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EXPO ‘STATIONEN – SEASONS – NEUBEGINN’ – Ariane Hartmann schmuck gallery, Hagen (DE) – 15 Mai-16 Juill. 2011

Ariane Hartmann – zeitgenössischer Schmuck in Hagen
jeder Weg durchläuft verschiedene Phasen wie Jahreszeiten. Eine neue Station auf meinem Weg ist seit dem 1. April 2011 die Eppenhauserstr. 14. Die neuen seriellen Arbeiten STATIONEN geben die Möglichkeit solche Wegmarkierungen zu sammeln. IM WORT – SEASONS zeigt die Interpretationen von Ariane Hartmann bezogen auf den Jahreskreislauf.

Zur Neueröffnung und Vernissage lade ich Sie und Ihre Freunde am 15. Mai 2011 von 12:00 – 19:00 Uhr in meine Werkstattgalerie auf der Eppenhauserstr. 14. Bei Fingerfood und Prosecco präsentiere ich STATIONEN und IM WORT – SEASONS.

Ausstellungsdauer: 15. Mai – 16. Juli 2011

EXPO 'STATIONEN - SEASONS - NEUBEGINN' - Ariane Hartmann schmuck gallery, Hagen (DE) - 15 Mai-16 Juill. 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) 203470_224053334276598_6829513_n

Die neuen Räume – IM WORT – STATIONEN – Motto – CHANGE – Regenbogen – & Arbeiten von :
Kirsten Grünebaum, Cilmara de Oliveira, Stefanie Kölbel, Babette Egerland, Rana Mikdashi, Tanja Emmert, Margit Denz, Naschbag, Auri (Design von Anne Bader), Nikolaus Bergmann, Isabelle Falzarano, Simone Rahn, Karin Sehnert und Anja Pietrowski – warten auf Ihren Besuch.

frontweb dans Anja PIETROWSKI (DE)
Ariane Hartmann -
WITHIN WORD Collection
Ariane Hartmann - Necklace: Within Word Winter 2011 – 935 silver, aquamarine slivers, aquamarine string drop   GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mashrabiya7-big dans Ariane HARTMANN (DE)
Rana Mikdashi earrings

anja2 dans Babette EGERLAND (DE)
Anja Pietrowski – « chinese garden » …..the smell of cherry blossoms….a soft breeze touches the fine web of tree branches – medaillon 925/-silver, plastics, paint

herz1 dans Cilmara de OLIVEIRA (Brasil)
Tanja Emmert- brooch

cilmara2 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Cilmara de Oliveira Jewellery from textile structures

stefanie3 dans GALERIES
Stefanie Kölbel 

« Stefanie Kölbel crafts lightweight, filigree jewellery in the traditional bobbin lace technique. She uses other materials than metal wire or ployamide, that she can dye, and achieved new ways of expression that could not be realized with textile materials. The lace can be formed into theree-dimendional objects which are determined bey transparency, preciousness and ease. The material value ot this-consuming work becomes unimportant. « 

auriagohrring dans Isabelle FALZARANO (DE)
Auri (Design von Anne Bader) – earrings

babetteblauerballon dans Kirsten GRUNEBAUM (DE)
Babette Egerland- ring « Ballonschmuck » 925 Ag rhodiniert 

 dans Rana MIKDASHI (Liban)
Isabelle Falzarano – grencollier med akvamariner (& detail)




Ariane Hartmann schmuck gallery
58093 HAGEN  (DE)



Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,email / enamel,Rana MIKDASHI (Liban) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:07

Rana Mikdashi

« Born in Beirut, Lebanon, 1973 After Completing her M.Sc. in mathematics in 1997 at the University of Ottawa, Canada, Rana formally look up her interest in jewelry making. She Commenced her training in Ottawa and developed it through an apprenticeship at a silversmith’s workshop in Khan El-Khalili in Cairo, Egypt in 2000. She then pursued her education bu joining the Alchimia School for contemporary Jewelry and Design in Florence, Italy, where she completed the 2nd year programme in 2003. Shortly after, Rana moved to Barcelona, Spain, where she trained and worked for two and half years.
Has held solo exhibitions and paticipated in group exhibitions, in Egypt, Lebanon, Italy and Spain. Currently works from her ownstudio in Beirut, Lebanon.  » (Ariane Hartmann galerie)
Rana Mikdashi – Branch Necklace – Black coral and sterling silver ……
ABSOLUT LOVE for this necklace !!!

