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During SCHMUCK 2016 : EXPO ‘SPECIALS, HandShake Alumni exhibition’ – Einsäulensaal, Munich (DE) – 25-27 Fevr. 2016

SPECIALS, a HandShake Alumni exhibition
21 jewellery artists from New Zealand


Celebration day (artists present) 25.02 14.00 – 16.00

SPECIALS, a HandShake Alumni exhibition #42

SPECIALS, a HandShake Alumni exhibition features twenty one jewellery artists from New Zealand showing at the Einsäulensaal in the Munich Residenz Palace from 25 – 27 February 2016.
Peter Deckers has curated a special selection of works and projects from the HANDSHAKE programme. This one-off exhibition showcases the best work from the 12 national and international exhibitions over the last 5 years.

The HANDSHAKE Project is an art development programme for progressive ideas, making, presentations, feedback and networking for contemporary New Zealand jewellers.
The project began in February 2011, with emerging jewellers matched in mentoring roles with their chosen idols from all across the globe. Each mentee’s development was not only supported by their mentor but also through a series of workshops, masterclasses and most importantly, exhibitions in prestigious galleries in NZ and beyond.
The HandShake project will begin its third iteration (HandShake3) following the SPECIALS Alumni exhibition. Selected jewellers have been chosen from the first two projects to develop new bodies of work for a fresh series of international exhibitions, with a focus on collaboration in its broadest sense. The purpose of this HS3 programme is to allow the former mentee to become an independent artist, steering their own developments. The mentor now becomes a colleague and in most cases also a fellow art collaborator.

Handshake 3 participants:  Amelia PascoeBecky Bliss — Debbie Adamson — Kelly McDonald — Nadene CarrSarah Walker-HoltRaewyn Walsh — Neke Moa — Renee Bevan — Sarah Read — Kathryn YeatsSharon Fitness

SPECIALS, HANDSHAKE PROJECT -  Alumni exhibition -  Kathryn Yeats, necklace 2015: Kathryn Yeats, necklace 2015

  Jhana Millers with mentor Suska Mackert, HandShake 1, Objectspace, Auckland (2013): Jhana Millers with mentor Suska Mackert, HandShake 1, Objectspace, Auckland (2013)

 Sarah Walker-Holt , necklace (2015):  Sarah Walker-Holt , necklace (2015)

HANDSHAKE alumni .... - - by Renee Bevan Premonition #1 2014Renee Bevan Premonition #1 2014

HANDSHAKE alumni - Sharon Fitness 2015: Sharon Fitness 2015


Munich Residenz Palace
Residenzstraße 1, 80333 München



EXPO ‘Handshake 2′ – Toi Poneke Arts Centre, Wellington (NZ) -21 Nov.-13 Dec. 2014

Hand shake 2
The three-phase Handshake project embraces and showcases new pathways in art education by giving post-graduation jewellers the opportunity to be mentored by internationally established and well-respected artists of their choice. The culmination of its second phase, the exhibition Handshake 2, will present the work of a select group of thirteen mentees. Half way through a two year professional development programme, their practice, techniques and materials can be seen to have already been expanded and enriched.
with :
Vanessa ArthurAmelia Pascoe — Suni Hermon — Karren Dale — Julia Middleton — Kelly McDonald – Lisa HigginsKathryn YeatsRaewyn WalshRenee BevanSarah Walker-HoltSoo Jeong LeeTineke Jansen

The mentees and mentors are:

Amelia Pascoe and Ruudt Peters  /  Julia Middleton and Terhi Tolvanen  /  Karren Dale and Gemma Draper  /  Kelly McDonald and Kirsten Haydon  /  Lisa Higgins and Cal Lane  /  Kathryn Yeats and Ben Pearce  /  Raewyn Walsh and Henriette Schuster  /  Renee Bevan and Harrell Fletcher  /  Sarah Walker Holt and Helen Britton  / Soo Jeong Lee and Natalia Milosz-Piekarska  /  Suni Hermon and Sally Marsland  /  Tineke Jansen and Ela Bauer  /  Vanessa Arthur and David Neale

Sarah Walker-Holt - Time Parallel Necklace  Sarah Walker-Holt - Time Parallel Necklace

