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EXPO ‘Louder than Words’ – Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery, (USA) – 5 Fevr.-5 Mars 2014

Louder than Words

Lecture: Wednesday, February 5 at 4:00 AM
Reception: Wednesday, February 5 at 5:00 PM

« JEWELRY speaks louder than words, but not nearly as often » In Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery‘s exhibition Louder than Words, artists create contrasts and communions between the visual language of jewelry art and the literary language of the printed page.

Laurie Hall - question mark ampersand & exclamation mark brooches - 2014Laurie Hall - question mark ampersand & exclamation mark brooches – 2014

Artists:  Cynthia Toops & Dan Adams — Davide Bigazzi — Jana Brevick – Jude Clarke — Kat Cole, Nancy Mēgan Corwin — Kathleen Faulkner — Peg Fetter — Sandra Manin Frias Laurie HallTrudee HillSarah Hood — Judith Hoyt — Jacquie & Uosis — Nadine Kariya — Marina Marioni — Karen T. Massaro — Carla Pennie McBride — Marcia Meyers — David LaPlantz — Eve Llyndorah — Marge Levy — Kristin Lora — Linda Kindler Priest — Gail Rappa — Biba Schutz — Jan Smith — Carolyn Tillie — Wolfgang Vaatz — Sarah Wauzynski — Paulette Werger — Sara Westermark — Kristi Zevenbergen

Marina Marioni: Tout ou Rien (All or Nothing), Brooch in sterling and fine silver, hand embroidered ribbon and cotton fabric. 3 ¼ x 1 ½”.Marina Marioni: Brooch in sterling and fine silver, hand embroidered ribbon and cotton fabric. 3 ¼ x 1 ½”.

Trudee Hill "Taken" 2013 - silver ring & necklace - Trudee Hill – « Taken » 2013 – ring in sterling silver with rhodium and 18k yellow gold vermeil. Size 7. May also be worn as a pendant. Sold with oxidized sterling silver chain containing imperfect old mine cut diamond.Ring measures 4 1/8 x 4 ¾”, chain is 76” long.
Davide Bigazzi "parole parole" cuff 2014 - Davide Bigazzi Parole, Parole Cuff in sterling silver, 18k gold and white diamonds. Fits approximately a size 6 wrist. 1 1/2" wide.  $3010Davide Bigazzi Parole, Parole Cuff in sterling silver, 18k gold and white diamonds.
Kat Cole Short Stories: 418 Atlantic Brooch in steel and brass. 4 x 3 x 3". $592Kat Cole Short Stories: 418 Atlantic Brooch in steel and brass.
Karen T. Massaro Interruptions by Letter and Word Porcelain hollow reversible beads with onyx spacer beads. 24" long. Beads measure 5/8 - 1 1/4". Sterling silver clasp hand forged by Danish silver smith.Karen T. Massaro Interruptions by Letter and Word Porcelain hollow reversible beads with onyx spacer beads. 24″ long. Beads measure 5/8 – 1 1/4″. Sterling silver clasp hand forged by Danish silver smith.
City Centre 1420 Fifth Ave.
Seattle WA  98101


EXPO ‘Ring a Day – 65 artists. 1 year. 365 rings’ – Punch Gallery, Seattle (USA) – 5-29 Mai 2011

Ring a Day
65 artists. 1 year. 365 rings.

May 5 – 29, 2011

Opening Reception: 5 – 8pm
First Thursday, May 5, 2011

As a tie-in to the annual SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) conference, PUNCH presents this totally RAD (Ring a Day) exhibition showcasing 365 rings, accompanied by select photographs to illustrate the diverse, creative and inspiring rings artists have made from Day 1 to Day 365.

Colleen Baran, Kathryn Cole, Shannon Conrad, Nina Gibson and Sara Westermark juried RAD from over 16,000 rings (!!!) submitted to the Ring a Day group on Flickr. The exhibition features 65 international artists with work ranging from ephemeral and conceptual art rings to functional jewelry in both alternative and classic materials.
(Ring 100, Victoria Takahashi, April 10, 2010 – wood, mixed metals, polymer clay, dyed feather, acorn cap)

This project was an open challenge to metalsmiths and other artists across the globe to make one ring a day out of any material for the entire year of 2010. Over the course of the year artists continually added rings, new artists joined the group, ideas morphed into new ideas, artists played off the ideas of other artists, and materials were used in new and unexpected ways. On a daily basis, rings were created, photographed, and posted to the Ring a Day Flickr group. The majority of the artists represented discovered the project through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, blogs and word of mouth. This project reflects a population of metalsmiths and jewelry makers who are facile with current online technology.

