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EXPO ‘RULE THE WORLD’ – Friends of Carlotta, Zurich (CH) – 19 Juin-5 Sept. 2014

RULE THE WORLD, a juried exhibition at Friends of Carlotta in Zurich, Switzerland, curated by Bruna Hauert.

Welcome to our world of lived-out deficiencies and psychopaths!

What are the adornments of dictators, despots, and the plain delusional ? What do they need in order to let their real personalities shine through ? What tools do tyrants have to show that they are in charge ?

Rule the World

Despoten sind – bei aller Einfalt – ein sehr facettenreiches Trüppchen. Sie wollen nicht nur geliebt werden. Nein, sie wollen ehrlich und echt geliebt werden. Notfalls mit Gewalt.
Doch: Womit schmücken sich DiktatorInnen, Grössenwahnsinnige, Möchtegerns und Trauminöds? Womit präsentieren sie sich, damit ihre wahre Persönlichkeit im richtigen Licht erstrahlt? Womit zeigen GrosskotzInnen, TyrannInnen und zu Höherem Berufene, dass die Macht mit ihnen ist? Besitzt der Mächtige Objekte der Macht weil er mächtig ist? Oder ist er mächtig, weil er Objekte von magischer Macht besitzt?
Und: Was gönnt der Despot sich selbst in einer launigen Minute? Welcher Schmuck feiert mit ihm in der Stunde seines Triumphes? Womit verwöhnt er seine Untertanen, damit sie sich ihm leichter unter tun? Und wie kann ich ihm huldigen, damit er meine wahre Liebe und somit seinen wahren Wert erkennt?
Diese und andere Fragen zum Thema RULE THE WORLD beherrschen das Thema der nächsten jurierten Schmuckausstellung bei Friends of Carlotta.
Willkommen in der Welt der gelebten Defizite und der Psychopathen in Bestform!
Ich freue mich auf die Pracht der Macht und darauf, Sie an der Vernissage vom 19. Juni 2014 ab 17h begrüssen zu dürfen. Oder an jedem anderen Tag während der Ausstellung. Herzlich  Bruna Hauert

Despite their simple-mindedness, despots are a very diverse little group. All they want is
to be loved. Or rather, they want honest and real love. By force, if need be.
However, what do dictators, megalomaniacs, wannabes and the delusioned adorn themselves with? What do they use to cast their personalities in a positive light? What do fat cats, tyrants and those destined for greater things use to demonstrate that the force is with them? Do the powerful own objects of power because they are powerful? Or are they powerful because they own objects with magic powers?
What’s more: What do despots treat themselves to when they’re in a foul mood? Which pieces of jewellery are there to share the hours of victory with them? What do they spoil their subjects with in order to make them more eager to subdue themselves? And how must I worship these despots so that they recognise my pure love and therefore their true value?
These and other questions on how to RULE THE WORLD will be the dictating subject of the
next juried jewellery exhibition at Friends of Carlotta.

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD -  Joo Hyung ParkJoo Hyung Park
- Annette Altenburger (DE) — Jessica Andersen (USA) — Christine Annau (DE) — Miriam Arentz & Annika Schindler (DE) — Ela Bauer (NL) — Nicole Beck (DE) — Stefan Behnke & Miriam Gradl (DE) — Brigitte Berndt (DE) — Marlene Beyer (DE) — Wolfram Beyer (DE) — Laura Bradshaw-Heap (UK) — Rachael Colley (UK) — Jennifer Crupi (USA) — Martina Czunczeleit (DE) — Laura Deakin (DE) — Saskia Derksen (DE) — Saskia Detering (DE) — Sam Tho Duong (DE) — Beate Eismann (DE) — Tanja Emmert (DE) — Ricarda Enderweit (DE) — Katja Fischer (CH) — Su Foster, Patsy Kay Kolesar & Simone Richmond (CA) — Katja Fox (DE) — Andrea Fretz (CH) — Yael Friedman (IL) — Helen Friesacher-Borst (DE) — Claudia Frisch (DE) — Masako Fukuda (JP) — Sam Gassman (USA) — Friederike Glück (DE) — Miriam Gonnissen (DE) — Nicole Grandics (USA) — Bénédicte Gross (CH) — Tamara Grüner (DE) — Christian Guthmann (DE) — Bruna Hauert (CH) – Stephanie Hensle (DE) — Jasmin Hess (CH) — Tomoko Hori (UK) — Mara Induni (CH) — Bettina Jakob (CH) — Florence Jaquet (CH) — Léonie Jeanrenaud (CH) — Edda Andrée Jessel (DE) — Leonore Jock (DE) — Udo Jung (DE) — Masumi Kataoka (USA) — Verena Klette (DE) — Luitgard Korte (DE) — Michelle Kraemer (AT) –  Unk Kraus (DE) — Martina Lang (DE) — Gregory Larin (IL) — Tracy Lee Black (USA) — Alisa Letsius (RU) — Reka Lorincz (HU) — Inés Mantel (CH) — Gigi Mariani (IT) — Laura Martínez (ES) — Susanne Matsché (DE) — Esther Mattille (CH) — Jennifer Merchant (USA) — Katharina Moch (DE) — Jillian Moore (USA) — Julika Müller (DE) — Viktoria Münzker (AT) — Nick Mullins (USA) — Elisabeth Mundwiler (CH) — Deanna Ooley (USA) — Ossi Oswald (DE) — Joo Hyung Park (KT) — Nadine Pawusch (DE) — Lina Peetz (DE) — Izabella Petrut (AT) — Annika Pettersson (SE) — Carmen Pfanner (AT) — Yvonne Raab (DE) — Daniel Ramos (DE) — Sarah Reinhard (CH) — Begoña Rentero (ES) — Claudia Römer (DE) — Sabine Roth (DE) — Vicky Saragouda (UK) — Nils Schmalenbach (DE) — Naoko Iyoda Schneeberger (CH) — Verena Schreppel (DE) — Nicole Schuster (DE) — Anna Silberstein (DE) — Eva Sörensen (DE) — Katrin Spranger (UK) — Johanna Stäss (DE) — Simone Strauss (DE) — Rebecca Strzelec (USA) — Eva Tesarik (AT) — Myung Urso (USA) — Viveka Valentin (DE) — Otto Van Winkle Peterstein (IE) — Barbara Vogl (DE) — Maria Volokhova (DE) — Andrea Wagner (NL) — Heike Walk (DE) — Heike Wanner (AT) — Caro Weiss (DE) — Klaus Weisser (CH) — Angelika Wolpert (DE) — Grandpa Wooley (DE) — Diana Zeiler (DE)

