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EXPO ‘Öhuloss – Castle in the Air’ – Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein (Germany) – 28 Nov. 2013 – 9 Mars 2014

Öhuloss – Castle in the Air – Magic Scene of Contemporary Jewellery Tallinn

28th November 2013 – 09th March 2014 at Villa Bengel,  Idar-Oberstein, Germany

At the opening of the exhibition on Wednesday, 27th November 6 p.m. you and your friends are cordially invited.
The exhibition shows works of internationally renowned Estonian Artists´ Association “ÖhuLoss” from Tallinn with works by Piret Hirv , Kristiina Laurits, Kadri Mälk, Eve Margus-Villems, Villu Plink and Tanel Veenre.
After a welcome by Mayor Bruno Zimmer, Mr. Wilhelm Lindemann introduces in the exhibition.
It is the second time that work of this extremely vital jewelery scene in Tallinn (Estonia) is shown in Idar-Oberstein. The new work of the Öhuloss group puts a focus on the aesthetic dimensions of gemstones. On display are works of spiritual power that are rooted not only in the Estonian mythology and history; they also reflect the magic of the Baltic landscape.

Participating artists:  Kadri MälkPiret HirvTanel VeenreEva Margus-VillemsKristina LauritsVillu Plink.

Tanel Veenre Neckpiece: Lonely Gardener Wood, rock crystal, silver, cosmic dustTanel Veenre - Neckpiece: Lonely Gardener -  Wood, rock crystal, silver, cosmic dust

Kadri Mälk Brooch: Guilty Carved jet, 14-karat white gold, black rhodium bathed, spinels Kadri MälkBrooch: GuiltyCarved jet, 14-karat white gold, black rhodium bathed, spinels


Kadri Malk - "Amnesia" neckpiece - black tourmaline, ebony, silver  - Malk – « Amnesia » neckpiece – black tourmaline, ebony, silver 
Kristina Laurits -  "Phrases" brooch - animal liver, gold, silver .... - Laurits -  « Phrases » brooch – animal liver, gold, silver ….
Piret Hirv - "Calm" brooch, silver - - Hirv - « Calm » brooch, silver


Villa Bengel
Wilhelmstraße 44
55743 – Idar-Oberstein
Telephone: +49 (0)6781 270 30



EXPO ‘Château éthéré/Castle in the air/ÕHULOSS group exhibition’ – SOME/THINGS SECRET gallery, Paris (FR) – 22 Oct.-5 Nov. 2011

Château éthéré/Castle in the air/ÕHULOSS  – group exhibition
Château éthéré / CASTLE IN THE AIR / ÕHULOSS is a group of 6 jewellery artists from Estonia: Kadri MÄLK, Tanel VEENRE, Piret HIRV, Eve MARGUS-VILLEMS, Kristiina LAURITS, VILLU PLINK []. Formed in 1999, the group has since exhibited their works jointly in Estonia, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Hungary & China. CASTLE IN THE AIR has compiled & published four catalogues [1999, 2003, 2010 & 2011], while art historians & critics from various countries have sited the work such as German art historian Rüdiger Joppien « …the walls of Castle in the Air are permeable; its content, ephemeral. It takes the form of a projection, developing at a magical moment like some object that in the morning rays of the sun seems close enough to touch, although it is kilometres away. Art bridges that gap; desire overcomes reality. »


Château éthéré / CASTLE IN THE AIR / ÕHULOSS group exhibition at SOME/THINGS SECRET gallery, 16 VILLA GAUDELET, 75011 PARIS, 6-8PM, OCTOBER 22ND is part of ESTONIE TONIQUE ESTONIAN FESTIVAL in Paris & Ile-de-France  [October—November 2011;]
Eve Margus-Villems
Piret HIRV
Kadri Mälk « Every Angel is Terrible » Brooch
Kadri Mälk
Kristiina Laurits. Cuff Maia. 2002. Wood, silver, lace, synthetic amethyst, knitting

EXPO 'Château éthéré/Castle in the air/ÕHULOSS group exhibition' - SOME/THINGS SECRET gallery, Paris (FR) - 22 Oct.-5 Nov. 2011 dans BOOKS / BIBLIO Orden%20saabujale-01
Tanel Veenre“Orden for the one who is arriving”



