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EXPO ‘mineralART 2014 – Between Layers’ – Staatlichen Antikensammlungen, Munich (DE) – 13 Mars- 11 Mai 2014

 SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Staatlichen Antikensammlungen, Preisverleihung mineralART 2014

« between layers – Innenwelten des Achats »
“between layers – worlds within agate”

The prize-giving will take place on Thursday, 13 March 2014, as part of a celebratory event inside the Munich State Collection of Antiques. The competition-winning pieces and other outstanding works will be on display here during SCHMUCK 2014 and until 11 May 2014 during museum opening hours.

After the opening, please join the CURRENT OBSESSION PARTY!!! :
Thursday, 13th March 2014, 9 – 12 pm
84 GHz, Georgenstraße 84, Munich

Flyer mineralART

Award ceremony & opening: Thursday, 13th March 2014, 7:00 pm
State Collection of Antiques, Königsplatz, Munich.mineralART 2014“between layers – worlds within agate”

 mineralART 2014 is proud to present the work of following artists in Munich :

Claudia Adam — Penka Arabova-Pasheva — Paula Bahadian — Frans Beelen — Tereza Borlova –
Carolin Denter — Katharina DettarPatrícia DominguesMatthias DyerTanja Emmert – Elvira Golombosi — Lina Goltsios — Elena Gorbunova — Taehee In — Levani Jishkariani — Christina Karababa – Yeonkyung Kim — Beate Klockmann — Karina Lazauskaitė — Typhaine Le Monnier — Tianqi Li –  Cristina Martí Mató –  Judy McCaigViktoria Münzker – Tom Munsteiner — Julia Obermaier — Ruudt Peters — Hester Popma-van de Kolk — Sari Räthel — Philip Sajet — Nils Schmalenbach — Kvetoslava Flora Sekanova –  Giovanni Sicuro — Supavee Sirinkraporn — Jörg Stoffel — Karen Vanmol — Karol Weisslechner — Zindzi Wijminga — Getter Ziugand   ………..

An overwhelming number of 275 pieces by 161 participants ………………

#SCHMUCK14 -  MineralART competition - Annamaria ZanellaAnnamaria Zanella
MineralART - Sari RäthelSari Räthel
MINERALart- Li TianqiLi Tianqi
MineralART - Tatjana GiorgadseTatjana Giorgadse
MineralART - Julia ObermaierJulia Obermaier
MINERALart- Giovanni SicuroGiovanni Sicuro
MINERALart- Philip SajetPhilip Sajet



Staatlichen Antikensammlungen
Königsplatz 1
80333 München
Di-So 10-17, Mi 10-20 Uhr




Schmuck 2013 – TALENTE 2013 – competition/awards

Talente 2013 Competition Munich Germany jewelry award

Klimt02: Talente 2013 Competition Munich Germany jewelry award

Young artist working in the applied arts and technology will have the opportunity to show their work in the international competition TALENTE 2013 in Munich, Germany, during the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades from 6th – 12th March 2013.
In an area of 600 m², the works will be shown to a wide audience, with an international jury selecting the winners of the TALENTE prize. An illustrated catalogue will be published.
The aim of TALENTE is to promote young people with a particular manual talent and to show an interested audience the enormous potential which lies in the new generation in crafts and trades. The works will be the outcome of formal or technical considerations and experiments, showing something new and exceptional.
Participants are chosen from any section of crafts and technology. They will have made the artefact by their own hands. Age limit is set at 33 in the domains of crafts, and at 35 in the domain of technology.


Selected artist for Schmuck/Jewellery :

Anna Ameling, Germany – Penka Arabova, Bulgaria/Germany – Andrea Coderch, Spain –  Adela Fejtkova, Czek Republic – Alexander Friedrich, Germany – Emi Fukuda, Japan/Germany – Tatjana Giorgadse, Georgian Republic/Germany – Eva Girbes, Spain – Jennifer Gray, Great Britian – Anna-Karin Haag, Sweden – Levan Jishkariani, Georgian Republic/Germany – Lydia Jones, /Great Britain – Sunyoung Kim, South Korea – Yong Joo Kim, South Korea/USA – Panjapol Kulpapangkorn, Thailand –  Yujin Lee, South Korea – Weronika Marek, Poland/Norway – Florian Milker, Germany – Marta Roca Solé, Spain – Yeseul Seo, South Korea – Hedvig Glomsrød Sommerfeldt, Norway – Shih-Dea Tseng, Taiwan – Nelly Van Oost, France – Laurence Verdier, France – Yan Zhang, China

