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Concours : Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l’intelligence de la main – deadline : 12 avril 2010

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édition 2010

La Fondation Bettencourt Schueller invite à concourir les professionnels des métiers dont les réalisations illustrent et mettent en évidence « l’intelligence de la main ».

Cette 11ème édition est ouverte à tous les métiers utilisant un savoir-faire exceptionnel que ce soit par sa rareté, sa qualité, sa spécificité …

Le prix est doté d’un montant de 50 000 €.

Bettencourt - talentdexception

Si vous souhaitez participer au concours, il est possible de télécharger le règlement et le dossier de candidature en cliquant sur l’icône ci-dessous :

PRIX 2010

La date limite de réception des dossiers est fixée au lundi 12 avril 2010.

Infos sur le site de la Fondation Bettencourt Schueller :

Concours – New Traditional Jewellery – thème : TRUE COLORS – deadline : 1er Juin 2010

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New Traditional Jewellery (NL)

Starting with the fourth edition, New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) will become a biennial event. The three preceding editions of this international design contest and the ensuing travelling exhibitions have been proof of the success of this project and its right to exist. The quality requirements as to the nature and scope of and entries for the event are becoming increasingly strict. In order to meet these requirements in a professional manner NTJ will become a biennial design contest.
The next edition will be in 2010. For the design contest and exhibition 2010 the technical jury of New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) has chosen the theme ‘True Colours’ because literally as well as figuratively this theme offers considerable scope for inspiration.

The 2010 theme: ‘True Colours’
Showing your true colours means that you show what your real attitudes and qualities are. You can approach True Colours from a social perspective; society is full of topical colour coding. Other examples may be found in heraldry, folklore and science.
True Colours refers to colours and pigments. Over the centuries the palette of art history has been determined by precious mineralogical and biological pigments that were obtained from ground semi-precious stones, processed metals, and earth, seeds and plants – materials that did not always bear the test of time; in the course of time white lead e.g. turned black.

The link between the theme ‘True Colours’ and contemporary jewellery design is obvious. From time immemorial the significance and appreciation of jewellery have pre-eminently been determined by colour.

From the use of gold or silver to enamels and mineralogical and biological stones : colour is a language. In the seventies and eighties it became manifest how rich this language is. The application of textiles and Perspex in jewellery led to a new form language and use of colour – an important stage in the emancipation of contemporary jewellery design.

True Colours is about the history, meaning, value, magic and power of the language of colour.  »
  A technical jury selects fifty to seventy designs which are on show in an exhibition during the SIERAAD fair, where the winners of NTJ are also officially announced.


CONCOURS BKV (Bavarian Crafts Council) Prize 2010 for Young Applied Arts – deadline : 30 avril 2010

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Bavarian Crafts Council  (Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein e.V.)
Founded in 1851, The Bavarian Crafts Council (Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein or BKV) looks back on more than 150 years of history. Today, it is a professional association for the promotion of contemporary crafts with around 400 members. Located in the centre of Munich, BKV maintains a forum for ARTS + CRAFTS, which consists of the “Gallery for Applied Arts” (Galerie für Angewandte Kunst) and a spacious shop with a wide range of contemporary works of art. The Bavarian Crafts Council also participates in a number of international fairs in Germany and abroad.

BKV-Prize 2010 for Young Applied Arts
One of the main objectives of the BKV is to promote the younger generation of artists, i.e. to support the professional and artistic development of young artisans financially through publications and by means of expert assistance. The BKV-Prize was therefore created in 2006 and is awarded once a year.

The competition is aimed specifically at young artisans who have completed their professional training and are at the beginning of their careers. The competition is international and covers all areas of applied arts.

The prize is awarded to works that show excellent design based on fine craftsmanship.

•   First Prize: € 3,000.00 + Catalogue (german/english)
•   2nd Prize: € 2,000.00
•   3rd Prize: € 1,000.00
•   Additionally, all Prize winners will be honoured with a complimentary three year membership in BKV.
•  All works of the finalists and the prizewinners will be exhibited in the Gallery for Applied Arts (Galerie für Angewandte Kunst) during the award ceremony and afterwards at several trade fairs.

