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During SCHMUCK 2015 – EXPO ‘The Grass Is Always Greener Overseas’ – Handwerksmesse, Munich (PLATINA Stand) (DE) - 11-17 Mars 2015

An exhibition curated by Platforma, Bella Neyman and Ruta Reifen in conjunction
with Sofia Björkman, Platina Stockholm
DURING SCHMUCK : 11th -17th of March 2015, Handwerksmesse, Munich
THEN , 26th of March – 25th of April 2015, PLATINA – Odengatan 68, Stockholm
The Grass Is Always Greener Overseas
10 American artist and 10 Swedish from different generations:
Jamie BennetLola Brooks Robert EbendorfArthur HashMatt LambertTara Locklear Seth PapacSondra ShermanAmy TavernLauren Tickle Tobias Alm — Peter De Wit — Jenny EdlundHanna HedmanCatarina HällzonLi LiangAgnieszka KnapAnnika PetterssonMargareth Sandström — Studio Jungfruhuset Christer Jonsson/Lena Bergestad
Jamie BennettJamie Bennett
Arthur HashArthur Hash
Matt LambertMatt Lambert
Sondra Sherman - Rorschach Corsage: Valeriana_SteelSondra Sherman - Rorschach Corsage: Valeriana_Steel
Tara LocklearTara Locklear
Lauren Tickle Lauren Tickle
Jenny Edlund Jenny Edlund
 Li LiangLi Liang
Catarina HällzonCatarina Hällzon
Annika PetterssonAnnika Pettersson
Hanna HedmanHanna Hedman
Margareth SandströmMargareth Sandström



EXPO ‘GOOD AS GOLD’ – Craft Alliance Center, St Louis (Missouri, USA) – 4 Avril-15 Juin 2014


To commemorate Craft Alliance’s 50th Anniversary we present Good as Gold, an exhibition which celebrates the hue of gold. From the golden fleece of the Greeks, to the Golden Stool of the Ashanti tribe in Africa, to the legend of El Dorado, gold has seduced us from the beginning of time. It’s color and preciousness continue to be a source of inspiration for artists today.
EXPO 'GOOD AS GOLD' - Craft Alliance Center, St Louis (Missouri, USA) - 4 Avril-15 Juin 2014 dans Biba SCHUTZ (US) spacerIn all craft areas there are artists who play with gold and the idea of gold in their work. The artists selected for this exhibition have used gold leafing to finish their work, golden copper wire materials to communicate their ideas or played with the beautiful glistening colors that stem from golden tones.

 EXPO  good as gold - Iris EichenbergIris Eichenberg

participating artists: Michael Bauermeister — Lanny Bergner — Laura Bombach — Gayle Eastman — Robert EbendorfIris Eichenberg — Peg Fetter — Susan Freda — John Garrett — Michelle Hamilton — Tim Harding — Biba Schutz – …. among others.

EXPO  good as gold - Bob Ebendorf 'he lost his jaw'Bob Ebendorf  ‘he lost his jaw’

Melissa Schmidt  Courtesy Craft AllianceMelissa Schmidt

EXPO  good as gold - Berryll by Gayle EastmanBerryll by Gayle Eastman
EXPO  good as gold -  Roger Rimel Roger Rimel



Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design spacer dans Exposition/Exhibition
DELMAR LOOP: 6640 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63130
St. Louis, Missouri,  USA
Gallery: 314.725.1177 x322


Y’a un OS ………..

« Y’a un OS » ….

this expression (« Il y a un os » or « tomber sur un os » [to hit a snag]) means that there is a problem when you « find a bone » … but the dog seems happy when finding a bone ??! why men are not happy ??

But, with this post, perhaps women will be happy when « finding bones » ! ;-)

jewelry with bones ….

collier Ynac (collection "jusqu'aux os") - BONES necklace ! - Salon Parures et Allures - Ateliers d'Art de France -collier Ynac (collection « jusqu’aux os ») Ynac (from AFEDAP Paris) – BONES necklace ! – Salon Parures et Allures – Ateliers d’Art de France – sept 2012 paris

collier YNACYnac - collection ‘jusqu’aux os’ -collier ‘enchainement des ch(os)es’ – os teinté, feuille d’or, laiton – 1m  
Patricia Lemaire -- broches en osPatricia Lemaire — broches en os
BONE Patricia Lemaire 2011 - sautoir Patricia Lemaire 2011 – BONE, sautoir

