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EXPO ‘Bodies and Minds’ – Galeria Romanelli, Firenze (IT) – 17-19 Juin 2016

« Bodies and Minds »

Mañana se inaugura la muestra “Bodies and Minds” en la Galeria Romanelli en Firenze !
La muestra curada por Antonia Alampi y Riccardo Lami que reúne el trabajo realizado por Lavinia RossettiDaria BorovkovaFederica SalaSana KhalilGiulia Savino y mi (Maria Ignacia Walker) obra « Trascendieron ».

Invito a todos los que se encuentran por estos lados del mundo y aprovecho de agradecer a Alchimia contemporary Jewellery school in Firenze y Jorge Manilla.

 Opening: Friday June 17, from 6.30 pm

"Bodies & Minds"

Alchimia – Contemporary Jewellery School presents :
With jewellery by  Daria Borovkova, Sana Khalil, Lavinia Rossetti, Federica SalaGiulia Savino and Marìa Ignacia Walker (Mi Walky).
Curated by Antonia Alampi and Riccardo Lami.
Galleria Romanelli,  Firenze
Alchimia is happy to present BODIES AND MINDS, a group exhibition opening on June 17 at 6.30pm, featuring the work of its recent MFA graduates, choreographed as a conversation between contemporary jewellery and the sculptures and fascinating spaces of the historical Galleria Romanelli.
BODIES AND MINDS wants to incite a reflection on the hybrid nature of the contemporary artistic jewel, on the relationship between the body and the mind, on the constraints determined by physical prerequisites vis-à-vis conceptual investigations, between the weight of tradition and the fragility of innovation.

galeria Romanelli Firenzegaleria Romanelli Firenze

In 1829 the sculptor Lorenzo Bartolini transforms an abandoned fourteenth century church in a studio where his student Pasquale Romanelli, followed by five generations of male heirs, develops the Romanelli Gallery. Hundred-eighty-seven years later six female jewellery artists take over the space and its collection challenging disciplinary and gender hierarchies. BODIES AND MINDS offers unexpected connections and ironic cultural appropriations, in a path that relates illustrious examples of copies and originals from the history of Italian sculpture to the experimental relational dimension of contemporary jewellery.

 galeria Romanelli Firenzegaleria Romanelli Firenze

A large crowd of rings asks us to reflect on the manufacturing of our cultural identities, both as individuals and as members of larger communities, in « Being and Belonging » by Daria Borovkova.
Another critical mass of circular shapes, now without a specific identity, characterizes « In Conflict. Moments of Strike » by Sana Khalil, a tribute or cynical celebration to the impossibility of the artist to perform direct political agency over the world.
While such ambitions can only strengthen our sense of inadequacy, « 1: 20,000″ by Giulia Savino invites us to remain suspended, to let ourselves be carried away by those states of temporary sense of satisfaction that keep us above the world through the appropriation of real and imaginary cities.
On a more personal level, « Madeleine » by Lavinia Rossetti evokes the ephemeral existence of our memories, finding ways to give form to the essence of significant moments.
A similar sense of transience characterizes « Trascendieron » by María Ignacia Walker in a tribute to our daily losses, a possible humorous comment to the Western impulse to preserve and collect.
Finally, and gently, « True Lies. A Collection of Oxymoron » by Federica Sala confronts us with existential questions: what is the true nature of our experience or how do we define reality, whispering, perhaps, what contemporary jewelry wants .

Daria Borovkova  - "Being and Belonging"  2016 Daria Borovkova  – « Being and Belonging »  2016

Sana Khalil  - Alchimia Graduation Show 2014: Sana Khalil

Giulia Savino - " 1 : 20.000" collectionGiulia Savino -  » 1 : 20.000″ collection – Geneve necklace

Lavinia Rossetti - Madeleine - 25-26 March 2016   (ALCHIMIA): Lavinia Rossetti – Madeleine

María Ignacia Walker Contemporary Jewellery - 2015 - TRASCENDIERON: María Ignacia Walker   – 2015 – TRASCENDIERON

True Lies by Federica Sala  2016 - RINGS True Lies by Federica Sala  2016 – rings

On the same evening Alchimia presents at its premises « Wonder/Wander« , a group show with jewellery by Anna Okamoto Gayton, Dana AL-Nafisi, Diana Pantea, Lena Kosztyucsenko, Sehnaz Erdal, all international graduating students of its BFA program.


