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EXPO ‘The After Joya effect – JEWELRY FUSION’ – Popeye Loves Olive, Athens (Greece) – 17-30 Juin 2014

Inauguration 17 juin  à 19:00h
THE AFTER – JOYA EFFECT / Jewelry FusionInspired by the JOYA – International Jewelry Exhibition in Barcelona, 6 Greek and 29 foreign jewelry designers, travel and meet again, this time at a new place, “Popeye Loves Olive” in Athens. The aim of this encounter is the interaction and the transformation of individuality to collaboration, diversity to unification and exchange to sharing.Paulo Ribeiro, Co-Director at Le Département, the organization of JOYA Barcelona – Joyería Contemporánea, will open the exhibition.
Stephanie Bates - UK – Silvia Beccaria - IT – Carlos Ignacio Bellante – Arg. — Edith Bellod - FR — Isabelle Busnel – FR/UK — Angela Ciobanu – RO — Florence Croisier – FR — Gabrielle Desmarais – CA — Maria Diana – IT — Doru Dumitrescu – RO — Virginia Escobar – Col. — Amira Jalet – Costa Rica — Hiroko Kobayashi – JP/CA — Eun mi Kwon (Mia Kwon)– S.KR — Jorge Manilla – Mx –  Gigi Mariani – IT — Jose Marin – ES — Andreia Rollot Miguel – PT — Victoria Münzker – AT  — Yannick Mur - FR — Irene Palomar – AR — Liana Pattihis – UK — Silvia Piantini – IT — Anna Puig – ES — Lavinia Rossetti – IT — Angela Simone – IT — Yana Tankovska – BG — Barbara Uderzo – IT — Violaine Ulmer – FR
On the 30th of June @ 19.00′ , Liana Pattihis will close the exhibition with a lecture about her work and her unique technique.(In english).

José Marin / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effect José Marin / Erato Eratu
the after Joya effect - Amira Jalet / Erato EratuAmira Jalet / Erato Eratu
Doru Dumitrescu / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effect

Gigi Mariani / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effectLuigi Mariani

Violaine Ulmer / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effect Violaine Ulmer

Silvia Beccaria / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effect Silvia Beccaria / Erato Eratu

Yannick Mur / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effectYannick Mur / Erato Eratu

Isabelle Busnel / Erato Eratu - The after Joya effectIsabelle Busnel / Erato

Libona 5, Plateia Agias Eirinis
10560 Athènes

 tel +30 21 0867 3461



AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair – AUTOR 11 – Sala Dalles, Bucarest (Romania) – 17-18 Mai 2014

Autor 11 - Contemporary Jewelry Fair

As a biannual event, the fair strives to promote contemporary talents within the jewelry design arena by creating a meaningful environment and maintaining a demanding selection process.

AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair - AUTOR 11 - Sala Dalles, Bucarest (Romania) - 17-18 Mai 2014 dans Alina CARP (RO) Autor11_portrait

Most awards ever. Relevant and influential, the awards are here to confirm that the jelwery community, as well as Autor, are heading in the right direction :
* Autor Awesome Award (AAA) is at its third edition: an intensive course with Alchimia school, of Florence, will be awarded to one designer.
* The MNAC award: one piece, chosen by the curators of the museum, will be chosen for the permanent collection in MNAC – a huge step forward for the artist who will have the honor of being elected.
* a jewelry making course will be awarded to one up-and-coming designer by the Bucharest-based jewelry school Assamblage
* LAO Grand Prix Le Arti Orafe, reputed jewelry school of Florence, will award a scholarship to one designer. Thereupon, the student will only pay for half of the tuition required for one year of study.
* The Elle award: “the best-selling fashion magazine in the world” will choose a designer they want to write a feature about in their July 2014 issue.
* Joya Award – one designer will get to participate in Spain’s most important contemporary jewelry event, Joya Barcelona
DESIGNERS present Amalia Vermell — Angelina Tsvetkova — Christina Karakalpaki — Evgenya Tsancova — Ioli Livada — Isabelle Busnell – Jeemin Jamie Chung — Caco Honorato (Joya Brava, Chile) — Manolya’K by Manolya Konuk — Polina Dimitrova – Sara Amrhein — Silvia Beccaria — Silvia Chaneva — Sophie Symes — Steffi Götze — Titi Berrío — Wu Ching Chih – Yana Tankovska — Adina Istrate — Alexandra Sorina Barbu — Alexandru Burlacu — Alexandru Lupu — Alina Carp – Alis Lalu — Alliage by Dana Tudor — Anca Pandrea — Andra Lupu – Andreia G. Popescu — Alexandra Marcu — BuyHand — Corina Mardari — Daniela Cioponea – Doru Dumitrescu Wearable Sculptures — Eneada by Iza Visoianu — Gabi Secărea Glil — Horatiu Weiker — Ioana Enache – Ioana Streza — Isabela Groza — Iuliana Asoltanei — Kuki Constantinescu — Letiția Pintilie — Liana Salagean — Lidia Puica — Loredana Cleja — Lucienne — Madalina Stoica – Maria Filipescu – MyPrecious Buzztard — Moogu — Noha Nicolescu — Oval — PinkMoss — Raluca Buzura — Rodica Richard – Romana Topescu — Roxana Davidescu. and, from
Alchimia school stand :

