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EXCHANGE-BIJOU 2 – Carlos SILVA – Tests and Experiments

Carlos SILVA

Expérimentation(s), expérimentation(s), & expérimentation(s) !!
D’ailleurs un de ses albums de photos s’intitule « Tests and Experiments » et on dirait que c’est vraiment ça son « leitmotiv », le « truc en plus », ce qui l’éclate ! le matière de prédilection, en tout cas celle autour de laquelle il tourne et retourne, c’est le bois …. le naturel …. auquel, petit à petit, il ajoute des « produits dénaturés » de la « civilisation » (plastiques, goudron, mousse synthétique pour déco, plâtre….)

Here are some « experiments », as an « appetizer » ! ;-)

Carlos Silva - bracelet - wood, silver leaf: Carlos Silva – bracelet – olive tree wood, silver leaf – 2014

« “A subject that is beautiful in itself gives no suggestion to the artist. It lacks imperfection.” – Oscar Wilde
In our daily lives we come across many elements that hold a hidden beauty. 
I feel I am rarely attracted by the immediate beauty of nature. It is in its minor flaws, irregularities and asymmetries I find true expression. 
 In my work I create jewelry that can translate this seemingly random nature. I use many organic shapes, and use techniques which allow me to replicate these unique shapes, their natural formations and imperfections, because therein lies their true beauty. »
Carlos Silva-  Projects - CASA - school project 2011-12 - necklace - wooden pegs: Carlos Silva-  Projects – CASA – school project 2011-12 – necklace – wooden pegs
PURE | Carlos Silva: Carlos Silva - PURE – 2014 · – Necklace – wood, plaster and cotton thread
Carlos Silva - necklace - olive wood, natural leather, nylon thread -    mai 2014 ·   Colar | Necklace  madeira de oliveira, cabedal natural e fio de nylon olive wood, natural leather and nylon thread: Carlos Silva – necklace – olive wood, natural leather, nylon thread -  2014
Carlos Silva  - Necklace  - Copper, stone and cotton thread 60X40X15 mm: Carlos Silva  – Necklace  – Copper, stone and cotton thread 60X40X15 mm
Carlos Silva -  2016-   'Frozen Fragments' Necklace - cork, plaster and cotton: Carlos Silva -  2016-   ‘Frozen Fragments’ Necklace – cork, plaster and cotton
 Xmas 2016 - IngalleryBCNINRED
Jewelry Group Exhibition
Opening December, 12th
@ Ingallerybcn
C/ Penèdes, 3, Barcelona
Carlos Silva - ring shot noel 2016New exhibition INRED coming soon, stay tuned !!! ring shot !!!





*Studies : Curso de Joalharia no AR.CO Lisboa – Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual | Lisboa | Portugal de 2009 a 2013
*Board Member of PIN - Portuguese Association of Contemporary Jewelry
*AJF Ambassadorfor Portugal
*Collaborates with the Project Pavilion 31 of the Psychiatric Hospital Lisbon with the artists of Atelier CHPL Arts



EXPO ‘Aproximaciones’ – EASD, Valencia (ES) – 8-16 Mai 2014 – Melting Point Valencia 2014

« Aproximaciones/Approaches. European Jewellery Schools’ Exhibition»   forma parte del recorrido de exposiciones de Melting Point 2014 del 8 al 11 de mayo.

8 mayo/16 mayo

Melting Point Valencia 2014

Inauguración: 8 mayo, 12.00 h

Coordinador: Kepa Karmona
with :   HEAR Strasbourg — AFAD Bratislava — University of Lincoln — Maden Studio EstambulEscola Massana BarcelonaÉcole Boulle ParisEscola d’Art del Treball Barcelona — AP Hogeschool Anvers — EAD TarragonaAr.Co Lisboa — Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest — EA Murcia — ESAD Matosinhos


love suspens !