Ring a Day is part of the Society of North American Goldsmith’s yearly conference; an event that brings together 800+ visitors from around the world for exhibitions, artist’s talks, trunk shows and more. SNAG is an international educational non-profit organization that supports and advances the professional practice of artists, designers, jewelers and metalsmiths.


Thanks to the RING A DAY blog I got the list of exhibiting artists !! :-)
Ashley Akers
Sabine Amtsberg
Loren Angulo
Maria Apostolou
Erin Austin
Meg Auth
Angela Baduel-Crispin
Colleen Baran
Inbar Barbaket
Laurie Brown
Kathleen Brughelli
Maureen Brusa-Zappellini
Catherine Chandler
Kathryn Cole
Kerry Alice Collins
Shannon Conrad
Jennifer Culp
Beth Cyr
Casey Daurio
Trudie Davies
Lisa Dienst-Thomas
Nina Dinoff
Thomasin Durgin
Laura Flavin
Renee Ford
Nina Gibson
Lynne Glazzard
Natalia Gomensoro
Heather Goodwin
Lora Hart
Sarah Hood
Chris Irick
Alice Istanbul
Norsola Johnson
Sarah Loertscher
Marthe Le Van
Kate Jones
Maggie Joynt
Evelyn Markasky
Bill Martin
Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria
Denise McCoy
Alisa Miller
Danielle Miller
Carrie Nunes
Margaret O’Brien
Marta Sanchez Oms
Paul Phillips
Calan Ree
Kathryn Riechert
Andrea Ring
Lígia Rocha
Kathi Roussel
Kest Schwartzman
Ponsawan Silas
Mike Stromberg
Rachelle Stromberg
Victoria Takahashi
Leslie Tinnaro
Susan Trindle (= »Quercus Silver » !)
Mary Lu Wason
Emily Watson
Sara Westermark
Dee Wilder
Jaqki Withycombe
(go to see the pictures on the blog ! INCREDIBLE things … well, RINGS !)

EXPO 'Ring a Day - 65 artists. 1 year. 365 rings' - Punch Gallery, Seattle (USA) - 5-29 Mai 2011 dans Angela BADUEL-CRISPIN (FR) 5128723553_c10c8fdfb2-1
The Ring a Day project, initially proposed by artist Nina Dinoff, was intended as a challenge to set a daily routine of exploration
Susan Trindle (the mysterious »Quercus Silver » !)
Maria Apostolou
Thomasin Durgin‘s « Crown of Thorns Cilice Ring » RAD 31
Thomasin Durgin (a.k.a. Metal Riot)



PUNCH Gallery
119 Prefontaine Place South
Seattle, Washington 98104 (USA)
tel 206.621.1945



 dans Ashley AKERS (US)
Ring a Day – by  Marthe Le Van – LarkCrafts Ed. – 256 pp
publication date : sept. 2011




Ce n’est pas le « simple » coeur qui est donné à voir -à porter- ici, le « classique », à la Peynet, celui des « amoureux », non, c’est le coeur organe anatomique, masse musculaire, limite sanguinolant, et du fait de ce sang il évoque physique, mal, souffrance, et rejoint la représentation « chrétienne » du coeur christique, le « sanctus ignis sanctus viscus » ….. On part de la viscère pour arriver au coeur sacré de Jésus …… les voies du seigneur sont impénétrables…………………

All images from Virtual / Tangible v2.0 at Velvet da Vinci Gallery, All images from Virtual / Tangible v2.0 at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Adam Grinovich – « Heart » (& detail) (exhibition « Virtual / Tangible v2.0  » at Velvet da Vinci Gallery)

ATOUT COEUR dans Adam GRINOVICH (SE) home-my_heart_back
Trudee HILL - ‘My Heart Is in Your Hands‘ necklace – purple heart wood, sterling silver, stainless steel – 2009

thumb446 dans Ela BAUER (NL)thumb445 dans
Ela Bauer (NL) ‘An’necklace -black & red thread