•   Artisans who have not yet reached the age of 35 as of the cut-off date (January 1, 2010) may participate.
•   Entrants must have completed their training and be professionally engaged in fine craftsmanship.
•  The entry must consist of at least 3 (maximum 5) pieces of work. These must not be older than 2 years as of the cut-off date of January 1, 2010. Works included in the entry must not have been awarded a prize in any other competition.

•  Entry deadline: April 30, 2010
•  Award ceremony: September 16, 2010
The award ceremony will be held at the BKV in Munich.
•  The exhibition of finalist and prize-winning entries : September 17 – October 2, 2010


prix 2009 :

Katsura Sasaki (Japan, Tokio) - kette 'Nikugoshi no kudamono' 2009 - argent, écorces de citron.jpg
Katsura Sasaki (Japan) – collier ‘Nikugoshi no kudamono’ 2009 – argent, écorces de citron (1er prix)


Contact BKV-Prize:
Dr. Monika Fahn
Pacellistraße 6-8
80333 München/Munich (Germany)
T. 0049 (0)89 29 01 47-0
F. 0049 (0)89 29 62 77
(info sur : )


CONCOURS – AJF – Art Jewelry forum « Emerging Artist Award » – deadline : 14 Juin 2010

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Logo for CC 150x50

EAA GroupThis is the 10th year that AJF has awarded a contemporary jewelry artist a $5000 cash award with no strings attached.   

The purpose of the award is to acknowledge promise, innovation, and individuality in the work of an emerging jewelry artist and to help to advance the artist’s career.  

The competition is open to makers of wearable art jewelry who:


  • have completed their academic/professional training,
  • have been out of school for one year or more, and 
  • have not had a solo artist exhibition in a commercial gallery or museum.

Submitted work must have been unsupervised if from an academic setting. 

Jurors for the 2010 competition are: Namita Wiggers, Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, Oregon; Susan Beech, long-standing member of AJF and a collector of contemporary jewelry; and Sharon Massey, jewelry artist and recipient of the AJF’s 2009 Award. 

The deadline for submission is June 14th. 

 More information about the award may be found on the AJF website, 

Applications may be submitted at

The winner of this year’s competition and $5,000 cash award will be announced at SOFA Chicago November 5-7, where the artist’s work will be exhibited at an AJF member gallery.



Susan Kempin

Emerging Artist Award Chair


CONCOURS ‘Minimum’ – deadline : 6 avril 2010 – EXPO Legnica 8mai-13 juin 2010


CONCOURS 'Minimum' - deadline : 6 avril 2010  - EXPO Legnica 8mai-13 juin 2010 dans AGC Italia Logo%20Minimum

« Secondo molti studi e statistiche, circa 1/3 delle persone ha problemi con una comprensione funzionale dei testi semplici. E’ stato scoperto che questa percentuale è molto più elevata nel caso dei testi introduttivi della problematica dei concorsi di gioielli artistici. Pertanto, il prossimo tema e la sua motivazione sono stati limitati al: MINIMO« 
L’obiettivo dell’esposizione è quello di mostrare le più recenti realizzazioni d’arte contemporanea di gioielli. Le opere
devono essere gioielli nel senso ampio del termine, devono esprimere un concetto originale e creativo nonche’ rappresentare
un elevato livello artistico ed esecutivo.
Gli organizzatori non pongono nessun limite per quanto riguarda i materiali utilizzati e le tecniche adottate, tuttavia, volendo
rispettare la quasi trentennale tradizione del concorso, agli artisti viene richiesto l’uso dell’argento nelle proprie opere.
We invite you sincerely to take part in 19th Legnica International Jewellery Competition  minimum
In the framework  of Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2010 under the patronage of Minister of Culture and National Heritage
Create an artistic answer on the topic of our competition. Stand up to idea, rules and take part in MINIMUM.

(we enclose rules of the Competition  in six language versions: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian and entry form in English)

 Deadline for sending pieces:  6th  APRIL  2010 / Termine ultimo 6 aprile 2010

then exhibition during The Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2010  - 8 May-13 June 2010

public/userfiles/Italian version of rules.pdf
Download entry form and the rules: here.

