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Renee Ugazio

Buff serie
Renee Ugazio- « Buff » serie

2009-2011 – Spin serie

« At the core of this work is the relationship between body and object, the process of wearing and the lifespan of the object.  In the case of Spin, the appropriation of elements of the polishing wheel introduces another layer, that of informed knowledge and the role that plays in understanding an art object.  To fully understand these works one has to understand the origin of the object and how it is used by the craftsperson.
When one uses a polishing wheel it spins and wears away at the surface of the object and in wearing away it takes with it the surface of that object.  By using the wheel in jewellery the wheel functions in the same way, only the wearer is both object and wearer.  On the inside the wheel wears against the wearer, on the outside it bears witness to the environment impressing itself on the artefact.  The wearing and the change in the artefact through this is a process of creation in itself. Thus wearer becomes object, wearer and artist.
 The organic life cycle of the object is entirely dependant on the degree of wear.  This reinforces the dialogue between object and wearer, juxtaposing the unrelenting constance of human life and the entirely dependant life cycle of the artifact. »
Renee Ugazio-« Spin » serie  bracelets
Renee Ugazio- spin-yellow-chocker


EXPO ‘Australian Jewelry TOPOS’ – Gallery Loupe, Montclair (New Jersey, US) – 10 Mars-2 Avril 2011

« The theme of « topos » (place) is explored through a diverse and fascinating group of jewelry objects. The group will be joined by Professor Elizabeth Grierson, Head of the School of Art, RMIT University, and Professor Robert Baines, PhD, Postgraduate Coordinator of the Gold and Silversmithing Department.
“Jewelry is a bearer of cultural and historical meaning and memory. In particular it is concerned with the relations of those meanings with the personal and urban settings, acting as a way of defining and interpreting ‘topos’ (meaning ‘of place’, Greek). The concern of this jewelry research is to recognise and explore the ways the jewelry artefact opens our engagement with, and understanding of, the personal and external places we inhabit. Jewelry conveys settings of human identity and presence as well as external settings such as urban spaces and ‘topos’ takes on a broader significance as place itself becomes an expanded notion. Jewelry Topos explores the ways jewelry engages with our understanding of the physical and metaphorical places we inhabit.”
 » Professor Robert Baines

 Topos (Dougal Haslem – the elephant & the umbrella ring)

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Gallery Loupe
50 Church Street
NJ 07042 – Montclair/ New Jersey
United States
Telephone: 973.744.0061
Fax: 973.744.0062



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