugenia Ingegno (Italy) –  Dace Vitola (Latvia) –  Daniela Boieri (Italy) –  Coco Dunmire (USA) –  Beppe Kessler (NL) –  Ara Kuo (Thailand) –  Anastasia Young (UK) –  Ana Cardim (PT) –  Adam Grinovich –  Lisa Björke –  Tarja Tuupanen –  Ted Noten –  Silke Fleischer –  Poly Nikolopoulou –  Pawel Kaczynski (Poland) –  Nicolas Estrada (Spain) –  Nora Rochel –  Margherita de Martino Norante (Italy) –  Maria Cristina Bellucci (Italy) –  Isabell Schaupp (Sweden) –  Liisa Hashimoto (Japan) –  Sigurd Bronger (Norway) …..



Gallery Putti
Mārstaļu 16, Riga, Latvia, LV-1050
+371 67214229


Trésors d’AMBRE …… trésors de la Baltique ………..

Evidemment, je faisais quelques recherches sur les créateurs Polonais et ………… :-)
merci au site de STFZ !


…. vu des merveilles de Andrzej Adamski Paulina BinekBogumil BytomskiMaryla Dubiel, — Dorota KosEwa EffenbergPaweł KaczyńskiMalgosia Kalinska Jaroslaw Westermark  etc etc …..

Andrzej ADAMSKI (PL)Andrzej Adamski ring (Legnica 2008)

Felt with amber necklace Paulina Binek Binek - Felt & amber jewelryBracelet | Andrzej Boss

Andrzej BossBracelet 

Trésors d'AMBRE ...... trésors de la Baltique ........... dans ambre / amber czas20004

czas20007 dans Andrzej ADAMSKI (PL)

czas20008 dans Andrzej BOSS (PL)

czas20009 dans Bogumil BYTOMSKI (PL)

Małgosia Kalińska - amber jewelleryMałgosia Kalińska

foto5 dans Dorota KOS (PL)Malgosia Kalinska

foto2 dans Ewa EFFENBERG (PL)
Malgosia Kalinska

Marcin TYMINSKI - amber necklace - grand prix AmberifMarcin TYMINSKI  amber necklace – grand prix Amberif

Maryla Dubiel (PL) - amber neckpiece.Maryla Dubiel - amber necklace

Maryla Dubiel : Amber Collection - earringsMaryla Dubiel : Amber Collection – earrings

Paweł KaczyńskiPaweł Kaczyński

Paweł Kaczyński - bracelet with amberPaweł Kaczyński

Jan Materek - amber jewelryJan Materek

Andrzej Boss - PL jewelry with amberAndrzej Boss
Elżebieta i Tomasz Szupienko – amber jewelry

Marcin Zaremski amber braceletMarcin Zaremski

Arek Wolski, necklaceArkadiusz (Arek) Wolski

Paulina Binek amber necklacePaulina Binek
Philip Sajet ! - (International Amber Biennial in Frombork : Amber and Astronomy 2007)

Philip Sajet  Amber necklace, 2002Philip Sajet  Amber necklace, 2002

Dorota Kos - natural-mystic necklace - Elektronos 2007- Amber PrizeDorota Kos  natural-mystic necklace – Elektronos 2007- Amber Prize

Dorota Kos - Prezentacje 2004Dorota Kos – Prezentacje 2004

Kacper Schiffers - amber necklaceKacper Schiffers

Emilia Górna - Norbert Wawrzyniak - amber pendantEmilia GórnaNorbert Wawrzyniak

Emilia Górna - Norbert Wawrzyniak - amber ring GórnaNorbert Wawrzyniak – amber ring

Piotr WajchtPiotr Wajcht

Janis Jakobson - fabulous amber rings ....Janis Jakobson


COUP de COEUR ! Pawel KACZYNSKI where textile meets metal

« pawel kaczynski : metal pleats, crinkles and wrinkles »

« Textile meets jewelry in an explosion of color and texture in this body of work.  The closures on Kaczynski’s cuffs and collars are a striking example of how an artist’s work can sing when the functional elements of a piece are incorporated into the design. I want to touch them and memorize the way they feel under my fingers.  Wrinkles have never been so sexy.«  (

quand Susan Lomuto, la rédactrice de « dailyArtMuse », dit que son site -et ses bijoux !- sont WOW!, ce n’est rien de le dire !! à voir absolument !!!