EXPO virtuelle / virtual exhibition here

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_  Jennifer CRUPI power gestureJennifer CRUPI power gesture

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Luitgard Korte - ringLuitgard Korte - ring

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Gregory Larin  'Nice to meat you'Gregory Larin  ‘Nice to meat you’ necklace – brass, textile, polymer

Andrea Wagner "Rule the World" Friends of CarlottaAndrea Wagner

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_Florence JaQUETFlorence Jaquet

Jasmin Hess jewels Jasmin Hess brooches « Love is what you PUT IN my heart » Brosche Holz, Textil, Garn, Silber

Tamara GrünerTamara Grüner

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_ - FOC - Brigitte BerndtBrigitte Berndt – « man Eater »

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD- Tanja EmmertTanja Emmert

Jillian Moore - at Friends of carlottaJillian Moore   « PHASELOS »
The obscenely over sized piece did not hang like a pendant. It framed her face and seemed to cradle her body. It required a formal posture and bearing that teased out an air of decorum she was not always prone to pulling off. A hybridization of legume, embryo, and organ, the piece could not be more ripe. It‘s glossy surface, and speckled edges felt less like a thing made than a thing born. To the starving masses it was a promise of fertility, but to her enemies it was a reminder that she might gut them at amoment‘s notice

 Johanna Stäß  Johanna Stäß

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_ Yael FriedmanYael Friedman

 EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Gigi MarianiGigi Mariani
« I wanted to think of a jewel that affirm strength and power. in which the tyrant will exhibit their achievements represented by balls enclosed between cubes, like columns that recall the force of power.
A potential rosary made to be shown to confirm the ego and emphasize his power.
Object to show, but that becomes amulet and creates safety to the wearer »

Nick MullinsNick Mullins

Bruna HauertBruna Hauert

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Bruna HauertBruna Hauert

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Izabella Petrut Izabella Petrut
« Jewelry to live every deficiency to the fullest extent. I choose to use a female and a male despot, creating two characters and two scenarios. They both compete for power, adoration, attention and they use the same weapons: the Penis, a symbol of power and dominance. My characters have a lot of insecurities for which they have to overcompensate with decoration and dubious behavior. The Penis becomes a symbol of desire and the despots see it as the object of their desire. The Penis becomes a cult object. Queen of all queens carries around a small wooden Penis pendant as a symbol of her dominance over men. It looks modest, unimportant and not too cared for. It is a trophy.
King of all kings carries around a wooden Penis to show he is the biggest, strongest and most precious of all. The piece is carved out of balsa wood and carefully finished. The piece is really easily imprinted if one doesn’t handle it with care, just like the King’s ego. The way it is worn, as a brooch on the shoulder, is disturbing for the wearer as well as for the viewer. »

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD -Katharina MochKatharina Moch

Sam Tho Duong for "Rule the World", Friends of Carlotta, ZürichSam Tho Duong neckpiece

Jennifer Merchant, "Rule the World" Friends of CarlottaJennifer Merchant

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_ - Begoña RenteroBegoña Rentero


Friends of Carlotta Bruna Hauert,
Neumarkt 22
8001 Zurich
Tel +41 44 261 87 07


EXPO ‘Slowcraft’ – Design Center Stuttgart (DE) -12 Juin-24 Juill. 2014


Aspects of sustainability in jewelry and textile art

Featuring the work of 5 Textile designers and 5 Jewelery designers who work in an artisanal and sustainable way.

