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EXPO ‘Sara Engberg: A Sense of Direction’ – Gallery Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm (SE) – 25 Aout-12 Sept. 2012

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Sara Engberg: A Sense of Direction

Sara Engberg: A Sense of Direction Stockholm Sweden exhibitions

In the centre of the room, the visitor is presented with three large, hand carpented boxes made of walnut wood, filled with jewellery pieces in pastel colors, dark red and gold—pendants shaped like imaginary islands with layers of compass roses and streamers, all hand cut from golden and smoke tinted mirrored plexiglass. The cartographic pendants are hanging from meticulously hand-stitched silk and cotton ribbons with map prints.
–I have picked up the materials I use all over the globe, sometimes in completely unexpected places, says Sara Engberg. I have been collecting for years, and gradually, I have discovered that I instinctively choose materials in a range of specific colours. I have asked myself where this palette comes from, and I think that it’s simply the colours of a map. It’s as if everything I like boils down to a map.
In this exhibition, Sara Engberg’s aim has been to recreate the feeling of a museum or an old classroom. Custom printed wallpaper lengths with inspiration from maps and streamers are suspended from the ceiling, reminiscent of old-fashioned school wall charts. All the maps and coastlines are imaginary; none of them are based on any actual geography. It’s a dream landscape, which also had its very first origin in a dream.
–As a child I once dreamt that I opened the window and the sky was covered with maps, says Sara Engberg. As if we were inside a terrestrial globe, lit up from the outside. I had this overwhelming sensation of beauty, which has followed me ever since. Maybe that’s where my fascination with maps started.

Sara Engberg, Necklace: A Sense of Direction 2012  Acrylic, textileSara Engberg, Necklace: A Sense of Direction 2012  Acrylic, textile

Sara Engberg has an MFA degree in Metalwork Design from Konstfack, the University College for Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Together with fashion designer Christina Wemming, she ran the collaborative jewellery and clothes brand mori & mimosa, which received attention especially in Sweden and Japan. Today, Sara Engberg has found her way back to a more artistic expression, working mainly with unique jewellery. She is a member of Stockholm-based crafts gallery Konsthantverkarna since 2010 and this is her first solo exhibition. Until the exhibition opens on August 25, anyone who is interested can follow Sara Engberg’s ongoing work and experiments at her blog:
Sara Engberg - Necklace: A Sense of Direction 2012  Acrylic, textileSara Engberg – Necklace: A Sense of Direction 2012  Acrylic, textile






Gallery Konsthantverkarna
Södermalmstorg 4
116 45 – Stockholm
Telephone: 08-611 03 70



SCHOOLS presented at JOYA : 

La Font 43
Vilafranca del Penedès
08720 Barcelona
+34 938 921 362

Creativity and thirst for innovation are and have always been essential attributes for developing any kind of professional activity. Arsenal Escola d’Art has always taught its students according to those teaching guidelines.
For more than 35, the School has been a place to learn, work experience and also research of new resources in the field of plastic arts and design.
Companies and institutions, both public and private, have taken advantage of the School since it is a place for creation deeply rooted in the region that provides ideas, designs and products that are given birth inside the School.

JOYA Barcelona 2010 - ECOLES/SCHOOLS/ESCUELAS - Premio ENJOIA'T dans Aila JUBANY (ES) alba
Alba Olivella

« Alba Olivella presenta su proyecto final para la escuela Arsenal: Reykjavik. El objetivo es realizar joyas a partir de la fotografía: mediante un estudio previo, Alba realiza una ficha informativa de cada encargo con los recuerdos, emociones y sentimientos que se desprenden de la imagen y hace una “joya abierta” con piezas extraíbles que conforman la colección. « 

Comte d´Urgell 187
08036 Barcelona (Spain)
+34 933 219 066

 The “Escola d’Art del Treball” is a public local school located in the very centre of the Eixample in Barcelona (in the premises of the Escola Industrial) where courses on plastic arts and design are taught.
Its main goal is to provide the students with all necessary theoretical and task-related knowledge and to enhance their creative and conceptual abilities, as well as to offer them all the essential tools so as to enable them to develop a prospective professional career.
The School is an open space in touch with its environment and the current trends in art, as well as a place that stays engaged with the professional world.

ingrid dans Alba OLIVELLA (ES)
Ingrid Ventura

 1999 Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts (Barcelona) – 2007 Design jewellery at the Escola d’Art del Treball.
She took part in a number of solo and collective exhibitions, the latest at the Museu del Càntir (Argentona, Spain).
Volume, body, overwhelmingness, expressiveness, heaviness, power… all these concepts are closely related to sculpture and transferred to jewellery. Ventura approaches the jewel as if it were a sculpture through combining iron with a precious metal. Iron stays inside silver and comes to the surface through roughness and rust. Then rust starts merging into the softness and brightness of silver.

