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EXPO ‘RULE THE WORLD’ – Friends of Carlotta, Zurich (CH) – 19 Juin-5 Sept. 2014

RULE THE WORLD, a juried exhibition at Friends of Carlotta in Zurich, Switzerland, curated by Bruna Hauert.

Welcome to our world of lived-out deficiencies and psychopaths!

What are the adornments of dictators, despots, and the plain delusional ? What do they need in order to let their real personalities shine through ? What tools do tyrants have to show that they are in charge ?

Rule the World

Despoten sind – bei aller Einfalt – ein sehr facettenreiches Trüppchen. Sie wollen nicht nur geliebt werden. Nein, sie wollen ehrlich und echt geliebt werden. Notfalls mit Gewalt.
Doch: Womit schmücken sich DiktatorInnen, Grössenwahnsinnige, Möchtegerns und Trauminöds? Womit präsentieren sie sich, damit ihre wahre Persönlichkeit im richtigen Licht erstrahlt? Womit zeigen GrosskotzInnen, TyrannInnen und zu Höherem Berufene, dass die Macht mit ihnen ist? Besitzt der Mächtige Objekte der Macht weil er mächtig ist? Oder ist er mächtig, weil er Objekte von magischer Macht besitzt?
Und: Was gönnt der Despot sich selbst in einer launigen Minute? Welcher Schmuck feiert mit ihm in der Stunde seines Triumphes? Womit verwöhnt er seine Untertanen, damit sie sich ihm leichter unter tun? Und wie kann ich ihm huldigen, damit er meine wahre Liebe und somit seinen wahren Wert erkennt?
Diese und andere Fragen zum Thema RULE THE WORLD beherrschen das Thema der nächsten jurierten Schmuckausstellung bei Friends of Carlotta.
Willkommen in der Welt der gelebten Defizite und der Psychopathen in Bestform!
Ich freue mich auf die Pracht der Macht und darauf, Sie an der Vernissage vom 19. Juni 2014 ab 17h begrüssen zu dürfen. Oder an jedem anderen Tag während der Ausstellung. Herzlich  Bruna Hauert

Despite their simple-mindedness, despots are a very diverse little group. All they want is
to be loved. Or rather, they want honest and real love. By force, if need be.
However, what do dictators, megalomaniacs, wannabes and the delusioned adorn themselves with? What do they use to cast their personalities in a positive light? What do fat cats, tyrants and those destined for greater things use to demonstrate that the force is with them? Do the powerful own objects of power because they are powerful? Or are they powerful because they own objects with magic powers?
What’s more: What do despots treat themselves to when they’re in a foul mood? Which pieces of jewellery are there to share the hours of victory with them? What do they spoil their subjects with in order to make them more eager to subdue themselves? And how must I worship these despots so that they recognise my pure love and therefore their true value?
These and other questions on how to RULE THE WORLD will be the dictating subject of the
next juried jewellery exhibition at Friends of Carlotta.

