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MADE12 – Brighton (UK) – 22-25 Nov. 2012


Brighton’s Design and Craft Fair

MADE12 - Brighton (UK) - 22-25 Nov. 2012 dans Bekki CHURCHER (UK) news16-3-copyMADE12 exhibitors : Karen Fox / Kirsty Fraser

Look out for MADE12 in Brighton from November 22-25 2012. The 120 makers include a fair sprinkling of ARTS THREAD members, such as Karen Fox, Rhona McCallum, Ros Millar, Suet Yi Yip and Kirsty Fraser.

link to MADE12

 dans Grande-Bretagne (UK)
Bekki Churcher Partially oxidised silver bangle
 dans John MOORE (UK)Bekki Churcher Geometric silver ring with a tumbled peridot
 dans Karen FOX (UK)Karen Dell’Armi  Etched Silver Long Necklace
 dans Kirsty FRASER (UK)Karen Fox – Ruffle Neckpiece. Stainless steel mesh-cloth, silk ribbon, 14ct gold filled chain
 dans Polly HORWICH (UK)
Kirsty Fraser, Rooftop Necklace, silver with frosted acrylic and cord
 dans Rhona McCALLUM (UK)Polly Horwich Five Red Rings. steel, plastic coating various


 dans Ros MILLAR (UK)
Rhona McCallum,   Marram I, Neckpiece (2011) Brass, steel
 dans Salon

Rhona McCallum,  Weathered Line Bangle (2012) Oxidised white metal, brass, epoxy putty, slate


Black and Rose Collection Rings
Ros Millar,   Black and Rose Collection Rings
 dans Tanja UFER (DE)
John Moore – Vane bracelet. Reversible. Anodised aluminium, stell and silicone
Tanja Ufer – Microchrystaline quartz, fire opal, 22ct gold, silver, fine gold kumboo
Pebbles Necklace
Liz Willis - Pebbles Necklace – Silver, hand stitched silk thread & glass beads. Image by Keith Leighton




the Corn Exchange,
Church Street,
Brighton BN1 1UG
in the heart of Brighton just around the corner from the Royal Pavilion
Brighton (UK)


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