Galleria D’arte Romanelli

Borgo San Frediano 70,


SIERAAD 2014 – International Jewellery Art Fair – Amsterdam (NL) – 6-9 Nov. 2014

SIERAAD  6-9 nov 2014 – Amsterdam

List of participants 2014

sieraad 2014



La liste des participants commence somptueusement !!! : « Erato Kouloubi, ALCHIMIA Jewellery school in Florence, Alina Carp, Andrea Coderch Valor ……. Catalina Brenes, Catalina Gibert,  …. Wu Ching-Chih, David Choi ……….. Dora Haralambaki, Edith Bellod, ……… Gabrielle Desmarais, George Giannoutsos, etc etc etc pour ne citer que mes préférés ……… la Royal Academy of Fine Arts d’Anvers … (voir la liste (lien ci-dessus)

ceramic jewellery Dora Haralambaki.ceramic jewellery Dora Haralambaki - at stand 84

George GiannoutsosGeorge Giannoutsos at stand 1

 Erato Kouloubi  -  Deconstructing the Faith Ring / Sterling Silver www.eratojewellery.comErato Kouloubi  -  Deconstructing the Faith Ring / Sterling Silver  at stand 1

Niki Stylianou presents " Vessels and Matter II: Metaphors on Courtship, Intimacy and Domesticy" Necklace - Hand cut rubber, silk thread, watercolorNiki Stylianou –  » Vessels and Matter II: Metaphors on Courtship, Intimacy and Domesticy » Necklace – Hand cut rubber, silk thread, watercolor – at stand 1

Maria Tsimpiskaki, Corruption collection, brooch, 2014Maria Tsimpiskaki, Corruption collection, brooch, 2014  at stand 1

SO, stand 1 is a « GREEK » stand, with : Maria Tsimpiskaki - Niki Stylianou Erato Kouloubi   & George Giannoutsos

Catalina Gibert | Serra_2014 NecklaceCatalina Gibert - Serra_2014 Necklace – at stand 41B

Andrea Coderch Valor - 2011. Silver, wood (bois de violet), silk.Andrea Coderch Valor - 2011. Silver, wood (bois de violet), silk.  – at stand 41A

Liisa Hashimoto -  5set Red Seed Ring - at SIERAAD 2014Liisa Hashimoto (HINGE Dept.) -  5set Red Seed Ring – at stand 48

Cécile Bertrand - SIERAAD 2014Cecile Bertrand – broche « GUN » – at stand 74
stand 74 avec la « dream team » : Cécile BertrandSylvie Jousset & Isabelle Carpentier

Sylvie Jousset -  "catch me cactus" bracelet - Argent, maillechort, vrais cactus et plantes grassesSylvie Jousset -  « catch me cactus » bracelet – Argent, maillechort, vrais cactus & plantes grasses - at stand 74

Nevin Arig brooch-simple5 - at SIERAAD 2014Nevin Arig – brooch simple5 – at stand 71

SIERAAD 2014 International Jewellery Art Fair | Gabrielle DesmaraisGabrielle Desmarais at stand 75,
sharing with Isabelle Busnel, Edith Bellod and  Eun Mi Kwon


they made a collective necklace !

sieraad 2014 - collective necklace - Isabelle Busnel sharing a stand with Mia Kwon, Gabrielle Desmarais and Edith Bellod and this is our collective necklace Isabelle Busnel sharing a stand with Mia Kwon, Gabrielle Desmarais and Edith Bellod and this is our collective necklace

Eun Mi Kwon - spring on skin #07 - 2014 porcelaine Eun Mi Kwon (Mia Kwon jewellery) – spring on skin #07 – 2014 – porcelaine  at stand 75