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD -  Joo Hyung ParkJoo Hyung Park
- Annette Altenburger (DE) — Jessica Andersen (USA) — Christine Annau (DE) — Miriam Arentz & Annika Schindler (DE) — Ela Bauer (NL) — Nicole Beck (DE) — Stefan Behnke & Miriam Gradl (DE) — Brigitte Berndt (DE) — Marlene Beyer (DE) — Wolfram Beyer (DE) — Laura Bradshaw-Heap (UK) — Rachael Colley (UK) — Jennifer Crupi (USA) — Martina Czunczeleit (DE) — Laura Deakin (DE) — Saskia Derksen (DE) — Saskia Detering (DE) — Sam Tho Duong (DE) — Beate Eismann (DE) — Tanja Emmert (DE) — Ricarda Enderweit (DE) — Katja Fischer (CH) — Su Foster, Patsy Kay Kolesar & Simone Richmond (CA) — Katja Fox (DE) — Andrea Fretz (CH) — Yael Friedman (IL) — Helen Friesacher-Borst (DE) — Claudia Frisch (DE) — Masako Fukuda (JP) — Sam Gassman (USA) — Friederike Glück (DE) — Miriam Gonnissen (DE) — Nicole Grandics (USA) — Bénédicte Gross (CH) — Tamara Grüner (DE) — Christian Guthmann (DE) — Bruna Hauert (CH) – Stephanie Hensle (DE) — Jasmin Hess (CH) — Tomoko Hori (UK) — Mara Induni (CH) — Bettina Jakob (CH) — Florence Jaquet (CH) — Léonie Jeanrenaud (CH) — Edda Andrée Jessel (DE) — Leonore Jock (DE) — Udo Jung (DE) — Masumi Kataoka (USA) — Verena Klette (DE) — Luitgard Korte (DE) — Michelle Kraemer (AT) –  Unk Kraus (DE) — Martina Lang (DE) — Gregory Larin (IL) — Tracy Lee Black (USA) — Alisa Letsius (RU) — Reka Lorincz (HU) — Inés Mantel (CH) — Gigi Mariani (IT) — Laura Martínez (ES) — Susanne Matsché (DE) — Esther Mattille (CH) — Jennifer Merchant (USA) — Katharina Moch (DE) — Jillian Moore (USA) — Julika Müller (DE) — Viktoria Münzker (AT) — Nick Mullins (USA) — Elisabeth Mundwiler (CH) — Deanna Ooley (USA) — Ossi Oswald (DE) — Joo Hyung Park (KT) — Nadine Pawusch (DE) — Lina Peetz (DE) — Izabella Petrut (AT) — Annika Pettersson (SE) — Carmen Pfanner (AT) — Yvonne Raab (DE) — Daniel Ramos (DE) — Sarah Reinhard (CH) — Begoña Rentero (ES) — Claudia Römer (DE) — Sabine Roth (DE) — Vicky Saragouda (UK) — Nils Schmalenbach (DE) — Naoko Iyoda Schneeberger (CH) — Verena Schreppel (DE) — Nicole Schuster (DE) — Anna Silberstein (DE) — Eva Sörensen (DE) — Katrin Spranger (UK) — Johanna Stäss (DE) — Simone Strauss (DE) — Rebecca Strzelec (USA) — Eva Tesarik (AT) — Myung Urso (USA) — Viveka Valentin (DE) — Otto Van Winkle Peterstein (IE) — Barbara Vogl (DE) — Maria Volokhova (DE) — Andrea Wagner (NL) — Heike Walk (DE) — Heike Wanner (AT) — Caro Weiss (DE) — Klaus Weisser (CH) — Angelika Wolpert (DE) — Grandpa Wooley (DE) — Diana Zeiler (DE)

EXPO virtuelle / virtual exhibition here

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_  Jennifer CRUPI power gestureJennifer CRUPI power gesture

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Luitgard Korte - ringLuitgard Korte - ring

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Gregory Larin  'Nice to meat you'Gregory Larin  ‘Nice to meat you’ necklace – brass, textile, polymer

Andrea Wagner "Rule the World" Friends of CarlottaAndrea Wagner

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_Florence JaQUETFlorence Jaquet

Jasmin Hess jewels Jasmin Hess brooches « Love is what you PUT IN my heart » Brosche Holz, Textil, Garn, Silber

Tamara GrünerTamara Grüner

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_ - FOC - Brigitte BerndtBrigitte Berndt – « man Eater »

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD- Tanja EmmertTanja Emmert

Jillian Moore - at Friends of carlottaJillian Moore   « PHASELOS »
The obscenely over sized piece did not hang like a pendant. It framed her face and seemed to cradle her body. It required a formal posture and bearing that teased out an air of decorum she was not always prone to pulling off. A hybridization of legume, embryo, and organ, the piece could not be more ripe. It‘s glossy surface, and speckled edges felt less like a thing made than a thing born. To the starving masses it was a promise of fertility, but to her enemies it was a reminder that she might gut them at amoment‘s notice

