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Schmuck 2013 – EXPO ‘Flora eats Fauna’ – Nymphenburg Palace, Munich (DE) – 8-10 Mars 2013

Flora eats Fauna

Who are they?
(Animals? Plants? Organisms? Objects? Bodies? Humans?… Creatures?)
If we are vulnerable, how vulnerable are they?
Who nurtures who? Does life precede death, or does death precede life?
Come and wander amongst ‘the others’, let yourself get intertwined in a cycle caught between defense and protection, captivating beauty and cruelty.
Discover your own values through their bewildering characteristics. We need each other.

during SCHMUCK : Flora eats Fauna -  Artists: Nora Rochel, Dana Hakim, Susanne Wolbers, Leonore Jock, Jasmin Matzakow, Stephanie Hensle, Jimin Kim, Hannah Joris.  Place: Nymphenburg Palace, Johannissaal in the Orangery  (Munich, Germany)  08-Mar-2013 - 10-Mar-2013    website:

Artists: Nora RochelDana HakimSusanne WolbersLeonore JockJasmin MatzakowStephanie HensleJimin Kim — Hannah Joris.

  Nora Rochel  Necklace: Happy Easter! 2013  Felt, stuffed animal Nora Rochel  Necklace: Happy Easter! 2013  Felt, stuffed animal

Jimin Kim  Brooch: Hallucination Flower I 2013  Korean paper, latex Jimin Kim  Brooch: Hallucination Flower I 2013  Korean paper, latex

Jasmin Matzakow  Brooch: Arcus 2012  Amaranth-wood, silver, steel, 11x9x2,5 cm, chiselled, mounted Jasmin Matzakow  Brooch: Arcus 2012  Amaranth-wood, silver, steel, 11x9x2,5 cm, chiselled, mounted

Dana Hakim  Brooch: My Four Guardian Angels 2013  Iron Nets, Rubber, Mirrored Plastic, Paint, Lacquer  The Blue Series  Photo by Josef Bercovich Dana Hakim  Brooch: My Four Guardian Angels 2013  Iron Nets, Rubber, Mirrored Plastic, Paint, Lacquer  The Blue Series  Photo by Josef Bercovich


Nymphenburg Palace, Johannissaal in the Orangery
Schloss Nymphenburg
80638 – Munich
Telephone: (0 89) 1 79 08-0


B-Side Jewellery Festival, Amsterdam (NL) – 4-7 Nov. 2010

B-Side Downtown Jewellery Festival in Amsterdam.

B-side’s jewellery route is yellow and ready !

B-Side Jewellery Festival, Amsterdam (NL) - 4-7 Nov. 2010 dans B-Side Festival

download B side Festival Poster



* “A-MUZE” - If you’re looking for refreshment for your eyes, taste and mind, you’re more than welcome to visit us and our creations, exhibited spectacularly at the Muzenplein 2. A picturesque and breathtaking bridge house, built in the style of the ‘Amsterdamse school’ in the beautiful south of Amsterdam.

Fanny Agnier, Bas Bouman, Yu-Chun Chen, Jantje FleischhutUrsula GuttmannJeannette JansenZsolt Kamaras, Beate Klockmann, Gitte Nygaard, Ulrich Reithofer, Nina SajetPhilip Sajet, Cay Schröder, Q Hisashi Shibata, Dana Seachuga, Wouter Nieuwendijk

at  Muzenplein 2  -     open thursday-sunday 14:00-20:00

 dans Bas BOUMAN (NL)


* We are very happy to announce you that the well-known jewellery artist Ruudt Peters is showing Lingam at B-side Festival. You can visit his works in an installation at Stout, Berenstraat 9 in Amsterdam between the 4th. and the 7th. of November.

 Lingam1 dans Beate KLOCKMANN (DE)lingam10 dans Beatrice BROVIA (IT)
Ruudt Peters - Lingam 1 – 200 x 160 x 170 mm, Glass, wood, foam, horn
Lingam 10 – 360 x 300 x 170 mm, Glass, wood, foam, malachite



* Min-Association : Noémie Doge (CH), Iris Tsante (GR), Maaike Ebbinge (NL)

min-association is a group of three jewellery makers that decided to join their strength and motivate each other within the field of artistic jewellery. The three studied together at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and graduated between 2007 and 2008. They enjoy to stay connected despite the fact that they don’t always live in the same country. With this exhibition they will show their joy of communication.