Rebecca Yeats Necklace Rebecca Yeats Necklace
61 – 69 Abel Smith St, Te Aro,
Wellington 6012 – NZ
tel +64 4-385 1929


EXPO ‘WUNDERRUMA’ – Galerie Handwerk, Munich (DE) – 7 Mars-17 Avril 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

WUNDERRUMA - Jewelry from New-Zealand

Bijoux de Nouvelle-Zélande
Ausstellungseröffnung : Donnerstag, 6. März 2014, 18.30 Uhr
Katalogpräsentation  mit Karl Fritsch und Warwick Freeman Freitag, 14. März 2014, 11 Uhr

WUNDERRUMA - schmuck-  7 mars au 17 avril 2014 Bijoux de Nouvelle-Zélande Galerie Handwerk  (Peter Madden)


exhibitors : Brian Adam — Billy Apple — Fran Allison — Georg Beer — Rachel Bell — Pauline Bern — Renee BevanBecky Bliss — Kobi Bosshard — Trevor Byron — Hamish Campbell — Jacqui Chan — Fran Carter — Chris Charteris — Octavia Cook — Ann Culy — Mary Curtis — Karren Dale — Andrea Daly — Cath Dearsley — Peter Deckers — Gillian Deery — Jane Dodd — John Edgar — Ilse-Marie Erl — Ruth Evans — Sharon Fitness — Warwick FreemanKarl Fritsch – Elena Gee — Suni Gibson — Caroline Griffin — Jason Hall –  Niki Hastings-McFall — Louisa Humphry — Sinead Jury — Lynn Kelly — Richard Killeen — Rangi Kipa — Owen Mapp — Kelly McDonald — Peter McKay — Craig McIntosh –Matthew McIntyre-Wilson — Peter Madden — Ross Malcom — Doug Marsden — Paul Mason — Roy Mason — Bob Mitchell — Neke Moa — Kate Newby — Stephen Mulqueen — Shelley Norton — Kelly O’Shea — Michael Parekowhai — Amelia Pascoe — Alan Preston — Stanley E. Rea — Sarah Read — Donn Salt — Moniek Schrijer –  Joe Sheehan — Frances Stachl — Inia Taylor — Rob Upritchard — Francis Upritchard — Emily Valentine — Tobias Vodanovich — Lisa WalkerSarah Walker-HoltRaewyn Walsh — Camille Walton — Rohan Wealleans — Areta Wilkinson — Jess Winchcombe

EXPO WUNDERRUMA - Louisa HumphryLouisa Humphry
Alain Preston
Alan Preston White Foreshore Fragment Pin, Shell fragment, Silver
Frances StachlFrances Stachl
Emily ValentineEmily Valentine
Ross MalcolmRoss Malcom

Jane DoddJane Dodd

EXPO WUNDERRUMA - Chris CharterisChris Charteris
EXPO WUNDERRUMA - Lisa WalkerLisa Walker
EXPO WUNDERRUMA - Ross MalcolmRoss Malcolm
EXPO WUNDERRUMA - Bob Mitchell Bob Mitchell
 Shelley NortonShelley Norton – bracelet – plastic


Galerie Handwerk
Max-Joseph-Straße 4
Eingang Ecke Ottostraße
80333 München
Tel. +49 (0)89 511 92 40



EXPO ‘RENEE BEVAN New Work’ – The National, Christchurch (New Zealand) – 18 Mai-16 Juin 2012

“Sometimes what we wear is not to do with its aesthetic or monetary, material value. Sometimes the meaning goes deeper.  »

« New Work : Renee Bevan«   is Bevan’s first significant solo exhibition and features both photography and jewellery objects.
It is accompanied by a 24 page catalogue, with essay by curator and writer Karl Chitham: “These new works operate undercover, a set of tools and cues ready to aid us in an exploration of the aspects of life that we often fail to notice. The unexpected love token, a set of eyes watching from behind a picture, the remnants of unspoken thoughts or the subverted reworking of a childhood game. These devices help to highlight or freeze-frame a moment in time. The new works suggest the wonder of discovery and an investigation of the minutiae of experiences we are surrounded by every day.