Volumen, cuerpo, contundencia, expresividad, peso, fuerza… conceptos relacionados estrechamente con la escultura y traspasados a la joya. Ventura trabaja la pieza como si fuera una escultura mediante la combinación del hierro y el metal noble. El hierro está dentro de la plata y se manifiesta sobre ella a través de la rugosidad i el color del óxido que se va fusionando hasta dar paso a la suavidad i el brillo de la plata.


Ciutat de Balaguer 17
08022 Barcelona
+34 934 181 720

 Llotja Superior School of Art and Design is a public school that falls under the auspices of the Education Department of the Generalitat of Catalunya. Heir to the Escuela Gratuita de Diseño, established in 1715 by the Barcelona Board of Commerce, Llotja is the oldest school of design in Spain..
Its long history has resulted into a school of long tradition, which offers a wide range of specialties and educational levels, of subjects and theoretical, historical, technological, legal, experimental, project-based and practical modules, which make the Llotja Superior School of Art and Design one of the few examples of the interrelationship between different fields of knowledge and artistic creation.

aila dans Aline BERDICHEVSKY (MX)
 Aila Jubany



 » Aila Jubany studied jewellery at Escola Llotja. Awarded in the contest “Insignia del Maestro Artesano 2009” organized by Artesania Catalunya (2009). Travelling exhibition by Artesania Catalunya 2009-2010. Sirk Gener exhibibition at GenLlotja Hall (2009).
Sirk is the result of squeezing emotions, new and old pieces of knowledge, playing with materials and taking risks from an alternative point of view. Her work is inspired in the change that Cirque du Soleil introduced in the traditional patterns of circus: physically different but at the same time, aiming to fascinate the audience. Her pieces are big but also light and flexible, physically and visually, that create a space full of subtle movements, surrounded by light and colour. »



Ctra. De Valls s/n
Zona Educacional
43007 Tarragona
+34 977 211 253

The Diputació de Tarragona has been giving its support to artistic education for more than 60 years, providing a range of services to many people that has been and are indeed showing interest towards artistic creation and design.
The School provides the students with a wide range of conceptual, visual, technical and artistic aspects that are essential to understand an increasingly demanding and unstable World.
Its identity is built on the basis of working hand by hand with the students, thirst for experimentation and meeting job market demands regarding art and design.

maria dans BARCELONA
Maria Teresa PIÉ

Maria teresa Pié decided to change her life at the age of 50 and start studying jewellery at the EADT in Tarragona. Since then, she has participated in the photography exhibition of the Diputació de Tarragona in 2007, in Inhorgenta fair in Munich in 2007and 2008 and the Sebima Fair in Mahón (Spain) in 2007 among other events.
Maria Teresa took her inspiration from the four seasons of the Mediterranean countries (spring, summer, autumn and winter) and also the music that Antonio Vivaldi created on the same topic to build her work, which adds certain artistic power to her work.


Setmana de la Joieria Contemporània de Barcelona

dolors-serveto-6 dans Dalia JURADO (ES)Dolors Serveto, alumna del taller de joieria, ha estat convidada a participar a “Joyas à la carte”, la plataforma de la Setmana de la Joieria Contemporània de Barcelona que presenta artistes nous al costat de consagrats. Els responsables d’aquest certamen van escollir el projecte final de Serveto per la versatilitat del seu disseny, per la innovació tècnica del mecanisme, per la originalitat de la col·lecció i pels acabats.


eva-ortn dans ECOLE / SCHOOLS

Per altra banda, la peça Joies en moviment d’Eva Ortín va ser finalista dels Premis Enjoia’t que organitza Orfebres-FAD. Ortín, que ha cursat 1r curs de Joieria Artística, es va inspirar en fotografies d’Edward Muybridge per a la realització del seu disseny.

La Setmana de Joieria Contemporània de Barcelona és l’esdeveniment més rellevant a Catalunya pel que fa a joieria contemporània




Enjoia’t is an activity born 15 years ago with the intention of spreading among the general public, the world of contemporary jewellery making. It is an initiative aimed at giving support and diffusion to the younger generations of emergent creators and to grant recognition to professionals.
It has been, from its origins, a launching platform for many designers since it has awarded them  recognition for their work as well as establishing links with relevant companies in the jewellery making industry.
This event, which is held annually, is the only initiative of its kind in Spain, which strives to diffuse the art of jewellery and encourage fair practices among its creators.

