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EXPO ‘Regine Schwarzer : Mineral Manifestations’ – Gallery Artisan, Fortitude Valley (Australia) – 20 Juin-3 Aout 2013

Regine Schwarzer : Mineral Manifestations

The work of Regine Schwarzer is influenced by the crystalline structure of rocks and minerals. Schwarzer cuts her own stones and uses the geometry of gems as a design element, but more recently she has begun experimenting with fusing crushed and ground minerals onto metal surfaces with base enamel. This exhibition is a collection of new sculptural forms that adorn both body and space, that showcase Schwarzers mastery of the mineral kingdon.

Regine Schwarzer: Mineral Manifestations -  Gallery artisan  (Fortitude Valley, Australia)  20-Jun-2013 - 03-Aug-2013    website: Schwarzer

EXPO 'Regine Schwarzer : Mineral Manifestations' - Gallery Artisan, Fortitude Valley (Australia) - 20 Juin-3 Aout 2013 dans Australie (AU) Regine-Schwarzer-1024x644Regine Schwarzer

.regine schwarzer. - Lodestone  2011 -  chabazite in basalt, uncut aquamarine, sterling silverRegine Schwarzer – Lodestone  2011 -  chabazite in basalt, uncut aquamarine, sterling silver

Regine Schwarzer / Works / GEOMORPHING COLLECTION -     Fractal construct series  2011    oxidised sterling silver, fluorite crystals,    200 x 200 x 18mmRegine Schwarzer – GEOMORPHING COLLECTION -     Fractal construct series  2011    oxidised sterling silver, fluorite crystals

Regine Schwarzer /GEOMORPHING COLLECTION - fractal constructsRegine Schwarzer – GEOMORPHING COLLECTION – fractal constructs 2010 - sterling silver, fluorite crystal
Regine Schwarzer / Works / GEOMORPHING COLLECTION - Royal Jewels  2010    chabazite in basalt, uncut rubies, sterling silverRegine Schwarzer – GEOMORPHING COLLECTION – Royal Jewels  2010    chabazite in basalt, uncut rubies, sterling silver
Regine Schwarzer  Brooches: Facet forms 2011  Patinated sterling silver, prehnite  largest: 4 x 3.8 x 1.5 cmRegine Schwarzer  Brooches: Facet forms 2011  Patinated sterling silver, prehnite  largest: 4 x 3.8 x 1.5 cm


Gallery artisan
381 Brunswick St
QLD 4006 – Fortitude Valley
Telephone: +61 7 3215 0800


EXPO ‘for the love of coffee’ – Studio2017, Waterloo (AU) – 2-13 Oct. 2012

« for the love of coffee »  – studio2017 – AU – 2-13oct

These contemporary jewellers love their coffee. We aren’t going to tell you that it’s the ‘be all and end all’ to their existence, but we reckon it would come in a pretty close second. Perhaps you might find that this show is not so much about the work rather the stories and anecdotes that can be shared over a good strong cup of Joe.

I assume one could parallel the making of coffee with the making of art or jewellery, but we won’t go that far. Really, all you need to know is that these Jewellers love their coffee. Without it, they might not have met up with an old friend and discussed their ideas, they might not have pulled apart their machine to see how it works, conversely they might not have built a machine to share the love, and they certainly might not have made the interesting, humorous and thought provoking work that you will see on display.

EXPO fothe love of coffee - studio2017 - AU - 2-13oct(Nina Baker “Sachets” brooches, Sterling Silver, Stainless steel pin, filled with steel street sweeper bristles)

Participating jewellers: Vernon Bowden — Karen Thompson — Erin Keys & Regine Middleton — Mary HackettAlice Potter — Bic Tieu — Linda Blair — Nina Baker — Barbara Cotter — Elizabeth Shaw — Melinda YoungRegine Schwarzer

  Alice Potter  Necklace: Today Is A Good Day 2012  925 silver, copper, paint, lapis lazuli, red coral, silkAlice Potter  Necklace: Today Is A Good Day 2012  925 silver, copper, paint, lapis lazuli, red coral, silk

Melinda Young  Necklace: A place to start and A string of thoughts 2012  Acrylic and wax on canvas, freshwater pearls, yellow jade, 925 silver, silk threadMelinda Young  Necklace: A place to start and A string of thoughts 2012  Acrylic and wax on canvas, freshwater pearls, yellow jade, 925 silver, silk thread

6b/ 2 Danks St
Waterloo NSW 2017
Ph/fax: 02 9698 7999
Open: Tues – Sat 11 – 6pm
Email –


EXPO ‘COVET’ – Adelaide Central Gallery, Norwood (Australia) – 29 Avril-28 Mai 2011


A Survey of Contemporary South Australian Jewellery

Adelaide Central Gallery will stage a survey of most recent works by 15 South Australian Jewellers in the exhibition Covet. The exhibition features works by both established and emerging artists.
The first exhibition devoted solely to jewellery to be staged at Adelaide Central Gallery will feature not only jewellery but also works that relate to the body but are not strictly considered jewellery. These include sculptural pieces that will either be hung on the wall or suspended from the Gallery ceiling.  
Adelaide Central School of Art Inc (ACSA) is an independent, not-for-profit, accredited Higher Education Provider that provides intensive training for students looking to develop a career as a practising artist. The ACSA Gallery is an integral part of the school’s teaching program.