 Johanna Stäß  Johanna Stäß

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_ Yael FriedmanYael Friedman

 EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Gigi MarianiGigi Mariani
« I wanted to think of a jewel that affirm strength and power. in which the tyrant will exhibit their achievements represented by balls enclosed between cubes, like columns that recall the force of power.
A potential rosary made to be shown to confirm the ego and emphasize his power.
Object to show, but that becomes amulet and creates safety to the wearer »

Nick MullinsNick Mullins

Bruna HauertBruna Hauert

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Bruna HauertBruna Hauert

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD - Izabella Petrut Izabella Petrut
« Jewelry to live every deficiency to the fullest extent. I choose to use a female and a male despot, creating two characters and two scenarios. They both compete for power, adoration, attention and they use the same weapons: the Penis, a symbol of power and dominance. My characters have a lot of insecurities for which they have to overcompensate with decoration and dubious behavior. The Penis becomes a symbol of desire and the despots see it as the object of their desire. The Penis becomes a cult object. Queen of all queens carries around a small wooden Penis pendant as a symbol of her dominance over men. It looks modest, unimportant and not too cared for. It is a trophy.
King of all kings carries around a wooden Penis to show he is the biggest, strongest and most precious of all. The piece is carved out of balsa wood and carefully finished. The piece is really easily imprinted if one doesn’t handle it with care, just like the King’s ego. The way it is worn, as a brooch on the shoulder, is disturbing for the wearer as well as for the viewer. »

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD -Katharina MochKatharina Moch

Sam Tho Duong for "Rule the World", Friends of Carlotta, ZürichSam Tho Duong neckpiece

Jennifer Merchant, "Rule the World" Friends of CarlottaJennifer Merchant

EXPO - RULE_THE_WORLD_ - Begoña RenteroBegoña Rentero


Friends of Carlotta Bruna Hauert,
Neumarkt 22
8001 Zurich
Tel +41 44 261 87 07


EXPO ‘mineralART 2014 – Between Layers’ – Staatlichen Antikensammlungen, Munich (DE) – 13 Mars- 11 Mai 2014

 SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Staatlichen Antikensammlungen, Preisverleihung mineralART 2014

« between layers – Innenwelten des Achats »
“between layers – worlds within agate”

The prize-giving will take place on Thursday, 13 March 2014, as part of a celebratory event inside the Munich State Collection of Antiques. The competition-winning pieces and other outstanding works will be on display here during SCHMUCK 2014 and until 11 May 2014 during museum opening hours.

After the opening, please join the CURRENT OBSESSION PARTY!!! :
Thursday, 13th March 2014, 9 – 12 pm
84 GHz, Georgenstraße 84, Munich

Flyer mineralART

Award ceremony & opening: Thursday, 13th March 2014, 7:00 pm
State Collection of Antiques, Königsplatz, Munich.mineralART 2014“between layers – worlds within agate”

 mineralART 2014 is proud to present the work of following artists in Munich :

Claudia Adam — Penka Arabova-Pasheva — Paula Bahadian — Frans Beelen — Tereza Borlova –
Carolin Denter — Katharina DettarPatrícia DominguesMatthias DyerTanja Emmert – Elvira Golombosi — Lina Goltsios — Elena Gorbunova — Taehee In — Levani Jishkariani — Christina Karababa – Yeonkyung Kim — Beate Klockmann — Karina Lazauskaitė — Typhaine Le Monnier — Tianqi Li –  Cristina Martí Mató –  Judy McCaigViktoria Münzker – Tom Munsteiner — Julia Obermaier — Ruudt Peters — Hester Popma-van de Kolk — Sari Räthel — Philip Sajet — Nils Schmalenbach — Kvetoslava Flora Sekanova –  Giovanni Sicuro — Supavee Sirinkraporn — Jörg Stoffel — Karen Vanmol — Karol Weisslechner — Zindzi Wijminga — Getter Ziugand   ………..

