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EXPO ‘Pattern Magic’ – Galerie Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam (NL) – 21 Juin- 2 Sept. 2014

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Opening at midsummer evening at Galerie Rob Koudijs
Saturday the 21st of June the exhibition of RALPH BAKKER will open at Galerie Rob Koudijs.

 Tomorrow Saturday the 21st of June the exhibition of RALPH BAKKER and EUNMI CHUN will open at Galerie Rob Koudijs.

« Gold glows as if it emits light; the subtle colours of translucent enamels enrich the silver underneath. In his new work Ralph Bakker once again added new inventions to the age-old repertoire of the goldsmith. Even simple components such as the connecting rings which give a piece of jewellery its coherence and flexibility, are granted a contribution of their own. They may be united into clusters, or grace the flat surfaces of a necklace like the notes Bach wrote to a musical theme.
This time the folding of material has played an important role in developing the new work. Everybody knows the effect that a fold in a sheet of paper gives it a certain strength, Bakker applied this to thinly rolled out metal. By using folding as a visual means, he made necklaces and a bracelet that are both light to wear and sculptural in effect
As the title of the exhibition already indicates, Ralph Bakker has a great love for patterns. He gets intrigued by natures surface structures and systems of growing, and these designs may easily leave their traces in his work. In spite of their mathematical arrangements the resulting jewellery is surprisingly flexible when you pick them up. Actually that is only natural for an artist who’s pieces are always developed with the wearer in mind. Bakker is a maker of whom it is really true that his work reaches its completion when it is actually worn.«  Ward Schrijver  (© Galerie Rob Koudijs)


Ralph Simon Bakker.
Ralph  Bakker – PatternMagic 2 – Brooch 2014 – gold tantalum – Photo Michael Anhalt

Ralph  Bakker necklace « white double lamel » – gold, silver, enamel

Ralph bakker - N.T. Ring 1991 gold - Photo Michael AnhaltRalph Bakker - N.T. Ring 1991 gold - Photo Michael Anhalt
RALPH BAKKER.  - necklace 2014 - 1089  - gold, silver, enamel  GALERIE ROB KOUDIJS  Ralph Bakker  necklace 2014 – 1089  – gold, silver, enamel
 Pattern Magic Galerie Rob Koudijs Ralph  Bakker – brooch 2014 – Pattern Magic 1  – gold, silver, enamel – detail

 RALPH BAKKER.  -  GALERIE ROB KOUDIJS - bracelet 2014 - nt  - argentiumRalph  Bakker -bracelet 2014 – nt  – argentium

Ralph Bakker - necklace "Magic"Ralph  Bakker necklace 2014 – Magic  – gold, silver, niello, gold leaf



Galerie Rob Koudijs

Elandsgracht 12
1016 TV Amsterdam
tel +31 20 331 8796


COLLECT 2013 – Saatchi Gallery, London (UK) – 10-13 Mai 2013

COLLECT 2013 at Saatchi Gallery (London, United Kingdom)  From May 10 until May 13 May, 2013


COLLECT: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, COLLECT will bring together the world’s finest galleries representing exceptional work of museum-quality from their portfolio of artists. Thirty two galleries and eleven Project Space artists will come together from 10 – 13 May 2013 at the Saatchi Gallery in London for this leading international art fair.

Thirty two galleries :

COLLECT - Gal marzee - ulrich-reithofer   King Arthur's Round Table by Ulrich Reithofer; Diam 17.5 cm; Gallery: Galerie Merzee; Photo: Manu Ocaña, 2012at Galerie MarzeeUlrich Reithofer -  King Arthur’s Round Table  necklace - Photo: Manu Ocaña, 2012

Schnitt für Schritt #13 by Tabea Reulecke; H 4 x W 13 x D 4 cm; Gallery: Galerie Merzee, Photo: Courtesy Galerie Marzee, 2012« Schnitt für Schritt #13″ by Tabea Reulecke - Photo: Courtesy Galerie Marzee, 2012

COLLECT - galerie_rosemarie_jager. -  Light blue brooch by Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary; H8,3 x W4,6 x D3,8 cm; Gallery: Galerie Rosemarie Jäger; Photo: CMirei Takeuchi, 2011at Galerie Rosemarie JägerLight blue brooch by Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary Photo: CMirei Takeuchi, 2011