Lydia Jones Necklace: Bottle Lids Porcelain, plastic lids, linen thread, slip casting (talente 2013)Lydia Jones Necklace: Bottle Lids Porcelain, plastic lids, linen thread, slip casting

Yan Zhang, CN (talente 2013)Yan Zhang, CN

Andrea Coderch (from Alchimia) brooches -(Talente 2013)Andrea Coderch (from Alchimia) brooches « Querida Yun » Gold, silver, Japanese fabric, cotton 3 x 3 x 1 cm each

Weronika Marek -  My work will be part of Talente exhibition 2013 (6th-12th of March) in Munich,Weronika Marek

Penka Arabova  Brooch: Haven  Agate, silver, poxipol, drilled, cut, soldered, glued  8 x 11 x 3 cm       (Talente 2013)Penka Arabova  Brooch: Haven  Agate, silver, poxipol, drilled, cut, soldered, glued  8 x 11 x 3 cm
Yong Joo Kim  Bracelets: In light of Space  Hook and loop fasteners, thread (talente 2013)Yong Joo Kim  Bracelets: In light of Space  Hook and loop fasteners, thread
Nelly van OostNelly van Oost


Inhorgenta 2013 – Munich (DE) – 22-25 fevr. 2013

Inhorgenta :

New Munich Trade Fair Centre  February 22nd to 25th, 2013  Friday-Sunday: 9 am – 6 pm

Inhorgenta 2013 Munich - 22-25 Feb.

I hope to meet you in the next Inhorgenta with works of the graduate students from Hochschule Esd Idar-Oberstein :
Carmen HauserTatjana GiorgadsePenka Arabova • Anna Ameling • Nelly Van OostKatharina Dettar • Anna Jacobs • Magdalena Meng • Tala YuanEdu TarínChristina Röhlen
at our booth 535 & 537Gang EHall C2

Nelly Van Oost :   I hope to meet you in the next Inhorgenta with works of the graduate students from Hochschule Esd Idar-Oberstein in the Hall C2 - Booth 537    New Munich Trade Fair Centre  February 22nd to 25th, 2013  Friday-Sunday: 9 am - 6 pm

Inhorgenta/Graduates: Nelly Van Oost (MA 2013) • brooch "Rencontre 10" • agate, gold, paint, new silver, steel • 2012 Nelly Van Oost (MA 2013) • brooch « Rencontre 10″ • agate, gold, paint, new silver, steel • 2012

Inhorgenta/Graduates: Magdalena Meng (BA 2013) • chain • cobble stones, jasper, thread • 2013Magdalena Meng (BA 2013) • chain • cobble stones, jasper, thread • 2013

nhorgenta/Graduates: Katharina Dettar (BA 2013) • chain "Summmer is gone" • red agate, pink ivory wood, silver, goldplated silver, 18kt gold and steel • 2013 • Photo: Manu Ocaña Katharina Dettar (BA 2013) • chain « Summmer is gone » • red agate, pink ivory wood, silver, goldplated silver, 18kt gold and steel • 2013 • Photo: Manu Ocaña Inhorgenta/Graduates: Christina Röhlen (Diploma 2013) • brooch #01# • green apatite, rubber, nylon plastic, silver, steel • 2013 • Photo: Christina Röhlen • at our booth in Hall C2 • 535 & 537 • Gang E • New Munich Trade Fair Centre • 22 to 25 February Christina Röhlen (Diploma 2013) • brooch #01# • green apatite, rubber, nylon plastic, silver, steel • 2013 • Photo: Christina Röhlen

Inhorgenta/Graduates: Edu Tarín (BA 2012) • brooch "Revival 11. 2012 • cooper, enamel, amethyst - electroforming • 2012 Edu Tarín (BA 2012) • brooch « Revival 11. 2012 • cooper, enamel, amethyst – electroforming • 2012

