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During SCHMUCK 2016 : EXPO ‘A TRIBUTE TO MANFRED BISCHOFF’ – 3stations, Munich (DE) – 24-28 Fevr. 2016

A TRIBUTE TO MANFRED BISCHOFF   – 43 Students Pay Homage
43 of his former students from 22 countries who will each show a piece at the exhibition, dedicated to Manfred’s golden “Fingerpuppets” by creating their own little version of Manfred, the real golden boy.

Opening 24.02.2016 18:00

« About the exhibition :  A former student, Isabel Dammermann, took it upon herself to make a special event for the teacher Manfred Bischoff who inspired so many. At the same time, she has managed to create a very interesting exhibition that is on display during the Munich Jewellery week 2016. »

tribute to manfred Bischoff

43 Students Pay Homage :  Dina Abargil — Noriko Akao — Silvie AltschulerRinaldo AlvarezKatharina AsamEunjae BaekSuzanne Beautyman — Silje Bergsvik — Catalina BrenesDaniela BoieriShannon CarneyMarianne Casmose DenningMonica Cecchi – Yu- Chun Chen — Sungho Cho — Claudia Costa — Isabel DammermannElisa DevalCoco DunmireKatie GruberJoanne HuangSayaka ItoAnastasia KandarakiKarin KatoRallou KatsariMichelle KraemerAra KuoSiri O. KvalfossMaru LopezMartina MühlfellnerMalaika Najem — Naoka Nakamura — Angela O’KeefeSelen ÖzusNaama Reich Jimena RiosMarzia RossiAlessia SemeraroYoko ShimizuYuki Sumiya Rudee TancharoenFlora VagiAnne Wiedau

Jewellery artists from 22 countries all over the world come together in a memorial exhibition for Manfred Bischoff who passed away a year ago. At some point or other, they have all been taught by Manfred at Alchimia, contemporary jewellery school in Florence, and have each submitted one piece to the exhibition that honours a great teacher.
German born Manfred Bischoff lived in Tuscany in a house that was in itself a piece of exquisite art. Its magical interior made a natural and perfect framework for his work that has been called by many names: sensual, poetic, lyrical, great, intimate, strong, beautiful, satirical and always surprising. He worked in 22K gold, as pure as he could manage and still maintain a rigidity in the metal that allowed him to execute his ideas in delicate and well crafted pieces, often accompanied with subtle pink coral and drawings.
His dedication to the language of jewellery and his visions were most likely one of the reasons that the Alchimia school managed to become known and respected internationally in a relatively short time span.

  Manfred BischoffManfred Bischoff by Manfred Bischoff

Daniela Boieri, "Wind beneath my wings" - "A tribute to Manfred Bischoff" –  photo OHMYBLUE: Daniela Boieri, « Wind beneath my wings » – « A tribute to Manfred Bischoff » –  photo OHMYBLUE

 Catalina Brenes Orfebre, "My sheep and I say hi" - "A tribute to Manfred Bischoff" – photo OHMYBLUE: Catalina Brenes , « My sheep and I say hi » – « A tribute to Manfred Bischoff » – photo OHMYBLUE

Katie Gruber - "A tribute to Manfred Bischoff" –  - photo OHMYBLUE: Katie Gruber - « A tribute to Manfred Bischoff » – photo OHMYBLUE

Rudee Tancharoen, "In the memory of Manfred Bischoff"/ A tribute to Manfred Bischoff (photo OHMYBLUE): Rudee Tancharoen, « In the memory of Manfred Bischoff »/ A tribute to Manfred Bischoff (photo OHMYBLUE)

Noriko Akao, "M..." - "A tribute to Manfred Bischoff" –  photo OHMYBLUE: Noriko Akao, « M… » – « A tribute to Manfred Bischoff » –  photo OHMYBLUE

 collier Ara Kuo !!!!!!!!!! 'A tribute to Manfred Bischoff'  (photo Alliages):  collier Ara Kuo !!!!!!!!!! ‘A tribute to Manfred Bischoff’  (photo Alliages)