List of participants :
Andrzej Adamski – Poland  — Jacek Baron – Poland  — BASTARD Collection (Veronika  Schmidt, Ingrid Römmich) – Germany — Karolina Bik – Poland — Marta Bogusz – Poland — Sigurd Bronger – Norway — Sungho Cho – South Korea  –  Reip Chopin – Israel — Cooperation // STANDARD  (Tobias Schäfer, Laura Pregger, Moritz Walther, Ingrid Römmich) – Germany, Switzerland  – Diana Dudek – Germany — Raimon Esquerra – Spain — Marcella Ferretti – Germany –  Alina Filimoniuk  Pilecka – Poland  — Katarzyna Gemborys – Poland — Lisa Grassivaro – Italy  — Tuija Hietanen – Finland  –  Mirjam Hiller – Germany  — Taehee In – South Korea –  Yu Iwaki – Japan — Denis Kachelmus – Germany –  Magdalena Kieruzel – Poland  –  Anda Klančič – Slovenia  — Tove Knuts – Sweden  — Judy McCaig – Great Britain — Sham Patwardhan – Germany  — Kirsten Plank Germany  — Silke Rehermann – Germany — Tabea Reulecke – Germany — Julia Reymann – Germany — Christina Roehlen – Germany — Barbara Schrobenhauser – Germany — Danni Schwaag – Germany — Peter Skubic – Austria –  Nora Patricia Solarte G. – Columbia — Krzysztofa Staniszewska – Poland — Ludmila Šikolová – Czech Republic –  Mirei Takeuchi – Japan — Fabrizio Tridenti – Italy  — Eglė Vengalytė – Lithuania — Jarosław Westermark – Poland  — Monica Wickström – Finland –  Patricia Wieckowski – Germany  — Susanne Wolbers – Germany — Katarzyna R. Wójcik – Poland

jury sat on following members: Maria Rosa Franzin (Italy), Ramón Puig Cuyàs (Spain), Theo Smeets (Netherlands), Andi Gut (Switzerland), Sławomir Fijałkowski and Arkadiusz Wolski (Poland).

the most exited event of that evening was  announcement of laureates of Minimum Competition. The jury decided to award two first places ex aequo, their went to Judy McCaig from Great Britain and  german-swiss group Cooperation Standard. Winners got monney price to division and on kilogram of silver.  III award of President of City of Legnica went to Silke Rehermann. Katarzyna Wójcik and Tabea Reulecke personally  picked up honorable mention of Gallery of Art in Legnica.  Diplomas of honorable mention of Jury collected Jarosław Westermark and  Taehee In from Korea who got also two others awards – STFZ and Inhorgenta Europe prix.

 dans Concours / Competition dans Fabrizio TRIDENTI (IT)


 Laureates of LIJC MINIMUM
* Judy McCaig – Great Britain
Grand Prix – 5.000 PLN + 1 kg srebra
2nd Award of the Marshall of the Lower Silesia Province – 2.800 PLN + 1 kg of silver

JUDY%20McCAIG%202_mini dans Gal. Legnica (PL)STANDARD%20COOPERATION%205%20_mini dans Gal. Sztuki (PL)
Judy McCaig  — Cooperation//STANDARD-  1ers prix ex-aequo

* Cooperation//STANDARD - Germany, Switzerland  
Grand Prix – 5.000 PLN + 1 kg srebra
2nd Award of the Marshall of the Lower Silesia Province – 2.800 PLN + 1 kg of silver
* Silke Rehermann - Germany
3nd Award OF THE Mayor of the City of Legnica – 2.500 pln + 1 kg of silver
* Katarzyna R. Wójcik - Poland
Award of the Gallery of Art in Legnica – statuette „Marek”+ 1 kg of silver
* Tabea Reulecke - Germany
The Organizers’ Special Award for creative courage and uncompromising
attitude, innovation, sense of humour “Silver Spur” + 1 kg of silver
* Mirjam Hiller - Germany