Toufic Araman (
Rana Mikdashi -Precious Necklace – Ag 925, Fired Enamel (photo Toufic Araman)

Rana MIKDASHI - necklace - fired enamel, sterling silver
Rana Mikdashi- necklace – fired enamel, sterling silver (photo Toufic Araman)

COUP de COEUR : Rana MIKDASHI dans COUP DE COEUR a3b992b76ac7af013d74cfb62d39582d
Rana Mikdashi -« whispers » Earrings. Sterling Silver, Fired Enamel

aglea1-big dans email / enamel
Rana Mikdashi -« Floating » Earrings. Sterling Silver, Fired Enamel
Rana Mikdashi -« Clearing » Earrings. Sterling Silver, Fired Enamel

mashrabiya6-big dans Rana MIKDASHI (Liban)
Rana Mikdashi -« Mashrabeya »  Earrings – Sterling Silver, plated


….. c’est ce qui s’appelle « avoir la PATATE » !! …..

….. ou les ressources insoupçonnées de la patate ! si Parmentier s’était douté  emoticone…. !

..... c'est ce qui s'appelle
Manfred Bischoff  (DE) – ‘Pomme de Terre-Pathetique Tragique’ (Brooch), 2002  – fine gold, coral  (GANOSKIN)
Lauren Fensterstock - What Happens: Blooming Potato (after 3 months) - 2005 – potato, diamonds, rubies, sapphires

 Helena JohanssonHelena Johansson - the potato jewel

Helena Johansson (SE) – The Potato Jewel 2010

Dutch Brooches by Claudio Bracco cast from potato sproutsClaudio BRACCO -’Dutch Brooches – Potatoes sprouts’ serie  – Silver  Brooch 

claudio BraccoClaudio BRACCO -’Dutch Brooches – Potatoes sprouts’ serie

Noémie DOGE (CH)  collier, pomme-de-terre, argent et cotonNoémie DOGE (CH)  collier, pomme-de-terre, argent et coton – 2007
Noémie DOGE - 'KRIELTJES' collier  2005, dry potatoes, wireNoémie DOGE – ‘KRIELTJES’ collier,  pomme de terre et argent – 2005

bomborings2-big%20%281%29 dans Claudio BRACCO (IT)
Rana Mikdashi  (Lebanon) – Bombo ring – silver

Rana Mikdashi  -- Bombo ringsRana Mikdashi  – Bombo rings

« Bombo Rings » « The first production of this collection began as an experiment to design rings inspired by a potato. From there it evolved into different shapes and forms and it is one of the collections that I continually return to, and inevitably end up adding to it. I am very drawn to different shapes and enjoy the process and outcomes of trying to create new ones. »

potato rings : julie uselJulie Usel (CH) patates séchées et teintées 2005 – j’ADORE !

Julie Usel

 Julie Usel (CH) bijoux de pommes de terre – « You can bake ‘em or fry ‘em, hash ‘em or mash ‘em, and now… you can wear ‘em! Swiss jeweller Julie Usel has made the starchy tuber even more perfect with her dried and dyed potato rings. » (carrotbox)

jacqueline de Jong - ‘Pommes de Jong’ 2012-2007 -   The humble potato, which she grows in her own vegetable garden in the Bourbonnais area of France, had waited some time to be turned into a work of art. The recent work involving potatoes is the ‘Pommes de Jong’ series, in which potatoes and their shoots have been dried slowly over a period of two years and submerged in a bath of platin or gold becoming jewelery.Jacqueline de Jong – ‘Pommes de Jong’ 2012-2007 - 
The humble potato, which she grows in her own vegetable garden in the Bourbonnais area of France, had waited some time to be turned into a work of art. The recent work involving potatoes is the ‘Pommes de Jong’ series, in which potatoes and their shoots have been dried slowly over a period of two years and submerged in a bath of platin or gold becoming jewelery.