APROXIMACIONES  - with Ar.CO (Portugal) jewelry school - among others, Carlos Silva jewels
EASD ValènciaSala de Exposiciones Velluters
Calle Pintor Domingo 20
Lunes a viernes 09.00 a 21.00 h.
Sábado y domingo 10:00 a 13:00 h
Joves Joiers


EXPO ’40 Jewels (40 Joias)’ – Galeria Tereza Seabra, Lisbon (Portugal) – 29 Oct.-19 Nov. 2013

40 Jewels (40 Joias) -     Galeria Tereza Seabra (Lisbon, Portugal)

“40 Jewels” celebrates the 40th anniversary of Ar.Co – Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual, Lisbon, Portugal, and the 35th anniversary of its Jewellery department. Founded in 1978 by Tereza Seabra, Ar.Co’s Jewellery department became her responsability for 25 years, until it was passed on to Cristina Filipe in 2004. This was the first (and is still the only) contemporary jewellery program fully integrated into an art school in Portugal. National and international collaborations with artists,  jewellers, public and private schools and other entities were and have remained a crucial part of the Jewellery department’s identity. “40 Jewels” will present selected works by 40 ex-students who have completed Ar.Co’s Studies Plan between 1978 and 2013.

40 Jewels (40 Joias) -   -  Galeria Tereza Seabra (Lisbon, Portugal) 29-Oct-2013 - 19-Nov-2013  website: mail:
Artists:  Alexandra Rodrigues — Amália Rosa — Ana Henriques — Ana Margarida Carvalho — Artur Madeira — Beatriz Mousinho — Cláudia Cabral — Catarina Silva — Catarina Simões — Cristina Filipe — David Pontes — Diana Silva — Gabriela Coelho — Inês Nunes — Joana Mota Capitão — João Martins — Laura Rose Graham — Lúcia Abdenur — Luís Torres — Madalena Avellar — Manuel Machado — Manuela Domingues — Manuela Sousa — Maria Emília Martinho — Marília Mira — Marta Boino Eliseu — Miriam Castro — Natalia Olarte — Nininha — Nuno Miguel Gomes — Paula Crespo — Paula Paour — Pedro Cruz — Rita Faustino — Rita del Rio — Sónia Brum — Susana Beirão — Teresa MilheiroTyphaine Le Monnier — Zélia Nobre
Marília Maria Mira, Brooch, 1989Marília Maria Mira, Brooch, 1989 – Oxidated alpaca
Paula Crespo, Necklace, 1994Paula Crespo,  Necklace 1994 – Oxidated silver
Natalie Olarte, Necklace, 2011
Natalia Olarte – Necklace 2011 – Tights, modeling past, PVC
Joana Mota Capitão, Necklace, 2008Joana Mota Capitão – Necklace: Landscapes 2008 – Recicled cardboard, silver 925
Tereza Seabra, Necklace, 2003Tereza Seabra, Necklace, 2003
Tereza Seabra – Necklace: Pompei 2003 – Gold, coral, silk thread, painted ivory by Antonio Marques
Lisbon, Portugal


JOYA 2012 Barcelona – 11-12-13 Oct. 2012 : ESCUELAS / SCHOOLS – Internacional

at JOYA Barcelona 2012 – ESCUELAS  -  Internacional

(see also this post : JOYA 2012 Barcelona – 11-12-13 Oct. 2012)

Joya Barcelona 2012

Alchimia (Italy):
JOYA Semana de la Joyería Contemporánea de Barcelona  - Sam Hamilton (Alchimia)Sam Hamilton (Alchimia)
JOYA Semana de la Joyería Contemporánea de Barcelona -  Izabella Petrut (Alchimia)Izabella Petrut (Alchimia)
JOYA Semana de la Joyería Contemporánea de Barcelona -   Giulia Savino (Alchimia)Giulia Savino (Alchimia)
JOYA Semana de la Joyería Contemporánea de Barcelona  -  Weronika Marek (Alchimia)Weronika Marek (Alchimia)
JOYA Semana de la Joyería Contemporánea de Barcelona  - Valentina Caprini (Alchimia)Valentina Caprini (Alchimia)
JOYA 2012 Barcelona – 11-12-13 Oct. 2012 : ESCUELAS / SCHOOLS - Internacional dans ALCHIMIA (IT) davison
Patrick davison (Alchimia)
Ar.Co (Portugal) :
Typhaine Le Monnier -  Ar.Co School - JOYA 2012Typhaine Le Monnier Ar.Co School
Ar.Co School - JOYA 2012 - Natalia OlarteNatalia OlarteAr.Co School 
at JOYA 2012 - Wang Zhenghong - China Academy of ArtWang ZhenghongChina Academy of Art
Zhou XiaoChina Academy of Art
Zhang Lan - China Academy of Art - JOYA 2012Zhang LanChina Academy of Art