Alchimia at AUTOR 11
Manolya Konuk - France  Anemony Necklace - knitted acrylic thread, silverManolya Konuk - France  Anemony Necklace – knitted acrylic thread, silver
Alina Carp Chlathrus red inspiration, silver, resin, pigmentsAlina Carp Chlathrus red inspiration, silver, resin, pigments
 Steffi Götze, Germania"My jewelry are wearable life stories. I am interested in expressing basic human emotions — sadness, happiness, weakness, and all the facettes a human caracter can offer. Meet Steffi at Autor 11!"Bijuteriile mele sunt povești de viață purtabile. Mă interesează să exprim emoțiille umane fundamentale: tristețe, fericire, slăbiciune, și toate fațetele pe care le oferă caracterul uman."VIno să o cunoști p Steffi la Autor 11!Steffi Götze, Germania
AUTOR 11 - Isabelle Busnel - France/UK Brooch - silicone rubber

Isabelle Busnel France/UK – Brooch – silicone rubber

 Silvia Beccaria, ItaliaHer jewelry draws inspiration from the ruffs of the 1500s and 1600s, which attracted her for their ability to exalt the face’s beauty and expressivity in an extraordinary way.Bijuteriile ei se inspiră din gulerele înalte, dantelate, din Evul Mediu, care o atrag pentru capacitatea lor de a scoate în evidență frumusețea și expresivitatea feței!Silvia Beccaria, Italia
 Ioli Livada, GreciaTitle: CocoonsCreative vision: An undergoing transformation, an unravelled procedure like life itsself.Meet her at Autor 11!Titlu: Coconi Viziunea creativă: O transformare continuă, un proces de deslușire ca viața însăși. Întâlnește-o la Autor 11! Ioli Livada, Grecia
AUTOR - 17 și 18 mai la Autor 11, Sala Dalles. - Wu Ching Chih - Necklace -Enamel/copper/fine silver/rubber/plastic rope // Wu Ching Chih "Neon series"Wu Ching Chih – Necklace -Enamel/copper/fine silver/rubber/plastic rope // Wu Ching Chih « Neon series »
Broșă/Brooch: Liliana Ojeda // Joya Brava (from Chile) is coming at Autor on the 17th and 18th of May. Chromatica exhibition will be presented to the Romanian public during the two days of the event.Brooch: Liliana Ojeda // Joya Brava (from Chile)
Angelina Tsvekova, Bulgaria„The man I love” is a collection inspired by the popular music of Gershwin and his brother’s lyrics. Listen her collection at Autor11!"Bărbatul pe care îl iubesc" este o colecție inspirată de muzica lui Gershwin și versurile fratelui său. Ascultă colecția ei la Autor11!Angelina Tsvekova, Bulgaria
Iza Vișoianu - Eneada, RomâniaIza Vișoianu - Eneada, România
Noha Nicolescu, România Red Wings collection - Autor 11Noha Nicolescu, România Red Wings collection
Sala Dalles
Bucarest – Romania
Saturday, May 17: 11.00-21.00
Sunday, May 18: 11.00-20.00
entrance fee : 10 lei
Bvd. Nicolae Balcescu nr.18, sector 1, 010052 Bucuresti (intrarea se face prin Libraria Dalles)
p/f: +4031 80 52 491;
E- mail:
Telefon: +40 314252164



EXPO ‘Gioielli in Fermento 2014′ – Torre Fornello (Italy) – 4-22 Mai 2014

Gioielli in Fermento 2014 Torre Fornello
Gioielli in Fermento 2014
Torre Fornello – La Vigna delle Arti
inaugurazione domenica 4 maggio alle ore 16.00
opening Sunday May 4th at 4pm