 at  Weteringschans 151  
open thursday-sunday 14:00-20:00


* students of Gerrit Rietveld’s Jewellery Department

on different location throughout the city of Amsterdam:
 - Sieraad Art fair: opening on the 4th. of November: 2am – 9pm
 - Rietveld Uncut at De Brakke Grond: 12th of November from 7 – 11pm & 13th of November from 1am – 11pm

“xxx Jewels”
The first thing you see when you arrive in Amsterdam Schiphol is a huge poster with a woman showing her bare breast.
‘Sex Sells’ is an overused concept.
Students of the Jewelry Department Het Sieraad of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie use this principle to show their work. They made collages combining pornography with their jewelry pieces. The explicit character of the pornography is transformed into a new image; a dialogue between body and jewel.
“xxx Jewels”, is a jewelry presentation in form of posters and a magazine.
The posters will be spread around the city during the time of the festival. The magazine is for sale and will be shown at the different locations of the B-side Festival; it also will be presented at the opening of the jewelry fair Sieraad, the 4th. of November between 2am and 9pm.



* Claire Baloge & Monika Zampa : “Stalagmite & Stalactite”

at 19 Pieter Jacobszstraat, (near Nes), Amsterdam
Open Thursday 18.00 – 21.00, Friday 14.00 – 20.00,
Saturday 14.00 – 20.00, Sunday 14.00 – 18.00

We invite the public to enter our private space, “cave”, where they can discover our personal world. Where not only jewellery is growing but also other forms and shapes of artistic expression take place. It is a continuous process of growth, like stalagmites and stalactites.


*  Valuables – the weight of ideas”

Beatrice Brovia, Nicolas Cheng, Dana Hakim, Susanne Wolbers
at Keerpunt 12, Amsterdam 

(voir article  EXPO ‘VALUABLES – The weight of ideas’ – B-Side Jewellery Festival, Amsterdam (NL) – 4-7 Nov. 2010)


* Ursula Guttmann : “What Waiters Wear”

at Café de Jaren
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20-22, Amsterdam
Relax with a cup of coffee at the great Café de Jaren and look at the jewellery objects worn by the waiters there.

Tatoo dans Dana HAKIM (IL)Container-Sweety dans Dana SEACHUGA (IL)
Ursula Guttmann – ‘tatoo’
‘Container Sweetie’ – Latex, Nylon; latex, nylon, 2000 ( Photo: E. Grebe)



EXPO ‘VALUABLES – The weight of ideas’ – B-Side Jewellery Festival, Amsterdam (NL) – 4-7 Nov. 2010

You are cordially invited to the exhibition « VALUABLES – The weight of ideas »
within the B-Side Downtown Jewellery Festival in Amsterdam.

EXPO 'VALUABLES - The weight of ideas' - B-Side Jewellery Festival, Amsterdam (NL) - 4-7 Nov. 2010 dans B-Side Festival
Featured artists:
Beatrice Brovia, Nicolas Cheng, Dana Hakim, Susanne Wolbers.
 Opening time: November 4th-7th 2010, open all days 14:00-20:00

Address: Keerpunt 12, Amsterdam

 dans Beatrice BROVIA (IT)

“Valuables – the weight of ideas”
If we assume that:
and that:
We get closer to our belief of what jewelry is, of what it can be.
Through a joint exhibition and installation, we’d like to give our jewelry, and to the ideas originating it, a new specific weight, questioning and triggering the common sense of what is valuable.
How can we define a balance between material value and idea value? Between the visible and the invisible? Between tangible and emotional?
When discussing and questioning jewelry, the connotation of “value” (be it financial, sentimental, symbolical..) is always present. It therefore comes natural, to openly address the value issue, in all its shades and definitions, through contemporary jewelry.


Grassimesse 2010 – Leipzig (DE) – 29-31 Oct 2010


The GRASSIMESSE is organized by the GRASSI museum of Applied Art (Leipzig) and takes place in the reconstructed Grassimuseum, an important building of the Art Decó period. Three exhibition rooms with a total of 1200 sqm provide space for 85 exhibitors.

Grassimesse Leipzig

The GRASSIMESSE is an international forum and a fair for applied art and product design from all fields. It stands in the tradition of the historical GRASSIMESSE, founded in 1920 and famous as “Meeting Place of Modernity.” Since the reestablishment in 1997, the fair has been held once each year on the last weekend of October.

The GRASSIMESSE forum and sales exhibition in equal measure, reflects the world of ideas and the variety of contemporary creative design, promotes developments and sharpens the awareness for design quality. Unique products, limited editions and sample industrial products of jewellery, ceramics, glass, textile, clothing, furniture, metal, leather, toys etc. display a fascinating variety of creative design which allures to see and buy as well. This selection and international orientation enables to gain a comprehensive overview of recent innovations and trends, as well as timeless modern design.

