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EXPO ‘Body Jewels’ – TextielMuseum, Tilburg (NL) – 29 Mars 2014-15 mars 2015

Body Jewels - textielmuseum

29 March 2014 till 15 March 2015

 Body jewels - TextielMuseum

In Body Jewels, the TextielMuseum presents a large selection of Dutch jewellery from its own collection, alongside a number of high-profile commissions produced in the TextielLab. Jewellery no longer serves only as an expensive status symbol, but has evolved in recent decades into art, fashion and sometimes almost unwearable objects. Body Jewels traces a number of these developments.

In the mid-1960s, a young generation of jewellers turned away from traditional jewellery practices. They set out to design jewellery that was accessible to all, experimenting with everyday, ‘base’ materials such as textiles, plastic and rubber. The use of textiles in jewellery culminated in the 1980s. Several artists with a textile background – such as Mecky van den Brink, LAM de Wolf and Beppe Kessler – gained recognition in the jewellery world and beyond, prompting the TextielMuseum to begin its own jewellery collection.

Both jewellery design and textiles have traditionally been associated with ‘women’s work’ and ‘the feminine’. Consequently, expressions are often dismissed as applied rather than fine art, as the makers would like. The older generation of innovators paved the way for jewellery ‘s recognition as a serious mode of self-expression. Today, those prejudices and value judgements carry far less weight.

The exhibition includes works by Maria Blaisse, Ela Bauer, Ellis Belier, Joke Brakman and Claudy Berbéé, Mecky van den Brink, Brigit Daamen, Iris Eichenberg, Studio Formafantasma, Willemijn de Greef, Maria Hees, Marion Herbst, Bart Hess, Lolkje op de Hoek, Beppe Kessler, Digna Kosse, Sonja Landweer, Marijke de Ley, Felieke van der Leest, Lous Martin, Hill Metselaar, Regula Maria Müller, Chequita Nahar, Evert Nijland, Emilie Pallard and Niels Heymans, Alet Pilon, Winde Rienstra, Margot Rolf, Lia de Sain, Jenna Tas, Annemarie Timmer, Thea Tolsma, Miriam Verbeek, Lie van der Werff and LAM de Wolf.

Body jewels - TextielMuseumBody jewels – TextielMuseum

Body jewels - TextielMuseumWillemijn de Greef - RED - 2006 - from the Weavings seriesWillemijn de Greef - RED – 2006 – from the Weavings series

Beppe KesslerBeppe Kessler - spinnaker cloth – 1985 – necklace & bracelet

Halssieraad 'Leguaan' uit serie: Zuiderzeewerken II, Willemijn de Greef, 2009, Collectie TextielmuseumWillemijn de Greef Halssieraad ‘Leguaan’ uit serie: Zuiderzeewerken II,  2009, Collectie Textielmuseum

 Willemijn de Greef -  "green" 2010Willemijn de Greef -  « green » 2010

EXPO Body Jewels - Maria Hees - Kubus -(photos Astrid Berens)Maria Hees – Kubus – (photos Astrid Berens)



Goirkestraat 96
5046 GN Tilburg – NL
Telephone: +31 (0)13 536 74 75 (Tuesday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00)



Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Hollande (NL),recup' / recycled,Thea TOLSMA (NL) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:10

Thea Tolsma

last exhibition : Object Rotterdam - For the twelfth edition of Art Rotterdam, from 10 to 13 February 2011, the stunning departure hall of the Holland America Line in Rotterdam, The Netherlands will again be the set for the international art fair to discover emerging talent.
At this international fair for autonomous design, twenty galleries from The Netherlands and abroad, will present unique or limited edition objects in the field of current design, crafts and jewelry.
among the 2011 Participants : Gallery Eewal Rotterdam, who presents Thea Tolsma  (Czaar Peterstraat 153 hs, 1018 PH Amsterdam, 020-3316759/06-53614954)


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Thea Tolsma
- Figure of 8 ‘plain 1 S’  2002   rubber  

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Thea Tolsma- Wave (uit de Shadow-collectie)   2005   rubber, bladgoud

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Thea Tolsma-Dona Isabella  2004  ø 35 cm  rubber 

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BLACK is BEAUTIFUL – début d’une longue série ……..

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Jean-Francois PERENA (FR),Seth PAPAC (US),Thea TOLSMA (NL) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:09

Pièces à TRES FORT caractère ! timides s’abstenir ……. SOMPTUEUX !
c’est ce qu’on appelle avoir de la gueule ……..

Seth Papac (US) necklaceSeth Papac (US)

Thea Tolsma black rubber collar  Thea Tolsma (NL) – black rubber collar (pneu !)

Thea Tolsma (NL) - black rubber collar (pneu !)Thea Tolsma (NL) – necklacerubber, onyx, gold

Jean-François PERENA - Collier Cuir, Os, Maillechort, Aluminium, Plexiglas, NacreJean-François PERENA – Collier Cuir, Os, Maillechort, Aluminium, Plexiglas, Nacre


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