COLLECT - Gallery: Galerie Rosemarie Jäger -  Necklace Fortuny Colors Plissé by Annamaria Zanella; H 1.8 x W 200 cm; ; Photo: Marco Furio Magliani, 2012Annamaria Zanella – Necklace Fortuny Colors Plissé  Photo: Marco Furio Magliani, 2012

COLLECT - Gal. RA - sigurd_bronger_turbin_necklaceat Galerie RASigurd Bronger -turbin necklace

Paper Bracelets by Nel Linssen, 2012 represented at COLLECT by Gallery RaPaper Bracelets by Nel Linssen, 2012
Brooch by Mirjam Hiller represented at COLLECT by Gallery RaBrooch by Mirjam Hiller

COLLECT - Gal. RA - /peter_bauhuis_ring Peter Bauhuis – ring

 COLLECT - Gallery S O,  - Gang, Go, Hole by Andi Gut; variable size; Gallery: Gallery S O, Photo: 2012at Gallery S O Gang, Go, Hole rings by Andi Gut 

 COLLECT - Gal . Rob Koudijs -  Koi bracelet by David Bielander; Diam 6.5 cm; Gallery: Galerie Rob Koudijs; Photo: David Bielander, 2012at Galerie Rob KoudijsKoi bracelet by David BielanderPhoto: David Bielander, 2012

COLLECT - Gal. Rob Koudijs - Rob Koudijs& Ralph Bakker necklace
COLLECT - Galleri Format Oslo - GLASS (not jewelry - )Mirage by Kari Håkonsen; H 24 x W 50 x D 24 cm; G Photo: Morten Brun, 2012  -- Represented artists  Hedda Bjerkeli, jewellery  Ingjerd Hanevold, jewellery  Elise Hatlø, jewellery  Ingjerd Hanevold, jewellery  Kathrine Lindman, jewellery  Anna Talbot, metal, jewelleryat Galleri Format Oslo - GLASS sculpture (not jewelry )Mirage by Kari Håkonsen Photo: Morten Brun, 2012  –
the Represented artists for jewellery are :   Hedda Bjerkeli — Ingjerd Hanevold — Elise Hatlø — Ingjerd Hanevold — Kathrine Lindman — Anna Talbot
COLLECT - Gallery Kunst1 - Brooch by Runa Vethal Stoelen; H 11 x W 11 x D 8 cm; , 2012
at Gallery Kunst1Brooch by Runa Vethal Stoelen 2012
eleven Project Space artists :
COLLECT - Project Space - Évelie Mouila - pieces that explore the sensation of wearing jewellery. Made by Évelie Mouila, the installation combines making & visual communication. Through her practice Mouila found an unexpected solution to materialise the relation between body, jewellery & clothes. Coming from the idea that jewellery alone can be seen as clothing, she creates jewellery that dresses the body, becoming clothing, & clothing that dresses the body is jewellery.   www.eveliemouila.comÉvelie Mouilapieces that explore the sensation of wearing jewellery. Made by Évelie Mouila, the installation combines making & visual communication. Through her practice Mouila found an unexpected solution to materialise the relation between body, jewellery & clothes. Coming from the idea that jewellery alone can be seen as clothing, she creates jewellery that dresses the body, becoming clothing, & clothing that dresses the body is jewellery.
Necklace & Hair Jewellery - Évelie Mouila  This jewelry reception the hair, and creates bunches of your hair. Acts as jewellery with new functionality.Évelie Mouila – Necklace & Hair Jewellery -   This jewelry reception the hair, and creates bunches of your hair. Acts as jewellery with new functionality.
COLLECT 2013 -  Project Space - Paulo Goldstein Repaired Headphones - - Goldstein – Repaired Headphones
Goldstein’s work is a celebration of repair, inspired by complexity, errors and its consequences. Goldstein developed a repair methodology that uses elements of broken systems to repair broken objects. His repaired objects reflect and question the environment that has created them


Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York’s HQ
King’s Road


EXPO ‘Play of Form and Color’ – The Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau (DE) – 20 Janv.-14 Avril 2013