An overwhelming number of 275 pieces by 161 participants ………………

#SCHMUCK14 -  MineralART competition - Annamaria ZanellaAnnamaria Zanella
MineralART - Sari RäthelSari Räthel
MINERALart- Li TianqiLi Tianqi
MineralART - Tatjana GiorgadseTatjana Giorgadse
MineralART - Julia ObermaierJulia Obermaier
MINERALart- Giovanni SicuroGiovanni Sicuro
MINERALart- Philip SajetPhilip Sajet



Staatlichen Antikensammlungen
Königsplatz 1
80333 München
Di-So 10-17, Mi 10-20 Uhr




EXPO ‘Junger Designmarkt’ – Trier (DE) – 14 Juill. 2012 – 10-17h

Fachhochschule Esd Idar-Oberstein : Dont miss the « Junger Designmarkt » in Trier next Saturday (10 am to 5 pm) close to Porta Nigra. 16 graduates and students of our department will shown their jewellery
Junger Designmarkt vor dem Stadtmuseum Simeonstift in Trier anläßlich der Ausstellung « Zierrat-Sieraad » am 14. Juli, von 10-17 Uhr (im Trierer Brunnenhof direkt hinter der Porta Nigra) :
 EXPO 'Junger Designmarkt' - Trier (DE) - 14 Juill. 2012 - 10-17h dans Allemagne (DE) 311685_338239876253924_514053563_n
Esther Fuchs — Marion Henné — Kristina Boneva — Antje StolzTabea Reulecke — Sylvia Schmitt-Haubrich — Eva SlottaDeborah Rudolph — Hildegard Rösch — Tanja EmmertSina Emrich — Simone Drechsel — Cristina Martí MatóAnne Wiedau — Julia Quitz — Hector Lasso
4b8bdfaf8a dans Anne WIEDAU (DE)
Antje Stolz & her creations
Anne Wiedau - ring (Idar-Oberstein )
Anne Wiedau ring –  Idar-ObersteinEva Slotta - 'berlin clouds #1' - Brooch, Unique item 2011 - Agate, Synthetic Amethyst, Silver – à Idar-Oberstein.
Eva Slotta – ‘berlin clouds #1′ – Brooch, Unique item 2011 – Agate, Synthetic Amethyst, Silver – Idar-Oberstein.
Tanja Emmert- broochTanja Emmert – broochDeborah Rudolph - brooch, Stein auf Stein 2, 2010, stone, rock crystal, epoxy, steel - 100 x 70 mm
Deborah Rudolph, Brooch, 2010  « Stein auf Stein »Hector Lasso, Ring Diamond - (cuttlefish casting)
Hector Lasso   Ring Diamond – (cuttlefish casting)
Tabea Reulecke, Dreamer, 2012, brooch, oxidized silver, enamel on copper, 75 x 80 x 10mm, photo: Manu Ocaña
Tabea Reulecke dreamer brooch





EXPO ‘Pebble – Gem – Soulstones’ – Ariane Hartmann Werkstattgalerie, Hagen (DE) – 18 Sept.-29 Oct. 2011

Stones. Pressure, heat, time and a certain composition are the components of their formation. Their value is different but every stone is unique. Lined with gold leaf, wrapped in plastic, mounted or described – Tanja Emmert, Vitalis Kubach, Simone Rahn and Tiffany Rowe show their different ways using stones.



