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EXPO ‘EYE-CATCHERS’ – Galerie Slavik, Vienna (AT) – 5 Mars- 5 Avril 2014

« EYE-CATCHERS » Exhibition at Galerie Slavik in Wien (Austria)

From March 5th until April 5th, 2014

"Eye catchers" galerie Slavik Vienna 5 Mars - 5 Avrl 204(Helfried Kodré ring – silver, gold,pure gold, lapsi lazuli)


Artists:  Alexandra Brachtendorf — Mirjam HillerHelfried KodréKaori JuzuStefano MarchettiRamon Puig CuyàsSilvia WalzPer Suntum

The Slavik Gallery is starting its new cycle of exhibitions with a display of unique jewellery by international artists whose arresting creations never fail to impress.
The dynamic, technologically inspired brooches of Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Professor at the famous Escola Massana in Barcelona, catch the eye with architectural elements and a striking use of colour.
Silvia Walz also teaches at the Massana school. Her imaginative and smilingly colourful enamel bangles are bursting with energy and joie de vivre.
Mirjam Hiller makes jewellery out of sheet stainless steel or copper, which is sawn, folded and bent into shape to form little art works that are unique. The artist herself: « The piece of jewellery must be irresistible to the eye. It must hold me spellbound and touch my senses. Unique, exotic and beautiful, it should awake one’s curiosity and yet still be a little familiar. »
As the Japanese jewellery artist Kaori Juzu lives and works in Denmark, her creations are influenced by two quite different cultures. Her many-coloured « enamel jewellery treasures » tell stories of mysterious and unknown worlds.
In the golden jewellery objects of the German artist Alexandra Brachtendorf the gilding is done on a ground of rough forged iron, creating lively surface structures that are rich in shine and shadow.

Ramon Puig CuyasRamon Puig Cuyas« Subtle architecture » brooch – oxidized nickel silver, reconstructed corals

Ramon Puig Cuyas - at gal. SlavikRamon Puig Cuyas – brooch

Silvia Walz  Eschental Brooch, Serie Geometria 2 Silvia Walz  -  Brooch, Serie Geo-metria 2
Silvia Walz: Vestiges in a time-otherSilvia Walz - new works – serie Geo-metria2
Kaori Juzu - brooch Mare Nostrum 2012Kaori Juzu - brooch « Mare Nostrum » 2012 – enamel, copper, 14kt gold.
Kaori Juzu - brooch "SUCH UTTER SILENCE" # 5 - copper, silver, enamelKaori Juzu - brooch « SUCH UTTER SILENCE » # 5 -2013 -  copper, silver, enamelStefano Marchetti - brooch 2012 - goldStefano Marchetti – brooch 2012 – goldStefano Marchetti - brooch 2010 - white goldStefano Marchetti - brooch 2010 – white gold
Per Suntum -  brooch "Where the holka horse grasses"- series: japanese garden wood, nylon, silver, 14 kt. white goldPer Suntum -  brooch « Where the holka horse grasses »- series: japanese garden wood, nylon, silver, 14 kt. white goldPer Suntum -  brooch  "Manpuku III" Shibuichi, gold 18 ctPer Suntum -  brooch  « Manpuku III » Shibuichi, gold 18 ctMiriam Hiller - brooch 2012, bovenas neonpink steel powder coated   	  	Mirjam Hiller – brooch 2012, bovenas neonpink steel powder coated        Helfried Kodré ring - silver, lapislazuliHelfried Kodré ring – silver, lapislazuli


Galerie Slavik
Himmelpfortgasse 17
A-1010 Vienna
Telephone: +43 1 513 48 12


EXPO ‘Statements from Another Place’ – Galeria Reverso, Lisbon (Portugal) – 11 Juin-27 Juill. 2012