Klik op afbeelding om het venster te sluitenKlik op afbeelding om het venster te sluiten
Jacqueline de JONG, NLpommes de jong‘ – 2009  varying sizes cm – jewelry – mixed media (gold-dipped potato skin)  

For her current exhibition, de Jong has created a series of potato bijoux, “Pommes de Jong.” They consist of potatoes laid out to dry until they are totally shrivelled, and then dipped, roots and all, in a bath of molten gold, with surprising results – jewel-like objects in weird and wonderful forms.
Her interest in integrating the humble potato, which she cultivates in her garden in France, into her art, began in 2001 with her series of paintings inspired by Malevich, as the hair of The Farmer’s Wife (”Potato Hair”). This was followed in 2002 by a painted dialogue (”Harvest”) with the pioneering Russian artist.This theme continued with “Aardappeltaal’ (Potato Language), a collaboration with Jennifer Tee at the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven in 2003. In 2006, participated in the Biennale di Ceramica dell’arte (curated by Roberto Orth), in Albissola, Italy, with an installation of ceramic objects of “baked potatoes” for the home and garden of the Danish artist Asger Jorn (1914-1973).

Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele, Brooch,OM02 2010 Potato, fine silver-oxidized/orange pigment, water formedBernhard Stimpfl-Abele  Brooch: OM02 – 2010  Potato, fine silver-oxidized/orange pigment, water formed

 Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele  Brooch: OM07 2010  Potato/copper, water formedBernhard Stimpfl-Abele  Brooch: OM07 2010  Potato/copper, water formed


*  « Avoir la patate » = to feel full of energy


la Méditerranée comme lien de création …. petit tour par la GRECE

l’Expo est passée, mais j’aime cette idée (étant moi-même profondément méditerranéenne…) de la Méditerranée comme lien entre des créateurs et des créations …..

exposition « Terra di Mezzo – il Gioiello Contemporaneo incontra il Mediterraneo » (Pescara, Italy, juin 2009)

…….. Et plein de créateurs GRECS à découvrir,que je ne connais pas encore !! :-)

la Méditerranée comme lien de création .... petit tour par la GRECE dans Adrean BLOOMARD (IT) robanvelika
Nenad Roban (Croatia) necklace (voir plus sur Flickr)

The artists that have joined the project are: Amandine Meunier (Morocco), Estela Saez Vilanova (Spain), Marc Monzó (Spain), Yiannis Siotis (Greece), Ljudmila Stratimirovic (Serbia), Anda Klančič (Slovenia), Alidra Alic,  Andre de la Porte (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ramon Puig Cuyas (Spain), Augousta Themistokleous (Cyprus), Constantinos Kyriacou (Cyprus), Polytimi Nikolopoulou (Greece), Adrean Bloomard (Italy), Rallou Katsari (Greece), Selen Ozus (Turkey), Maud Traon (France), Sophie Robbe (France), Rana Mikdashi (Lebanon), Frederic Braham (France), Nenad Roban (Croatia), Pilar Cotter Nuńez (Spain), Ammal Labib (Egypt), Marijana Zebelijan (Montenegro), Petra Bole (Slovenia), Natasa Grandovec (Slovenia), Romi Bukovec (Slovenia), Fabrizio Tridenti (Italy), Giovanni Sicuro (Italy), Maria Rosa Franzin (Italy), Mirjana Rankovic (Serbia), Rossella Tornquist (Italy), and Maurizio Stagni (Italy).


aglea2-big dans Alidra ALIC (DK)
Rana Mikdashi  (Liban) ‘Algae’ serie – ‘clearing’ earrings, silver, fired enamel -
« On the beaches of Tyr there are huge black rocks, which become covered by vibrant green algae in May.  »

[poly1.jpg]poly+2 dans Amandine MEUNIER (FR)
Poly Nikolopoulou (GR) brooches
Maud Traon (FR) – bague ……. bleue comme la mer !