Messe München GmbH
81823 München, Deutschland
Tel. +49 89 949-20720
Fax +49 89 949-9720729


EXPO ‘Oh My! Edition Spéciale’ – Gallery Caroline Van Hoek, Bruxelles (BE) – 5-25 Juill. 2012

Oh My! Spécial Edition 16 artists from Idar-Oberstein

Oh My! Edition Spéciale 16 artistes d’Idar-Oberstein à Bruxelles 05/07/12 – 25/07/12

This is a special edition of « Oh My! » I will present 16 international artists connected to Idar-Oberstein. It will be a show held at the Gallery Caroline Van Hoek (57 rue Van Eyck, Bruxelles)  from the 5th to 25th July 2012.
You are all invited to the opening on Thursday 5th July  from 18h to 21h

Voici une édition spécial de « Oh My! » Je vous présenterai 16 artistes internationaux connectés à Idar-Oberstein. Cette exposition sera présentée à la galerie Caroline Van Hoek (57 rue Van Eyck, Bruxelles) du 5 au 25 juillet 2012.
Vous êtes cordialement invités au vernissage le Jeudi 5 Juillet de 18h à 21h.

OhMy!: Expo 5 : Bruxelles

With | Avec :
Levan Jishkariani  — Cherry Boonyapan   — Patrìcia Correia Domingues   — Edu Tarín   — Nicolas Estrada  — Katharina Dettar  — Carmen Hauser  –  Barbora Dzuráková  — Petr Dvorak  — Cristina Martí Mató  — Alexander Friedrich  — Matthias Dyer  — Penka Arabova  — Taehee In  — Tatjana GiorgadseSabine Conrad

EXPO 'Oh My! Edition Spéciale' - Gallery Caroline Van Hoek, Bruxelles (BE) - 5-25 Juill. 2012 dans Alexander FRIEDRICH (DE) invitationbxl2


 Barbora Dzuráková - brooch Barbora Dzuráková – brooch 2010

Dzurakova_Barbora_H%28a%29unting+Truth_2011-2 dans Barbora DZURAKOVA (SK)Barbora Dzuráková – brooch « H(a)unting Truth » – 2011 Cherry Boonyapan - My_milk_webCherry Boonyapan – My_milk_web

 dans Belgique (BE)Cherry Boonyapan – « Remember me Berlin »

Cherry Boonyapan (Thailande)Cherry Boonyapan

Edu Tarin Serie 3.Sujeto DEdu Tarín broche – serie Palingenesia – Serie 3. Sujeto D, 2011   – Brooch; Painted brass.
Taehee In Taehee In Taehee InTaehee In
OhMy!: Artist Special Edition I-O: Taehee InTaehee In rings
Katharina Dettar - necklace  'Memento Mori', 2009, paper, wax, pigment, stone, silverKatharina Dettar – necklace  ‘Memento Mori’, 2009, paper, wax, pigment, stone, silver Blood dans Carmen HAUSER (DE)Nicolas Estrada « blood »
Matthias Dyer  Kette  Lapislazuli, Kunststoff, Lack, Silber, StahlMatthias Dyer  Kette  Lapislazuli, Kunststoff, Lack, Silber, Stahl



Gallery Caroline Van Hoek
57 rue Van Eyck, Bruxelles



JEWELLERY GRADUATION SHOW – Fachhochschule Esd Idar-Oberstein (DE) – 26 Juin-13 Juill. 2012

Five courses – selected jewellery of five graduands

The latest diploma theses of the diploma degree program gemstone and jewellery design are going to be presented on Tuesday, June 26th, 2012.

Fachhochschule Esd Idar-Oberstein   - Graduation show 2012With this year, the era of diploma degrees in University of Applied Sciences is going to end. It is followed by internationally-oriented Bachelor and Master programs. The exhibition presents a selection of degree works of the last age cohort of graduates of the University of Applied Sciences in Trier. Once again, the entire scope of the diploma course in Idar-Oberstein is going to be pointed out. The works present personalities with remarkable artistic maturity, they are an evidence of own style and authentic form of language at the level of our time.