Per Suntum, Kaori Juzu, Castello Hansen : Statements from Another Place

« To those who wonder -,
There is no underlying theme, as such, for this exhibition.
We have no project and we do not raise questions about, or make ironic comment on jewellery, and there are no other issues or other inferior subjects to look for.
It’s plain, just jewellery.
Perhaps a radical statement nowadays, maybe it’s also just plain.
What we do share is the passion for the media, the will to face technically challenging work and to sacrifice our time to achieve the goal – jewelry. No short cuts.
If I were to introduce Per Suntum I would say that Per is a brilliant jeweler and a true Master in the crafts.Take your time and let his pieces speak. The effort will be payed back generously.
Kaori Juzu makes « impossible » master enameled pieces with shapes, signs and symbols carried within, from her native culture in Japan.
 » To me jewelry is a highly condensed media for communication, not unlike poetry.It.s a travel trough something small into something larger of a different nature, ethereal if you like ». » Castello Hansen


EXPO 'Statements from Another Place' - Galeria Reverso, Lisbon (Portugal) - 11 Juin-27 Juill. 2012 dans Castello HANSEN (SE) 2012_statments01# Pendente / Pendent | Kaori Juzu

2012_statments03 dans Exposition/Exhibition# Anel / Ring | Per Suntum

2012_statments04 dans Gal. Reverso (PT)# Anel / Ring | Castello Hansen


Galeria Reverso
R. da Esperança 59/61
1200-655 – Lisbon
Telephone: +351 213 951 407
Fax: +351 213 951 407


EXPO ‘A Sense of Place’ – The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (UK) – 18 Mai-16 Sept. 2012

A Sense of Place: New Jewellery from Northern Lands

Management: Beth Legg

Response piece by Tobias Alm

Response piece by Tobias Alm - Brooch 2011 - Anter, wood, thread, paper and silver

This exhibition explores the relationship contemporary jewellers have with their environment. Six nations are involved in the project, each at the northern edge of European jewellery practice, and each with their own individual cultural histories and heritage.

As part of a doctorate research project, sixteen emerging, and established, jewellers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Scotland were asked to make two new works. The first piece was informed by a box of collected objects and materials that each artist gathered from an environment which is significant to them. This collection became a research process towards their tangible interpretation of place.

These ‘Topophilia’ (love of a place) boxes were then swapped, anonymously and at random, for another artist’s box that formed the stimuli for the second piece of jewellery. The work is displayed in pairs alongside the corresponding box of source materials illustrating the different approaches taken by artists with the same stimuli. Visitors can compare how the artist’s work is affected by working from the objects they have chosen and from objects that have been selected by someone else.

The collections in the boxes and the finished work are poetic responses to feelings of belonging through the language of making. This project is a celebration of our cultural links through our lived experience of our environment; cementing the bonds of cultural identity through collected and crafted material objects and forming new connections to our place in the world.

Topophilia box created by Beth Legg, Caithness, Scotland.Beth LeggTopophilia box created by 


Artists list:
Tobias Alm (Sweden), Rut-Malin Barklund (Sweden), Sara Borgegård Älgå (Sweden), Grace Girvan (Scotland), Ingjerd Hanevold (Norway) Caroline Holt (Scotland), Hildur ýr Jónsdóttir (Iceland), Jenny Klemming (Sweden), Agnes Larsson (Sweden), Beth Legg (Scotland), Helena Lehtinen (Finland), Helga Mogensen (Iceland), Eija Mustonen (Finland), Per Suntum (Denmark), Nelli Tanner (Finland), Tarja Tuupanen (Finland).


 EXPO 'A Sense of Place' - The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (UK) - 18 Mai-16 Sept. 2012 dans Agnes LARSSON (SE) senseplace-legg-2

Beth Legg‘Where Land Meets Sea’ neckpiece, silver oxidised silver, copper, driftwood, industrial enamel and shell beads , 2011

Brooch, copper, paint, cotton thread, silver and steel. Jenny Klemming, 2011, Mariestad, Sweden.Jenny KlemmingBrooch, copper, paint, cotton thread, silver and steel. , 2011

 Brooch, silver and bio resin. Eija Mustonen, 2011, Ylämaa, Finland.