75011 PARIS  (FR)
viewing is by appointment only / l’exposition est visible uniquement sur rendez-vous




Castle in the Air/ õhuLoss – Jewellery from Estonia – Karl Bollmann – Arnoldsche Art Publishers- 296 pp. – Accompanies the exhibition Stories of the Seashore in the context of the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011, 26th August to 26th September 2011



EXPO ‘spatialPalace’ – Lübeck Kunstverein, Lübeck (DE) – 5 Dec. 2010-23 Janv. 2011

« spatialPalace » group is a group of jewellery artists whose activities are linked to the Estonian Academy of Arts: Kadri Mälk, Tanel Veenre, Piret Hirv, Eve Margus-Villems, Kristiina Laurits and Villu Plink.
spatialPalace was formed in 1999 and has since exhibited their works jointly in Estonia, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Hungary and China.

Kadri MALK- necklace 'D-moll'
Kadri MALK- necklace ‘D-moll’ – Silver, gold, artificial resin, rubber, jet, ruby, sapphire, spinel, tourmaline

Tanel VEENRE - brooch 'meltingsnow'
Tanel VEENRE – brooch ‘meltingsnow’ Druse of rock chrystal, moonstone, resin, silver, gold


About jewellery :
*Professor David Watkins has written about Kadri Mälk`s creations:
Her selections from the chaos of life … offer bridges of meaning between experience and memory, between the mind and the senses. Crucially, everything is fixed by the many gestures of making, in the same way that the complete composition in painting can be held together by the handling of paint on surface. The objects offer intimations of shared experience. They frame private worlds within a capricious external world.
*Tanel Veenre: a beautiful piece of jewellery is exciting. Excitement is a quality that comes into being upon collapse of the quantifiable and measurable into the inexplicable and personal. Fleeing from gold-edged emptiness binds the artist’s soul with the thing being created. It’s all somehow wordlessly conspirational. Artist and jewellery become witnesses to a crime in which they are both complicit.
* Piret Hirv’s signs of suspense mostly cause muteness. To live means to be lost (J. Ortega y Gasset). Who does not feel lost, will certainly lose his way, i.e. will never find himself. And only the brightening in the tree tops may show the way out of the forest. (Kadri Mälk)
* Especially lavish are the so-called luxury items of Kristiina Laurits. The lacy, sensuously curved, sometimes useless items and brooches are like peculiar ecstatic whim. It is unpredictable and irrational. It makes us smile.(Kadri Mälk)
* For Eve Margus, transparently glowing, dreamlike materials make the disturbance, when coming in touch with reality, physically palpable. Engraved translucent quartz and chalcedony and opal, carved silky horn and antlers, are tactile in themselves, like their treatment here. (Kadri Mälk)
* The work of Villu Plink is male and laconic, and it is different. He is picturesque and full of images. An image holds, and is not to be disputed. (Kadri Mälk) 



Lübeck Kunstverein
Köningstr 11
23552 – Lübeck
Telephone: 0451 74760


Estonian jewellery

The õhuLoss group of Estonian jewellery artists has opened its exhibition in the framework of the Schmuck 2010 jewellery show.

A group of Estonian artists called õhuLoss is also opening its own exhibition. Close to 70 pieces of jewellery from recent years will be on display at the gatehouse of the Alter Nordfriedhof on Arcisstr 45. The exhibition will be open until 7 March.
õhuLoss consists of the artists Eve Margus-Villems, Kadri Mälk, Kristiina Laurits, Piret Hirv, Tanel Veenre and Villu Plink. Founded in 1999, the group has exhibited its work in Estonia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Portugal.
Accompanying the exhibition is a publication in 15 languages with an essay by Peeter Laurits. Laurits has said regarding õhuLoss: « They belong to a category of artists – so rare in today’s world – who have not forgotten what it means to (be) sublime. »

Eve Margus-Villems, Kadri Mälk, Kristiina Laurits, Piret Hirv, Tanel Veenre, Villu Plink.

Kadri Mälk, Necklace, Eve Margus-Villems, Brooch,
Kadri Mälk – necklace  ‘Night Flight with Dark Conscience’ – Mixed media
Eve Margus-Villems – brooch ‘Fall’ Engraved horn, white gold.

