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MADE12 – Brighton (UK) – 22-25 Nov. 2012


Brighton’s Design and Craft Fair

MADE12 - Brighton (UK) - 22-25 Nov. 2012 dans Bekki CHURCHER (UK) news16-3-copyMADE12 exhibitors : Karen Fox / Kirsty Fraser

Look out for MADE12 in Brighton from November 22-25 2012. The 120 makers include a fair sprinkling of ARTS THREAD members, such as Karen Fox, Rhona McCallum, Ros Millar, Suet Yi Yip and Kirsty Fraser.

link to MADE12

 dans Grande-Bretagne (UK)
Bekki Churcher Partially oxidised silver bangle
 dans John MOORE (UK)Bekki Churcher Geometric silver ring with a tumbled peridot
 dans Karen FOX (UK)Karen Dell’Armi  Etched Silver Long Necklace
 dans Kirsty FRASER (UK)Karen Fox – Ruffle Neckpiece. Stainless steel mesh-cloth, silk ribbon, 14ct gold filled chain
 dans Polly HORWICH (UK)
Kirsty Fraser, Rooftop Necklace, silver with frosted acrylic and cord
 dans Rhona McCALLUM (UK)Polly Horwich Five Red Rings. steel, plastic coating various


 dans Ros MILLAR (UK)
Rhona McCallum,   Marram I, Neckpiece (2011) Brass, steel
 dans Salon

Rhona McCallum,  Weathered Line Bangle (2012) Oxidised white metal, brass, epoxy putty, slate


Black and Rose Collection Rings
Ros Millar,   Black and Rose Collection Rings
 dans Tanja UFER (DE)
John Moore – Vane bracelet. Reversible. Anodised aluminium, stell and silicone
Tanja Ufer – Microchrystaline quartz, fire opal, 22ct gold, silver, fine gold kumboo
Pebbles Necklace
Liz Willis - Pebbles Necklace – Silver, hand stitched silk thread & glass beads. Image by Keith Leighton




the Corn Exchange,
Church Street,
Brighton BN1 1UG
in the heart of Brighton just around the corner from the Royal Pavilion
Brighton (UK)


Stackable rings ENVY !!

GROSSE envie de « stackable rings », ces petites bagues toutes fines qu’on empile/accumule à un doigt …. serait-ce l’approche de noël et une envie frénétique de cadeau ????

(bon, question approche de noël, soit c’est loin derrière, soit c’est loin devant !!! la faute à la mise à jour du site qui a créé un GROOOS problème de connection …. blog « en sommeil » depuis noël …. avec toute mes excuses !!!! donc vous assistez ici à une RENAISSANCE PRINTANIERE !! )


ça avait démarré avec Colleen Baran :

Colleen Baran -Detail of Cloud Ring #7 (2005), Set of 12 rings – Silver and Peach Moonstone, Hand-fabricated

Colleen Baran - Floating Saucer Ring Set of 7

Colleen Baran – Floating Saucer Series Rings (2002-Present) one, two, and three finger rings

puis Liisa Hashimoto a « suivi »

Liisa Hashimoto — mebae rings







Liisa Hashimoto- the « 5 sets silver rings » (available on

puis puis puis ….. de « stackables » découvertes en « stackables » découvertes…………. ;-)

bagues de l’Atelier Myrthe (Myrthe Cools, NL)

Stackable rings ENVY !! dans Be CHRISTENSEN (DK)Ros Millar - Black & Rose Growth Collection – Cuttlebone cast oxidised silver and rose gold rings with champagne diamonds

Ros MillarDouble Stud Stacking Ring -Black Oxidised Silver and Rose Gold Plated Stacking Rings

image17 dans Catherine MARCHE (FR)

Ros MillarFeather Growth Ring and Fine Bands  -Oxidised silver and Rose gold cuttlebone cast rings

Ros Millar grew up in Bangor, Northern Ireland and graduated from Sheffield, with a degree in Metalwork and Jewellery in 2009.

Ros Millar’s work comprises a range of organically inspired gold and silver jewellery focusing mainly on rings and neckpieces. In her exploration of materials and colours she uses processes such as cuttlebone casting and photo-etching. Her collection is to be enjoyed on and off the body allowing the wearer to grow and develop an appreciation of the true beauty and subtle complexities inherent within her work.

