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EXPO ‘Eccentri:city’ – Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh (UK) – 13-26 Juill. 2012

« Eccentri:city »


Eccentri:city will showcase a collection of collaborative, one-­off jewellery inspired by the City of Edinburgh. The collection, which has never been seen before, will reveal the jewellers’ favourite places in and around the city and their personal responses to the different locations. Demonstrating originality and thoughtfulness their work promises to offer a unique glimpse of contemporary jewellery design emerging from Edinburgh today and as its name suggests Eccentri:city will be no ordinary show.

Among the 17 jewellers taking part is Rhona Hogg who uses aerial views, surface textures and what’s hidden under the microscope as inspiration for her beautifully urban creations;; whereas, Claire Pouget Wright’s designs playfully explore colour, texture and pattern through quirkily shaped squares of all sizes. All this and more will be available to enjoy and purchase for the duration of the exhibition.


Aoife White — Caroline Cloughley — Claire Pouget Wright — Helen Chalmers — Fiona Hermse — Ian Nicholson — Joanne Garner — Jen Cunningham — Jaimie MacDonald — Jessica Howarth — Krzystof Borkowski — Lisa Arnott — Maira Toledo — Moira Warren — Nicola TurnbullRhona Hogg — Rosalind Andain

 "Eccentri:city"  Place: Whitespace Gallery  (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)  13-Jul-2012 - 26-Jul-2012    Artists: Aoife White, Caroline Cloughley, Claire Pouget Wright, Helen Chalmers, Fiona Hermse,Ian Nicholson, Joanne Garner, Jen Cunningham, Jaimie MacDonald, Jessica Howarth, Krzystof Borkowski, Lisa Arnott, Maira Toledo, Moira Warren, Nicola Turnbull, Rhona Hogg, Rosalind AndainJoanne Garner -  Necklace: Pathways 2012 – Silks

ImageClaire Pouget Wright

  Fiona HermseFiona Hermse

Jaimie Mcdonald - pod cluster necklaceJaimie Mcdonald – pod cluster necklace

  Krzystof Borkowski  Brooch: Spring Bloom 2012  Silver, Fibre Optics, Citrine, Peridot, TourmalineKrzystof Borkowski  Brooch: Spring Bloom 2012  Silver, Fibre Optics, Citrine, Peridot, Tourmaline

  Jessica HowarthJessica Howarth


Whitespace Gallery
11B Gayfield Square
EH1 3NT – Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Telephone: 07964288400


some RINGS discovered here & there ……………

Each time I see great rings I think about the great « ring web site », « The Carrotbox » ! :-) and my dream would be to help her to discover new rings ….. but she knows ALL about rings before everybody ! :-( so keep up dreaming ! :-)

………….. and trying to STOP this post !!!! finding every hour new GORGEOUS rings !!!
Alina Alamorean

Julia  deVille

some RINGS discovered here & there ............... dans Agata FRIEDMAN (PL) ringe9
Lisbeth Nordskov ring – Nylon, sølv, elfenben og granater.
Susanne Klemm

Rita Marcangelo – silk (burnt) & silver rings

 dans Alina ALAMOREAN (FR)Lucia Massei- « Le parole vengono dopo  » 2011
Lucia Massei- 2 Pigmented shibuichi (silver & copper) rings
Patty Nieman – Ring (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)

 dans Amber O'HARROW (US) dans Anthi VOYATJES (ZA)
Marcus Marguillier- 3rd hologram series ring
Ingjerd Hanevold – Norway
Ingjerd Hanevold – Norway

Medan Toril ring (saw on blog)

Shannon Carney ring
‘s contribution to the book New Rings: 500+ Designs from Around the World :-)
Violaine Ulmer - céramique, argent

Tomasz ZaremskiTomasz Zaremski – Poland

Tomasz Zaremski (Poland) – rings

 dans Ashley AKERS (US)
Amber O’Harrowseashell ring
Esther Knobel
Tasso Mattar

Marie Bonfils  (DK) – ‘Ode to Manfred’ ring

existence+ring+on+the+body dans Augousta THEMISTOKLEOUS (CY)
Katherine Wheeler existence ring

Susanne Klemm – sleeping-beauties – couldn’t resist to them …………

Joe Wood (US) – ball rings 1999 – cast sterling silver, with 18K gold liner

Augousta Themistocleous  – ‘ping pong’ ring – collection 2009

Melanie Moulhen – émail – bagues ? (blog Bijouterra)

Winfried Krueger ring 1999
(blog Bijouterra)
Sun Kyoung Kim
Iwaki Yu

Agata Friedman

pj_2011_03-37 dans blog TheCarrotBox
Liisa Hashimoto – shoe ring
Margaret Bridgewater – ‘Floating’ rings
Anthi Voyatjes - « Death encapsulated » - Sterling silver, pearls, animal skull; hollow form construction

n679453139_913412_6129 dans BOOKS / BIBLIO
Keri Kwik (US) – ring
Kaylee Russotti
Robean Visschers so well-known « under-construction » structure ring -Gold, silver (oxidized)- 2006

Robean VISSCHERS ring
Robean Visschers  - another construction/structure ring – glorious ! :-)
Lisa JUEN – ring (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)
Yoko Izawa - veiled rings (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)
Nora FOK – ring ?  (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)
Rhona HOGG (UK) ring
Jenny Llewellyn set of rings -  like jelly worms …..
Isabelle Hertzeisen – twist tie rings
Ashley Akers


41I7KuDLL8L._SS500_ dans COUP DE COEUR

New Rings – 500+ Designs from Around the World – by Nicolas Estrada – Thames & Hudson, 272 pp – available in JUNE 2011 -


GREAT RINGS saw on this Flickr page about « Finger symbols » exhibition  held in 2010 by Shetland Arts (Finger Symbols, an exhibition exploring rings and finger ornaments, curated by Mary Smith can be seen at Bonhoga Gallery, Weisdale, Shetland from 7 August to 5 September. 2010)
Felieke Van der Leest – ring ……. LOL !

VIDEO à voir ABSOLUMENT sur les bagues de l’expo  « Finger symbols » !


GREAT page too on this Flickr gallery : The Ring Show !!(The Ring Shows: ‘Then & Now’ and ‘Putting the Band Back Together’ at the Georgia Museum of Art in Georgia, US- It runs August 23-November 2, 2008)
Yael Krakowski
Vickie Sedman (US)


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