Kristiina Laurits, Brooch, Tanel Veenre, Necklace,
Kristiina Laurits – brooch ‘Phrases’ – Animal liver, silver, buffalo horn, japanese lacquer, amethyst
Tanel Veenre - necklace ‘Frida’ Antique wood, oak wood, ruby, sapphire, silver

Piret Hirv, Brooch, 2001
Piret Hirv – brooch 2001 – silver, paint
Villu Plink necklace



Estonian jewellery dans BOOKS / BIBLIO 3354
õhuLoss, Spatial Palace
Tallinn: Jewellery Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts, 2003
62 pp, text in Estonian/English,
ISBN/ISSN: 9985-9465-3-7 Out of print
Catalogue of the group Spatial Palce formed by: Kadri Mälk, Piret Hirv, Tanel Veenre, Villu Plink, Katrin Sipelgas, Kristiina Lauritis and Eve Margus.
17873 dans Estonie (EE)
JEWEL – Hesitations in art  -Tanel Veenre
Tallinn: Tanel Veenre, 2009
144 pages – ISBN/ISSN: 978-9949-18-728-7
Price: from 25 €
Order book (Tanel Veenre)
features around 60 pieces of jewellery -  in Estonian and English


SCHMUCK 2010 – Munich (DE) 3-9 mars 2010 – PROGRAMME

Classé dans : Adrean BLOOMARD (IT),Alexander BLANK (DE),Allemagne (DE),Amandine MEUNIER (FR),Anna EICHLINGER (DE),Aud Charlotte HO SINDING (SE),Babette BOUCHER (FR),Bettina SPECKNER (DE),Blanka SPERKOVA (CS),Brune BOYER-PELLEREJ (FR),Carole DELTENRE (FR),Catherine LE GAL (FR),Christine GRAF (DE),Christophe MARGUIER (FR),Chuchart SARUNNAYAWATSIN (Thai.),Claire BALOGE (FR),Constanze SCHREIBER (DE),Daniel KRUGER (DE),Elena RUEBEL (DE),Emmanuel LACOSTE (FR),Eunmi CHUN (KR),EVENEMENT / Type of EVENT,Exposition/Exhibition,Fabrizio TRIDENTI (IT),Fiona HERMSE (UK),Flora VAGI (HU),Florence LEHMANN (FR),Florian WEICHSBERGER (DE),Frederic BRAHAM (FR),Gal. Marzee (NL),Gal. Platina (SE),Gal. RA (NL),Gal. Spektrum (DE),Giampaolo BABETTO (IT),Helen BRITTON (AU),Helfried KODRE (AT),Ines SCHWOTZER (DE),Iris EICHENBERG (NL),Jana NATIER (FR),Jessica WORLEY (UK),Joanne GRIMONPREZ (FR),Kadri MALK (EE),Karen PONTOPPIDAN (DK),Karl FRITSCH (DE),Katerina HANDLOVA (CS),Katharina MOCH (DE),Katherine RICHMOND (UK),Kathryn PARTINGTON (UK),Kristiina LAURITS (EE),Lisa JUEN (CN),Luzia VOGT (CH),Lydia HIRTE (DE),Mari FUNAKI (JP),Mari IWAMOTO (JP),Martin PAPCUN (CS),Masayuki NAGATA (JP),Maud TRAON (FR),Melanie ISVERDING (DE),Mia MALJOJOKI (FI),Mikaela LYONS (UK),Mikiko MINEWAKI (JP),Mirjam HILLER (DE),Monika BRUGGER (FR),Monika JAKUBEC (DE),Nathalie PERRET (FR),Nicole BECK (DE),Otto KUNZLI (CH),Patrick McMILLAN (US),Peter BAUHUIS (DE),Petr DVORAK (CS),Piret HIRV (EE),Renate SCHMID (DE),Rickson SALKELD (CA),Robert BAINES (AU),Sam Tho DUONG (VN),Shadi VOSSOUGH (UK),Simon COTTRELL (AU),Sophie HANAGARTH (CH),Susanne ELSTNER (DE),Svatopluk KASALY (CS),Tamsin LEIGHTON-BOYCE (UK),Tanel VEENRE (EE),Tarja TUUPANEN (FI),Therese HILBERT (DE),Tiina RAJAKALLIO (FI),Toni MAYNER (UK),Ulrike KAMPFERT (DE/FR),Vaclav CIGLER (CS),Villu PLINK (EE),Volker ATROPS (DE),Yoko IZAWA (JP) — bijoucontemporain @ 19:57

Schmuck 2010 in München / Jewellery in Munich
Events related to Jewellery during the International Trade Fair