JOYA Semana de la Joyería Contemporánea de Barcelona -   Shana Teugels -  Sint Lucas Antwerpen SchoolShana TeugelsSint Lucas Antwerpen School

Sint Lucas Antwerpen School - JOYA 2012 - Sandra BuyckSandra BuyckSint Lucas Antwerpen School

Sint Lucas Antwerpen School - JOYA 2012 - Charlotte van de VeldeCharlotte van de VeldeSint Lucas Antwerpen School


Annual MARZEE selection of GRADUATE WORK JEWELLERY 2011 (NL) – 7 Aout-24 Sept. 2011


Brooch, electroformed copper. Gold plated Jade Drakes and her dogs – Brooch, electroformed copper. Gold plated

Satita Rojpojjanarat (from Alchimia) -  brooch, textile, magnet- «Thai clouds» Satita Rojpojjanarat and her « Thai clouds »

 Nadege Roscoe-RumjahnNadege Roscoe’s intimacies

(THANKS to Alchimia blog for pictures !)
Alla Malova Guy - necklace Post Fossil 2011, ceramics, metal chain, flocking, epoxy resin, iron, magnet – Switzerland, Geneva, HEAD
Antje Stolz – necklace Steinlos I (Stoneless) 2010, stone veneer, enamel lacquer, oxidised silver, lead, coral cement  – Germany, Idar-Oberstein, Fachhochschule Trier
Agata Bartos – necklace Storytellers – Precious Buttons 2011, porcelain, epoxy resin  – Netherlands, Arnhem, ArtEZ
Bell Zhou – necklace Protect 2011, glass, silver, gems, paint, seed, copper, yellow plastic thread, steel  – Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Andrêa Martins - brooch Shadow of Truth 2011, silver, cord, fishing line  – Portugal, Senhora da Hora, ESAD
Marine Stampfli - bracelet Paradoxes 2011, silver, cotton, resin  – Switzerland, Geneva, HEAD
Satita Rojpojjanarat – brooch 2011, silk, nylon, magnet  – Italy, Florence, Alchimia, Scuola di Gioielleria
Hanna Liljenberg (MA) – brooch 2011, black paper, shellac, silver  – Sweden, Gothenburg, HDK
Alice Bo-Wen Chang (MFA) – necklace Bodyspace/bodyscape series 2011, silver, gold plated copper, copper  – UK, Edinburgh College of Art
Mariko Sumioka (BA) – necklace Bamboo Necklace 2011, oxidised copper, enamel on copper, kimono, gold-plated steel cable  – UK, Edinburgh College of Art
David Choi (MA) – brooch 2011, steel, oxidised silver  – USA, New Palz, State University of New York (SUNY)
Younghee Hong – brooch Drawn to Nature #2 2011, polymer filament, plastic price tags, silver – USA, Bloomfield Hills, Cranbrook Academy of Art
Anne Achenbach - necklace Kuh (Cow) 2011, zinc coated steel  – Germany, Dusseldorf, Fachhochschule
Sachiyo Higaki – necklace 2010, wood, thread  – Germany, Idar-Oberstein, Fachhochschule Trier

and ………..