Participating graduands are
Hye-Shil KimTatjana GiorgadsePenka Arabova Matthias Dyer, and Alexander Friedrich

Tatjana GiorgadseTatjana Giorgadse

Matthias DyerMatthias Dyer Alexander Friedrich  Brosche  Bergkristall, Amethyst, Silber, Polystyrol, Lack  –Alexander Friedrich  Brosche  Bergkristall, Amethyst, Silber, Polystyrol, Lack  

  Hye-Shil KimHye-Shil Kim – brooch

Penka ArabovaPenka Arabova



Opening of the exhibition: Tuesday, June 26, 2012, at 6 p.m.
Exhibition period: June 26 until July 13, 2012
Kreissparkasse Birkenfeld Idar,
Hauptstraße 80
55743 Idar-Oberstein




EXPO ‘True Colors’ – Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (NL) – 20 Fevr.-29 Mai 2011

True colours. New Traditional Jewellery

All over the world, jewellery is worn to decorate the body, to indicate status and identity, or for its religious significance. The biannual international design competition New Traditional Jewellery challenges contemporary jewellers from all over the world to use these emblems of historical or ethnographic significance as a starting point for new designs. In addition to this general concept, each year concentrates on a specific theme.
This year the theme is True Colours. In the most literal sense, it is about the history, meanings, value, magic, and power of colour. For example, the inhabitants of ancient Mesopotamia believed that the colour blue would protect them from evil, while 35,000 years ago primitive man used pink fibres to decorate clothing.
True Colours can also be interpreted literally as revealing one’s colours or one’s true nature. For example, the red and black pompons on the hats worn by women from Germany’s Black Forest indicate whether or not the person wearing the hat is married, and women decorate their clothing with traditional buttons.
Both meanings of True Colours appear again in again in over three hundred submissions from thirty-four countries. The exhibition presents a selection of these submissions demonstrating the great variation of colour in contemporary jewellery.

Winners NTJ 2010:
*Student winners:
Serin Oh
Penka Arabova
*Established jewellery artists and silverdesigners:
Amanda Caines
Tove Rygg
Auk Russchen


Young Joo Lee
Young-Joo LEE

The theme for the biennial international design contest New Traditional Jewellery is True Colours. This is the fourth edition of the contest and may said to have been very successful, with more than 300 entries of jewellery designers from 33 countries. The pieces submitted were judged by a technical jury of six persons, each with their own background – teacher, jewellery designer, academic, curator and fashion designer.
An important aspect of New Traditional Jewellery is that the participants should find their inspiration in historical and/or ethnographic jewellery. The theme selected this year has a double meaning. It is about colour, literally, but also means ‘showing your colours’ or ‘showing your true nature’. The entries were representative of this dichotomy with pieces showing an outspoken use of colour, but also with an enormous ethnic variety. It gave the jury a splendid opportunity to get an idea of what is happening at an international level in the field of contemporary jewellery design, with jewellers coming from countries like Finland, Iraq, Australia and Chile.
After some elaborate discussions the jury has selected the five winners listed below, among whom two students. While making the selection the jury aimed at diversity in order to show the various aspects within the theme of True Colours.

Het juryrapport is te lezen op

EXPO 'True Colors' - Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (NL) - 20 Fevr.-29 Mai 2011 dans Amanda CAINES (UK) 083caines-LRG
Amanda Caines (1961) multi-coloured Urban Tribal Necklace 

The multi-coloured Urban Tribal Necklace of Amanda Caines (1961) from Great Britain fits the theme of the contest perfectly. She has taken a good look at the necklaces of coloured beads worn by the Zulus where the necklace is a means of communication and the colours stand for a code that tells something about the age group and social status of the wearer. To make her contemporary version Caines uses rejected telephone and computer wires made of plastic in bright colours – she winds wool around them, fastens vintage fabrics to them and subsequently decorates them with beads.


The jury was pleasantly impressed by this year’s powerful entries of the students, with surprising and original designs. The prizes for the students were awarded to Penka Arabova (1980) from Bulgaria and Serin Oh from Korea.