Ros Millar first exploited her passion for Jewellery while studying for a Foundation Degree in Art and Design at Ulster University in Belfast. Since graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in June 2009 with a BA(Hons) in Metalwork and Jewellery her excellence in design has been awarded, and her work has attracted interest from around the industry. She is now based in London. Hertzeisen-  Lametta/2009/ Argent 925, plaquage or

Be Christensen (DK) – blackened silver

CoCii – Claudia Lassner jewelry - Ringe S003 silber schwarz gold

CoCii – Claudia Lassner jewelryRing F003 silber schwarz gold

 cocii_Oktober_2011_161 dans Claudia LASSNER (DE)

CoCii – Claudia Lassner jewelryRing PP001 silber gold schwarz

Genevieve Packer – stackable « Utopia » and knuckle duster « Dystopia » rings – « the grass was greener » collection

London-based Indonesian artist Michelle OH « mutant rings » (et photo suivante)   A series of mutated silver ring forms derived from a study of genetic mutations. In 2010 a limited edition of 30 in brass and silver were made available for sale in pop-up boutiques in London and Berlin

8 dans Colleen BARAN (CA)

Twig Solitaire Ring (Peridot) by Michelle OH (great stacking rings from her on… !!!)

Ramjuly Wrapped roots 3 rings

DSC_avd1817 dans COUP DE COEURDSC_1821 dans Genevieve PACKER (NZ)DSC_1040 dans Isabelle HERTZEISEN (CH)

Ramjuly wrapped roots rings

Ramjuly roots collection

Ramjuly aka Bulgarian jewellers Antoaneta Petrova Ramdjulska and Emanuela Deyanova Ramjuly (now based in Amsterdam). The duo, who create gorgeous botanical jewellery, describe themselves as « self-esteem architects. »

0111 dans Jennifer deKOEYER (US)

Jennifer DeKoeyer (from the Carrotbox)(available on Indeeyo)

Yasuko Azuma- stacked rings

Catherine Marché - « a Parisienne British » :-) – 18 carat yellow gold ring with diamond stacking rings I would stack all her tiny-rough-delicate rings with a big pleasure ! :-) ) to shop at…

Joanna Gollberg « pronged rings »



BIAD Final year exhibition – Birmingham, UK – 13-18 Juin 2011

BIAD Graduate show 2011

What is Jewellery Now ?

Jewellery created from sumptuous clusters of polystyrene balls, architectonic vessels that house upside down plants, eating devices that prevent you from eating?!

Prepare to be amazed at the possibilities of Jewellery and Silversmithing, as 29 final year students on the BA Jewellery and Silversmithing degree course showcase their fantastic work at the world famous School of Jewellery, Vittoria Street, Birmingham (BIAD). The show kicks off on Monday 13th June and continues until Saturday 18th June, with an exclusive Industry Evening event on Tuesday 14th June from 17:00, with guest speaker Peter Taylor- the director of technology and training at Goldsmiths’ Company.
As the culmination of 3 years hard work, the graduating students will exhibit their final collections- each presenting a unique body of work in preparation for the launch of their careers in the world of Jewellery and Silversmithing. The range of work on display will show a variety of approaches, with some designers opting to display excellence in traditional craftsmanship, whilst others work to push the boundaries of what jewellery and silversmithing can be. 4 students have already been awarded prizes by the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Company, while one student, Samantha Hesford was featured in the latest edition of the national publication Crafts magazine. These students are destined for success! The 29 BA students will exhibit their work alongside other graduating classes from the school, which specialise in the use of new technologies in jewellery, exquisite hand making skills in precious metals, Horology and Gemmology. There will definitely be something for everyone to enjoy and delight in!

Sally Collins, a lecturer on the BA course at the school, had this to say about the show- ‘This year’s exhibition promises to be full of innovative, exciting and beautifully crafted pieces that will really demonstrate the students working at the forefront of the discipline. New materials, new functions, new forms, new concepts- a show you’ll be sorry to miss!’
Sarah Jones

Following on from the show at the School of Jewellery, a selection of the students will be exhibiting their work at the world renowned

‘New Designers’ exhibition, which takes place at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London from  30th June- 2nd July.

New Designers 2011, Jewellery & Precious Metalwork
Samantha Hesford necklace

Clara Green – Graffiti neckpiece
Jasmin Giles

Collette Paterson – Pathways-2011 – « …developing an innovative technique to fuse latex and wool »

Julia Burness Jewellery
Li-Chu Wu Jewellery

Myia Bonner, a student of Middlesex’s BA Jewellery degree
Nicola Mather
Ros Millar  Black & Rose Growth Collection
Cuttlebone cast, Black Oxidised Silver and Rose Gold Plated Stacking Rings



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