MIRJAM%20HILLER%202%20_mini dans Mirjam HILLER (DE)
Mirjam Hiller

* Sham Patwardhan - Germany

SHAM%20PATWRDHAN%2002%20_mini dans Pologne (PL)
Sham Patwardhan

* Fabrizio Tridenti - Italy

Fabrizio Tridenti

* Patricia Wieckowski - Germany
* Jarosław Westermark - Poland
* Taehee In - Korea
Inhorgenta europe award – stand at Inhorgenta Europe 2011
* Krzysztofa Staniszewska - Poland 
The Joachim Sokólski Award established by the Polish Modern Art Foundation – 1 kg of silver

Krzysztofa Staniszewska

* Tuija Hietanen - Finland
The Three Windows Gallery Award – 0,5 kg of silver
* Katarzyna Gemborys - Poland
honourable mention of International Amber Association

Katarzyna Gemborys 

* Peter Skubic – Austria
honourable mention of the Director of the Gallery of Art in Legnica
* Monica Wickström - Finland
Honourable Mention of Polish Jewellery

Monica Wickström

* Sigurd Bronger - Norway
honourable mention of the artistic magazine FORMAT



Galleria SZTUKI
The Gallery of Art in Legnica
Pl. Katedralny 1
59-220 Legnica, Poland
tel. +48 76 86 20 910,
fax. +48 76 85 65 126


Persons for contact: Monika Szpatowicz, Magda Bańska – curators of Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2010, Zbigniew Kraska – Director of the Gallery of Art in Legnica, Justyna Teodorczyk –

CONCOURS Métiers d’Arts – Pôle Bijou BACCARAT – « la Transparence » – deadline : 16 avril 2010

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1er Festival International de Baccarat

CONCOURS Métiers d'Arts - Pôle Bijou BACCARAT -

Concours Métiers d’Art sur le thème de « la transparence » Afin de contribuer à la reconnaissance et à la promotion de la ville de Baccarat s’appuyant sur ses savoir- faire dans l’art du cristal et sur le Pôle Bijou, projet porté par l’intercommunalité , l’association…

Concours Métiers d’Art sur le thème de « la transparence »
Afin de contribuer à la reconnaissance et à la promotion de la ville de Baccarat s’appuyant sur ses savoir- faire dans l’art du cristal et sur le Pôle Bijou, projet porté par l’intercommunalité , l’association « Baccarat Développement pour le développement et la promotion de l’image de Baccarat », avec le soutien de la ville de Baccarat, s’engage dans la réalisation d’un Festival International de Métiers d’Art. A l’occasion de la 1ère édition de ce Festival qui aura lieu du 18 au 20 juin 2010, l’association « Baccarat Développement », soucieuse de promouvoir l’excellence et la création dans les Métiers d’Art, lance un concours auprès de créateurs du secteur des Métiers d’Art.

Le concours est organisé sur le thème général de la « transparence » laissant libre le créateur d’une référence à l’ensemble des significations possibles du terme « transparence » Avec l’appui des partenaires de la manifestation et de «Baccarat Développement » le 1er prix du concours sera
doté d’une bourse de 7.000 euros et l’oeuvre réalisée restera propriété de l’organisateur du concours.

Deux prix complémentaires d’une valeur de 2.500 euros chacun seront attribués à deux lauréats désignés par le jury. La participation au concours sera réservée de façon exclusive aux professionnels exerçant dans le secteur des Métiers d’Art. Le concours sera organisé en deux phases, une phase de présélection des candidatures sur dossier et une phase de concours sur présentation des pièces qui concernera au maximum 15 candidats, pièces pour la réalisation desquelles les candidats pourront recevoir une aide financière partielle.


  • Communication sur le concours : du 15 février au 15 mars 2010.
  • Recueil des candidatures : jusqu’ au 16 avril 2010
  • Jury de sélection des 15 candidats retenus : 27 avril 2010.
  • Remise des pièces par les candidats retenus : le 17 juin 2010 avec installation par les candidats ou leurs représentants
  • Jury le 19 juin matin et proclamation des résultats dans la journée du 19 juin 2010.

Les deux jurys seront présidés par Jean Louis HURLIN forgeron et Maître d’Art de France et le jury final intègrera tant des personnalités qualifiées du secteur des Métiers d’Art et du secteur de la création que des représentants des organisateurs et partenaires de la manifestation.
Parmi les critères de choix le jury sera particulièrement attentif à l’originalité de la démarche et à la créativité mais portera aussi une attention très soutenue à la qualité technique de réalisation.