Jewelry artists featured: Mirjam Hiller, Karin Seufert, Sam Tho Duong, Tamara Grüner and Martina Dempf.

Slowcraft (Mirjam Hiller brooch)

Quality needs time. This was the motto of the Slow Food movement that started more than 25 years ago as a conceptual alternative to fast food and all its negative concomitant effects. The Slowcraft show, which will be presented at the Design Center Stuttgart as part of its In()sights exhibition series, will be focused around the same concept. What the curators Martina Dempf and René Lang intend is to inspire is a new appreciation for artistic manual work. Those who create high-quality and sustainable products by themselves have to engage in the time-consuming development and crafting processes, which also include developing appropriate concepts and ideas and choosing suitable materials, as well as the artists’ devotion to the objects they produce. Before an artist or designer can even think about creating something, they need an abundance of creativity, expert knowledge, experience and long years of practice. Showcasing the creations of ten selected designers from the textile and jewelry genres, the Slowcraft exhibition will present high-quality and sustainable solutions as food for thought to delight the public.

Martina Dempf, Pendant Gefäß 1, 2014, hammered silver, galvanized vessel. Photo Sebastian AhlersMartina Dempf, Pendant Gefäß 1, 2014, hammered silver, galvanized vessel. Photo Sebastian Ahlers

Mirjam Hiller, Brooch Falter, erdbeerrot-türkis, 2013, powder-coated stainless steel. 15 × 13 × 5 cm. Photo Mirjam Hiller.Mirjam Hiller, Brooch Falter, erdbeerrot-türkis, 2013, powder-coated stainless steel. 15 × 13 × 5 cm. Photo Mirjam Hiller


Design Center Stuttgart
Haus der Wirtschaft
Willi-Bleicher-Straße 19
D-70174 Stuttgart

Telefon +49 (0)711-123 27 81
Fax +49 (0)711-123 27 71


EXPO ‘Karfunkelschein’ – Handwerksform, Hannover (DE) – 22 Mars-26 Avril 2014

« Karfunkelschein » Exhibition at Handwerksform in Hannover (Germany)
Curated by Ulrike Knab

From March 22nd until April 26th At the opening of the exhibition and jewels by Lourdes Carmelo
Photographs by Lourdes Carmelo

De viaje hacia Hannover donde se exponen algunas piezas mías
Artists: Isabell Baumert — Christine Behrendt — Linda Berger — Julie-Theresia Angelika Blumer — Lourdes Carmelo — Justine Daferth  — Beate EismannFlavia FenaroliTámara Grüner — Margaretha Held — Isabel Kellner –  Anne Kessler — Sabine Klarner — Ulrike Knab — Iris Köhnke — Urdirla Muck — Alkie Osterland — Galatée Pestre — Doris Raymann-Nowak — Sabine Reichert — Ulrike Rössler — Julia Schultz — Laurence Verdier — Christina Wolff
Karfunkelschein © Handwerksform Hannover
Julia Schultz: Collier "Blühendes Metall"Julia Schultz: Collier « Blühendes Metall »
Brosche von Alkie Osterland / Foto: RaymannBrosche von Alkie Osterland / Foto: Raymann
Flavia FenaroliFlavia Fenaroli
Lourdes CarmeloLourdes Carmelo
Handwerksform Hannover
Ausstellungs- und Informationszentrum
der Handwerkskammer Hannover
Berliner Allee 17
30175 Hannover
Tel. 0511 348 59 – 21/36
Fax 0511 348 59 – 88


Amberif – Gdansk (Poland) – Amberif – Gdansk (Poland) –Design Award & Fair : 19-22 Mars 2014

AMBERIF – International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones



Amberif Design Award 2014 – exhibition of the award-winning works in the International Amber Jewellery Design Competition theme of 2014 : “Materia Prima”

AMBERIF design award

The watchword of this year’s Amberif Design Award is not just the alchemic representation of the primal substance able to take on the perfect form but also a direct reference to the contemporary idea of sustainability in design which respects local tradition, refers to the historical heritage of functional arts and elevates natural materials. Prized already in ancient Rome, Baltic amber is predisposed, as a substance close to the ideal, to be transformed into an original design. The unique nature of each individual nugget has always provoked artists to look for the right form, interpret associations, make use of its internal structure, colours, shades, transparencies and natural peculiarities preserved for the lucky finder over the past 40 million years. In an era of disposable products, it is sometimes worthwhile to look back to pre-history and fix your sight on the elusive aspects of both the physical and the metaphysical. The material, the medium itself usually gives designers a hint towards their first decisions; let us try to listen to this hint and follow through with it. We expect jewellery (without any functional limitations at all) in which the amber will be a remarkably strong justification for highlighting its most natural properties.Prof. Sławomir Fijałkowski

At the session of February 15, 2014 in Gdańsk, the Jury assessed 143 works submitted by 111 artists from 18 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia , Spain, Taiwan, UK, USA in the Competition with the topic Materia Prima.