EXPO ‘The Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2010′ – Legnica (Pologne) – 8 Mai-13 Juin 2010

Legnica Jewellery Festival  SILVER 2010

EXPO 'The Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2010' - Legnica (Pologne) - 8 Mai-13 Juin 2010  dans Esther KNOBEL (PL) The%20Legnica%20Festival%20of%20Silver%20-%20baner

In May 2010 the 31st edition of the Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER will take place.
As every year the main event of the Festival will be International Jewellery Competition. This year theme is MINIMUM.

(cf article sur concours et résultats :CONCOURS ‘Minimum’ – deadline : 6 avril 2010 – EXPO Legnica 8mai-13 juin 2010 )

Besides it in the framework of the Legnica Jewellery Festival will be organized many jewellery events

About the Artists

About the Artists is a cycle of retrospective presentations of distinguished personalities in jewellery art from Poland and abroad, including: A. Boss, Jacek Byczewski, A. Bandkowski, J. Bożek, S. Fijałkowski, P. Cieciura, Felicity Peters (Australia), J. Sokólski (Poland), H. O’Connor (USA), Esther Knobel (Israel), W. Tasso-Mattar (Germany), Pawel Kaczyński, M. Petry (UK), V.K. Novák (Czech Republic).

29783_1256286296780_1518280846_1604998_809153_n dans Exposition/Exhibition
Jacek Byczewski

29783_1256286576787_1518280846_1605004_2199657_n dans Felicity PETERS (AU)
Jacek Byczewski


Silver Schools

Silver Schools is a cycle presenting the artistic oeuvre of jewellery art schools, their professors, graduates, students from Poland and abroad.
The schools presented to date include: the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź; the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Prague (Czech Republic); the College of Art and Design in Łódź; ALCHIMIA Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence (Italy); Eesti Kunstiakadeemia, Tallinn (Estonia); and Escola Massana, Barcelona (Spain), State Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo (Norway), Le Arti Orafe, Florence (Italy), Akademie der Bildenden Kűnste, Munich (Germany), Zeichenakademie, Hanau (Germany), Instituto Statale D`Arte PIETRO SELVATICO, Padova (Italy), the Academy of Fine Arts, Vilnius (Lithuania), UCE Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, Birmingham, (United Kingdom),  Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm (Sweden), South Carelia Polytechnic from Lappeenranta (Finland) and Academy of Fine Arts and Design from Bratislava (Slovakia), the Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design from Prague (Czech Republic), Fakultät für Gestaltung of Hochschule Pforzheim (Germany), Design Department of University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf (Germany) and ESAD, Art and Design Superior School from Matosinhos (Portugal).
In continuing this cycle over successive years, we intend to present every European school.


Debuts is a cycle presenting pieces of young artists, which just start their activity on design and artistic scene.


The Gallery of Art in Legnica
Pl. Katedralny 1
59-220 Legnica, Poland
tel. +48 76 86 20 910, fax. +48 76 85 65 126


EXPO ‘STFZ.EKO’ – Legnica (Pologne) – 3rd weekend May 2010 (15-16 mai 2010)

Goldsmithing Artists’ Association Exhibition

« An idea that has been in preparation for two years, and finally is ready : an exhibition called « STFZ. EKO. » Premiere during the Silver Fair in Legnica, on the third weekend in May 2010.
The reason such a theme of the competition was an observation that « in the projects and works presented by goldsmith artists at galleries and museums it is easy to notice that the natural world, animals, plants and humans has been an inspiration for a lot of us. » Indeed, the submitted works are a kind of mine of ideas taken from nature, associated with nature, or providing an idea for successful recycling. The last group includes such objects as a scourer, fish tin, or a necklace made of both primary recycled elements. In other categories there was a really wide variety: spelt, cinnamon, felt, honeycomb, walnut, wood, stones found on a beach, leaves, insects, birds, dried fruits, organic partridge eggs, flowers, coffee, tea, and of course, amber. The products were combined, in surprising ways, with silver, steel, copper, glass, plexi or acrylic. Altogether 57 works were submitted by 31 contestants – the Goldsmithing Artists’ Association members.
Wojciech Rygało, an exhibition curator said: « We were surprised with high attendance, which means the topic is interesting and catchy. We were also very impressed with the variety of the work submitted – although all the works were kept around the « ecological » theme, yet the technical solutions and combinations of materials were really impressive. I am convinced that a really interesting exhibition will be created of these works, and it will be shown in different places in Poland: first off, in Legnica, and then in a few other interesting places. » » (Anna