The teacher
« As a student at Alchimia, you never really met Manfred until the third year. He was a giant figure who arrived to the narrow street in Florence on Tuesdays. He spent time with the older students, watched the world from behind his sunglasses when he leaned onto the wall at coffee breaks, and then he vanished again.
It was not until you were there yourself – in your final year – that you met the myth and began to appreciate his capacity to engage in your work and to show you how you might develop it. He was a surprisingly selfless teacher, and during critiques in the small classroom he managed to create a space for you and him to engage in a dialogue about your work that was stripped of second agendas and based solely on how he could help you to become a better artist.
It is only later, you come to understand how exceptionally truthful and helpful he tried to be in order to make you grow as a person and as an artist. »



Welserstrasse 15,
81373 Munich
Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 – 18:00, Sun 10:00 – 14:00



EXPO ‘Anew Negotiation’ – Bilk Gallery, Manuka ACT (AU) – 27 Mars-24 Avril 2015

Bilk Gallery  & ATTA Gallery :

Anew negotiation – Thai Contemporary Jewellers

opening 6:00pm 27 March at Bilk Gallery.

Bilk Gallery is excited to invite an exhibition of work by eight contemporary Thai artists, curated by Bow Wasinondh for ATTA Gallery, Thailand’s foremost art jewellery gallery. We cannot wait to show you the work of these promising emerging and established contemporary Thai art jewellers in the upcoming exhibition Anew Negotiation: Thai contemporary wearable art. Exhibition curated by Bow Wasinondh.

ATTA Gallery & Bilk Gallery "Anew Negotiation "  (Noon Passama brooch Portrait # 3)

Exhibiting artists include:  Apinya Boonprakob — Vinit Koosolmanomai — Panjapol KulpapangkornTithi KutchamuchTaweesak MolsawatNoon PassamaRudee TancharoenAtinuj (Atty) Tantivit.

Vinit Koosolmanomai - Rough Gems.  - Anew Negotiation Vinit Koosolmanomai - Rough Gems

Vinit Koosolmanomai - Rough Gems 2013Vinit Koosolmanomai – Rough Gems 2013

  Panjapol Kulpapangkorn Brooches: 7 days a week with Assoc Prof. Wipha, 2014 Resin, gold plated copper Panjapol Kulpapangkorn Brooches: 7 days a week with Assoc Prof. Wipha, 2014 Resin, gold plated copper

 Tithi Kutchamuch Brooches: Model-With-Work, 2015 Tithi Kutchamuch Brooches: Model-With-Work, 2015

  Noon Passama portrait n°21Noon Passama brooch portrait n°21

 Taweesak Molsawat - 011 - 2014Taweesak Molsawat - 011 – 2014


Bilk Gallery
12 Palmerston Lane,
Manuka ACT 2603, Australie
Tel +61 2 6162 2761


AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair – AUTOR 12 – Casa Universitarilor, Bucarest (Romania) – 1-2 Nov. 2014

It’s official! AUTOR 12 – the autumn edition will take place in Casa Universitarilor (str. Dionisie Lupu, nr. 46), București . The best designers, the most spectacular jewelry and lots of fun and surprises. And don’t forget about the AUTOR Awards.

AUTOR connects you through contemporary jewelry. Stay connected, join & share the event!

  AUTOR 12 -


 Irina Moise - PINKMOSS  Irina Moise / PINKMOSS  « I like change, I always did. I think it represents this period of my life and I think I’m doing it consciously. »

 Viktor Pavlov Viktor Pavlov – “Fascinated by the qualities and the symbolical meaning of the gems I asked myself: why could not be created pieces of jewels having these characteristics but without using the real material of precious stones?”
Jewellery designer Viktor Pavlov, graduated in the “Metal” Department of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, often uses recycled materials with the aim is to reflect the problem of eco-fashion and to raise awareness toward the overuse of non-degradable materials.

Elena RistovskaElena Ristovska – « I had one thing on my mind while I was creating this collection, to create a new planet. This planet is a place where, just for a brief moment you can hear your own voice, you can feel balanced rhythm of your heartbeat. »

 Velislava Urieva BozhinovaVelislava Urieva Bozhinova « With my work I want to represent the relationship between human and nature. Nature as an inspiration for the organic shapes of my works and the ready mades created by the human are the main keywords for my concept. »

 Raluca Buzura Raluca Buzura – “Being structured as an organized person, I wanted this time to go beyond and push my feelings to an irregular type of construction. It was more like an experiment over me, how much can you detach from a habit, a pattern that you got used to?”