Patricia Lemaire - broche "étoile de mer" - os, argent ....Patricia Lemaire – broche « étoile de mer » – os, argent

Francesca Gabrielli  "Noli Me Tangere"  necklace 04  synthetic stones and bone  Photos QuidCreativeFrancesca Gabrielli  « Noli Me Tangere »  necklace 04  synthetic stones and bone  Photos QuidCreative

Francesca Gabrielli - Nuda veritasFrancesca Gabrielli – Nuda veritas

Francesca Gabrielli Necklace: Noli Me Tangere 2013 Synthetic pink orange stones, boneFrancesca Gabrielli Necklace: Noli Me Tangere 2013 Synthetic pink orange stones, bone

Francesca GabrielliFrancesca Gabrielli

Anastasia Kandaraki  -  2011 -  "χίλια κομμάτια"  brooch, bone, colour, gold K14Anastasia Kandaraki  -  2011 -  « χίλια κομμάτια »  brooch, bone, colour, gold K14

Robert EbendorfRobert Ebendorf

Evelien Sipkes - Pork Bones, Linen 2004Evelien Sipkes – Pork Bones, Linen 2004

Evelien Sipkes - bones neckpiece detailEvelien Sipkes – bones neckpiece detail

Evelien Sipkes Contemporary Jewelry  Bones and LinenEvelien Sipkes  Bones and Linen bracelet

Necklace | Mia Straka. 'Wishbone'.  Bone and sterling silverMia Straka – Necklace ‘Wishbone’.  Bone and sterling silver

Jennifer Trask, Germinate Necklace, 2010. Bone, antler, teeth, pre-ban ivory, steel, brass, diamonds. Jennifer Trask, Germinate Necklace, 2010. Bone, antler, teeth, pre-ban ivory, steel, brass, diamonds.

Thomas Hill: "Bird Skull and Vertebrae" PendantThomas Hill : « Bird Skull and Vertebrae » Pendant

Domic Jones offers up these animal part necklaces as his master works of Jewelry Art... 2010Dominic Jones offers up these animal part necklaces as his master works of Jewelry Art… 2010 

Claw Brooch by Julia deVille -   Sterling silver, rhodium plated claw brooch with push clasp. Cast from the leg of a turtledove Julia deVille – Claw Brooch -   Sterling silver, rhodium plated claw brooch with push clasp. Cast from the leg of a turtledove

Dandi MaestreDandi Maestre

Jorge Manilla - serie 'metamorfosis divinas'Jorge Manilla – serie ‘metamorfosis divinas’ necklace

Jorge Manilla - serie 'metamorfosis divinas'  detailJorge Manilla – serie ‘metamorfosis divinas’  (detail)


EXPO ‘Keep in the can’ – Equinox Gallery, San Antonio TX (USA) – 3 mai 2013

« Keep it in the Can » by Bob Ebendorf

Equinox Gallery welcomes Bob Ebendorf, the KING of the CAN back to TX for his exhibition « Keep it in the Can ».
opening reception May 3rd from 6-9 PM
also Special workshop  May 4th 12pm-4pm « A Brush of Creativity » contact Laura at

EXPO 'Keep in the can' - Equinox Gallery, San Antonio TX (USA) -  3 mai 2013 dans Bob EBENDORF (US) Screen-shot-2013-04-17-at-12.01.03-PM

Bob has created a special collection just for us, and he will also be doing a workshop « A Brush of Creativity » May 4th in the La Villita Cos house from 12:30 pm-4 pm.

Bob Ebendorf
Bob Ebendorf  for « Keep it in the Can »
Bob EbendorfBob Ebendorf  « Keep it in the Can »
Robert Ebendorf  King of the Road, Brooch, 2011: mixed media  Elizabeth R. Raphael Founder’s Prize Honorable MentionRobert Ebendorf  King of the Road, Brooch, 2011: mixed media  Elizabeth R. Raphael Founder’s Prize Honorable Mention
418 Villita St. BLG 4, San Antonio 78205
+1 210-281-0706


EXPO ‘Badges & Buttons Waistcoats & Vest’ – Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco (USA) – 11 Juill.-26 Aout 2012

Badges & Buttons Waistcoats & Vest

Most of us have at one time or another worn a badge or button. It might have been a Peace Symbol, a Girl Scout pin or badge from your favorite sports team. These are pins with a purpose. They express your political views, belonging to a particular group or just saying « this is who I am ». Badges can indicate some feat of service, a special accomplishment or a symbol of authority, such as a policeman’s badge. Badges & Buttons Waistcoats & Vests is an exhibition exploring the notion of this modest form of jewelry. Curators Elizabeth Turrell (UK) & Robert Ebendorf (USA) have asked 26 artists, mostly from the United Kingdom and the US, to come up with their own kind of button with a message. The artist badges are displayed on vests or waistcoats – vintage, altered or custom-made clothing puts the jewelry on an imagined wearer.