Gioielli in Fermento 2014(Silvia Beccaria “Bijou à boire” for Gioielli in Fermento 2014)

con la collaborazione di | in collaboration with
AGC Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo
JOYA Contemporary Jewellery Fair
Klimt02 Art Jewellery Online
« Every yaer  Gioielli in Fermento/Jewels in ferment  aims to gather the infinitely individual expressions of contemporary jewellery authors in relation to popular passions: wine and territories, looking at this terroir as an ensemble of cultural deep-rooted issues.
wearing intensities, wearing the colours of wine
as you can wear sensibilities, identities, mediterranean cultures, 
through a piece of contemporary jewellery

This Year we introduce a theme that concerns with the world of colours  as a main concept applied to the contemporary jewellery, as a means of expression at all the degrees of intensities, almost a  metaphor of all added value as it happens for instance in music in representing the real scale of intensities to perform a composition.
The authors which met our project before already testify the aim of our suggestion: as for the previous editions, Gioielli in Fermento means to think at a work designed and produced as a unique piece or limited edition jewellery and this year in particular it means to conceive the colour as an instrument of individual expression, material and immaterial simultaneously to commit to the piece the link between each single story and a wider project for the identification of that mediterranean accent such as the culture of wine and our territories may represent. »
Gioielli in Fermento 2014(Silvia Beccaria “Bijou à boire” for Gioielli in Fermento 2014)
Candidati al Premio Torre Fornello – Gioielli in Fermento IV edizione :
Selected authors for the Torre Fornello Award – Gioielli in Fermento IV editionSilvia Beccaria –  Sabina Bernardelli –  Maura BiamontiPatrizia BonatiIsabelle BusnelAlina Carp — Luisa Chiandotto — Bartosz Chmielewski — Patricia Cruz –  Katarina Cudic — Giuseppina Dallanoce –  Corrado De MeoClara Del Papa — E-vasiva — Nicoletta Frigerio – Gaspare Gaeta — Francesca Gazzi — Eleonora Ghilardi — Lucilla Giovanninetti Akis Goumas  Alexandra Kusch,  EunMi Kwon –  Carmela Lacerenza Camera Creativa –  Chiara Lucato — Elvio Lunian — Paola Mirai — Alessia Mocavero –  Olivia Monti ArduiniLaura MunteanuViktoria Münzker — Margareta Niel — Tania Palazzi –  Liana PattihisMarco PiccialiHester Popma van de Kolk — Gianni Riva –  Maddalena Rocco — Kika Rufino — Marissa Ryan Racht –  Vicky SaragoudaSergio e Stefano Spivach — Simonetta Starrabba –  Claudia SteinerViolaine Ulmer –  Silvia Valenti — Amalia Vermell –  Laura Visentin –  Babette Von DohnanyiChing Chi Wu –  Caterina Zanca
wu chih ching - 2013 Green Square, copper / bronze / enamel / ring
Wu Ching Chih -  2013 Green Square,copper/bronze/enamel/ring
and the WINNERS are ………….  I premiati della IV edizione :
Liana Pattihis Necklace: Flow-Fileri Silver cable chain, enamelPremio Torre Fornello Gioielli in Fermento 2014 :
Liana Pattihis (Flow-Fileri necklace)
« per il perfetto equilibrio tra innovazione e sviluppo: per aver saputo trasformare un elemento semplice di oreficeria in un linguaggio unico e proprio.« 
Akis GoumasGioielli in Fermento 2013 – menzione speciale JOYA :
Akis Goumas (Thera, brooch)

Claudia Steiner _ brooch - paesaggio color vinaccia - prix 2014
Premio Gioielli in Fermento 2014 – menzione speciale AGC e Klimt02:
Claudia Steiner (Paesaggio color vinaccia, brooch)
« per la resa fisica del paesaggio, per l’aspetto tecnico, formale ed esecutivo, che lega concetto tecnica e tema del concorso. »
 Nicoletta Frigerio (Mediterraneo-Attraverso / Poteri e fame, spilla) - Premio Gioielli Fermento in 2014 - Special menzione KLIMT02:Nicoletta Frigerio (Mediterraneo-Attraverso/Poteri e fame, spilla)
– Premio Gioielli in Fermento 2014 – menzione speciale KLIMT02