Eija MustonenBrooch, silver and bio resin , 2011

  Sara Borgegård Älgå  Necklace: Furillen 2011  Painted wood, iron and threadSara Borgegård Älgå  Necklace: Furillen 2011  Painted wood, iron and thread

  Nelli Tanner  Brooch: Traces of I 2012  Birch, silver  13,3 x 9,8 x 1 cm  Photo: Kimmo HeikkiläNelli Tanner  Brooch: Traces of I 2012  Birch, silver  13,3 x 9,8 x 1 cm  Photo: Kimmo Heikkilä

  Agnes Larsson - carbo necklaceAgnes Larsson – carbo necklace 2011-2012

  Tarja Tuupanen. Brooch. Cachalong, silver.Tarja Tuupanen. Brooch. Cacholong, silver. 2009



The National Museum of Scotland
Chambers Street
EH1 1JF – Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0300 123 6789


EXPO ‘THE RING – jewel forever’ – Hnoss Gallery, Gothenburg (Sweden) – 9 Sept.-9 Oct. 2011

Classé dans : Adam PAXON (UK),Alexander BLANK (DE),Andi GUT (CH),Anette KRAEN (DK),Anna UNSGAARD (SE),Annelies PLANTEYDT (NL),Aud Charlotte HO SINDING (SE),Barbara PAGANIN (IT),Bas BOUMAN (NL),Beppe KESSLER (NL),Bettina SPECKNER (DE),Birgit LAKEN (NL),Bruce METCALF (US),Castello HANSEN (SE),Christoph ZELLWEGER (CH),Esther KNOBEL (PL),Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Hnoss (SE),Gemma DRAPER (ES),Georg DOBLER (DE),Gijs BAKKER (NL),Hanna HEDMAN (SE),Helena LEHTINEN (FI),Ineke HEERKENS (NL),Iris NIEUWENBURG (NL),Jamie BENNETT (US),Jantje FLEISCHHUT (NL),Jenny KLEMMING (SE),Jiro KAMATA (JP),Johanna DAHM (CH),Kadri MALK (EE),Karin JOHANSSON (SE),Karin SEUFERT (DE),Karl FRITSCH (DE),Kasia GASPARKI (DK),Katja PRINS (NL),Kim BUCK (DK),Klara BRYNGE (SE),Konrad MEHUS (NO),Kristi PAAP (EE),Lin CHEUNG (UK),Lina PETERSON (SE),Lucy SARNEEL (NL),Manuel VILHENA (PT),Marc MONZO (ES),Mari ISHIKAWA (JP),Maria YLANDER (SE),Mia MALJOJOKI (FI),Mikiko MINEWAKI (JP),Mona WALLSTROM (SE),Nel LINSSEN (NL),Norman WEBER (DE),Otto KUNZLI (CH),Per SUNTUM (DK),Peter BAUHUIS (DE),Peter HOOGEBOOM (NL),Peter SKUBIC (YU),Petra SCHOU (SE),Pia ALEBORG (SE),Ramon PUIG CUYAS (ES),Rian de JONG (NL),rings,Ruudt PETERS (NL),Sara BORGEGARD (SE),Sebastian BUESCHER (DE),Sigurd BRONGER (NO),Silke TREKEL (DE),Sonia MOREL (CH),Suede (SE),Tarja TUUPANEN (FI),Terhi TOLVANEN (NL),Tore SVENSSON (SE),Ulrika SWARD (SE),Vera SIEMUND (NL),Verena SIEBER-FUCHS (CH),Warwick FREEMAN (NZ),Xavier Ines MONCLUS (ES) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:04

THE RING – the most common piece of jewellery can be full of meaning, a personal statement sometimes showing itself as a technical miracle or purely decorative and beautiful. It can demand attention, be an invitation to play, be filled with tears and secrets – and is to be worn for one day or for ever.
In homage to the ring Galleri Hnoss has invited all the jewellery artists exhibited in the gallery since the start in 1997 to produce one ring each. The result is now to be seen in the exhibition THE RING – jewel forever. The show consisting of over one hundred rings is a vibrant collection of different expressions, thoughts and forms

In connection with the exhibition on September 9 we are also arranging aseminar : The Ring – jewel forever. The theme is the ring seen from different perspectives. We are very proud to announce the speakers: Anna Schetelich from Galerie Oona, Germany, Professor Otto Kunzli, Germany, and Manuel Vilhena, jewellery artist from Portugal. Moderator is Love Jönsson, crafts critic and guest lecturer at HDK, University of Gothenburg. The seminar is a collaboration between Galleri Hnoss and the Department of Jewellery Art at HDK, with support from Gothenburg Crafts Association, Estrid Ericsson’s Foundation, Wilhelm and Martina Lundgren Fund, and the family Wikanders Foundation.