Amberif Design Award 2014 : Main Prize  Nina Kupniewska & Dario Dalessandro

sponsored by Mr Paweł Adamowicz, the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk PLN 10,000:

Nina Kupniewska – Dario Dalessandro, Warsaw, Poland
This is a potent and brave piece – funny, uncomfortable, serious and maybe controversial.
It prompts discussion about our attitudes toward menstruation. In the past, this has been considered unmentionable, embarrassing, even dirty, although it is a natural and healthy process, fundamental to human life. Amber, hidden in the ground for so long, has an association of time and the mysteries of natural processes. Displaying the tampon in such a beautiful material potentially stands for a positive change in attitude.
Amberif Design Award 2014 -the Amber prize -  necklace by  Tomasz KisielTHE AMBER PRIZE

sponsored by the International Amber Association 1 kg of amber:
Tomasz Jan Kisiel, Gdańsk, Poland

The piece relates to the Materia Prima theme of the competition in a very convincing way.
An iconic necklace which is made special by the contrasting materials used. The qualities of the natural amber are highlighted by the contrast with the texture and colour of the other rough beads. There was much discussion about what these were made of. Tufa? Concrete? Bread?

  Amberif Design Award 2014 - the SILVER prize -necklace by Maren Giloy THE SILVER PRIZE

sponsored by the KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. 1 kg of silver:
Maren Giloy, Idar-Oberstein, Germany
The beautiful natural amber nugget has been exquisitely cut to form the regular shape of
a necklace. The artist perfectly tapped into amber’s natural assets, i.e. transparency, the tree crust effect and the proportions of the nugget. By deconstructing the upper part, the designer achieved an intriguing effect of contrast between shape and texture. The Jury acknowledged the artist’s meticulous knowledge of amber as a material and the use of unconventional techniques to transform the commonplace shape of the necklace-amulet into a piece that is both avant-garde and elegant.
The Jury decided to award six honorary mentions which evoke what the topic of Materia Prima brings to mind :
* Miron Kutarba, Puck, Poland for entry no. 021609
An intriguing combination of amber—a mixture of natural polymers, with plastic—artificial polymer chains.
Tamara Grüner, Pforzheim, Germany for entry no. 290473
Delightful piece, rich in detail and an unusual use of amber.
* Agnieszka Krzyżanowska, Bydgoszcz, Poland for entry no. 121106
For its graceful form and distinctive structure evocative of the natural conditions in which amber formed.
* Agnieszka Krzyżanowska, Bydgoszcz, Poland for entry no. 061112
Materia Prima—amber is central in more than one sense here. A very appealing and mysterious piece.
* Philip Sajet, Bruchkobel, Germany for entry no. 151053
For simplicity of message, the quintessence of amber encapsulated in a ring.
* Susanne HolzingerRegensburg, Germany for entry no. 936717
High quality presentation with a surprising and cheeky use of amber.
Philip Sajet -  Amber GlueringPhilip Sajet -  Amber Gluering

Amberif 2014 : HONORARY MENTION Susanne HolzingerSusanne Holzinger
The Jury selected 14 further works by the following artists for publication in the AMBERIF 2014 Fair Catalogue and for display at the exhibition:
Karolina Krych, Mikołajki Pomorskie, Poland for entry no. 240488
Karolina Navus Wysocka, Gdańsk, Poland for entry no. 789156
Marta Rudnicka, Łódź, Poland for entry no. 840328
Adriana Lisowska, Łódź, Poland for entry no. 836274
Iona Mccuaig, Saffron Walden, UK for entry no. 792031
Alicja Kołakowska, Pruszków, Poland for entry no. 361903
Tamara Grüner, Pforzheim, Germany for entry no. 290474
Wanying Xu, Florence, Italy for entry no. XYZ993
Heidemarie Herb, Perugia, Italy for entry no. 281000
Sara Gackowska, Międzychód, Poland for entry no. 710342
Piotr Tołkin, Gdańsk, Poland for entry no. 280813
Adriana Lisowska, Łódź, Poland for entry no. 233715
Monika Woszczak, Bydgoszcz, Poland for entry no. 230720
Karolina Krych, Mikołajki Pomorskie, Poland for entry no. 041010
Heidemarie Herb Brooch: Untitled, 2013 925 Silver, raw amber, steel, pigment 4 x 5,5 x 1,5 cm Photo: Silvana TiliHeidemarie Herb Brooch: Untitled, 2013 925 Silver, raw amber, steel, pigment 4 x 5,5 x 1,5 cm Photo: Silvana Tili
Amberif 2014, Gdańsk International Fair Co.
11 Zaglowa Street
80-560 – Gdansk
Telephone: +48 58 55 49 362


Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER – 30 Avril-30 June 2013

Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER  -  May / June 2013  Venue: Gallery of Art in Legnica

This year in the Legnica International Jewellery Competition REVOLT participated 319 artists from 43 countries. They sended 625 pieces. International jury (Galit Gaon (IL), Jiro Kamata (JP/DE), Hans Stofer (CH/GB), Sławomir Fijałkowski and Aneta Lis-Marcinkiewicz (PL)), which sessed in the days 4-5 of April, qualified to the exhibition part of pieces and chosed laureates. Names of the winners we will know on the vernissage, 18th of May 2013  in the Gallery of Art in Legnica, Poland.

Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER - may-june 2013


It is better not to turn on the television today. We are being attacked by images of economic crises, stock market crashes, falling ratings, budget deficits, cost cutting programs and increasing unemployment from everywhere. As a reaction to the overwhelming impression of a lack of opportunities there are emerging movements such as « Occupy … », helplessly protesting against banksters, corporations and governments. Doesn’t speaking in such circumstances about jewellery – the subject invariably associated with the demonstration of wealth and selfish hedonism – seem socially unacceptable and even ethically suspect? After all, the burning  of ATMs and the broken glass of jeweller’s shops have become part of the frustration of all the Indignados.
But there is also another aspect of the design and use of jewellery – which – like no other product of the imagination – can be an effective message, manifesting the point of view of the user – a voice of protest, being anti-or pro-, attitudes of rebellion, rebellion and guerrilla warfare. Can a standard set of slogans written out on banners, T-shirts and slap tags be complemented with another more sophisticated message? Are jewellery designers able to demonstrate their own opinion and join the discussion concerning non-aesthetic issues? Is the tradition of exclusive gold jewellery going to be our irreversible remorse? And will the chorus « Diamonds are a girl’s best friend » always sound  as infantile as the recent testimony before the European Court of Justice in The Hague of the famous model Naomi Campbell, who at one time accepted an embarrassing gift from the dictator of Liberia, tried for war crimes, so evocatively reconstructed in the movie « Blood Diamond » with Leo DiCaprio as a ruthless mercenary?
EXPO - Revolt (competition) - Legnica SILVER festival 2013

List of artists qualified to the exhibition :
 Agata Bartos (PL) — Nicole Beck (DE) — Claudia Betancourt & Ricardo Pulgar (Chile) — Krzysztof Borkowski (PL) — Andrzej Boss (PL) — Vernon Bowden (NZ) — Laura Bradshaw-Heap (Irl) – Bartosz Chmielewski (PL) — Sungho Cho (S. KR) — Jeongsun Choi (S. KR) — Teresa Dantas (PT) — Katharina Dettar (DE/ES) — Sara Gackowska (PL) – Tamara Grüner (DE) — Mieczysław Gryza (PL) — Nils Hint (EE) — Susanne Holzinger (DE) — Maja Houtman (NL) — Marta Hryc (PL) — Joanna Hryniewicz (PL) — Dorry Hsu (Taiwan/CA) — Mari Ishikawa (JP) — Timothy Information Limited (GB) — Luijt Janjaap (NL) — Lee Jeong Hwa (S. KR) — Christina Karababa (GR) — Renata Korpas-Sutowicz (PL) — Dominik Kotwicki (PL) — Solveiga Krivičiene & Alfredas Krivičius (Lithuania) — Marzena Krupa (PL) — Claudia Küster (DE) — Lena Lindahl (SE) — Ria Lins (BE) — Susanne Matsché (AT) — Marek Mrowiński (PL) — Marek Nałęcz-Nieniewski (PL) — Michalina Owczarek (PL) — Andrzej Pacak (PL) — Fiona Parkinson (GB) — Krzysztof Piotrowski (PL) — Sari Räthel (DE) — Mandy Rasch (DE) — Berta Riera Ruiz (ES) — Isabell Schaupp (DE) — Kveto slava Flora Sekanova (Slovakia/ NZ — Katarína Siposová Węgry (HU) — Ludmila Šikolová (Czech Republic) — Grzegorz Radosław Ślączka (PL) — Terajima Takayoshi (JP) — Bartosz Ulatowski (PL)