3.-9.3.2010 Neue Messe München I Halle A1 “Handwerk & Design” 9.30-18 h
Sonderschauen der 62. Internationalen Handwerksmesse München. Schmuck 2010,
Exempla 2010 – Keramik, Talente 2010, Meister der Moderne 2010

Frame” Präsentation internationaler Galerien, Galerie Marzee, Galerie Platina, Galerie Ra

* Schatzkammer Australien -Treasure room Australia. Opening: 25.2.,18.30  h.
Galerie Handwerk,
Max-Joseph- Str. 4, 80333 München.
Tel. 089-595584
26.2.-10.4., Di, Mi, Fr 10-18, Do 10-20, Sa 10-13.
So 7.3. Special opening 10-14 h.

SCHMUCK 2010 - Munich (DE) 3-9 mars 2010 - PROGRAMME dans Adrean BLOOMARD (IT) 18038

[Artists:  Helen Aitken-Kuhnen, Robert Baines, Roseanne Bartley, Nicholas Bastin, Julie Blyfield, Helen Britton, Susan Cohn, Simon Cottrell, Anna Davern, Laura Deakin, Mark Edgoose, Mari Funaki, Stephen Gallagher, Kiko Gianocca, Kirsten Haydon, Marian Hosking, Linda Hughes, Johannes Kuhnen Carlier Makigawa, Sally Marsland, Christopher Earl Milbourne, Nina Oikawa, David Phillips, Nicole Polentas. ]

*Giampaolo Babetto. L’Italianità dei Gioielli, 6.3.-30.5. Opening 5.3. 19 h

*Wenn Helden zittern – Tokyo, München, London, 6.-7.3., 10-18, Opening 5.3. 19 h
Alexander Blank, Eunmi Chun, Stefan Heuser, Mari Iwamoto, Jasleen Kaur, Märta Mattson, Hajime Matsuo, Masayuki Nagata, Christopher Thomson-Royds.
Alexander Blank- brooch- Silver, plexiglass, rigid foam, lacquer

*Danner-Rotunde. Neu. Kuratiert von Karl Fritsch, ab 6.3. Opening. 5.3. 19 h.
Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich
Barerstrasse 40,
Pinakothek der Moderne, 80333 München,
Tel. 089-272725-0 u. 089-23805-360,
Di-So 10-18, Do 10-20 h

*Nicht dass Du mir von der Bluse fällst. (« Don’t you dare to fall off my blouse! ») 12.2.-10.4. Opening 11.2. 18.30 h,
Broschen von Volker Atrops, Peter Bauhuis, Waltraud Erlacher, Therese Hilbert, Otto Künzli, Karen Pontoppidan, Bettina Speckner.
Galerie für Angewandte Kunst, Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein e.V.,
Pacellistr. 6-8, 80333 München,
Tel. 089-2901470
Mo-Sa 10-18, Do 4.3. 17-18 h meet the artists, So 7.3. Special opening 11-17 h

(cf article « EXPO ‘Don’t you dare to fall off my blouse!‘ – Gallery for Applied Arts, Munich (DE) – 12 Fevr.- 10 Avr. 2010″)
Bettina Speckner - brooches

> 3.3. Wednesday

19 h: Glas im tschechischen Schmuck. 3.3.-31.3. Opening 3.3. 19 h
Václav Cigler
, Petr Dvorák, Stanislava Grebenícková, Katerina Handlová, Jan Hásko, Svatopluk Kasaly, Jaroslav Kodejs, Zdenka Lastovicková, Martina Mináriková, Martin Papcún, Jirí Sibor, Markéta Sílená, Blanka Sperková.,
Tschechisches Zentrum, Prinzregentenstr. 7,
Mo-Do 10-17, Fr 10-16
3.-4.3. 10-22 h,

(cf article « EXPO ‘Glass in Czech Jewelry – Contemporary Jewelry’ – Munich 3-31 mars 2010« )

> 4.3. Thursday

10 h: bloß keine Steine, « No gems, please ». 4.-7.3
Kerstin Becker, Susanne Elstner, Monika Jakubec, Michaela Köppl, Kristina Kundt, Gabriele von Miller-Lehsten, Daniela Osterrieder, Renate Schmid, Renate Scholz, Ines Schwotzer, Gottlinde Singer, Monika Vesely, Hanni Weber.
galerie GEDOK muc, Elisabethstr. 13 RG, 80796 München,
10-20 h   (