AND « our » dear AAC jewellers (Alchimia Alumni Collective), will be present too, among others, with Akiko Ban, Anastasia Kandaraki, Andrea Coderch, Catalina Gibert, Chiara Cavallo, María Constanza Ochoa, Elisa Deval, Francesco Coda, Karin Kato, María Ignacia Walker, Melissa Arias, Rudee Tancharoen, Yuki Sumiya & Poly Nikolopoulou :

Andrea Coderch Valor - "Hana" necklace silver | wood | silkAndrea Coderch Valor - « Hana » necklace silver – wood – silk

Catalina Gibert L’mon necklace - linen canvas,  acrylic paintCatalina Gibert L’mon necklace – linen canvas,  acrylic paint

 María Constanza Ochoa - Climbing necklace -brassMaría Constanza Ochoa – Climbing necklace -brass

 francesco Coda - brooch - carbon, silver, steel, magnet, iron, paraloid b72Francesco Coda – brooch – carbon, silver, steel, magnet, iron, paraloid b72

María Ignacia Walker - Vuelo - necklace textile, plasticMaría Ignacia Walker – Vuelo – necklace textile, plastic

Rudee Tancharoen - neck and chest piece - steel wire, 18k goldRudee Tancharoen - neck and chest piece – steel wire, 18k gold

 Yuki Sumiya - Perfect house #5 brooch silver, shibuichi, 10K goldYuki Sumiya - Perfect house #5 brooch silver, shibuichi, 10K gold

Poly Nikolopoulou - "Gialiskari" brooch silver , feltPoly Nikolopoulou – « Gialiskari » brooch silver , felt



Casa Universitarilor
str. Dionisie Lupu, nr. 46





EXPO ‘CURRENT’ – Hikoso Alternatives, Kanazawa (JP) – 28-30 Mars 2014

CURRENT – Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition
We traveled Yokohama (Japan) and Taipei (Taiwan), next stop and the last place of CURRENT exhibition in Asia is KANAZAWA city (JAPAN)
March 28/29/30  (12:00~18:00 entrance free)
March 31 & April 1  by appointment only (

Organizer: ORIZZONTI(Meiri Ishida, Karin kato, Yuki sumiya)

Photo de ORIZZONTI Contemporary jewellery.


12 artists, with different backgrounds came together to think about the basic question:  “where is the world going?” We chose the name of the exhibition, CURRENT, to mean not only the flow of ideas but also what’s happening in the world now. Both those concepts are intended to be expressed through jewellery.

Artists:  Rudee Tancharoen (Thailand) / Manolya Konuk (France) / Elisa Deval (Italy) / Maria Constanza Ochoa (Colombia) / Rallou Katsari (Greece) / Poly Nikolopoulou (Greece) / Meiri Ishida (Japan) / Karin Kato (Japan) / Yoriko Mitsuhashi (Japan) / Yoko Shimizu (Japan) / Yuki Sumiya (Japan)/Janny Huang Yokota (Taiwan)




(Alternative space in Jyokeiji – traditional buddhist temple)
1-13-32 Hikosomachi Kanazawa, Ishikawa Japan
open:  2014 March 28(fri)-30(sun) 12:00~18:00



EXPO ‘CURRENT – MANO × Orizzonti’ – MANO Contemporary Jewellery & Object,Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.) – 8-26 Janv. 2014

CURRENT – MANO × Orizzonti

In the beginning of the 2014, MANO has teamed up with Japanese contemporary jewellery group Orizzonti to present the touring exhibition “CURRENT”.
12 artists, with different backgrounds, from 7 countries, came together to think about the basic question: “where is the world going?” The name of the exhibition “CURRENT” not only stands for the flow of ideas but also what’s happening in the world now. Both those concepts are intended to be expressed through jewellery. Each piece is presented together with the concept video made by the artist.
In Living with Art, Mark Getlein proposes 6 activities, services or functions of contemporary artists :
1. Create placese for some human purpose.
2. Create extraoridinary versions of ordinary objects.
3. Record and commemorate.
4. Give tangible form to the unknown.
5. Give tangible form to feelings.
6. Refresh our vision and help see the world in new ways.
MANO is delighted to bring “CURRENT” to the current climate in Taiwan, hoping to offer the viewers to see these extraordinary versions of ordinary objects which express memory, feelings, and the unknown and to see the world in new light.