Artist list:
Ingierd Hanevold, Norway — Lena Bergestad–Jonsson, Sweden — Per Suntum, Denmark — Kim Buck, Denmark — Christer G. Jonsson, Sweden — Peter De Wit, Sweden — Otto Künzli, Germany — Andreas Treykorn, Germany — Verena Siber-Fuchs, Swizerland — Margareth Sandström, Sweden — Karin Johansson, Sweden – Sigurd Bronger, Norway — Esther Knobel, Israel — Tore Svensson, Sweden — Anette Kraen, Denmark — Beppe Kessler, Netherlands — Mona Wallström, Sweden — Ari Turunen, Finland — Synnøve Korssjøen, Norway — Konrad Mehus, Norway — Onno Boekhoudt, Netherlands — Ulrika Swärd, Sweden — Rian de Jong, Netherlands — Christoph Zellweger, Switzerland — Helena Lehtinen, Finland — Helena Sandström, Sweden — Jamie Bennett, USA — Lotta Åström, Sweden — Karen Ihle/ Jens Eliasen, Denmark — Johanna Dahm, Switzerland — Petra Schou, Sweden — Adam Paxon, Scotland — Bruce Metcalf, USA — Eva Dora Lamm, Denmark — Ruudt Peters, Netherlands — Barbara Paganin, Italy — Kasia Gasparski, Denmark — Annelies Planteydt, Netherlands — Kadri Mälk, Estonia — Lena Olson, Sweden — Tarja Tuppanen, Finland — Manuel Vilhena, Portugal — Castello Hansen, Denmark/Sweden — Gijs Bakker, Netherlands — Cecilia Johansson, Sweden — Gunilla Grahn, Sweden — Vera Siemund, Germany — Karl Fritsch, Germany — Nel Linssen, Netherlands — Margaret West, Australia — Lars Sture, Norway — Kerstin Ringedal, Sweden — Fabrice Schaefer, Switzerland — Lucy Sarneel, Netherlands — Elise-Ann Hochlin, Norway — Georg Dobler, Germany — Katja Prins, Netherlands — Ramon Puig Cuyás, Spain — Xavier Monclús, Spain — Mah Rana, England — Peter Bauhuis, Germany — Silke Trekel, Germany — Terhi Tolvanen Finland/Netherlands — Svenja John, Germany — Jivan Astflack, England — Anna Unsgaard, Sweden — Charlotte Sinding, Sweden — Sonia Morel, Switzerland — Pia Aleborg, Sweden — Marc Monzó, Spain — Andi Gut, Switzerland — Anna Martinsson, Sweden — Ulrich Reithofer, Austria/Netherlands — Peter Hoogeboom, Netherlands — Mari Ishikawa, Japan/Germany — Annika Åkerfelt, Sweden — Karin Seufert, Germany — Peter Scubic, Austria — Lina Petersson, Sweden/England — Sara Borgegård, Sweden — Erik Kuiper, Netherlands — Ineke Heerkens, Netherlands — Bettina Speckner, Germany — Sebastian Buescher, England/Tyskland — Warwick Freeman, New Zealand — Iris Neuwenburg, Netherlands — Jiro Kamata, Germany/Japan — Anne-Marie Bernhardt, Sweden — Hanna Hedman Sweden — Lin Cheung, England — Bas Bouman, Netherlands — Birgit Laken, Netherlands — Norman Weber, Germany — Gemma Draper, Spain — Kristi Paap, Estonia — Alexander Blank, Germany — Klara Brynge, Sweden — Mia Maljojoki, Finland/Germany — Jenny Klemming Sweden — Jantje Fleischhut, Netherlands — Mikiko Minewaki, Japan — Carolina Claesson, Sweden — Linda Marie Karlsson, Sweden — Maria Ylander, Sweden — Åsa Christensson Sweden

