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Architectures …………… en broches


Poly Nikolopoulou - Breaks - Brooch  SilverPoly NikolopoulouBrooch « Break » – silver, glass Vanmol – ‘under construction’ brooch – wood, concrete, cotton, paint, silver
« Karen Vanmol seeks in her work harmony to unite two worlds.
She is looking for a delicate balance between elements of the busy, modern city life and references to the silence and the slowness of nature. Her jewelry combine in a sensitive way clean organic shapes, and building materials with natural materials. Such as ground plans of a house look like farmland, a forests look like skyscrapers, in Karens work blurs the boundary between town and countryside. » BeautymanFoundations & Façades serie – ‘confession’  brooch  2011
(comme ces fenêtres à « rejas » de Séville, ou les moucharabiehs ….)
« …my recent work presents deteriorated architectural forms as objects of adornment. As a series of brooches, they reference jewelry’s historical representation of wealth, while their forms capture degraded fragments of local architecture. Folds and cuts in iron surfaces invite peering into their voids, where delicate patterns set in colored enamel offset the dark metal façade. Reminiscent of wallpaper, the patterned interior surfaces speak of a careful care and consideration put into adorning ones own personal space. Voyeuristic glimpses inside the pieces reveal worn surfaces suggestive of domestic interiors.   » (2010)
Suzanne BeautymanFoundations & Façades serie – ‘Hall window’  brooch  2011

Architectures ............... en broches dans Alice Bo-Wen CHANG (Taiwan) Stadtneuplanung_2__2011_bearbeitet-1
Sabine Conrad

Soyeon  Kim, urbanitie seriesSoyeon Kim, urbanitie series

Marlene Beyer projk_urban04Marlene Beyer – brooches: Urban signs 2009 – Polyester resin, polyurethan resin, pigment, silver

Carolina Apolonia - “Heliopolis I” Carolina Apolonia - “Heliopolis I” – brooch- silver, wood, enamel paint 2010

My work reflects my intimate world. Often I construct abstract versions of rooms, buildings, boxes, nests, clusters, and cities that mirror my feelings, dreams, and fears. Some of them relate to memories I have, people in my past, my family history, others to the people around me. Yet others deal with my needs for protection, my fear of being locked in or shut out and my fascination with visible and invisible boundaries and territories. I am intrigued by the process in which walls simultaneously define and shut out space. I love the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete; cycles of growth and decay, eroded geological structures and abandoned buildings inspire me. I often make unorthodox combinations of materials to create tension and balance. Sometimes I use found objects: quiet mirrors of other intimate worlds.

Paolo-Scura-16.jpgPaolo ScuraUrban inspiration‘ – ‘The city new and old buildings‘ brooch

silvia walz - La casa de LuisSylvia Walz – serie « casitecturas » – « Piso de Alberto » brooch 2008

« En esta serie me dediqué a juntar paredes imaginarias, a construir pequeñas arquitecturas llevables que convocan la memoria a tiempos pasados: a vivencias, experiencias y convivencias. “Las Casitecturas” se convierten en recipientes de sensaciones.
Pequeños laberintos de la memoria, que invitan a paseos imaginarios por sus interiores.
Pasillos, ventanas y paredes, que forman un conjunto y que se comunican entre ellos. Suelos cuyos superficies han sido pisados miles de veces hasta gastarlos. »

silvia walz- La casa de marianne Sylvia Walz« La casa de Mariane » :-)   (bracelet)

Sybille Richter "fields"Sybille Richter – Felder (Fields), 2009 brooch, aluminium, silver 935, uvarovite

Alice bo wen Chang _Brooch red02 Alice Bo-Wen ChangBrooch – Bodyspace/bodyscape series – Silver, aluminium, paint (on Kit&Caboodle)

« Previously trained as an architect, I have always envisioned buildings as machines. Architectural elements are designed to form spaces that manipulate activities and movement. While jewellery cannot divorce itself from the human body, the most intimate space lies in between the body and the object(s). I approach jewellery design as constructing spaces on the topographic contours. »

yu chun chen Yu-Chun Chen – brooch 2008 steel, lacquer, jade, silver, slate

annemie de-corte Annemie De Corte – brooch, 1999 silver

Hyo-rim Lee - brooch Window graduation-2010Hyo-rim Lee – brooch Window  8 2010, sterling silver, glass, PVC, fabrication, C-print (Kookmin University Seoul (KR))

christine matthias Christine Matthias - brooch, 2009 silver
Stefano Marchetti – brooch, 2010, silver

Michael - 'Flood' - bracelet---sterling silver; pyrex; driftwood (on Kit&Caboodle)Michael - ‘Flood’ – bracelet—sterling silver; pyrex; driftwood (on Kit&Caboodle)

Okinari Kurokawa - rings 2003/2004 gold 835 Okinari Kurokawa – rings 2003/2004  gold 835