  Velvet da Vinci - badges ....

 Participating artists:

Dail Behennah — Michael Brennand-Wood — Stephen BottomleyKen BovaMelissa CameronJim Cotter — Susan Cross — Robert Ebendorf — Beate Gegenwart — Caroline Gore — Jane Harrison — Gretchen Goss — Arthur Hash — Thomas Hill — Timothy Information Limited — Basil Kardasis — Felix Lindner — Megan McGaffigan — Trish O’Hara — Matthew Partington — Maria Phillips — Marissa Saneholtz — Marlene True — Elizabeth TurrellJessica Turrell

Elizabeth Turrell Elizabeth Turrell

Elizabeth Turrell Waistcoat & badges Elizabeth Turrell Waistcoat & badges

Elizabeth Turrell Badges Elizabeth Turrell Badgs

Melissa Cameron "Ban Stop Save Fight Solve" BadgeMelissa Cameron "Ban Stop Save Fight Solve" Badge

 Melissa Cameron « Ban Stop Save Fight Solve » Badge

Robert Ebendorf/Elizabeth Turrell Colaboration Badges Robert Ebendorf/Elizabeth Turrell Colaboration Badges

Arthur Hash - Tool Badges Arthur Hash Tool Badges

Jane Harrison "Bassett" Badge Jane Harrison « Bassett » Badge

Fuck C********m Badge  Artist: Timothy Information Limited Timothy Information Limited  Fuck C********m Badges

Jessica Turrell A Rash of RedJessica Turrell A Rash of Red

Megan McGaffigan Medal of Tamerlan BadgeMegan McGaffigan Medal of Tamerlan Badge

Beate Gegenwart Waistcoat Beate Gegenwart Waistcoat & brooches

Vest with Badges - Gretchen Goss Gretchen Goss Vest with Badges

Stephen Bottomley "Scent D'Or" Badges Stephen Bottomley « Scent D’Or » Badges

Velvet da Vinci Gallery
2015 Polk Street (between Pacific and Broadway)
San Francisco CA 94109
Gallery Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 11-6
Sunday 11-4


EXPO ‘THAT’S SO EBENDORF’ – Gallery Loupe, Montclair, NJ (USA) – 11 Oct.-6 Nov. 2011

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Oct 11 – Nov 06, 2011

"That's So Ebendorf-Pieces Past and Present" Exhibition by Robert Ebendorf at Gallery Loupe

Robert Ebendorf began recycling the ordinary things that society discards long before “re-purposing” became a fashionable buzzword.  His jewelry charms and delights the eye and the mind without the need for the use of precious materials.
Encouraged by his mother to follow his artistic bent as a child growing up in Kansas, he went on to receive a degree in Metal and Jewelry Design from the University of Kansas, Lawrence followed by a Masters degree in 3-Dimensional Design.  Equally beloved as a teacher as he is an artist, he has taught at the State University of New York at New Paltz and several important craft schools.  He has been the Carol Grotnes Belk Distinguished Professor in the Department of Art at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC  since 1999.  He has  also worked in Oslo, Norway, first on a Fulbright scholarship and later with a Louis Comfort Tiffany grant.
A founding member of SNAG, the Society of North American Goldsmiths, he became one of its first presidents.  He is considered by many to be one of the most outstanding figures in American craft today.
Robert Ebendorf’s work can be found in renowned museums and private collections worldwide

EbendorfRobert EbendorfRobert Ebendorf, Off the Street From the Beach, 1992  - "That's So Ebendorf" gal. Loupe Robert Ebendorf, Off the Street From the Beach, 1992

 "That's So Ebendorf-Pieces Past and Present" She Has a Goldfish - Robert Ebendorf necklace Robert Ebendorf - necklace « She Has a Goldfish »  2010

Robert Ebendorf; "That's So Ebendorf-Peices Past and Present"  Robert Ebendorf brooch


Gallery LOUPE
50 Church Street
Montclair, NJ
07042 USA
tel 973 744 0061

Fax 973 744 0062


EXPO ‘CHARMED’ – Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh (USA) – from 10 Fevr. 2011

Charmed II  - Society for Contemporary Craft (SCC)

Opening Thursday, February 10, 5:30-8pm -

The Store will once again host Charmed, an exhibition of artist-made charms by jewelers from around the country.  Beginning February 10, 2011, charms will be available in our Store and on our website. Charms can be purchased individually for a charm bracelet, or can be worn alone as a pendant.  Buy a pair of charms to wear as earrings, or give one to a friend, a sibling, or a significant other.  Charms are a great way to start your collection of artist-made jewelry, or to add to your existing collection.