Torre Fornello Vineyard
29010 – Ziano Piacentino
Tel: 335 8083039


EXPO ‘Dieci Incanti’ – Internocortile, Torino (IT) – 21 Nov. 2013 – 16 janv 2014

Dieci Incanti – 21nov-2013- 16 janv 2014  Torino Italia

Dieci Incanti - 21nov-2013- 16 janv 2014  Torino Italia
“dieci incanti”: il gioiello contemporaneo nelle creazioni di:
Melissa Aiello — Laboratorio Orafo Lunatica di Lucia Bianco  — Silvia Beccaria
Luisa Bruni — Francesca Caltabiano — Ferdi Giardini — Maema — ManugandaManu Mara — Valeria Eva Rossi.
Silvia Beccaria
 Silvia Beccaria - gorgiera (detail)
uno dei "dieci incanti" è Luisa Bruni gioielli !
Luisa Bruni   2013 
via villa glori 6 (zona piazza zara),
10133 Turin


JOYA 2013 – Barcelone (ES) – 17-18-19 Oct. 2013 – ça approche !

JOYA 2013  Place: Convent dels Ángels (FAD) (Barcelona, Spain) – 17.Oct.2013 – 19.Oct.2013

Management: Paulo Ribeiro, Anthony Chevallier

JOYA 2013  Place: Convent dels Ángels (FAD) (Barcelona, Spain) Management: Paulo Ribeiro, Anthony Chevallier 17.Oct.2013 - 19.Oct.2013 deadline: 30.Apr.2013  website: mail: mail:


Akis Goumas  Greece –  Alma Godolé  France –  Amira Jalet  Costa Rica –  Andreia Rollot Miguel Portugal –  Angela Ciobanu  Romania –  Angela Simone  Italy –  Anna Krol  Poland –  Anna Puig Spain –  Barbara Uderzo  Italy –  Carlos Bellante  Argentina –  Christina Karakalpaki  Greece –  Daniela Boieri  Italy –  Doru Dumitrescu  Romania –  Edith Bellod  France –  Erato Kouloubi (Kouloumpi)  Greece –  Eun Mi Kwon  S.Korea/Germany –  Florence Croisier  France –  Gabrielle Desmarais  Canada –  Pallavi Gandhi  India –  Hiroko Kobayashi  Canada –  Irene Palomar Argentina –  Isabelle Busnel UK/France –  Jose Marín  Spain –  Liana Pattihis  UK –  Marcos Honorato  Chile –  Maria Diana  Italy –  Maria Ribeiro  Portugal –  Maria Tsimpiskaki  Greece –  Marlene Beyer  Germany –  Nicoletta Frigerio  Italy –  Niki Stylianou  Greece –  Silvia Beccaria Italy –  Silvia Piantini  Italy –  Solveig Linke  Germany –  Stephanie Bates  UK –  Viktoria Münzker  Austria –  Violaine Ulmer  France –  Virginia Escobar  Colombia –  Yana Tankovska  Bulgaria –  Yannik Mur  France –


Liana Pattihis - 2013 - "splendour in the grass" silver cable chain, silver trace chain, enamel
Liana Pattihis – 2013 – « splendour in the grass » silver cable chain, silver trace chain, enamel – detail
Florence Croisier - merveille!!
Florence Croisier


EXPO ‘Ring Party » – Associazione TRA, Treviso (IT) – 8-16 Juin 2013

Ring Party
Treviso, 8 – 16 June 2013 – with AGC Italia

65 anelli in mostra

L’edizione del 2013 di Ring Party, si terrà a Treviso da sabato 8 al 16 giugno nello storico palazzo del tredicesimo secolo Ca’ De Ricchi in Via Barberia 25.
La mostra s’inaugurerà sabato 8 Giugno alle ore 18.00 con la breve relazione  » Il significato del Gioiello nella Moda » della Prof.ssa Maria Luisa Frisa Direttrice del Corso Design della Moda