Play of Form and Color – New Directions in Enameled Jewelry

 Play of Form and Color - New Directions in Enameled Jewelry -   Artists: Ralph Bakker, Nilton Alves Cunha, Beate Eismann, Uta Feiler, Stephanie Fleck, Sylke Alma Klopsch, Esther Knobel, Tabea Reulecke, Jacqueline Ryan, Isabell Schaupp, Danni Schwaag, Vera Siemund, Silke Trekel, Jessica Turrell, Christian Wuytack  The Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus  (Hanau, Germany) - 20-Jan-2013 - 14-Apr-2013

Artists:  Ralph Bakker — Nilton Alves Cunha — Beate Eismann — Uta Feiler — Stephanie Fleck — Sylke Alma Klopsch — Esther KnobelTabea ReuleckeJacqueline RyanIsabell SchauppDanni SchwaagVera SiemundSilke TrekelJessica Turrell — Christian Wuytack

  Isabell Schaupp  Brooch: Flugobjekt – Hummel 11 2012  Enamel, copper, foto, silver, agate, plastics  Photo: Isabell Schaupp Isabell Schaupp  Brooch: Flugobjekt – Hummel 11 2012  Enamel, copper, foto, silver, agate, plastics  Photo: Isabell Schaupp

Ralph Bakker  Earrings: Earjewelsgreen 2012  Gold, silver, enamel  Photo: Michael Anhalt Ralph Bakker  Earrings: Earjewelsgreen 2012  Gold, silver, enamel  Photo: Michael Anhalt

Esther Knobel  Brooch: Magnet-Series 2011  Enamel, copper, found objects  Photo: Tamir Niv Esther Knobel  Brooch: Magnet-Series 2011  Enamel, copper, found objects  Photo: Tamir Niv

Tabea Reulecke  Necklace: Wenn die Mäuse auf dem Tisch tanzen 2012  Enamel, copper, oxidised silver  Photo: Manuel Ocana Mascaró Tabea Reulecke  Necklace: Wenn die Mäuse auf dem Tisch tanzen 2012  Enamel, copper, oxidised silver  Photo: Manuel Ocana Mascaró


The Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus
Altstädter Markt 6
63450 – Hanau
Telephone: +49 (0) 6181 2565-56
Fax: +49 (0) 6181 2565-54


EXPO ‘Ralph Bakker: Introduction’ – Galerie Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam (NL) – 15 Sept.-27 Oct. 2012

Ralph Bakker: Introduction

When an artist decides to make jewellery, will he or she be making utensils or works of art? Will the results merely testify to their skills and technical knowledge, or will the artistic statement stand out? These are four options that are as different as the four point of the compass. With one maker the wind will blow one way, with the next mainly from the opposite side. As an real equilibrist Ralph Bakker manages to maintain a position at the hart of the compass rose.
Bakker’s jewellery stands in a classic tradition and is proof to his considerable technical abilities, yet, his very personal way of expression stems from a different source. The combination of a full vocational training with the artistic ambitions of the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam brought the best out in Bakker. For already twenty years has he maintained his own position in the Dutch jewellery world, without followers or competitors. Many admire his subtle colours and ingenious connections, but above all his working magic with gold, silver and enamel.
Ward Schrijver (© Galerie Rob Koudijs)

Ralph Bakker: Introduction   Galerie Rob Koudijs  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)  15-Sep-2012 - 27-Oct-2012Ralph Bakker -  Necklace: Red Feather 2011 – Gold, silver, enamel, pearls


Ralph BakkerRalph Bakker – Necklace: Cubes White 2011 – Gold, silver, enamel

Ralph Bakker  Earrings: Sharp 2012  Gold, silver, nielloRalph Bakker  Earrings: Sharp 2012  Gold, silver, niello




Galerie Rob Koudijs
Elandsgracht 12
1016 TV – Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 (0)20 331 87 96
Fax: +31 (0)6 139 05 554


….. et plonger dans le grand BLEU !