Simone Rahn:
« I like the little surprises in life. Once in 2000 I stumbled into a vineyard snail cemetary. Their houses so beautifull lying in the mud – what  a waste! Touched by the simultaneous delicacy and robustness and the unique contours of their structure I searched for a way to give them a second life – since then I write on them. But not only on shell but on River stones in all sizes, shapes and colors, but also tree bark, wood, Christmas balls – in short, everything that can be written on…  »


Tiffany Rowe:
Liquorice galuchat
Inspired by the famous Liquorice Allsorts sweeties and their hundred and thousand sugar bead coating, Tiffany Rowe decided to create a colourful collection of globular pendants as intriguing to the eye as they are to the touch. Fascinated by the granular surface of shagreen (sharksin or galuchat, in vogue in the 1930′s), Tiffany wanted to recreate a modern version of this delightful substance. The pendants are thus covered with a myriad of tiny beads which compliment the twinkle of the precious stones.
Tiffany Rowe- pebble collection
Tiffany Rowe- necklace: Liquorice Galuchat – resin Beads


Vitalis Kubach:
The goldsmith Vitalis Kubach, a graduate of the Fachhochschule Idar-Oberstein, uses both metals and stones. Vitalis Kubach regards her works as more than pure objects: through them she would like to mediate between the visible and the invisible worlds and grant things a soul.

EXPO 'Pebble - Gem - Soulstones' - Ariane Hartmann Werkstattgalerie, Hagen (DE) - 18 Sept.-29 Oct. 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) vitalisthumb
Vitalis Kubach

mj_Arielle dans Exposition/Exhibition
Tanja Emmert Ring: Mounted Jewel ‘Arielle’ – gemstone, turquoise, agate, rock crystal, finegold



Ariane Hartmann – Werkstattgalerie. zeitgenössischer Schmuck & Design
Eppenhauserstrasse 14
58093 – Hagen
Telephone: +49 (0) 173 – 77 13 988
Telephone: +49 (0) 2331 – 30 66 543
Fax: +49 (0) 2331 – 30 66 543


Salon EUNIQUE – KARLSRUHE Trade Fair Center (DE) – 27-29 Mai 2011

Welcome to EUNIQUE – arts & crafts 2011

International Trade Fair for Applied Arts and Design

27.- 29 MAI 2011

With more than 350 exhibitors, EUNIQUE 2011 –arts & crafts is Germany’s largest trade fair for applied arts and design– represents a superb response to the growing general interest in exceptional products, unique design and small-scale hand-made product series. A visit to EUNIQUE 2011 – arts & crafts in the elegant setting of the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Center promises to be a voyage of discovery!

participating galleries and be found here .
list of exhibitors here

Salon EUNIQUE - KARLSRUHE Trade Fair Center (DE) - 27-29 Mai 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) 203580_126304264113637_1968968_n

Some graduates and a master student of the University of Applied Science Trier/Gemstone and Jewellery (Fachhochschule Esd Idar-Oberstein)will shown their works at the trade fair EUNIQUE 2011, Karlsruhe.Please come and visit their booth to see their jewellery design! :
*Tanja Emmert
Booth H4.1
*Héctor Lasso
Booth B4.6
*Jennifer Sauer
Booth G4.2
Tanja Emmert - ring
Jennifer Sauer- cage ring

249699_2095247861292_1248196810_2521867_4803489_n dans Ateliers d'Art de France
Nora ROCHEL will be at Eunique ! :-)


et un spécial « cocorico » :
Special exhibition « Maitres d’art de France »
France will present a special exhibition – « Maitres d’art de France »: selected French artists who have been chosen by the Ministry of Culture in France will be shown as a part of ‘Top of Europe’

Partner country  »La France »

Known for its distinct lifestyle, love for the beautiful things in life and savoir vivre, France shows not only its artistic potential with a joint booth at EUNIQUE 2011.

France is represented by the following associations and special shows:

*Maitres d’art de France -
Meet a selection of the top 100 artists in France, which have been appointed for life by the ministry of culture, within a special exhibition. 
*Ateliers d’Art de France
The french organisation is a member of WCC-Europe and presents itself with a total of 15 members:


*FREMAA- Fédération Régionale des Métiers d’Art d’Alsace
Our neighbours of Alsace are present with their regional association and 9 members:


Independant French artists on the French area:


*Nancy - Twincity of Karlsruhe
The twincity of Karlsruhe is represented by selected artists and the university ENSA – Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Nancy.