EXPO ‘BROCHERNE’ – Galleri Iron Inc., Copenhagen (DK) – 15-23 Juin 2011

Classé dans : Danemark (DK),Exposition/Exhibition,GALERIES,Institut for AEdelmetal (DK) — bijoucontemporain @ 2:31

Smykkeudstillingen ‘Brocherne’ af de studerende på Institut for Ædelmetal
Iron Inc. præsenterer udstillingen ‘BROCHERNE’
Elevarbejder fra Institut for Ædelmetal
De studerende udstiller semesterets sidste kreationer fra d.15.-23. juni, og vi vil meget gerne se jer til fernisering d.15. juni kl.16-19.
Student works from Institut for Ædelmetal
Opening 15. June kl.16-19. exhibition runs from until June


EXPO 'BROCHERNE' - Galleri Iron Inc., Copenhagen (DK) - 15-23 Juin 2011 dans Danemark (DK) Flyer_green1




Galleri Iron Inc.
Ryesgade 5 st. tv.
2200 Copenhagen N.

Mari Keto, Jewellery Artist & co-founder of Galleri Iron Inc.


EXPO ‘HERE, NOW & TOMORROW’ – Goldfingers, Copenhagen (DK)- 19 Mai-4 Juin 2011

 HERE, NOW & TOMORROW  - Institute of Precious Metals

EXPO 'HERE, NOW & TOMORROW' - Goldfingers, Copenhagen (DK)- 19 Mai-4 Juin 2011 dans Danemark (DK) 230826_193490527363919_100001089208634_529035_8254586_n

Jewellery. Gold and glitter. All that glitters is gold. Even if it is made out of plastic and yarn or wood and phone books. What glitters is what you see glitter.
INSTITUTE FOR PRECIOUS METALS educates jewellery designers: Those that come up with the ideas for the jewellery you would want to wear tomorrow. Gallery GOLDFINGERS shows a varied choise of the student’s works.
Not a lot of wedding bands or floral brooches here. None, as a matter of fact. But loads of fun and serious jewellery, possible and impossible jewellery, crazy and sensible jewellery in almost every material ready for a finger, a head, a neck and a collar. Come and have a peek directly into here and now.

brochearkitektur2_ dans Exposition/Exhibition
Institute of Precious Metals-  architecture – brooch

brochemalevich_2 dans Gal. Goldfingers (DK)
Institute of Precious Metals-  malevich – brooch

mail_ring_2 dans Institut for AEdelmetal (DK)mail_re_2
Institute of Precious Metals- ring & earring


Klosterstræde 18
1157 Copenhagen K (Denmark)
Tlf (+45) 32173730

Opening hours
Monday-thursday 11.30 to 17.30
Friday 11.30 to 19.00
Saturday 11.30 to 15.00


COUP de COEUR : K. bo SONNE jewellery

K. bo SONNE (Kristine bo Sonne) : Discovered at the Goldfingers Gallery, Copenhague.
Kristine bo Sonne graduated from Danish Institute of Fine Metals in 2005 where she was awarded the Danish National Banks Prize for the best final project. Bo manifests herself by her minimalistic, graphic and conceptual approach where her ideas often lead to unique pieces with distinctive functions and mobility, or pieces in series’ with many combination possibilities.
Institut for Ædelmetal promotion 2005

COUP de COEUR : K. bo SONNE jewellery dans COUP DE COEUR 16


smykker_nov2008_174 dans Danemark (DK)
K. bo SONNE – « diamond #1″ ring – lion yarn (??), silver – definitively my FAVOURITE ! :-)

smykker_nov2008_238 dans Gal. Goldfingers (DK)
K. bo SONNE – « diamond #2″ ring – textiles, silver

_p4j8131 dans Institut for AEdelmetal (DK)
K. bo SONNE – necklace – silver, silk, lacquer

halskde1farve.jpg dans K. bo SONNE (DK)
K. bo SONNE – necklace – 170cm – brushed sterling silver

solitaire_topas_og_slv_019 dans rings
K. bo SONNE – « solitaire #1″ ring – topaz, silver

mr._man_lak_og_slv_002 dans SHOP
K. bo SONNE – « Mr Man » ring – lacquer, silver


to SHOP on NUURU website

EXPO ‘student exhibition from the Institute of Precious Metals’ – Goldfingers Gallery, Copenhagen (DK) – 28 Avril-8 Mai 2011

GOLDFINGERS GALLERY is a space for international contemporary jewellery founded by Janne Krogh and Karl Ejnar Nybo.

On regular basis GOLDFINGERS arrange solo- and group exhibitions with some of the most renowned jewellery artists from Denmark and abroad.

Next exhibition :  Student exhibition from the Institute for Ædelmetal (Copenhagen)
Patricia Tind




Klosterstræde 18
1157 Copenhagen K
Tlf (+45) 32173730


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