La remise des prix aura lieu le samedi 19 juin 2010 pendant le Festival International de Métiers d’Art de Baccarat en présence des partenaires du Festival, des candidats et des membres du jury.
Dossier de presse
Dossier d’inscription

plus d’info sur :


ATELIERS d’ART de FRANCE : Concours Jeunes Créateurs 2010/2011 – deadline : 26 mars 2010

Concours Jeunes Créateurs 2010/2011 -  Participez et exposez sur Maison&Objet !

concours ATELIERS DART DE FR Jeunes-Createurs

Ateliers d’Art de France offre chaque année à 12 graines de talents un tremplin unique pour propulser leur carrière : un stand sur Maison&Objet, le salon leader de la mode-maison.

Le Concours Jeunes Créateurs est ouvert aux artistes et artisans d’art âgés de 35 ans maximum (au 31 décembre 2010) n’ayant jamais exposé à Maison&Objet. Le jury du concours sélectionne les lauréats sur dossier, sur des critères de qualité esthétique, technique et d’innovation. Six d’entre eux exposeront sur le salon de septembre 2010 et six autres en janvier 2011.

Les candidatures sont ouvertes jusqu’au 26 mars 2010
En savoir plus et télécharger le dossier de candidature

Télécharger le dossier de candidature 2010.

Max Mazlo, créateur de bijoux, ancien elève de l’AFEDAP,  a été parmi les lauréats qui ont exposé au salon Maison&Objet de septembre 2009

Ludivine Huteau, créatrice de bijoux, est parmi les six autres lauréats qui ont  exposé sur le salon Maison&Objet de janvier 2010

Max Mazlo - bague 'céline' argent, améhyste, zircons,grenat & jadeLudivine Huteau - bijoux 'UTO' Collier gomme et argent, série Hanami
Max Mazlo – bague ‘céline’ argent, améthyste, zircons, grenat & jade
Ludivine Huteau – bijoux ‘UTO‘ Collier gomme et argent, série Hanami

emoticonedeux jolies découvertes que je vais de ce pas aller « creuser » !! emoticone

Ateliers d’Art de France | siège social
6, rue Jadin - 75017 Paris
tél. 01 44 01 08 30
fax : 01 44 01 15 67



GIOIELLO CAMPANO (IT) INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY COMPETITION - deadline : 5 juill. 2010 dans Concours / Competition Immagine-27-300x68

The IJA and the consortia of Polo Orafo Campano, under the scientific consultancy of the POLI.DESIGN –Consortium of the Milan Politecnico – is holding an international design competition for designers under 35 years of age at December 31, 2010.
The competition seeks to inspire new ideas regarding innovative use of techniques and materials linked to traditional Campania goldsmithing and jewellery making, aiming to capture a contemporary style (category 1) or forms/styles of Campania arts (category 2) or which takes traditional materials and techniques of Campania jewellery to different areas of merchandise (category 3)
The competition is divided into 3 categories:
1_Materials and techniques of the Campania jewellery.
(materials such as coral, shellstone and lava stone, as well as techniques such as cameo, in a contemporary look)
2_Shapes and styles of Campania arts
(the jewellery in enriched with formal or stylistic elements belonging to the Campania artistic heritage – paintings, sculptural, archeological, decorative, etc – interpreted in contemporary style. There are no limits to materials or techniques employed, as long as they belong to the art of jewellery making)
3 _ New uses of materials and techniques of Campania jewellery
(coral, shellstone lava stone and cameo open up to different merchandise categories and make their way into consumer scenarios that go beyond traditional jewellery.

The competition is open to all Italian and foreign designers that are within 35 years of age at 31 December 2010. The competition is strictly individual, and each participant may submit one design per category of different competition. Furthermore, each design must be submitted by a separate competition application procedure. All designs must be totally original and expressly created for the competition.
Competition participation is effective upon delivery of project materials within indicated due dates, which implies full and unconditional acceptance of competition terms. Moreover, the participant has no reserves in allowing the duplication of all material presented/produced, on any forms of publication and by any means of printed text constituting promotional or informative materials related to the event.
The participant assures that the above-authorized purposes do not infringe on third-party rights, such as, for example, authors, participants withdrawn from the competition and permitted assigns.
Furthermore, the participant fully recognizes automatic disqualification should any condition be infringed. Subscription to the competition automatically exonerates the organization and jury from third-party liabilities over disputes regarding damages relevant to exhibition or false claims of property ownership.

