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EXPO ‘Faultlines’ – Gallery V&V, Wien (AT) – 25 Mai-15 Juill. 2012

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FAULTLINES -  Susanne Hammer 

Eröffnung: Donnerstag 24. Mai 2012, 19 Uhr

Bead necklaces 2011-12: V&V Gallery has decided to put over 30 of her most recent pieces on display, tracking Susanne Hammer‘s layered and complex inspirations and transformations of the simple bead.

EXPO 'Faultlines' - Gallery V&V, Wien (AT) - 25 Mai-15 Juill. 2012 dans Autriche (AT)

« In geology, a fault line (crack, displacement or disruption) is a line of breakage where two rocks shift against each other. Picking up on my work with metal chains, which also revolved around disruption and deconstruction followed by reconstruction in an altered shape, with ‘fault lines’ I have brought a new angle to the classic sequencing of beads. Sections of threaded wooden beads are stiffened with synthetic resin and then cut in such a manner that the original material is exposed again yet, at the same time, the sequence is reconstructed according to a different rationale, with clearly visible breaks and shifts. Susanne Hammer 2012″

faultLines_04 dans Exposition/Exhibition

Susanne Hammer (Fotos: Susanne Hammer, Peter Olschinsky)

Susanne Hammer is one of the most important jewelry artists in Austria. Her powerfully conceptual works place her on the edge of fine arts. The artist treats traditional pieces in a critical, ironic way, so raising questions about the general meaning and function of jewelry

photoSusanne Hammer (Editorial photography nevertheless magazine 02)






Galerie V und V

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SCHMUCK 2012- ‘Fremde Federn – Borrowed Feathers’- Munich (DE) – 14-16 mars 2012

« Fremde Federn – Borrowed Feathers »

SCHMUCK 2012- ‘Fremde Federn - Borrowed Feathers’- Munich (DE) – 14-16 mars 2012 dans Allemagne (DE) VundV1-1024x711


Anlässlich der “Schmuck 2012″ präsentiert die kunst.wirt.schaft ihre Ausstellung « fremde federn » während der Internationalen Handwerksmesse in München bei KASU.

Eröffnung / steirischer Umtrunk: Mittwoch, 14. März 2012, 17 – 20 Uhr Ausstellungsdauer: 15. und 16. März 2012, 11 – 19 Uhr

KASU Theresienstraße 19 / Eingang Fürstenstraße, 80333 München.

( before  die k.w.s. – Ausstellung  fremde federn ist im Jänner und Februar 2012  in der  Wiener Galerie V&V zu sehen.  Ausstellungsdauer: 27. Jänner bis 10. März 2012)


kunst.wirt.shaft is in Munich to show the 3rd edition of Borrowed feathers or the Zeisig talent
The austrian author Clemens J. Setz wrote a text (title:borrowed feathers or the zeisig talent) exclusively for the kunst.wirt.schaft . 36 international jewellery artists created jewellery-objects in reference to this text. The results of this working process will be shown in the exhibition.


Participating artists: 
Elisabeth Altenburg (AT), Sara Borgegard (SE), Attai Chen (IL), Chen Huo Ling (TW), Diana Dudek (DE), Esther Engele (AT), Lis Gort (AT-TW), Ursula Guttmann (AT), Susanne Hammer (AT), Margit Hart (AT), Gigi Haubenhofer-Salicites (AT), Stefan Heuser (DE), Reiko Ishiyama (JP), Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav (Estland), Esther Knobel (Israel), Katarina Kotselainen (Estland), Lisa Kröber (DE), Erik Kuiper (NL), Birgit Laken (NL), Jana Machatova (Slowakei), Viktoria Münzker (Slowakei), Manfred Nisslmüller (A), Ettel Poobus (Estland), Wolfgang Rahs (A), Isabell Schaupp (DE), Ann Schmalwasser (DE), Eva Schmeiser-Cadia (A), Peter Skubic (A), Kristyna Spanihelova (Tschechien), Sanna Svedestedt (SE), Mirei Takeuchi (Japan), Terhi Tolvanen (Finnland), Andrea Wagner (NL), Anna Waibel (AT), Andrea Zahlbruckner-Jaufer (AT), Petra Zimmermann (AT)

 Sanna_Svedestedt_bracelet_Covered3_2011-400x346 dans Andrea WAGNER (NL)

Sanna_Svedestedt braceletCuir Bouilli, lava pearls, lacquer

3977201286_bc108cc0de dans Attai CHEN (IL)Katarina Kotselainen - Queen of pearls – Brooch – Silver, print, pearls 2009 Laken Collier Hoya Camosa

Andrea-Wagner-1 dans Autriche (AT)
5-Petra-Zimmermann dans Birgit LAKEN (NL)
Petra Zimmermann – ring 2010
Esther Engele – broche 2011 – gold, silver, paper, acrylic glass

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