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………. bon …. ça doit être l’effet de la chaleur, hypnotisée par le chant incessant des grenouilles et « shootée » au parfum des daturas ……….

alors ….. un bracelet MARNI …..  à acheter …..
Marni Two-tone woven bangle available here


OU à faire soi-même (DIY, do-it-yourself)



This pattern is known as the « Cobra Stitch, » which sounds very fancy and difficult, but is actually pretty simple. If you need extra help, you can always check out this video for some additional, visual instruction! 

1. For the base of your bracelet, cut a 1-foot long piece of the thicker ribbon (5/8″ Orange, in this case). You also will need to cut a metre long piece of the thinner pink ribbon and the thinner orange ribbon (1/4″ Shocking Pink and Orange, for those of you keeping track).

2. Take the thin pink and orange ribbons and fuse their ends together with a small amount of glue, so that you have one long piece of ribbon. Wait five minutes for the glue to completely dry before moving on to the next step.

3. Tape the top of the base ribbon—the thicker, 5/8″ Orange—to a steady, flat surface and center the fused, thinner ribbon underneath it. Each side of the fused ribbon will serve as Ribbon A and Ribbon B (to follow example above).

4. To begin the Cobra Stitch, take Ribbon A and cross it over the base ribbon and under Ribbon B to make a loop.

5. Bring Ribbon B under the base ribbon and through Ribbon A’s loop. Once knotted through, pull Ribbon A and B equally so they create a knot around the base ribbon.

6. Continue this pattern, alternating the lead ribbon from side to side. (Note: if your pattern starts to spiral, you’re not alternating sides.)

7. Continue braiding the bracelet until you have reached a desired length then double knot both ends. The pattern should be 3/4 the size of your desired length for the bracelet, as the remaining 1/4 will be used to tie around the wrist.—Jessica Baker



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BA Jewellery 2011 degree show – Central Saint Martins, London (UK) – 18-23 Juin 2011

BA Jewellery 2011 degree show at Central Saint Martins

discover Sammie-Jo COXON !!

Saturday 18 June 12.00 – 18.00
Sunday 19 June closed
Monday 20 – Wednesday 22 June 12.00 – 20.00
Thursday 23 June 12.00 – 18.00

HELLO EVERYONE! If your in and around london, interested in jewellery or art in general, please take the time to come along to our degree show! Come and take a look at what the class of 2011 have been working towards for the past 3 years! Meet the designers, have a gander and if you fancy it make an offer on something you like the look of!

This year the exhibition will stay true to the spirit of Central Saint Martins, the work of the 47 graduating students will be unique and remarkable. With pieces varying from one-off haute-jewellery to theatre and performance pieces; from everyday wear items to exquisite gallery installations; from precious metals and stones to plastic, porcelain and moss, this collection presents the students’ responses to a wide range of starting points; the notion of beauty, dreams, architectural styles, and personal histories, and areas of exploration range from 1940s glamour, medical prosthetics, bartered jewellery and the number 1,000.

BA Jewellery 2011 degree show - Central Saint Martins, London (UK) - 18-23 Juin 2011  dans Central Saint Martins (UK) bartonming dans Exposition/Exhibition
Holly Barton      —     Mina Jang

« ‘Tomorrow’s Chip Papers’ was the name of Central St Martin’s Sustainable Catwalk jewellery show held on April Fool’s Day 2011. The creativity of the students blossomed under the challenge to create beautiful, earth-friendly body adornments.
Rubbish bags, twigs and discarded kebab sticks, the detritus of our indulgence, don’t exactly shout ‘glamour’ but in the hands of those inventive students at CSM they became striking, highly original jewels for the catwalk. The BA Jewellery Design 2012 graduates had been set the task of creating sustainable jewels and the result was an explosion of originality that twists our perceptions of what jewellery can be made from.
With a tongue in cheek nod the British throwaway culture, the catalogue was printed on ‘chip’ paper and guests were given origami-folded totes made from the daily London papers, more normally to be found swirling around our ankles.
The students’ work was divided into four themes: Nature, Glamour, Fantasy and Dark. Once the music started, guests were treated an extravaganza of fantastic creations to adorn the body made in a variety of un-loved materials.  Old tights and sponges were transformed into a bulging collar as chic as Parisian couture, woven black bin bags morphed into a glossy, oversized hood and drab old cardboard became an avant-garde face and body shield. Forgotten kebab sticks found glory bristling out from an all-white head piece and collar ensemble and a dead bird looked chirpy nestled amongst a tangle of twigs that enshrouded the model.  Enjoy the show, and remember, what you throw away might well become someone else’s treasure » (thanks to The Jewellery Editor‘s page)

From Central St Martin's BA Jewellery show 2011 of Sustainable jewellery. Designer: Moonjeong Kwon Material: Sugar (edible). Photo: Sam DaviesMoonjeong Kwon - Material: Sugar (edible)(Photo: Sam Davies)

2011 - From Central Saint Martin's BA Jewellery Catwalk Show of sustainable jewellery. Designer: Charlotte Le Hardy, made from knitted wood, wire and a dead bird. Photo: Sam DaviesCharlotte Le Hardy - knitted wood, wire and a dead bird. (Photo: Sam Davies)

From Central St Martin's BA Jewellery show 2011 of Sustainable jewellery. Designer: Jisun Chae Material: Cardboard Photo: Sam Davies   Jisun Chae -  Cardboard  Material (Photo: Sam Davies)

2011 - From Central St Martins BA Jewellery show of Sustainable jewellery. Designer: Grace Lepard Material: kebab sticks and white paint. Photo: Sam DaviesGrace Lepard – kebab sticks and white paint (Photo: Sam Davies) 
Grace LepardGrace Lepard – kebab sticks and white paint

From Central St Martin's BA Jewellery show 2011 of Sustainable jewellerys. Designer: Ha Ning Chiang Material: Sponges and tights. Photo: Sam DaviesHa Ning Chiang - Sponges and tights (Photo: Sam Davies)

2011 - From Central St Martin's BA Jewellery show of Sustainable jewellery. Designer: Fern Jelleyman Material: Gas canisters. Photo: Sam DaviesFern Jelleyman – Gas canisters (Photo: Sam Davies)

From Central St Martin's BA Jewellery show 2011 of Sustainable jewellery. Designer: Vicky Lew Material: Old magazines, felted wool, corn plastic laminating adhesive. Photo: Sam DaviesVicky Lew – Old magazines, felted wool, corn plastic laminating adhesive
Steph Bila – Material: Cane

Sammie-Jo COXON:
Here are a few photographs of my first couple of pieces for my final year degree show at Central Saint Martins. My work will be showcased at Southampton Row on the 17th of June (press invite only), and open to the public on the 18th till the 23rd of June (12-8pm, and until 6pm on the final day).
Artist statement
« For my final year collection I have drawn inspiration from the Surrealist movement. Inspired by the work of Claude Cahun, Joseph Cornell and Hans Bellmer, I am exploring the manipulation of the body through the use of glass, crystals and precious metals. By constructing bold, simplified and skeletal shapes, I aim to contain the body in an unusual and thought provoking way. I encourage the wearer to approach my pieces with a sense of discovery, playfully inviting them to engage with the structure and the negative space that surrounds it on a new and exciting level. The piece becomes a beautifully made puzzle, as apposed to ‘just another bracelet’. »
Sammie-Jo COXON
Sammie-Jo COXON

247279_10150209384094652_503334651_7238610_3618573_n dans FERN Jelleyman (UK)
Sammie-Jo COXON



Central St Martins
Room 109, 1st floor
University of the Arts London
Southampton Row
London (UK)

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