Participating artists include:
Bob Ebendorf, Margaux Lange, Jillian Moore, Sue Amendolara, Gabriel Craig, Caitie Sellers, Lynette Andreasen, Angela Bubash, Karen Paust, Vina Rust, Susanne Matsche, Sarah Abramson, Becky McDonah, Tedd McDonah, Ken Bova, Adrienne M. Grafton, Betty McKim, Sean Macmillan, Renee Zettle-Sterling, Tara Locklear, Laura Wood, and Amy Weiks.

EXPO 'CHARMED' - Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh (USA) - from 10 Fevr. 2011 dans Amy WEIKS (US) 180242_10150129064680715_725395714_8367822_2759048_n
Vina Rust charms

179406_10150139825939257_131275319256_7784578_324306_n dans Angela BUBASH (US)
Robert Ebendorf – Charms – Silver and Mixed Media

26518_1372898611409_1500099122_929863_4200081_n dans Caitie SELLERS (US)
Margaux Lang charms – Plastic Body Series Jewelry

abramson4 dans COUP DE COEUR
Sarah Abramson – charmed ….“Double Enamel” Charms- sterling silver, enamel

19766_235826053835_598573835_3035229_7333157_n dans Exposition/Exhibition
Lynette Andreasen – charms

167027_10150141037594257_131275319256_7800562_529794_n dans Gabriel CRAIG (US)
charms from Meg J. Roberts, Kathryn Osgood, Ken Bova, Tedd McDonah, Adrienne M. Grafton, Stacy Heptig Rodgers, Susanne Matsche, Vina Rust, Laura Wood, Margaux Lange, Becky McDonah …..

Fin-charm2-150 dans Jillian MOORE (US)Fin-charm3-150 dans Karen PAUST (US)
Fin Charm by Angela Bubash- sterling silver, glass, carnelian, dyed feathers- 1.5 x 1 x .5”

shapeimage_8 dans Lynette ANDREASEN (US)
Charms by Kathryn Osgood – sterling silver, nail polish




 Society for Contemporary Craft (SCC)
2100 Smallman Street,
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 – USA
tel 412.261.7003 x12.


Mais où est donc passée la religion ??????

Le bijou, support politique, support religieux, « support d’idées » « tout court » ?

souvent, ces bijoux traduisent une « double » religion : l’idée de religion ‘classique, transmise par la forme de la croix, puis celle d’autres « religions », plus modernes diront-nous, transmisses par le matériau : l’adoration du « dieu informatique », du « dieu consommation » (le coca ? l’amérique ? la nourriture ? l’argent ? ) …..

D’autre fois, la croix est juste une structure comme une autre, mais particulièrement attirante : la « structure primaire » je dirais …..

Mais où est donc passée la religion ?????? dans Amazing Animal (FI)
Daniel Michel - New Traditional Jewellery 2007 at Sieraad Art Fair
David Poston- ‘The Real Thing’ – pectoral cross 2004 – Steel on a wooden frame – V&A Museum

« This cross uses recycled Coca Cola bottle tops, gathered in Rwanda and laser-welded over a wooden frame. Dr David Poston who made the cross, has worked in Africa for many years, teaching blacksmithing techniques to rural communities under the auspices of the United Nations. In a statement about the piece, Poston posed a series of questions which the viewer might like to consider, such as:
‘Is there anything inherently offensive in the piece? If someone were to choose to take offence, would this be because of any statement genuinely inherent to the piece or a reflection of their own position, prejudices and asssumptions?’
‘If the juxtaposition of cross and Coca Cola is offensive, to whom and why?’
‘What do used Coca Cola bottle tops imply or represent? In this context, what is the significance of their coming from Rwanda?’
‘How great is the difference between the two symbols? Do they now both represent brands?‘ »(David Poston)

very_important_detail dans Carole DELTENRE (FR)
Mona Wallstrøm « 20 very important things to remember » – detail of ankle piece



 dans Chloe DURAND (FR)
Carole Deltenre- komboloi for women – silver

« related to the traditional rosary, the komboloi is a Greek traditionnal object only used by men. Here it consist of the clitores -cast in silver- of 19 women » – cet objet/bijou est JUBILATOIRE !
Chloé Durand (FR) – « Supplice exquis » – chapelet en chocolat + laiton