Subject and concern of the GRASSIMESSE is the selection and promotion of quality. Therefore a jury of experts decides on the selection of the exhibitors and will award the four prizes on the occasion of the GRASSIMESSE.

A catalogue of the GRASSIMESSE will be released, it will be feature one example of every exhibitor.

Grassimesse 2010 - Leipzig (DE) - 29-31 Oct 2010 dans ALCHIMIA (IT) Hiller_Mirjam_01Nguyen_Thanh-Truc_01 dans Allemagne (DE)
Mirjam Hiller  – “Tulema” brooch, 2010. Stainless steel, created from a single piece, sawn.
Thanh-Truc Nguyen – Brooch, 2010. Silver, blackened, textile, plastic, assembled, wound, sewn.


Exhibitors 2010 (jewelry) : 

Aliki Apoussidou — Alexandra Bahlmann — Nicole Bauer — Maria Cristina Bellucci — Reinhard Berkes — Vera-Marie von ClaerBabette von Dohnanyi — Marianne Eggimann — Beate Eismann — Nora Fiege –  Jan Exnar — Miki Gamzou — Angela Wandelt –  Barbara Hast –  Mirjam HillerMargit Jäschke Michaela Kirchner — Ulrike Kleine-Behnke –  Unk Kraus – Thanh-Truc NguyenNicolay Sardamov – Beatrix SchmahAngela Simone — Silke Spitzer — Silke TrekelJasmin Winter — Susanne Wolbers — Arek Wolski — Alchimia Jewellery School — Burg Giebichenstein HS für Kunst und Design Halle – Studienrichtung: Schmuck –  Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim Fakultät Gestaltung/Metallgestaltung — Hochschule Wismar, Fachbereich Schmuck

Sardamov_Nikolay_01 dans Angela SIMONE (IT)Spitzer_Silke_01 dans Arek WOLSKI (PL)
Nicolay Sardamov – Brooch, 2010. Silver, shaped (wax model), cast.
Silke Spitzer -“Ein-Astkette” neck jewellery,2010. Wood, silver, blackened

Trekel_Silke_01 dans Beate EISMANN (DE)Winter_Jasmin_03 dans Jasmin WINTER (DE)
Silke Trekel – “Kaktus” brooch,2010. Iron, engraved, enamelled
Jasmin Winter – “Two sides” reversible neck jewellery, 2009. Silver, enamel, artificial resin, silk, assembled, enamelled, knotted

Wolski_Arek_01 dans Maria Cristina BELLUCCI (IT)
Arek Wolski – “Ludzie” brooch, 2008. Aluminium, anodised

13_31 dans Michaela KIRCHNER (DE)
Nicole Bauer
Neck jewellery, 2009. German silver, silver, etched, assembled

Beate Eismann – « Mass and Weight » works

Kleine_Behnke_Ulrike_01 dans Mirjam HILLER (DE)
Ulrike Kleine-Behnke – Brooch, 2010. Silver, wood, assembled, sawn





GRASSI Museum of Applied Art
Johannisplatz 5-11, 04103 Leipzig, Germany
Phone 0049-(0)341-2229100,
Fax. 0049-(0)341-2229200


Nos amis les bêtes : bijoux …. au poil !

J’en vois un, de bijou. J’aime, je mémorise (visuellement). Puis au cours de mes moult navigations, un deuxième. Puis trois. Et là, tilt!, la connexion se fait : l’ensemble est là, présent, obstiné, il faut qu’il soit « mis à jour » ….. et voilà une série « au poil » ! ;-)

J’avais peur que « Brigitte » et ses amis ne se manifestent…., mais, au contraire, une amie m’a dit « ah! enfin ! on sait quoi faire avec les poils qui trainent partout ! » bon, toutous zé matous, tenez vous bien !

Katrina Kosturko - Lady ring  - Puff Ring, 2009Katrina Kosturko - Moose Relic, 2007
Katrina Kosturko  – Lady ring – Sterling Silver, Dog Fur
Katrina Kosturko  – « Moose relic » – Sterling Silver, Dog Fur -Fabricated, hydraulically pressed, riveted, etched

Jason EBERL- Cast Silver + Fox Squirrel HairWendy EMERY- 'Vicarious experience' - Sterling, Cat Whiskers (moustaches de chat !!)
Jason Eberl - Cast Silver + Fox Squirrel Hair (poils d’écureuil)
Wendy Emery – ‘Vicarious experience’ – Sterling, Cat Whiskers (moustaches de chat !!)

