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Bijoux qui ont du PIQUANT …..

« Avoir du PIQUANT » :  qui provoque l’intérêt, voire l’excitation. peut-on dire « a spicy person » ? wouldn’t say « a spicy person » – more likely: intriguing, fascinating, interesting ….Qui attire l’attention par sa vivacité spirituelle, son originalité, son caractère plaisant ………..
(= mordant, caustique) [remarque] → cutting; [humour] → biting

Marta HerraduraMarta Herradura - pieza seleccionada para los premios Enjoia’t 2014

Taller de Feeas - broche que pincha .....Taller de Feeas – broche que pincha …..

Taller de Feeas - broche que pincha .....Broche Taller de FEEAS, hecho con una peligrosa y antigua jeringa, que te puedes poner, si es que te atreves.
Foto gosia janik photography

Taller de Feeas - broche de agujas hipodermicasTaller de Feeas - broche de agujas hipodermicas

Mi Mi Moscow | 'Expectation of the Heritage' | 2006Mi Mi Moscow  – ‘Expectation of the Heritage’ – 2006

Teresa Milheiro Object: The killing jewel, 2009 Old glass syringe, brass, gold leafTeresa Milheiro Object: The killing jewel, 2009 Old glass syringe, brass, gold leaf

Selina Woulfe Piece: Experiential Jewellery III, 2008 Sterling silver, surgical steel suspension hookSelina Woulfe Piece: Experiential Jewellery III, 2008 Sterling silver, surgical steel suspension hook

Alexandra Chaney -  Aichmofobia: medo de agullhas e/ou objetos pontudosAlexandra Chaney -  Aichmofobia: medo de agullhas e/ou objetos pontudos

Alexandra Chaney - Aprilofobia(Trypanophobia): Medo de injeçãoAlexandra ChaneyAprilofobia (Trypanophobia): Medo de injeção

 Alexandra Cheney, In BloomAlexandra Chaney, In Bloom


EXPO ‘Embodied’ – Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne (AU) – 28 Janv.- 8 Fevr. 2014

Embodied  – at  fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne

embodied features diverse work by four contemporary jewellers from Australia, New Zealand and America. Tassia Joannides, Suse Scholem, Rachel Timmins and Selina Woulfe break conventions of wearability, each incorporating performance; photography; ephemeral and interactive work as well as object making in their practices.
embodied brings these artists together for the first time to engage audiences in unique dialogues on the body.
Curated by Suse Scholem
Embodied  Artists: Tassia Joannides, Rachel Timmins, Suse Scholem, Selina Woulfe Management: Abby Storey Place: fortyfivedownstairs (Melbourne, Australia) 28-Jan-2014 - 08-Feb-2014  website: website: mail:
(Selina Woulfe – Piece: Experiential Jewellery II, 2008  – Sterling silver, surgical steel suspension hook)
Artists: Tassia JoannidesRachel Timmins — Suse Scholem – Selina Woulfe
Tassia JoannidesTassia Joannides – Body Piece: Sticker Series – shoulder, 2013Photographic image of hand cut stickers on the body 42 x 29,7 cm

Selina Woulfe, Photograph, 2013Selina Woulfe
Photograph: Delmira/For all these mouths that make my bed bloom, 2013 -
Film – 2mins 9 secsDirector/Performer: Selina WoulfePerformer: Andrew McCormackCamera: Leah Goffe Robertson

Selina Woulfe, Body Piece, 2013Selina Woulfe – Body Piece: Graftification Ritual II (Self-Application), 2013
Rachel Timmis, Piece, 2010
Rachel TimminsPiece: Growth One, 2010Foam, epoxy, resin, craft glitter  17 x 10 x 10″ Photo : Joseph Hyde
45 flinders lane
Melbourne 3000
tel +61 3 9662 9966
fax +61 3 9662 9733


EXPO ‘TOUCH. PAUSE. ENGAGE.’ – Gaffa Gallery, Sydey (AU) – 21 Oct.- Nov. 2010


Contemporary Jewellery from New Zealand

EXPO 'TOUCH. PAUSE. ENGAGE.' - Gaffa Gallery, Sydey (AU) - 21 Oct.- Nov. 2010 dans Australie (AU)


Touch, Pause, Engage is an introductory snapshot of contemporary NZ jewellery for the Australian community. This innovative jewellery showcase is designed to reset the trans-Tasman rivalry between our rugby-loving brothers and sisters.
Opening night, October 21st will also mark the release of an accompanying publication.
Touch, Pause, Engage, invites a diverse team of fifteen NZ jewellers to submit inventive and inspired works. Although many of the makers’ practices focus on different issues and are expressed in diverse forms, the side is fit and game ready. The roster is comprised of talented individuals with different skills and strengths who make a target of pushing the experimental aspects of their jewellery practice. The captains look forward to an exciting match. Who wants it?

First fifteen:
Rachel Bell, Renee Bevan, Nadene Carr, Jacqui Chan, Kristin d’Agostino, Cath Dearsley, Gillian Deery, Ilse-Marie Erl, Sharon Fitness, Kristin Toller, Tatjana Panyoczki, Sunni Gibson, Lynsay Raine , Raewyn Walsh & Selina Woulfe
Rachel Bell- Body – « Recognising the need to acknowle the body as a site for these works. »

 dans Cath DEARSLEY (NZ)
Kristin d’Agostinojewellery on the brink of a relationship (photo by Jessica Hill)

 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Cath Dearsley felt brooch

Raewyn Walsh

Sharon Fitnesssilicone brooch

 dans Jacqui CHAN (NZ)
Lynsay Raine – Opticaliant Brooch – Brass, polymer clay, found lense 

 dans Kristin D'AGOSTINO (NZ)
Tatjana Panyoczki - « jam session » from the series sincere – neck piece 2010, wax, pom poms, stg

 dans Nlle Zelande (NZ)
Jacqui Chan- Lolly tin brooch, 2007

 dans Rachel BELL (NZ)
Selina Woulfe- Experiential Jewellery lll

 dans Raewyn WALSH (NZ)
Sunni Elizabeth Gibson- corsage – back view – 2010, Resin, Stg silver, synthetic leaves


 dans Renee BEVAN (NZ)
Renee Bevan – Large puffy rose brooch worn by Bill Riley


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