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Baltimore American Craft Council show (USA) – 21-23 Fevr. 2014

Baltimore  American Craft Council show Feb. 21-23, 2014.

Baltimore  American Craft Council show Feb. 21-23, 2014.
Christy Klug | Booth: 1601Christy Klug – Booth: 1601 Lisa Crowder | Booth: 1403Lisa Crowder - Booth: 1403

Kimberly Geiser | Booth: 2411Kimberly Geiser – Booth: 2411

Wendy McAllister - enameled brooches - Baltimore  American Craft Council show Wendy McAllister Booth # 2104 -  enameled brooches
silver & enameled earring by Christine Simpson Forni with 18kt gold ear wires.Christine Simpson-Forni - Booth: 1309
etc, etc, etc …..



Jewelry Metal (click to get the list of exhibitors) :

 Ashley Buchanan | Booth: 419Ashley Buchanan -  Booth: 419

BongSang Cho | Booth: 226BongSang Cho – Booth: 226

Petra Class | Booth: 505Petra Class -  Booth: 505

Donna D'Aquino | Booth: 600Donna D’Aquino – Booth: 600

Lori Gottlieb | Booth: 229Lori Gottlieb – Booth: 229

Tara Locklear | Booth: 602Tara Locklear - Booth: 602

Sydney Lynch | Booth: 422Sydney Lynch - Booth: 422

Lauren Markley | Booth: 3207Lauren Markley – Booth: 3207

 so-young park -  earth ringSo-Young Park -  Booth: 215 Meghan Riley | Booth: 302Meghan Riley – Booth: 302

Biba Schutz | Booth: 405Biba Schutz – Booth: 405

Kiwon Wang | Booth: 516Kiwon Wang – Booth: 516

Beverly Tadeu | Booth: 2205Beverly Tadeu - Booth: 2205
 etc, etc, etc …..


Jewelry Non-Metal (click to get the list of exhibitors)

Janine DeCresenzo | Booth: 222Janine DeCresenzo – Booth: 222

Ford & Forlano  -  Booth: 406Ford & Forlano  -  Booth: 406 Gustav Reyes | Booth: 410Gustav Reyes - Booth: 410

Myung Urso Neckpiece: Blue Monday, 2013 Wood, Twig, Acrylic paint, Beads, Thread, Sterling silver 19.5 x 27 x 1.5 cm

Myung UrsoBooth: 207

etc, etc, etc ……


American Craft Council

Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, MD

American Craft Council

1224 Marshall Street NE.
Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 206-3100


EXPO ‘Working in METAL : three women’, Aaron Faber gallery, New-York (USA) – 18 mars-19 avril 2010

‘Working in METAL : three women’

EXPO Aaron Gallery - 3women

The exhibition features the work of Glenda Arentzen, Sydney Lynch and So Young Park, different generations of jewelry artists with similar interests in working directly in sterling silver and gold. Exhibition opens March 18 at Aaron Faber Gallery, New York, and moves on April 15th to the Park Avenue Armory where the artists will present their work.

Glenda Arentzen, whose work is in the Museum of Art and Design permanent collection, celebrates more than forty years working by hand as a jewelry artist. Her silver and gold highly textured works are sculptural with an appeal that derives in part from their tactile qualities.

Glenda Arentzen
Glenda Arentzen necklace

Sydney Lynch (affiche), favors bi-metal, a gold-and-silver sheet metal that allows her to create works that play with both metals. She incorporates gemstones, often rough or cabochon, that are colorful rather than precious.

sydney-lynch-Gold Sticks Necklace- Green
Sydney Lynch – Gold Sticks Necklace – Green

 So Young Park, the most junior of the artists, writes in the third person about her work : « So Young Park’s concept is that of nativity ; where her work is not created but born through her diligent creativity of forming metal. Human and plant life have similar growth and life characteristics. Creation of life requires much patience and suffering. She appreciates being involved in the process to experience the power of miracles, even if it requires the endurance to give a life to her jewelry. Her jewelry pieces express desire, hope, and the power of life through organic plant forms and sea lives that are artistically rendered in a simplistic, geometric, and sophisticated manner.
Expressing the emotions she has towards nativity through using the assembling wires, tiny concave disc, hammered textures, and hand engraving patterns symbolize the origins of life and each elements represent the single cells that makeup all life.
So Young Park usually works on sterling silver and 18k yellow gold with pearls and stones to create beautiful jewelry. She uses a patina with silver to add beautiful colors to the surface. She also brings oxidized silver and gold together to express a beautiful contrast of these cherished materials.

So Youn Park necklaceSo Young Park -Nativity - brooch - sterling silver and pearlsSo young Park - sprouting II bracelet.- silver, & gems
So Young Park necklace« Nativity » brooch, silver, pearls « sprouting II » bracelet, silver & gems

Aaron Faber Gallery
666 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10103 (USA)

tel : 212 586 8411
mail :


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