SIERAAD 2014  International Jewellery Art Fair | Isabelle BusnelIsabelle Busnel - neckpiece – at stand 75

Edith Bellod Necklace  Kaléidoscope Necklace Bouton 3 rows - at SIERAAD 2014Edith Bellod – at stand 75

CHING CHIH WU - SIERAAD 2014Wu ching-chih- at stand 18

 Judith Bloedjes - ring precious triplet 2014 - porcelaineJudith Bloedjes – ring precious triplet 2014 – porcelaine


SIERAAD 14 -  Catalina BrenesCatalina Brenes  at stand 64

Alina Carp - broochAlina Carp – brooch – at stand 25Lauren Markley - SIERAAD 2014Lauren Markley -at stand 44

SIERAAD -  Raewyn Walsh (- NTJ)Raewyn Walsh Vessel pendant, 2012 NZ, silver, epoxy, silk thread

Eily O'Connell at SIERAAD 2014Eily O’Connell-  at stand 31

Han-Chieh Chuang - red brick brooch serie - silver, copper, enamel, steel wireHan-Chieh Chuang – red brick brooch serie – silver, copper, enamel, steel wire – at stand 38

Silvia Beccaria - at stand 100Silvia Beccaria - gorgiera Splendor – 2011 -  at stand 100

Jeehyun ChungJeehyun Chung

papallona - Karolina Bik -  'graphium' ring - peridot, argent oxydéKarolina Bik -  ‘graphium’ ring – peridot, argent oxydé

Linda Ezerman - Necklace with a storyLinda Ezerman - Necklace with a story

Linda Ezerman - Sea Seed Brooches - SIERAAD 2014Linda Ezerman - new work ! – Sea Seed Brooches – Balsawood, pigment(powder), laquer and stamen -
SIERAAD 2014 at stand 53

SIERAAD 2014 --Jillian-MooreJillian Moore – at stand 33

maria diana, bracciale perle, 2013  (porcelain, stoneware, gold) ph federica cioccoloniMaria Diana, bracciale perle, 2013  (porcelain, stoneware, gold) – at stand 67

Mariko Sumioka -Mariko Sumioka

Merav O. Roth JewelryMerav O. Roth Jewelry

YUNG HUEII CHAO (TAIWAN), Bracelets (2010)  Nilckel silver I   Window Series  8 X 10 X 3 cm (each)   Selected Artist ,Talente 2011Yung Huei, Chao (Taiwan). « Windows Series ». Nickel silver Bracelets (2010) 

stand of Royal Academy of Fine Arts d’Anvers, with Vincent Verstrepen, Elitsa Macheva, Annika Wirken, Elya Tettelin, Josefine Mass, Mara Gabriela Grigoriu :

Annika Wirken -  ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS ANTWERP - Annika Wirken

  Vincent Vestrepen - ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS ANTWERP   Vincent Vestrepen

Josefine Mass - ANTWERPJosefine Mass

stand of Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, (stand 101), with :
Daria Borovkova (Russia), Amani Boudargham (Lebanon), Francesco Coda (Italy), Elena Gil (Costa Rica), Sana Khalil (Lebanon),  Daniela Malev (Germany), Lilian Mattuschka (Austria), Carla Movia (Italy), Federica Sala (Italy), Maria Ignacia Walker (Cile)

Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School - with here Federica Sala neckpieceFederica Sala neckpiece

María Ignacia WalkerMaría Ignacia Walker

Klonneplein 1,
1014DD Amsterdam
tel +31 20 586 0710










Alchimia Graduation show 2014 – « TOUCH » – Florence (Italy) – 19-26 Juin 2014

Alchimia Graduation show 2014

Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School proudly presents Touch, Graduation Show 2014.