« Considérer le bijou comme un moyen d’expression au même titre que la photographie, la vidéo…
Des bijoux porteurs de messages, des bijoux politiques, des bijoux qui interrogent, des bijoux engagés
Je m’amuse à détourner les objets, à associer des matériaux tels que l’os, le béton, ou encore le chocolat, avec les métaux propres à la bijouterie (or, argent…).
J’utilise ces moyens pour dénoncer un fait, pointant du doigt les failles de notre société où l’individu et le collectif s’affrontent sans cesse…
Un regard ironique sur les comportements humains. »(
Chloé Durand)

61126_149530145085782_149497855089011_233060_2376810_n dans Constanze SCHREIBER (DE)59944_149531141752349_149497855089011_233074_7439063_n dans Daniel MICHEL (DE)
Chloé Durand – A Dieu… Adieu ?- Broche en argent + médaille de baptême en or + béton teinté

71704_457336734242_160154969242_5274879_3716451_n dans David POSTON (UK)
Emmanuel Lacoste‘ s Opening nite (by LNY) par AKAun… steack crucifié (pour la bonne cause ?) … mais peut-on parler de « bijou » ? dans Emmanuel LACOSTE (FR)
Solveiga & Alfredas Krivičiai- rozancius- ‘Rossary for homo consumer’ 55 coins, hematite, ready made

« “…if jewellery is art, can it really remain indifferent to the cultural, technological and social changes taking place at the moment in the society?… Can jewelery react actively to social processes? Can it be socially engaged? Or maybe these days jewellery can, albeit indirectly, express people’s aspiration and phobias, actively and perhaps even dramatically react to the “now”…«
Robert Ebendorf Ring (« 200 rings » exhibition at Velvet da Vinci Gallery)

Maria Nuutinen Object ‘Passio’ (pìncushion), 2003 (she belongs to « Amazing Animal » group)

usko dans Eric LOUBSER (ZA)
Maria Nuutinen
Kate BartonNew Structure Brooch – oxidised stg, 9ct Y gold, wood, glue, paint, 2009

« I am inspired by structures, building plans, diagrams, underground pipes and wires, sparkling gems, Morse code, semiotics, secrets and machines. » (Kate Barton)

thumb478 dans Frank TJEPKEMA (NL)
thumb477 dans Kate BARTON (NZ)
Katja Prins (NL)-’Bound by Blood’ Necklace – 2007 – wooden beads, cotton

« This necklace brings together and mixes various prayer-necklaces, which only differ in detail. Prayerbeads are being used in several religions and they all have their own systematical design. The beads stands for the different prayers and by following the beads you can’t loose track and count while you are praying. The Roman-Catholic church has the ‘rosary”, the Islam has the “tespi”, Buddhism (Nichiren) has the “juzu” and Tibetan Buddhism has the “mala”. Nowadays we are living in a time of globalization. Worldwide people are connecting more and more, not only economically, but also politically and culturally. Borders are fading and people travel and migrate more than ever. Out of that comes integration of different cultures and religions. Partly because of the not always so very successful integration-policy of many countries, extremism in certain religions also flourishes, conflicts arise. With this/my interpretation of the prayer-necklace I want to bring together all prayer-necklace and make 1 out of it all.  A contemporary blood red prayer necklace. In my opinion the religions don’t differ so much from one another, they differ mostly in details. That’s what I want to show with this necklace. By bringing together all the prayerbeads, symbolically I want to bring together the different religions and with that the people. The title “Bound by Blood” stands for the idea that on the inside we are all the same. It also refers to the many wars (and with that the shedding of a lot of blood) that have been fought in the name of religion. «  (Katja Prins) /> Bling Bling medallion » width= »260″ height= »357″ /><br />
<font size=Frank Tjepkema - pendant ‘bling bling’ 2002- gold plated stainless steel- label « Chi Ha Paura…? »

« This medallion in the shape of a decorated cross is made out of paper-thin layers of gold-plated steel perforated to reveal logos like those of Coca Cola, Diesel, Kleenex and Gucci. » ………………………….