« The main topic of the event is the Mediterranean as the “sea between lands, border and connection sea between these lands”.
The Mediterranean is the line where north-west and south-east of the world meet and a crucial area for the future of humankind.
This point of contact may become, as the writer Samuel Huntington says, “the starting point for dialogue between civilisations”, where common features are mixed with differences and the respect for “diversity” is based on understanding and knowing other people’s nature.
Each community should learn from the others and teach to them: it is possible to break the “game” aiming at creating monolithic cultures only through these connections.
This was probably not understood in the past, but now a defined direction should be outlined and followed to achieve this objective.
Therefore, the “voice” of the Mediterranean is not coming from the past, but from the future, according to that balance between land and sea, belonging and freedom, where a living model does not demonize our need for establishing links or our need for freedom.
If it is true that hope is in the future, then assigning this message to an extremely contemporary and innovative art expression can help us achieving this objective.
This is the reason why Contemporary Jewellery was selected, as this is a sector of advanced research and experimentation halfway between design and tradition, as an expressive language to disseminate this message.

Through Contemporary Jewellery research, it is possible to highlight and give value to the cultural diversities characterising all communities living around the shores of this Sea.
This project has several purposes: promote the cultural heritage that has always characterised the Municipality of Nocciano, i.e. its Medieval Castle and Picture Gallery beyond the regional and national borders.
At the same time, this event includes the possibility to create a tourist-cultural movement between the Mediterranean Village and Nocciano, which are a few km far from each other.  »

Rallou Katsari (GR) – ring

EXPO Mediterrannee
Augousta Themistokleous (Cyprus) (page du catalogue)


The exhibition catalogue includes the contributions by Rita Marcangelo – president of the Contemporary Jewellery Association (AGC) of Trento, Bianca Cappello – jewellery historian from Milan, Rita El Khayat – awarded with the Palma per la Pace and official patroness of the Mediterranean Games, and Ivan D’Alberto, director of the MAAAC of Nocciano

EXPO - Terra di Mezzo – il Gioiello Contemporaneo incontra il Mediterraneo- catalogo
Terra di Mezzo – il Gioiello Contemporaneo incontra il Mediterraneo
Pescara: 2009 – 44 pp

n827530180_4159920_8827 dans Argiris AGGELOPOULOS (GR)
Yiannis Siotis - ‘Naturally Natural’ – Back Piece – Necklace


Autres créateurs GRECS découverts :

* Loukia Richards (découverte sur le blog d’Amy tavern)
tout un travail naïf, attendrissant, méticuleux, basé sur les techniques textiles, couture, broderie… une « petite Pénélope » des temps modernes …..

137290 dans Artemis VALSAMAKI (GR)137289 dans Augousta THEMISTOKLEOUS (CY)
’17th Century Embroidery Interpretation ‘ cuffs, silk, cotton, pearls -  Embroidery sewing
Triple knecklace  – silk cotton semi precious stones gold and silver elements and plastic

« My work is inspired by old-fashioned activities such as sewing and embroidering. I admire how children transform ordinary materials into valuable assets and try to pay tribute to their game. I use natural materials – silk, wool, cotton, semiprecious stones. I produce small quantities because I work on my own. Every piece is unique and tells a story: of a couple meeting, a flower garland, and happy home. I search for vintage materials – buttons, textiles, stones. I want my jewellery to be funny but also detail orientated. I often use old garments, buttons and stones just to show that every material can carry a memory and still have a second life. » (Loukia Richards) (on CraftsCouncil page)