Onno Boekhoudt (NL) – ring – Mixed media

EXPO 'THE RING - jewel forever' - Hnoss Gallery, Gothenburg (Sweden) - 9 Sept.-9 Oct. 2011 dans Adam PAXON (UK) Peter-Hoogeboom--tearsBruce-Metcalf2011Ring dans Alexander BLANK (DE)
Peter Hoogeboom  –  Bruce Metcalf  

Jiro-Kamata-ps_jirokamata dans Andi GUT (CH)Gijs-Bakker332_YouCantHaveItAllRing dans Anette KRAEN (DK)
 Jiro Kamata  –  Gijs Bakker

Ramon-Puig-Cuy%C3%A0s-1400---2011- dans Anna UNSGAARD (SE)Ruudt%20Peters-ABBAS-1 dans Annelies PLANTEYDT (NL)
Ramon Puig Cuyas  —   Ruudt Peters

Bettina-SpecknerIMG_8101 dans Aud Charlotte HO SINDING (SE)1a,-Johanna-Dahm,-Double-fingerring,-CLAY, dans Barbara PAGANIN (IT)
Bettina Speckner –  Johanna Dahm

Marc-Monzo-IMG_8910 dans Bas BOUMAN (NL)Synnove-Korssjoen-P4280071 dans Beppe KESSLER (NL)
Marc Monzo  –  Synnove Korssjoen

Jenny%20Klemming-garden dans Bettina SPECKNER (DE)NelLinssen_7days_12 dans Birgit LAKEN (NL)
Jenny Klemming  –  Nel Linssen

Annika-Akerfelt_Ring dans Bruce METCALF (US)Katja-Prins---KP-Inventarium-2 dans Castello HANSEN (SE)
Annika Åkerfelt  –    Katja Prins

Barbara-Paganin---promenade dans Christoph ZELLWEGER (CH)Ineke-Heerkens---Groei-gewoel dans Esther KNOBEL (PL)
Barbara Paganin  –  Ineke Heerkens

Fabrice-Schaefer-ring-Owl-2007-titanium-fine-gold dans Exposition/ExhibitionBirgit-Laken-Wing-Ring-oxidized-silver-2011-DSC05247b dans Gal. Hnoss (SE)
Fabrice Schaefer  —   Birgit Laken

Beppe%20Kessler%20-%20thimble-better-picture dans Gemma DRAPER (ES)Christoph-Zellweger-01_pi+ao dans Georg DOBLER (DE)
Beppe Kessler  –   Christoph Zellweger


Esther-Knobel---e dans Gijs BAKKER (NL)Hanna-Hedman---3 dans Hanna HEDMAN (SE)
Esther Knobel  —   Hanna Hedman

Anette-Kr%C3%A6n-For-Better-and-Worse-1-NY dans Helena LEHTINEN (FI)Kim-Buck---Pumpous-ring-Kim-Buck-2011 dans Ineke HEERKENS (NL)
Anette Kræn  –  Kim Buck

Manuel-Vilhena---MV-Ring-Hnoss-1 dans Iris NIEUWENBURG (NL)Lena-Olson---Flower-Lena-Olson dans Jamie BENNETT (US)
Manuel Vilhena  —   Lena Olson

Mia-Maljojoki---MIAring1 dans Jantje FLEISCHHUT (NL)Otto-Kunzli-_04_Hana-bi%28Einzelring%29 dans Jenny KLEMMING (SE)
Mia Maljojoki  —   Otto Künzli

Mari-Ishikawa---Ring-Ishikawa dans Jiro KAMATA (JP)Petra-Schou---PetraSchouFunnels dans Johanna DAHM (CH)
Mari Ishikawa  –  Petra Schou