Ring Party

  ring party - avec l'AGC Italia

Partecipanti:  Daniela Archiutti, Eleonora Battaggia, Silvia Beccaria, Maria Cristina Bellucci, Roberta Bernabei, Paolo Bertelli, Fernando Betto , Maura Biamonti, Adrean Bloomard, Patrizia Bonati, Luisa Bruni, Veronica Caffarelli, Monica Cecchi, Luisa Chiandotto, Katarina Cudic , Corrado De Meo, Clara del Papa, Francesca Di Ciaula, Elisabetta Duprè , Fernanda Duso,  Anna Fornari, Emma Francesconi, Maria Rosa Franzin, Nicoletta Frigerio, Francesca Gabrielli, Francesca Gazzi, Simonetta Giacometti, Lucilla Giovanninetti, Heidemarie Herb, Ute Kolar, Alba Polenghi Lisca, Angelo Lomuscio, Elvio Lunian, Letizia Maggio, Rita Marcangelo, Gigi Mariani, Simona Materi, Marco Minelli, Paola Mirai, Francesca Mo, Giancarlo Montebello, Marilena Morello, Eliana Negroni, Margareta Niel, Bernardetta Ostani, Marco Picciali, Sara Progressi, Daniela Repetto, Roberta Risolo, Maddalena Rocco, Stefano Rossi, Kika Rufino, Giulia Savino, Sara Sazo, Chiara Scarpitti, Giovanni Sicuro, Sonia Spano, Sergio e Stefano Spivach, Maurizio Stagni, Simonetta Starrabba, Yoko Takirai, Rossella TornquistBarbara Uderzo, Angelo Verga, Federico Vianello, Laura Volpi.




palazzo Ca’ De Ricchi
Via Barberia 25
Treviso (Italy)


EXPO ‘Gioielli in Fermento 2013′ – Torre Fornello (Italy) – 12-29 Mai 2013

Premio Torre Fornello Gioielli in Fermento 2013
La Vigna delle Arti
12 – 29 maggio 2013
inaugurazione / opening domenica 12 maggio alle ore 16.30
con la collaborazione di AGC Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo e JOYA Contemporary Jewellery Fair
con il patrocinio di Provincia di Piacenza, Comune di Ziano Piacentino

On Sunday May12th 2013 during the opening of the exhibition, Enrico Sgorbati, Torre Fornello’s owner, and the Jury chaired by Gualtiero Marchesi
will assign the Torre Fornello Award – Gioielli in Fermento 2013
GianCarlo Montebello Jewellery designer, professor famous artist jewellery editor
Gigi Mariani Goldsmith artist, AGC committee member
Paulo Ribeiro Director of Joya Barcelona, Contemporary Jewellery Fair
Eliana Negroni Curator of the Gioielli in Fermento Torre Fornello Award project

Esposizione Gioielli in Fermento


A competition open to designers, artists, goldsmiths and handcrafters, for contemporary jewellery inspired by the following theme:

the sense of taste seeking for flavours: great skill in combining and refining

Fire, Ferran Adrià - Ring Party, Rita MarcangeloFire, Ferran Adrià (Ferran Adrià, Fundacion ElBulli.) – Ring Party, Rita Marcangelo

candidati al Premio Torre Fornello – Gioielli in Fermento 2013 :
Espongono gli autori: 
Patricia Alvarez (Argentina) — Graziano BarzettiEleonora BattaggiaSilvia BeccariaMaura Biamonti (Francia) — Narciso Bresciani — Lilia Breyter (Argentina) — Maria Carelli (Argentina) — Luisa Chiandotto — Patricia Cruz (Colombia) — Maximilian Czerny — Giuseppina Dallanoce — Nicoletta Dal Vera — Corrado De MeoClara Del Papa – Martina Eiselein (Germania) — Eva Franceschini e Laura Stefani — Nicoletta Frigerio –  Gaspare Gaeta — Patricia Gallucci (Argentina) — Francesca Gazzi — Eleonora Ghilardi — Lucilla Giovanninetti — Roberto Grimani e Raffaele IraceHeidemarie HerbAnnamaria Iodice — Mia Kwon (Germania) — Li-Chu Wu (GB) — Simona Materi — Materiaprima design — Alessia Mocavero — Katharina Moch (Germania) — Victoria Münzker (Austria) — Margareta Niel (Austria) — Roberta Pavone — Barbara Paz Sanchez (Argentina) — Alessandro Petrolati — Sara Progressi — Roberta Risolo — Gianni Riva — Stefano RossiMaddalena Rocco — Kika Rufino (Brasile) — Giulia Savino — Flora Sica — Simonetta Starrabba — Claudia Steiner (Austria) — Federico Vianello — Heike Wanner (Austria) — Seo Jeong Woo (Korea) — Davide Zambon —  Caterina Zanca.

Gioilli in fermento 2013 -  Heidemarie Herb brooches - Herb brooches