Artists:  Elisa DevalJanny Huang YokotaKarin KatoManolya KonukMaria Constanza OchoaMeiri IshidaPoly Nikolopoulou Rallou KatsariRudee Tancharoen –  Yoriko MitsuhashiYoko ShimizuYuki Sumiya

Janny Huang Yokota, Necklace, Janny Huang Yokota, Necklace- Found moment of jewel – Mixed media

Poly Nikolopoulou, Brooch, Poly NikolopoulouBrooch: StillCooper, cord
Manolya Konuk Necklace: Camelot'e/Basteth Thread 21 x 0.1 x 0.1 cmManolya Konuk – Necklace: Camelot’e/Basteth (detail) – Thread

Maria Constanza Ochoa, Brooch, Maria Constanza OchoaBrooch: UntitledMixed media -10.8 x 3.8 x 2 cm

Meiri Ishida, Brooch, Meiri IshidaBrooch: Flow / CapillaryMixed media10.5 x 8 x 3.5 cm

Rallou Katsari, Brooch, 2013 Rallou Katsari - Brooch: Kleri, 2013 – Posidonia oceanica, wood, lace, fitter carpet, silver
11,5 x 6 x 3 cm

Rudee Tancharoen, Neckpiece, Rudee TancharoenNeckpiece: UntitledMixed media50 x 20 x 15 cm

Yoko Shimizu, Brooch, Yoko ShimizuBrooch: UntitledWood



MANO Contemporary Jewellery & Object
No.4, Ln. 16, Taishun St., Da’an Dist.
Taipei City 106 – Taipei
Taiwan, R.O.C.


EXPO ‘The Year was 2006′ – Studio2017, Waterloo NSW (AU) – 19-30 Juin 2012


An exhibition of 100 jewellery pieces made in 2006

The Year Was 2006 Waterloo Australia exhibitions unique custom jewelry custom handmade jewellery exhibitions

2006. It was a common year that started on a Sunday. John Howard was PM and Pluto was no longer classified as a planet. It is often bandied about that art is a reflection of our society; intrigued, we set out to find what 2006 might have looked like in terms of contemporary jewellery. 100 jewellers from across the globe have been invited to present one piece of jewellery they made 6 years ago. Presented as a salon hang, this exhibition will showcase an incredibly diverse array of jewellery and will give an overall snapshot of what these jewellers were thinking, making and the materials they were using all those years ago in 2006.

Alice Potter — Alice Whish — Alida Cappelletta — Amy Renshaw — Andrew Welch — Barbara Cotter — Bernadette Trainor — Beatriz Ruiz — Birgit LakenClaire McArdle — Coconut Lu — Bridget Kennedy — Danielle Butters — Danielle Sweeney — Deborah Rudolph — Diane Beevers — Elfrun Lach — Elfi Spiewack — Emma Fielden — Erin Timony — Francine Haywood — Heidemarie Herb — Helen Mok — Ilse-Marie Erl — InSync Design — Jacomien Labuschagne — Jandy Pannell — Jane Millard — Jane Pollard — Jane Reynolds — Jasmine Matus — Jennifer Gehbauer — Jessica McMullen — Jessica Morrison — Jessica Page — Judy McCaigJulie Usel — Julie Kiefel — Justine Austine — Karen Thompson — Karin Jakobsson — Karina Hunnerup — Karola TorkosKate BartonKath Inglis — Katrina Freene — Kelly McCallum — Kim Ebbeck — Linda Blair — Linda Van Niekerk — Lisa Furno — Luke-John Matthew Arnold — Madeleine Clark — Manuela Gandini — Mark Vaarwerk — Melanie Ihnen — Melinda YoungMelissa Cameron — Mervi Kurvinen — Michelle Kelly — Michelle Taylor — Minnette Michael — Mirca Maffi — Miriam Andraus Pappalardo — Nadine Smith — Naomi Schwartz — Paula Rodrigues — Phoebe Porter — Rachel Bell — Radka Passianova — Renee Damiani — Robi Szalay — Rudee Tancharoen — Sandy Marker — Shan Shan Mok — Sharon Fitness — Sharon Massey — Shauna Mayben – Shimara Carlow — Sian Edwards — Simon Cottrell — Sonya Scott — Stefanie Koelbel — Stephen Gallagher — Susan Frisch — Susanna Dwyer — Suzanne Esser — Szilvia Gyorgy — Tatjana Panyoczki — Teresa Faris — Vernon Bowden — Vicki Mason — Ximena Natanya Briceño — Zoe Brand
Flowering Gum Brooch Susan Frisch – Flowering Gum Brooch 