Sigurd-Bronger---DSC_0094 dans Kadri MALK (EE)Terhi-Tolvanen---Ring-Aurore-2-Terhi-Tolvanen dans Karin JOHANSSON (SE)
Sigurd Bronger  —   Terhi Tolvanen

Rian-de-Jong---rian dans Karin SEUFERT (DE)Verena-Sieber-Fuchs---1.ring dans Karl FRITSCH (DE)
Rian de Jong  - Verena Sieber-Fuchs

 Tore-Svensson---DSC_0025 dans Kasia GASPARKI (DK)Kerstin-Ringedal---DSC_0020 dans Katja PRINS (NL)
Tore Svensson  —   Kerstin Ringedal

Andreas-Treykorn-DSCN1537 dans Kim BUCK (DK)Andi-Gut-Andi_gut_ring-Nylon dans Klara BRYNGE (SE)
Andreas Treykorn  —   Andi Gut

Carolina-Claesson-fingertoppsring-nara dans Konrad MEHUS (NO)Charlotte-Ho-Sook-Sinding-fagel dans Kristi PAAP (EE)
Carolina Claesson  –  Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding

Annelies-Planteydt-red-colourful-crystal-phase-1 dans Lin CHEUNG (UK)Castello-Hansen dans Lina PETERSON (SE)
Annelies Planteydt  –  Castello Hansen

Ingjerd-Hanevold-hanevold dans Lucy SARNEEL (NL)Eva-Dora-Lamm-_MG_0099 dans Manuel VILHENA (PT)
Ingjerd Hanevold  –  Eva Dora Lamm

Helena-Sandstrom-zinkring-sidan-1 dans Marc MONZO (ES)Helena-Lehtinen-LEHTINEN_RING2011 dans Mari ISHIKAWA (JP)
Helena Sandström  –  Helena Lehtinen

Jens-Eliasen-hnoss2 dans Maria YLANDER (SE)Karen-Ihle-hnoss1 dans Mia MALJOJOKI (FI)
Jens Eliasen  –  Kare Ihle

Kristi-Paap-Paap_RING_12_01 dans Mikiko MINEWAKI (JP)Mona-Wallstrom-Mona-Wallstrom-Spirit-I dans Mona WALLSTROM (SE)
Kristi Paap  –  Mona Wallstöm

Lucy-Sarneel-CLEARING-_-Lucy-Sarneel dans Nel LINSSEN (NL)Jivan-Astfalck-theniceandthenotnice dans Norman WEBER (DE)
Lucy Sarneel  —   Jivan Astfalck

Lina-Peterson-Yellow-Ring-Lina-Peterson-a dans Otto KUNZLI (CH)Karin-Seufert-355 dans Per SUNTUM (DK)
Lina Peterson  –  Karin Seufert

Lotta-Astrom-Lot_038 dans Peter BAUHUIS (DE) Kasia-Gasparski-Smykker07skygge%281%29 dans Peter HOOGEBOOM (NL)

Lotta Åström  —   Kasia Gasparski

Mikiko-Minewaki-MIKIKO-RING dans Peter SKUBIC (YU)Linda-Marie-Karlsson-01-lindamarie-ring dans Petra SCHOU (SE)
Mikiko Minewaki  —   Linda Marie Karlsson

Norman-Weber-Schaustuck12 dans Pia ALEBORG (SE)Per-Suntum-avirginring_persuntum01 dans Ramon PUIG CUYAS (ES)
Norman Weber  —   Per Suntum

Pia-Aleborg-pia_aleborg dans Rian de JONG (NL)Silke-Trekel-157-RGB dans rings

Pia Aleborg  —   Silke Trekel

Peter-Bauhuis-bz43hnoss dans Ruudt PETERS (NL)Peter-de-Wit-hnoss2-peter dans Sara BORGEGARD (SE)

Peter Bauhuis  —   Peter de Wit

Sara-Borgegard-Alga-Ring-Hnoss dans Sebastian BUESCHER (DE) Tarja-Tuupanen-TUUPANEN_RING2011 dans Sigurd BRONGER (NO)