Theodora Pantazopoulouearrings

(découverte sur le blog d’Amy tavern)


* la galerie Sagiannos (Athènes)
Makriyianni 3, Makriyianni, Athens, 18742
tel : 210/362-58223


* sur le site WEB de « MY PRECIOUS« , destiné à promouvoir le bijou contemporain GREC :
voir, entre autres,  Argiris AGGELOPOULOS :  (j’aime surtout sa série de bijoux mariant argent et textile), Christina NIARCHOU (TRES beaux bijoux de papier)

32189_1344248884006_1164764452_30824004_4056714_n dans BOOKS / BIBLIO27801_1314396697720_1164764452_30752018_7272804_n dans Christina NIARCHOU (GR)
Christina NIARCHOU – bague & bracelet

christina niarchou alternative jewellery
Christina NIARCHOU necklace


Argiris AGGELOPOULOS (GR) bracelet - oxidised silver, textileArgiris AGGELOPOULOS (GR) necklace - oxidised silver, textile, citrine
Argiris AGGELOPOULOS (GR) bracelet – oxidised silver, textile
Argiris AGGELOPOULOS  (GR) necklace – oxidised silver, textile, citrine

* of course,  Melanie GEORGACOPOULOS dont je vous ai déjà parlé , avec ses perles revisitées :

9622_167289865688_565065688_3277197_398095_n dans Chryssa DAMIANIDOU (GR)

(voir article :  COUP de COEUR ! Melanie Georgacopoulos – Deconstructing the pearl necklace)


* M C P- Maria Christina Papaleontiou

2657_58729799126_55579249126_1477197_3000089_n dans Constantinos KYRIACOU (CY)
M C P- Maria Christina Papaleontiou  jewelry – AMAZING !!! :-)

* Maria APOSTOLOU, découverte sur « kit&caboodle » – j’aime beaucoup ce mélange « naïf », « enfantin » d’argent brodé de coton rouge …… un joli « coup de rouge’ ! :-) allez voir son site !

photo dans COUP DE COEUR
Maria APOSTOLOU-  felted ring – silver, felted merino wool   –  red thread earrings

Chryssa Damianidou, who just had an exhibition of her jewelry at the Municipality Gallery of Mykonos (from 25 june to 1st July 2010 : « QUEENS » exhibition )

18379_1276242999684_1638259298_708674_6928298_n dans Dora HARALAMBAKI (GR)28835_1408222739095_1638259298_984028_41485_n dans Estela Saez VILANOVA (ES)
Chryssa Damianidou necklaces

* Artemis Valsamaki :

Earrings<br /> Silver, image applied on wood, amethyst, cat’s eye<br /> 2009<br /> Photo: Myrsini Mokka » src= » » width= »259″ height= »203″ /><img alt= Silver, thread, image applied on wood, agate, mother-of-pearl, amethyst
Photo: Myrsini Mokka » src= » » width= »264″ height= »202″ />
Artemis Valsamaki - Earrings – Silver, image applied on wood, amethyst, cat’s eye 2009 – (Photo: Myrsini Mokka)
Artemis ValsamakiPendant – Silver, thread, image applied on wood, agate, mother-of-pearl, amethyst 2009 - (Photo: Myrsini Mokka)

* Dora Haralambaki : récemment découverte, avec ses bijoux en porcelaine

Ring<br /> Earthenware clay with underglaze stains<br /> 2009<br /> Photo: Dora Haralambaki » src= » » /><br />
<font size=Dora Haralambaki – Ring – Earthenware clay with underglaze stains  2009



* ECOLES : voir le réseau Européen, avec les écoles « Galileo School » à Athènes, le « Mokume Institute » à Thessalonique (dont je vous avais déjà parlé, cf article Projet Européen «Quand la pierre brute devient bijou !» 2009) et la « DIEK jewellery school » à Volos.


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