Applicants for the Students Award are Catalina Gibert (Spain, 1973), Olga Vilarrasa (Spain, 1984), María Liliana Ruiz (Colombia, 1974), Begoña Prats (Spain, 1977), Dalia Jurado (Spain, 1979), Almudena Díaz (Spain, 1986), Edu Tarín (Spain, 1984), Aline Berdichevsky (Mexico, 1977), Carolina Martínez (Colombia, 1982), Eva Ortín-Alpiste (Spain, 1984), Jordi Aparicio (Spain, 1982), Laura Gualda (Spain, 1982) and María Díez (Spain, 1980);

and artists applying for the Professional Award are Anna Puig (Spain, 1979), Luís Acosta (Argentina, 1952), Emanuela Deyanova (Netherlands, 1979), Sara Engberg (Sweden, 1969), Nuria Torrente (Spain, 1973) and Marie Niel (France, 1982).

pamela dans ENJOIAT (ES)
Pamela Pérez MasferrerEnjoia´t 2009 Student Award Winner

Pamela Masferrer discovered the jewellery world almost by chance at Massana school thanks to professor Ramon Puig Cuyas and was granted an Erasmus scholarship to study at Escuela Superior de Artes e Design in Porto.
Until now her research has focused on identity and the search for the “self”, analysing the borders between reality and unreality.
Although she is still very young, she has exhibited her work in “La Capella” at Escola Massana (2005), in Artesania Catalunya (2009) and recently with the workgroup Off Massana at Poble Espanyol, through which she obtained a postgraduate scholarship. She has worked in London and nowadays she is established in Barcelona and works for the designer Nuria Ruiz.

marie dans Espagne (ES)
Marie-José HoeboerEnjoia´t 2009 Professional Award Winner

Marie-José Hoeboer has been creating design jewellery ever since 1991, the year she graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.
She uses a wide range of materials and techniques to create surprising jewels. Her works have been exhibited in many galleries, mainly in the Netherlands although also internationally.
The jewellery piece for which she has been awarded with the professional Award in the last edition of ENJOIA’T is a ring with 650 brilliant cut diamonds « sugar ring », her first work with shiny stones and the most successful. 


JOYA Barcelona 2010 – 16-17-18 sept 2010

JOYA – Semana de la Joyeria Contemporanea de Barcelona (Esp.) / Barcelona Contemporary Jewellery week

EXPO Joya 2010

JOYA Barcelona 2010  - 16-17-18 sept 2010 dans Andrea PINEROS (FR) showroom :
Michael Berger (Alemania, 1966)
Florence Croisier (Francia, 1965)
Marijke de Goey (Holanda, 1947)
Cilmara de Oliveira (Brasil, 1955)
Petr Dvorak (Austria, 1954)
Sara Engberg (Suecia, 1969)
Maki Kawawa (Japón, 1986)
Claudia Lassner (Alemania, 1982)
Yannick Mur (Francia, 1963)
Taisuke Nakada (Japón, 1983)
Liana Pattihis (Reino Unido, 1961)
Andrea Piñeros (Francia, 1972)

62842_1580243154893_1500099122_1437443_2695647_n dans BARCELONA
Petr DVORAK – collier ‘Europe’  – 27 perles de verre (les 27 états européens) avec inclusions de grenats

62842_1580243194894_1500099122_1437444_3104273_n dans Cilmara de OLIVEIRA (Brasil)
Yannick MUR – pendentif OH! – un délicat et minutieux travail de broderie d’argent et au fil d’or 18 carat

61283_1580241194844_1500099122_1437433_2616933_n dans Claudia LASSNER (DE)
Cilmara de OLIVEIRA – motifs de dentelle imprimée sur argent oxydé

61283_1580241354848_1500099122_1437437_950621_n dans Espagne (ES)
Maki KAWAWA (JP) – textil jewelry


(Plus les bijoux des créateurs présentés par les galeries DTerra, La Basilica et Klimt02)

62842_1580242954888_1500099122_1437438_3080082_n dans EVENEMENT / Type of EVENT
Nora ROCHEL – bagues (à galerie La Basilica)

JOYA’s goal is to promote national and international artists through distribution and
communication; supporting contemporary jewellery design and helping its growth in a hardly
exploited market. Moreover, JOYA is a platform for artists’ interaction, sharing of experiences, and discussion of their common issues – the place for exchange among artists, press, distributors and audience.
JOYA offers the designers a comfortable space and pleasant environment to make contacts and exhibit their pieces. Since the subject of the event changes each edition, the artists are supplied by basic and flexible furniture (table, chairs and lighting) that can easily be adopted according their own needs.

The registration is free and all entries must be submitted from February 15th, 2010 to May 30th, 2010. No entries out of deadline will be accepted.


Convent dels Àngels (FAD),
Av. Diagonal 313, 3B
08009  Barcelona (Spain)
Tel. +34 93 459 2406
Mobile (+34) 619 83 70 69
Paulo Ribeiro
Anthony Chevallier

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Video JOYA 2009


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