Sara Borgegård Älgå  —   Tarja Tuupanen

Erik%20Kuiper-SealwaxHNOSS dans Silke TREKEL (DE)Xavier-Monclus-RingWheel1 dans Sonia MOREL (CH)
Erik Kuiper —   Xavier Monclús

Kadri-Malk-hunting_field12 dans Suede (SE)Ulrika-Sward-Ulrika-Sward dans Tarja TUUPANEN (FI)
Kadri-Mälk  —   Ulrika Swärd

Anne-Marie-Bernhardt-ring1 dans Terhi TOLVANEN (NL)Alexander-Blank-DSC_0022 dans Tore SVENSSON (SE)
Anne-Marie-Bernhardt  —   Alexander Blank

Georg%20Dobler-IMG_2464 dans Ulrika SWARD (SE)Peter-Skubic-11-DSC_0039 dans Vera SIEMUND (NL)
Georg Dobler   —   Peter Skubic

Jantje%20Fleischhut%20.0,5Ring_1 dans Verena SIEBER-FUCHS (CH)Adam-Paxon-DSC_0050 dans Warwick FREEMAN (NZ)
Jantje Fleischhut  –  Adam Paxon

Gemma-Draper-IMG_0483 dans Xavier Ines MONCLUS (ES)Lin-Cheung-%27A-pair-of-wedding-rings-for-the-average-man-and-the-average-woman%27
Gemma Draper  –  Lin Cheung

Hnoss Gallery
413 14 – Gothenburg
Telephone: +46 31 41 09 19
Fax: +46 31 41 09 19


EXPO ‘Tout ce qui brille, …’ – WCC-BF, Mons (BE) – 21 Mai-14 Aout 2011

A la gale­rie du WCC-BF
Expositions tem­po­raires. Au pre­mier étage de la galerie, un espace d’expositions temporaires conçues ou accueillies par le WCC-BF.

Tour d’Europe des Arts appliqués.  21.05.2011 – 14.08.2011

EXPO 'Tout ce qui brille, ...' - WCC-BF, Mons (BE) - 21 Mai-14 Aout 2011      dans Belgique (BE) DK-illustration(on picture : Kaori Juzu‘attempting to create a bodily conversation point # 1′ brooch 2010. enamel, copper, 24kt and 14kt gold, silver)

Depuis 1429, la Guilde des orfèvres contemporains de Copenhague réuni les plus talentueux orfèvres et bijoutiers danois. Une institution figurant parmi les plus anciennes et respectables d’Europe, mais un groupement de créateurs également menés par une réflexion et une recherche résolument contemporaine.
Où se situe l’orfèvrerie danoise aujourd’hui, vers quoi tend-t-elle ? C’est à ces questions que les commissaires de « Tout ce qui brille… » souhaitent répondre en proposant une exposition réunissant des objets à la fois profondément ancrés dans leur époque et héritiers d’un savoir faire technique et formel ancestral.
Dans le cadre de son Tour d’Europe des Arts appliqués, le WCC-BF, en collaboration avec la Guilde des Orfèvres de Copenhague, présente des objets et bijoux d’orfèvrerie contemporaine réalisés par des artistes de renommée internationale, ainsi que par quelques jeunes créateurs au talent prometteur.

Oeuvres de :
Carsten From Andersen  Signe Frese Bülow Andersen

Claus Bjerring

Gitte Bjørn

Katrine Borup

Kim Buck

Lasse Bæhring

Lisbeth Dauv

Sidsel Dorph-Jensen

Yuki Ferdinandsen

Karen Fly 

Anna Magdalena Furrer

Kasia Gasparski

Else Nicolai Hansen

Janne Krogh Hansen

Kaori Juzu

Jytte Kløve

Marie-Louise Kristensen

Jeanette Lopez-Zepeda

Lone Løvschal

Lisbeth Nordskov

Peder Musse

Therese Mørch-Jørgensen

Kamilla Ruberg

Allan Scharff

James Stoklund

Per Suntum

Mette Saabye

Mette Vivelsted

Josephine Winther

Katrine Borup - skull ring
Katrine Borupskull ring 

Katrine Borup- 'kartofen' ring Katrine Borup- ‘kartofen’ ring 

Mette Saabye Mette Saabye

Kaori Juzu, Dances at Dawn broochKaori Juzu‘dances at dawn’ brooch 2010. enamel, copper, silver,14kt gold