Classé dans : Akiko BAN (JP),Aldo MONDINO (IT),Alexis KOSTUK (CA),Aline BERDICHEVSKY (MX),Andi GUT (CH),Andrea JANOSIK (SK),Annamaria ZANELLA (IT),Anne GOLDFARB (FR),Anthony TAMMARO (US),Anya KIVARKIS (US),Arthur HASH (US),Babette EGERLAND (DE),Barbara PAGANIN (IT),Benedikt FISCHER (AT),Birgit SKOLIMOWSKI (EE),Blanche TILDEN (AU),Camilla TEGLIO (IT),Carola BAUER (DE),Carolina GIMENO (Chili),Catherine JACQUET (FR),Celio BRAGA (BR),Christian ASTUGUEVIEILLE (FR),Christophe MARGUIER (FR),Coco DUNMIRE (US),COUP DE COEUR,David BIELANDER (CH/DE),Denise Julia REYTAN (DE),Donald FRIEDLICH (US),Dora HARALAMBAKI (GR),Eleanor BOLTON (UK),Emiko OYE (US),Enrica PRAZZOLI (IT),Estela Saez VILANOVA (ES),Farah BANDOOKWALA (UK),Farrah AL-DUJAILI (UK),Floor MOMMERSTEEG (NL),Flora VAGI (HU),Gemma DRAPER (ES),Gesine HACKENBERG (NL),Giampaolo BABETTO (IT),GIIA (IT),Gijs BAKKER (NL),Giorgio VIGNA (IT),Graziano VISINTIN (IT),Gulnur OZDAGLAR (TR),Hana KARIM (Sl),Hanna LILJENBERG (SE),Hannah FEWTRELL-BOLTON (UK),Hanneke PAUMEN (NL),Helen BRITTON (AU),Helena LEHTINEN (FI),Helfried KODRE (AT),Jacqueline RYAN (UK),Jean-Francois PERENA (FR),Jean-Pierre DUSSAILLANT (FR),Jessica CALDERWOOD (US),Jillian MOORE (US),Joanna GOLLBERG (US),Julia deVILLE (AU),Karin KATO (JP),Kate BAUMAN (US),Kath INGLIS (AU),Katie SCHUTTE (US),Liana PATTIHIS (CY/UK),Lisa JUEN (CN),Lucia MASSEI (IT),Luis ACOSTA (RA),Maria Rosa FRANZIN (IT),Marijke de GOEY (NL),Marta MATTSSON (SE),Melissa TOLAR (US),Mia MALJOJOKI (FI),Mikiko MINEWAKI (JP),Mirjam HILLER (DE),Mirla FERNANDES (BR),Nel LINSSEN (NL),Nora FOK (UK),Paolo SCURA (IT),Patricia LEMAIRE (FR),Pawel KACZYNSKI (PL),Peter HOOGEBOOM (NL),Pilar GARRIGOSA (ES),Rallou KATSARI (GR),Ralph BAKKER (NL),Sam Tho DUONG (VN),Sara BORGEGARD (SE),Sari LIIMATTA (FI),Sayumi YOKOUCHI (JP),Shannon CARNEY (US),Silvia WALZ (DE),Stacey BENTLEY (UK),Stefano POLETTI (IT),Sue GREGOR (UK),Susanne ELSTNER (DE),Susie GANCH (US),Tabea REULECKE (DE),Tanel VEENRE (EE),Tobias ALM (SE),Ute EITZENHOFER (DE),Viktoria MUNZKER (SK/AT),Yoko SHIMIZU (JP),Yurij BYLKOV (RU) — bijoucontemporain @ 15:15

THANKS to  Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria page/selection on Pinterest, about blue jewellery !!!! it was the departure for this ….. blue OCEAN !! :-) or, to be more in the « intellectual » actuality, « 99 shades of … BLUE » !! ;-)
Giorgio Vigna – gorgoglio – vetro
Arthur Hash  Blue Wave (cast polyurethane)
Donald FRIEDLICH  (gal. Loupe)brooch ‘Translucence’ series – glass, 18k & 14k gold, diamond
Gésine Hackenberg- Table Glass: Dutch/Finnish Still Life, Brooch
Gésine Hackenberg Double Glass Still life BroochFinnish table glass (vintage by Itala); cut and ground
Giampaolo Babetto – Brosche
Graziano Visintinbroche – or, argent, niellage – 2009 

   Graziano VISINTIN broche 2
Graziano VisintinBrooch, 2006 – 18k gold, enamel, gold leaf  (The David Collection)