« There is a pattern that slowly declares itself through the collective results of Bevan’s investigations. It is like a stream of consciousness that requires the odd splicing together of scenes in order to maintain a coherency for those outside of her head. It is a way of viewing the world that has a unique and sometimes childlike sense of uncomplicated poeticism. There is an honesty about these new works. They are simple gestures that respond to Bevan’s innermost sensibilities as opposed to societal or financial pressures:
“Sometimes what we wear is not to do with its aesthetic or monetary, material value – Sometimes the meaning goes deeper – I want to explore this in my work – make things that… have a deeper value” (Renee Bevan). »

EXPO 'RENEE BEVAN New Work' - The National, Christchurch (New Zealand) - 18 Mai-16 Juin 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition 1674-web12_12balloon_silver_portraitRENEE BEVAN « Lighthearted »- silver, electroformed balloon, spraypaint

1657-web4_4bubblegum_brooch_crop dans GALERIESRENEE BEVAN « Hold That Thought » Brooch – gum, silver, spraypaint, stless steel wire

1672-web13_13colour_in_necklace dans Nlle Zelande (NZ)RENEE BEVAN « Colouring In » Necklace- brass, spraypaint, marker, cord

1626-web3b_3black_balloon_landscape_view dans Renee BEVAN (NZ)RENEE BEVAN « Parting Breath », 2012 -silver, electroformed balloon, spraypaint

1658-web9_9lucky_7_brooch_crop dans www NOOVOeditionsRENEE BEVAN « Risking It All » Brooch – Instant Kiwi, silver, spraypaint, steel wire


RENEE BEVAN Stream of Thoughts; a whole years work – Photo: Caryline Boreham


212 Madras St
Christchurch 8011 – New Zealand
+64 3 366 3893 information:


Comment avoir de belles fleurs avant l’hiver …. Flower power !

Comment avoir de belles fleurs avant l'hiver .... Flower power ! dans Alidra ALIC (DK)
Renee Bevan (NZ) – Large puffy rose brooch worn by Bill Riley (on Kit&caboodle)

MinJeong Kim  (SIERAAD Art Fair page on Kit&Caboodle)

 dans Allison WELLS (CA)
Renee Bevan (NZ) – Wooden rose brooch  (on Kit&caboodle)

 dans Ana HAGOPIAN (ES)
Nubia Gonçalves (Brasil) – Red Carambola Choker with Pearl  (on Kit&caboodle)

 dans Catherine JACQUET (FR)
Renee Bevan (NZ) – Daisy chain necklace (on Kit&caboodle)

 dans Christel van der LAAN (NL)
Sunni Elizabeth Gibson- Corsage back view – 2010, Resin, Stg silver, synthetic leaves (on Kit&caboodle)

Christel van der Laan - Cactus Brooch 2009. Painted sterling silver, rough agate, honeycomb block, electrical componentChristel van der Laan (AU) – 2009 Cactus Brooch 

uk-lon-dbre dans COUP DE COEUR
Donna Brennan – brooch The Blank Canvas 2010, costume jewellery, bio resin, light sensitive paint

 dans Cynthia del GIUDICE (RA)
Sina Emrich – flower brooch (on Kit & Caboodle)
Alidra Alic – flower ring

 dans Donna BRENNAN (AU)
Kath Inglis (AU) – cut flower brooch

broochJoao Vaz (AU) – big blue Brooch – Fabric, synthetic pillow stuffing, wool and romanium wire

 dans Eiko YOSHIDA (JP)
Jane Dominese (UK) – Over the ear flower earring

 dans Inni PARNANEN (FI)
Sharon Fitness (NZ) – Rachel’s Happy Birthday Flower

 dans Jane DOMINESE (UK)
Eiko Yoshida- Sugar paper flower broach (on Kit & Caboodle)

 dans Joao VAZ (AU)
Sabrina Meyns – brooch – Handmade paper, seeds, fine silver, stainless steel

 dans Karin WAGNER (CH)
Sabrina Meyns (IRL) – ring – Handmade paper, fine silver (on Kit & Caboodle)
des MERVEILLES de délicatesse en papier !