Jewellery of Elżebieta i Tomasz Szupienko
Elżebieta i Tomasz Szupienko – amber jewelry

«  Exhibition STFZ.ECO presents works of members of the Goldsmithing Artists’ Association, which took part in the discussion about status and condition of world of nature. They show by the forms of jewellery its beauty and excellent composition, but also destructive human activity. It is the constructive, sometimes critical or even aggressive, sometimes gentle and subtle, but above all very authentic voice.« 

EXPO 'STFZ.EKO' - Legnica (Pologne) - 3rd weekend May 2010 (15-16 mai 2010) dans Agnieszka BRUZDA (PL) Anna_GawlowskaWojciech_Rygalo dans ambre / amber
Anna Gawłowska      —     Wojciech Rygało

Hanna_i_Jacek_Zdanowscy dans Exposition/ExhibitionMichal_Majewski dans Gal. Legnica (PL)
Hanna i Jacek Zdanowscy     —    Michał Majewski

Marta Bogusz i Eugeniusz Gowkielewicz, Agnieszka Bruzda (honourable menton of STFZ), Jacek Byczewski (honourable menton of the Gallery of Art), Danuta Czapnik, Maryla Dubiel, Anna Gawłowska (honourable menton of the Gallery of Art), Marek Huculak, Joanna, Tadeusz Jaworscy i Sylwia Żebrowska, Paweł Kaczyński, Stanisław Kędzierski, Joanna Kilanowicz-Bosek, Zofia i Witold Kozubscy, Ryszarda i Tomek Krzesimowscy, Oliwia Kuczyńska, Wojciech Lach, Michał Adam Majewski, Zbigniew Michałowski (honourable menton of STFZ), Joanna Mirecka – Szuleta, Mariusz Pajączkowski (honourable menton of STFZ), Jacek Paluchowski, Jan Pomianowski, Kamilla Rohn, Ewa Rudowska, Wojciech Rygało, Wojciech Skowron, Magdalena Stajszczak, Tomasz Stajszczak, Elżbieta i Tomasz Szupienko, Jerzy Szymula, Radosław Szwed (honourable menton of STFZ), Marcin Tymiński, Urszula Wasilewska (honourable menton of STFZ), Jan Wiszniewski (honourable menton of STFZ), Anna Wojdan, Tadeusz Ziętara, Hanna i Jacek Zdanowscy 

(THANKS to Gallery Sztuki for information & pictures !)


COUP de COEUR ! bracelets …. Polonais !

J’avoue que je n’y comprends pas grand’chose, à part que j’en ai déduit que « bransoleta » voulait dire « bracelet » (puisque, c’est logique, « naszyjnik » voulait dire collier …. ;-) ), et que …. il y avait sur cette page qui parle de … je ne sais quoi… de « fichtre » beaux bracelets !!! :-) donc les voici, brut de « déchiffrage », tant il est vrai que ce qui est beau parle de lui-même …..

Jacek Byczewski - bransoleta z plastikowych linek do mocowania metek i złota
Pawel Kaczyński - bransoleta
Paweł Kaczyński - bransoleta.
Michał Wyszomirski – bransoleta
Paweł Kaczyński - bransoleta ( argent et acier de couleur. Fermoir en argent.)
Janusz Glinicki

Radosław Szwed, bransoleta, srebro, pióra
Radosław Szwed, bransoleta, srebro, pióra