Lisa JUEN - don't dream it wear it - blue brooch or necklace
Lisa JUEN – ‘don’t dream it wear it’ – blue brooch or necklace- Lasercut Stainless Steel, CZ, LED, LED Screen, Plastic, Cable, Light Switch, Battery

Maria Rosa Franzin Maria Rosa Franzin brooch

Pilar Garrigosa   broochPilar Garrigosa brooch
Julia deVille (AU) – ‘Mechanical Wing’
brooch, Kingfisher Wing, silver
Luis Acosta – paper bracelet
Märta Mattsson
Rallou Katsari - ‘whispering loud’ ring

..... et plonger dans le grand BLEU ! dans Akiko BAN (JP) Reconstruction-8-300x225Reconstruction-1-300x225 dans Aldo MONDINO (IT)

Aline Berdichevsky – brooches “Reconstructio »
Benedikt Fischer – brooches
Christian Astuguevieille – Bracelet éponge bleue (La Piscine, Roubaix – don de l’artiste en 1995)
Stefano Poletti- Collier en éponge naturelle teintée et perle recouverte de feuille d’or monté sur fil d’or

The Scottish Gallery Nel Linssen - blue bangleNel Linssen – blue bangle – paper

ute_eitzenhoefer dans Alexis KOSTUK (CA)
Ute Eitzenhöfer – brooch – Mixed media (labradorite)
Eleanor Bolton – blue(s) necklaces
Tabea Reuleake – ring
Birgit Skolimowski (EE)
Estela Saez Good by(e) nest.” serie  2008- ‘SEPIA’ – silver/wool/fabrics/paint
Carolina Gimeno- portable objects

Phacella Congesta from Portable Objects 2010
Carolina Gimeno-‘Phacella Congesta’ from Portable Objects 2010 – brooch

Zurciendo cuerpos sobre el mapa 2009
Carolina Gimeno- ‘Zurciendo cuerpos sobre el mapa’ 2009 – Brooch – Copper, Vitreus Enamel, wood, silver , steel
Carolina Gimeno (Chili) – série “dibujando en el espacio”

Flora Vagi – curious wish – brooch Flora Vagi – curious wish – brooch
Susie Ganch – blue dust enamel brooch

Flora Vagi  azur reverse necklace  ebony, silk, cord enamel,18 ct gold - 2005 Flora Vagi -azur reverse necklace – ebony, silk, cord enamel,18 ct gold – 2005
Stacey Bentley brooch – enamel

Blanche Tilden - Compress necklace
Blanche Tilden – “Compress” necklace - glass
Christophe Marguier – ‘esperance de vie de l’homme’ necklace- plastic, silver, steel
Gulnur OZDAGLAR – PET jewelry
Gulnur OZDAGLAR – PET jewelry necklace
Catherine Jacquet – collier cascade – plastiques

Barbara Paganin - broche 'fiore di luce'
Barbara PAGANIN (IT) broche ‘fiore di luce’ – verre  (Galerie SLAVIK)

GIIA - blue wave
GIIA (IT) “blue wave” felt neckpiece

"Mimesi n2"  Collana: legno, carta giapponese, argento, colore Camilla Teglio – « Mimesi n2″  Collana : legno, carta giapponese, argento, colore
 Lucia Massei - pendant ‘Comunque e sempre’ 18kt yellow gold, silver, iron, ruby, black spinels 2009
 Lucia Massei -  bague « la bella adormentata »

Mirla Fernandes - "Herança" necklace - latex, paint, porcelain
Mirla Fernandes- Herança necklace- latex,paint, porcelain – 2006

Peter  Hoogeboom - chainmail porcelain necklacesPeter  Hoogeboom – chainmail porcelain necklaces
Liana Pattihis  - Blue Circle Brooch 2007 – Silver, copper, enamel stainless steel – Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s Painting ‘Blue Circle’
Liana Pattihis - Brooch: Blue Istos 02 2010 -silver Light Trace Chain, Copper, Enamel, St. Steel
Viktoria Münzker- Kollektion PARADISO
Mirjam Hiller - Catopsia – brooch – stainless steel powdercoating, titanium

Sari Liimatta "The Costume I", necklace, 2006glass beads, fresh water pearls, metal, plastic toySari Liimatta « The Costume I », necklace, 2006 glass beads, fresh water pearls, metal, plastic toy
Mia Maljojoki - 2010 (Photo: Mirei Takeuchi)
Sara Borgegård  2009 necklace, wood, paint, iron, cotton
Sara Borgegård necklace
Yuri Bylkov - ring- metal, paper, acrylic – 2009
Alexis Kostuk“high gear” brooch- copper, which I used a patina on to darken, pearls & gem beads, sterling silver ball chain, resin, and flocking.