Blandine Luce
Suzanne Otwell-Nègre 

Michèle ForestMichèle Forest-parures textiles
Florence Croisier – bracelet – titane
Florence Croisier Créoles ‘Rock’ en aluminium satiné orange.

KARLSRUHE Trade Fair Center
Messeallee 1,
76287 Rheinstetten, Germany


EXPO ‘STATIONEN – SEASONS – NEUBEGINN’ – Ariane Hartmann schmuck gallery, Hagen (DE) – 15 Mai-16 Juill. 2011

Ariane Hartmann – zeitgenössischer Schmuck in Hagen
jeder Weg durchläuft verschiedene Phasen wie Jahreszeiten. Eine neue Station auf meinem Weg ist seit dem 1. April 2011 die Eppenhauserstr. 14. Die neuen seriellen Arbeiten STATIONEN geben die Möglichkeit solche Wegmarkierungen zu sammeln. IM WORT – SEASONS zeigt die Interpretationen von Ariane Hartmann bezogen auf den Jahreskreislauf.

Zur Neueröffnung und Vernissage lade ich Sie und Ihre Freunde am 15. Mai 2011 von 12:00 – 19:00 Uhr in meine Werkstattgalerie auf der Eppenhauserstr. 14. Bei Fingerfood und Prosecco präsentiere ich STATIONEN und IM WORT – SEASONS.

Ausstellungsdauer: 15. Mai – 16. Juli 2011

EXPO 'STATIONEN - SEASONS - NEUBEGINN' - Ariane Hartmann schmuck gallery, Hagen (DE) - 15 Mai-16 Juill. 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) 203470_224053334276598_6829513_n

Die neuen Räume – IM WORT – STATIONEN – Motto – CHANGE – Regenbogen – & Arbeiten von :
Kirsten Grünebaum, Cilmara de Oliveira, Stefanie Kölbel, Babette Egerland, Rana Mikdashi, Tanja Emmert, Margit Denz, Naschbag, Auri (Design von Anne Bader), Nikolaus Bergmann, Isabelle Falzarano, Simone Rahn, Karin Sehnert und Anja Pietrowski – warten auf Ihren Besuch.

frontweb dans Anja PIETROWSKI (DE)
Ariane Hartmann -
WITHIN WORD Collection
Ariane Hartmann - Necklace: Within Word Winter 2011 – 935 silver, aquamarine slivers, aquamarine string drop   GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mashrabiya7-big dans Ariane HARTMANN (DE)
Rana Mikdashi earrings

anja2 dans Babette EGERLAND (DE)
Anja Pietrowski – « chinese garden » …..the smell of cherry blossoms….a soft breeze touches the fine web of tree branches – medaillon 925/-silver, plastics, paint

herz1 dans Cilmara de OLIVEIRA (Brasil)
Tanja Emmert- brooch

cilmara2 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Cilmara de Oliveira Jewellery from textile structures

stefanie3 dans GALERIES
Stefanie Kölbel 

« Stefanie Kölbel crafts lightweight, filigree jewellery in the traditional bobbin lace technique. She uses other materials than metal wire or ployamide, that she can dye, and achieved new ways of expression that could not be realized with textile materials. The lace can be formed into theree-dimendional objects which are determined bey transparency, preciousness and ease. The material value ot this-consuming work becomes unimportant. « 

auriagohrring dans Isabelle FALZARANO (DE)
Auri (Design von Anne Bader) – earrings

babetteblauerballon dans Kirsten GRUNEBAUM (DE)
Babette Egerland- ring « Ballonschmuck » 925 Ag rhodiniert 

 dans Rana MIKDASHI (Liban)
Isabelle Falzarano – grencollier med akvamariner (& detail)




Ariane Hartmann schmuck gallery
58093 HAGEN  (DE)


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