203arabova-LRG dans Auk RUSSCHEN (NL)
Penka Arabova green brooch

Penka Arabova’s green brooch was inspired by an old Bulgarian tradition where red and white cotton threads tied together are worn as pendants, brooches or bracelets. The colour red of these so-called Martenizas is symbolic of youth and the colour white for age, and wearing them brings health and happiness. For her brooch Arabova has used different colours and materials which she associates with the old tradition in her native country and in doing so created her own modern guardian against illness and misfortune.

oh dans Carolina GIMENO (Chili)
Serin OH – ring

At first sight Serin OH’s ring looks like a bronze nugget, coloured black, mounted on a classic ring. But upon closer inspection all kinds of jewellery and parts thereof can be distinguished, among which precious stones and a small angel, which have fused together. It is a reference to the costume jewellery that is sold in the shopping centres of Korea, mass-produced and no longer bearing any relationship to the history of Korea. Serin Oh pictures the confusion and identity crisis of modern Korea by fusing these trinkets to a whole.

russchen dans Exposition/Exhibition
Auk Russchen (1971) brooch ‘Ode’

The brooch Ode by Auk Russchen (1971) was discussed extensively by the jury and became the surprising winner. To Russchen True Colours means who you are deep inside. Showing your inside to the world. Her unusual choice of material agrees with this. Using thinly cut strips of goatskin she crochets an organic form reminiscent of intestines. The tips are of pink yarn and resemble socks. The raw, almost grubby colour of the goatskin makes the small pink details stand out. She arrived at the colour pink after reading an article about primordial man using pink coloured fibres to decorate clothing as long as 35,000 years ago. Her brooch is an ode to her and our distant ancestors. 

rygg dans Hollande (NL)
 Tove Rygg (1963) necklace Link

The necklace Link by Tove Rygg (1963) from Norway does not catch the eye because of its distinct, but rather its very subtle use of colour. During a labour-intensive process she crochets long cords of gold, silver and high-grade steel. She adds small precious stones and plaits the cords into one long chain, based on old chains of the Vikings. The various stones, haematite, smoky quartz, agate and peridote, are symbolic of the various aspects of the Norwegian landscape, such as lakes, fjords and forests. The blood agate is a personal reference to her own blood and her personal relationship with her native country Norway. 

knuts_1 dans MUSEE
Tove Knuts


Carolina Gimeno
Carolina Gimeno - brooch


 Nominees NTJ 2010:

Alejandra Solar Mexico Amanda Caines UK
Anabelle Royo Spain Annette Duburg Netherlands
Annika Pettersson Sweden Atty Tantivit Thailand
Auk Russchen Netherlands Ayala Raz Israel
Barbora Dzurakova Slovakia Belinda Koopman Australia
Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary Germany Carolina Gimeno Chile
Cattherine Buman Australia Daniel Michel Germany
Denise Julia Reytan Germany Dora Haralambaki Greece
Esther Liebhold Germany Fabrizio Tridenti Italy
Floor Mommersteeg Netherlands Francisca Bauza Germany
Giovanni Sicuro Italy Gular Mustafa Iraq
Hartog & Henneman Netherlands Heejoo Kim Korea
Ingeborg Vandamme Netherlands Iris Goldman Germany
Isabell Schaupp Germany Jessica Turrell UK
Joao Vaz Portugal Judith Bloedjes Netherlands
Judith MacCaig UK Karen Vanmol Belgium
Katharina Tannous Germany Kirsi Johanna Kaasinen Finland
Kirsten Spuijbroek Netherlands Lien Hereijgers Belgium
Maryvonne Wellen Germany Melissa Miller Australia
Michaela Donsbach Germany Mirjam Frankle Germany
Mirjam Geiss Germany Nicolas Cheng  
Ou Jiun You Taiwan Penka Arabova Bulgaria
Pia Sommerlad Germany Serin Oh Korea
Simone Brewster UK Siv Jager Jansson Sweden
Stephanie Hensle Germany Sylvia Potente Australia
Tamara Grüner Germany Thahoura Mona Hadinejad Iran
Thea Clark US Tove Knuts Sweden
Tove Rygg Norway Vivi Touloumidi Greece
Willemijn de Greef Netherlands Young-joo Lee Korea


Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem
Utrechtseweg 87,
Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Tel.+31( 0)26 3775300.
Open: Tuesday-Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday-Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.



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