I gioielli di Denise Julia Reytan
Denise Julia Reytan

Momentaufnahme_9 par DENISE JULIA REYTAN
Denise Julia Reytan- Snapshots”

Dora Haralambaki - earthenweare clay rings with colour glazes Dora Haralambaki - ceramic ring
Edith Bellod - collier en porcelaine de limoges : “kaléidoscope”
Annamaria Zanella – brooch
Andi Gut - ring

Orden%20saabujale-01 dans Aline BERDICHEVSKY (MX)
Tanel Veenre“Orden for the one who is arriving”

Helfried Kodré - brooch

102210 dans Andi GUT (CH)Helfried Kodré, Bague
Helfried Kodré - ring, silver, lapislazuli – ring, gold, silver, turquoise, bronze, 2007
Aldo Mondino, BIC – cristallo di rocca, lapislazzuli e tappo in oro smaltato blu, esemplare unico – 2008
Aldo Mondino, BIC necklace
Paweł Kaczyński
Paweł Kaczyński – Silver and Steel Water Bracelet

 dans Andrea JANOSIK (SK)
Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton - restriction 3 – conceptual textile
Jean-Pierre Dussaillant- Bague “Cactus”
Anya Kivarkis – copper, silver, enamel brooch
Emiko Oye – duchess2_ Necklace from My First Royal Jewels Jewellery Collection. Repurposed LEGO necklace inspired by Cartier’s diamond, emerald and platinum necklace, and Harry Winston’s pendant, 1960. emiko-o 2008.

Enrica Prazzoli, necklace, 2011 (Alchimia school)Enrica Prazzoli – Ives Klein (Alchimia – 2011)

Enrica Prazzoli (from Alchimia) blue Klein collection rings 

Floor Mommersteeg, Pebble-necklace, nylon Floor MommersteegPebble-necklace, nylon
Floor Mommersteegbroche

Hana Karim Ceramic Jewelry Hana Karim  Ceramic Jewelry

Helen Britton broochHelen Britton – brooch 

Quinault3_640 dans Annamaria ZANELLA (IT)
Hanna Liljenberg -  Quinault 3, halssmycke järn, oljefärg, lintråd, silver

babetteblauerballon dans Anne GOLDFARB (FR)
Babette Egerland- ring “Ballonschmuck” 925 Ag rhodiniert

FARAH BANDOOKWALA -blue hair brooch Bandookwala (UK) – blue hair brooch
Mikiko Minewaki-
‘toy-camera’ necklace

Katie Schutte - cluster necklace - crocheted silver wireKatie Schutte – Cluster necklace – crocheted, electroformed, and powdercoated found wire, cubic zirconia

Shannon Carney ring
Kath Inglis  “Blue Pollinator” Brooch

AKIKO BAN / Collar 2010Akiko Ban- collar – 2010  (from Alchimia)

Jillian Moore -  brooch-pendant ‘Cucurbits’ 2008 Fiberglass, resin, copper, paint, felt

Joanna Gollberg - prong series blue broochJoanna Gollberg - prong series blue brooch
Sayumi Yokouchi - ‘Layered’ Brooch in plastic, silk thread, and stainless steel.
Karin Kato – ‘QU4DRO’ Brooch in sand, resin, and silver

b99bajoagua dans Anthony TAMMARO (US)
Silvia WalzUnder water brooch-  Series: Burbujas   – silver, copper, resine, enamel, glas – 2010

All images from ¡Genial!  New Jewelry from Spain at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Silvia Walz La visionaria (Geometria Series) Brooch

Tobias Alm – Summer series – Necklace. Cotton, wood, paint. Picture from Tobias Alm - Summer series 2009 Necklace. Cotton, wood, paint