Jeanette Lopez-Zepeda- "Klokkeklang" necklace (detail) - titanium: Jeanette Lopez-Zepeda- « Klokkeklang » necklace (detail) – titanium

Lisbeth Nordskov  ,  'plugs and plumlines' brosche - Sterling sølv, oxyderet sølv, røde trLisbeth Nordskov  ,  ‘plugs and plumlines’ brosche – Sterling sølv, oxyderet sølv, røde tråde og dentalskiver

Lisbeth Nordskov  - halsmykke, gummi og nylonLisbeth Nordskov  – halsmykke, gummi og nylon

Kasia Gasparski  broochKasia Gasparski  brooch

Kasia Gasparski  broochesKasia Gasparski bamboo (red) brooch and (black) ring

Kasia Gasparski--Danish CraftsKasia Gasparski ring  »Gold Stories », 2001 

Josephine Winther  'Colourings'Josephine Winther  ‘Colourings’Josephine Winther - Rubyfruits from Jewellerybox - Smykkeskrinet.  Photographer: Dorthe Krogh:Josephine Winther -  Ruby Fruit. Halssmykke 2003. Syntetiske rubiner, 18 karat rødguld, possementer

Per Suntum, "HEART BURNIN STILL YEARNIN", 2007  Per Suntum« Heart Burnin’ still Yearnin’ » brooch – 2007- alabaster, 22kt gold, silver, gold leaf, pigmentKamilla RUBERG - Kinetic Globe Ring -Kamilla RUBERG – Kinetic Globe Ring

clear dans Danemark (DK)clear dans Exposition/Exhibitionclear dans GALERIESclear dans Jeanette LOPEZ-ZEPEDA (DK)Therese Morch Jorgensen - Perfectly Chewed pins 2010Therese Mørch-Jørgensen « perfectly chewed » pins 2010

Karen Fly  ring - made off .... "Mela Min" serieKaren Fly  ring - made off .... "Mela Min" serie - ring blue
Karen Fly  ring – made off …. « Mela Min » serie


Site des Anciens Abattoirs
17/02, rue de la Trouille
B-7000 MONS
Tél. 00 32 65 84 64 67


EXPO ‘JEWELLERY ART–WINTER JOURNEY’ – galerie SLAVIK, Vienne (AT) – Nov 2009-30 janv 2010


Galerie Slavik’s international jewellery artists
Exhibition period: 10 Nov. 2009 – 30 Jan. 2010

Galerie Slavik invites you most cordially on this year’s Winter Journey, our annual review of contemporary jewellery art.

The most recent works by David Watkins, a well-known British jewellery artist and professor at the Royal College of Art in London, were inspired by nature. Watkins, fascinated by the possibilities of modern materials such as acrylic, paper and aluminium, revolutionised contemporary jewellery art in the 1960s by introducing new materials to complement traditional gold and silver.

The Italian jewellery artist Barbara Paganin, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, is well known among the gallery’s regular visitors. She presents enchanting creations for our Winter Journey, among them a radiant brooch made of elements of ice-blue Murano glass with diamonds glistening from their midst.

Barbara Paganin
Barbara Paganin – broche « Fiore di luce »

Per Suntum, an acclaimed Danish artist, exhibits a selection of his works at Galerie Slavik for the first time. The artist mounts perforated surfaces of gold and silver on metal plates. The surface of his light and dark silver brooches is reminiscent of the full moon on a clear winter night.

Stefano Marchetti tessellates gold and silver foil into brooches of timeless elegance. Annamaria Zanella presents recent works made of gold, silver and pigments. Her pieces, like Renzo Pasquale’s latest creations, are a highlight of our Winter Journey.

ANNAMARIA ZANELLA-bracelet 'SKIN' (argento, oro, enamel)P
Annamaria Zanella – bracelet « skin » 2005 – silver, enamel, lacquer