The following must be submitted to take part in the competition:
1. max n. 2 designs in A3 in vertical (42 x 29.7 cm), black and white or color, applied to a solid and lightweight support (max. thickness 5 mm). A 5 cm banner shall be placed at the upper end, divided as follows: left hand side (5×5 cm) – IJA and Polidesign Consortium logos, which can be downloaded from or; in the center – the title « Concorso internazionale di design 2010. GIOIELLO CAMPANO – CAMPANIA JEWELLERY 2010 International Design Competition”, on the right hand side – (5×5 cm) participant name and competition category.
2. A brief summary (1000 characters with spaces) regarding the criteria selected in elaborating the design, including any pre-design sketches that illustrate design progression.
3. brief participant CV
4. general participant information (first and last name, birth date, address, citizenship, phone number, email, profession, design title, competition category)
5. Privacy disclaimer “I undersigned, consent to the processing and use of my personal data, in compliance to law 675/96 and all following modifications. I fully and unconditionally accept all competition terms. Signature”
6. CD with all materials requested (images in jpeg or tiff, 300 dpi resolution, 15 cm minimum base, word file)
The CD cover must include artists first and last name, title and design image, competition category and email.

Designs shall strongly be selected on the basis of originality, degree of innovation, ability to express forms, materials and techniques linked to Campania excellence in a contemporary style.
The spirit of experimental designs shall focus importance, while blending with the more functional and ergonomic characteristics of all jewellery. Particular attention and appraisal shall go to a user-centered design, where design takes on a methodological role, straying from a pure aesthetic nature.

All design materials must be submitted by hand, mail or courier strictly by Noon on 5 July, 2010 at:

Universal Marketing
Viale Palmiro Togliatti, 1663
00155 Rome, Italy

The package must clearly include the heading “concorso internazionale di design Gioiello Campano –Campania Jewellery international design competition”. The valid date relates to package reception, not to the postal stamp.

The jury is composed by members of the main international schools of jewellery design and representatives of the global goldsmith and jewellery culture. The members of the jury shall be listed on the site: or
All jury proceedings are reserved, though the final report containing classifications and mentions shall be made public. Voting is done on a majority scale; and all decisions stand final and not open to debate or reconsideration.

First prize: 2000 euros, second prize 1500 euros, third prize 500 euros

The outcomes decided upon by the jury shall be made public in occasion of the 2010 Italian Jewellery Awards. A selection of designs will be exposed during the Italian Jewellery Awards gala event and in occasion of upcoming expos. All participants grant immediate authorization to Italian Jewellery Awards to display their designs in public (show or exhibitions of various nature). Furthermore, such authorization covers the right to publish each personalized design on catalogues or any publications, without any remuneration or royalties due if no personal mentions.

All participants shall maintain exclusive design property rights. The IJA may exploit such designs solely for exhibitive or editorial purposes. IJA reserves the right to create a prototype model for any relevant exhibitions.

No materials submitted for the competition shall be returned.

11. INFO


APPEL à CANDIDATURE – feutre/felt – Lark Books – deadline : 6 mars 2010

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500 Felt Objects
Juror: Susan Brown
Entry Deadline Extended: March 6, 2010

Lark Books seeks images from artists/designers across the globe for publication in a juried collection showcasing felt objects. Categories in the book will include Garments, Jewelry, Furniture, Bags, Art Pieces, Headwear, Functional Items/Home Décor, Floor and Wall Coverings, and more. Felt must be the focus of all work, but other materials are allowed. While Lark usually features hand-made work, for this book, innovative designs in industrial felt are acceptable. Download more information and an entry form here.

en vue de publier dans la série « 500… » « 500 objets en feutre », envoyez vos projets !

500 rings500 bracelets500 plastic


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