Susanne Elstner, Brosche
Susanne Elstner, brosche

12 h: Life’s a bench. 4.-7.3
Fiona Jane Hermse, You-Hua Hsieh, Tamsin Leighton-Boyce, Mikaela Lyons, Katharina Moch, Katherine Richmond, Elena Ruebel, Rickson Salkeld, Chuchart Sarunnayawatsin, Ching-Chih Tseng, Shadi Vossough,
Studio K162 Renate Scholz,
Klugstraße 162,
Tel. 089-1577231
Do-Sa 12-19, So 12-16 h              (

necklace_2+chu dans Alexander BLANK (DE)Mikaela+Lyons+Ecklectika+Collection dans Allemagne (DE)
Chuchart Sarunnayawatsin                     Mikaela Lyons

13 h: Ishikawa, Maljojoki, Steinau-Streinrück, Borgegård, in memoriam Ho Sook Sinding  (Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding). 4.-7.3.,
Frauenstr. 36,
Tel. 0179-2047433, mit Van de Velde im Auto -  13-16 h

9 dans Amandine MEUNIER (FR)
Mia Maljojoki - ‘Lollipops in the woods – Bites from everyday’

16 h: schmuck krönt das schöne. 4.3-7.3
Claudia Milic, Ingrid Römmich, Veronika Schmidt
Schlegelschmuck München, Nordendstr.7a,
Tel. 089-2710071
Do 16-19 h
Fr, Sa 11-18, So 11-14 h

17 h: The Box4.-7.3
Bette, Adrean Bloomard, Förster, Hilbert, Kallfelz, Helfried Kodré, Lisca, Fabrizio Tridenti, Flora Vagi, Luzia Vogt, Weber, Florian Weichsberger
Maurer-Zilioli – Contemporary Arts, Brescia, zu Gast bei
Kunstbüro Reillplast, Amalienstraße 21, 80331 München,
Tel. 0179-1023868,
Helfried Kodré (AT) – brooch                     Luzia Vogt – brooch 

Brosche, 2. Preis
Florian Weichsberger - broche

17 h: Dear James. 5.-7.3
Christine Graf, Lisa Juen, Toni Mayner, Patrick McMillan, Kathryn Partington, Jessica Worley.
Atelier Klarastr.1,
Tel. 0160-94957212, .
11-17 h

(cf article « Message in a jewel …..” (chanson bien connue) – “Dear JAMES”)
The JAMES Exchange

18 h: Bettina Dittlmann und Michael Jank. 5.-25.3
Galerie Isabella Hund, Frauenplatz 13,
Tel. 089-29160717
Mo-Fr 11-14 und 15-19, Sa 11-18 h18 h: Dormitory_Bauleitung_Laboratorio. Schmuck im Schlafrock aus 7 Ländern.
Atelier Stach, Welserstr. 29a,
Tel. 0174-8050333,
Fr 5.3. 11-18, Sa 6.3.11-13 h

18-22 h: Sam Tho Duong und Nils Schmalenbach. 4.-9.3
Schmuckgalerie tal20, Tal 20, 80331 München,
Tel: 089-24231491
Mo-Fr 11-19, Sa 10-16 h

18 h: Eternal shine – it´s not a pony. 5.-7.3.
Nicole Beck, Melanie Isverding, Constanze Schreiber, Florian Weichsberger
Projektraum J. Baumeister, Georgenstr. 66, 80799 München
Tel. 0176-23112592
Fr 12-18, Sa 11-16, So 11-18 h
Florian Weichsberger


18.30 h: Daniel Kruger. 4.3.-25.4.
Galerie Biro, Zieblandstr. 19,
Tel. 089-2730686,
Di-Sa 14-18 h

Daniel-Kruger dans Anna EICHLINGER (DE)
Daniel Krüger - brooch


19 h: AAVISTUS. 5.-7.3
Tiina Rajakallio, Tarja Tuupanen, Maria Vuorinen.
84 GHz Kultur im Keller, Georgenstr. 84, 80799 München,
Tel. 089-30637911
12-20 h


>5.3. Friday

10 h: Across borders. 5.-8.3
Leila Arzaghi, Lydia Hirte, Yoko Izawa, Christiana Jöckel, Sangeun Kim,
Studio Gabi Green, Gollierstr. 17, Tel. 089-54030254
10-18 h