About festival

For more than thirty years, the Gallery of Art in Legnica has specialised in promoting contemporary jewellery and artistic objects made mainly of silver. We have been organising individual and group exhibitions of Polish and international artists, publishing exhibition catalogues, organising conferences and symposia, as well as fashion and jewellery shows, competitions and fairs. The most important event we organize is Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER. Every year we present individual and collective exhibitions as part of the festival, including:
LEGNICA INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY COMPETITION The competition dates back to 1979 and every year it has a different topic. The competition is open and addressed to all artists, whose task is to present their work on a given topic – every year a different one – including an original artistic idea and representing a high level of artistry and technical skills. What is favoured is the concept, value and meaning of an artistic expression. Works entered for the competition are assessed by an international jury, on which over fifty outstanding goldsmithing artists and theoreticians have sat so far. What is characteristic of the competition is the fact that the winners of the first three prizes receive – according to a long-standing tradition – silver pellets and cash prizes.
The submitted works are qualified by an international jury. Over the years, we have invited a number of distinguished artists to seat on the jury, including: G. Babetto, G. Bakker, O. Boekhoudt,  S. Bronger, R. Puig Cuyás, P. Derrez, G. Dobler, A. Gut, F. Falk, M.R. Franzin, M.J. van den Hout,  E. Knobel, O. Kűnzli, T. Noten, V.K. Novák, R. Peters, M. Petry, K. Pontoppidan, G. Pucsala, A. Ratnikowa, P. Sajet, B. Schobinger, P. Skubic, Z. Songqing, W. Tasso-Mattar,  T. Smeets, D. Watkins, M. Vilhena, A. Zanella and from Poland – M. Dubiel, M. Gradowski, I. Huml, S. Fijałkowski, G. Jabłoński, J. Sokólski, A. Szadkowski, T. Zaremski, A. Wolski.
ABOUT THE ARTISTS is a cycle of retrospective presentations of distinguished personalities in jewellery art from Poland and abroad, including: J. Byczewski (PL), S. Fijałkowski (PL), P. Kaczyński (PL), N. Cherry (GB), H. O’Connor (USA), E. Knobel (IL), V.K. Novák (CZ), F. Peters (AU), M. Petry (GB), Rose & Gisbert Stach (D), L. Šikolová (CZ), W. Tasso-Mattar (D).  Soon: R. Puig Cuyás (E), H. Hedman (S), P. Sequeira (P).
SILVER SCHOOLS is a cycle presenting the artistic oeuvre of jewellery art schools from Europe, their professors, graduates and students. So far there have been presentations of schools from Barcelona, Birmingham, Bratislava, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Florence, Hanau, Idar-Oberstein, Lappeenranta, Łódź, Matosinhos, Munich, Oslo, Padua, Pforzheim, Prague, Stockholm, Tallinn and Vilnius. Continuing the cycle in the subsequent years, we are going to show one after the other all European silver schools. A total of 22 schools has been presented so far. The cycle will be continued with the intention to show all of them.
DEBUTS is a cycle presenting pieces of young Polish artists, who just start their activity in the field of design and art. Our plan is to invite novices from abroad.
THE BOUNDARIES OF GLOBAL ART is a cycle of science sessions devoted to the newest art, goldsmithery and design.




The Gallery of Art in Legnica
Pl. Katedralny 1
59-220 Legnica, Poland
tel. +48 76 86 20 910, fax. +48 76 85 65 126


EXPO ‘Pasticcio’ – Galerie Marianne Heller, Heidelberg (DE) – 20 Avril-4 Mai 2013

Tamara Grüner: Pasticcio

On the occasion of the Long Night of Museums in Heidelberg and at the same time with the exhibition of the ceramicist Gordon Baldwin the Gallery Marianne Heller shows jewelry art by Tamara Grüner.
The term Pasticcio is used in the history of art to describe works of art being composed of existing elements and parts which then form a new harmonious creation. That’s exactly what happens in the work of Tamara Grüner. We recognize a lot of the individual elements. We can relate them to the corresponding eras but we realize the intensity of the contemporary creation in their combination.
She gets enthused by the opulence and splendor of the shapes and ornamentation. Her clear analytic way of regarding things prevents her from immerging completely but to maintain a critical distance that is necessary to create the suspension an orginary work needs. The mixture of intensive and serious discussion about material, shape and history, the humour that twinkles from time to time and the skill to transform supposed old-fashioned things or kitsch into a modern style make the jewellery of Tamara Grüner to something very special – the finest Pasticcio. 
Cornelie Holzach

Tamara Grüner: Pasticcio -   Gallery Marianne Heller  (Heidelberg, Germany)  20-Apr-2013 - 04-May-2013    website:  mail: Grüner Brooch: Indian Siam 2012 Historical metal pieces – blackened, silver, glass, steel – detail)

 Tamara Grüner  Necklace: Indian Siam 2012  Historical metal pieces - blackened, silver, glass  16,4 x 8,0 x 40 cm  Photo: Alexander König, Pforzheim, GermanyTamara Grüner  Necklace: Indian Siam 2012  Historical metal pieces – blackened, silver, glass  16,4 x 8,0 x 40 cm  Photo: Alexander König, Pforzheim, Germany

Tamara Grüner  Necklace: Crystal Deep Green 2012  Historical metal plate - blackened, glass, blackened silver  15,5 x 5,3 x 43 cm  Photo: Alexander König, Pforzheim, GermanyTamara Grüner  Necklace: Crystal Deep Green 2012  Historical metal plate – blackened, glass, blackened silver  15,5 x 5,3 x 43 cm  Photo: Alexander König, Pforzheim, Germany


Galerie Marianne Heller
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 2
69117 – Heidelberg
Telephone: +49 (0) 6221 – 61 90 90


EXPO ‘The Universal Language of Ornamentation’ – Pforzheim Jewellery Museum, Pforzheim (DE) – 22 Juin-30 Sept 2012

