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EXPO ‘Gioielli Alternativi’ – Fiera Abilmente di Vicenza, Vicenza (IT) – 20-23 Fevr. 2014

« Gioielli alternativi: ingegno e creatività indossabile », Vicenza, Italia

Abilmente, Fiera di Vicenza

Gioielli Alternativi

The exhibition « Unconventional Jewels: Wearable Talent and Creativity« , hosted at Abilmente on the Vicenza fairgrounds, is dedicated to body ornaments testifying to the happy mix between manual skills and courageous insights gaining their strength from artist’s experiences, preferences and personal histories.
Curated by Nunzia De Feo is organized by associazione Nurò established in Verona, that aims to enhance works by artists and designers working on contemporary jewelry.
The more than one hundred works that will be presented, created ​​by 38 artists from various countries, in their wearability, meet the need, as old as humanity, to create artifacts with which to inevitably communicate fragments of real life stories and for this reason authentic .
As stated by one of the participants, the London based artist-goldsmith Joanne Haywood in her interesting book « Mixed-media Jewellery », there is no limit to the choice of materials to use. The rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and brooches exhibited are made ​​of ceramic, fiber, yarn, horn, leather, plastics, metals, wood, resin, silicone, enamels and fabrics, sometimes recycled and used in different ways to produce innovative solutions. Metal is not one of the preferred choices and is often absent or relegated to a marginal role.
In light of this consideration, the link is evident between this show and Abilmente, place of choice for fresh and important encounters with materials and experiences and with the objects of the workshops which characterize this fair.
In conclusion, these « unconventional jewels » possess an intriguing and captivating charm, sometimes as naive as disarming. They are characterized by a narrative or abstract language rich of symbolic or conceptual references and by a raw, bitter , pungent, or sometimes, by contrast, graceful, kind and almost childlike aesthetic. They offer rare moments of intellectual and spiritual empathy to visitors. They are « little living worlds » capable of awakening dormant emotions, never suspected inclinations and reflect today’s contemporaneity crossed by the incessant demand for vitality and positive zeal.
Curator Nunzia De Feo

(at Gioielli Alternativi) Marion DelarueMarion Delarue

Artistas participantes :

Luis Acosta (AR/NL) — Patricia Alvarez (AR) — Rafael Luis Alvarez Main (AR) — Agata Bartos (PL) — Elizabeth Bone (UK) — Isabelle Busnel (FR/UK) — Elizabeth Campbell (UK) — Aurelio Castano (USA) — Patricia Cruz (IT) –  Nunzia De Feo (IT) –  Marion Delarue (FR) — Corrado De Meo (IT) — Clara Del Papa (IT) –  Suzanne Esser (NL) — Resi Girardello (IT) — Laura Giusti (AR) — Marianna Hadass (UK) — Liz Hamman (UK) — Joanne Haywood (UK) – Paula Isola (AR) — Laserbean (UK) — Paula Lindblon (SE) — Francesca Marcenaro (IT/UK) — Rita Martinez  (CR/IT) — Robyn McLean (UK), Mikiko Minewaki (JP) — Maria Rosa Mongelli (AR) — Louise Perrone (CA) — Jelka Quintelier  (UK) — Wanda Romano  (IT) — Swing Kit (UK) — Uniqeco (FI) – Julie Usel (UK) — Stella Valencia (CR) — Monica Vinci (IT) — Iolanda Violante (IT) — Seo Jeong Woo (KR) – Melania Zucchi (IT)

Luis Acosta - bracciale  (at Gioielli Alternativi)Luis Acosta - bracciale
Laura Giusti - necklace (at Gioielli Alternativi)Laura Giusti – necklace

Paula Lindblom, Brooch, 2011Paula Lindblom - Brooch: Untitled, 2011 – Mixed media, glass beads, silver 925

Joanne Haywood, Neckpiece, 2013 Joanne HaywoodNeckpiece: Plant Hunter, 2013 – Silver, silk yarns, Merino felt

Elizabeth Bone, Brooch, 2012Elizabeth BoneBrooch: Geometric, 2012Oxidized silver with orange silk thread – 13x18cm

 Mikiko Minewaki, Brooch, 2006Mikiko Minewaki, Brooch, 2006

DELARUE Marion "Mania" Objet de main. Laque naturelle coréenne, cheveux humains. 2011.
Marion Delarue,   »Mania » Objet de main. Laque naturelle coréenne, cheveux humains. 2011.

Julie Usel - la route de la soie - Princes Von Thurn und Taxis: silk, thread, silver leaf, broochJulie Usel – la route de la soie : brooch « Princes Von Thurn und Taxis » – silk, thread, silver leaf

Jelka Quintelier  Polilla coll.Jelka Quintelier – Polilla, the butterfly of the night. Dark, graceful, rhythmic.

Louise Perrone - "strictly platonic" neckpiece - flag fabric, styrene sheet, nylon thread, sailing cord - 2013 Perrone – strictly platonic – Flag fabric, styrene sheet, nylon thread, sailing cord – 2013

Robyn McLean - Velvet Bone BroochRobyn McLean – Velvet Bone Brooch
Clara Del Papa, Ring IguazuClara Del Papa, Ring Iguazu
Corrado de Meo - brocheCorrado de Meo – brooch



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