 dans Kath INGLIS (AU)
Cynthia Del Giudice – flower ring – fold formed, constructed sterling silver, patina

blacklotushd dans Kim THOMSON (AU)
Michelle Pujol - blackened lotus flower ring

trailing-orchid-ring dans L'Etoffe des Fees (FR)
Michelle Pujol - Trailing Orchid Ring -2 toned silver ring with forged vine shank and 3 trailing flower elements.

 dans Melinda YOUNG (AU)
Michelle Pujol - blackened silver ring, forged with moving stamen parts

 dans Michelle PUJOL (AU)
Melinda Young (Metalab on kit & caboodle)

 dans MinJeong KIM (KR)
Sarah Carlson (AU) – « Proteus »-S/S cast leucadendron flower 

flowerpotringbyallisonwells dans Nubia GONCALVES (Brasil)
Allison Wells- ‘flower pot ring’ – 2004

 dans Renee BEVAN (NZ)
Kim Thomson (AU) – Dianella Revoluta – Anodised alluminium, sterling silver rivets. acrylic, surgical steel. Materials are 95% recycled and works are made using ethical manufacturing techniques


18853_1310242205038_1500099122_790672_2421810_n dans Sabrina MEYNS (IRL)
l’ETOFFE DES FEES (Aurore Flenner)- collier origami  – textile

18853_1310242645049_1500099122_790681_8199954_n dans Sarah CARLSON (AU)
Catherine JACQUET- collier « Jardin d’un jour » – plastique(s)

18853_1312438899954_1500099122_795142_1679976_n dans Sharon FITNESS (NZ)
Aline KOKINOPOULOS – bague « corolle », avec son rajout de 3 « petites pousses » – argent et or
Inni Pärnänen (Finnish) botanical jewelry with a geometric bent – flower ring in burnt paper & wax
Karin Wagner – glorious poppy felt ring
Ana Hagopian – paper jewelry


EXPO ‘TOUCH. PAUSE. ENGAGE.’ – Gaffa Gallery, Sydey (AU) – 21 Oct.- Nov. 2010


Contemporary Jewellery from New Zealand

EXPO 'TOUCH. PAUSE. ENGAGE.' - Gaffa Gallery, Sydey (AU) - 21 Oct.- Nov. 2010 dans Australie (AU)


Touch, Pause, Engage is an introductory snapshot of contemporary NZ jewellery for the Australian community. This innovative jewellery showcase is designed to reset the trans-Tasman rivalry between our rugby-loving brothers and sisters.
Opening night, October 21st will also mark the release of an accompanying publication.
Touch, Pause, Engage, invites a diverse team of fifteen NZ jewellers to submit inventive and inspired works. Although many of the makers’ practices focus on different issues and are expressed in diverse forms, the side is fit and game ready. The roster is comprised of talented individuals with different skills and strengths who make a target of pushing the experimental aspects of their jewellery practice. The captains look forward to an exciting match. Who wants it?

First fifteen:
Rachel Bell, Renee Bevan, Nadene Carr, Jacqui Chan, Kristin d’Agostino, Cath Dearsley, Gillian Deery, Ilse-Marie Erl, Sharon Fitness, Kristin Toller, Tatjana Panyoczki, Sunni Gibson, Lynsay Raine , Raewyn Walsh & Selina Woulfe
Rachel Bell- Body – « Recognising the need to acknowle the body as a site for these works. »

 dans Cath DEARSLEY (NZ)
Kristin d’Agostinojewellery on the brink of a relationship (photo by Jessica Hill)

 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Cath Dearsley felt brooch

Raewyn Walsh

Sharon Fitnesssilicone brooch

 dans Jacqui CHAN (NZ)
Lynsay Raine – Opticaliant Brooch – Brass, polymer clay, found lense 

 dans Kristin D'AGOSTINO (NZ)
Tatjana Panyoczki - « jam session » from the series sincere – neck piece 2010, wax, pom poms, stg

 dans Nlle Zelande (NZ)
Jacqui Chan- Lolly tin brooch, 2007

 dans Rachel BELL (NZ)
Selina Woulfe- Experiential Jewellery lll

 dans Raewyn WALSH (NZ)
Sunni Elizabeth Gibson- corsage – back view – 2010, Resin, Stg silver, synthetic leaves


 dans Renee BEVAN (NZ)
Renee Bevan – Large puffy rose brooch worn by Bill Riley


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