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Biennale Bijou SAUVAGE – Design Flanders Gallery (BE) – 3-31 Dec. 2010

The exhibition Bold Jewelry | the 7th Biennal Bijou Sauvage is all about the jewel without any restrictions or rules.

The Biennale Bijou Sauvage is an initiative of the Wesel Art Gallery. It was first organised in May 1990 by jewelry designer Claude Wesel.
Sauvage: as occurring in nature, unrestrained, tempestuous, uncultivated, no longer under control (dictionary definition).
A number of designers were asked back then to design a piece of jewelry in which they could completely indulge themselves, against all the conventions and usual rules.
Avoid working the way you always do. Go in search of what you know least about yourself. Be an iconoclast and rid yourself of the academic straightjacket”.
The result was both a confrontation and a dialogue among the most divergent of inspirational sources and styles.
Bijou Sauvage stimulates the jewelry designer to create a piece of jewelry in his or her own, highly individual manner. The universal aspect leads many to rediscover their relationship with art, to reach, unrestricted, the deepest layers of their artistic ability.
“All risks are fair if they protect our soul from death” (Claude Wesel)


Biennale Bijou SAUVAGE - Design Flanders Gallery (BE) - 3-31 Dec. 2010 dans Belgique (BE) fl02
left: Daniel von Weinberger, image © GF  –  right: Nelly van Oost


Bold Jewelry: The designers
Siegfried De Buck – Daan De Decker – Alain Debono – Marie-Claire Desmedt – Saskia DeteringSilke Fleischer – Bernard François – Marie Paule Haar – Delphine Joly – Rembrandt Jordan – Maëlle Laduron – Mei Lee – Jorge Manilla – Patrick Marchal – Thomas Palme – Elke Peeters – Claude Renard – Alain Roggeman – Evelien Sipkes – Emile Souply – Doris Stein – Gwennaël Thérasse – Roos Van de Velde – Willy Van de VeldeHilde Van der HeydenNelly van Oost – Peter Vermandere – Tine Vindevogel – Daniel von WeinbergerJulien Walraedt – Marcel Warrand – Claude Wesel – Antoine Van Loocke
Tine Vindevogel


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