Contemporary Polish Jewellery

To mark the anniversary of Poland’s entry to the European Union (in 2004) , Flow gallery is linking up with Gallery Bielak, Krakow.
Director of Flow gallery, Yvonna Demczynska, has selected a group of British jewellers with the intention of representing a diverse hand of the most innovative makers on the contemporary scene. Running parallel to her endeavours, Andrzej Bielak, together with the Polish Association of Jewellery Artists, has picked out a body of work that effectively highlights the excellence in current Polish jewellery.
Andrzej Bielak is at the fore of promoting Poland’s fine art jewellery, having co-founded the Association of Jewellery Artists. We will not be let down by his knowledge, passion or commitment. We particularly look forward to seeing his award winning work.
In drawing attention to some of the jewellers selected, let us look at Bohdan Jan Suchodolski. He has shown in solo and group shows internationally, where his precious materials combine with the more unorthodox. Also taking a mixed media approach are Antek Zaremski and Arkadiusz Wolski. Interestingly, Arkadiusz studied oceanography but set up his own jewellery workshop on graduation. He favours amber, but also employs metal to explore his ideas.

Also changing tack in career post-university is Jacek Byczewski. Having studied sculpture at the Acadamy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Jacek became a jeweller. From this turning point in 1973 Jacek has gone on to berepresented at over 90 international exhibitions, with work in both public and private collections.
Agnieszka Bruzda‘s executes her simple forms exclusively in metal, as does Mariusz Pajaczkowski. Mariusz lives and works in Warsaw, having co-founded the university gallery ‘Brama’. He uses a variety of precious metals.
Jacek A. Rochacki descends from the well known artist/jeweller family. His distinguished career having seen him win multiple awards at the SILVER competitions in Legnica.

The list of work coming to Flow Gallery is completed by that of Pawel Kaczynski, Bogumil Bytomski, Marcin Tyminski, Krzysztof Roszkiewicz, Krzysztof Piotrowski, Jan Wiszniewski, Maryla Maria Dubiel and Aleksandra i Jakub Wyganowscy.

Jewellery travelling to Poland from Yoko Izawa, Alison Macleod, Katy Hackney, Kaz Robertson, Katie Murphy, Kayo Saito, Jane Adam, Hannah Lamb, Carla Edwards, Tanja Ufer, Katie Clarke, Angela O’Kelly and Laura Baxter.

The trade between Flow Gallery and Gallery Bielak looks to be stimulating and thoughtful. It’s scope maybe necessarily defined, but it is hoped that the transfer of ideas will extend beyond that solely between Britain and Poland.

Paweł Kaczyński Pawel Kaczynski bracelet

Contemporary Polish Jewellery dans Agnieszka BRUZDA (PL) brosza%20silver
 Andrzej Bielak

brooches dans Andrzej BIELAK (PL)
Bohdan Jan Suchodolski
Jan Suchodolski  - necklace

Bogumil Bytomski Bogumil Bytomski - bracelet

Ring by Grzegorz Blazko. Silver with acrylic. Grzegorz BŁAŻKO Ring – Silver with acrylic
Pawel Kaczynski  necklaces

jacek rochacki - earrings Jacek A. Rochacki
Agnieszka Bruzda necklace

Jacek byczewski Jacek Byczewski
Jacek Byczewski – necklace made of stainless steel and gold (Mercurius Gedanensis Jewellery Competition- 2008- TECHNICAL INNOVATION award)

Marcin Tyminski Tomasz Ogrodowski
Aleksandra i Jakub Wyganowscy
Arkadiusz Wolski

Goldsmithing Artists` Association (STFZ = Stowarzyszenie Twórców Form Złotniczych)
STFZ co-organize top Polish exhibitions and competitions of artistic goldsmithing like « Revues of goldsmithing forms » of Legnica, and annual « Prezentacje » in Waszawa; formerly the artistic part of jewellery and watchmaking fairs « PAI TIME » in Warszawa and the « CAMELOT » of Kraków. The informative tool of STFZ is newsletter « INFO », edited 5 – 7 times per annum, and the web site. STFZ actively participate in international goldsmithing life cooperating with many goldsmithing associations, nets of contacts and by support to the
à cette page, une galerie de photos des oeuvres des créateurs Polonais

mise à jour sept.2012 : n’arrive plus à la page de STFZ – voir page STFZ sur Facebook


Bielak Gallery

Slawkowska St.
Cracovia (Poland/Pologne)
tél : +48 601 43 53 99
fax  +48 12 637 46 34