Alice Potter - spotty-necklaceAlice Potter – spotty necklace

Elfrun Lach - 'Corallium Rubrum' necklace - natural red coral branches, Elfrun Lach – ‘Corallium Rubrum’ necklace – natural red coral branches

carlow bangleShimara Carlow bangle
Birgit Laken -   Big Thumbnail, pendant hard fabric, 2006,Birgit Laken -   Big Thumbnail, pendant hard fabric, 2006


6b/ 2 Danks St
Waterloo NSW 2017  (AUSTRALIA)
Ph/fax: 02 9698 7999
Open: Tues – Sat 11 – 6pm
Email –


EXPO ‘What? Where? Why?’ – Atta Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand) – 21 Mai-25 Juin 2011

What? Where? Why? Solo Exhibition by Rudee Tancharoen

« « You would be disappointed if you expect to see jewels in this jewelry exhibition. »
For this series of works, Rudee wanted to challenge herself and the viewers/wearers of her jewelry by creating unconventional jewelry that can be considered more as wearable art object
. »

EXPO 'What? Where? Why?' - Atta Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand) - 21 Mai-25 Juin 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition 187910_181089818606356_2431118_n


jwlrudee02 dans Gal. Atta (Thailand)jwlrudee03 dans Rudee TANCHAROEN (Thai.)

« In this series I consider human body as an installation space.
What is the context of a certain part of the body?
Where on the body could a certain piece goes?Association between the piece and the body. »




ATTA Gallery
OP Garden, Unit 1109, Charoenkrung 36, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500
tel +662-238-6422



EXPO ‘Jewelry as we know it’ – ATTA Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand) – 25 Aout-10 Oct. 2010

ATTA Gallery, the first gallery specialized in Art and Contemporary jewelry in Bangkok, Thailand, to be opened on August 25, 2010.


bijoux de :
* « La Chiocciolina » jewelry by Atty Tantivit (Atinuj Tantivit aka Atty Tantivit) 
* Nutre Arayavanish (Thailand)
* Rudee Tancharoen (Thailand)
* Shu-Ping  Joanne Huang (Taiwan)
* Taweesak Molsawat (Thailand)
* Thossapol Wachiradisai («  Todesire » jewelry)

EXPO 'Jewelry as we know it' - ATTA Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand) - 25 Aout-10 Oct. 2010 dans Atty TANTIVIT (Thai.) b07-08-09-00-02-36-1b05-07-09-12-20-40-1 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Atty Tantivit – « La Chiocciolina » – ‘Wonder woods’ brooch 2009
Atty Tantivit – « La Chiocciolina » – ‘Studded bar’ series ring – sterling, gold rivets – 2005

5046_91589010997_650910997_2049427_1844403_n dans Gal. Atta (Thailand)
Atty Tantivit – « La Chiocciolina » – Signature Twist Bangles

Blossoming1 dans Joanne Huang SHI-PING (Taiwan)
Rudee Tancharoenpendant ‘It’s full moon tonight’ 2007silver, cotton thread, tint rope
(encore une ex-Alchimia ! :-)   )

jwlrudee14 dans KOOKMIN University (KR)jwlrudee13 dans Nutre ARAYAVANISH (Thai.)
Rudee Tancharoenring/ surgical cotton thread 18k yellow gold ring sewing needle/ 2006
Rudee Tancharoenbracelet/ surgical cotton gold thread/ 2006

necklace02 dans Rudee TANCHAROEN (Thai.)
(Shu-Ping)  Joanne Huang (Taiwan) – cover & discover – Silver, PVC sheet, silk

19-10-09-16-35-17-s dans Taweesak MOLSAWAT (TH)
Taweesak Molsawat (Tim) (Thailand) – ring
Taweesak Molsawat

02-01-09-22-31-06-s dans Thailande
Thossapol Wachiradisai («  Todesire » jewelry) (Thailand)


ATTA Gallery
OP Garden, Unit 1109,
Bangkok, Thailand


Thailande et bijou contemporain « last news »:
- web site ‘TANIM »
- galerie ATTA
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