Official Opening with cocktail and DJ set Thursday, June 19, 6pm.
The exhibition will remain open until Thursday, June 26, from 6 pm to 9 pm.
An art jewellery exhibition that is the culmination of this year’s graduate students.
TOUCH - graduation show ALCHIMIA 2014 - 19-26 june 2014
For this occasion, twelve students have based their development on personal experiences. Individual matters discuss universal subjects; in correlation to the body as a form of function and space. As a result, each body of work materializes these personalities. Hands spoke in replacement of words. While unspoken, the act of making became the way of realization. Touch is an invitation to feel. The students will be present during the whole duration of the show to talk about their work.
Curated by: Doris Maniger, Lucia Massei, Ruudt Peters.
Students:  Melissa AriasDaria BorovkovaAmani Bou Dargham Francesco CodaElena Gil Sana KhalilDaniela MalevLilian MattuschkaCarla Movia –  Federica Sala Maria Ignacia Walker.

broches en metal oxidado de Maria Ignacia Walker para Alchimia (Firenze)Maria Ignacia Walker broches en metal oxidado  
 Lilian Mattuschka - it was a tree - ring - grape wood, silkLilian Mattuschka - it was a tree – ring – grape wood, silk
if i was a tree i would be a grape, i choose the grape wood because of his adjectives, fragile, cave and jaded because of this attributes i chose to leave the wood as it is and, by nitting, i made a structure that holds it.

HUGE ROUND ALUMINIUM NECKLACE BY sANA KHALILSana Khalil - huge round aluminium neckpiece
Federica Sala -  (Alchimia - end 2013) - pendant - cedar wood, cotton threads - naked wood serie -

Federica Sala -  pendant – cedar wood, cotton threads – naked wood serie -

Amani Bou Dargham: brooch, iron, paperAmani Bou Dargham: brooch, iron, paper
DARIA BOROVKOVA - RU (Alchimia 2012-13) - "Has Anyone Seen My Phone?"Daria Borovkova - (RU) – « Has Anyone Seen My Phone? »
Francesco Coda (Alchimia 2014) necklaceFrancesco Coda – necklace
Carla Movia Selfportrait necklace 2013 iron, rope Photo: Federico CavicchioliCarla Movia Selfportrait necklace 2013 iron, rope Photo: Federico Cavicchioli
elena gil  (Alchimia 2012-13)Elena Gil
Daniela Malev.Daniela Malev
Alchimia school
Piazza Piattellina 3/r
50124 Florence, Italy
tel +39 055 223218


EXPO ‘ECCOCI’ – Blue Chair Café, Victoria (Australia) – 22 Nov-1st Dec 2013

ECCOCI (« Here we are !! ») :   An exhibition featuring students from Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy.  12 Jewellers, from 9 different countries, showing a distinct range of jewellery all available for sale. Opening night – Friday 22nd November 7pm

ECCOCI - at Blue Chair  - 22 Nov-1st Dec 2013

12 Jewellers, from 9 different countries :   Amani Bou DarghamCarla Movia — Daria Borovkova — Elena GilFederica SalaFrancesco Coda — Kyla Murrihy (Curator) — Lilian MattuschkaLucy Clark — María Ignacia Walker — Melissa AriasSana Khalil

  Amani Bou Dargham (Alchimia 2012-13)Amani Bou Dargham – wood rings

EXPO ECCOCI - Amani Bou Dargham (Alchimia)
Amani Bou Dargham
Lilian Mattuschka anelli 2013
Federica Sala (Alchimia 2013)
Federica Sala  Frogs. Ring. 2012. Plastic Balloon, Lattex, Silver, Emerald.
EXPO ECCOCI - Federica Sala (Alchimia)

Federica SalaElena Gil, 2013  Flamboyant, Brooch. Sterling silver, plexiglass, steel and resin-dipped cotton buds.

Elena Gil, 2013  Flamboyant, Brooch. Sterling silver, plexiglass, steel and resin-dipped cotton buds.

Maria Ignacia Walker (Alchimia) ECCOCI exhibition
Maria Ignacia Walker





Blue ChairCafe
611 Nepean Hwy, Carrum,
Victoria, Australia 3197 (just outside of Melbourne !)


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