Julie Blyfield, Jane Bowring, Catherine Buddle, Jess Dare, Eliza Gregerson, Christian Hall, Ingrid Kellenbach, Leslie Matthews, Alice Potter, Sarah Rothe, Regine Schwarzer, Lauren Simeoni, Michelle Taylor, Catherine Truman and Sera Waters
Alice Potter – the Dinosaur’s Blue Rose- 2010 – Cotton, plastic, wood, paint laminate, gold leaf, 925 silver and silk
Lauren Simeoni- Plumule neckpiece (detail) – Artificial plant foliage, glass beads, 925 silver- 2010
Jess Dare- Implosion Series- Lampwork glass, sterling silver, steel 2010
Sera Waters- Interior Tract (Knit) #1- 2011- String, cotton, wooden beads and faux pearls
Catherine Truman - Organic Mechanic Series – Shell, coral, bone, fibre and glass- 2011
Julie Blyfield - Coastal Brooches  2011
Regine Schwarzer – necklace ‘Fractal construct’ 2011 – Patinated sterling silver, fluorite crystals
Regine Schwarzer- Fractal constructs- Patinated nickel silver- 2009
Regine Schwarzer – brooches ‘Facet forms’ 2011 -Patinated sterling silver, prehnite

Michelle Taylor - Bits and pieces brooch- Rimu timber, bamboo plywood, merbau timber, mild steel, acrylic and enamel paint, varnish, stainless steel
Leslie MatthewsThree times-we parted- Breath- and I- sterling silver and polyurethane- 2011




Adelaide Central Gallery
45 Osmond Terrace
Norwood, South Australia 5067 Australia
Telephone +61 8 8364 2809
Facsimile +61 8 8364 4865



JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design, Adelaide (Australia) – Australian jewelry – EXPOs précédentes

31 Jan– 22 Feb 2009
Marian Hosking: Jewellery  -  Living Treasures : Masters of Australian Craft
Living Treasures is an annual exhibition series that celebrates Australia’s most respected icons of craft. The third features new work by jeweller Marian Hosking. With 40 years professional experience, Marian Hosking is one of Australia’s foremost contemporary jewellers. Working almost exclusively with silver, Hosking has developed a distinctive vocabulary of techniques including casting, drilling and saw-piercing. She translates specific elements of the natural world into the language of silver, creating jewellery and objects of astonishing beauty.

Marian Hosking
Marian HoskingCasuarina Chain 2001,  925 silver, chemically blackened


8 Aug- 26 Sept 2009
Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool UK
JamFactory will be presenting a survey of South Australian jewellers at Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool, UK-

Sun-Woong Bang, Julie Blyfield, Jane Bowden, Christian Hall, Kath Inglis, Michelle Taylor and Catherine Truman.
This project has been assisted by ArtSA and is presented in partnership with Bluecoat Display Centre


12 Sept-11 Oct 2009
The Infinite Fold
- Zoe Veness
Veness’s jewellery combines elements of pattern, overlay and repetition to achieve rhythm and harmony in her carefully balanced forms and compositions. Using the ‘concertina fold’ as a fundamental construction element, Veness creates her pieces by careful wrapping, twisting, and knotting of multicoloured strands of paper.

  Zoe Veness- Brooch v  from transformation series ii 2008, light blue paper, light blue ink, varnish,


5 Dec 2009- 24 Jan 2010
Cook & Co; Antiquities for the Future – Octavia Cook
Cook and Co was self consciously established in 2003 as a fictitious and irreverent family jewellery company for the aggrandisement of Cook and her ideas. This it has proven to be, and it has become what is more, a valuable tool by which she mines the themes of beauty, decay, providence and value within contemporary jewellery practice.

Octavia Cook- Death of a Ponytail, 2007, brooch; acrylic, sterling silver, stainless steel pin


26 Jan – 17 Feb 2008
fuse and Flip side are presented as part of Inside Out, the 13th National JMGA Conference (Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia)
fuse : jewellers and artists exploring self and society through diverse technologies
Nicholas Bastin, Kirsty Boyle, Vernon Bowden, Leah Heiss, Ryota Kuwakubo, SymbioticA: Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, Mark Vaarwerk  – New jewellery + objects
Guest curator Sean O’Connell, presents seven practitioners who take a creative look at the social impact of technology. The diverse works in this exhibition question our relationships with technology, and the connections between ideas of self, society and the artificial worlds we create around ourselves


5 April – 25 May 2008
Informing Facets-
Regine Schwarzer – new jewellery
Embracing the unpredictable and the unexpected Schwarzer uses traditional faceting of gem stones to subvert expectations by selecting stones with impurities. Cutting her stones carefully she reveals their innermost individuality, emphasizing flaws trapped within, rather than cutting stones only to reveal the scintillating properties.


6 May – 20 June 2005 
All That Glitters
Guest Curator Zara Collins (SA/NSW)
Featuring glass artists Ruth Allen, Elizabeth Bower, Jane Pollard, Lisa Cahill, Kristin McFarlane
Five fresh, innovative yet practical designers untilise the seductive qualities of glass in jewellery.


Gallery 1/2 – JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design
19 Morphett Street
Adelaide SA 5000 (Australia)
Phone: 08 8410 0727



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