Jessica Calderwood, Portrait of an Eye Brooch/Pendant, Enamel on copper, sterling, stainless steel
Jessica Calderwood -Portrait of an Eye’ Brooch/Pendant – Enamel on copper, sterling, stainless steel

blue-white-ruins-ring_Gal700px dans Anya KIVARKIS (US)
Gésine Hackenberg  – ‘blue white ruins’ ring

Carola Bauer necklace – Silver, enamel

Jacqueline Ryan 18kt gold and vitreous enamel brooch

Jean-François PEREÑA - bracelet -cuir, lapis-lazuli, plexiglas (bleu), argentJean-François PEREÑA - MON bracelet ! PETIT
Jean-François PEREÑA -  bracelet -cuir, lapis-lazuli, nacre, plexiglas (bleu), argent

Patricia Lemaire – Aspara la Bleue 1- 1999 défilé Lapidus

Anne Goldfarb OUT OF AFRICA - 2011 Collier Soie, Argent, Fil d’aluminiumAnne Goldfarb – OUT OF AFRICA – Collier Soie, Argent, Fil d’aluminium – Afedap 2011

Andrea Janosik- Blue Brooch - sIlver and suede - 2007

00360-0-10-1-blue-amdder-cuff dans Arthur HASH (US)
Sue GREGOR – cuff,foto1,118&c=390x390
Gijs Bakker- Bracelet « Porsche bracelet » stéréolithographie, polyuréthane -, 2000
David Bielander – Enzian Brooch – titanium
Sam Tho Duong

0501_Hanneke_Paumen_Tule_Blauw dans Babette EGERLAND (DE)Hanneke Paumen (NL) – Tulle blauw Collar (detail)- felt

kate bauman Kate Bauman  - barnacle no.9 (ring) – enamel, copper, sterling silver
Anthony Tammaro – « neck object » – Gypsum/Epoxy/Silicone*O9Hi3lxisakPgZBUId-p9pV0nc3mA6a3nZT836RickOMkqUzEjWHCd5mhH1UkXM5Bs1JHUN3*UJMTIdeAPCfl2tzTVas0M/brooch3royalblue2.jpg?width=605&height=600
Farah Bandookwala (UK) Parasite series: magnetic brooches – Rapid prototyped nylon, stainless steel, dye, rare earth magnets. Collection of brooches with interchangable magnetic backs
Melissa TOLAR  - Enamel, hand-cast gems, and pearl jewelry

Mirla Fernandes

Mirla Fernandes ring

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Ralph Bakker “the Fly” – earrings
Yoko Shimizu – necklace – resin, pigment, silver

Yoko Shimizu  (from Alchimia school), necklace from the « transformation » series – 2010
Celio Braga, Brazil (Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery exhibition)
Marta Mattsson- The Human Touch – Cricket brooch

Susanne Elstner, brosche Susanne Elstner, brosche

image16 dans Barbara PAGANIN (IT)
Farrah Al-DujailiNecklace – Copper, enamel paint, watercolour pencil, thread2010
Carolina Gimeno (Chile) resinas – bracelet
Shannon Carney – medium collar resin necklace
Helena Lehtinen- Gardens Collection, Blue brooch, 2011 Wood, thread, beads DE GOEY – 1999 – Pièce unique. BAGUE « Curly » en or or et titane à patine bleue Hiller  brooch Draper, Barcelona- brooch Fok  ring Scura - ring 


EXPO ‘Surface and Substance’ – Electrum Gallery, London (UK) – 7 Oct.-5 Nov. 2011

 Surface and Substance

International contemporary enamel jewellery  – Curated by Jessica Turrell

Part I: 7th October to 5th November 2011 at Electrum

Over the last few years there has been a significant revival of interest in enamel with a number of contemporary jewellers developing new ways of working with enamel that enable them to create exciting and innovative work.

This exhibition showcases the work of thirty jewellers of international standing who, through a varied set of practices, take enamel well beyond its traditional boundaries.

The title, Surface and Substance, has been chosen to emphasize that while this is clearly an exhibition that focuses on the use of vitreous enamel – the surface – of equal importance is the ‘substance’ that underpins the work on display; the thinking and the research, which along with the obvious material knowledge and skill, is evident in the striking and individual pieces on show.