The Universal Language of Ornamentation  :  Tamara Grüner

The Universal Language of Ornamentation - Tamara Gruner - 22 juin-30 sept 2012

Ornamental designs count among the earliest signs of human cultural activity. Starting from simple carvings in various archaeological finds via intertwining lines to Baroque opulence, ornaments can also be found galore in jewellery. They are a phenomenon that spans the entire world and the most different cultures and, in spite of all its diversity, reveals similar patterns.
This exhibition will show the wide variety of ornamental forms of expression in jewellery from the occidental European region to the wealth of variants in the Orient. It will also explore the common denominators of ornamentation which can be found in all cultures and epochs and combine to form the universal language of ornamentation. The exhibition is the Jewellery Museum’s contribution to the « Mix versteh’n » (« Understanding Mix ») intercultural festival organized by the city of Pforzheim’s office for cultural affairs.

  Tamara Grüner  Brooch: Metopa 2011  Historical pressing in blackened metal, glass, porcelain, plastic, pigment, blackened silver, steelTamara Grüner  Brooch: Metopa 2011  Historical pressing in blackened metal, glass, porcelain, plastic, pigment, blackened silver, steel





Pforzheim Jewellery Museum
Jahnstrasse 42
75173 – Pforzheim
Telephone: +49 (0) 7231/39-2970
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Grassimesse Leipzig 2011 – Leipzig (DE) – 28-30 Oct. 2011

 Grassimesse Leipzig 2011


Grassimesse Leipzig

The GRASSIMESSE is an international forum and a fair for applied art and product design from all fields. It stands in the tradition of the historical GRASSIMESSE, founded in 1920 and famous as “Meeting Place of Modernity.” Since the reestablishment in 1997, the fair has been held once each year on the last weekend of October


exhibitors :

Aliki ApoussidouMiriam Arentz Antje Bräuer – Dimitar Delchev Beate EismannTamara GrünerBirgit Hagmann – Margit JäschkeLeonore JockUlla und Martin Kaufmann – Ulrike Kleine-Behnke – Jasmin MatzakowGertrud MenzelMelanie NützelKarla Schabert Isabell SchauppBeatrix Schmah Susanne Elisabeth Schmitt Heike Schönfeld Susanne SchumacherMarkus Schürmeyer Hiawatha Seiffert Volker Senger Ja-Kyung ShinSilke Spitzer Katja Stelz Anna Sykora Silke Trekel Lilli Veers Gabi Veit GELA-HÜTE Martin Wilmes Irene Wolf Bettina WürtenbergerSabine Zimmermann Galerie Brutto Gusto Angewandte Kunst SchneebergBauhaus-Universität Weimar Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule HalleBurg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle – Studienrichtung: BuchkunstBurg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle – Studienrichtung: PlastikBurg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle – Studienrichtung: Textil Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Anhalt (FH) Hochschule für angewandte Kunst und Wissenschaft Hildesheim (HAWK) Universität der Künste Berlin
Leonore Jock - « Klunker für Uschi » –

Grassimesse Leipzig 2011 - Leipzig (DE) - 28-30 Oct. 2011 dans Aliki APOUSSIDOU (GR) Gruener_Tamara_Halsschmuck_Dorium_01
Tamara Grüner Halsschmuck „Dorium“, 2011. Historische Press- und Stanzteile, farbiges Porzellan, Silber, Kunststoff –
Phantasievolle Schmuck-Käfer zeigt uns im Herbst Melanie Nützel auf der Grassimesse 2011!
Miriam Arentz bei der Grassimesse 2011:

Schabert_Karla_Ohrschmuck_01 dans Allemagne (DE)
Karla Schabert- Ohrschmuck « Spezial 1″, seit 2004. 100% Baumwollgarn, Glasperlen, 925er Silber (Brisuren), umhäkelte Glasperlen
Aliki Apoussidou -Dreifacher Ring, 2011. Eisen, heiß geschmiedet –
Добре дошли! Broschen aus Waschmaschinenschlauch zeigt Dimitar Delchev auf der Grassimesse 2011
Beate Eismann in ihrem Schmuck – zu sehen auf der Grassimesse 2011 und hier:

Braeuer_Antje_Brosche_01 dans Beate EISMANN (DE)
Antje Bräuer - brooch 2010. Titan, Gold, Edelstahl, gesägt, montiert.



GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst, 04103 Leipzig, Germany



EXPO ‘Two Faces’ – Beyond Fashion gallery, Antwerp (BE) – 8 Sept.-22 Oct. 2011

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« Two Faces » by Tamara Grüner

EXPO 'Two Faces' - Beyond Fashion gallery, Antwerp (BE) - 8 Sept.-22 Oct. 2011 dans Belgique (BE) 276807_239215219456293_6468494_n

With the solo exhibition ‘Two Faces’ the jewellery designer Tamara Grüner shows a comprehensive look at different aspects of her work.
On one hand the exhibition focuses on colourful jewellery and on the other hand on pieces of black jewellery.
At first sight it is difficult to see similarities in the two types of work.