Stephanie Ellis- 'Triccotillobracelet'- Sterling silver, glass, deer hair
Stephanie Ellis - ‘Triccotillo bracelet’- Sterling silver, glass, deer hair

Constanze Schreiber - brooch ‘Marie’  – Fur, silver, lead, steel
Constanze Schreiber - necklace ‘Elisabeth’ 2005 – Fur, silver, lead

Nos amis les bêtes : bijoux .... au poil ! dans Aaron SAULT (US) Imagen+7

Jacomijn van der Donk - necklace – brush (en poils de … ?), leather
Susanne Wolbers – broche – fourrure

Patricia Lemaire - 'Caresses' -poils de loup
Patricia Lemaire - collier ‘Caresses’ - corde, laiton, poils de loup
Aaron Sault rings with fox, squirrel, man’s hair & St. Bernard (dog) fur

Mari Isopahkala Finnish designer , using reindeer FUR
Mari Isopahkala (Finnish) – reindeer FURrings

Sipora AguiaSipora Aguia- bague en vison- « Entre les poils il a des fleurs qui sortent, en argent, c’est mon jardin d’hiver ! faite quand j’avais froid ! »

Sipora Aguia - vison (fur) ring - LOVE it !!!!Sipora Aguia

Michaela Binder (DE) - warm-up bangle – silver, salmon-colored mink.

Tina Rath (US) - Antler/Mineral brooches, mule deer antler, sterling silver, mink

Après ça, on est rhabillé pour l’hiver ! …. quoi ? on est au printemps ?! ah bon ……


EXPO ‘PREZIOSA Young 2010′ – Florence (Italy) 21 Mai-6 Juin 2010

Le Arti Orafe is glad to announces PREZIOSA YOUNG 2010. The third edition of this important exhibition of young goldsmith/artists selected for their individual research and for the originality of their creations will presented in Firenze, as a “collateral” exhibition to the fifth edition of PREZIOSA 2010
The aims of PREZIOSA YOUNG is to contribute to the diffusion of what is new in the research jewellery, what the new generation of goldsmiths/designers/artists have “boiling in the pot”…The exhibition opens on May 21st. To take part to the artists’ conferences on May 22nd, the day after the opening, interested people must register on-line (places are limited).

The selection of the 111 participants was handled by an international jury composed by Giampaolo Babetto, Johanna Dahm, Evert Nijland, Helen Britton, Angelika Wildegger, Dora Liscia Bemporad, Maria Cristina Bergesio, Giò Carbone

The 8 selected participants are:
Cheryl Eve , USA
Erin Keys, Australia
Monica Haneckova , Slovakia
Sachiko Shouji, Japan
Edna Yoshie, Japan
Sooyeon Kim, Korea
Adam Grinovich, Sweden
Melissa Cameron, Australia

Eve Cheryl. Connecting
Cheryl Eve, (Cheryl Eve Acosta) USA – piece ‘Connecting’ 2009Mixed media

Red Radial Pattern
Melissa Cameron, (AU) – Red radial pattern

EXPO 'PREZIOSA Young 2010' - Florence (Italy) 21 Mai-6 Juin 2010 dans Adam GRINOVICH (SE) rock_3rock_2 dans Cheryl Eve ACOSTA (US)







Sooyeon KIM - ‘Rock’ foam, cement, silver brooch


Because of the importance and beauty of works, the Jury decided to give a special mention to:

Marta Hryc, Poland — Susanne Wolbers, Germany — Elena Ruebel, Germany –  Sabine Lang, Germany — Jahyun Baek, Great Britain –Natalie  Smith, Great Britain –  Tiina Rajakallio, Finland — Lisa Juen, Germany

mHuOV5JSqyY1I85r dans Edna YOSHIE (JP)
Marta Hryc  (PL)

Sachiko Shouji. BangleMelissa Cameron. Red Tin Set
Sachiko Shouji (JP) -bangle – 2009 – Mixed media
Melissa Cameron (AU) -piece : Red Tin Set 2009 – mixed media

Adam Grinovich Yoshie Enda. Ring
Adam Grinovich (SE)- necklace – 2009 – Mixed media
Edna Yoshie (JP) – ring – 2009 – Mixed media


PREZIOSA Young Firenze
Via dei Serragli 104
50124 – Florence (Italy)
Tel : +39 055 22 80 131
Fax: +39 055 22 80 163


Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Image de prévisualisation YouTube


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