Artists on show at Electrum:
Ralph BakkerCarola BauerPatrizia BonatiStephen BottomleyKathleen BrowneLydia FeastKarin JohanssonJutta KlingebielAnn LittleNazan PakJacqueline RyanMarjorie SimonSilke TrekelJessica Turrell
Carola Bauer necklace – Silver, enamel, gold- 2009

Carola Bauer necklace – Silver, enamel
Patrizia BONATI - earring/brooch – 2003 – gold, white enamel
Patrizia BONATI - Brooch – Gold 18 Kt, white enamel
Stephen Bottomley – neckpiece ‘Yellow Drape’, Drape series 2007 – Steel, enamel 480 x 384 mm – photo. John K McGregor

Leila Arzaghi
Lydia Feast- ‘Chaos’ series – Vitreous enamel and white metal brooch
Marjorie Simon  (Gallery Loupe)
Nazan Pak - Foam brooches
Silke Trekel -  ‘Branching Out’  Brooch,  2010 -  chased iron, enamelled  (from ‘Spatial Structures’ exhibition)

Jacqueline Ryan 18kt gold and vitreous enamel brooch
Kathleen Browne- Double Trouble, brooch, 2002 -  fine and Sterling silver, vitreous enamel, plexiglas
Jessica Turrell – Brooch (THE ENAMEL SHOW -Velvet da Vinci Gallery)



Part II: 14th October to 12th November at Contemporary Applied Arts
Artists on show at CAA, 14 October – 12 November 2011:
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EXPO ‘Remake / Remodel’ – Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam (NL) – 26 Mars-30 Avril 2011

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Ralph Bakker jewelry at Gallery Louise Smit : « Remake / Remodel »


ralph bakker goudsmid
ring « solitaire 6″- gold, silver, enamel, quartz

« Ralph Bakker works gold, silver, precious gems, pearls and enamel into his pieces; the technical books in his possession are all about jewelry; he has, with heart and soul, dedicated himself to the skill and magic of the goldsmith. In the late 80‘s and early 90‘s that was an unusual attitude for a young jewelry designer, particularly in the Netherlands. At that time critics were more concerned about the conceptual aspects of the ornament.
Eventually everything rolled into place. For Ralph Bakker the jewel, with all it‘s traditions and connotations, became the concept of his work. That holds true for the rich colour combinations that he builds up with his materials, for the details in his complex jewelry, for the royal place he reserves for certain stones and foremost for the suggestive effect of the true jewel; in short, the pure seduction.
The underlying theme in all the work that he has exhibited in Galerie Lousie Smit is – the erotic. Sometimes hidden, sometimes explicit. Seduction is in one‘s mind, not only the body. His work is made for women, without consciously excluding men. For him the greatest satisfaction comes from enticing a woman to posses and to wear his jewelry.
I am one of those women. In 1991 I saw a necklace with boat-shaped links of blackened silver, the insides warmly dressed with gold leaf and each boat was set with a white shell. After sleeping on it for one night I knew I had to have that necklace. As an experienced art historian I knew the erotic symbolism of the almond­shape as well as that of the shells with their tempting undersides. But as with all seduction, and perhaps most importantly, I could connect it to a story of my own.
The sensuality in the beautiful collars is ambiguous as well. They are strong in form even though they are made for that transitional place on the body, the sensitive area between neck and breast. From this position the effect of their subtle brilliance in relationship to the face is optimal. Stemming from an ancient tradition the chain mail links make these jewels into objects that willingly form themselves to the body.
Brilliance is reciprocal, suppleness asks to be touched and traditions offer a starting point for one‘s own memories and fantasy. The adage, ‘‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder‘‘, holds more than true for Ralph Bakker‘s enticing jewelry.
«   Marjan Unger – Translation Maria Russo

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Ralph Bakker « the Fly » – earrings

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Ralph Bakker- ‘Lace’ necklace Gold silver & enamel

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Ralph Bakker- earrings: gold, silver, pearls & enamel 

EXPO 'Remake / Remodel' - Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam (NL) - 26 Mars-30 Avril 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Necklace  « Remake/remodel Cubes » – gold, silver, enamel – 2011




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