Marcos Guzman (BA), Catherine Da Costa (BA), Inari Kiuru (BA), Bin Dixon-Ward (BA), from Australia, Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)  –  Marleen Henot, Sofie De Bakker, Hannes Groffy, from  Belgium, Hasselt, Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg — Ren Kai, Liu Xiao, from China, Beijing, Central Academy of Arts — Alena Hesounová, Karla Olsáková, from  Czech Republic, Prague, AAAD Academy of Art, Architecture and Design — Kadi Kübarsepp, Liina Lõõbas, Katrin Kosenkranius, Kadi Kübarsepp, from  Estonia, Tallinn, Eesti Kunstakadeemia — Krista Ruohonen, from Finland, Lappeenranta, South Carelia Polytechnic — Marie Masson, from France, Limoges-Aubusson, l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Art (ENSA) — Julie Connellan (MA), from  Ireland, Dublin, The National College of Art and Design (NCAD) — Laura Alvarado, Ricarda Tesch, from  Germany, Dusseldorf, Fachhochschule — Sabine Conrad, from Germany, Idar-Oberstein, Fachhochschule Trier –  Hyoun Jung Sung, from Germany, Halle, Burg Giebichenstein, Hochschule für Kunst und Design –  Stefan Heuser, from Germany, Munich, Akademie der Bildenden Künste — Laura Rittlinger (BA), Michaela Prange (BA), Yasutaka Okamura (BA), from Germany, Pforzheim, FachhochschuleYael Nissan, Rotem Fishler, from Israel, Ramat-Gan, Shenkar College of Engeneering and Design — Keren Grinfeld, Shir Pins, from Israel, Jerusalem, Bezalel — Carissa Hsu, from Italy, Florence, Alchimia, Scuola di Gioielleria — Makoto Tachihara, Koji Toyama, Haruka Masuda, from Japan, Tokyo, Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry — Morgane de Klerk, Atsuno Takase, Benedikt Fischer, Marina Elenskaya, from Netherlands, Amsterdam, Rietveld AcademieJie Sun, from Nederlands, Amsterdam, Sandberg Instituut — Iris Verstappen, from Netherlands, Maastricht, Academie Beeldende Kunsten — Jessica Winchcombe, Julia Middleton, from New Zealand, Porirua, Whitireia Polytechnic –  Ilse-Marie Erl, from New Zealand, Auckland, Aotearoa, Unitec — Typhaine Le Monnier (MA), Maria Emília Martinho (BA), from Portugal, Lisbon, AR.COJi-hye Lee, Jihyun Lee, Heon-Joo Ji, Heejoo Kim, from South Korea, Seoul, Kookmin UniversityMaría Saura Estruch, María Sol González Martínez, from Spain, Barcelona, Escola MassanaBarbora Hainzová, from Slovakia, Bratislava, Academy of Fine Arts and Design — Malin Peter (BA), Xiang Dai (MA), Charlotte Maslov (BA), Mikael Sellersjö (MA), from Sweden, Gothenburg, HDKKatrin Spranger (MA), from Sweden, Stockholm, KonstfackHannah Fewtrell-Bolton, Xiaohan Ren, from UK, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design BIADJenny Laidlaw (MA), Vershali Jain (MA), from UK, Edinburgh College of Art — Ruth Reifen, Mariah Tuttle, from USA, Providence, RISDAllyson Bone (MA), Allison Ullmer (MA), from USA, New Palz, State University of New York (SUNY) –

many mant THANKS to Gallery Marzee for their pictures !!!

Galerie Marzee
Lage Markt 3
6511 VK Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Phone +31 24 3229670

Fax +31 24 3604688


« Eccentric collection » with Be De Lite

Be De Lite (Carlos Silva ) : « Eccentric collection » ou la légéreté, la transparence, la joyeuse « exentricité »  du plastique

« The materials assume aesthetic of organic “glamour”, using various references that go from the “pop” universe of the 50’s and 60’s, to the spontaneous experimentalism of the adherent pieces that function almost as a second skin »

Gargantilha | eccentric collection

7732_1136214488316_1315957632_340182_3408656_n dans BE DE LITE/Carlos Silva (PT)
Eccentric Collection – gargantilha | chockers

7732_1136214528317_1315957632_340183_4522431_n dans Carlos SILVA (PT)

7732_1136215568343_1315957632_340184_6917456_n dans COUP DE COEUR

merveilles à voir sur Flickr !!

School (AR.CO Lisboa) project for a brooch



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