Colours, diversity, materiality, quills and knobs, transparency and a great variety of shapes of the underwater world are the sources of inspiration for Tamara’s colourful work.
Porcelain and plastics are the preferred material.

As a result of her fascination with ‘Berlin iron jewellery’ of the 19th century, the colour black pervades the pieces in all its variations. Pressed and stamped parts from the period
of historicism are combined with black porcelain and plastic in these jewellery pieces.
Lavish materialism and lush ornamentation, which can be found in jewellery from the Baroque period, have been transformed into contemporary jewellery.

Both topics, the underwater world and the historical looking jewellery immediately draw the visitor under his spell and makes him travel through time.
Tamara Grüner“Vinci per la vita” brooch, 2010. Antique pressed metal, plastic, pigment, silver, steel
Tamara Grüner – Brosche « Madam Butterfly »


Pourbusstraat 7
Beyond Fashion is a gallery specialized in contemporary jewellery and products.
The gallery represents a selection of Belgian and international designers who are comitted to develop products that are one of a kind.


EXPO ‘Mediterraneo’ – Museo di Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo, Livorno (IT) – 12-19 Avril 2011



la Provincia di Livorno con il Museo di Storia Naturale in collaborazione con il Gruppo Toscano dell’AGC (Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo) e il Garden Club sezione Livorno, hanno organizzato un nuovo capito legato ai gioielli contemporanei sul tema del Mediterraneo.

EXPO 'Mediterraneo' - Museo di Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo, Livorno (IT) - 12-19 Avril 2011   dans AGC Italia copertina1_2_2

Per questa occasione sessanta artisti (designer del gioiello contemporaneo) di tredici paesi differenti, dall’ Italia a Singapore, dalla Russia a Gerusalemme si confrontano con il Mediterraneo, il “Mare Nostrum” da sempre punto ideale di incontro, contaminazione di idee, culture, linguaggi e tradizione, un luogo dove le differenze hanno sempre rappresentato la sua ricchezza e l’ essenza stessa della sua civiltà. Cultura ed arte affinchè il “Mediterraneo” continui a rappresentare attraverso un autentico dialogo ed una convinta accettazione della convivenza, tra la compresenza e interazione degli opposti, un bacino di crescita per la società contemporanea. Gli artisti, partecipando a questa manifestazione, arrivano alle sponde del “ pensiero mediterraneo” e attraverso le loro identità, con la luce,i colori, i miti, i segni della storia e delle tradizioni, elaborano un linguaggio condiviso ed aperto alle diversità accrescendo, così, la consapevolezza della necessità di una coerenza propositiva nell’ambito della cultura del gioiello contemporaneo che ne garantisca una propria funzionalità storica.

E’ previsto un premio di 1000 euro rivolto agli artisti fino ai 35 anni di età che sarà aggiudicato dall’ opera più rappresentativa della tematica legata al Mediterraneo.

 (GRAZIE al web « seroxcult-oggi in italia« per l’informazione e la LISTA degli artisti !)
Farrah Al Dujaili — Susanna Baldacci — Graziano BarzettiFrancisca BauzaDoris Betz — Elena Bonanomi — Narciso Bresciani — Luciano Capossela — Valentina Caprini — Dania Chelminsky — Andrea Codervalor — Coral CohenTrinidad ContrerasFabio Corsini – Frances d’Antree — Corrado De Meo — Laura De Tanti — Valentina Della Rosa — Anja Eichler – Michela Silvana Farano — Nicoletta FrigerioFrancesca Gabrielli – Carlotta Gambineri — Amira GattasTamara GrunerHeidemarie Herb — Serena Holm — Younghee Hong Annamaria IodiceAnastasia KandarakiRallou KatsariAline KokinopoulosClaire LavendhommeEuik yung Lee — Ina Lee — Ji Liu — Angelo Lomuscio — Leonora Laura Lucani — Gerti Machacek — Maria Mamkaeva Cristina Marti MatòJudy Mc CaigKatharina MochViktoria MunzkerGular Mustafa — Alja Neuner — Ariel Matias OrtegaStefano PalestiniLiana Patthis – Barbara Pepe — Marco Picciali — Christine Richard – Walter Romani — Marco Sardi — Giulia Savino — Chiara Scarpitti — Xinzi Song — Sonia Spano — Maurizio Stagni Chiara Trentin — Jessica Turrell — Anna Van de Pol — Ingeborg Vandamme — Karen Vanmol — Gabi Veit — Federico Vianello — Lada Vosejpkova
l’articolo di Giulia Mantelli in « Arte e Arti Magazine » , anche se MOLTO interessante, non dice di chi è questo gioiello ! :-( se qualcuno mi lo sa dire ……

Euik Yung Lee

(Ma menomale che Valeria Accornero dil web « gioiellocontemporaneo » è la !!! fotografie E di chi sonno ! LUSSO !! GRAZIE Valeria ! :-) )

Francesca Gabrielli 

 dans Amira GATTAS (FR)
Trinidad Contreras
Francisca Bauza


Museo di Storia Naturale
Livorno (IT)