Contemporary South African Studio Jewelry from the Stellenbosch Area at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Eric Loubser – Pendant

constanze dans Katja PRINS (NL)
Constanze Schreiber, in opdracht van New Traditional Jewellery -2007  (photo Francis Willemstijn)


EXPO ‘Signs of Life 2010′ – Facere Gallery, Seattle (USA) – 6-27 Oct 2010

Signs of Life is a contemporary jewelry art show and companion jewelry art catalog/literary journal. The show features work by ten artists. The catalog/literary journal pairs these jewelry artists with ten writers in a unique publication that celebrates both literature and jewelry art.

EXPO ‘Signs of Life 2010′ - Facere Gallery, Seattle (USA) - 6-27 Oct 2010 dans Chris GIFFIN (US) 50275_118167571569887_6485_n

Show opening and catalog publication date: October 6, 2010. This is the sixth year of publication of Signs of Life, a literary magazine. This project combines the owner’s love of literature with her passion for jewelry art. Only 1000 copies are printed. Order from Facere Jewelry Art Gallery by e-mail or phone, $12.

Underneath It All, Necklace in sterling silver and model railroad landscape materials.
Sarah Hood  ‘Underneath It All’ necklace in sterling silver, model railroad landscape materials.

 Chris Giffin, 'Take Measure’Necklace in vintage, cloth tape measures, tiny glass vial with fortune enclosed, enameled metal rivets, brass jump rings, chain, and clasp.
Chris Giffin ‘Take Measure’Necklace – vintage cloth tape measures, tiny glass vial with fortune enclosed, enameled metal rivets, brass jump rings, chain, clasp.


Artist List:
Jana Brevick, Nancy Mēgan Corwin, Jaclyn Davidson, Robert Ebendorf, Chris Giffin, Sarah Hood, Nissa Kubly, Kris Patzlaff, Sally von Bargen, and Lynda Watson.

Writers: Joan Corwin, Joseph Duemer, Jonathan Evison, Teri Hein, Sue Jostrom, Stuart Kestenbaum, Terry Martin, Bethany Reid, Evelyn C. White, and Randolyn Zinn.



Facere Jewelry Art Gallery
1420 Fifth Ave, 108
WA 98101 – Seattle
United States
Telephone: 206/624-6768
Fax: 206/624-2852



ZERO KARAT – Jewelry in Non-Precious Materials

BOOK : « Zero Karat » – The Donna Schneier Gift to the American Craft Museum – by Ursula Ilse-Neuman

Zero Karat-The Donna Schneier Gift 2 American Craft Museum-Ursula Ilse-Neuman

Zero Karat : Jewelry in Non-Precious Materials

Verena Sieber-Fuchs - Firecracker Necklace
Verena Sieber-Fuchs, Firecracker Necklace (1986), firecrackers, wire thread 

The Tacoma Art Museum (USA) featured an exciting exhibition (in 2005) of alternative jewellery that emerged from the studio art jewellery movement in the late 1960s. The show focuses on the work of artists who pushed the boundaries between jewellery design and the sculpture, assemblages and performance art of the time.

Caroline Broadhead - Neckpiece
Caroline Broadhead, Neckpiece (1978), silver, wood, dyed nylon monofilament (Photo: Martin Tüma)

Using nontraditional materials such as paper, foil and rubber tubing, these jewellery designs were political, social and personal artistic statements. For example, Verena Sieber-Fuchs’ Firecracker Necklace, made of wire and actual firecrackers stitched together to form a fuzzy collar, is quietly subversive with the explosive material disguised as texture. Like wearable art, the unusual jewellery objects are given deeper emotional intention by whomever the wearer.

Robert Ebendorf - Neckpiece
Robert Ebendorf, Neckpiece (1985), newspaper, gold foil, hammered end caps, ebony beads, rubber (Photo: Martin Tuma)

Zero Karat was organized by the Museum of Arts & Design, New York. In conjunction with the « Zero Karat » exhibition at the Tacoma Art Museum, a complementary exhibit, « Beyond the Body » : Northwest Jewelers at Play showcases local talent that demonstrates a similar conceptual basis and use of materials. Works of functional jewellery, as well as, large-scale sculptural pieces are on view. Artists in both exhibitions have given non-precious materials a new aesthetic status, one endowed with subtle metaphors and executed with remarkable craftsmanship.