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EXPO ‘Ready to Wear’ – The Orava Gallery, Dolný Kubín (Slovakia) – 6 Juin-1er Sept. 2013

Jana Machatova and Peter Machata : Ready to Wear

You are kindly invited to the exhibition “READY TO WEAR” in the northern part of Slovakia. A selection of the artist´s jewellery work of the past years will be shown. The jewellery will be presented on dresses of friends of the artists.
Kurator: Dagmar Adamusova

Jana Machatova and Peter Machata: Ready to Wear -  The Orava Gallery  (Dolný Kubín, Slovakia)  06-Jun-2013 - 01-Sep-2013    website:  mail:

In this exhibition a group of people were asked to assist in preparing the presentation. Everyone had to select “the best one” from the jewellery pieces and answer a few questions about jewellery; why did you choose this pieces? Would you like wear it every day? What does jewellery represent to you? A photo was taken of the person wearing the jewellery and then the piece was presented on the clothes of that person, with small photo of person and the interview.

Peter Machata  Brooch: Absence of ... 2004  Silver, wisdom tooth  6,3 x 4 x 0,8 cmPeter Machata  Brooch: Absence of … 2004  Silver, wisdom tooth 

Peter Machata  Brooch: Surfaces 2008  Silver, ilmenit  7,5 x 6 x 1,2 cmPeter Machata  Brooch: Surfaces 2008  Silver, ilmenit

Jana Machatova  Brooch: Love is Love 2011  Silver, paper in lamineted plasticJana Machatova  Brooch: Love is Love 2011  Silver, paper in lamineted plastic

Jana Machatova  Brooch: Love is Love III 2011  Silver,paper in lamineted plasticJana Machatova  Brooch: Love is Love III 2011  Silver,paper in lamineted plastic


The Orava Gallery
Hviezdoslavovo námestie 1690/11
026 01 – Dolný Kubín
Telephone: +421/43/58 632 12
Fax: +421/43/586 43 95


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