17 h: õhuLoss / luftSchloss / spatialPalace. 5.-7.3
Kadri Mälk, Tanel Veenre, Piret Hirv, Eve Margus-Villems, Kristiina Laurits, Villu Plink
Alter Nordfriedhof, Arcisstr. 45,
Tel. 089- 2720526 (Friedhof),
Tel. 00372-5223595 (Kadri Mälk)
Fr 17-21, Sa-So 12-18 h

(cf article « Estonian jewellery« )


17 h: 2 Münchener Goldschmiede +1 junger Star. 5-12.3
Peter Müller, Dagmar Stühler, Mirjam Hiller.
Galerie Stühler bei Winterberg-Kunst, Barerstr. 46, 80333 München,
Tel. 0177-8817633
5.3. 17-23h, 6.-12.3. 12-18 h

17 h: “mine x mine”. 5.-9.3
Mikiko Minewaki und Yutaka Minegishi
WITTENBRINKFuenfhoefe, Theatinerstr. 14,
Tel: 089-25541933
12-19 h

18 h: Cagnes-sur-Mer hors les murs präsentiert Also known as jewellery, 3.-9.3
a travelling exhibition of French contemporary jewellery.
Baloge, Boucher, Boyer-Pellerej, Braham, Brugger, Deltenre, Grimonprez, Hanagarth, Kampfert, Lacoste, Le Gal, Lehmann, Marguier, Meunier, Natier, Perret, Traon.
L’institut Français, Kaulbachstraße 13,
Tel. 089-2866280
9-21 h18 h: Dialogue 8. 5.-7.3
P. Bishai, A, Death, R. Gilbert, B. Humphries, J. Patterson, J. Robinson, P. Scura, Timothy Information Limited, R. Terry, A. Toch.
Kunstgießerei Schwabing, Schleißheimer Str. 72, with 84 GHz,
Fr 18-21 h, Sa-So 12-20 h

19 h: Jewellery Mia Maljojoki bei “Meisterschüler 2010“ 6.-14.3.
Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Galerie der Künstler, Maximilianstr. 42, 80538 München,
Mi-Sa 14-19 h

20 h: Iris Eichenberg : Birds and flowers of Michigan.  5.3.-24.4
Galerie Spektrum, Theresienstr. 46,
Tel. 089-284590,Di-Fr 13-19, Sa 11-14,
7.3. Special opening12-18 h
Iris EichenbergBrooch

> 6.3. Saturday

11 h: Returning to the Jewel is a Return from Exile 2. 6.-7.3.
Robert Baines, Karl Fritsch, Gerd Rothmann, präsentiert von Galerie Biro,
Einsäulen-Saal Münchner Residenz, Residenzstr. 1,
Tel. 089-2730686
11-18 h

11 h: 3 x GOLD. 6-8.3.
Florian Buddeberg, Anna Eichlinger, Irene Gonzalez,
Bergmannstr. 28,
Tel. 0173-5926015
Sa u.Mo 11-16, So 11-18 h
Neue Messe München Halle A1, Aktionsbühne

16 h: Talente-Preis Verleihung
17 h: Herbert-Hofmann-Preis Verleihung
20 h: Jewellery Get-together
Augustiner Großgaststätten, Neuhauserstr. 27
Tel. 089-23183257

> 7.3. Sunday

12-19 h: Die Kunst des Abschieds. 31.1.-30.4
Bettina Speckner, Thomas Kammerl und andere…bei Gastroph und Jünger: w e i s s ….über den tod hinaus,
Hans-Sachs-Str. 3,
Tel. 0176-62483342
Mo-Fr 11-19, Sa 11-16 h

12 h: Claus Bury – Maßstabssprünge. 9.3.-13.6.
Die Neue Sammlung – The International
Design Museum Munich, im Neuen Museum für Kunst und Design, Klarissenplatz, 90402 Nürnberg,
Tel. 089-2727250 u. 0911-240200,,
Di-Fr 10-20, Sa u.So 10-18 h

15-18 h: Finissagentag “Iron Man” 4.2.-7.3
Volker Atrops.
Antiquariat Dieter Zipprich, Zieblandstr. 2, 80799 München
Tel. 02845-609956
Mo-Sa 9-13 h

>> Download the complete program of events
(MERCI à Klimt02)


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