This is a huge heart which actually is a huge knot. That is the key feeling in this work; a huge,  screaming (maybe bleeding..), knot- heart. The knot is such a paradoxical form; it consists of “one”, but through an action (of knotting) it becomes “two”, with a heart between them. At the same time it is the ground of endless processes which in themselves are not complex, but all together they create an unsolvable, knotted reality. An un-followable mass of actions and reactions. There is no wrong or right, just a complex, painful situation.” (Ela Bauer)

Kim HyeJoo, Korea -3Kim,+HyeJoo3 dans Kim BUCK (DK)
Kim HyeJoo (Korea) - ‘the heart’ – 2006 (à droite)

voir article  COUP de COEUR ! (c’est le cas de le dire !) avec Kim HyeJoo

Lorena Lazard (Mexico) – body piece ‘With Each Pulse’ 2009 Macrame cord, nickel, silver
Lorena Lazard- Survival vest – detail- Sterling, copper, steel

15845_101263636564985_100000440486000_35034_3023395_n dans Kim HYEJOO (S.KR)
Lorena Lazard - »Life hangs by a thread » (under view)

Pat+Flynn2 dans Lin STANIONIS (US)
Pat Flynn (US) – from « Heart Pin Collection » ‘Susan’ – sterling, 18k

sculpted heart pendant necklace by nanopodPlasma Heart of Glass
Tosca Teran – heart pendants - »sculpted heart » (left) & ‘Plasma Heart of Glass’ (right)- stylized crystal clear anatomical glass heart with a red drop in its center, and red tube ends – Flame-worked by hand
(hearts to SHOP on Etsy)
Tosca Teran – ‘Encyclopaedia Anatomica’ – Transgenic Heart – Life size sterling silver and low fire enamel heart. Part of the Orbis Tertius installation

 Lin Stanionis, 'Seed of Temptation' Brooch in urethane resin.
Lin Stanionis (US) – ‘Seed of Temptation’ Brooch in urethane resin (Facere Gallery)

« More recently, I have begun to explore the heart and the many implicit meanings it has … Removed from the body, the heart is at the same time both container and content. It extends beyond the symbolic as it becomes both metaphor and metonym. In using the heart in my work as a vessel form, my intent is to continue the close association between body and object functions, thus developing a syntax that signifies interchange, transformation and desire. A recent piece « Mystic Interchange » addresses these concerns. These notions of union through interchange, transformation and desire are brought forward in the work through the tension found in the visual imagery, which is intended to suggest the oscillation between physical and spiritual planes. Not unlike the Eastern concept of bindu, an extensionless point from which there is an endless rhythmic expansion and contraction of the energy vibrations that form the cosmos, I also sought to express that moment of in-between, that moment where one is straddling the plane of transformation, where one is acutely aware of both sides and where at this point one is simultaneously both and neither. »(Lin Stanionis)

 Masumi Kataoka, 'Enemy' Brooch in leather, acrylic, sterling silver, and nickel silver. Masumi Kataoka, 'Burnt' Brooch in leather, acrylic, sterling silver, and nickel silver.
Masumi Kataoka (JP) ‘Enemy’ Brooch in leather, acrylic, sterling silver, nickel silver. (FACERE Gal.)
Masumi Kataoka ‘Burnt’ Brooch in leather, acrylic, sterling silver, and nickel silver


ETSYMETAL Jewelry Challenge « Design Your Heart Out! » :

2-saraW dans Lorena LAZARD (MEX)6-Norsola dans Masumi KATAOKA (JP)
 Sara Westermark (US) - « I was originally going to make a locket, but I wanted a large hole in my heart. The hole represents our missing piece….. instead of lamenting our brokeness, our hearts are ornamented with gold and rubies. Material: sterling silver, 18k gold, rubies.
Norsola Johnson  » the theme fits perfectly with a new series I’ve been working on… It’s a locket containing a flaming sacred heart… the latin words  » sanctus ignis sanctus viscus » (sacred fire sacred heart) are stamped on the sides of the locket… »
Kim BUCK heart necklace


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